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Amber Walker and her older brother, Jake, have an abusive father. One night, her brother's best friend, Liam, sees her crying and climbs through her bedroom window to comfort her. That one action sparks a love/hate relationship that spans over the next eight years. Liam is now a confident, flirty player who has never had a girlfriend before. Amber is still emotionally scaAmber Walker and her older brother, Jake, have an abusive father. One night, her brother's best friend, Liam, sees her crying and climbs through her bedroom window to comfort her. That one action sparks a love/hate relationship that spans over the next eight years. Liam is now a confident, flirty player who has never had a girlfriend before. Amber is still emotionally scarred from the abuse she suffered at the hands of her father. Together they make an unlikely pair. Their relationship has always been a rocky one, but what happens when Amber starts to view her brother's best friend a little differently? And how will her brother, who has always been a little overprotective, react when he finds out that the pair are growing closer?...

Title : The Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window
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The Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window Reviews

  • Komal Mikaelson
    2019-05-18 06:00

    Warning: This is more of an angry and frustrated rant than a proper review. Forewarned is forearmed.Initial reaction after reading the bookWhat the hell did I just read? It has to be the crappiest, silliest, the most pathetic book I've EVER read. Urgh! It was like reading the diary entry of a 12 year old teenager obsessesd with her boyfriend, with no fucking priorities at all.Oh, and just look at the average rating-4.11 Four point fucking one? Seriously people? Why would anyone even bother completing this book is beyond me. It made no fucking sense whatsoever. Just a random collection of bullshit by a whiny 12 5 year old. If this book had a personality, I'm pretty sure it would resemble Bella's stupidness and selfishness to a T.The CharactersThey were just vain, senseless humans creatures with a voracious appetite for sex. I mean, seriously, all everyone ever cared about was getting laid. Or making out. God, half of the fucking book is filled with description of people sucking each others' face. Or groping each other. Or betting on who can nail a boy first. Or flirting. Incessant, annoying, shameless flirting. Really? Is that all teenagers are all about these days? It's humiliating.Amber or Angel or Ambs or other shitload of namesI. Can't. Even.Her characterisation was fucking dreadful. What person, after being sexually and physically abused by her father, no less, is completely comfortable with pervert boyfriend grabbing her butt every opportunity he gets. Or pushing his erection into her day in and day out?She dresses provocatively, flirts with every other boy and glorifies in it, AFTER being sexually abused? Seriously?It's like the author has no idea what an abused person goes through. She did pop in the issue once in a blue moon but all the gory, yes GORY details of making out, flirting and the romance overshadows pretty much everything. And when she did, I was either too irritated by Amber's dumbness or preoccupied with the latest stupid antic of the characters to pay much attention to it.LiamThe supposedly perfect love interest. I don't even know where to start with this piece of shit. The boy, who is 18, is just too callow and naive. And why, oh why, doesn't he uses the girl's name? She has a fucking name for a fucking purpose. Oh, and the reason why he calls her Angel? This. Is. Ridiculous.This takes place during Liam's 6th birthday party when Amber, four, walks in through the door for the first time“He said in a deadly serious tone, ‘Momma, am I dead?’ And I said ‘no honey, you’re not dead’, and he shook his head, looking all confused about something. Then he pointed to you[Amber] dancing and said, ‘if I’m not dead, then why is there an Angel in our house?’”Liam's character was...disturbing.I struggled to watch her at her dance practice every Saturday, it was such a freaking turn on seeing her jumping around, shaking her ass. She honestly made my mouth water I wanted her so badly.Is that normal? Your mouth watered? Really? What is she a can of Ben & Jerry's that you can devour?Other characters Don't really care about any other characters. Just sufficient to say everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, had the dying-to-get-laid disease.The WritingThe writing was terrible and shoddy. The sentence construction dreadful. The dialogues awfully cheesy. The descriptions annoyingly excessive. The whole fucking book was abound with so many grammatical errors that it was like reading an essay written a child who has absolutely no idea what English is about. And the exclamation marks! Oh my god! Practically every sentence ended with an exclamation mark! It was so damn grating on the nerves!Everyone in the entire book was either smirking, flirting or winking.Doesn't anyone ever talk straight? The book had reached such ginormous levels of ridiculousness that after a while, I stopped following the plot line and instead guffawed at every scene that was meant to be oh-so-touching!ConclusionThe romance is unrealistic and dripping in fucking cheese. And not the sweet sorta but the downright puke-worthy and eye-roll inducing cheese.The characters are shallow and just plain dumb.The plot was non-existent, or had been upto the part I had managed to cover.The writing was horrifyingly bad.You know, I never though I'd say this but this novel was even more brain-cells-damaging than Twilight. It's sad really what today's Young Adult literature encompass.

  • Kala
    2019-05-07 05:52

    Review also posted on my blog at:Kala's Book BlogThis book is terrible. Absolutely terrible. I had a really long review written which included lots of quotes to back up my opinion, but then my power went out and I lost it (THANKS TROPICAL STORM ISAAC!). I'm re-writing most of it, but I don't feel like digging around my Kindle to get the quotes again. Sorry!Like I said, this book is terrible. The plot is terrible. The characters are terrible. The writing is terrible. The editing is REALLY terrible. Right now, I can't think of one redeeming quality about it and I'm shocked I read the entire thing.It had promise. I liked the blurb and I thought reading about a girl who is emotionally scarred and damaged from years of sexual abuse from her father would be interesting. Instead, I got this load of horse dung.Amber and Jake are brother and sister. Amber has been getting molested by their dad since she was five. Jake, Amber, and their mom have been getting physically abused by the dad since forever. When Amber is 13, the dad beats Amber up and tries to rape her. Jake and his best friend, Liam, beat up the dad and tell him to go away forever. He leaves. Mom gets a job where she out of town 24/7, so Amber and Jake live home alone. Disappearing parent syndrome alert! How convenient! Police are never called about any of this.When Amber was 8, she was in her room crying. Liam, age 10, sneaks in and consoles her. He sleeps in her bed that night, which starts a trend that goes on for the next 8 years. Fast forward to Amber at age 16 and Liam at age 18. He's still sneaking into her room and sleeping in her bed at night. Amber is supposedly traumatized for life by the sexual abuse and has panic attacks whenever anyone touches her. Makes sense, except the author completely drops the ball here and these panic attacks only happen when it's convenient to the plot. Liam sleeps in her bed every night, rubbing his morning wood against her every morning (and sometimes before they fall asleep too), but she doesn't seem to mind that!Amber hates Liam, though she never shows it outside of making snarky comments when he is eating her cereal in the morning. He sleeps in her bed every night to keep her nightmares away, he saves her from all the wannabe rapists (and there are a lot), he drives her wherever she needs to go, he does EVERYTHING for this girl.... but she just keeps on keeping on with the inner monologue about how he's so selfish and she hates him and he's a man-whore. Not sure how much of a man-whore he can be when he is in her bed EVERY SINGLE NIGHT but whatever...Moving along...Amber is also unfortunate in that she lives in a town where every single person has zero self control when it comes to their sexual impulses. Jake and Liam are apparently SO good looking that the girls at their school mob their car when the arrive, pushing and shoving each other out of the way to get to Jake and Liam. It's like they're Justin Bieber or something. So freaking ridiculous and unrealistic and stupid.Amber is sexually assaulted or nearly sexually assaulted by every male character in the book. Apparently she's so good looking that they just can't stop trying to rape her. She's in a store, they come over and act all creepy try to kiss her and Liam has to come save her. She's at a party and a drunk guy pushes her against the counter and kisses her, and Liam has to save her. (At this point, she is not upset because of being sexually assaulted, she is SO EMO BECAUSE HE STOLE HER FIRST KISS... sigh). When a bunch of friends are at her house watching a movie, a third guy forces her into a kiss in the hallway and she kicks him in the balls. This is all before the 35% mark. Three wannabe rapists already! And that's not counting rapist dad!The girls are not any better. Every single girl in this book acts like a complete slut, including Amber. Amber's best friend Kate comes over to watch movies and starts grabbing Jake's dick. He keeps trying to tell her no and ends up begging Amber to intervene. Of course, he has a personality switch a few chapters later and starts "grinning wickedly" and flirting with Kate. Every female in this book acts like a bitch in heat, constantly purring and flirting and winking and pawing at the male characters even though the male characters are constantly calling them sluts and rejecting them. You would think after the first few rejections these girls would move on, but no... these girls can't control themselves and MUST try to have sex with every single boy they meet.So Amber and Liam end up making out and start secretly dating. When the hordes of girls at school constantly try to have sex with Liam, he turns them down saying he has a girlfriend. These girls then decide to start a bet to see who can "nail" Liam first. Every girl puts in $20 and they all try to get Liam to have sex with them. The pot gets to over FOUR THOUSAND DOLLARS. So that's over 200 slutty girls all trying to get Liam to have sex with them.Amber puts in her $20 of course, and then starts acting like a big slut too, even though she's the mystery girlfriend. She decides to start driving Liam crazy by wearing a short skirt to school. She goes up to him in the crowded cafeteria and says she has a bruise on her thigh and asks him to look at it, then proceeds to spread her legs and show him her underwear. In front of the entire school. *twitch*After a week of dating, Amber and Liam end up having sex. Amber then becomes insatiable and they have sex constantly. None of this causes any issues with her panic attacks, she's fine with it. Guess she forgot about all that sexual abuse from her childhood.Amber also is in a dance crew (think Step Up / You Got Served) where she does sexually explicit dance moves with boys who touch her, but those don't cause panic attacks either. She decribes one move as having her legs around a boy's neck while she's on his shoulders, then flipping off and wrapping her legs around the boy's waist. No panic attacks here!Amber wins the sex bet and takes the $4000. To make the other girls jealous, she puts her hand down the front of Liam's pants in front of the entire school, hiding the money next to his johnson. *twitch*Now, this is where the plot goes in a totally different direction and starts getting REALLY stupid.Amber gets pregnant by Liam. Good thing there are no parents around to worry about this! Amber's rapist dad moves back to town with his new wife and son (and 17 year old step-son, Johnny). Johnny and Amber become BFFs, which is so beyond weird to me... but whatever. Amber then goes to rapist dad's house (!!!!!). Rapist dad threatens her with sexual assault again. They also find out that he's been beating his new wife and kids too!Jake and Liam find out and talk the wife and kids into leaving rapist dad and moving in with them. o.ORapist dad gets upset, there is a big fight, he throws Amber against a wall causing her to have a miscarriage. Liam beats him up. Amber ends up in the hospital, where the police show up (wow, they exist in this town??) and they ARREST LIAM! Amber decides that the only way to resolve this is to meet with rapist dad in private where she records him admitting to his crimes and blackmails him into dropping charges. They all agree that he will go away and leave them alone.So this rapist dad is STILL free to go rape and abuse more people. He will almost definitely find another woman to abuse and possibly another young girl to molest (and possibly rape) but none of this matters because he is going to leave Amber alone now! She has PROOF that he committed heinous crimes against her and tried to RAPE HER but they're willing to let him be free to rape other people so long as he leaves her alone.What the hell is wrong with these people??It's all okay though, because Liam becomes a big NHL star and Amber gets her picture taken by the paparazzi all the time and graduates with a degree in dance choreography. Who cares that they let a rapist free to rape other children, they get their happily ever after!Wink count: 48Purr count: 37Smirk count: 74Flirt count: 38Ass count: 91 (this one was the most annoying...everyone calls each other "hot ass" "sexy ass" "fine ass" nonstop throughout the entire book)Please don't waste your time on this book!

