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Owen è la mente pragmatica del clan Montgomery e gestisce l’attività di famiglia con pugno di ferro. Grazie alle sue capacità di organizzazione, il BoonsBoro Hotel sarà inaugurato come previsto, senza ritardi o sorprese. L’unica cosa che Owen non ha previsto è Avery McTavish... Owen e Avery sono cresciuti insieme e fin da bambini hanno sempre avuto un debole l’uno per l’alOwen è la mente pragmatica del clan Montgomery e gestisce l’attività di famiglia con pugno di ferro. Grazie alle sue capacità di organizzazione, il BoonsBoro Hotel sarà inaugurato come previsto, senza ritardi o sorprese. L’unica cosa che Owen non ha previsto è Avery McTavish... Owen e Avery sono cresciuti insieme e fin da bambini hanno sempre avuto un debole l’uno per l’altra. Owen è stato il suo primo ragazzo e lei non l’ha mai dimenticato. La popolare pizzeria di Avery è proprio dall’altra parte della strada, di fronte all’hotel, e grazie alla forzata vicinanza e alla spinta di un misterioso fantasma, l’attrazione tra loro si riaccende più forte di prima, spingendoli a riannodare il vecchio legame. Ma il duro lavoro di Owen è appena iniziato: non dovrà soltanto occuparsi della riapertura del BoonsBoro Hotel: il compito più difficile sarà convincere con pazienza Avery ad abbassare la guardia e farle comprendere che il suo primo fidanzato sarà anche l’ultimo......

Title : La casa dei grandi incontri
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La casa dei grandi incontri Reviews

  • Shelly
    2019-02-22 01:32

    Okay, I'll admit I'm turning into a Nora Roberts junkie. I like 99% of her books, and probably am a little biased. But there's still a part of me every time I pick up one of her books that questions whether she'll be able to make me happy again. I mean, no one is that good, right? Wrong. At least for me. This book I was anticipating the least in the series, and so far, it's my favorite! Beckett's book was good, but I love Owen more than I thought I would.Owen was a little bland in the first book, always the taskmaster and the over organized, happy-go-lucky, nothing seemed to phase him type. Not that this is bad, just I didn't see how he would make a good lead character, and his attraction to Avery was never really mentioned, or vice versa. Of course, in his own book he's a much more interesting character and I'm so glad I just jumped in. Admittedly, it started off a little slow for me, but I found myself falling in love with Owen's steadiness and easy going nature. It takes a lot to rattle Owen, but when he's rattled it's kinda cute, and he does have a temper, which is equally cute and fun to watch this always-in-control man lose his cool. I like that Avery is the one who unbalances him, and he balances her out. They work well together this way, and it's nice to see.Avery was cute in the first book but in this one we get to know her a lot better and she's easy to love. Determined, scatterbrained outside of business, a romantic heart with an unromantic upbringing, she hopes for the best but expects the worst. She's always had a small thing for Owen, he was her first boyfriend, a big deal for a 5 year old. Where Owen is calm, she's wild, he's a planner and she's fly by the seat of her pants, he's organized and she's got wrapping paper all over the place. They often tease each other about their respective traits, and it works because they accept the others flaws easily. They are a pretty cute pair!The conflict comes from an external source, but one that very much plays on Avery's mind. Her mother just up and left when Avery was 13, no explanation and never a word on where she went. Until now. When Avery's mom shows up crying, broke and homeless, it was enough for me to feel gut-wrenched for Avery's behalf. How could a woman turn her back on her child and then come and ask for money? I could see why Avery didn't want to talk about it with anyone, she has a lot of pride and didn't want any pity while secretly wondering if she was anything like her mother when it came to her love life. It's a lot to take on and the fact that Avery internalizes it, really since she was 13, makes it something pretty big to overcome. Like most of NR's characters, she works it out in her way, for Avery this means cooking up a storm, and rationalizes it out in a few days. This might be my one complaint about NR books, all her characters seem to work things out rather quickly. For me, it'd probably be a slower process to work through my feelings of my mother showing back up, but romance books can't go on forever so I guess it has to be worked out faster than normal. Either way, it still feels like a genuine conflict that needs to be dealt with, so I don't mind how quickly it's resolved.We also get to see a preview of how things might be between Ryder and Hope when they share a New Year's Midnight kiss, and all I can say is, Please don't make me wait until November to read more! I wish it was sooner, and since NR is so prolific, I often wonder how books ahead she is, and why can't we get the trilogies much quicker?If you've read the first of the series, I think you might be pleasantly surprised at how nice this one is. It'll definitely make you anxious over the ending of the trilogy!

  • Andrei Bădică
    2019-02-22 23:50

    "-Sentimentul acesta e cel care o ține aici, căci iubirea aceasta este extrem de puternică. Este magică. Este ceea ce contează cel mai mult. Este... Ușa din spatele ei se deschise brusc, împingând-o în față, direct în Owen. Brațele lui se încolăciră strâns în jurul ei ca s-o ajute să-și recapete echilibrul în timp ce ea își lăsă capul pe spate, uitându-se în sus, direct în ochii lui. Totul, își termină ea propoziția.""Lumina umplea acum spațiile prea multă vreme întunecate; vocile dădeau viață anilor de tăcere. Oaspeții pășeau peste plăci frumoase de gresie și lemn lustruit, se tolăneau pe o canapea crem ori sorbeau băuturi sub câte o arcadă. Cei suficient de curajoși să înfrunte frigul ieșiră să admire curtea sau să se bucure de priveliște de pe o terasă elegantă."

