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Cade, orphaned, penniless, jumps to stow away aboard a mighty sky-ship bound for the city of Hive. Friends are all that can save him from thieving goblins, brutal skymarshals, and the threat of ‘skyfiring’, trapped nameless one, fever, trogs, venom . . ....

Title : The Edge Chronicles 11: The Nameless One: First Book of Cade
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The Edge Chronicles 11: The Nameless One: First Book of Cade Reviews

  • Karl Orbell
    2019-02-16 22:07

    A couple of years ago, I read The Immortals. It was the last book in The Edge Chronicles, after three sagas, a book of interconnecting short-ish stories, that book wrapped up ~600 years of The Edge, so many threads, in a magnificent and moving way. I never wrote a review for that book, as it was hard to express how wonderful it was and what a perfect finish to the series.Then this comes along...A new saga. A saga set around the nephew, Cade, of the primary protagonist of the last book, Nate Quarter.Sometimes excitement and fear come together and you're never quite sure which one is winning. This is the mix I've experienced since I first heard it was going to be published, and I pre-ordered the book the day it was made available to do so. After The Immortals, they could not really help but ruin it after all - but still, The Edge is back!So how did they do? Well... it's pretty good, not up to the peak of the previous book, but then it is starting a saga, not ending three. This book feels a lot like Beyond The Deepwoods to me, introducing The Edge again, at least in part, and particularly introducing the new characters, getting them bonded and setting the scene. Whilst the book has it's share of adventures and scrapes, it is totally preparing the ground for the next novel. Indeed I'm positive the next novel will start within a few minutes of the end of this book given the last few lines. I expect the next book will be a substantial improvement.One criticism is the quantity and accuracy of the pictures. These books have always been the peak of the collaboration between Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell, and it seems to me that integration is not as entwined in recent years. The illustration style in this book is much more like it is in the Wyrmeweald series; occasional side panels on pages, or rare whole page illustrations - not the constant smattering of illustrations weaved through the text that the Edge Chronicles usually have. There are some, but mostly it is the panel variety - which are not as engaging. Perhaps it is lazy publishing, and people cannot be bothered with the effort of laying out pages more intricately; or Riddell might just prefer producing the panels. I note also that the text descriptions did not on occasion match the illustration, an outfit described but something else worn in the picture, etc. It's a shame they are finding that tricky now, as it used to be flawless. Hopefully they can improve in that regard.I've read pretty much all of these authors' extensive works together and this series remains my favourite, as it is with millions of other people. Overall, I'm pleased that it has arisen from the dead.

  • Twig
    2019-02-17 17:19

    I wanted to read this book for so long but always was to afraid to do it. The edge chronicles are my most beloved books I`ve ever read. They are a big part of my life (like for others Harry Potter or LotR). When Paul and Chris made the anouncment that they work on a new Edge series I was excited but at the same time afraid because the whole story had an really good end. I loved the Immortals and thought that this was the end.. I mean it was heart breaking for me that my favourite book series of all time was to end!!! It was extremly difficult to get over that fact. I sufferd a lot..I was afraid that the edge wouldnt be the same any more..(maybe because I don`t enjoy the 3rd age of flight as much as the others..)But I liked this book. And it was good to wait that long. I wasn`t ready. But I like Cade and the book was lovely as always.. there could be some more drawings and I absolutley hate the new cover design.. But it felt good and it is still the edge. The place I love the most <3

  • Ahmad Sharabiani
    2019-02-06 16:54

    The Nameless One (The Edge Chronicles #11), Paul Stewart, Chris Riddell

  • biblionatic! (Tiffany Liu)
    2019-02-10 20:52

    3.5 stars Nostalgia wise (especially the ending with the banderbear) 4.5 stars. I would have loved to see Nate, but I guess he'll turn up in layer series.Plot wise 3 stars, there wasn't much of a plot, but this book is for creating the basis of Cade's story, so that's okay.World-building 4 stars, I liked seeing a bit of goblin culture, especially since they're usually described as either brawny without wit or sneaky or kind of dumb.(God I feel like I need a reread.)