  • Jurate
    2019-05-07 22:00

    So, meet Amber and Liam They aren't couple , but they sleep together since they were kidsBUT THEY JUST SLEPT But then something changes and she starts to feel something And of course he feels something too“He turned to me, and do you know what he said to me ? He said in a deadly serious tone, 'Momma, am I dead?' And I said 'no honey, you're not dead', and he shook his head, looking all confused about something. Then he pointed to you dancing and said, 'if I'm not dead, then why is there an Angel in our house.'” “Liam, what do you want from me ?""Everything.”They were all for each other>“She was the only thing I needed. If everything else went away tomorrow, the big house, all the cars, the money, I wouldn't care. As long as I still got to hold her every night, I would still be the luckiest guy in the world.” This was so so sweet story, that the whole time I was grinning like a fool . There was love, a litlle action, drama, humor... One of my favorite book..(view spoiler)[ Used Delena gifs 'cause I'm team Delena :DDD(hide spoiler)]["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Aestas Book Blog
    2019-04-23 22:04

    Almost 4 stars... maybe 3.5 :S"It's always been you; it'll always be you, Angel."My goodness I felt torn about how to rate this book. There were literally times where I was grinning, and awww-ing and proclaiming my whole-hearted love for the book... but then, there were times where I'd cringe, roll my eyes or want to throttle the characters. I kept going back and forth between 2.5 and 4.5 stars. It was a tough call because the good parts were reeeeally heart-meltingly good but the inconsistencies and some parts of the writing kind of brought it down for me.This book has a fair bit of flaws (moments of stilted dialogue, a LOT of out-of-character, unrealistic and nonsensical actions from the heroine, some not-so-great writing, and plain flat-out stupidity), but the thing is, if you can (and I mostly did) overlook those flaws, and remember that this is purely a work of fiction, its actually a very adorable, at times hot, and definitely aww-worthy romance about a girl who came for an abusive home and a boy who has loved her since she was a little kid, has been her protector ever since then, and is willing to do just about anything to make her happy, comfortable, feel safe, and loved.. Its all very swoony and sweet underneath the flaws.8-year-old Amber lives with her mother and older brother Jake in constant fear of the verbal, physical, emotional (and in Amber's case, sexual) abuse inflicted on them by their father. No kid should ever have to lock their bedroom door at night just to feel safe. But every night, once her door is locked and no one can hurt her anymore, her brother's best friend Liam (10 years old), sneaks into her bedroom window and just holds her as she cries, comforts her when she feels unsafe, and by secretly staying with her through every night, helps her to push back the pain. So, so sweet of him! *sniff*"...he was wearing his pajamas ... "I saw you through the window. I just wanted to come and make sure you were alright, he whispered... I'm not leaving until you stop crying,"...He had his arms wrapped around me so tightly that I couldn't even squirm away. I felt safe and warm. I scooted closer to him... and sobbed into his chest."Cut to 8 years later, Liam is still sneaking in through her window and staying the night with her (awwwww, right??) and he has almost every night since they were kids. His presence is the only thing that keeps her nightmares away. Jake, the older brother and Liam's best friend, is seriously protective of her too. His willingness to do absolutely everything to protect his sister and to keep her physically and emotionally away from anything that could hurt her was really gorgeous.But Amber can't figure Liam out. He's an annoying and lovable jerk by day, and the sweetest guy ever by night. He's also your typical man-whore - plenty of girls, no girlfriends, no meaningful connections. He has always really only had eyes for Amber. "Night Liam was considerate, loving and thoughtful. Day Liam was a flirt, slut and a jerk. However, both night and day Liams made me feel safe and protected." I was a little frustrated with how long it took Amber to clue into Liam's feelings for her, but at the same time, it was really sweet to watch her come into the realization that the guy who'd been sharing her bed since they were kids is also crazy about her.I have to say that I LOVED Liam!! Seriously, he made the book for me. He was utterly, perfectly sweet, swoony, hot and thoughtful. The guy literally had no flaws other than his man-whoring past (which he completely stopped once they got together). He has always seen himself as her protector and is always watching out for her. Whats more, he knows what she's been though and although he's completely in love with her and wants more, he never ever pushed her outside of her comfort zone and just settled for being protective and caring for her, willing to just be whatever she needed from him.Once Amber started to realize that she has feelings for him, the adorable hotness begins as they start going out... Its really hard not to love a guy who is always telling his girl how beautiful he thinks she is, who will check the bathrooms and closets for undead after a scary zombie movie, and who can't fall asleep without being wrapped around his girl. I went though many "awwww, he's just so freaking sweet" moments that made my heart squeeze :)And I loved how Liam was the only person who could help her through her pain, who understood her deep down, who knew what she needed, who made her feel safe - it was really cute. He totally let her set the pace of the relationship, was endlessly patient, never pushing her or rushing her, but yet always letting her know he was there for her and ready to go wherever she was comfortable going. And once they started going, he pulled out all the swoony stops."Liam, what do you want from me?" I asked quietly...He put his finger under my chin and lifted my face so I had to look up at him. "Everything," he said simply."But I also felt it was all a little too 'romance book perfect'. The story basically had a lot of the elements that make romance books swoony, but I felt like (at times) they were a bit crudely put together - not all the pieces fit and sometimes it just made the whole thing feel off-kilter at times. Also, there were times when the characters felt much older than they were and especially in the second half of the book, there were a lot of over-the-top and cheesy elements. The intention was swoony, but the execution, not always so much. But if you could overlook that and a few other things, the book was really cute.This book touches on themes of abuse and teen pregnancy, and is set again a high school background, however the focus of the story is the romance. There is a really adorable epilogue and there's no cheating or separation in the book. Once Amber and Liam get together, they are both completely crazy about each other with no deviations."My girl." He kissed me again. "The only one I want."However, despite a lot of steamy buildup, teasing, flirting, making out etc, the actual bedroom scenes are fade-to-black. Its YA, but its hot YA :PHow I see Liam and Amber:For more of my reviews, visit Aestas Book BlogAnd come join the Aestas Book BlogFacebook Page

  • Beatrix
    2019-05-21 02:53

    One of the worst books I've read!'Nuff said!

  • Saania Zee Jamal ϟ
    2019-05-07 00:00

    WARNING: this review/rant contains spoilers (but hopefully by the end of it, you won't want to bother with it either way).A list of some of the reasons why I, not disliked, not hated, but despised this trash of a novel:↠ Painful grammatical errors sprinkled all throughout (because who needs a BETA reader, right?)↠ Countless repetitions dripping with mozzarella (á la "It's always been you, Angel" "I love you, no I love you more, Angel!" and more cheesy bullshit along that vein. Between this and Taher Shah's musical monstrosity that wreaked havoc across my country, I never want to hear the word 'angel' again.)↠ Shallow, sex-driven characters (every. single. one of them. Is this a school or a fucking playboy mansion?)↠ Asshole of a love interest ('I know you're a fragile victim of sexual trauma and I totally care for you baby, but let me just go ahead and grope your ass -in public- every two pages anyway, cause this is a romance book and everything I do is unbearably sexy and your past magically poofs at the touch of my holy dick and this is all very realistic of course.')↠ Lack of any emotional depth whatsoever (You can cut these characters out of their goddamn pages, they're so cardboard.)↠ Pathetically idiotic protagonist (oh I know, I'll run off to save the day by confronting my abusive fuck of a father even though the situation's already under control and then most likely get abused again, except this time, while carrying a baby– genius! Oh AND I could've just filed a case against my dad for attempted rape all this time but I won't because then where would the plot in this thinly-veiled, shoddily written smutfest be?)↠ It's just one more miserable addition to the ever-growing collection of unoriginal new adult novels (Mary-Sue! Adonis! Dickhead with good intentions! Troubling past! Sexual abuse! Highschool drama! Teenage angst! Flawless first time! Accidental pregnancy! Miscarriage! Happily ever after! Woohoo!)I could go on forever.But if I type any further, I may just suffer an aneurysm, so I'm gonna go tear my eyes out instead.

  • Kirstin
    2019-05-12 21:53

    Some books are meant to teach us lesson. Some, to give us information. Others, to provide entertainment. After reading The Boy Who Sneaks in my Bedroom Window, I thought "Where do we put this horrible book?" Because it is neither of the three.Well, okay. It might provide entertainment for those who seek for this kind of story. But to me it's a big no no. This was a horrible and infuriating read. Kind of insulting to the female and male population who were looked up to be slut and man-whore by the author. Clearly Kirsten haven't encountered a lot of teenagers. Or she might have. And unfortunately, she met the worsts. This novel is a Wattpad sensation. Written by one of the most popular authors in the said site. I guess she should just stay in there. Because her work, particularly this one, is an example of non-sense. The theme of the book? Urg, I don't know if there's any.Let's start with the main protagonist, Amber. She's annoying, stupid, slut, immature, unreal, stereotype. I could mention everything that will make one character a target for despise. But there's too many. And I know yo9u get my point.Not to mention, she's a fucking Mary Sue. And it made me hate her so much! There were moments when she would describe herself as if she's perfect. Not too often would she remind us of her figure. Curvy. Sexy. Blah blah blah. What happened to the show-not-tell rule? Because in here, instead of showing us and letting us picture her, she would practically plant into our mind that she's fucking sexy! How's that? How would you feel when someone walks up to you and say "Can't you see how gorgeous I am?"I'm honestly infuriated! I abhor her to the bottom of my hypothalamus.While having a protective brother is sweet, and having a boyfriend who's probably the hottest guy in school seems so cool, you put it in this book and it's unrealistic.To be honest, everything and everyone in this book is superbly unrealistic. This kind of novel doesn't need researching unlike the others, such as science fiction or fantasy, but I think the author of this needs one. Because last time I checked not all high school girls and boys are whore and man-whore.There's also this author's habit of starting almost every chapter with Amber waking up next to Liam, telling us how his boner poked her in various body parts. As in practically every chapter. And it got annoying.I'm tired of giving a crap to this book.But you just have to be reminded how bad this is. It's terrible. Oh, and I haven't mentioned the fact that I didn't even finish it. I just couldn't get myself into continuing it. And I'm the one who always finishes a story. I don't get it why there are people who even liked it. But if I were you, I wouldn't waste my time on this one.

