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This innovative multi-cultural book takes a look at recipes and cultures from around the world....

Title : The Kids' Around the World Cookbook
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ISBN : 9781856979979
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 506 Pages
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The Kids' Around the World Cookbook Reviews

  • Julia
    2019-02-24 22:07

    For those who follow along they may have noticed lately that I have been on a cookbook reading spree especially for those that are geared towards children. The concept of easy recipes in a busy world, the noticing of healthy food evolution and the chance to see how various cook-authors choose to present a somewhat complex subject so simplistically has been fascinating while also providing the reader with a chance to choose fun and yummy sounding recipes to try out for themselves. Unfortunately the one main trial that children are presented with is the fact that many cookbooks made for them focus on one category of recipes with not much room to explore other cultural perimeters thus stifling them in their talent grooming. And so when I came across this book I was excited to explore it and to see what could be found within the pages - would it hold up or would it fail inspection? With this particular book I was on the fence with it. I did enjoy the fact that there were so many options to explore when it came country-wise, I liked the illustrations, the presentation of the pages and the brightness of the colors. The book was truly geared towards children in its general presentation while carrying a promise to what may have been contained within. Unfortunately while the presentation was geared towards children cooks I don't think the concept was. Some of the recipes such as bobotie and paella plus ingredients for others weren't children-friendly. There is no suggestion at all within the pages that a supervising adult should be around to help but I would definitely recommend it, especially if children are still learning the basics of prep work in the kitchen or are still quite young. The other thing is that although the book has done a wonderful job in choosing various recipes to explore there were some recipes that just seemed uncultural like pineapple ice cream for the Carribbean or Surfer's Shake. At other points they explored a bit more for places such as the United States but others like the Caribbean and Africa were all thrown together while it was even implied by the author that no one catch-all recipe could be suggested for that whole region. Plus some of the recipes probably had cultural names for them that may not have been included but I cannot be quite sure of that. Otherwise the reader will enjoy the fact that each country presentation has a very small introductory paragraph under the name. The illustrations are both for the recipe and for the country with the illustrated border showing off highlights that country is somewhat known and other parts of the border also offer more fun facts for readers. So in the end it was a decently good cookbook and one that I will be most definitely testing some recipes from in the future. And as for a children's cookbook I would only recommend it to older cooks who have the basic prep work figured out and even then with some assistance from an adult cook at least for maybe the first or second attempt of a recipe before actually allowing them go wild.

  • Connie
    2019-03-12 21:07

    I would have liked for the ingredients to have been listed in order, according to their use. Also, some ingredients were listed, but not mentioned in the directions.Otherwise, it was a fun little book with one or two Scandinavian, Dutch, Great Britain,Thai, Indonesian, Cajun, Mexican, German, Swiss, French, Italian, Greek, Turkish, Hungarian, Russian, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, Scottish, Welsh, French, Caribbean, Australian, Middle Eastern, and African recipes; little bits of country information; and great illustrations.

  • Haley
    2019-03-09 00:57

    This was a great multicultural cookbook with engaging facts and illustrations. Many of the recipes sounded delicious as well!