  • Dan
    2019-02-06 22:04

    We've had Quint, Twig, Rook and Nate and now Paul Stewart and Chris Ridell return to the Edge Chronicles to introduce us to a new hero, Cade. I was a little skeptical that this was going to be any good as now that there is much less Edge then there used to be the stories are pretty much confined to the Deepwoods and seeing as though the last two books have focuses on the great civilizations there I didn't think we needed another. Fortunately we are introduced to a new, quieter area, the Farrow Ridges where fugitive Cade seeks to make a new life. This book has perhaps the best start to any of the Edge Chronicles as Cade leaps from a platform onto a phraxship. It's exciting and means Cade starts off more interesting than the previous heroes did. The Farrow Ridges is a great new setting with some quirky characters involved. The trouble is very little happens here. When you consider that in Beyond the Deepwoods Twig traveled across the entire Edge, you realize that comparatively nothing happens here. There's an odd finale to the book which is a little more dramatic but it only ever feels like an excuse to put in a cameo from a Twig trilogy character. Despite this though, the book does have everything we've come to expect from an Edge Chronicles book. There's the return of many classic creatures, like prowlgrins and lots of new ones too like the titular Nameless One. The phraxship at the start harks back to the Sky Pirates and is full of Edge races like Hammerhead Goblins. As always, Chris Riddell's illustrations are fantastic, bringing the characters and fantastic creatures to life. If anything, I would say the illustrations are better than ever, which is really saying something.Whilst this doesn't quite hit the highest heights of the series it is a welcome return and there are hints that the authors have some great plans for Cade and the Edge in the upcoming books.

  • Roya
    2019-01-25 20:17

    Cade's story begins at the top of a jutting gantry in Great Glade. He's about to jump aboard the Xanth Filatine as a stowaway and flee the city in the hopes that his uncle's opposers won't pursue him. The fact that he is related to the great descender, Nate Quarter, makes Cade a paramount target for The School of Flight (don't you just love being hunted down by important, cryptic organizations?).Cade is eventually discovered as a stowaway and forced to jump ship (literally). Sometime after, he finds his way in a desolate (but dangerous) part of the Deepwoods; the Farrow Ridges. Here he makes friends, makes himself a suitable dwelling (view spoiler)[that isn't destroyed by storms (hide spoiler)], and faces the mysterious Nameless One. Here in the Farrow Ridges, life is tough, but it is thrilling and adventurous, as Cade's adventures prove.This book was a bit hard to get into at first (as all of Stewart's books have proven to be), but I liked it. I didn't think Cade was as intellectually bright as any of the other protagonists that have been displayed throughout the series, but he proved himself to be an affable character and I took a liking to him. This book was sweet, however I felt as if the epicness that was in the other books was missing here. I'll always be devoted to the series, but this one left much to be desired. In a more positive note, this reminded me of the first installment in the series, Beyond the Deepwoods, and another survival story, Hatchet, both of which I truly enjoyed. I did enjoyed this, but my expectations shouldn't have been quite so high.

  • Anna
    2019-02-12 16:08

    Lovely, as always :) I was surprised that it was rather... slow moving. Much setup. When you think about it... For example: What did Twig in his first book? Quint? And Rook? When you compare them, it seems that they get stuff done while Cade... (spoilers) builds a cabin. But still, I like it and I can't wait for the next one!BTW: Am I the only one who wishes that Skyfare was real? ;) I would totally give it a go.5 stars <3

  • Thomas
    2019-02-12 19:18

    Wow a great book. I have not read any of these chronicles before but this one will not be my last! I liked how in a way it was old fashion but at the same time you could see it in everyday life. The main character is an 11 year old who is courageous, headstrong and had an adventurous spirt.

  • Angus
    2019-01-29 18:01

    A Great return to this epic set of tales.

  • Karen Ullman
    2019-01-31 20:13

    Enjoyed it, but not my kind of book. Luckily, as a school librarian, I know lots of students who will absolutely love this.

  • Bob Von gruenigen
    2019-02-19 20:09

    This is not a book review, just a bunch of random comments.1. I found this used book on sale at the library. It cost me a quarter.2. This book was printed in the UK. I live in Canada. This has happened to me before.3. I put my fourth level Magus through this adventure using D & D third edition combat rules. I freaked out on page 282. I had to save myself and the other characters. The Luck Goddess helped my character (and the others). This dramatically changed the ending of the book.