  • Serena.. Sery-ously?
    2019-05-19 03:51

    Dicono del libro:“Però Uno splendido disastro era meglio…” (cit. lettrice disperata che non pensava che ciò fosse possibile. E invece.. Le sorprese della vita!)“Che esempio sublime di supercazzola! Mi inchino!” (cit. Lello Mascetti)“Ma esiste davvero?” (cit. drogato medio in preda ad un suo trip)Sì! Ho letto volontariamente il libro e non ero sotto effetto di droghe. Sì, sapevo di trovarmi probabilmente di fronte ad uno degli esempi più bassi della letteratura. Sì, mi diverte scriverci recensioni XDQuesto libro è la BRUTTEZZA. No, anzi, questo libro inaugura una nuova frontiera del brutto, è l’oscenità!La domanda che sorge spontanea è: ma è legale scrivere e pubblicare cose simili? Dov’è la tutela del cliente e del povero lettore?! Sono allibita..Partiamo dagli elementi di facile sfregio: cover e titolo. Lo so, lo so, viene da piangere anche a me ;_;Il titolo era sufficiente brutto, stalker e creepy anche in originale: The Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window. Per dargli quel non so che in più.. Una scintilla di interesse magari.. Ecco che in Italia diventa “Il ragazzo che entrò dalla finestra e si infilò nel mio letto”. Ma che disagio è?? Ma puoi? Se l’obiettivo era allontanare il lettore o farlo ridere come un demente, secondo me ci sono riusciti. Chi non vorrebbe gente random che non solo entra dalla finestra (ruolo creepy già adottato abbondantemente da Eddino Glitterino che –cavolo- a questo punto dopo questi romanzacci trash sembra anche essere appetibile..) no! Vi si infila pure nel letto.. normale routine, suvvia!Ma vabbé, sono di vedute larghe: se dietro questo titolo improbabile mi si fosse celato il Capolavoro, lo avrei accettato di buon grado.. Peccato che a titolo osceno e vergognoso corrisponda un’altrettanta oscenità e vergogna -_-Altro grande elemento: la cover. Con le 1918332892384723727237383784389 persone che abitano questo mondo.. non si è riusciti a trovare una ragazza che avesse la faccia più da sveglia e meno da schiaffi?? Il problema è che spesso Amber, la protagonista, per me aveva la faccia di questa sveltona.. E quindi io lì ad immaginarmela come se si fosse appena svegliata da un coma di 67 anni, o come un un ominide appena sceso dall'albero che struscia le nocche delle mani per terra… “uh. Uh. Aaaah. Uga Uga”.. ‘na pena!Come dicevo, questi sono elementi di facile sfregio.. Parlarne male è troppo facile! Ho fatto tutti i compitini sottolineando sul kindle come se non ci fosse un domani e tenendo vicino al letto il taccuino.. Qui non si fanno prigionieri, tutti alla gogna!Da dove iniziare, in questo marasma di “Per me è no, Maria!”. Direi dalla cosa più ovvia, l’inizio delle vicenda: Amber e Jake (8 e 10 anni) hanno un padre violento e ubriacone, la madre è inerme e spaventata e una sera, dopo una sfuriata particolarmente crudele Amber si ritrova in camera sua a piangere. Il vicino, amico del cuore di Jake, vedendola così decide di entrare dalla sua finestra e consolarla.Ci potrei anche stare se a) l’emotività che mi ha procurato questa scena non fosse pari a quella che mi prende di fronte a Verissimo. Ovvero inesistente; b) la scena narrata avesse un minimo di credibilità e c) il tema non fosse stato usato fino alla noia in modo completamente sbagliato e scorretto per impietosire il lettore e per costruire una base fragilissima alla storia-porcata che seguirà.Dopo questo piccolo excursus per far capire al lettore accigliato la genuinità del rapporto Liam/Amber (da lui soprannominata Angel. Le comiche, dopo ci torno!) e che “noooo qui mica parliamo di cose strane, Liam è un cavaliere”, la scena viene ripresa 8 anni dopo: il padre è stato cacciato perché Jake e Liam lo hanno trovato che provava a stuprare una Amber 13enne (chiamare la polizia? I servizi sociali? Oprah Winfrey? Gli alieni? Il santo guaritore? We, ragazzi non scherziamo! Sul serio volete dare credibilità alla storia?? Ma vaaaa! Qui regna il nonsense, mica no!), la madre è fuori scena perché Caspiterina, ha trovato un lavorone che le fa fare il giro del mondo.. E chissene se ha due figli MINORI di cui occuparsi, no? “Cioè, oh, alla fine gli metto il pane in tavola, DEVO PURE stare lì fisicamente? Ah ah ah. Dai, su.” e Liam.. Liam continua ad entrare tutte le notti in camera di Amber per dormire insieme (e ad addormentarsi/svegliarsi con palesi erezioni. Ma la cosa, ci dicono dalla regia, non sembra traumatizzare Amber). Jake è un rincoglionito assurdo quindi non ha capito la manfrina in atto e i genitori di Liam, che lo vedono dalle nove alle nove e mezza di sera non si pongono problemi. Inizialmente pensavo fossero morti.. Poi che magari erano sessantottini figli dei fiori ed erano per il Peace & Love. Insomma la Moseley è riuscita a togliersi di mezzo tutte le figure genitoriali e i problemi di “no, caro, non puoi dormire in camera di una ragazza tutte le notti, non sta bene” o di “Dove diavolo eri stanotte, eh?” in una volta sola.. Magia? O una più semplice e spudorata faccia di culo? Ehhh. Solo il fato lo sa!La storia prosegue tra colpi di scena incredibili e svolte rocambolesche.. un’emozione dopo l’altra, non riuscivo a metter giù il libro dall’adrenalina..!!Se ci avete creduto, faccia di velluto. Sappiate che la prima citazione sul libro era la mia e che ho davvero trovato “Uno splendido disastro” migliore (rendo l’idea? Vi ricordate la mia recensione? Ecco..).Il libro è una grande e continua contraddizione, a partire da Amber: dove non può fare a meno di dormire con Liam, lo reputa un cretino e puttaniere. (Cosa.. Ma.. Seria?). Lo dice circa 191273934 volte e non si stanca mai di ricordarcelo (grazie, eh…): quando però lui fa un paio di mosse audaci, succede il patatrac e i due si *rullo di tamburi* baciano! Oddio, me la stavo per fare sotto!! Non è mica finita eh.. I due *doppio rullo di tamburi* si METTONO INSIEME! E non importa che Amber non sia pronta al sesso, Liam può aspettare per tutta la vita perché la ama da sempre.Carino, eh? Commovente, quasi.. Se non fosse che la faccenda è completamente nonsense. Fino alla mattina Amber non sopporta Liam, lo detesta e gli lancia parole avvelenate (ma senza mai smettere di dormirci insieme eh, attenzione) poi.. Occhiata magnetica, palpatina, lezioni saltate e.. La magia. Insomma si sveglia e fa: “Umm, oggi cosa mi metto.. I pantaloni? Dai, sì.. Maglioncino? Ottima idea! Liam come fidanzato? Ma sono geniale!”.Pietà.(Non posso dilungarmi nei dettagli perché poi c’è lo spazio personaggi :3)La loro nuova storia d’amore prosegue tra mille dubbi (Lo so che mi ama, ma prima o poi mi spezzerà il cuore - - - - - > frase topica di Amber che deve lagnarsi ogni tre per due sennò non è credibile), la relazione esce allo scoperto dopo che era stata tenuta segreta perché il fratello possessivo non vuole che i due stiano insieme ("Non ti avvicinare a mia sorella o ti gonfio di botte" è il leit motif tra Jake e Liam ed è ripetuto, in diverse salse, mille volte), ma poi quando la cosa si sa lui: “Vi volete bene? Ok, ciao” (sindrome della doppia personalità, a me!) e – attenzione attenzione- i due si amano dopo 5 giorni (‘capisco’ lui che prende il palo da dodici anni.. Lei.. NO. Patetica fino alla fine) e dopo 7 fanno sesso. In quel momento il lettore, che si era un po’ appisolato vista la fastidiosa melensità della loro storia (Giuro, ad un certo punto sentirete la necessità di prendere la clava e distruggere qualcosa), si riprende di colpo e: “Ma.. Aspetta.. No in realtà.. Ma seriamente? Ma no, dai.. E’ una burla!”. Capitelo: Amber ha sfracassato i maroni per duecento pagine (sì, le loro smancerie sono INFINITE) sul fatto che non è pronta, che non se la sente, che ha paura, che gnè gnè gnèèèèèèèèèèèèèèè e poi dopo sette giorni – puntuale come Samara di "The ring"- afferma invece di essere prontissima a compiere il passo successivo. La gran furbona è anche andata al consultorio per chiedere la pillola il mercoledì (4 giorni dopo che stanno insieme e tre giorni prima del ‘grande evento’): figurarsi se fosse stata subito pronta, eh! (non sono assolutamente per il sesso dopo 3 anni di relazione o dopo il matrimonio.. Ma se sostieni la posizione del “Non sono pronta e non so se quando lo sarò”, portala avanti diamine!!! O.O).Tanto amore, tanti sentimenti e tanti “Sei unica/sei bella/ti amo/come hai fatto a scegliere me” dopo, c’è ovviamente il momento clou della storia: perché sì ragazzi, la Moseley ha davvero qualcosa da dire! (…)Il padre di Amber e Jake è tornato in città con nuova famiglia a carico e vuole vederli. Ad Amber prende un colpo, sviene, paura, lacrime, ospedale e la sentenza: ma quale ansia, Amber è INCINTA! *Mamma che caldo in questa stanza! No? Sarà che la storia è rovente..*La povera cretina ha preso random la pillola (e non dal primo giorno di ciclo) e essendosi data da fare.. Ecco fatto.Parentesi: la tipa del consultorio non pensa a dirglielo, in fondo è lì per scaldare la sedia.. Però le dà il foglietto illustrativo: Indovinate chi non lo ha letto? Ecco. Boh, senza parole.Decide di abortire perché Liam non può perdere la sua borsa di studio a Boston e lei è tanto cattiva e gnè gnè gnè però Liam, che probabilmente nella vita precedente era un attore in una famiglia felice della Mulino Bianco, le dice:«C’è il nostro primo bambino lì dentro, Angel. È un bambino che abbiamo fatto insieme. Puoi almeno pensarci?[Disagio in 3,2,1...]E le chiede di tenerlo: lui sceglierà un college in zona, Amber farà la scuola per corrispondenza, i suoi genitori (Ah ma allora ci sono!!) si occuperanno sostanzialmente del bambino e vissero felici e contenti.Lei: “Ma sei sicuro? Rinunceresti a tutto per me?”Lui: “Certo!”Ok, teniamoci il bambino, siamo fighissimi insieme e c’è tanto ammmore.…. Gioia, hai 16 anni. Dove vai??? Ma ci vuoi riflettere cretina che non sei altro?!Per uno strano scherzo del fato, ma forse più per la solita faccia da culo dell’autrice, a scuola arriva John, figlio della nuova moglie del padre violento di Amber.. I due diventano amici e per una ragione cun po' patetica, Amber la cretina si ritrova di fronte al padre che la minaccia e la terrorizza: Jake e Liam incazzatissimi lo chiamano a casa loro per ‘parlarne’, mandano Amber a casa di Liam (Rimani qui, mi raccomando) Il padre arriva (boh, vabbé, fantascienza), voci grosse, minacce e la presenza di Amber che “Vado così faccio da testimone che lo hanno colpito per difesa”: morale della storia Liam riempie di botte il tizio dopo che ha picchiato Amber.. Amber perde il bambino e il padre denuncia Liam.Ci state credendo? Vi giuro sui miei libri che è tutto tristemente vero. Una pena che non vi dico!!Amber viene portata in ospedale per il raschiamento (chiamare la madre? Suvvia. Servizi sociali? Ma no, normale routine…) ma eroica e come il miglior agente segreto del mondo va dal padre chiedendogli di ritirare la denuncia con un’abile mossa: gli fa dire a voce alta tutti i suoi crimini registrandoli prontamente sul telefono, con domande tipo: “perché mi hai picchiato?” Wow, McGyver proprio! Una soluzione ad ogni problema.. Col padre fessacchiotto che spiattella tutto compiaciuto.. Sì, eh.La parte più bella (….) è però l’epilogo, cinque anni dopo: Liam è un affermato giocatore di Hockey ricchissimo ed è il giorno della laurea di Amber, sono tutti emozionatissimi……… Volete sapere in cosa si laurea?… Tenetevi pronti, questa è grossa!!! Ebbene sì, Amber si laurea in COREOGRAFIA.Vi do due minuti per riprendervi da questa idiozia colossale, personalmente sono ancora senza parole…Io una storia così cretina e surreale non l’avevo mai letta, giuro!!!! Ma cos’è!!!! O.O Innanzi tutto, è paraculissima: non ci sono elementi di fastidio e gli elementi secondari eliminati quando non necessari alla storia (tipo la migliore amica di Amber che dorme da lei, la mattina dopo è completamente cancellata dalla memoria): è solo Liam/Amber – Amber/Liam, amore folle, e cretinerie. Non c’è altro! Poi vabbé, il modo in cui i temi sono trattati.. Che vergogna! In primis la storia del bambino: abortire è brutto e cattivo quindi facciamo intervenire un elemento esterno (e magari aumentiamo anche un po’ il pathos), poi il modo in cui sono trattate le informazioni mediche: Senza una logica, senza scontrarsi con la realtà.. per non parlare degli abusi fisici/sessuali (ma qui l’autrice non è chiara: sì, no, un po’, solo toccate.. Se decidi di affrontare l’argomento fallo come il signore comanda!): a parole sono pieni di ossa rotte, lividi ovunque e simili. Ai fatti, quelle tre volte che riprende un episodio del passato, non viene dato spazio alle ‘cure’ o al fatto che due bambini si presentino a scuola con occhi neri e braccia ingessate. Si sarò fissata io ma così è totalmente irrealistico!!Senza parlare poi del fatto che il padre di Amber, nonostante lo schifo che ha fatto, viene lasciato libero: deve andarsene dalla città, nient’altro. Ma che messaggio negativo è??? Perché??La madre mi ha fatto prudere le mani: quando era presente il marito ho capito e compreso la sua fragilità e il suo non intervenire, ma sono rimasta sconvolta quando, una volta libera.. Prende e lascia i figli (di 13 e 15 anni, ‘rovinati’ dal padre, in crisi) da soli. Ma stiamo scherzando!!!!!Un altro cosa disturbante è la scommessa che fanno a scuola di Amber su chi sarà la prima che andrà a letto con Liam (un figone che più figo non si può ovviamente) dopo che questi ha annunciato, senza dirne il nome, di avere una ragazza ed essere innamorato.. Ecco, la cosa triste è che partecipa pure Amber (la fidanzata segreta) perché sarebbe stata una vittoria facile. Ehm, scusa, dove hai lasciato il senso di vergogna? Deve esserti caduto dalle tasche di quella minigonna zoccoleggiante..Se la storia non vi avesse turbato a sufficienza, ci penserà lei, Amber aka Angel. Le azioni che fa più di frequente è RINGHIARE (quando si rivolge a Liam-non-ancora-boyfriend) e MUGOLARE (quando.. Beh, sono fidanzati). Sbatte i piedi a terra dalla frustrazione (.. Tieni, mamma ti dà il lecca lecca!) e soprattutto ha due problemi: il primo è che probabilmente soffre della Sindrome di tourette, dal momento che sembra essere la figliol prodiga di un camionista della Salerno-Reggio Calabria nei suoi momenti migliori dopo otto ore di fila, da come se ne esce con certe espressioni imbarazzantissime e il secondo è la palese tripla personalità: odia Liam, ama Liam. Si fida di Liam, non si fida di Liam. Non vuole essere toccata, si struscia su di lui come farebbe Balu con il tronco per grattarsi. Non vuole avere nulla a che fare con il sesso, tollera/apprezza tutte le erezioni (ho perso il conto di quante volte ci viene detto, sinceramente….) di Liam. È una suorina, è una zoccola.MA PUOI SCEGLIERE CHI ESSERE E MANTENERTI TALE??? O.O(Quando non è impegnata a cambiare idea 1292383 volte, è Miss Scaltrezza 2015. Il disagio che non vi dico)Liam, anche detto ‘l’uomo delle erezioni’ si prende cura di Amber, la ama e venera. Ripetere all’infinito e avrete la sua descrizione. La chiama Angel perché la prima volta che la vede (sei anni) pensa sia un angelo.. E lei per dodici anni non si è mai posta la domanda “Ma perché mi chiamerà così? Ha capito, sì, che il mio nome è A-M-B-E-R e non A-N-G-E-L?”, ma lo scoprirà dalla mamma di Liam che sapeva che l’amava follemente (E' il momento giusto per vomitare arcobaleni). Mi dicono insomma che Miss Scaltrezza abbia di nuovo colpito!Le amiche di Amber sono forse la cosa più imbarazzante del libro (e ce ne vuole…): sono il corrispettivo femminile dei morti di figa. Sbavano (letteralmente) su Liam e Jake in modo così zoccolegiante che non vi dico il disagio!Vi risparmio la parte in cui vi dico quanto il libro sembra essere stato scritto da un pesce rosso saltato fuori dall'acquario: ripetizioni (sempre le stesse 4 cose, la noia vera!), la punteggiatura random.. Mamma miaaaa!La cosa più drammatica, ragazzi miei, è che la Moseley ha scritto DIECI libri. Piango forte..... LA RECENSIONE CONTINUA SUL BLOG CON LE CITAZIONI IMPERDIBILI DEL LIBRO!! :D http://serenaricominciadaqui.blogspot...

