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For fifteen years the disappearance of four college girls has haunted the small coastal Maine hamlet of Cragg's Head Cove. The cases, dismissed as runaways, were never solved, until Glory Parker came to town.With her unemployment having just run out Glory Parker moves from her life in Boston to Cragg's Head Cove to live with her sister and start life anew. The only problemFor fifteen years the disappearance of four college girls has haunted the small coastal Maine hamlet of Cragg's Head Cove. The cases, dismissed as runaways, were never solved, until Glory Parker came to town.With her unemployment having just run out Glory Parker moves from her life in Boston to Cragg's Head Cove to live with her sister and start life anew. The only problem is that Glory starts having strange visions of the past. Because of these visions Glory learns that the girls never ran away, but were instead brutally murdered. Now Glory needs to help police find the killer before he finds her....

Title : Witness Through Time
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Witness Through Time Reviews

  • Lonna | FLYLēF
    2019-01-30 14:37

    Original Post: Witness Through Time at FLYLēF ( THROUGH TIME, by Scott Wieczorek, could have easily been rated higher had I not correctly guessed the murderer very early on. It no longer held the element of suspense, which I think is so crucial for a good crime mystery experience. Having recently read The Girl on the Train and Silent in the Grave, I wasn't so easily misled. I realized that Mr. Wieczorek carefully unravels the mystery of everything he wants us to believe, steering us away from the murderer, until that awestruck moment when he reveals the gripping climax we didn’t see coming. But, I did.For fifteen years in Cragg's Head Cove, four college girls go missing. The cases, dismissed as runaways, were never solved until the arrival of Glory Parker. With Glory’s “gift,” she slowly uncovers their bodies and learns that they were brutally murdered. Glory must find the murderer before s/he strikes again.Because the identity of the murderer came as no surprise to me, I diverted my attention to other aspects of the story. There were many things I enjoyed, and a few I didn’t.After reading a few fairly slow paced novels, I really welcomed a faster storytelling approach. The elaborate descriptions of key scenes were like rich characters that enhanced my emotional connections to them. Mr. Wieczorek did a fantastic job setting the scene in which Glory found the first body. I felt that I was right there witnessing the horrific act that was carried out as a young woman's life was brutally taken away from her. It was so terrifying and dark to witness humanity at its worst.However, at other times, I felt that the story seemed too staged. Glory’s sudden inoperably medical condition, which no doubt was added to excite readers, felt like a perfectly orchestrated ending in which whatever could go wrong for Glory, did. Despite this, I still enjoyed Witness Through Time very much. Glory will no doubt captivate readers with her astute crime solving skills and her talent to pierce the veil of time.

  • Lynda Kelly
    2019-02-19 20:52

    I first tried this story 2 years ago and gave in at 38% as it was full of mistakes. I remarked at the time that I'd really like to review it again if ever there was a reprint. Then last week the author wrote and kindly gifted me a newer version.It's SO much better !! It wasn't without mistakes but certainly no more now than with some bestellers I've BOUGHT !! The most irritating thing for me is he persists in using a comma before a conjunction (like and or but) which we were taught in school is a big no-no. And accepted lending program was mentioned instead of an, year was used in place of years, we lost the here and there from sentences and teacher's used and not teachers'. It should be pull and not put yourself together....The story was still very good and fair flew along for me. I liked Glory's ability. It was interesting and I wondered at the end whether she'll still be able to do her job.I do hope so and it is left open for a sequel which I'd happily read. I guessed certain bits ahead of time but that in no way spoilt anything. It's soooooo much better in this incarnation for sure, Scott.

  • Bonnie
    2019-02-10 20:58

    Absolutely LOVED this book & am hopefully looking forward to MANY more stories with these wonderful characters that the author has created!! The entire concept is outstanding, the characters come alive & the heroine is Very compelling. A Very cold case comes alive when Glory Parker arrives in town to live with her sister, a brother-in-law who happens to be Chief of Police & her niece, Mary Beth, who adores her aunt Glory. The cold case involves four female college students who were thought to have run away. Thru Glory's visions the cases are changed to murder investigations & that's all of the story that I will give away! Read & enjoy! Thanks to the author & Goodreads for the Fantastic opportunity to read & review this book!!!

  • Kim
    2019-02-24 17:07

    I wasn't sure what to expect with this story, it starts with Glory relocating to her sisters place to start over. This is when things start to get interesting. She finds herself in the past for a short bit of time, and then "flips" right back to her own time, with no explanation or even and idea of what is going on she tries to move forward. While living with her sister and her family she starts to work with her brother in law at the police station. She is working dispatch and she meets some of her coworkers and life seems to be turning around for her. That is until she happens on a crime scene from 15 years ago. She had flipped again and this time instead of just innocently walking around a beautiful house she watches a murder take place. Her brother in law lets her use some of her criminal justice college background and pairs her with a detective as they try to piece together what happened 15 years ago. Glory "flips" a few more time only to be bombarded with images of brutal murders. Can she help solve the case? Will you be able to guess "who done it?"I completely enjoyed this book, the author had me interested right from the beginning.I give this a 5 out of 5 fangs***Reviewer for Paranormal Romance and Authors That Rock.

  • Michele Stegman
    2019-01-31 15:53

    I started reading Witness Through Time after I hosted the author, Scott Wieczorek, on my website. The excerpt pulled me right in and I knew I had to read the book. I had other things to do, but I couldn't resist reading this book and finished it much too quickly. What? It's over already?!!The idea for the book is unique and interesting as the heroine, Glory, develops her psychic ability to solve an old crime. As a romance writer I was hoping for a bit of romance to develop in the book, but the end was still very satisfying. And since I can see the possibility for sequels to this story, maybe a romance is still in the future?Although there are a lot of typos, I still enjoyed the book.At any rate, Witness Through Time was a fast paced read, with nice twists and an enjoyable plot. The heroine gets into some real scrapes, but I didn't think it was because she made stupid choices as in some books. She made the same choices most of us would make. They just managed to get her into lots of trouble!

  • Carol Tolley
    2019-01-25 20:01

    Witness Through Time is an unusual book to review. I liked the author's writing, liked the characters and the action, but the story is unrealistic and hard to believe. I thought I knew who the serial killer was early, and was correct. But I am not a great fan of flashbacks and other dimensions which made this unbelievable for me. But given the author's writing style, I might enjoy a more realistic endeavor of his. I received this book from a Goodreads giveaway with the hopes I would review it.

  • Shelli Rosewarne
    2019-02-10 16:53

    Although I did find this a little slow to get going, once it did the story was fast-paced and I enjoyed the plot a great deal. It was well written and the descriptions in particular were very detailed. Glory was an interesting character and it was enjoyable to watch her develop as the book went on, along with her newfound abilities. I don’t generally read mysteries/crime stories so it was interesting to me to see how the clues developed. I did have an inkling about ‘whodunnit’ but the author kept me second-guessing all the way to the end :)I would have perhaps liked a little more emotion coming through from the characters, especially in some of the more nail-biting situations.Though I think that’s possibly due to me being used to reading romance, which tends to have a slightly different writing style to it. Speaking of which, I would have liked a little more romance it in, but again personal preference.Overall, this was a gripping and enjoyable read. The plot-line was well-put together and the paranormal/time-travel element really gave it that something extra. Will be looking for more from this author.

  • Scott Wieczorek
    2019-02-13 18:06