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Mallory Westerman is a full-figured, successful, young business woman living in Yorkshire, England. Though very career minded, she is extremely self-conscious about her ample curves and so her love life tends to pay the price. Concentrating solely on her business, she has almost given up on finding someone to love. That is until she literally trips into the arms of a stranMallory Westerman is a full-figured, successful, young business woman living in Yorkshire, England. Though very career minded, she is extremely self-conscious about her ample curves and so her love life tends to pay the price. Concentrating solely on her business, she has almost given up on finding someone to love. That is until she literally trips into the arms of a stranger who becomes her Knight in shining armour. The immediate sexual and romantic spark that blossoms into love and the events that follow, irrevocably change Mallory’s life-path and self-image forever, but only go to prove that the road to true love is never smooth and that things don’t always turn out how you expect…...

Title : Bridge Over the Atlantic
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ISBN : 9781939217431
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 336 Pages
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Bridge Over the Atlantic Reviews

  • Carrie
    2018-08-31 23:21

    Mallory Westerman and her boyfriend, Sam, were just beginning their lives together and everything was going perfectly for them. The couple had just bought their dream home and were planning the rest of their lives when tragedy strikes. When Sam was late returning home Mallory was beginning to worry when there is a knock at the door and she gets the worse news of her life, Sam had been in an accident and didn't make it. With Mallory's world shattered she really doesn't know how she'll move on without Sam in her life but finds comfort where she least expected from a local man she had just met before Sam's accident. Greg wasn't the friendliest of the locals at their first meeting but after losing Sam Mallory finds that she and Greg have that grief in common as he had recently lost his love too. The unlikely friends soon find themselves leaning on each other but Mallory is hesitant to let her feelings go deeper so soon after the loss of Sam.A Seaside Escape by Lisa Hobman is a contemporary romance read that takes readers on a roller coaster ride of emotional ups and downs all throughout the story. As much as I liked about this book and Mallory's story there were things that I just didn't care for along the way too. For the good in this one I did quite enjoy Greg and his musical side. The author brought in playlists all throughout the book which went right along with Greg's feelings and actions at the time. The setting is also quite nice and dealing with grief in the story had it's ups and downs and Mallory's feelings were realistic in her struggles to cope with her loss. However, on the other side of things I felt that the author really could have cut out a lot of the flashbacks with Sam after he was gone in the story. This seemed a bit distracting to building a new relationship to continue to focus on the old to great lengths. I would expect Mallory to remember Sam but this could have been done in a paragraph or two here and there. Also, I struggled with liking Mallory overall as a character since at one moment she would be someone I'd feel for and want to find happiness and the next she would seem to go overboard to the annoying side and I'd start to dislike her which would really bring down the book yet again. In the end I'd probably rate this one at 2.5 stars, some good parts but they did get overshadowed unfortunately. I received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalley.For more reviews please visit https://carriesbookreviews.wordpress....

  • Alkisti
    2018-09-17 18:17

    Reading this book felt like watching one of the hundred chick flick, romance comedies that never make it to the screens but only come out in DVD or something, whose actors you've never heard of and you probably never will again either, that you randomly come across a lazy Saturday afternoon on TV and you end up watching just because there's really nothing else on. You might enjoy it, and have a pleasant time but it's still full of cliches and you'll still forget about it the moment it's over.I'm sorry to say that besides absolutely no surprises in the story line, the writing itself was of poor quality. Repetitive and uninspired, there was no cohesion in the narration. I felt like I was reading the same sentences placed one after the other with no flow, instead of them being blended together to create a smooth narrative and voice.**I received a free ARC from the publishers via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**

  • Alexa
    2018-08-22 21:22

    This had been in my TBR list forever so when I saw it in the library I snatched it without a second thought. To be honest I cannot even remember why I added it to the TBR in the first place! it has glowing reviews but doesn’t look like anything special… Well, the point is I couldn’t read it. I tried, stopped at around 5%, went ahead and read all the spoilers, felt a little bit more interested, tried again, and stopped again around 10%. I don’t like the characters, I don’t like the writing. I don’t like the constant exposition and info dump disguised as a dialogue. I’m not going to rate it because maybe it develops wonderfully later on, but I’m not going to waste any more time reading something I obviously don’t like.