  • Natasha is a Book Junkie
    2019-05-03 03:03

    What a gorgeous gorgeous book!!! I started reading it in the afternoon and refused to go to sleep until it was finished. I’d like to think that I’m over books set in high school but this book proved me wrong. It had me wrapped around its sweet little ‘fingers’ from beginning to end and I think it had everything to do with the loveable characters. I was looking for an angst-free read and, for most of the book, that is exactly what I got.The story centres on three characters - Amber, her brother Jake and Jake’s best friend Liam. We meet them when Amber is 8 and the boys are 10. We are immediately thrown into the household nightmare in which Amber and Jake live, and the horror that the these two kids have to survive each day. They are both physically and emotionally abused by their … (*note to self - can’t use profanities here to describe people*) father and Amber is also being sexually abused by him. We get a short glimpse of an ordinary day in their life, the suffering and helplessness, especially Amber’s and then we get to meet Liam. He lives next door. He sees Amber crying one evening, taps on her window, asks her to let him in, embraces her with a brotherly hug, comforts her through her sobbing and doesn’t let her go until the morning. And so this becomes a daily routine. For the next 8 years, Liam sleeps in Amber’s bed, protects her from her nightmares by simply holding her while she sleeps.I know what you’re thinking but take your mind out of the gutter right now! It’s one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen described. Amber is a traumatised child who cannot bear to be touched. Liam’s touch is the only physical contact (except her mother’s and brother’s) that does not give her panic attacks. He finds a way of calming her down when nothing else works. The whole thing about putting his lips on her neck to help her steady her breathing and calm her down made me cry. Liam is the sweetest male character I have ever come across in my ‘reading travels’. What fascinated me the most at that point was the ‘bipolar’ nature of their relationship - at night, Liam was attentive, sweet, gentle, while during the day their dynamic would change completely. He would tease her incessantly, provoke her just to get a reaction from her, and do everything he could to appear like a player in everyone’s eyes, including Amber’s. The only thing he couldn’t hide during the day was his protective streak towards her.And so their relationship evolves. One kiss and nothing is the same after that. We discover the depth of Liam’s feelings for Amber, how he has loved her from the first moment he laid eyes on her when she was 4 and he thought he was staring at an angel. He loves her so beautifully and so unconditionally that it made my heart melt. But he also loves her patiently, never pushing her out of her comfort zone and always making her feel like the most beautiful and adored girl in the world. Amber takes her time to realise that she loves him too but he never pressures her into it. I was constantly expecting something to ruin their fairy-tale romance, maybe because it normally happens in the books I read, but I was very happy that nothing ever did. Amber had survived through so much ugliness in her life and I was happy that she got to have this one positive and bright constant in her life - Liam’s love.The other important relationship in this book is between Amber and her brother Jake. Jake has protected her ever since their father’s abuse started when they were kids. He would provoke the father just to shelter Amber from the beatings and he would comfort her afterwards. It was only natural that he became an over-protective brother later on who threatened any guy who got even mildly interested in Amber. Including Liam. In the beginning, Amber and Liam’s relationship was kept secret from Jake fearing his reaction. When he does find out, I can’t say that I was surprised that he doesn’t overreact as everyone would have expected. He witnesses first-hand the unique bond that Liam and Amber have developed, his protectiveness towards her and the way only Liam can make her snap out of her almost-catatonic reactions to memories of past abuse and mentions of their father. I didn’t think it was unrealistic that he didn’t go all ‘nuclear’ at Liam - Jake has perceived himself as Amber’s protector ever since he can remember and her emotional well-being and safety came first for him. However, he knew that he never had the calming effect on Amber that Liam had and eventually his love and concern for Amber overtook his over-protectiveness.This book is not about the abuse itself as it is only really happening at the start and end of the book. This book is about the trauma that physical/sexual abuse causes and about coping mechanisms. And it is a book about love, pure untainted love.My only reservations about this truly beautiful read were the spelling and grammar mistakes, not to mention the endless omitted words throughout the text. I understand that this might be a self-published book but surely someone else at some stage had the opportunity to edit it and correct the errors. I am a bit narky about this and I normally ignore mistakes when there are only a few but, in this case, they really distracted me too often and made me lose track of what I was reading because I was desperately trying to figure out what word should have been there to make the sentence make sense. Otherwise, I liked the writing style. I thought it was simple but appropriate for the intended audience and the narrative was easy to follow.So, I’ll finish this review on a positive note. I am very happy that I’ve read this book, I had no expectations whatsoever as I had heard very little about it and was only pleasantly surprised to discover how much I liked it. I compare reading this book to eating a really big bar of chocolate - enjoyable throughout, with occasional pieces of marshmallows or chilli in it, it made me pleasantly full in the end but I needed to brush my teeth afterwards. ~ N ♥See this review on my blog!

  • Jennifer Kyle
    2019-04-24 03:08

    3.5 LIAM Stars”Could this boy be any more perfect?”This story had a lot of things that were far-fetched but it also had Liam James, a swoon worthy hero that had me reading on, even though at times I was rolling my eyes. It just goes to show you a great male lead can sometimes save a story.The premise of the story is quite simple, Amber and her big brother Jake have been suffering physical, and on her part sexual abuse by the hands of their father. Amber’s brother’s best friend, Liam lives next door and one night he sees her crying and decides to climb up into her room and offer her comfort by staying the night in her bed. This routine of Liam and Amber sleeping together nightly goes on for eight years without getting caught and seemingly having a different relationship during the daylight hours. ”It was like he had a split personality. By day he would annoy me, making me crazy and angry all the time, and by night he would be the sweetest boy in the world and would cuddle me, making me feel safe and secure.”The story goes ahead eight years where Liam and Jake are high school seniors and the crush of every girl in their school. Amber and Jake’s father has been out of the picture for years but her nightmares are still kept at bay by Liam's nightly visits. Amber doesn’t like being touched and the two have a hate-hate relationship it seems during the day because she sees him as her brother’s arrogant best friend and man-whore. It must be noted that never in those eight years has anything happened between the two in her room. One night, while Amber and Jake’s mother was away on business (she was never home, she never went to authorities to protect herself or her kids either) Amber and Liam share their first kiss and she begins to see him in a whole new light.”Liam, what do you want from me?” I asked quietly, looking at my soaked sneakers. He put his finger under my chin and lifted my face so I had to look at him. “Everything,” he said simply.”Well there is a whole lot that was off in the story like… the fact that 200 girls in their high school paid 20 dollars each in a pool claiming that they could get Liam James to cheat on his mystery girlfriend. The idea that every single girl in the school was promiscuous and of course my BIG ISSUE- Amber not sure about dating Liam because he would expect sex and she wasn’t that kind of girl and had touching issues and then she gives it up within a week?”…wow, I was a slut. I slept with a boy I’d been dating for a week;The story hits a ridiculous vibe in the middle but Liam James’ perfect book boyfriend vibe had me reading on even when Amber felt like a walking contradiction. Things get kicked into action when Amber and Jake’s father moves back into town with a new wife and her teenage son, Johnny. A whole lot of crazy goes down in which I was left questioning the fact that a sixteen year old girl can release herself from the hospital and the whole freeing themselves of their father’s evil plan that didn’t include going to the authorities to protect a future family from this monster.Overall, this story had many things that didn’t work but with one fantastic big brother, Jake and a dreamy hero, Liam made it a memorable read.”It’s always been you; it’ll always be you, Angel.”

  • M.
    2019-05-15 01:05

    This book was really bad. It wasn't the writing or the grammar mistakes. It was the plot - or better saying, lack of it - that made me stop reading it 20% through.So Amber is supposed to be a traumatized teen because she had endured abuse from her father up until she was 13. Let me point out here that when I say abuse, I'm talking almost rape, not counting the many years of molestation she endured up until her father tried to rape her. However, Amber is anything but traumatized. She says she is and that she can't stand people touching her but she sleeps with Liam, her neighbor and her brother's best friend every night, and is not in the least fazed that he is all over her and always wakes up with a boner. The only time she freaked out was when Liam touched her butt and when a random guy tried to kiss her at a party.There are more things wrong with the story like Jake, her allegedly super protective brother that besides telling Liam to stay away from Amber, never seems to be there when Amber needs protection(like when random guy was kissing her).The absentee mother was also too convenient. The woman had endured abuse by her husband, watched him do the same to her kids, and she wasn't the one who kicked the him to the curb (her son and Liam did) but suddenly she is a PA for an executive and spends most of her time away from her kids. Wait, what? It makes no sense, I know.

