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!!!!NEWLY EDITED!!!!After his wife cheated on him and then asked for a divorce, Sebastian Beck was devastated. The solution? Never let another woman get close enough to hurt him. His mind was made up. He would never fall in love again. And he most certainly would never get married again. Except, he never expected the one night that he was forced to protect his nephews with!!!!NEWLY EDITED!!!!After his wife cheated on him and then asked for a divorce, Sebastian Beck was devastated. The solution? Never let another woman get close enough to hurt him. His mind was made up. He would never fall in love again. And he most certainly would never get married again. Except, he never expected the one night that he was forced to protect his nephews with deadly force to bring him back in contact with the one woman he thought he’d never see again. When Detective Raelynn Reynolds bent some hot guy’s finger back in a bar a little over a year ago, she never thought she’d see him again. Honestly...she never expected to see him ever again. She definitely never expected to see him at the scene of a break-in that had a dead body just inside the back door. As Sebastian and Raelynn’s lives become more intertwined with each passing day, can Sebastian get over his fear of love to keep the one woman who makes him insanely happy? Will Sebastian be able to get over his fear before it’s too late? Before he could possibly lose Raelynn forever? Could fate really be that cruel?...

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Sebastian Reviews

  • Rachel Regina
    2019-04-05 04:54

    Overall rating: 3.5 "Sweet Cheeks" stars!Triggers:Cheating: (view spoiler)[ no(hide spoiler)]Love triangle: (view spoiler)[ no(hide spoiler)]Sex with om/ow: (view spoiler)[ Almost. There is a scene after Raelynn and Sebastian have been intimate. Both were looking for a one night stand that turned into a bit more. Raelynn ignores Sebastian for three weeks and during that time period, Sebastian reflects back on the fact that he TRIED to move on with another woman. Actually gets as far as going home with her, getting naked and getting a blow job. Now, in the middle of said Blow Job, he stops it because he just can't go through with it. He keeps thinking about Raelynn. I felt that this scene was completely unnecessary. I get what point the author was trying to make but I truly believe she could have gotten the same point across with a more innocent scene.(hide spoiler)]HEA: (view spoiler)[ yes(hide spoiler)]My review:We have Raelynn, sexy detective, who has been burned before and isn't looking for love. Nor does she have time with it in her line or work. Then we have Sebastian, also burned by his ex-wife. He says he can never let himself get close to another woman and risk his heart breaking again. This book started off good. I liked the premise and both lead characters. I loved how Raelynn was there for Sebastian after tragedy strikes and their instant connection. What I didn't like and why I had to move it down to 4 stars was because - beware of spoilers! (view spoiler)[ the "almost" sex scene mentioned above. At this point, even though they weren't seeing each other and Raelynn was ignoring Sebastian, right before that she was THERE for him when his wife died and friend was nearly killed. She went above and beyond her job as a detective to be there for him. Yeah, I get it - she ignored him, but Sebastian be a man and go get her! I mean, seriously! His thought process was so annoying, even his brother Henry kicked him out of his office at one point because he was tired of hearing it!! I felt like the author could have used a scene that maybe the hero TRIED to go home with this other woman, but just couldn't do it and came to some kind of realization. He didn't have to ACTUALLY go to her house and PROCEED TO GET NAKED AND END UP WITH HIS PENIS IN HER MOUTH! I felt like that scene was completely unnecessary and kind of made him a weak hero in my eyes.(hide spoiler)] So with all that said after that scene things do start to actually pick up. Their relationship progresses and I enjoyed all of that. I enjoyed seeing Henry and Claire again. Even baby Ethan and little Henry hehe I guess I still hoping for a stronger hero. This could have been one of my favorite books, but sadly no. I am very interested in hearing Quinn's story though!!! I will have to pick that one up soon!