  • Aestas Book Blog
    2018-08-25 23:11

    I've had this book recommended to me a few times now and I've added it to my list so I'm sharing the link in case you want to check it out as well. It's a standalone with a happy ending and readers have described it as an "emotional" and "feel-good" romance ♥

  • Susan Lohrer
    2018-09-04 20:01

    This book begins as a nice little romance... and then a couple of chapters in, bam, the story takes an unexpected twist and becomes a full-fledged, buy-stocks-in-a-tissues-company love story.I think the only way to adequately describe how emotionally gripping Bridge Over the Atlantic is, without giving too much away, is to say that Ms. Hobman has a bit of a Mr. Sparks thing going on.It'll make you believe in love.

  • Lisa
    2018-09-07 18:28

    My first book and the equivalent to my novel 'baby'. I'm still crazy about Greg. So much so that he is getting his own book :-D

  • Keren Hughes
    2018-09-01 21:00

    I’ve just put this book down, realising that, unfortunately for me, I was at the end. I didn’t want it to be over. I wanted more laughter, more tears (okay maybe there were enough of those already) and more importantly, more Mally. I’m attempting to write a review without a single spoiler, but that’s really hard when all I want to do is talk about this amazing story and why I loved it so much. Lisa J Hobman lures you in with her beautiful prose, but you stay for the characters, the blossoming love, the ups and downs that undoubtedly feature... this is what makes her books so amazing and why I love each and every story she creates. I’ve read goodness knows how many books recently and you could say that some feel a little contrived, a forced happily ever after because that’s what the readers expect. People want a HEA or they won’t read a book. Well, at least that’s what it feels like lately. Not all stories have a HEA and not all stories are a roller coaster ride of emotions that have you higher than the clouds at some points and lower than dirty ditch-water at others. Some stories are sad, they make you cry uncontrollably, but they are beautiful. As a reader, I want a bit of diversity in what I read. Sometimes I want the “and they all loved happily ever after” and sometimes I don’t. A Seaside Escape was... how do I sum it up?... tumultuous, happy, sad - it definitely pulls the heartstrings on more than one occasion.I experienced a myriad of emotions with a bubbly, sweet young woman who is given the truest of loves and a mercurial man who made me want to pull my hair out, punch him in the face, kick him in the [____] and yet somehow made me fall in love with him anyway. Lisa’s writing was beautiful, eloquent, thought provoking and she created a place where I could escape my own reality, swapping it for the highs and lows of someone else’s life for a while. I love everything I read by this author, but this one was truly a beautiful story that talks of true love and how it conquers all. The characters touched me in a way that was almost tangible. It talks of how lucky we are to experience the truest of loves, if we ever get to. But also how lucky we are if we get to experience it more than once in a lifetime. It taught me that though I might not think it right now, maybe one day, when the right time comes along, I’ll find that kind of love again. If you’re looking for a romantic story to whisk you away, download this to your kindle (or if you like the feel and smell of a real book like I do, grab it in paperback) when it comes out on Sunday October 1st.