  • Ali Cooper
    2019-04-29 03:54

    This Book?Yea, it’s my nightmare.Is this what creative writing has come to?This is beyond ridiculous and unacceptable to what reading a YA book has come to.Whoever's idea was to even pick up this book was either drunk or making a joke out of it.I mean I wouldn't even consider this a book but a ridiculous explanation to publish a book just for it to be publish.Nobody even put effort to make it better NEITHER did they find a editor to edit the book.Do you know that instead of "enjoying" this book, that I spent my time correcting her mistakes?I mean the book was bad enough but making the reader correct someone else's mistakes???You seriously got to be kidding right? I thought books were professionally publish? Well what happened here?There's many many MANY, things wrong with this book and I could write a book on it, but I don't usually write reviews on books just get down to the point, but since this book was so terrible I must say what's on my mind.Where do I start?Ok, I think I got it.So the Title of this book isThe Boy Who Sneaks in my Bedroom WindowRight?Automatically you think "Oh, so its a romance book"But then you get the overview and you think "So maybe her father did things to her and her best boy/friend visited her at night"But then you read the book and it's nothing you predicted...not even close.So you have this girl who has a past of an abusive father and now it has followed her in her teen years. But ever since that night, her brother's bestfriend has been sneaking in her window just to give her comfort.Ok, Hold That BUTTON !So her father abuses her and she lets a young boy (such as herself) sneak into her room. 1. Why would a kid sneak into another kids window? How does a kid know that much of comfort? I dont even think adults would go that far. 2. I'm pretty sure that young girls are explained to to never have a guy over (only if you have a brother). But in this case the dude sneaks into her bedroom and goes to sleep with her. No sense at all. I was rather confuse then thinking it was cute.Now, lemme continue.Fast forward and now everyone is grown up and in high school.HIGH SCHOOL.Honestly, I thought high school was made up of different personalities and not just two. 1. Main character is the perfect but insecure girl. 2. ALL girls are sluts / ALL boys are jerks and only want sex.Okay. So high school was not what I thought It'd be...AT ALL.I was really excited to go but now I'm scared I might fall into the wrong category.She messed up my dreams.I thought high school was supposed to be filled with musicians, actors, money makers, jocks, good guys, nice girls, nerds, etc.But no, sluts, sluts and more slutsShe diffidently Exaggerated on this book and it was TERRIBLE. I was just soo... confused at what this book was trying to achieve. Ok on to the next subject...So the main character has a brother that is very protective and her brother has a best friend.. Their both players but the best friend has this "thing" for her...Pause, Rewind, and Delete.I have never thought that a guy would be in love with a girl BUT still sleeps with others.THAT MAKES NO SENSE.I don't kno if that's how guys show there love now-a-days but.. that it just doesnt make any sense.I cant even think straight anymore this is..I dont even think I can finish this coz this really has given me a killer headache.But as my conclusion, I did give this "author" one star on having a nice over photo and that's it.I'm not sure what this woman tried to get at but this is just wrong, if your going to write a book, make it make sense, put some humor in there maybe, learn how to spell, I dunno just throwing things out there. But now I know to be very careful at the books I pick up.Thank You for reading if you did...~A

  • Angela Parker
    2019-05-13 03:54

    I am at a complete loss here. And in more ways than one. Goodreads reviews rarely let me down. So when I saw that this book had 4+ rating I was totally on board. You lie. People of Goodreads. You lie, and you lied good.The book had a lot of potential. I really liked the idea of after a traumatic life, Ambers neighbor has been coming in and sleeping with her every night. The thought sweet. The story poorly executed.I need to google this author and find out if the name is a pen name for a 15 year old who just got a laptop for Christmas. Because the dialog and story line in this book would suggest so. There were so many things that irritated me about this book. The fact that Amber is constantly talking about how she doesn't like being touched, listen.. We've got it. You don't like being touched. Having to remind the reader on every page- not necessary. And the fact that a girl who withstood years upon years of molestation from her father would be so dead set on being touched but very open to openly flirting and purposely strutting around to get a rise out of the boys around here. And did I miss the part where it talked about her brother being Zac Effron and and her boyfriend being Justin Bieber? Because as I recall- there was absolutely NO gorgeous guys in my high school that warranted their own sexually obsessed and aggressive entourage every day. Liam- who had good intentions annoyed me by seemingly forgetting Ambers name and calling her "Angel" every time he spoke to her. I've got to stop here, or I could go all day with ranting about this book. It has left me sceptical of Goodreads reviews!

  • Mariℓina
    2019-04-23 23:16

    4,5 StarsHow much i loved this story!!!Liam is The boyfriend!!!The most amazing boyfriend ever!!!!!!!!!I loved this book with my whole heart, i don't care not even a bit if it had some plotholes, or about how stupid Amber was!!!! I 'm really happy that i read it.I loved Jake and Liam they were both perfect..Amber was ok but reckless in some situation.. Mostly where that monster of father was involved..I can't believe a mother left her children so unprotected and after he left she found a job that was away of the children she didn't save..Anyway i loved the story of the petname 'Angel' he had for her..AWWWWWW he was so cute, cute,cute!!And what a great thing to sleep in the arms of someone that you know he will protect you no matter what..And the stories from when they were kids were also great..AWWWWW again..THOUGHT ABOUT THE BOOK- I loved Jake so much..- Their first kiss story awwwwwwww..- I was happy Ruby and her children abandon her father.- Her friends were nice..- The story with the bet was a bit too much..- I wasn't sure why she hated him..- I liked their skating together..- Loved the epilogue..I think of this book as a fairytale.. Yes many things didn't make sence but it was so romantic..

  • Jenn
    2019-04-27 02:02

    Let me just start off by saying that the max rating this book could have gotten out of me was 4 stars. It lost 1 star automatically for all the grammatical errors (and believe me, there were plenty). I’ve tried to hide all spoilers but a few may have leaked through in the review.The Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window sounded so promising to me. A brother and sister are abused by their father. Brother’s best friend sees the sister crying in her bedroom one night when they are young and he climbs into her window to make sure she’s okay. The synopsis makes it sound like the best friend helps heal the girl and while doing this she realizes her feelings for this boy are deeper than she could have imagined. I went in expecting a story about strength, healing, love, and emotional bonds formed through abuse. But instead, I got your typical girl falls in love with boy who’s been in love with her forever, thrown in with some ridiculous and utterly unbelievable plotlines. Let’s start with Amber. Completely untramatized by what happened to her when she was younger. Even though her father beat the shit out of her and her brother every day, and she was molested and almost raped by her father, she has never seen a therapist, talked about what happened, or even seems remotely affected by the abuse – until someone touches her which is when the author remembers that there’s an abuse backstory and puts in a freakout. But this is very inconsistent. Like I said, the author only remembers the abuse backstory about half of the time (but I will discuss that later). She’s constantly putting herself in these positions that could have been easily avoided had so, I don’t know, actually put two seconds of thought into them. I just could not feel for her in any of these situations. Oh, did I mention that every single boy to pass within Amber’s radius falls instantly in love with her? But of course she never notices this.Then there’s Amber’s older brother Jake who didn’t really have much of a personality except overprotective jock brother. The only things we knew about Jake was that he played hockey with Liam, playboy who sleeps around, every girl in school wanted him, over protective of Amber, he was also abused by his father without the sexual aspects, oh and he’s also abusive. Wait…what? Yup, you read that right. Jake has anger issues. He beats up his best friend regularly. But this is normal behavior and it’s okay, since he’s just protecting his sister. *blinks blinks blinks* But like so many other things in this book, Jake’s abusive issues are never discussed. Oh, and he’s overprotective of Amber. Did I mention that already? Because the author felt the need to mention that on almost every page that involved Jake.The third main character of this little story, and the only one who’s anywhere near likable, is Liam – the best friend. Liam, like Jake, is also on the hockey team, playboy who sleeps around, wanted by every girl in the school, over protective of Amber…so he’s basically Jake. I liked parts of Liam – his sweetness, how tender and patient he was with Amber. And come on, the idea of a little 10 year old boy climbing into the window of his best friends little sister to comfort her is adorable. But he was just so poorly written that I couldn’t fall in love with him the way I wanted to. So much of this story was just so unbelievable that it walked on the side of ridiculous. There will be a few spoilers here, sorry; I will hide the main ones, but I just can’t not point these out. A few examples: -a school bet over who could be the first girl to sleep with Liam even though he has a girlfriend where the winning pot gets to $4000 and Amber enters (btw, she’s dating Liam at this point and no one knows, so she figures she can win some money)-Liam and Amber NEVER get caught even though he’s been sleeping in her room every night for about 8 years. Apparently parents never check on their children.-a 6 year old falls in love with a 4 year old…just no.-Liam giving up a FULL RIDE SCHOLARSHIP to a school in Boston so he doesn’t have to leave Amber alone during her final two years of high school. Oh but wait, his other genius idea is that she just move to Boston with him and finish high school there…at 16!-Pregnancy at 16 (which everyone is happy about), (view spoiler)[but two chapters later, conveniently a miscarriage… (hide spoiler)]-abusive father leaves his family after being threatened by two 14 year olds, but wait, he comes back 8 years later with a new family and wants to make amends (come on, who didn’t see that coming?). Not to mention, his stepson will be going to the same high school as his kids. But wait, has the dad really changed? Just take a guess at that answer. -Amber is constantly stalked by the paparazzi since she is dating a famous hockey player. I’m sorry, I’m a HUGE hockey fan, and I do not know of one hockey players wife (aside from Hilary Duff & Carrie Underwood, who were already famous) being hounded by the paps. People generally don’t give a shit about the wives of players unless scandal is attached, especially in a sport like hockey.I digress…This book seriously read like a season of 90210...Just calling it like I see Annalynne.I had a huge problem with the writing. The author never set the scene of the book. I have no idea where this story even took place. Despite having two main characters obsessed with hockey and one wanting to go to college in Boston, I came to the conclusion that this book was set in England. Which, I guess, makes sense as the writer is English and this is proven in the wording that she uses (really? Do teenage girls really call their bathrooms ‘en-suite’?). There were just so many writing no-no’s. Switching from past to present tense (sometimes within the same sentence), verb confusion, constantly repeating oneself:I finally opened my eyes to see him leaning over me, looking gorgeous as always, except right now he looked stressed.Literally the next page:He looked really stressed.So he stressed?This went on for awhile. Every time we hear about how long Liam loved Amber, we are also reminded that Jake beat the crap out of him. Every. Time. Same with why Liam had to leave out of the window instead of the front door – every time he left (which was every morning for those of you wanting to know). And let’s not mention the switching POV’s about ¾ into the book.Now, I don’t know anything about the writer. I don’t know if she has any knowledge about the effects of abuse or if she did any research on this subject. But from how I interpreted this book, I’m going to go with a no to both. To me, it just seemed like the abuse backstory was just thrown in there to make these people more interesting. All in all, I was very disappointed in this book. I wanted to like it, I loved the premise. But, unfortunately, it just fell flat.["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Alexis *Reality Bites*
    2019-05-11 01:09

    Spoiler Free Review4 STARS out of 5Genre: Mature YA RomanceThe Boy Who Sneaks in my Bedroom Window is an adorable lovestory held by an undertone of darkness. It has teenage Lust, Love, Friendship and Sweet words from a HOT guy that make this book so irresistible. Needless to say I LOVED IT!!!Amber and Jake Walker live in fear of their abusive father. Just one wrong move can cause him to get angry and go ballistic. One night after an horrific beating eight year old Amber is in her room crying when Liam spots her from his window. Liam is Jake's best friend and lives next door to the Walker's. He climbs out of his window and knocks on hers. Amber lets him in and he comforts her they both fall asleep and wake early the next day. This soon becomes a ritual that goes unnoticed for years. The sleepover continues unbeknownst to Jake who is super overprotective of his little sister. Amber is now sixteen her father has been gone for three years. Jake and Liam are eighteen and are known as two of the hottest guys at school. Both are confessed man whores and neither has ever had a girlfriend. Although Liam still sleeps over with Amber in public they maintain a playful yet flirty relationship. Of course all of that takes on a new meaning when Amber's feelings change for Liam. ThoughtsThe Sweetness- The Epilogue I loved it! I thought this book was sooooooo sweet it was mainly just Liam though. He was the best book boyfriend ever. He was kind, thoughtful, considerate just about everything us chicks love and desire. He was also patient he never pushed Amber into anything. He waited until she felt comfortable with how far things would go between them. I really liked that. A lot!Bothersome- And though this book was very sweet it had parts that were not. In fact some things bothered me very much. One being that their mother was barely around. Her job kept her away from home this did not sit well with me. No matter how responsible teens can be they still need parental supervision and guidance. Not weeks at a time of absolute freedom. I felt these two lacked supervision in abundance. Another thing that bothered me was the way the kids spoke to their parents... The teens openly cursed. Don't get me wrong having a few slip when your angry is different compared to holding a conversation and cursing like a sailor around your mom. Who does that?The Darkness- Abuse plagued the Walker family and it effected both Amber and Jake badly. Their father was a complete tyrant not to mention he was CRAZY. Amber at one point described how just being touched however innocent it may be by another person causes her to go into panic mode. And i felt her panic whenever it happened.Fave Quotes'All his Morning Glory' -Amber when referring to Liam's morning hard on.“It’s always been you; it’ll always be you, Angel.” - Liam“She was the only thing I needed. If everything else went away tomorrow, the big house, all the cars, the money, I wouldn't care. As long as I still got to hold her every night, I would still be the luckiest guy in the world.” - LiamFave Scene Is when Liam's mom tells Amber why he has always called her Angel.Scene setup- It happened when they first met Liam was six Amber was four it was his birthday and his mom had a party and invited the new neighbors. The Walker's. Check this out“He turned to me, and do you know what he said to me ? He said in a deadly serious tone, 'Momma, am I dead?' And I said 'no honey, you're not dead', and he shook his head, looking all confused about something. Then he pointed to you dancing and said, 'if I'm not dead, then why is there an Angel in our house.'” My RatingsCharacters- LovableWriting Style- GoodPlot/Storyline- Sweet, Honest but had a Dark undertone to it.Steam Factor- Medium/Moderately SteamyOverall- I loved it!!Now go forth and read. Then come tell us all about it on Goodreads!