  • Kate's Corner
    2019-03-30 00:19

    So I can imagine that some readers might find this book slightly cheesy BUT I don't care. I loved every frigging second of this book.4 ★★★★ for Sebastion and Raelynn.In book 1: Sebastian never wanted to fall in love or get married again cough *yeah right* cough. While out with his buddies he spies a lovely lady at the bar and tries to hit on her. She nearly breaks his finger. One year later: Sebastian is babysitting for Henry and Claire when he hears some noises at the back of the house an attempted B & E. So okay what I didn't know was that in Pennsylvania as soon as a burglar steps foot into the house you can shoot him. Yep not gonna be B&E but then again I don't live in the US. Phew!So Sebastion does what any person would do to protect his family and shoots the guys. The police arrive and who walks in the lady who nearly broke his finger a year ago. Raelynn Reynolds. They instantly recognize one another and Raelynn hasn't stopped thinking about him. Expected was that the ex-wife turned up. I also feel sorry after saying that the bitch is back I didn't expect that to happen so I take it back. This is a great book with a build up and introduction to Quinn's upcoming book. The ending is great and the book is never boring it never ebbs and is a lot of fun to read. The way it's currently going I'll want all the Beck Brothers.

  • Dee
    2019-04-21 07:11

    OMG!!! This book did not disappoint..!!Sebastian is book was funny as hell and the dynamics between all the characters were great just like it was in Henry.The dynamics between the brothers is still there as well.The great thing was the introduction into Quinns story just like Andria did with Sebastian in Henrys story.Again I have a couple of theories of why Quinn is the way he is - but I will just have to wait and see ;)You have to have a heart and I felt bad for Sebastian in all the shit he has gone thru but in the end it works out. But seriously how can so much shit happen to one person??!!Cannot wait for Quinns book.

  • Amanda Sheila
    2019-04-12 05:19

    3.5 stars, good but could be better! Simply because the heroine's not as strong nor sassy as I thought she would be. I mean, Raelynn is a detective. Large portraying her as this strong lass in Henry. But here.. She's like a completely different person. And Sebastian also didn't ooze off his usual charm, which I get why so that's not a problem for me. So yeah, overall I enjoyed Sebastian's story but I just don't feel the strong chemistry between our main characters. Could be so much better! Can't wait to read Quinn's story!

  • Meags
    2019-04-02 06:08

    4.5 StarsThis series is cheesy, sappy and fairly predictable - but I won’t lie, I love every minute of it!! In terms of plot and characters, this is exactly what I look for in a romance novel - A book (or series) which will keep me entertained, make me swoon over fictional men and provide me with a decent amount of humour and romance. The men in these books are high quality book-boyfriends! I’m pretty certain that by the time I conclude this series, I won’t be able to specify my favourite Beck Brother because they are all so damn desirable.I knew early on in the first book (Henry) that Sebastian was going to make one hell of a lead character in his own book. He’s gorgeous, has an epically adorable relationship with his brothers, he’s funny - or crazy depending on who you talk to – but, ultimately, it’s all the man-crying that had me swooning all over the place! In the first two books alone, he has roughly 5 emotional breakdowns, all for solid reasons, and I find it absolutely endearing. He may keep asking the other characters if he’s being a pussy, but shit, all the constant crap he’s been through warrants a good cry-fest. (view spoiler)[Divorce, plane crashes, multiple shootings… It’s like an episode of One Tree Hill! (hide spoiler)] If I had to sum him up in one word, that word would be adorable.Now to Raelynn – she was a seriously kick ass female lead! I’m so sick of the weak, sooky, daft, female characters that often accompany the great male leads in many recent romance novels, but this was not the case with Detective Raelynn Reynolds. She held her own, which was apparent from their initial meeting in book #1 when she almost broke Sebastian’s finger and brought him to his knees for being a cocky fool. I got excited right then and there and couldn’t wait to be done with Henry and Claire, in order to discover what would happen next with Rae and Sebastian.Sadly, I have several issues with the writing style, particularly in regards to the use of tenses – or rather, the incorrect use of tenses. Too often there were sudden switches, mid paragraph, between present and past tense. Drove me bonkers!! I kept making random disgruntled sounds, which were loud enough to have anyone around me ask what the hell my problem was. Not to mention, as it turns out, I was reading a “newly edited” edition! What!? Way too many slip ups - with tenses, words missing, spelling mistakes etc - for this to have been (already) properly edited again! Oh dear. I suggest someone take a third stab at this editing business, pronto. Luckily, I love these brothers and their stories enough to overlook any qualms I have with the writing. Sebastian and his fantastically hilarious “proposal scene” was enough to make me supply this book with the 4.5 stars I have given it.