  • Jess
    2019-03-19 06:55

    I'm feeling a little iffy about this book. It didn't pull me in quite the same way as the first book did and I think that's because I was sort of apathetic to the main characters of Avery and Owen. They were just kind of there and I didn't find myself caring that much what happened to them. I think what really drove this point home to me was that I was more interested in Hope and Ryder and their brief interactions and getting more info on how Clare and Beckett were going with their relationship then the main story. I mean, there was nothing terrible that I can particularly point out and say "This is what bothers me" but there also isn't a pivotal moment that I found myself smiling or sighing over. It was just all "meh" My new favorite word for a so/so book.Brief story synopsis: Avery works in her own restaurant called Vesta which is directly across the street from the Inn that is being opened by the Montgomery brothers. Owen is the detail man of the brother triad and he is busily planning away for the opening of the inn. He also has one eye watching Avery run around her place. Owen likes using Avery's place for his business phone calls and makeshift office, but what he doesn't admit to himself is why he really likes being over there. When the ghost of Inn Boonsboro literally pushes the two together, they aren't very surprised by the sparks that fly between them and it doesn't take much of a leap to figure that they might be good for one another. Owen the planner and thinker decides he needs a little time to think about what to do with Avery, while Avery has her own plans whirring in her mind about opening up a second restaurant. The two deal with some ups and downs and try to see if they are ready to fight for one another.Anyway, very much interested in reading about Hope and Ryder and I think that their book is going to be loads better than this one. Mostly because of Ryder and his alpha male attitude. Hope is also going to be feisty and that combination of feisty female and arrogant male can only lead to great things.

  • Jilly
    2019-03-06 23:56

    Dude in this book is a planner. Like, schedules, lists, calling meetings to discuss schedules and lists, etc... Which, I have a hard time seeing as a romantic lead because planners drive me crazy. Which also means that I drive planners crazy. My daughter is a planner. "Mom, what are we doing for Christmas this year?" "I don't know. Let's talk about it when it gets closer.""It's tomorrow.""Let's talk about it tomorrow then."My husband is also a play-it-by-ear guy, so we drive her bonkers. Haha! (Sorry, just thinking about her teen years. Revenge IS best served cold!)But, I digress...So, we have Owen, our planner, and Avery - the owner of the pizza shop across the street from the Inn. They have known each other all of their lives and even were "engaged" when she was five and he was eight. Very cute. She was also the first girl he saw naked when their families vacationed together and she skinny-dipped at night - alone. He, luckily, happened to have brought a telescope on that trip.“Telescope?” “Yeah. I charged Ry and Beck (his brothers) a buck a minute to use it.” Now, that was a fond memory. “I seem to recall I made about twenty-eight dollars.”“You charged them by the minute so you could all spy on me.” “Spy’s a hard word. Let’s say observe.” “Enterprising.” “I’ve got a head for business."........“I really want to see you naked again.” Her lips curved against his. “It’ll cost you twenty-eight dollars.”Aww! So sweet my teeth hurt.This was a very straightforward romance. Not much angst or drama. Just middle of the road. If you liked the first one, you'll like it.

  • Heidi Rice
    2019-03-18 03:48

    Oh how I love Nora Roberts' books.. Let me count the ways! This is another of Ms Roberts's triumphs... The second in the Inn at Boonsboro Trilogy in which three brothers who run their own construction company (we're talking gorgeous men in toolbelts ladies!!) find the loves of their lives in the scenic little Maryland town of Boonsboro while rehabbing an historic inn (with a resident ghost!). The first book had the thoughtful and dreamy Bennett falling in love with Clare, widowed mum of three boisterous young boys.This second book follows Clare's best-mate Avery MacTavish, pizza restaurateur and serial hair-dyer, and her journey to Love (cap L) with the man she has loved (small l) since she was about 5, namely middle brother Owen Montgomery. Owen is thoughtful, hot (of course) and a planner (a serial-list maker). While Avery is all impulse and emotion (hence the hair situation!). Now some people have said this book was a little boring, because Owen and Avery's story is fairly comfortable, there's not a lot of conflict or 'big emotional moments' or 'wild tempestuous sex' or even 'incendiary sparring'. Because right from the start of the book, these two love each other. They respect each other. And while the cap L love still sort of sneaks up on them, it's never in doubt that they are gonna make this work - despite Avery's issues with her mother (who abandoned the family when she was 10) and Owen's issues with... Well, I'm not really sure he has a lot of issues, except the need to plan everything a bit too carefully. But really the lack of fireworks didn't bother me a bit. The book wasn't the least bit boring, because it's so rich in character detail and community. I loved the way Avery and Owen dealt with each other with such wit and intelligence throughout the book. And I also loved the way in which they interacted with the other characters - Roberts does Male Banter brilliantly but she pretty much turns it into an art form in this book when the three brothers get together and talk sex, and ghosts and women... There's also the beautiful lyricism of Roberts's writing and her scene-setting (I want to visit that darn inn so much now - which is a pretty nifty marketing trick on her part because it does actually exist!). Her books are always just so damn readable, I feel as if I'm slipping into the world these people inhabit as well as dipping into their lives and I love it.And if you're dead set on fireworks, don't forget to read the little taster at the end for the third and final story. I think we've got a great firework finale in store when Hope (Clare and Avery's best mate and the Brothers' innkeeper) gets together with surly, moody and magnetic brother Ryder.