  • Sheryl
    2019-05-09 00:05

    First up, let me say that i read the Wattpad version of this story by Kirsty and i was BLOWN AWAY!!!! Just the type of YA romance that i love! I'm off to Smashwords to buy the edited version of this story but i don't think that it could get any better! A real 5 star read (in my opinion)!! Anyone that enjoys a good YA romance NEEDS to get this!!! When i read the version that Kirsty has published (which is now up on Amazon and Smashwords), i'll leave a proper review!Congrats, Ms Moseley... the rest of the world deserves to read your awesome YA romance stories... EDIT: Just finished the published version...What can i say? STILL LOVED IT!!! Liam is my favorite type of charater; a smirky, smart-arse, tough guy. The best thing about the men that Kirsty Moseley writes about is that they're ALL seen as players on the outside, but put the right girl in front of them and they turn into a bowl of mushy peas... and Liam is no different... AWWWWW... So 4 stars to the story, because it was awesome, realistic, funny and sexy in a not smutty way and 5 stars to Liam because he was 'DA BOMB :)

  • Tiny ♥Hearts
    2019-04-26 05:20

    Okay, I feel like I'm committing a crime by giving this story a one star. So, before I get to reviewing this book, I'd like to point out that I'm familiar with this author on wattpad, and am quite fond of her writing style with her other books on wattpad, and a fan. But this particular book didn't do it for me, it felt amateur at best. I could deal with grammar errors because Hey! Everyone's human. I think reading on wattpad has prepared me to be completely oblivious (selectively so) when it comes to typos, grammar and stuff like that (even though my brain is hardwired to want to fix these errors). But it doesn't mean I like to pay money for them. Yes, with this book I admit, I couldn't even finish it, which goes against my rules of reading, and I failed to finish it for several reasons. 1. There were too many repetitive phrases, it made me want to bang my head against a wall for all the "purring" every other character did in the book. There's so many other phrases I don't even want to spell out because it would make me annoyed all over again. No one person had a distinct voice to seperate from the other. It was such a disappointment to find that this book had so much potential, and just judging from the authors other works, I know that she has potential. But this particular book missed the mark. 2. The serious themes addressed such as: rape and abuse, were taken lightly. Not only that, but the author struggled with the execution on both themes, making the plot seem all over the place. Again, I was disappointed with this because I know this author can do better. Much MUCH better. 3. Amber and her resistance to being touched. For a person who has suffered sexual abuse for so long, her relationship with Liam came off too unrealistic and contrived. Her behaviour was too contradictory to the main theme, that it made me screw my nose up and think 'this girl is just unrealistic' that it's hard for me to empathize with her 'problems'.4. The fact that Liam and Jake were so 'hot' that they were eye candy to every human walking school girl alive at school? Now there's a fantasy. I mean, almost 90% of the female student body placed a bet to have a taste of Liam, just because him having a girlfriend was common knowledge, and this was never heard of before. I don't know, but when I was going to school, my bunch of girl friends all had different tastes of what 'hot' was, so that's hard to believe that there were only two guys that were, and I quote. "so fricken hot" that I'd bet my money on sleeping with them. Unless you were lucky enough to have Johnny Fricken Depp at your school, then no. Not possible. Besides the obvious, I think Liam was so sweet at times. He's a fantasy character that girls wish existed, but too Gary-Sue to exist in the real world. A bit creepy with the constant pet name 'Angel' for Amber, but I think if he used it less, it would be sweet. Too much of it strayed into creepy territory. Yes, he kept me going for 70% of the way on my kindle, but then I just couldn't care for the main character Amber for me to finish it. I noticed that there was too much petty drama going on in the book for the sake of it, and not enough depth with the main themes to make the storyline more interesting. I don't know, I might pick this book up and try finish it, and give it a chance again, because I feel that maybe I'm being a bit too harsh? I wish I could like this one, because as I said, I support this author wholeheartedly, and I encourage her to keep at it. She's an awesome author, I think this particular book just needs a professional editor to keep her consistent and grounded. Although I rated this book one star, I give this author a five star rating because I've read much better and authenticated books from her on wattpad, that I'm baffled this is written by her. I do look forward to reading more from this author, and I congratulate her for self-publishing a book. EDIT: October 31st 2012So, I decided to pick this book [kindle version] back up with a fresh mind, and to give the author the benefit of the doubt by being considerate (or just really extreme OCDness) by promising to actually finishing this book. The second time around was just as bad as the first. My rating still stands, and my opinion is set in stone. I struggled through the last 30% of this on my kindle, and maybe I'm a masochistic lion or just a stupid lamb (see what I did there? LOL) for thinking that I could actually like this book if I had finished it, because surely I'm just that mental to put my precious mind through so much pain! I admit, there were times where the novel progressed into a sweet love story with cute little scenes with the two characters, but a lot of the time it seemed too contrived. Everyone was one-dimensional. The characters learned nothing, there was little to no character development, and a potential plot device that went downhill.All in all, it wasn't an enjoyable read for me.If I were to say something honest (if this review wasn't honest enough) then I think that the best thing about this book is that it is indeed a work of fiction. Enough said.:):) Peace, Love, and ReadingxxTiny