  • Marianna Petite Cherie
    2019-04-27 04:15

    5 Beck Stars!Just finished it. Loved it, loved it, loved it. I don't have much to say. The story was great. I loved how it developed. Like the first book there was the Guy - Baby thing that of course had me melting. I mean, who doesn't like that? Then the sex was quite hot and if I may add it was more than the first book. And of course like Henry, I'm in love with Sebastian too. I also liked that the author gives us information about the next brother's story like she did on Henry. Well, I simply loved it and I'm ready to read Quinn's story.My Sebastian.

  • Vickie***
    2019-04-01 02:20

    Really short review because I'm bull dozing through this series pretty fast!!THis is just one of those stories that make you really warm and happy inside. There really isn't much drama in these books so far. I'm seriously ok with that. If you are a drama freak then you might find this boring for you.As I said very light on the heart read. The couples make me smile a lot though, they are just too cute together..I like the baby epilogues though they are really nice to read about.Reading this series is a really nice break from something that makes my heart break :D

  • Lauren
    2019-04-20 00:59

    Sebastian never thought one night of babysitting would turn his life upside down. When intruders break into his brothers house he steps up. The girl of his dreams, Detective Raelynn, shows up for the call. Even though neither wants a relationship, they are unable to deny their attraction to one another. I absolutely loved this book! With everything Sebastian and Raelynn were put through, they stuck together. This book is not all sunshine and daisys which is a nice change from romance books. I thought I loved Henry but Sebastian might have won my heart over! Can't wait for the next book!! WaAR

  • J
    2019-04-18 00:58

    The Beck Brothers are shaping up to be one of my favourite SeriesI'm really looking forward to Quinn. September is way to far away!!

  • Paris(kerbytejas)
    2019-04-14 23:51

    story concept 3 stars, writing, presentation & editing 1.5- 2 stars.This is the 2nd book I've read from this author - they were both tamer then my normal reads, almost on the cozy side of contemporary romance, (no explicit sex scenes, love conquers all, HEA with marriage and babies), she does like to swear in the stories, but its so much like the way I speak that I almost didn't take notice of it.Sebastian had a hard road to transverse to get to his HEA, but he made it in one piece. His supportive family, and Raelynn helped him piece his life back together really quickly. Sebastian had a much better developed character then our heroine Raelynn, that could be because we had met him in the first book (Henry). It would have be nice to know more about Raelynn, other then she was a cop, and had a family,and friends; knowledge about her was hidden behind her work. The brotherly interaction is so real, and down to earth.I have discovered that although the story lines are ok the presentation of even this 2nd book is as poor as the first book. The book has lots of incorrect word tenses, missing words in sentences, and uneven flow. The book is in need of a loving touch by an person(s) who can edit, provide constructive criticism, & polish.The preview of the 3rd book - Quinn, seems to have some glaring (view spoiler)[ no no issues ie: male and female work colleagues being roomed together on a business trip by their boss, Airport security doing a strip search of a passenger in a room with his female business colleague present - complete with spread the buttocks...i don't object to these in a story but they are just so unrealistic as presented by the author(hide spoiler)] I think that I will now give up on the series, I gave it two books to pull itself together and fix its over-sites.