  • Jess
    2019-02-24 23:32

    Review posted: Happily Ever After - ReadsAvery and Owen have known each other their whole lives and Owen was Avery’s first boyfriend at the age of five. Fast forward years later and Owen’s working with his brothers, buying, renovating and running multiple businesses and buildings. Their latest project, the Inn BoonsBoro, is close to opening and everyone’s pitching in to put the final touches on the Inn. Hope, the innkeeper has moved in, the ghost is still floating around and appearing to various people and Avery is keeping busy running Vesta across the street, her pizzeria that has her working a lot but she still has dreams of opening another restaurant and lounge and she hopes the Montgomery’s will get on board with her.The angst level in this book is very low. There is no suspense plot, there’s a little bit of relationship angst between Owen and Avery, all due to zero communication that’s quickly worked out, which I liked. Avery also deals with some family drama that’s really just a bump in the road to her life moving forward with Owen. This story revolves around Owen and Avery’s relationship, the opening of the Inn and a storyline for the ghost that will move into book 3.I thought the relationship between Owen and Avery was sweet, well-paced and it felt natural. These two people have loved each other for so long, been close friends and seeing them fall in love was a nice progression. Owen is such a great guy, he already had me in his corner with his organized, planning self. He likes order and he likes to be prepared and along comes Avery, tossing some spontaneity into his life. But she wasn’t so much of an opposite that it made no sense – she’s just as driven as Owen is, even if she doesn’t schedule her life down to the minute. They’re a great match, and I enjoyed seeing their story unfold.Water sluiced over her, slicking her hair back. Her eyes, brilliantly blue now, stared into his, then went opaque as she shuddered.“I don’t…We can’t.” She struggled to regain her balance, to find purchase. “You’re too tall.”“You’re too short,” he corrected, then gripping her hips, lifted her off her feet. “So you’d better hang on.”“Owen – ”He braced her against the wet wall, and drove into her.“Oh.” Her eyes flew open, intense now, focused on his. He plunged again, ripping a cry of pleasure from her, and still her eyes remained open and on his. “Don’t let go. Don’t let go.”“You either,” he managed an instant before she pulled his mouth to her.They both held on.The family dynamic is front and center in not only this book, but the whole series. The Montgomery’s stay the centerpiece of the series, with the three brothers and their mom Justine playing large roles. Avery’s mom walked out on her and her dad when she was a young girl, so they were brought into the Montgomery family and made to feel a part. Avery and her dad have such a tight bond, it just added to Avery’s character seeing her with her dad and around Justine, who always thought of Avery as her own. Clare’s little boys run through the story here and there, they were a bright spot in book 1 and I still enjoy hearing their take on whatever it is that’s currently going on. The last Montgomery brother, Ryder, is up next and while he plays a supporting role in this book he seems like nice enough guy, but he has moments of being cranky, sometimes an ass, and is especially prickly towards Hope – and yes, I’m interested. I like a cranky hero that falls hard in love and Ryder’s getting set up to do just that.A couple things that didn’t really work for me and the reason for my rating – there is a lot of page time devoted to the Inn. I understand what a central focus the Inn is to this series, and especially this book, but the amount of time given to describing each and every room, down to the type of mirrors being hung in the bathroom, it’s just overdone. I wanted more time on page between Avery and Owen and less on the Inn and decorating. And the ghost; I’m not a fan of the ghost, but I found it easy enough to, for lack of a better word, ignore in book 1 (The Next Always). But, one can’t really do that in this book as a lot of time and a specific storyline is devoted to the ghost and figuring out who she is and why she muttered the name “Billy.” The storyline didn’t wrap up and we find out that Hope has connections to the ghost so I expect there to be quite a bit of emphasis on that storyline as well in book 3 (The Perfect Hope, Nov 2012).My overall rating is 3 stars. This was a nice read, but it didn’t blow me away. I liked the characters (minus the Inn and ghost) and I thought the romance between Owen and Avery was incredibly sweet – watching these two go from friends to lovers. Unfortunately, I keep comparing it to Nora Robert’s Bridal Quartet series, which I completely loved. This series has all the parts there, but it’s just not pulling me in all the way. That said, even though my interest in anything related to the Inn is wearing very thin, Ryder makes me want to at least give the last book a chance, to see what’s going to happen with him, and to find out why he’s so on edge all the time around Hope.

  • Vaso
    2019-02-27 23:48

    It took Avery and Owen quite a lot time to be together and finally express the feelings they have for each other… A nice story, as sweet as the first one..

  • Mafi
    2019-02-19 03:37

    Gostei mais deste do que do 1º! Gostei mais do casal deste livro e do desenvolvimento da estória da Elizabeth foi a minha parte preferida do livro. O que achei secante foi ler mais uma vez as partes sobre o hotel embora as descrições sejam boas.Agora é esperar pelo livro do Ryder e da Hope, confesso que estou curiosa! ---(...)Gostei imenso da Avery que passa uma grande energia. Está sempre atarefada de um lado para o outro mas sempre com um sorriso na cara e disposta a ajudar. Gostei também do Owen, que é sempre muito organizado mas ao lado dela, perde todo o sentido de organização. O mais giro do livro é que as personagens já se conheciam desde crianças e ate já tinham sido namorado e daí o titulo do livro - O Último Amor - eles foram o primeiro e o último amor um do outro.http://algodaodoceparaocerebro.blogsp...

  • Terri ♥ (aka Mrs. Christian Grey)
    2019-03-04 00:44

    Quick review:Cover: Pretty Rating:NC-17 Steaminess:Steamy Thumbs Up:4Overall: Terribly sweetCharacters: Well writtenPlot: When the one you were meant to love was always right therePage Turner: Yes Series Cont.? Yes Recommend:YesBook Boyfriend: OwenSUMMARY (50 words or less)What I liked most about this story that although it centered around Owen, the rest of the cast was still in the story and not as back drop. They are there like you would imagine life happens. The other characters aren’t pulled out like they didn’t exist.For a full review and yummy pic, see my blog post at: ReviewMacLeod Andrews did a wonderful job with the narration. He used very different voices for each character which he carried through the series.

