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Kayla Santomas has never been on a blind date. Ever. One bad marriage and way too many useless relationships have convinced her to allow her best friend to set her up. Tired of dating frogs, she decides she wants dinner with a nice guy as a birthday present to herself. Who knows? He might not be so bad.After losing part of his leg in Afghanistan, Ryan Mitchell lost interesKayla Santomas has never been on a blind date. Ever. One bad marriage and way too many useless relationships have convinced her to allow her best friend to set her up. Tired of dating frogs, she decides she wants dinner with a nice guy as a birthday present to herself. Who knows? He might not be so bad.After losing part of his leg in Afghanistan, Ryan Mitchell lost interest in dating and even worse, the urge to get aroused. He finally gives into his badgering family and decides to go back into the dating world. What better way to do it than to allow his brother and friend to set him up? According to them, he needs the extra help.Sparks fly between Kayla and Ryan. Each quickly realizes that they want more time with the other. Hours rush past them in a blur. But when Ryan says something that Kayla misinterprets, will this be the end of a great night? Ryan will have to forget his pride and say what's inside in order to keep her.Reader Warning: This is a super sexy short that contains: A stubborn war hero, a mouthy Latina, and some incredibly sizzling loving. Your e-reader might need some cooling....

Title : A Hero's Pride
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ISBN : 18005975
Format Type : Kindle Edition
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A Hero's Pride Reviews

  • MsRomanticReads
    2019-03-29 09:42

    As usual, I love that the author sticks to writing confident, sassy heroines. Kayla was a wonderful heroine who didn’t let her affluent family dictate what she should do with her life or how she should live it. She knew what she wanted, and when she wanted Ryan, she wasn’t afraid to show it. I fell in love with Ryan. Not just because I generally have a huge soft spot for military heroes, but because it’s not often that I find a book with a military hero who has a physical flaw as well as an emotional one. Having lost his leg in Afghanistan and subsequently feeling “inadequate” around the opposite sex, I felt elated for him when he found a woman who couldn’t have cared less about the scars or the prosthetic leg. She made him feel whole and “like a man”. The author also never fails in writing some scorching hot sex scenes. This time it felt more than just sex though. With the tensions of the emotional rawness from earlier, it felt special.I loved this first in the new series and can’t wait to read more. I hope Cal will be next. If I had any complaints at all, I’d say the novella was too short or ended too abruptly on a high note. I would have loved an epilogue of sorts for proper closure that their connection managed to stand the test of time. Then again, perhaps this couple will have recurring appearances in later books, thus giving me what I crave.Favorite line:"Tell me something in Spanish, and I will fuck you until you come so hard you won't know what hit you."Disclaimer: I received a review copy from the author in exchange for an honest review.

  • Iris
    2019-03-28 13:32

    Oh My... a wounded hero, a strong heroine and a touching story of two souls meeting at just the right time in their lives to make a difference. How much better can you get? Although a fan of the author, I was sure that although I would enjoy A Hero's Pride, I would get hung up on the fact that this is in fact yet another short. By now, with an author of this caliber, I would expect much longer, full length books. So I thought for sure that although I would enjoy this latest offering, I wouldn't be able to get past its short length. Boy I couldn't have been more wrong! It isn't often that you come across a physically wounded hero that is portrayed so well. As the wounded hero trying to adapt to life as an amputee and coping with PTSD, Ryan will steal your heart and you will sit back and willingly let him take it. Kayla was just the right amount of caring and "suck it up the world moves on even though you lost a leg" attitude that made this story line work. I absolutely loved this book and the characters and would recommend this one to anyone.

  • Vettech
    2019-04-10 10:44

    This was a really cute military-romance.....we follow Kayla Santomas, a psychologist specializing in traumatized children. Kayla is talked into going on a blind date with ex-soldier. Ryan Mitchell, once a soldier always a soldier....Ryan was injured in the Afghanistan war and now missing a leg, he feels like no woman will ever want him because he is no longer whole. Then when Kayla sets eyes on the hot sexy Ryan, she wants to know more about him. Ryan too thinks the beautiful curvy latina is worth spending more time with. What follows is some steamy action, but will pure physical attraction be enough for the two to willingly continue the relationship? Get this great short read and find out~~

  • Tamara
    2019-04-14 12:47

    I really enjoyed this story, right up until the end. Not to say it didn't end well, but it did seem to end abruptly to me. Until that point it was a truly inspiring story. I love a military hero and the heroine in A Hero's Pride rocked it!This was a free read at the time of purchase, but I would have gladly paid to read it.