  • Dianne
    2019-04-11 05:08

    I gotta say I really love Sebastian. I'm so happy to hear his story. It is about Sebastian who meets Detective Raelynn Reynolds again but not under the best circumstances. Sebastian seems to be at a low point in his life, where he loses his personality a little bit. I just felt so bad for Sebastian, the beginning of this book was like a series of unfortunate events for him. I kinda missed his personality from "Henry" but I loved how Raelynn was there for him and tries to help him get back together. I have to say I didn't really like Raelynn in "Henry" but she grew on me once I heard her point of view in this book. I'm just so happy that Sebastian had gotten his happy ending because he really deserved it. However, I think the fact that I missed Sebastian's personality from the first book, that it had made me feel like this book was a little lacking. However, this was still such a great read! It started off with me crying and then it left me smiling in the end. I also liked learning a little bit more about Quinn and Christian, but it kinda makes the other books kinda predictable now. Like you know Quinn's love interest is definitely Margot and his main issue is that he has to get over his touch issues that he has due to someone from his past. While Christian...I think he's gay. I don't know I feel like Andria kinda sets him up for that. He's really close with Shea and is usually around Christian all the time. Plus he's a great dresser. I know those things necessarily mean Christian is gay but I just have a feeling. I wouldn't mind if he was gay either because that would definitely be a big change from the other screws predictability. :) Anyways, I can't wait to read what's next in store with the Beck brothers.

  • Karen
    2019-04-08 03:54

    Holy crap!! If "Henry" didn't have you climbing the walls, Sebastian surely will!! Where "Henry" was your power driven hottie, Sebastian is your laid back, cool as cucumber, don't mess with me hottie!! You couldn't help to feel for Sebastian after his wife asked for a divorce and admitted to cheating on him. No one wants to be a victim of that situation. And his story picks up in full effect from where it left off in "Henry." Where Henry's story was more traditional, in the sense that boss falls for hot assistant, Sebastian's story unfolds among tragedy after tragedy. His vow of never loving again is out to the serious test when he crosses paths with Detective Reynolds again. And what a ride they have. Just like in "Henry", the author takes you on a roller coaster of emotions. You'll laugh, cry and even get a little angry. There is nothing better in a story then to have all of your emotions heightened to their limits. I am so glad that I finally jumped on the Beck Brothers bandwagon. I have truly and thoroughly enjoyed discovery who they are and it certainly doesn't hurt that they are such sexy and sensual characters If I had one criticism so far for the series it would be that both Henry and Sebastian's love stories had too much similarity in its telling. I have never been a fan of redundant themes in a series and I hope that the latter two books of this series have a new freshness to them. But please by no means take this statement to be a negative note towards the author or the series. Its merely my observation and personally preference. I highly recommend this series to everyone and hope you fall in love with the brothers as I have.

  • Ellis Cullen
    2019-04-23 06:19

    So freaking good!!! I absolutely love the world, and family, that Andria Large has created. Sebastian is one of those guys with a really rough exterior and a surprisingly sweet interior. Tall, blonde, built, tatted there anything better? 8)The book starts with a bang, literally. While watching his nephews, two burglars break into his brother's home. Acting on instinct, he shoots one in the head, killing him instantly, while the other manages to run away. Sebastian is fiercely protective of those he loves.When homicide detective Raelynn comes to investigate the scene she finds the man she met once in a bar and never forgot. They both are insanely attracted to one another, but Sebastian has trust issues ever since his ex-wife admitted to having an affair. This relationship is an emotional roller coaster, but I loved every minute of it. Because of what they endure together, they end up in an amazingly strong relationship...and with a big surprise along the way!!If you have not read the first book in the series, Henry, I recommend that you do so before reading this one, although it's not necessary. It just paints a clearer picture of the background characters.And speaking of background will get a really good glimpse into the life of Quinn, who will be featured next in the series. I can't wait!This is a really great series, I can't recommend it enough!

