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In 'Accidental Detectives', book 11, a class trip to New York seems great until Joel tags along and gets lost. Ricky must keep his head and find his little brother....

Title : Lost Beneath Manhattan
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Lost Beneath Manhattan Reviews

  • Mark Baker
    2019-05-07 08:55

    Ricky Kidd’s class trip to New York City turns into a disaster when he has to take his six-year-old brother with him. Joel is always disappearing, even at home, so Ricky is worried that Joel will do that on the trip. When an encounter with a security guard at a museum frightens him, Joel takes off, and Ricky begins to search for him. Where will the search lead him?Author Sigmund Brower does a good job of making the premise believable. Of course, it doesn’t take much in a middle grade series for readers to root for the main characters to solve the crime. The book takes a little while to take off, but once it does, it never lets go until we reach the climax. The characters are a lot of fun; they get a lot of personality for a short book. Ricky wondering how God can allow suffering adds some depth to an already solid story.Read my full review at Carstairs Considers.

  • Micah
    2019-05-21 05:57


  • Olivia
    2019-05-16 01:58

    This cracked me up. I read it rather fast, but it was light and I actually didn't want to put it down. So many quirky and interesting characters in this short book. I loved the writing style and story! It is a Christian book. At first there wasn't any Christianity mentioned, but a little while in there was talk of prayer and a relationship with Christ. I wouldn't agree with a couple things that were mentioned, but it was very brief. One being you shouldn't look on the outward appearance. While I agree with that, I still believe an outward appearance is definitely important to how how one views you! And the time when Ricky thinks he doesn't need to pray to God for help because sometime people have to do things on their own was a little strange.I loved Joel and the whole deal with the teddy bear...the part at the baseball stadium made me smile :) There is some "romance". Basically thinking a girl is pretty. One time a girl hugs Ricky and twice he is kissed on the cheek. I think it was unnecessary and I would hesitate to give this to my twelve year old brother because of that (as much as I do want him to read this!!). I thought it just a little weird that the parents would just go along with the kids searching for Joel...I mean, yeah, they were keeping an eye on them but still! They were just a little too calm for their kids running out NY!Despite all the negatives I mentioned, I still really enjoyed this and have started the other I have. On Goodreads it says this is book 11, but my copy says book 1!

  • The Wanderer
    2019-05-14 01:48

    The first book in an awesome kids' series, and one of the first "big kid" books I read. I positively devoured it.The series is ridiculous, of course; kids run around everywhere without adults, kidnappings galore ensue as a result, and they're led to uncover (and solve) crazy mysteries at every turn. Seriously, you would think that after the kids are kidnapped for like, the sixth time, that the loving parents they seem to have would start keeping them on a bit of a shorter leash. Also, the main character faints at the end of every other chapter. Nevertheless, or possibly BECAUSE of these quirks, the books are tons of fun and fast-paced.Lost Beneath Manhattan, in particular, was one of my favourites from the series. The pacing and build up of suspense worked a little better in this one than in some of the others, and it featured all four of the "gang".Brouwer's writing is concise, but not choppy. The spiritual lessons are sometimes a little tacked on, but I don't remember having any particular problems with them. Over the course of the entire series, some things start to get a bit repetitive, but that seems to be a problem for most fairly prolific authors.

  • Tarissa
    2019-04-25 08:53

    So, I've been enjoying the The Accidental Detectives series ever since my childhood. And... here's a confession... I just NOW read book #1. Crazy, right? Anyways, Lost Beneath Manhattan has a lot of adventure and NYC sight-seeing, but most importantly it has Ricky Kidd searching an unknown city for Joel, his little brother who's gone missing. As the hours tick by, the climax builds more and more. The hunt leads Ricky to places he never thought he'd visit... like creepy underground hideouts. Often Ricky finds himself praying to God during sticky situations. (The Christian morals in this series are the main reason why I like reading books from Sigmund Brouwer.)Although I do like the series as a whole, I don't feel like I fully enjoyed this one. It just seemed like Joel kept escaping and the plot just looped around again and again. Anyways, I still have to give it 4 solid stars because I cherish the memories I have of reading these great books.

  • Scot Eaton
    2019-04-29 02:49

    I remembered this book from my childhood. I was pretty into the series when it was published in the early 90's (I was in elementary school). When I saw it on the library shelf, I picked it up. In short: the writing is sloppy, the characters are flat, the morals are pretty bad (Kids wander Manhattan alone without help from adults, and Ricky seems to do everything in order to impress a pretty girl), the Christianity is tacked on, and the theology OF the tacked-on Christianity is poor (prayer is good, but you should never pray for yourself so as not to bug God). It should say something about the "wisdom" of the characters that 4/6 got kidnapped before the end of the story. So yeah... not only was this not enjoyable as an adult, but I probably won't let my kids read it either. That's about as bad of a rating as I can give.

  • Emily
    2019-05-16 06:49

    I read this book to see what it was like for my younger siblings. I had never heard of the series before, and I'm not interested in reading the rest of them! The series is supposedly Christian, but it barely mentioned God at all, and when it did, it was a little strange, especially how it mentioned prayer.

  • Cws
    2019-04-29 02:33

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  • Andrea
    2019-04-22 01:34

    I read this book because the author is coming to our school to speak to our middle school students this week. Good ol' 90s mystery book!

  • Seth Allen
    2019-05-02 02:34

    Growing up these were my favorite books. I read the whole series!