  • Shayna
    2019-04-14 14:31

    Publised @ http://shaynareneesspicyreads.blogspo..."Her presence alone, in his arms, had allowed him to feel whole."A Hero's Pride was one of the sexiest romantic novellas I have read in a very long time. This warmed my heart while making me blush. Who can resist a great military read with a lot of heart?! Not this chica, that's for sure! The heroine in this story is Kayla Santomas. This child psychologist just wants a fresh start. She wants to find love without coming across anymore frogs. Kayla hesitantly agrees to go on a blind date, her very first blind date ever. Like any normal woman about to go on a date with a perfect stranger, she starts to psych herself out, and almost backs out until she answers her door and sees HIM.That brings me to my favorite part, the hero! Ryan Mitchell! Looking like a god with his shaggy hair and eyes that could make you orgasm on the spot, he had some insecurities to get through. A handsome, tough, military man with flaws!? Get outta here! After being injured in Afghanistan, he comes back to nothing but pity. He sees nothing but sadness in the eyes of his friends, family, and the women he tries to date. That is the last thing he wants from other people, he has enough pity for himself to last him a lifetime. Getting constant pressure from his family to get back out there, he agrees to go on this blind date that his friend and brother help organize. Ryan quickly finds out that his manhood isn't damaged along with his leg when he sees HER standing on the other side of the hotel door. "Por favor, besame. Te necesito."The chemistry between Ryan and Kayla was absolutely explosive. I loved how the first thing Kayla did when Ryan told her about his injury was put him in his place and to not pity himself. Ryan was in absolute shock, because that isn't what he expected, he always expected people to feel bad for him. These two complimented each other so well, not only from the hot, sensual sex, but on an emotional level as well. Funny, romantic, sexy, emotional....A Hero's Pride had so much to give in such a small package. I definitely want more Ryan and Kayla!*A review copy was given to me by the author in exchange for an honest review*

  • Nina
    2019-03-25 14:52

    *ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.I've read several of April Angel's works and her stories are like decadent treats - sweet & delicious. Once you get a taste, you keep going back for more.A Hero's Pride was a short story with a wonderful combination of sweet and sexy rolled into one. This story revolves around Kayla and Ryan. Kayla had just turned 30 and doesn't have much luck with men. Ryan (picture Chris Hemsworth) is in the Army Special Forces and is out on medical leave due to an injury that resulted in him losing a part of his leg. Due to this disability, it has left him with many insecurities. Both of them are not much into the dating scene, but friends and loved ones intervened and now they're both set up on a blind date. Both are wary, but once they meet for the first time in that hotel room they're hit with lust and sparks fly like the Fourth of July.The characters, Kayla and Ryan, were a wonderful pair. Ryan had many doubts about himself and self-pity due to his condition and I loved that Kayla was very sweet and non-judgmental towards him. They had a nice connection which seemed realistic & the dialogue was very natural. The story flowed effortlessly and had a nice pace to it.Overall, A Hero's Pride was a sweet & tender story filled with several sexy scenes that will get your heart racing and your temperature up a few degrees. I reached the happy ending with a smile and now hope that Calvin (Ryan's brother) will get his own story. I also hope there will be more coming from April Angel with the Wounded Soldiers. In the end, I really enjoyed A Hero's Pride and would recommend it to any fans of romance. It is the perfect afternoon or beach read!