  • Gwen (The Gwendolyn Reading Method)
    2019-02-26 02:46

    Less slow than book 1, but still, it's Nora Roberts for goodness sakes, so it's not exactly galloping along like a Michael Bay movie. It's more like if Bob Ross directed commercials for small-town inns. That's a compliment.

  •  Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books)
    2019-03-12 06:45

    My review in thirty words or less:Nothing blew me away about this romance, although it had its charms. Readers who enjoy friends to lovers stories and romances focused on family and friends will probably enjoy it.Overall rating: 3.5/5.0 starsReviewed for Affaire de Coeur magazine in the May Issue.

  • JPerceval
    2019-02-24 00:53

    Is La Nora losing her touch? Or is she just so in love with the idea of sharing her real-life inn with her readers that her story is suffering by comparison? Not only was the Inn the star of this book, but the main couple, Avery and Owen, were barely in focus. I felt like it was an ensemble story -- the next step for Beck & Claire (whose romance in the first book WAS satisfying alongside the DIY porn* of the inn remodel, so it CAN be done), hints at Ryder & Hope, developing the ghost's backstory, giving Justine and Willy B a romance (though the boys' reaction to that was Funny As Hell), and Avery deciding to open a second restaurant. Somewhere in there, she and Owen moved from friends to lovers, but if you blink, you miss it.More detailed review here.*DIY porn=credit to GR user Bungluna. Yes, girlfriend, we are making this a thing! ;-)

  • Ana
    2019-03-19 05:48

    A reconstrução do hotel das recordações fica concluído, mas o mistério da Lizz continua, quem será a simpática fantasma que ocupa aquele local e por quem espera? Mais um livro da NR de leitura fácil e um bom companheiro para dias soalheiros.

  • Liz F
    2019-02-23 05:50

    To my mind, there's not TOO much of a point in reviewing a Nora Roberts book. She is consistently great, in every way. I can't recall offhand ever disliking one of her books. "The Last Boyfriend" is the second book in the Inn BoonsBoro trilogy and is another good book from Nora Roberts.I only gave it three stars though because I felt this book was lacking something. I can't quite put my finger on it though. I guess, in a lot of good romances... well, actually I should say in a lot of the romances that I really like, the formula sort of goes like this: boy meets girl, boy and girl become friends, boy and girl become more than friends, boy and girl fall in love, something scary/awful/tragic happens, boy/girl saves girl/boy, boy and girl reaffirm life through reaffirming their love, the end - happily ever after. In lots of Nora Roberts books, this formula exists and works really well. In THIS Nora Roberts book, the missing element was the conflict, the tragedy, the kidnapping, the psycho ex returning, etc. There was no danger. Nothing to be brought back from the brink from. Do you know what I mean?In this book, Owen Montgomery is one of three brothers that runs/works/owns a construction company in small town Boonsboro. They are remodeling a 100+ year old building and turning it into a Bed and Breakfast. We met Beckett in Book 1. **SPOILER SENTENCE HERE ---> Beckett and Clare end up together in the first book, but not before danger threatens one or both of them. <----- END SPOILER ALERT** Here, in book 2, they have finished the remodel and are about to open up for business. Owen is the list maker, note taker, keep everything organized organizer. Oh, he's also built, hot and great with a hammer... (wink, wink). Across the street from the building is Vesta Pizzeria, owned and operated by Avery MacTavish. Avery has been close with the Montgomery's ever since she was a kid and has had a crush on Owen almost as long! **MORE POSSIBLE SPOILERS FROM HERE ON OUT ---> Avery and Owen decide to take things a little further than friendship. It works out for them. ...Aaaaaand that's it. That's the story. Oh her long lost mom makes an appearance and Avery's all bent out of shape about it (with good reason though: her mom abandoned her when she was a kid). But Owen forces her to talk about it and that's that. There was no danger anywhere for these two. Only the dangers of following your own heart. And isn't that not so much of a danger as it is an adventure?Like I said, it was a good book. I caught myself laughing out loud at several parts. I know it sort of sounds like I didn't enjoy the book, but I did! I just don't think it was quite up to Nora Roberts' standards, that's all. I like the trilogy so far and I'll definitely be reading the 3rd installment when it comes out in November! :)

  • Natalia815
    2019-03-12 23:40

    La historia es sencilla y bonita. Los protagonistas son adorables, aunque si tuviera que elegir entre la historia de Beckett o Owen, me quedaría con la primera. No sé porqué, pero tengo la sensación de que el último libro de la saga va a ser mi favorito. Las pinceladas que ha ido dejando Nora me tienen muy intrigada.

  • AthinaB
    2019-02-25 07:41

    3.5*Αισθάνομαι λίγο περίεργα για αυτό το βιβλίο. Αν και είναι ευκολοδιάβαστο και το τελείωσα μέσα σε περίπου 29 ώρες, δεν μπόρεσα να δεθώ με τους κύριους χαρακτήρες του. Δεν μου έξαψε το ενδιαφέρον με τον ίδιο τρόπο μου το έκανε το πρώτο βιβλίο. Ήθελα να μάθω περισσότερα για την ζωή της Κλερ με τον Μπέκετ και για το μυστήριο της Ελίζας Φόρντ, πάρα για την κύρια ιστορία. Αν και τα συναίσθημα μου είναι μέτρια για αυτό το βιβλίο, προς το τέλος του κατάφερε να με αγγίξει.

  • Rebecca
    2019-03-08 02:01

    I loved this one even more than the first. The secondary characters and the setting make this such an appealing trilogy, and I'm really looking forward to Ryder and Hope!