  • Amanda (Hootie) Clark
    2018-08-30 17:03

    Bridge Over The Atlantic is a story about love and loss and finding happiness again amidst the pain. Wow! I don't even know where to begin because I literally have so many things to say about this wonderful story. I guess first I will say if you have seen the movie P.S. I Love you and bawled your eyes out for days like I did, then get ready for this book. It's heartbreaking, emotional and funny.When the story begins we find Mallory and her fiance Sam gearing up for a big move to Scotland to start their newly engaged lives together. Sam gets called away on business the day they are to leave so Mallory has to go alone to meet the movers and get settled. After several hours of not hearing from him she goes into the local pub and tries to phone him and is met with the sickening news that he died in a car accident. As the news sets in and Sam is laid to rest Mallory must try to move on in a new place alone. With the help of her friends and Sam's family she gets settled in her new home while grieving the loss of her beloved Sam. As she gets back on her feet she is befriended by a gruff Scotsman named Greg McBradden whom she discovers is grieving his own loss.As Mallory and Greg help each other heal and Mallory starts her new life an unwelcome spark of attraction begins to bloom between them. Mallory is devastated that she is feeling something for someone else so soon after her fiance's death and let's Greg know that they can only be friends. As their friendship deepens Greg can no longer just be friends and does his best to start to move on from her. It's not until a trip back home that Mallory finally acknowledges her feelings for Greg but when she returns home it may be too late.There aren't enough adjectives to properly describe the amazing and beautiful story that is The Bridge Over The Atlantic. It was beautiful, it was heartbreaking, it was sad and it was WONDERFUL! Like I said it was reminiscent of the move P.S. I Love You and tat movie left me a sobbing mess when it was over. Thankfully though this one didn't leave me so sad because the way it wrapped up was... Undesrcibable! I absolutely adored this book and I can't believe it drew out such an emotional response in me. Mallory having lost the love of her life and trying to move on without them is something I could absolutely relate to. Throughout the story she has flashbacks of how they met, how they got engaged and little snippets of their life together which added back story without dragging the book down.The male lead in this book Greg was such a multi dimensional character that you couldn't help but love him. One minute he was gruff and ornery and the next he was laughing and making jokes. Not in a Bi-Polar way but in the way of a man fighting his feelings for someone he can't have. Not only did it break my heart that Mallory's fiance died but I had to watch Greg, whom I fell head over heels for, suffer with his growing feelings for a woman who was grieving and couldn't be with him. The relationship between Mallory and Greg went from sweet and loving to tense and nerve wracking several times. The push and pull from both of them having these feelings and neither acting on them was frustrating in a good way because you just knew they would be good together.Mallory was written so strong in the wake of her tragedy. To be able to stick it out in a new place where she hardly knew anyone and start over was brave and endearing. Honestly, watching her grieve was really hard. I had to put the book down because I had a huge lump in my throat and cried myself to sleep a few times. This was such a character driven story and before his death we get to see Sam and Mallory from flashbacks and present day enough to fall in love with him. It's a very emotional story but it's not all sad I promise, because watching Mallory heal with the help of her friends and Sam's family was so well done and well timed that you felt like you were healing with her. Even though I loved Sam and Mallory together, I loved watching her slowly develop feelings for Greg because I swear I was rooting for them the entire time! They both know what it was like to lose a loved one suddenly and it was fulfilling to watch them help each other out. I was extremely happy with the way the book wrapped up and by the end I was crying happy tears and trying to book a flight to Scotland to find my own Greg.For anyone who is barely literate in American English like myself, I will warn you that this book was written about an English woman and therefore there are some references I didn't understand fully that you may have to google from time to time but other than that it wasn't as English as some books I have attempted to read before. For the most part it was Americanized enough to not get lost in translation. I honestly can't recommend this book enough. It was more than everything you would want in a good read and had so many beautiful moments it was hard to capture all the aspects in one review. It is definitely a story that will sit with you long after you finish it. If you love books like The Sea Of Tranquility or Hopeless then I know you will love this book too!

  • Jenny - TotallybookedBlog
    2018-08-20 20:21

    I’m not going to say anything much about the story because firstly I don’t want to give anything away and secondly because I really want readers to experience this the way I did. I want you to feel the ” gasp” moments I did and I don’t want to ruin those surprises in any way.Bridge Over The Atlantic was beautiful, heartfelt story about loving and living, growing and healing and finding happiness. Of moving on, never forgetting and not looking back.Mallory suffers with self esteem issues, she is a voluptuous beauty but doesn’t see past the curves on her body and doesn’t realise how beautiful she is inside and out. Mallory is strong, yet vulnerable and uses humour as a way to deflect. Mallory’s voice was warm and funny and at times heartbreaking. There were a couple of times I became frustrated with her but mostly I resonated with her. I got her, I really liked her and she came across as an absolute sweetheart.Life through Mallory’s eyes is quirky and fun. Her internal dialogue will provide many giggles and many tears. The way she expresses herself and the way she reacts to situations will have you falling in love with her.The men in her life couldn’t be more different. Sam, the quiet, sweet, romantic, soulful, gentle man who makes her feel whole. Who gives her the confidence she so sorely lacks and what a beautiful man he was.“I can honestly say that I have never desired any woman more than I desire you right now.”Greg – bruised, blustery, tough on the outside yet so beautiful and loving on the inside. I loved this man. I loved digging deep and seeing inside this tough Scotsman. Both men brought something different to the story and each would vie for Mallory’s affections in very different ways.“Am I allowed to hug you?” he asked“I think I made a total balls up of the last time I hugged you, you know.”Told in past/present flashback against the backdrop of Yorkshire and Scotland, Bridge Over the Atlantic is told with beauty, emotion and humour. With characters who feel so real, you will end up loving them, caring about them and letting them into your heart. Music is woven wonderfully into this story with a playlist I just adored. Every song was so fitting and served to enhance the moment. I’ll say now, better reach for those tissues because this author really does take us on an emotional journey with unexpected twists at every turn that will have you clutching your heart as you immerse yourself in a story that engages and mesmerizes the reader with its beauty every step of the way.Come chat books with us on Facebook -