  • Dana Tuss
    2019-01-30 16:13

    Good action, fantastical beasts and a theme of kindness and friendship made this a good read. My 12-year-old suggested it to me — which made it even more fun to read. Not as clever as Harry Potter and heavy on ugly creatures so I wasn’t prepared to read any more of the series . . . Until it ended with a damn teaser!!!!!! Alex and I may fight over who gets to read it first — and that would make my day!

  • AaronNewbury
    2019-02-16 19:07

    Read these as a Child, and can honestly say they make a good read today (maybe for the nostalgia).Great illustrations, and an entirely unique setting to go with it.

  • Kieran
    2019-02-13 15:19

    This book is about Cade Quarter who stows away on a phraxbarge seeking a new life in hive. Cade makes friends and enemies on the phraxbarge and has lots of adventures which leads him to nearly getting killed and having to jump off the phraxbarge when it had stopped at farrow ridges. Cade starts a new life at farrow ridges and makes lots of friends.i loved this book it was fantastic!

  • Stefan Bachmann
    2019-02-12 18:13

    Ok, backstory: I started reading The Edge Chronicles wayyyyyy back in the day, as a wee lad, and I loved them. A lot. A lot-lot. Was invested. Bought all the hardcovers. I remember liking the later books less (Freeglader and Vox, I think?) and I'm not sure if it was because I was getting old and dull, or because they weren't as good. Whatever the case, I recently heard that the author/illustrator duo was writing more books in the series and was like "Yesssssssss." And I bought them. And now I've just read this one. And it was so nice. The thing about the Edge Chronicles is that Paul Stewart and Chris Riddle have built an entire, rich, super intricate world. The term "world-building" gets thrown around a lot in books and reviews, and sometimes it's there, and sometimes it's not, but Stewart and Riddel really *did* build a world. There're flying ships, bizarre fauna, sentient flora, social structures, maps, scientific laws, monsters, buoyant wood, phraxdust, a seemingly endless forest full of all sorts of weirdness . . . And all that might sound really dry and boring, but it's not. It's fun and never too wordy or involved. And together with Riddel's illustrations and the fast-paced plots, it's just what makes these books so good.Now, about this book specifically: it starts off great. There's a huge floating sky-tavern, and an orphan (or is he?) on the run, and I was reminded of all the cool things about the earlier books and got fairly giddy. Then there's a long part in the middle where our hero Cade builds a house. That's it. I wasn't bothered. I coasted along entirely on nostalgia, and the descriptions of the wildlife in the Deepwoods, but I feel like if you haven't read the earlier books and aren't already invested in the world, this interlude might be kind of confusing and off-putting. After the house-building bit there are various small-scale adventures, and then the book ends without resolving the main plots from early in the book. So pacing-wise and plotting-wise it's weird.(However I will add: the ENDING. WITH THE BANDERBEAR? RIGHT IN THE FEELS.)Anyway, that was a longer review than I normally write, but I really do want to recommend this series to people and future MG generations. Reading this latest book reminded me of how much I loved these books as a kid, and how magical and engrossing they were, and while I haven't re-read them, and am a bit afraid to, I really think the early books are something special. (I just bought the first five for my little brother for Christmas. I'm hoping for no less than utter adoration. Also, if you want to read these, I recommend starting with Beyond the Deepwoods. And for completion's sake: The Curse of the Gloamglozer is my favorite. SO CREEPY AND EXCITING.)Ok, I'm done. :)