  • asdewi
    2019-05-10 01:12

    Amber dan Jake punya ayah yang abusive. Suatu malam, saat Amber menangis di tempat tidurnya setelah dipukuli sang ayah, datang seorang bocah lelaki yang menenangkan tangisnya dan menemaninya tidur sampai pagi. Bocah itu adalah Liam, tetangga sebelah rumah juga sahabat Jake.Cerita maju 8 tahun kemudian.Orang tua Amber telah berpisah setelah si ayah mencoba memperkosa Amber (untunglah bisa digagalkan oleh Jake dan Liam). Kejadian itu meninggalkan trauma pada Amber. Dia tak nyaman dengan sentuhan bahkan dari teman ceweknya sekali pun. Anehnya, trauma ini tak berlaku pada ibu, Jake dan Liam.Bahkan, selama 8 tahun ini dia selalu tidur bersama Liam (tidur beneran lho). Singkatnya Amber sama Liam jadian.Dan dimulailah hubungan mereka yang manis itu.Konflik utama muncul ketika ayah Amber kembali dan ingin mengganggunya lagi.Saya pengen banget kasih bintang yang lebih tinggi untuk buku ini. Swear, pengen banget. Tapi setiap saya bisa memaafkan satu kekurangannya, maka muncul lagi segebung kekacrutan di buku ini yang bikin saya tepokjidat.Ayo kita bahas! (btw ini bakal panjang banget lho, FYI aja sih).1. JudulDimulai dari judulnya yang panjang buanget itu. Okelah...judul panjang sih gak papa. Masih ada buku lain yang judulnya lebih panjang (eh iya kan ya?). Buat saya sih, masalahnya ada di arti judul itu sendiri. Dari judul itu aja, pembaca udah tahu ceritanya bakal tentang apa. (Q: Tentang cowo yang nyusup lewat jendela kan? A: MENURUT NGANA?). Udah saingan sama koran erotis deh dari segi "kejelasan" ceritanya. Kayak gini contohnya :Ato ini :Got what I mean?Ini penulis dan editornya kehabisan ide ato emang males nyari judul yang lebih keren? Coba belajar bikin judul sama novel The Fault In Our Stars ato Extremely Loud & Inredibly Close.2. CoverTapi judul aneh termaafkan karena covernya yang cuantek itu. Saya paling suka cover dengan nuansa hujan. Adanya siluet "love" di jendela basah itu semakin menambah suasana sendu dan romantis.Sayang, saya malah merasa ketipu sama tuh cover. Kirain bakal bersetting di musim hujan gitu. Ini mah boro-boro musim hujan, sekadar gerimis numpang lewat aja gak ada. Boro-boro gerimis numpang lewat, adegan langit mendung juga gak nongol biar cuma sekali. Boro-boro langit mendung, bahkan...oh get my point already.3. Gaya penulisanGaya penulisan, diksi, ato apapun lah itu namanya, buat saya sih mentaaahh banget. Ya emang gak semua buku kudu pake bahasa puitis nan berbunga-bunga. Saya pun kurang demen sama bahasa puitis kecuali emang ceritanya mendukung. Berhubung ini novel remaja, gaya bahasa casual pun cukuplah. Tapi mbok ya jangan se-"polos" itu juga. Semua hal dijelaskan dan diceritain sama penulisnya. Apa dia meragukan level intelejensia pembacanya?Rasanya kayak baca diary curhat anak SMA. Curiga jangan-jangan si penulis minjem diary anak SMA beneran, trus dipoles dikit, kasi karakter yang bikin melting, ending dramatis, trus jadi deh 1 draft novel.Saya juga gak suka dengan "kekreatifan" penulis dalam memilih kata ato mendeskripsikan sesuatu. Tampaknya bagi Moseley, deskripsi seksi serta cakepnya seseorang itu hanya bisa diliat dari how-hot-her/his-piece of ass-is.-"Hey, Ambs, did you ride in with hot piece of ass one and two again today?”-"Apparently, I just want to tap your very fine ass,” he saidOkay, total count of ass-word is 91 in this book. I don't need to quote all of it.Geez...what's with ass and the author?Does she has some fetish with ass? Ya gapapa, haknya dia kok itu. Tapi gak usah juga ngajak pembacanya ikut-ikutan sama fetish dia ya.See...I love hot asses too. Winnie The Pooh's ass is a winner there. Followed closely with Channing Tatum's. But you don't see mee talk about it the whole time.Oh wait! I just did! But at least I'm talkin only in this part of the review, not in all the books like Moseley did. *meh! Lame excuse, I know*See how hot his ass is?So nice even when he's little *kok jadi creepy ya?*Okay...moving on.Kata lain yang ganggu karena sering dipake adalah "purred".“Hi, Liam,” she purred in her sexy voice.“I missed you last night,???? he purred.He purred. She purred. They purred. Why...why everyone in this book has to "purred"? Why can't they speak normally?Lalu Moseley juga gak kreatif dalam hal membuat variasi penggunaan kata "smile".He smiled his flirty smile at me.He smiled that sexy little smile at me.Why he has to smile like that all the time? Why can't Moseley write another kind of smile? We know already that Liam James is sexy and flirty. The author need not to tell us again about it on every chance that she got.4. Ide CeritaIde cerita sebenarnya bagus sih. Si Amber-nya dianiaya oleh ayahnya sendiri, hampir diperkosa pula hingga membuat dia gak suka dengan "sentuhan" apalagi kalo "sentuhan"nya bersifat intim. A traumatic heroine, a ruined one. That's good and kinda new. Rata-rata cerita roman (harlequin sih) kan yang "ruined" itu male lead-nya.Lalu si Amber ini punya guardian angel, yang sabar, cinta mati dan selalu berpendapat Amber adalah ciptaan Tuhan yang paling sempurna. Wow!Waktu akhirnya Amber dan Liam jadian, saya berharap lebih pada buku ini. Tampaknya buku ini menjanjikan cerita yang seru karena saya jadi tertarik mengetahui bagaimana Liam bisa "menyembuhkan" trauma Amber.Sayang, saya kembali kecewa. Karena terapi Liam adalah : "making out". Lots and lots of making out, ampe si Amber jadi terbiasa. Ya gapapa juga sih making out sering-sering. Toh mereka emang masih remaja, di saat horny eh hormon lagi tinggi-tingginya. Kecewanya sih di bagian "yah-kok-making-out-doang-sih". Kirain bakal ada terapi khusus apa gitu, ke psikolog ato psikiater kek, shock therapy kek, hypnotherapy kek ato apalah.Trus bagian "menuju puncak"nya juga kok ya gitu amat dan gitu doang ya :|.Maksud saya, hampir setengah buku dihabiskan dengan baca gimana serunya Liam dan Amber making out, tapi pas adegan puncak (when it's finally happened) kok yah lewat gitu aja. Yaaa...saya juga gak ngarep adegan detail sih (emangnya ini EA?), tapi mbok ya jangan juga adegan puncaknya cuma ditulis dalam 1 kalimat dong ah. Rasanya kayak sebel waktu mangga yang udah dirawat dari masih kecil, tau-tau pas udah matang dan siap petik, eh malah diembat sama tukang bakso langganan (Iyeee...ini curhat. Hiks...manggakuuuuu T_T).Ato kayak lagi seru-serunya "nujes", tahu-tahu musti interuptus karena ada panggilan darurat dari RS ('s true story!). Kenapa saya bisa tahu? (view spoiler)[ Coz it happened to one of my "bos".Ceritanya waktu saya nelpon untuk ngelaporin pasien dan baru bilang : "Selamat malam, dok. Dari IGD RS X. Ada pasien.." tau-tau langsung dipotong beliau dengan nada keras : "APAAN SIH? COITUS INTERRUPTUS NIH!!!"Saya : engg...#kemudianhening. *I really didn't know what to say. What should I say cobaaa? Apa saya harus pura-pura gak dengar? Ato jawab dengan nada kalem : "Oh maaf mengganggu, dok. Sila dilanjut. Nanti saya telpon lagi kalo udah beres ya." Ato nanya sambil cengengesan : "Hehehe...lagi sibuk ya, dok?" YANG MANAAAAAA??? O_o*Untung sebelum saya sempat galau, sang "bos" berdeham dan melanjutkan dengan nada berwibawa : "Jadi kenapa tadi pasiennya?" (hide spoiler)]Yah...menuju puncak yang gagal, indeed.Lalu plot cerita buku ini juga ketebak banget. Jadi ceritanya waktu tuh bokapnya Amber balik ke kota, dia mengancam ketenangan hidup Amber dan Jake, bahkan ampe bikin Liam berurusan sama polisi. Dan Amber pun kepikiran bikin jebakan buat menolong Liam dan mengusir si bokap selamanya. Masalahnya, jebakan yang dia pake itu kacangan dan cemen banget. Saya malah heran, kok si bokap gak curiga acan-acan sih? Ini si bokap yang kelewat polos ato saya yang kebanyakan nonton sinetron kacangan?Saya juga gak suka sama ending untuk si bokap. They let him free? Iya, saya bisa ngerti klo mereka gak mau terlibat lagi sama si bokap. But can't they at least do something when they're adult, like send him to police? They let a child molester free so that he could molest and even rape another kid someday.(view spoiler)[iya, saya tahu kok si bokap dipenjara. Tapi karena kasus yg berbeda. Di US itu, hukuman untuk pelaku child molester/rapist lebih keras daripada hukuman penipuan. Apalagi hukuman dari segi sosial. It can be said that once you're being labeled as a child molester/rapist, then your social life is doomed (hide spoiler)]5. KarakterDan mungkin inilah faktor yang paling bikin eneg sekaligus paling sweet dari buku ini.Mari kita mulai dari karakter pendukung yaitu rekan-rekan sekolah Liam, Amber dan Jake.Dikisahkan Liam dan Jake ini popular banget. Semua cewek pengen "get in their pants" dan semua cowok pengen temenan sama kedua orang ini.Errr....asa gimana gitu ya. Not real.Tapi okelah soal itunya.Yang ngenganggu sih betapa horny-nya cewek-cewek SMA itu. Iya, saya emang bilang umur segitu wajar kalo BT (nope..bukan BT yg artinya bad temper itu). Tapi kan gak juga ya setiap cewek di sekolah (kecuali Amber tentunya) sodor-sodorin dadanya ke Liam ato grepe "aset pribadi"nya Jake.“You need to have a word with your friend,seriously, she just grabbed my dick!”She wrapped her dirty little arms round my boyfriend’s waist, looking at him with her come to bed eyes.Itu sekolah apaan sih? Sekolah khusus yang isinya slutty and skank gitu? (Hey...Amber yang bilang cewek-cewek itu skank, bukan saya).Oke...settingnya emang di US, yang budayanya beda sama Indo. Tapi bahkan di US sekalipun, gak semua siswinya semurah itu kok.Lalu kita bahas karakter pendamping utama : Jake.Saya suka sih sama Jake, perannya sebagai kakak yang overprotective ke Amber tuh mengharukan. Dia selalu siap menolong si adik kapan pun, bahkan ampe rela pasang badan demi Amber. He really is the best brother in the (book) world.He made this book bear-able for me. He had one moment of weakness which made me want to pukpuk him that time. Hiks...bahkan ksatria terbaik pun berhak untuk berdarah.Mengenai 2 karakter utama : Liam James dan Amber Walker.Oke, Liam itu emang sempurna : ganteng, hot ass (penting banget ini disebut ulang), setia, cerdas, responsible, ah sebut semualah pasti Liam punya. He did many sweet things too. Lihat bagaimana dia bisa menenangkan Amber dan menghapus mimpi buruknya dengan memeluk Amber sepanjang malam selama 8 tahun. Nice!Ato gimana dia gak bisa tidur nyenyak kalo gak bareng Amber. Romantic!Ato waktu dia beneran ngecek ke seluruh penjuru kamar Amber untuk mastiin gak ada zombie di kamar itu. caring! (or so stupid, you choose).Tapi saking sempurnanya jadi kerasa kalo ini fiksi abis. Saya bisa tahan sama Liam di bab awal, tapi setelah jadian dengan Amber, dia berubah jadi cowok yang setiap omongannya selalu bikin melting, tapi juga amat sangat cheesy.Coba baca kutipan ini :“Don’t remind me about my former life without you, Angel. I’ll have nightmares,”--> Aww...bikin klepek klepek deh.“I’ve been crazy about you since the first time I saw you, Angel. All this time it’s only ever been you.”===> Liam, you know that is too cheesy, don't you?“What if I said I didn’t believe in having sex before marriage?” I asked.“Then I’d say how about we get married assoon as you’re old enough. Eighteen is the legal age, right?” he replied.===> Ugh...too much sweet is bad for your health. I don't know about Amber, but I kinda have a tootache here just by reading all your words, Liam dude.“The first time I saw you I thought you were an Angel straight from heaven. You were so beautiful that you took my breath away. You still do, every day.”===> Gubraks! Did I just say toothache? No...scratch that. I think it's a diabetes. Chewing all these overloaded sweetness must have some effect to blood glucose. Should have a blood check soon.“Angel, you couldn’t possibly be any hotter, trust me. That would be illegal,”===> Forget that blood check! No time for that. Better prepare for an insulin, just in case. Where do I put it?I didn’t want to leave Amber even before we got together, but I don’t even think I’d survive it now that I finally had her.===> Okay...Where's that darn insulin?“She was the only thing I needed. If everything else went away tomorrow, the big house, all the cars, the money, I wouldn't care. As long as I still got to hold her every night, I would still be the luckiest guy in the world.” ===> No use for insulin now. Mana oksigen? Oksigeeennnn!! Sekalian bawain ventilator dan defib deh. Sapa tahu butuh! #yakaliYeah ladies & gentlemen, here I present you Liam James. He beats Willy Wonka in sweet departments (and we know Wonka has all kind of sweets in the world). But need no worry! I've prepared everything in case you're intoxicated by his sweetness. (Trivia: how many times I used the word sweet?)Oh...and please allow me to remind you that he's just 18. Yah sebenarnya sih gak ada yang salah dengan kelakuan Liam. Seandainya si Liam 10-15 tahun lebih tua aja, dengan sikap kayak gitu, dia bisa jadi gentleman sejati. Tapi semua omongan permen itu, sewaktu remaja, rasanya jadi lebay abitch.Sekarang ayo kita beralih ke Amber.Sebenarnya saya pengen banget bersimpati lebih banyak ke cewek ini. Masa kecilnya pasti sulit deh. Untunglah Amber gak trauma berkepanjangan. Tapi masalahnya, saya sulit bersimpati sama dia.Amber tuh annoying dan childish pula. Lalu katanya dia gak nyaman dengan sentuhan, tapi toh dia bisa betah belajar dance yang pastinya full body touch. Katanya trauma sama hal-hal yang berbau seksual, but she's okay waking up to a guy's boner for 8 years.Trus si Amber ini bebal ato apa sih? Waktu Liam "nembak", dia yang langsung suudzon gitu. Please deh, ber! Itu si Liam dari awal buku juga udah kasi kode kalo dia suka sama loe. Y U NO GET THE CLUE?Dan ugh...semua ketakutannya bahwa Liam bakal gak kuat selibat itu annoying. Kalo baca dari curhatnya Amber, kamu bakal mikir si Amber ini niat bikin Liam selibat selama berbulan-bulan bahkan ampe tahunan. Eh ternyata cuma seminggu aja dong.AIS! (ini versi Indonesianya dari WTF ya).Tapi yang paling ganggu adalah nggak konsistennya karakter si Amber. Di awal, dia bilang gerah ngeliat kelakuan horde of skanks yang nempel mulu ke Liam dan Jake. Lalu kenapa belakangan dia juga ikutan jadi skank?I purposefully swayed my ass, trying to look sexy; it must have worked because three boys from my hisstory class whistled at me and made a comment about my sexy booty. I rolled my eyes. Boys!What? Kurang slutty?Gimana dengan kelakuan Amber yang masukin duit dengan tangannya (literally) ke dalam celana Liam?Oke...Liam emang pacarnya. Terserah Amber mo diapain juga, dicemek-cemek ampe semek juga boleh (taela bahasa guweee). Tapi ya nggak perlu dilakukan di tempat umum dan depan siswa satu sekolah dong!Seriously Liam & Amber, stop all that PDAs. It's corny and cheesy.Buku ini memang punya beberapa kelebihan yang menyenangkan kala dibaca. Bahkan hal yang dianggap absurd dan gak real oleh pembaca lain pun masih bisa saya tolerir. Seperti fakta orang yang pacaran dari SMA dan langgeng seterusnya. Banyak kok yang kayak gitu. Om dan tante saya pacaran dari masih SMP malah, awet ampe sekarang.Juga betapa seriusnya Amber dan Jake dan adegan-adegan lebay mereka. Yaaa namanya juga masih umur segitu. Emang kelakuannya masih lebay dan gombal lah. Waktu yang membuktikan apakah segala kegombalan itu tulus ato nggak.Sayangnya, semua toleransi yang saya berikan, gak bisa menutup fakta akan segepok kekacrutan yang menyertai. Dan saya sempat bingung kasi rating.I'd give Liam James & Jake Walker 4 or 5 stars out of 5.But this book isn't solely about them. And I rate a book, not them.Saya gak bisa bilang suka sama buku ini. Jadi 3 bintang jelas gak memadai.Dua bintang yang artinya it-was-okay menurut standar goodreads? Clearly, I'm not okay with the ending.Jadi ayo kita berdamai di 1,5 bintang saja, sebagai penghargaan untuk covernya.["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Nathaly Alvarez Jimenez
    2019-05-12 00:13

    Creo que este es uno de mis nuevos favoritos. Esta historia es todo lo que siempre quise de un libro romántico, todo. En realidad lo amo con cada partecita de mi raro corazón y lo amare por siempre. Desde un principio juzgue a este libro por su portada y su titulo, pero el corazón dibujado en el vidrio es demasiado cursi, asco. No quería leerlo. Pero desde ayer estoy de humor para leer romance hasta que vomite corazones y flores. ¿Por donde empiezo? Bueno, les contare esta es una de esas historias que desde que empiezan despiertan una curiosidad en ti. Realmente me gusta historia sobre padres abusivos. La historia se centra en Amber quien tuvo un padre abusivo, y un día después de que su padre la golpeara cuando estaba llorando en su cuarto, el mejor amigo de su hermano, Liam se escabulle dentro de su cuarto a consolarla. Ambos se quedan dormidos y la situación se repite una y otra vez hasta que Liam prácticamente se mete en el cuarto de Amber y duerme todos los días allí, de ahí el titulo. Los personajes: Amber es un personaje que no me molesta leer pero tampoco me gusta demasiado, es tan normal. No hay nada en ella que sea un personaje que pueda recordar. Jake, es el hermano de Amber, sobre protector, mujeriego, un típico chico popular y obviamente sexy, según el libro. Cuando leí sobre Jake en el libro hubo algo en mi que quería abrazarlo, no se como explicarlo. Y por ultimo, y mas importante: Liam James, ¿no es Liam James es nombre mas hermoso que existe? para mi lo es. Ni había leído sobre el y ya me había enamorado de su nombre. Aparentemente Liam es mujeriego, popular y arrogante. Pero durante las noches cuando se escabulle al cuarto de Amber se vuelve tierno y cariñoso. Durante 8 años, Liam ha dormido con Amber para hacerla sentir segura. Mientras el libro se desarrolla, vas conociendo a los personajes lees como la relación de Liam y Amber evoluciona hasta que la química entre ellos es casi palpable. Me gusta este libro ya que reúne muchos aspectos que no se leen comúnmente: El abuso por parte de los padres, hermanos sobre protectores, romance, embarazos en adolescentes, violación y también aborto.Por ultimo quiero decir que estoy completamente enamorada de Liam, estoy segura de ello. Cada vez que el la llamaba Ángel mi corazón se enternecía hasta el punto en que deseo tener mi propio Liam.