  • Annie (Under the Covers Book Blog)
    2019-02-22 01:57

    Posted on Under the CoversOwen Montgomery likes to keep things in order. He has his plans laid out months in advance and he never, ever deters from them. However, Owen has never paid much attention to the pizza place owner, Avery McTavish until now. The fun-loving and spirited Avery runs the vastly popular pizza place right across the inn. Though they don’t work far from each other and see one another often, their relationship starts off slow. Whenever Owen needs a quiet place to make some important calls, he walks over to Avery’s and uses her space for awhile. Soon, Owen finds himself there more often and he can only guess why.The fiery woman with the red hot hair has finally caught his attention and now, he has no intentions of letting go. Like I said earlier, Roberts develops Avery and Owen’s relationship slowly. Owen is a thorough guy and doesn’t jump into things impulsively. It’s why he is so successful at what he does. And the inn his brothers, Ry and Beckett and his mother have been working on is now showing signs of finishing. By the New Year, the inn with be taking in people and showing them just how great the small town of Boonsboro can really be. We see some updates from Clare and Beckett, the couple from the first book and learn about develops in their relationship, while Roberts builds up some interesting moments between Hope and Ry, the grumpy brother who likes to snarl and snap at everyone who isn’t his mother. I’m really looking forward to reading his book next. It’s going to be great! Hope, the new innkeeper has moved into the inn and is now settling herself into her new environment. Unfortunately, the ghost, Lizzy as Beckett likes to call her is still waiting for someone called Billy. Lizzy the ghost has been doing some matchmaking throughout this book and while I didn’t really care for this supernatural element in the first book, I found that I really enjoyed it in this book. There were so many fun moments in this book that had me smiling as I read. Roberts has always possessed the ability to warm readers hearts with her words and characters and THE LAST BOYFRIEND delivers just as much as her other books. I’m looking forward to see what he has planned for Ry. *ARC provided by publisher

  • Hope
    2019-03-01 00:36

    It is always wonderful when the 2nd book in a series is just as good as the first! The continuation of goodness just makes me sigh a happy sigh! :-) I loved the first book in this Inn Boonsboro trilogy and the 2nd was just as good! I can't wait to read the 3rd! :-)The first was the story of sweet Claire, the wonderful girl from next door. This one is about the fiery Avery! I admire her so much! Her high energy makes me tired but also make me smile! ;-)I'm so excited to find out more about Lizzy and her life! I really need to go and request the next book from the library! LOL! Right NOW! ;-) This is a series I'll be buying to keep in my library and revisit ever year or two. Happy times between these pages! :-)XXOO~HopeFrom A new novel of a shared past, a fresh start, and a lifetime of love. #1 New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts introduces you to the Montgomery brothers���Beckett, Ryder, and Owen���as they bring an intimate bed-and-breakfast to life in their hometown.Owen is the organizer of the Montgomery clan, running the family���s construction business with an iron fist���and an even less flexible spreadsheet. And though his brothers bust on his compulsive list-making, the Inn BoonsBoro is about to open right on schedule. The only thing Owen didn���t plan for was Avery McTavish...Avery���s popular pizza place is right across the street from the inn, giving her a first-hand look at its amazing renovation���and a newfound appreciation for Owen. Since he was her first boyfriend when they were kids, Owen has never been far from Avery���s thoughts. But the attraction she���s feeling for him now is far from innocent. As Avery and Owen cautiously take their relationship to another level, the opening of the inn gives the whole town of Boonsboro a reason to celebrate. But Owen���s hard work has only begun. Getting Avery to let down her guard is going to take longer than he expected���and so will getting her to realize that her first boyfriend is going to be her last���

  • Annalisa
    2019-02-28 06:31

    Nora Roberts non è tra le mie autrici preferite, ma questo libro è stato una lettura piacevole e leggera.Si legge in fretta ed è una storia molto dolce, con un pizzico di soprannaturale ^-^Il secondo volume della trilogia del Boonsboro Hotel parla della coppia Avery-Owen... Carina, ma non mi ha fatto impazzire - il secondo volume di una serie mi fa quasi sempre questo effetto -.-La storia è abbastanza prevedibile: Avery e Owen sono amici da sempre, e ora dopo un bacio accidentale scoprono di provare qualcosa di più che semplice amicizia. Diventano una coppia, ma Avery fa fatica a lasciarsi andare completamente perché a paura di essere come sua madre che ha abbandonato lei e suo padre per un altro uomo. Owen le fa capire che non è così e alla fine le chiede anche di sposarlo.Questo in poche parole è il succo del libro.Sinceramente più che questa coppia, mi ispira di più quella Hope-Ryder che spero di leggere presto ^-^

  • Nidah (SleepDreamWrite)
    2019-03-14 01:40

    Its nice to read a feel good kind of romance type read. The covers are beautiful and give off a cozy vibe. That's how I'd describe this trilogy.So the first one was focusing on Clare and Beckett. In the second one Avery and Owen. I loved the first book but found this one to be just as good. So you could say this is a 4.5 for me. There's some adorable moments and moments I was like, thank you for not going into a cliche direction. Well it kind of us but doesn't drag it out. Much appreciative book. Then near the end I got a little butterflies and wanted to give Owen a hug, well all three of them. They are just too adorable. Good sequel. Looking forward to the third and final one where it'll involve Ryder and Hope. Who I like a little more along with the others of course.

  • Duchess Nicole
    2019-03-08 07:59

    A nice Nora story. Nothing huge happens. Very low angst. I listened to the audio and it was fantastic. Great narrator...his voice really makes this series for me. My reason for not rating it higher is that I didn't really find the romance all that believable. They've lived in the same town all their lives but there was never enough sexual tension for them to act on it? What's different about now? Just a single moment of proximity? Idk, it just wasn't very romantic or sexy for me. Still good though :D Really looking forward to Hope and Ryder's story...those two are combustive!!