  • Kizzy
    2019-04-11 04:03

    **few spoilers mentioned..not much**amazing! Damn I really have no words..From the ending of Henry, I knew Sebastian was going to be a good read, but I didnt expect to be blown away. I know I loved Henry, but Sebastian did it for me. He and Rae were amazing! I cant believe how much he went through from the beginning of the book and througout. My goodness, his ex wife, the guys who came back from revenge, and poor Bill. Rae was there for him and he fought so hard not for fall in love again after what his ex wife did to him but Rae made him live again. After they finally get together and things are good, what happens to her shocked the hell out of me and damn near had me in tears. I loved how he was put on the list to visit her anytime and took care of her while she was there. They deserved their HEA and it was amazing! It was great to read more about Henry and Claire and their mom who finally has come around and mended her relationship with her sons. speaking of..Quinn..oh my..I cant wait to read his book..I wonder who betrayed his trust at 10yrs old to make him the way he is :( i cant wait for that story to unfold..especially with Margot.This is becoming one of my favorite series, and I hope we get one for Christian too while reading about Quinn..I can see his is going to be a good one too!!

  • Stacey
    2019-04-08 03:00

    i did really like this book! it was a nice quite short read. not really in the mood for writing a long review so I'm just gonna cut to the basics.loved the character Sebastian. thought he was funny. especially when he found out he had to deliver the baby.i loved Sebastian's and Henry's as brothers. but i could see why Quinn felt left out sometimes and I'm guessing that Christian would feel left out as well. I'm sooo happy for Sebastian and Raelynn. Even though it took something so tragic for Sebastian to realize that he loved Rae. But what i thought was quite dumb was that even after Rae recovered, Sebastian still didn't tell Rea that he loved her and he still waited and then accidentally blurted it out to her. found that quite disappointing since he was crying his eyes out saying how much he loved her in his head and he couldn't lose her, especially because he hadn't told her that he loved her. Can't wait to read Quinn's story with Margot. read the first chapter and it seemed really good. Quinn's a mystery to me and i really want to know what happened when he was 10 that made him turn the way he is now.

  • Wendy
    2019-04-06 00:59

    4.5 stars for sexy and emotional Sebastian. Just when I think Henry has stolen my heart, Sebastian comes in with his sexy as hell tattoos and emotional turmoil and melts my heart. EVERYTHING the poor guy endures through this book makes you fall for him that much harder. The attitude of never getting close to another woman again, never sleeping with the same woman more than once and certainly never falling in love again, changes when he hits on a female detective at a bar once night and gets his finger almost broken in the process. I love fate had him meeting Raelynn not once, but twice, and neither were under great circumstances. But it was enough to be unforgettable for both. Raelynn is not only a badass due to her profession, but is a sexy feminine woman that has the power to change Sebastians mind. I love that the other brothers are again, very much a part of the story, that clues us in to what we have to look forward to in Quinns book. I want to know his secrets! I can't wait for it to come out! Good job on another awesome story Andria!

  • Moira
    2019-04-04 04:12

    So decided to start this book in the evening, straight after finishing Henry's story. Turned out to be both a great idea and a bad one. Great cause the book is just as awesome as the first one, and bad cause I didn't finish till after 3am!! Think I love Sebastian more than Henry now. He was really put through the wringer in this one. When he cried I cried. He's just so lovable and an amazing Uncle Bastian. There are some laugh out loud funny moments in this one, some of the things that comes out of his mouth...I thought Raelynn was a great other half for him, she was patient and understanding and doesn't flip out like a lot of female characters probably would have if they were dating Sebastian.I'm gonna start Quinn's story now, pretty sure it's going to break my heart.

  •  Chele
    2019-04-24 01:13

    It would have been 5-stars if it was edited better. Description states that this book was newly edited so maybe I read the older version. The author developed a variety of emotions in this story. I laughed and cried. It was suspenseful and yet had some light hearted moments. A very good book. This was the best from the series.

  • Ismahane
    2019-04-21 04:13

    I liked this it was a fun read...Action and Drama and Romance all in oneI really enjoyed it...loved the way Sebastian's love for Realynn topped all his past's demons one thing that I had problem with was the structure was better than first but still I found myself rephrasingBut all and all a good book...and I recommend it to everyone

  • Tracie Redmond
    2019-04-08 06:52

    wow, I loved this book. I am so happy I read Henry and that started the love for the beck brother series. I love Sebastian. this story had me laughing and smiling throughout. I can not wait to read about Quinn he is just so intriguing. I love him already. the sneak peek was just a huge tease I can't wait a must read series

  • RiskaSary
    2019-03-29 04:16

    Sebastian is my favourite out of all the Beck brothers. He's crazy, loud, sexy with tatoos and been through hard when his wife cheated. But then he met Raelynn, everything's changed. I love how perfect Sebastian and Raelynn are for each other.