  • Victoria
    2019-03-30 10:47

    3.50 SHORT BUT ENJOYABLE STARS- It's not even the new year but I'm working on resolutions. A major resolultion for me is to start reading through some of the stock piled books I have floating around on my kindle. To that end, I've decided to focus on the shorter or novella lengh reads. Perfect for when I'm short on time or need a palate cleanser and hopefully I'll find some "new to me" authors. That's how I came about reading A Hero's Pride. The author's warning didn't hurt either...Reader Warning: This is a super sexy short that contains: A stubborn war hero, a mouthy Latina, and some incredibly sizzling loving. Your e-reader might need some cooling.At less than 50 pages, there isn't much to work with but for a quick read, it worked for me! I'm a total sucker for wounded warrior hero's and Ryan was an easy character to like. Of course, everything was a bit rushed because of the length of the book but the chemistry between these two worked and overall, it was an enjoyable, if guilty pleasure, read. I'd recommend for readers that are short on time and don't mind an abbreviated read with some steam. Next up when I'm short on time? A Hero Scarred, the next book in this Wounded Warrior series. Note: At the time this review was posted, this book was available to borrow through Amazon's Kindle Unlimited program.To see other books available to borrow through Kindle Unlimited or SCRIBD, check out the Subscription Addiction group

  • grumpybybirth
    2019-04-02 12:53

    What a beautiful heartwarming story this was. Of course it's April Angel book so you know the sex is HOT, but it's more then that too. Its emotional and beautiful and full of hope and love.Ryan was wounded while serving his county, he comes back feeling sorry for himself and slowly trying to put his life back together and dealing with the pain both emotional and physical. He doesn't like pity and that is all he see's from woman he tries to date.Kayle is a kick ass, smart children's shrink. She is well off, but loves to give back. She is down to earth and full of love to give someone. She just can't seem to find a good man.Kayla and Ryan go on a blind date and its lust at first sight! I loved that they didn't just into bed after meeting for 5 minutes. They spent time talking and getting to know each other. Then they burned the sheets...WOO HOO that was awesome too!I loved that Ryan didn't let Kayla go, he faced his fears and hers and gave themselves a chance.Definitley a must read. Great short story that will leave your heart sighing and a smile on your face!

  • DanishaWade
    2019-03-29 16:41

    A Hero's Pride (Wounded Soldiers Book 1) by April Angel aka Milly TaidenThis is the story of Kayla and Ryan. Kayla is a sassy independent woman who is trying to find love and not having much luck. Ryan is a soldier who was wounded in combat and think that he will never find someone who won’t pity him because of his disability. Kayla get set up on a blind date with Ryan and the sparks fly but can Ryan get over his problems long enough to see were this can go and can Kayla show him that a disability is not the end of the world and that she don’t pity him or will this blind date be their last. I really enjoyed this story I fell in love with these characters and I didn’t want this to end. April Angel aka Milly Taiden has done it again I highly recommend that you read this book I believe you will fall in love with her stories just like I did.

  • Crystal
    2019-04-20 13:30

    Kayla is one hot sexy woman. She has a really kind heart and doesn't take crap from anyone. She's the type of woman I wish I could be. Sure she comes from money but you would never know it. Ryan is dealing with a war injury. One that made him lose his right leg and he is in pain all the time. He is tired of people feeling sorry for him but he also feels sorry for himself.When these two are brought together for a blind date, sparks start flying and by the end of the night that isn't the only thing flying.I just wnated more when I reached the last page. Seems like April is teasing me. Getting me hooked and then she left me wanting more. I fall in love with each story that she writes and I am imagining myself as the main character. So I will be waiting for the next book and hoping that it is soon.

  • Kirsten
    2019-04-16 10:47

    This is the first book I've read by April Angel/Milly Taiden. Fantastic story about two people who needs a fresh start. It's a good story, moves right along. Nice to read a story about a veteran that's hot and steamy! I really loved the end, lots of possibilities there.

  • BeeH
    2019-03-27 10:55

    Very very short read.

  • Katerina
    2019-03-28 11:40

    I certainly won´t rehash the plot of a 40 page read here...Hero and heroine had sex twice and they will continue dating!A good decision!

  • Claire Robinson
    2019-04-18 15:52

    Great little novella, I will be keeping an eye out for more from Ms Angel.