  • Helena
    2019-02-17 00:38

    Un libro donde los dos protagonistas se ven como dos hermanos, como dos mejores amigos que, de repente, ya no pueden esconder el deseo que sienten el uno por el otro. Él, Owen, hombre organizado, hermano de sus hermanos, inteligente y poco espontáneo. Ella, Avery, trabajadora, luchadora, caótica, temerosa de enamorarse y luego ver que todo es pasajero. Una combinación explosiva y suave. Un romance lento pero encantador.

  • Maria
    2019-02-22 03:32

    Ένα ευχάριστό μυθιστόρημα για όλες τις ώρες. Δεν είναι κάτι το ιδιαίτερο, αν και μου άρεσαν αρκετά του στοιχεία όπως η συγκατοίκηση με ένα φάντασμα και η εξιχνίαση του μυστηρίου που το περιβάλλει. Σε αρκετά σημεία βαρέθηκα, αλλά διαβάζεται ευχάριστα.

  • Yvonne
    2019-03-06 05:57

    Sweet! ❤️

  • Sandy M
    2019-03-05 07:31

    I’ve anxiously waited for this second book in Nora Roberts’ latest trilogy. I fell in love with the Montgomery brothers in The Next Always, and I now wish there’s more than just three of them to read about. As the finishing details are quickly put on Inn Boonsboro, Owen finds himself falling for a friend he’s known forever.Where we got the construction phase of the inn in the first book, this time we’re invited inside to watch all the detail work done for the grand opening. The brothers’ mother and aunt, along with Hope, the new manager, decorate with elegance and verve. As in TNA, I enjoyed the step-by-step descriptions of these final touches. It’s fun to go along with the women as they choose lamps and bedding and linens and bookshelves and then tease with the boys on where to hammer in nails and brackets. The fun continues as Avery and then other friends spend the night in each of the historic-named suites to make sure all is well before reservation guests arrive. These scenes never get tedious with Ms. Roberts’ wonderful way of pulling you into the enthusiasm and chaos with the characters.Owen is the organized one, a place for everything and everything in its place, lists for any and all projects and budgets – you name it and Owen is on top of it. Avery is the spontaneous one but also a hard worker. She owns Vesta Pizza, just across the way from the inn, where everyone hangs out, Owen taking a little more time there in quiet times to get extra work done. They’ve known each other since childhood. Owen was Avery’s first boyfriend. Though their earlier feelings never totally vanished through the years, suddenly they’re looking at each other in that light again, only from a more mature viewpoint.Avery wants to take it slow, work their way into a relationship again. Owen is all for diving right in, facing it head on and see what happens. Whatever they do, however they do it, it’s wonderful to watch them from the inside track come together. The one thing on their minds is what if getting together now ruins the friendship they cherish? But each time they’re together, those scenes are fun, teasing, serious, loving, just everything you’d want in a relationship. Even doubt and shutting down when life seems to throw more at you than you can handle. That happens to Avery late in the story.The resident ghost is still a big part of the book. We learn more about her and why she’s still at the inn. She has a sense of humor amid all that heartbreak, and it’s nice to see that as we get to know her. We also get to catch up with characters from the previous book. Beckett and Clare’s wedding is in the works, so more frenetic energy on top of the inn happenings. Turn the Page bookstore is still going strong. I had a great time when Owen discovers his mother and Avery’s father are having a “thing.” That scene in her kitchen when Owen stops by for breakfast is hilarious. And the scenes with Hope and Ryder still give us the antagonism that started early on between them. It’s going to be interesting to see how Ms. Roberts brings romance into their lives.But in between all of this the romance with Owen and Avery is front and center. Nora Roberts is the best at that. They’re upfront and open with one another once they decide to pursue the relationship. They have fun, having the inn opening in common. It’s a big thing in town and Avery wants to be part of it. Owen is there for her when her life takes an unexpected turn and she realizes she needs to include him if they’re to have a future together. Their loving is sweet and intense. And family is most important for both of them. I love Avery’s relationship with her father.And I love everything about these books. From the storylines to the covers, even the pages of the books are slightly frayed and uneven, giving it an old-fashioned look and fit this series perfectly. Of course, I’m one of those readers who thinks Nora really can’t really do any wrong. So all of these extras just makes her stories that much more wonderful.See my complete review at