  • Timéa
    2019-03-30 23:57

    Loved this books and cannot wait for Quinn. My most, most favorite part was his proposal and the birth of their baby.

  • Yvonne
    2019-04-15 07:06

    3.5 Stars

  • Niccisbookblog higginson
    2019-04-12 03:10

    This is another great book about the sexy Beck brothers.This book contains some wonderfully humorous moments and the dynamics between all the characters especially the Beck brothers is just off the charts great.I love the whole story and the plot was gripping, i had my breath held at times, laughing and crying were in the in the mix of emotions and feelings i had while reading this book, Sebastian took me on a massive roller coaster ride of awesomeness i couldnt put it down.The struggles that Sebastian goes through to put himself back together after his wife cheated on him really tugged at you heart, here is this big muscled man that worshiped the ground she walked on finding himself broken and at a loss of how to put himself back together. Thinking the only way is to keep himself at a distance from relationships and to never fall in love again.Just when you think that Sebastian cannot take anymore pain and hurt he is thrown another curve ball, the tears were flowing people.Raelynn is a good strong character she thinks she just wants a no string sex relationship with Sebastian, but lets be honest who wouldnt fall for one of the sexy Beck’s?I Loved both Raelynn’s and Sebastian’s reaction to there little surprise, both were unsure, neither thought they were in a relationship then there surprise showed up and they were like hell yeah!I love series that keep previous characters involved with the story too, so we still get Henry and Claire in the mix so we can see how there story continues. I really liked the way Andria weaved Quinn into Sebastian’s story setting us up for the next book it is very cleverly done. I’m so ready for Quinn’s story.

  • Jessica Carroll (Novel Words by Jessica)
    2019-04-19 23:14

    Sebastian by Andria Large is the second book in the Beck Brothers Series. In this book Sebastian, the sexy yet sensitive Beck brother, is re-introduced to Detective Raelynn Reynolds (if you've read Henry you know the first meeting did not go so well). After an innocent night of babysitting goes horribly wrong Sebastian finds himself in the middle of a criminal case that never ends and a hot romance with workaholic Raelynn. Will their love survive past insecurities, present logistics and future setbacks? Read this well written, recently edited, fast paced story to find out and also catch up on what is happening with your favorite Beck brother!!I am not a writer but I think writing a series has to be challenging in many ways for any author and I have to give major credit to Andria Large for a job well done. Sebastian as well as the first book in the series, Henry, can be read alone but the experience is so much better if you read the series in succession. Her writing style allows you to fall in love with the characters and what is going on in their lives as well as to want to read on and find out what the future holds for them.All of the Beck brothers have a distinct personality and the author really does a great job of differentiating them and making them unique characters. After the first book you will have a favorite brother and it will probably change a few times, like me, but I promise that whomever you choose, you will be begging for more! I highly anticipate reading about Quinn in newly released Book #3 - he is shaping up to be a very interesting individual.

  • Reckless Readers
    2019-04-07 06:08

    Can we just take a moment to please thank this author for these books. Seriously. I thought Henry was fckin amazing but In your face this is crazy I need to continue this series wow! Ok let's start off with the basics. Sebastian is ah-fckin-mazing! He's Henry's younger brother and best friend and he's gone through heartbreak and back. Finally after putting himself back together after his bitch of an ex wife leaves him for another man!!! (Side note, if I was married to Sebastian I wouldn't leave him for any man or anything in the world!!!!) so of course like all heartbroken people he takes up sex with no feelings. That is until he meets Raelynn and he starts having all these conflicted emotions. Tragedy after tragedy. Lost after lost. How much can a man take until he can't take anymore? This one gutted me. The things Sebastian had to go through were beyond what anyone should go through. But wow when people say love can heal all wounds. They knew. They definitely knew that love could. This story was amazing. Like omg I'm never going to stop reading amazing. Once again I read this in one sitting. I couldn't for the life of me put it down. Loved this one so much. I'm so ready for Quinn's story.5 stars!!!!xx. OrianaC.