  • Amber
    2019-03-29 11:31

    a good fast read this is the same book with the same title by authors pen name Milly Taiden

  • Dawn Pressel
    2019-04-01 12:50

    Wish this wasn't such a short read

  • Elizabeth Neal
    2019-04-12 10:34

    Kayla has basically become allergic to the word date. Her Mom insists upon setting her up on them and Kayla has had one bad date after another because of it. But for some reason she agreed to one her best friend, Sue, wants her to go on with Ryan, a friend of Sue's boyfriend. The catch, and Kayla knows this, is that her Mom begged Sue to set Kayla up with someone. Mom is determined to find Kayla a man. LOLKayla and Ryan are meeting at a halfway point since Ryan will be in Florida for some physical therapy and Kayla can then continue on to her parents' private island off the Florida Coast. Yes, her parents own a private island. There's a little peek into Kayla's life for you. However, Kayla doesn't live like the rich and famous. When we meet her, she's at a camp surrounded by twelve year old girls. Kayla is down to earth.Ryan was injured while serving in the military and hasn't fully come to grips with losing a leg and having a prosthetic. Understandable, right? He's also having some issues *ahem* getting excited. Ryan has retreated from socializing, yet his brothers have can ganged up on him and let him know he needs to start moving forward. He finally accepts the blind date arranged with his brother Calvin's help.Kayla opens the door and is in awe of his likeness to Thor. Rawr. (Admit it, we all find Chris Hemsworth hot.) Ryan sees Kayla and hallelujah, things are working again. *wink wink nudge nudge*It turns out Kayla is exactly who he needs. She flat out calls him on using his injuries as an excuse and that he needs to accept his new reality and start moving on. Yes, it seems a little harsh, but he knows she's right. Oh, did I forget to mention Kayla is a child psychologist, specializing in children with deformities or terminal illnesses? Got you, Ryan. She can see right through you. Kayla looks at him and sees a sexy man that she's very attracted to. The prosthetic is a part of him, but it doesn't change him at all in her eyes.As the evening draws to a close, Kayla is feeling the connection and loathes the idea of it ending, of never seeing Ryan again. But Ryan makes a couple statements that gives her the impression she's essentially a "stepping stone" for him to get back into the dating world, that he now knows he can handle dating again. Ouch. That would hurt.Out of self-preservation, Kayla leaves as soon as Ryan falls asleep. You can't blame the girl for wanting to protect herself from disappointment. The thing is, Ryan did feel the same connection and wants to continue seeing her. Now Ryan just needs to find her.Does Ryan find her? Was their one night the start of something beautiful, something lasting? Read the book and find out.

  • Beezus
    2019-04-04 11:48

    A total waste of money! I did not realize just how VERY short this story is. It took me less than 20 minutes to read it. That is not a short story. That is an essay.Yes, the author can write a hot sex scene but who can't? I look for a story surrounding the protagonists. This book consists of a boring first half (meaning, the first 20 out of its 40 total pages) that gives you some background (not much) of the characters. They meet for the date and have sex the first night (which could be okay if the writing makes it okay). I looked at my Kindle and the bar said I was 58% done with the entire book! The last 22% had the guy catching a helicopter to follow her after she sneaked out on him (who knows how he can afford to catch a helicopter just to go after a woman he had great sex with but doesn't really know yet).And if this is a novella, to be continued, it should say so.I thought with two authors working together, along with the subject matter of an amputee, that this would be a rich story. (On Amazon, the book is listed as having two authors, but I see now that the author and her pseudonym are listed as if two.)This just confirms what I've been thinking - I cannot rely on the book reviews here. I suppose the authors enlist family and friends to post glowing reviews. But I'm done using Goodreads reviews to gauge a book's potential. i've been burned too many times.

  • Linda
    2019-04-01 17:29

    A great read! The first read for me by this author but not the last! Be warned that this is a short story and a fast read. This is also the first in the series "Wounded Soldier" and it's a BBW interracial romance.Here is a write-up from Amazon:From Bestselling Author Milly Taiden/April AngelKayla Santomas has never been on a blind date. Ever. One bad marriage and way too many useless relationships have convinced her to allow her best friend to set her up. Tired of dating frogs, she decides she wants dinner with a nice guy as a birthday present to herself. Who knows? He might not be so bad.After losing part of his leg in Afghanistan, Ryan Mitchell lost interest in dating and even worse, the urge to get aroused. He finally gives into his badgering family and decides to go back into the dating world. What better way to do it than to allow his brother and friend to set him up? According to them, he needs the extra help.Sparks fly between Kayla and Ryan. Each quickly realizes that they want more time with the other. Hours rush past them in a blur. But when Ryan says something that Kayla misinterprets, will this be the end of a great night? Ryan will have to forget his pride and say what's inside in order to keep her.Reader Warning: This is a super sexy short that contains: A stubborn war hero, a mouthy Latina, and some incredibly sizzling loving. Your e-reader might need some cooling.