  • Γιώτα Παπαδημακοπούλου
    2019-03-01 05:33

    Στο βιβλίο "Παντοτινός έρωτας", η Nora Roberts καταπιάνεται με την ιστορία του δεύτερου αδερφού της οικογένειας Μοντγκόμερι, η οποία παρά που έχει αρκετά στοιχεία με την προκάτοχό της, διαφέρει στις λεπτομέρειες εκείνες που συγκριτικά την κάνουν να ξεχωρίζει -εννοώντας το με αρκετούς διαφορετικούς τρόπους. Βέβαια, μπορεί το όλο concept να φαντάζει κάπως κλισέ και η πορεία της ιστορίας να είναι προδιαγεγραμμένη, αλλά έχω την αίσθηση πως σε μια καθαρά ρομαντική, σύγχρονη ιστορία, κάτι τέτοιο δεν σε πιάνει εξαπίνης αλλά αντίθετα, είναι κάτι το οποίο το περιμένεις. Από 'κει και έπειτα, εσύ ο ίδιος ως αναγνώστης αποφασίζεις αν σου κάνει ή όχι, κι επιλέγεις ανάλογα.Ο Όουεν ανήκει στο κλασσικό και τυπικό μοντέλο άντρα επιχειρηματία που θέλει να έχει τα πάντα υπό έλεγχο, το πρόγραμμά του είναι πάντα οργανωμένο στο ακέραιο και κάθε τι στη ζωή του και την καθημερινότητά του είναι υπολογισμένα από την αρχή μέχρι και το τέλος. Όμως ο έρωτας είναι κάτι που δεν μπορείς να υπολογίσεις ούτε τον προγραμματίζεις να έρθει όταν θες ή όταν είσαι έτοιμος, σωστά; Η Έιβερι από την άλλη δεν έχει τόσους ψυχαναγκασμούς και ζεις μια σχετικά ήσυχη και φυσιολογική ζωή, διατηρώντας μία πιτσαρία απέναντι από το ξενοδοχείο που ανακαινίζει ο Όουεν και τα αδέρφια του. Ο Όουεν, που δεν είναι άλλος από τον πρώτο της παιδικό έρωτα. Ένας έρωτας αφελής και ασήμαντος. Ένας έρωτας που επιστρέφει στην ενήλικη ζωή τη δική της και εκείνου πιο δυνατός απ' ότι θα μπορούσε ποτέ να φανταστεί κανείς.Δεν ξέρω γιατί, αλλά συγκριτικά με το ζευγάρι της πρώτης ιστορίας των αδερφών Μοντγκόμερι, με τον Όουεν και την Έιβερι δεν κατάφερα να έρθω τόσο κοντά, κυρίως συναισθηματικά. Παρά που ως χαρακτήρες πλησιάζουν περισσότερο σε μένα, η τρυφερότητα και η γλύκα της "Δεύτερης ευκαιρίας" μού έλειψε και τη νοστάλγησα αρκετές στιγμές. Ωστόσο, για να μην γίνομαι άδικη, πρέπει να αναφέρω πως το συγκεκριμένο βιβλίο είχε αρκετά έντονες δόσεις χιούμορ -και μάλιστα, ποιοτικού και έξυπνου χιούμορ-, αλλά και μερικές εξαιρετικά απολαυστικές στιχομυθίες ανάμεσα στους δύο εν δυνάμει εραστές, που από τη μία παλεύουν με αυτό που νιώθουν μέσα τους και από την άλλη, είναι ολοφάνερο πως θέλουν κολασμένα να παραδοθούν σε αυτό.Όσον αφορά την κεντρική ιδέα του βιβλίου, αν αποτελούσε μία εντελώς ανεξάρτητη ιστορία, πιθανότατα να ήμουν πιο ελαστική και να την απολάμβανα περισσότερο. Άλλωστε η ιδέα του πρώτου έρωτα που αναζοπυρώνεται και οδηγεί σε ένα φλογερό πάθος, μπορεί να είναι χιλιοειπωμένη και πολυχρησιμοποιημένη, δεν παύει ωστόσο πάντα να παρακολουθείται ή να διαβάζεται ιδιαίτερα ευχάριστα, ειδικά τις στιγμές εκείνες που έχεις απλά ανάγκη κάτι που θα σε βοηθήσει να χαλαρώσεις. Και ακριβώς αυτό είναι και κάνει η συγκεκριμένη ιστορία. Είναι μια μυθιστορηματική αφήγηση που στην πραγματικότητα κρύβει μέσα της ένα από τα μεγάλα απωθημένα των περισσότερων γυναικών -ακόμα κι αν δεν το παραδεχτούν ποτέ-, που μας κάνει να χαμογελάμε πονηρά και όλο νόημα, και να περνάμε χαλαρά και όμορφα την ώρα μας.Το "Παντοτινός έρωτας" είναι ένα βιβλίο που δεν προσφέρει μεγάλες δόσεις αγωνίας ούτε έχει ιδιαίτερο σασπένς. Θα λέγαμε πως η εξέλιξη της ιστορίας είναι καθορισμένη από την αρχή κι εμείς ως αναγνώστες απλά ακολουθούμε το ρεύμα και κατά που εκείνο μας πηγαίνει. Όπως ίσως καταλάβατε, μου άρεσε λιγάκι λιγότερο το πρώτο της τριλογίας, ίσως επειδή στο συγκεκριμένο ήξερα τι να περιμένω στον απόλυτο βαθμό, κυρίως επειδή οι χαρακτήρες δεν είχαν τόσο μεγάλη εξέλιξη όπως στη "Δεύτερη ευκαιρία". Ένα τυπικό control freak που δεν αφήνει την παραμικρή λεπτομέρεια στη ζωή του να ξεφύγει από την ευθεία πορεία που έχει χαράξει, μέχρι που μια γυναίκα λιγάκι διαφορετική από τις άλλες τον κάνει να χορεύει σε ρυθμούς ζικ ζακ, και η απόδειξη πως μπορεί οι παιδικοί έρωτες να μην είναι αφελείς, αλλά να μην έρχονται στη σωστή ώρα και να θέλουν χρόνο να ωριμάσουν, όπως κι εμείς οι ίδιοι.

