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High school graduation was never so dangerous as it turns out to be for Emily Kane. Defending herself against foreign agents is one thing, but when the threat comes from within Emily's own family the violence rises to a new level, and the need to reconcile herself with her inner demons has never been so urgent....

Title : Girl Takes Up Her Sword
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ISBN : 18038574
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 320 Pages
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Girl Takes Up Her Sword Reviews

  • Teresa Copeland
    2019-03-27 02:36

    Awesome readThis is a wonderful series. I can't seem to stop reading. It's rare I will buy a series so you can see how much I love them.

  • Sadie Forsythe
    2019-04-23 00:52

    Girl Takes up Her Sword is book 3 of The Emily Kane Adventures and I honestly think it's the best yet. Emily has found her confidence and though she's still trying to give the occasional kick against Granny's fate she has largely accepted her place in the cosmos. And oh, what a place it is!Emily is a strong, independent, self-assured heroine. So often in YA fiction authors present mixed messages on this front. A girl might have mad skills or some super power, but she doesn't have the heart to really do what needs to be done. (The implicit message being that she is too soft or weak to really be strong after all.) There's often some hero sidekick who actually saves her from dirtying her hands, thereby co-opting her presentation as a truly strong heroine. Antoine has the integrity to let Emily be as strong as she needs to be. Now, I'm not saying she doesn't regret the things she has to do or even that she isn't occasionally disgusted about them, but she also doesn't back down from them or hesitate so long some man takes over for her. (And believe me she is surrounded by plenty of strong, well trained men.) I respect this immensely. I only have two real qualms with the story and they are related. So it could actually be one multidimensional problem. Either way, I'm gonna sketch it out, but first let me say that I understand why the author wrote it this way. I see the message he's trying to convey with it. I just thought it was a little too much for me to accept. First off, despite being a senior in high school Emily is very much in charge in this book. In one way or another black ops soldiers take orders from her. Elite assassins take orders from her. Her sensei takes orders from her. Her mother takes orders from her. Her friends take orders from her. Her friends' parents take orders from her. The Yakuza take orders from her. Burly biker dudes take orders from her. There is almost no one who has any control over her or even has the backbone to say 'no' to her. She is the top dog in all respects. The primary reason people backed down? They saw something in her eyes that made them give up. There are a lot of social dictums that this contradicts. It ignores basic social hierarchies, not to mention martial and military ones. (view spoiler)[I have a really hard time imagining that she'd succeed in the 'take orders' environment of a military academy, or even the military itself. (hide spoiler)]On a related issue is the fact that, with the exception of David, every single person she encountered gave in to her mysterious charm. (view spoiler)['Oh yea, I drug your son into a lethal battle and he witness a couple people die.' Does this mother get angry? Nope. 'Oh, sorry your son got shot defending me.' Does this mother get angry? Nope. 'Oh, I've kicked your ass, and your ass, and your ass?' Do these previously inflated egos get angry? Nope. 'Oh, 2/3 of your biker gang got blown up for their association with me?' Here let me make it up to you, you can call me Princess. 'Oh, you're a high ranking Yakuza who's been insulted in public and demand restitution?' Bow to my noble continence instead. (hide spoiler)] Ok, in every example the circumstances are explained and it is very obvious that Emily is supposed to have an almost paranormal charisma about her (this is a large part of the story), but I don't think it felt very realistic in the end.Like the previous books Antoine's writing is crisp and easy to read. The fight scenes are meticulously detailed and the martial techniques clearly explained. There is a lot of focus on the mystic aspect of training and unlike the previous books this starts to have a concrete effect on the events of the story. If you like strong female protagonists, martial arts, mysticism or just an interesting read. This is worth picking up.

  • David Foster
    2019-04-08 01:29

    Another solid entry in a series I'm very much enjoying. It's not as good as the first book, but probably a bit better than the second. Enough to get back up to that 5th star, I think. (The second went a little too high on the Improbability scale for my tastes.)Emily's depth of character is continuing to develop as the books progress, which is a rare thing to find in a series. Old problems are solved, new ones arise, and Emily's philosophical nature continues to be a source of interest.I'd advise you to skip the 45 page "novella" billed on Amazon as Emily Kane book 4 (too brief to develop anything and a waste of $3) and move on to book 5 of the series after reading this. I'm headed to book 5 myself now, and am interested to see how Emily continues to develop.

  • Tony Hisgett
    2019-04-27 03:45

    I enjoyed parts of this book that follow Emily’s story but I wasn’t so happy with all the flashback snippets. It is probably just me, but I don’t often like books that have constant flashbacks, especially those where every other chapter reverts back to a story that happened many years ago and whatever contribution it makes to the present story could have been done in a few pages. It just seems a very clumsy way of telling a story.Emily continues to develop into a ‘kickass’ heroine and although I find some of the mystical content a bit annoying by being a too enigmatic, at least it doesn’t detract from the main action.

  • Peter Meek
    2019-04-16 01:48

    On my third or fourth readI'm rereading the series again in preparation for reading #7 for the first time. It (this book AND the series) continues to appeal to me. Note that a 4 star rating from me is very high. I doubt that I have given 5 stars to 40 books out of the roughly 50,000 that I have read in my lifetime.

  • Trensetta
    2019-04-02 02:54

    Still awesome!I have flown through books one and two not stopping until I finished book three. It is 11 pm and I should go to bed but I've decided to start book four instead.

  • Bryan457
    2019-04-02 06:42

    Evil 2nd cousin.Now that she has begun using a sword, things are getting more gory.A lot more mysticism in this one.