  • Theresa
    2019-04-19 12:48

    SPICY Spanish Psychologist Heals HOT Wounded Warrior. As always April delivers HOT HOT HOT stories. This is a great story and very important and current in our world today. Many young men and women have bravely fought for us in the military, some giving up the ultimate freedom and others returning injured. Thank you for your service to all future, current, and veterans who may read my review! Without you I wouldn't have the freedom to read and review this book! This is the story of Kayla (Kaylani Gabriella Santomas), a child psychologist, from a very wealthy Spanish family who has had enough of bad dates and horrible frogs after her 2 month marriage fell apart. She is 30 now and ready to move on with her life. This is when Ryan Mitchell enters her life - he is her blind date. He was in the Army - Special Forces - and returned from Afghanistan injured. They both turn each other's lives upside down. They challenge each other and bring fears out in the other. Give this book a try and find out if they get their happy ever after.Favorite Passage: It had been so long since he'd been with a woman, and even longer since he'd touched one as sexy as the dark-eyed nymph in the room with him. Why would a woman that beautiful want a blind date? Men had to be throwing themselves at her.This is part of the Wounded Soldiers series - coming soon A Hero's Honor!

  • Char (1RadReader59)
    2019-03-30 12:30

    Kayla comes from a well to do family that really wants to see her settled and with a man. It’s not like she’s never had a man in fact she was married before but that ended in divorce. Now she just can’t seem to find the right fit. The blind dates from parents and friends have been nightmares. Now she is all most 30 and the “No more frogs” rule she will have to fudge on. She would like to find the one. So, she agreed to a hook-up with Ryan Mitchell. She just hopes he is not a frog. Ryan Mitchell has never had a confidence issue before until now. He had the looks, friends, and fit for military duty. Yet, was also injured in the military and lost part of his leg. Now he is not only in pain but he is unsure of everything. Tired of sad looks he gets for having a prosthetic leg especially from women. Watch these two find a place in this world for each other where no one else seems to really see them at least not the real them. See how they awaken their true selves just by trusting their inner selves.I really enjoyed this book. However, it did remind me of another book I have on my blog that was almost the same. Both had similar storyline and outcomes but both equally good.

  • Buffy Kennedy
    2019-04-14 11:58

    First off I just have to say that I’m jealous. Kayle compares Ryan’s looks to someone and all I have to say I’m frickin’ jealous! Anyways, moving on! This is another bitter sweet story for me. I felt there were a couple inconsistencies in the plot, but they’re not blaringly obvious, so you can still enjoy the story around them. I prefer HEA endings, but this one felt more like a HFN, which is great, but I wanted more. The story really just felt too short.That being said, I love how strong Ryan is and how he finds more confidence as the encounter progresses. I really love how open and honest Kayla is. She helped him both physically and emotionally with how she treated him. While the chemistry felt a little quick and easy, I totally ran with it and liked the story.Who doesn’t love a healing story, especially involving a wounded soldier? A Hero’s Pride will tug at your heartstrings as well as your hormones. Don’t miss out on this one!

  • Crystal Marie
    2019-04-22 10:57

    I had really high hopes for this book after reading the blurb for it. I do have to say it had its’ great points, but also I felt let down to a point. When it came to the characters, April made sure to add details about their lives that were important; even going so far as to include things that they had been through in their adult lives. The sex between the two of them, was amazingly hot and wet (after you read the book, you will understand why!). But to the part where I felt let down, I was hoping for more story to come! I kept hitting the next page button thinking that there was more to the story, but there wasn’t. It was almost as though them having sex was the climax (no pun intended) of the story and after that happened, we were left wondering what was going to happen in their relationship. I do think that if you are looking for a short read that has some hot sex scenes, this is the book for you.