  • Shelly Crane
    2019-05-09 00:55

    Holy roller coaster! Liam was fantastic. FANTASTIC!! There was so much lovey dovey stuff (my favorite) so I was swooning and sighing constantly.Fyi to the younger crowd, there was quite a bit of language and sex 'stuff', but I really enjoyed it. Some parts were definitely hard to read because they were very heartwrenching and upsetting, but real.Buy this book. All I'm saying.

  • AleJandra
    2019-04-21 02:16

    2 CODEPENDIENTES STARSLa historia es entretenida, PEROOOOOOOOOOO me causo cierto desagrado.Y me la pase rodando los ojos por todos los errores que tiene esta historia.Para empezar ya no quiero leer libros que contengan abuso sexual, pero por alguna razón siempre termino leyendo uno. En este caso no sabía que de eso trataba este libro, pensé que sería una historia rosa y cliché sobre amor adolescente, pero la verdad esta historia es todo menos linda.El inicio es brutal, ya que nos plantea un ambiente triste y obscuro, nos muestra el peor tipo de abuso.Después ya tenemos la historia "romántica" entre Liam y Amber. El chico "malo" que es un mujeriego y patán, pero en realidad esta secretamente (no tan secretamente) enamorado de su vecina/hermana de su mejor amigo.La escena al inicio cuando son niños es súper tierna/triste, ver a Liam preocuparse por Amber y querer protegerla. Pero pronto eso se convierte en habito y el desarrolla la necesidad de proteger a Amber, y ella se vuelve completamente dependiente de él. A pesar de que al inicio no son pareja, ya tienen esa CODEPENDENCIA el de protegerla y ella de necesítarlo.Amber sufrió un gran trauma, ella está bastante trastornada, no soporta que nadie la toque, sufre terrores nocturnos y ataques de pánico. Aún así en vez de hacer lo correcto he ir a terapia o buscar ayuda para tratar de superarlo, simplemente lo ignora y vive en negación. Y digan lo que quieran, pero eso no es sano, ninguna relación con ese tipo de base es imposible que funcione.Obviamente la lógica no es una característica de este libro, ya que mágicamente para nuestros protagonistas este tipo de relación funciona y terminan teniendo su felices para siempre.Hablando de lógica, Amber estuvo 2 veces en el hospital, ella es menor de edad, y aun así los Doctores nunca preguntan por sus padres o tutor. Sorry pero eso es absurdo. También el hecho de que al estar embarazada, los Doctores por ley tendrían que haberle llamado a la policía ya que Liam al tener 18 años hace un crimen estar con Amber, ya que es violación estatutaria. En conclusión: este libro es absurdo, ilógico, muestra una relación enfermiza, negligencia médica, negligencia de padres. Etc.Aun así funciona para pasar el rato, ya que tiene un par de suspiros y cosas divertidas que hacen llevadera la historia.

  • La Mala ✌
    2019-05-13 04:55

    No pude terminarlo .Mientras pasaba la historia , esto es lo unico que leía.-Soy Amber , todas las noches desde que tengo ocho años duermo en mi camita con el vecino . Nadie lo sabe , ni siquiera mi mamá , que nunca está en la casa ni mi papá , quien supuestamente me busca noche tras noche para cagarme a palos . O sea , tipo na , nadie se entero nunca jamás en diez putos años!-Soy Amber , ya tengo dieciseis . No se que le pasa a mi vecino . Todas las mañanas se levanta con la pi%$a dura .... pero , o sea ... no creo que guste de mi porque tipo ... que no soy tan linda .... o sea , creo que no soy linda , o sea , No entiendo porque le gusto a los pibes cuando soy tan tetona y tengo tan lindo cuerpo ... tipo , no me estaran mirando a mi , porque na... todas las chicas son mas lindas que yo , que no soy tan linda asi que , o sea , no entiendo porque me miran tanto ni porque se pelean por mi ....-Soy Amber , ayer mi vecino me beso y a mi me gusto ... pero tipo que no creo que guste de mi ... o sea , aunque me dijo que gustaba de mi , no creo porque ,tipo que no le di razones ... o sea le mostre la tanga pero eso no cuenta no? ... si me acarició todo y me dijo que yo le gustaba pero tipo que ... no se ... soy linda pero no como las otras chicas ... o sea el dice que no le gustan otras chicas y que yo soy la mas linda y yo me rio ... o sea , me rio porque el es perfecto y tiene los abdominales bien marcados ... no entiendo porque le gusto ... si lo unicdo que hacemos es dormir juntos ... puede ser que yo le guste ? o sea porque el es el mas lindo de todos!!-Ay , me dan miedo las pelis de zombies ... me voy a acurrucar con mi vecino .,.. y , o sea , no entiendo porque se le paro de nuevo ... o sea lo unico que hice fue setarme en su regazo ... y no soy tan lindaAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!LA VOY A MATAR!!!Asi iba el 50% del libro!!!!!! Lo mismo que dije del otro libro pedorro de esta autora de cachufleta : una reverenda porqueria.

  • Amy
    2019-05-20 01:20

    I can't believe this book is getting 5 star reviews!i read the book on wattpad and didn't think it was that good even in comparison to the standard of books uploaded to wattpad. The writing style is so amature, the plot isn't structured, the actual setting is confusing due to mix of british and american vocab. AND FOR GOODNESS SAKE, IF SOMEONE HAS PSYCHOLOGICAL PROBLEMS THEY SHOULD SEE A THERAPIST, NOT RELY ON THEIR BOYFRIEND TO SOLVE THEIR PROBLEMS. The fact that she started having sex , and then got pregnant at only 16! just made the book so unreal. The author really didn't address the problems that someone who has been abused faces properly, for the most part she ignored them,instead focusing on the romance between the main two characters. Basically, i think that this book shouldn't have been published(but well done for doing so anyway) It should have stayed on wattpad where it belonged. There are so many better books on wattpad that deserve to have been published(A touch of poison, the replacement girlfriend,..), and it's a shame that out of all the books that could have been chosen this is the one that was picked :C(sorry)

  • Ilis Cruz
    2019-04-27 03:08

    I read the wattpad version and seriously I don't understand why it have so many good reviews. The book was so bad it was like reading a bad fanfiction written by a 13 years old. The beginning was OK, but then the author keeps adding more and more crap... Sorry but I didn't even finish it. That bad.SPOILER ALERT:She was almost raped by her dad so she was traumatized and couldn't even stand be touched by guy and yet she's in every chapter in a sexual situation with the guy. She even get pregnant and the guy, who's supposed to be the "perfect" guy, out of nothing got crazy angry asking her who's the baby's father and you get this WTF face thinking what did I just read o_O???

  • Beatrice Masaluñga
    2019-05-03 00:04

    I don't know how I managed to finish this book. Note: This review may contain spoilers.It was unrealistic and annoying. I just had to put it down and read it some other time. Yet, I still manage to finish it though I'm on the verge to give it up by 50%. (Yes, I have a very long patience.) Some people liked this book, sorry but this book is not the way I expected. I'm really disappointed with this book. ugghhh. my frustration kicks in.Here are all my frustrations:I'm completely annoyed from the very beginning of the story. What kind of mother who wouldn't protect her children from her abusive husband? I don't think so,because I believe all mothers are selfless. That abusive husband of hers SHOULD have been reported to the police earlier before he screwed up another family. (Unfortunately, he did screw another family. ridiculous)Then here comes the main character, Amber Walker. She was abused and doesn't want anyone touching her aside from Jake, Liam and her mother. I don't like her because she's whiny and immature. I don't get her with all the I-don't-want-anyone-touching-me then she's making a way to be touched. (If you know what I mean.) Also, some of the main character's friends are whiny like her. These girls are *%#@@#Fj annoying!The High school setting and how the students act? This is totally unbelievable. Not a good example of High school image at all. Too liberated. Not all students are like that. Good points?Nice cover. I appreciate Jake & Liam somehow for being protective and sweet to Amber. That's all. I'm just happy that I'm done with this book. I love contemporary novels, but this one is just...a thumbs down for me.

  • Kristen
    2019-05-04 01:20

    VERY low 3 stars That said, and call me crazy, but I still liked this book. A lot. I would classify it as a B-movie that you simply love.

  • Tough Critic Book Reviews
    2019-05-04 04:15

    Where the magic happens: http://toughcriticbookreviews.blogspo...Phee phi pho phuck!! I have absolutely no idea how to review this book! What I'm about to say may totally confuse you (hell, it totally confused me). There is no black or white! I need you to suit up my peoples and join me on a little vacation into the grey area. Your love of this book is going to be totally dependent on your ability to overlook flaws. Flaws in the form of some pretty cheesy dialogue (though not the entire time), a rocky execution, and some unbelievable situations. For me, I adored the concept and found the pulse of the story strong enough to say the hell with it all!! For example, there is no way a sixteen year old could discharge herself from the hospital, but the last time I checked this is called fiction! As in FICTION so you can write anything you frickin want! The parentless situations are pretty unbelievable and most of the time you'll be screaming, "Where the hell are all the adults?', but the author makes it work for and with the story.The story has some okay bits, some good bits, some really good bits, and even some naughty bits (quite a few actually)!! Well hello there YA-MATURE!!!! The bumpy execution (mainly the dialogue) is the only reason I almost didn't give it four stars. However, I almost gave it five stars just for having a story that's so kick ass that it overrode everything that I thought was wrong with it!It's loaded with action, HOT-I-need-a-shower romance and extreme situations!! I read it straight through from start to finish; even going back and reading some of my favorite bits! OH...It also has one of my favorite things, "I've loved you for forever" romance!!! The reason that my finger hovered over the three star button for so long is because this story is kind of a gamble. Even though I loved it, I'm really not sure what everyone else is going to think! The uncertainty is killing me! I'm use to being right ALL THE TIME, but right now I just don't know! It's going to come down to your ability to let the good overshadow the bad! It is an amazing concept and a totally unique plot and I feel it's worth the read. Plus, for a YA book it's kinda WOW!! So...after all the indecisiveness, I have decided that I really liked The Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window and have decided to give it my stamp of approval! It didn't earn a spot on my favorites shelf, but it definitely earned a spot on my I'm so glad I read it shelf! READ ON MY PEOPLE!!!

  • Christy
    2019-05-05 01:57

    I really enjoyed this book. Loved the relationship between Amber and Liam. Liam was great, what a guy! Also really liked Jake and his relationship with his sister. Overall a really great book I would recommend!

  • Mae
    2019-04-26 04:11

    Original review can be found on Read Runner.I read this book because the synopsis seemed intriguing: Amber and her brother Jake grew up with an abusive father. Years after their father left, Amber is still dealing with the effects of her trauma. Part of her support system is her brother’s best friend, Liam, who comforted her years ago and continues to comfort her nightly.Unfortunately, the synopsis was so far from reality. I was stunned at how a book marketed as a YA novel had so many sexual references, from the contest the girls in the high school craft to win Liam (panty peekings at school? really?), to the many references to Amber’s thong, to the objectification of Amber (and Liam and Jake). If there was a plot, I wasn’t aware of it.I was hoping that this book could bring insight and awareness into a sensitive topic like abuse. Boy, did this book not come even remotely close to doing that.