  • Sandra
    2019-02-16 01:39

    Nora Roberts siempre es una buena (o casi siempre) apuesta cuando me apetece leer algo romántico y dulce. Eso es lo que me he encontrado con este libro. He adorado tanto a los personajes.Avery me ha encantado, me ha parecido bastante humana, real, divertida, cariñosa, no sé, genial. Siempre está ahí y en cierto modo me he identificado mucho con ella, con sus locos comentarios y refugiarse en sí misma cuando algo le pasa. Y Owen, de verdad, es perfecto. Me ha gustado de un modo diferente a Beckett. Owen es muy tierno y los hombres tiernos son mi debilidad <3 Una cosa que no me paraba de dar vueltas por la cabeza es que esta gente tiene que estar forrada si son dueños de tantos locales y aún así compran otros cuantos. No hablemos del dineral que se habrán gastado en reformar el hotel y la panadería y ahí está la madre, queriendo comprar otro edificio. De verdad, forrados forrados. Construyendo una casa, comprando muebles. Y Avery pensando en abrir dos locales más. En serio, le salen los billetes hasta detrás de las orejas.Me he quedado flipando cuando Clare y Beckett no llevan ni un año de novios y ya se están casando y teniendo otro bebé. Hablan de tener hijos como si fueran bolígrafos. Joder, es que tienen 3 y encima buscan otro más? Ni de coña me creo que esta mujer se quede con 4 hijos, seguro que uno más tiene que caer. Pero bueno, se bañan en dinero, así que supongo que un hijo más no es problema. Y qué tonta me ha parecido Clare en este libro. Por ejemplo, no se quiere casar de blanco porque "no es una primera boda". La estupidez más grande que he leído en mucho tiempo. Una cosa así de pasada, odio que en los libros (o las autoras, más bien) haya una especie de tabú con respecto al embarazo fuera del matrimonio. Siempre que se habla de ese tipo de embarazos, ahí está el hombre para decir "nos casaremos porque es lo que toca". Creo que esa mentalidad se dejó atrás hace un tiempo y me molesta un poco. Por ejemplo, (view spoiler)[cuando Owen cree que Avery está embaraza, lo primero que le dice a Beckett es que se tienen que casar porque ella está embaraza. (hide spoiler)]Lo único malo que le he encontrado ha sido que a los 5 meses más o menos de relación y Owen ya le está pidiendo matrimonio a Avery. Sí, es bonito y le da cierto tipo de "cierre" a la historia de los personajes, pero poco creíble por lo menos desde mi punto de vista. Aunque bueno, es un récord comparado con Clare y Beckett, que solo llevaban como 3 meses antes de que él se lo pidiese.Bueno, parece que he odiado al libro pero no! Todo lo contrario, me ha encantado y me he leído hasta la última palabra y me he quedado con ganas de más. Eso sí, no sé si Clare ha sido siempre así de pava y en este libro cada vez que salía me temía lo que iba a salir de su boca. No puedo esperar a leer la historia de Ry y Esperanza!

  • Nicole R
    2019-02-19 06:59

    (insert whimsical sigh here)Sometimes my enjoyment of a contemporary romance novel is directly related to how much I can relate to the two main characters. In the first installment of the Inn Boonsboro Trilogy, I couldn't really relate to war-widow Clare and her three young boys. But, book two better introduces us to Avery - perhaps my literary alter-ego. She is a chronically disorganized work-aholic who is full of energy and good will, but also relishes in local gossip and occasionally petty comments. Underneath all of that she is equally scared to fall in love to quickly and to never fall in love at all. Jeez, make her a staffer in a Congressional office and not the owner of an Italian restaurant and she could almost be me! Throw in that the super-organized, painstakingly thorough Owen reminds me of someone in my life and this book was borderline a good way.I am a fan of the second books in Nora trilogies. You get to watch a couple dating and working up to love, a couple seal their previously established commitment with a vow, and a third couple usually has a handful of confusing interactions that builds anticipation for the third book. It's like being in three relationships at three different stages all at once! I also adore the secondary characters in Boonsboro! While I can't relate to having three young boys, they are stinking adorable, the Montgomery mom is absolutely fabulous, and I want a hug from Willy B. Throw in a small subplot mystery revolving around a ghost associated with the Inn and I am ready to make my move to Boonsboro.The first book in this trilogy was overly criticized for being too much about the details of rehabbing the Inn (including by me) and for being more of a tourist brochure for Nora Robert's real life B&B than a solid addition to her body of work. At first, I thought those things as well. However, I went to Boonsboro shortly after the release of her first book and I have to say the town is SO adorable! I think Nora owns about everything in it but seeing the layout in my head, having stood in the Elizabeth and Darcy room, eating pizza at Vesta's, drinking coffee at the bakery, and purchasing a book at Turn The Page Bookstore actually enriched the second book for me. If you have the chance to go visit, do it. Added bonus: Nora does many book signings there.Did you love the first Inn Boonsboro book? Were you lukewarm about it? Did you actually not like it any where near as much as you like Nora's other works? If they answer to any of these is "yes" then give The Last Boyfriend a chance.

  • Tam B.
    2019-02-23 07:36

    This book was a nice continuation in the story of Boonsboro but I think some of the criticism that I've read is justified.There was a lot of furniture / finishings talk. It didn't bother me all that much. The scene that did was the one with the warped table. It just seemed so unnecessary and felt really long even though it wasn't. Or maybe I'd just reached my limit at that point.I think the problem for me with this book wasn't the couple or their relationship but the fact that it didn't seem to get the focus that the couples usually do in the other trilogies that Roberts has written. In this case Avery and Owen really took a backseat to the inn, Beckett's house, the bakery, MacT's. Everything else had a priority. It's not that I don't understand that they were busy but the focus of the book was on everything else and not them. That is what was lacking. This felt like you were revisiting Boonsboro in general and catching up with everyone and not spending anymore time with Owen and Avery than you did anyone else.Whilst I'm not against the ghost, I do think that Roberts has done this before and she didn't really need to do it again. Or not to this level. The In The Garden books had us discovering a ghost's identity, dating her by dress, and being left clues by the ghost. Will possession be next for Hope as it was for Hayley??? Why couldn't we have had a benevolent ghost who just left the smell of honeysuckle and opened the odd door as an in built attraction and nothing more. I also think Roberts stepped away from formula with Avery and that's why the story was lacking. Typically the three woman are girl next door, girl with attitude and girl with sex appeal (think Three Sisters or Dreams trilogy). Avery should have been our girl with attitude and she didn't or there was no engaging of what attitude she does have in banter with anyone.So whilst this was a nice visit to Boonsboro I'm glad I got it at the library.