  • eRomantix
    2019-03-26 10:55

    Originally posted at the joys of blind dates. I loved Kayla's reaction when she first gets a look at Ryan "Oh, god. It was Chris Hemsworth! Well, not really, but Omigod! She was going on a dinner date with Thor's identical twin." lucky, lucky Kayla. Both Ryan and Kayla seem really genuine. I like how Kayla reacts to finding out Ryan has lost part of his leg. It shows the difference between sympathy and empathy. Of course Ryan isn't quite ready for Kayla's take on his leg. She doesn't see why it would hold him back and he can't quite see that yet.This is a book about new beginnings. It is a nice change both of theses guys are looking for a relationship. They have enough experience to know why something feels right. If only there wasn't that little misunderstanding. April Angel also writes under the name Mily Taiden and I liked her easy reading style. Being a novella this isn't a long read but then it didn't cost a fortune.

  • Tonileg
    2019-04-22 10:39

    Contemporary romance with a wounded (one leg removed) warrior who is an transition period because he needs to find another career now that he can no longer physically be a soldier, Ryan Mitchell is worried that he can no longer have a sexual life but that all changes when get goes on a blind date with Kayla Santomas. Kayla is being pressured by her family to find a new husband and settle down into New York society life, but she has only met duds until her date with the healing Ryan. There is lots of sex and little story although both are a good match; viking warrior and hot child psychologist latina because I love mixed relationships because their kids turn out so cute!100ish pages and kindle freebie2 stars

  • Nikki
    2019-04-03 10:43

    A Hero's Pride by Milly TaidenKayla is regretting her acceptance of yet another blind date her friend set up. She has horrible luck with men and is just ready to call it quits. Ryan is on medical leave from the military due to and incident that resulted in the amputation of his leg. He agrees to a blind date but is worries the she'll find him lacking since he is no longer whole. When Kayla and Ryan meet, it's instant attraction and intense heat, Kayla is a psychologist who works with children with deformities and terminal illness so she sees him as nothing more then a very sexy guy and won't allow him to pity himself. This short story was great and had all the elements in it that I love.

  • Tracie Runge
    2019-04-03 15:50

    4.5 StarsA Hero's Pride is a short story you will thoroughly enjoy.Kayla has never had much luck with men and on her thirtieth birthday she has agreed to go on a blind date set up by her best friend.Ryan has returned from the war and is struggling to find his place and himself. To stop everyone from fussing Ryan has agreed to go on a date set up by one of his brothers friends.Ryan is used to seeing pity when people find out about his injuries but when he meets Kayla sparks will fly and when she finds out his secret he will quickly realise the only pity in the room is the self pity he gives himself.I look forward to reading many more books by April Angel(Milly Taiden) and will definitely recommend this book to other readers.

  • Janice Hougland
    2019-04-20 17:53

    This story is novella short, but I've never known a novella to pack such a punch in so few pages. From the beginning to the very end, I couldn't stop reading for a single minute. I "got" what Kayla and Ryan were feeling and what they wanted and dreamed about. In most short stories, not having much of a past (build up or history of characters) makes a reader feel like something's missing. But in Angel's story here, that doesn't matter. You know what the characters are like by their dialogue and thoughts and all you're interested in is the NOW. I was impressed by Angel's mastery of the short story here. She "knocked it out of the park"!

  • Rjsmommy
    2019-03-30 15:38

    Yes, Ryan and Kayla were certainly likable enough and I'm a sucker for wounded warriors but I just didn't love it. Probably for two reasons; too short which in turn leads to the next not enough development. I think it's me; while I can see love/lust at first sight, I really want to see the characters develop and see their relationship unfold. Ms. Angel, set-up likable characters and a great chemistry/ plot but I wanted to see it play out further. If you're looking for a quick, simple read; this is a great choice...but I guess I was looking for more.

  • Jennifer
    2019-04-07 11:48

    As usual April Angel delivers a hot read. Kayla is a rich girl who snubs her families wishes, she works at a summer camp inher off time. Kayla decides to get set up on a blind date for her 30th birthday. Ryan lost his leg in Afghanistan and came back emotionally wounded. Kayla is instantly attracted but wont let him wallow in misery. Hero's Pride is a short story, but wonderfully written. The characters have depth and you feel for them. I wish there was more to the story though, it was just alittle to short for my liking. I hope to see more of Kayla and Ryan in future stories