  • Amanda - Go Book Yourself
    2019-02-21 15:52

    3.5/5 The Edge Chronicles: The Nameless one was provided by Doubleday in return for an honest review I almost crapped my pants when I clicked on the goodreads email that said Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell were working on The Edge Chronicles again. These books are my Harry Potter. I've been reading them since I was a teen and I credit Beyond the Deepwoods for turning me into a regular reader.When I first opened the book my reaction was: "What the fuck happened to The Edge!!" Que much googling. I eventually found out that there is an Edge book that I havent read. The Immortals. How this happened is beyond me! It turns out that The Nameless one is set hundreds of years into the future. Sanctaphrax is now an ancient ruin! I really need to read that book!!Moving on....So In The Nameless One we meet Cade Quarter. Nephew of the infamous decender Nate Quarter. He is about to become a stow away on the Xanth Filatine. The starting few chapters are were really promising. Lots of interesting characters and potentially interesting plot lines. After Cade escapes the sky ship the book rapidly went downhill for me.Many threads of storylines were picked up and dumped. I know this is the first book in a trilogy but it still needs to be able to stand on its own like Beyond the Deepwoods did. The other characters in previous series all begin exciting journeys and adventures. Cade builds a house. Twig encountered numerous horrors in the twilight woods. Cade gets rained on and rides around on a prowlgrin. The books namesake, or nameless-sake in this case only turns up for the last few pages and at that stage it just felt like something tacked on to try to keep the long time fans. It just felt a little irrelevant.The Nameless One tried hard to capture the original magic of the Deepwoods but it wan't quite as successful. This review may seem quite harsh but I would still recommend it to readers looking for a new series to get into. I know Cade will more than likely come into his own in the second book. I also sometimes forget that I'm not 12 years old anymore and these books are not marketed for me! However I will still be waiting for the next one with the impatience of a 5 year old so that sort of balances things out ;)Review originally posted on my blog here:

  • Sam Whitehouse
    2019-02-19 21:13

    The Edge Chronicles is one of my top 3 book series of all time. I've read them since I was a kid, starting with Beyond the Deepwoods, all the way through to The Immortals which the authors had said would be the last book. But now there's a new trilogy. The Cade saga. This new trilogy had a lot to live up to after the awesomeness that was the previous trilogies and the fitting ending of The Immortals. And did it live up to expectations...Mostly. Where the previous series were on an epic scale, The Cade saga is more sedate, with less at stake. There is little plot but Cade making a new life. Unlike Twig, Quint and Rook, Cade is a bit of a blank slate. We know he's an orphan, that his father was a genius whose theories and research landed him in trouble with his superiors... but apart from that, Cade is a bit... dull. He does little to advance the plot and the supporting cast are more interesting. As always, the writing is unique, rich in detail and world building, as are Chris Riddell's illustrations... but overall, this first book feels a bit too safe, not epic or large-scale enough to rival the stories that came before it. Why four stars? Because of the quality writing and drawings, the incomparable world-building, the way this series still manages to pull me in. If you're a big fan of The Edge, you might be a bit dissappointed, but this does set things up well for what will hopefully be another gripping trilogy. If you're new to this series, you can still enjoy this book, but do yourself a favor and start from the beginning with Beyond the Deepwoods. You won't regret it.

  • Malice De'Ath
    2019-01-31 17:13

    To be honest, I was gutted when I realised that The Immortals marked the end of my time in the Edge. So when I realised that Stewart and Riddell were writing more novels, I was ecstatic.It certainly didn't fail my expectations.I found the book significantly more enjoyable than I did The Immortals (which although good, I feel is the weakest of the Edge Chronicles novels) and was pleasantly surprised. The world is as rich and deep as ever. I love how society, geography and technology have all evolved in the series and comparing Cade's world to Quint's is fun.I think this would be a brilliant novel as stand alone, but having read the entire series just made it better. Every subtle reference to the previous books made me grin like a Cheshire. Wonderfully thought out and I am extremely excited for the rest of this trilogy. I began reading this series of books when I was ten years old (and only the first trilogy was out) and, at twenty-one, I am still enamoured. Even though it was a new character, reading this book felt like going home, home to the Deepwoods.

  • Alexandra
    2019-02-13 16:15

    After what I thought was the end of the Edge Chronicles with " The Immortals", I was overjoyed to see the start of a new saga. This book filled me with nostalgia as Cade explored the Deepwoods with his prowlgrin. However, I couldn't help but realize that this book was fairly slow. Arguably, the authors were trying to establish a new setting and a new Edge. But "Beyond the Deepwoods" introduced the Edge through Twig's adventures and the reader discovered things as Twig experiences them. Cade's experiences in comparison are simply boring. He doesn't do much and in the whole book there is only one real adventure (the white trogs). There is much more "telling" in this book as opposed to the usual "showing". It was kind of disappointing, to be honest. But I'm not going to lie, I'm still ecstatic that the Edge is back and I really can't wait for the next book!