  • Oriana
    2019-03-29 06:04

    Can we just take a moment to please thank this author for these books. Seriously. I thought Henry was fckin amazing but In your face this is crazy I need to continue this series wow! Ok let's start off with the basics. Sebastian is ah-fckin-mazing! He's Henry's younger brother and best friend and he's gone through heartbreak and back. Finally after putting himself back together after his bitch of an ex wife leaves him for another man!!! (Side note, if I was married to Sebastian I wouldn't leave him for any man or anything in the world!!!!) so of course like all heartbroken people he takes up sex with no feelings. That is until he meets Raelynn and he starts having all these conflicted emotions. Tragedy after tragedy. Lost after lost. How much can a man take until he can't take anymore? This one gutted me. The things Sebastian had to go through were beyond what anyone should go through. But wow when people say love can heal all wounds. They knew. They definitely knew that love could. This story was amazing. Like omg I'm never going to stop reading amazing. Once again I read this in one sitting. I couldn't for the life of me put it down. Loved this one so much. I'm so ready for Quinn's story.

  • Teresa
    2019-04-05 23:56

    Out of 5 star:Overall:4P.O.V. alternating hero and heroine and some from hero's brotherRomance: 4Sensuality: 3Sex: 2.5Hero: Sabastian, 5 Loved himHeroine: Raelynn, 4Enjoyable: 4Secondary Characters: 4Likely hood of reading the rest of the series: 4I really loved Sabastian. He was so sweet and funny and amazing. I was not expecting the emotional roller-coaster ride that was this book. It was seriously intense.My only complaint was that the author kept switching between past and present tense and OMG! did it annoy me. At one point I starting yelling at my kindle (to which my husband and our friend gave dirty looks for interrupting there college football watching, Jerks!).Overall I just really enjoyed this book because of how much I loved Sebastian. He was so sweet and I wanted happiness and goodness for him so badly. He deserved it after all the shit he had to go through. Raelynn was exactly what he needed through and through. She brought out the best in him in every way. She was his match and it made me like her even more. Really good fast read!

  • For the Love of Books
    2019-04-14 07:01

    Beck Brothers Series by Andria Large is an awesome series about 4 incredibly HOT brothers! Each book has alternating POVs of the two main characters the book is about, but each book also throws in the POV of one of the brothers making the segue into the next book perfect! I absolutely loved this aspect of Andria’s writing. Book 2 is about Sebastian, a tattooed gunsmith whose wife cheated on him and divorced him. He swore he would never let another woman get close enough to hurt him. After having to protect his nephews with deadly force, he has to work with someone he never expected to see again after having an interesting first encounter a year ago, Detective Raelynn Reynolds. There is chemistry between them but they both know they can’t act on it. Will that connection be too much to ignore so they break the rules to be together or will other circumstances keep them apart? You’ll have to read to find out! ;)~Kendra

  • Michele McMullen
    2019-04-15 05:59

    Sebastian (The Beck Brothers, #2)by Andria Large4.5 starsSebastian Beck is Henry's younger brother and best friend. He has been heartbroken by his ex-wife and her cheating ways. This has now tainted his relationships with women. He no longer wants to become close or involved. His relationships consists of no strings attached sex. It all seems to be working out until an uneventful night of babysitting his brother's children goes horribly wrong. The police arrive on the scene and she walks in. Raelynn is there to investigate the crime and meets Sebastian. She knows she should steer clear of this bad boy but is finding him difficult to ignore. Sebastian knows he shouldn't pursue her but he can't resist. He begins to realize that she is a tough nut to crack but is up for the challenge! This was another great story in the series!~~Michele ~~