  • Nick
    2019-02-08 14:11

    I'll reveal my ignorance in that I had no idea this was the 11th book in a series. There were so many more interesting places for Cade to travel, I was disappointed by his adventures. That just jumped this to a three instead of a two star rating.Cade is boring. Every other character in this novel has a better adventure than Cade. In no way, shape, or form does he help progress this story. He fails at everything, and not in a cute or endearing way, not in a "I tried, and this is the best I can do." More like he doesn't know what to do, how to do it, and is happy when people do it for him. The real stories here are all around Cade, and we are forced to trudge behind this 2-dimensional cardboard cut-out.Sorry, I love fantasy stuff, but this was just not cutting it for me.

  • Lorraine Baker
    2019-02-10 22:01

    This bokk is number 11 in the edge chronicles (but is the start of a new series). How I wish I has read the others first before this one. This book is ok as a stand alone start to the series but I think you would get more out of the book and enjoy it more if you had read all the previous books. However as I got this book through the goodread programme I did'nt really have time to read all the previous 10 books!!! An intersting story but more suited to males than females but can be for both adults and kids. Still this book is interesting enough and enjoyable enough for me to look at getting the first book in the series and start from scratch.

  • Col
    2019-02-19 18:10

    A better title might be "A Cabin by the Lake". The story is exceedingly pastoral and might not hold the attention of younger readers, but I found it engaging enough. What little adventure there was felt somewhat tacked on. I was quite surprised at what I took to be romantic feelings on the part of Cade, though they're appropriate and even understated given his age. The past books have been almost totally chaste. Overall a relaxing little romp, almost tricked me into wanting to go up north to the lake.

  • Hayden
    2019-02-24 19:54

    I found that this book lacked the grandeur and epicness' of previous books whilst maintaining the feel good familiarity that has always accompanied this series. It serves as a good and solid reintroduction to the edge world and the third age of flight, and knowing that I'll always be a fan of the edge books perhaps I am slightly biased in my opinion. For those that reached the end of the Immortals and felt a pang of sadness knowing we had reached the end, this book surely won't disappoint. I for one will be sarge fly awaiting the next instalment of the Cade Chronicles!

  • Megan Bystricky
    2019-01-30 20:20

    First things first: Buy the hard copy, the flowable ePub doesn't work terribly well with the illustrations.Nextly, the actual review: Holy crow, they wrote a new one! I thought The Immortals was the end of it, but no! Words cannot describe my glee*. That said, the book was pretty slow; it looks like it's mostly set-up for the next two (in which we will hopefully find out what happened to Nate Quarter). That's really the only complaint I have.*onomatopeically, it would be something between a 'squeeeee' and the sharp inhale of quiet, joyful shock.

  • Meredith
    2019-02-22 13:55

    Was so glad to get back into this world; Stewart does so well creating a full, rich universe. The adventure and action was top-notch, and not without kindness. Layers are added by knowing the rest of the series - so many callbacks and references - it's been so long I know I had forgotten certain things, but the full-circle moment with the banderbear at the end was very satisfying.

  • Roisin Collins
    2019-02-23 17:03

    So happy to return to this wonderful series! I always thought The Immortals was going to be the last book in the Edge Chronicles, so I was delighted to find out they were continuing. The only thing I don't like is the new cover illustrations- why have Chris Riddell's gorgeous illutrations been replaced?!

  • Tasha Mellins-Cohen
    2019-02-12 20:20

    An excellent introduction to the fantasy genre for younger readers. A well-written, enjoyable romp with just enough edge to entertain older readers. This book is in the post to my nephew (age nine) and if he enjoys it, I have promised to supply him with the rest of the series!*Goodreads First Read Review*

  • Rachael Elders
    2019-02-05 19:07

    Nice to revisit one of my favourite worlds from my childhood. I suggest you read this book in physical form because the digital version does not do the drawings justice. It was a bit slow to start with but towards the end, the action picked up and led on nicely for the second book in Cade's saga.

  • Gail
    2019-02-06 18:59

    Just as good as the Edge Chronicles. Stewart and Riddel do not disappoint.

  • Noxeni
    2019-01-29 21:16