  • Katherine Hayward
    2018-09-10 20:27

    Mallory "Mally" Westerman is happy with her life. She's the owner of a gift shop in Leeds, and gets on great with her best friend. She doesn't really have time for love. That is....until she meets charming Canadian Sam. They strike up a friendship which soon turns to more. The book is so romantic and I was hooked. Life is good for the happy couple who start to cement their dreams by traveling to Scotland on holidays. Their dream is to have a house in Scotland. When they find a cosy, whitewashed cottage on the Atlantic coast which has a beautiful landmark in the form of an ornate bridge, they pack up their lives in Leeds and head up the motorway towards their new life.They are little prepared for what will happen next.....I really want to say more, but I won't as I don't want to spoil things for readers. The book is full of happiness, romance, dreams tragedy drama and sadness but it's well-written. There's a great atmosphere in the new area they move to. I warmed to Greg after a stormy beginning, and I liked Mallory and her cute dog, Ruby. Her best friend Josie was warm, funny and really supportive along the way which was an aspect of the book I liked, too. Sam's parents and sister are welcoming kind and generous and I loved the parts of the book set in Canada, too. A Seaside Escape is a book that takes the reader from Yorkshire to Scotland and Canada. This is the first book I have read by Lisa Hobman, and I was swept away by the plot and the realistic and human nature of the characters. I loved Mally's 30th birthday party and the happy times that take place throughout the book. I felt for the characters during the trying times they experienced and the playlists at various points with meaningful songs was a beautiful and original idea. The book is the kind that takes you by surprise. There are twists and turns when you don't expect them and that made me like it even more. It's so emotional and had me holding back the tears (whether of happiness or sadness) at points. it's so true to life. Thanks to Lisa Hobman and Atria Books for an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review. Lisa, PLEASE write a sequel! I recommend this book 100%.

  • Nat K
    2018-08-20 18:09

    3.5★s for me.Mallory Westerman and Greg McBradden are two people trying to deal with the grief from losing the “love of their life”.Can circumstances change, and will they be able let go of the past and allow themselves to fall in love again?This story is set in a scenic seaside Scottish town, and so has the lovely “cosy” feel of community and the quirky characters who live there.Mallory & Greg are both likeable characters, well rounded and real. Both display the fear, joy & hope of the possibility of love being theirs again.”Basically, what I’m trying to say is that, if we’d met under different circumstances, if we were closer in age, if we weren’t both so broken, if I was braver, if you even remotely found me attractive, then maybe things would be different. But I know that things are how they are…I can handle it. I’m happy to be just friends.”This book is lovely & heart-warming, a very comfortable read. Kind of like sitting in a sunny spot with a cat on your lap and your favourite cuppa by your side ☕This was a delightful book to finish my 2017 reading with 💕

  • Sarah Elizabeth
    2018-09-06 01:06

    I did not enjoy this book at all. It read like terrible online fan fiction and the descriptive language felt both repetitive and over the top. Don't waste your time or energy.I received an advanced copy of this book from the publisher and NetGalley to review.

  • Kelly AnneO'Connor
    2018-09-10 00:20

    I'm hanging my head in shame as I write this review. Lisa J Hobman has been a huge supporter of my blog for a long time now and it's taken me until now to discover what a talented author she is, but as the saying goes " better late than never " right ? Mallory and her fiancé decide to more from Yorkshire to the beautiful highlands of Scotland to pursue their dream but fate has a nasty way of changing their hopes and dreams in a heartbeat taking the reader on a journey to find love because love conquers all ! This book was a totally change of pace for me, I often tend to favour the darker side of romance.Through Lisa's amazing writing she takes the reader on an emotional roller coaster to find love.I adored everthing about this book from the surprising story line that had me shedding a few tears to the characters and the beautiful Scottish scenery that had me wanting to visit Scotland.I loved that the characters in this book where portrayed as real people Mallory wasn't a stick thin twenty something, she worried about her weight and what people thought of a curvier girl.Greg although extremely handsome wasn't an alpha male screaming orders at Mallory but a sweet, gently man that had experienced a great loss and so looking for someone to guide him to love again.The britishness of this book made it a delight to read bringing a smile to my face many times, the banter between the characters was so good.I'm really going to miss Mallory and Greg as I feel like I've made two new friends, this story will stay with me for a long time too come.

  • Christine Steendam
    2018-09-04 21:16

    Bridge Over the Atlantic is a beautiful story about love, and how it’s not always so simple and straight forward. When I started the book I thought I knew what it was going to be. Boy meets girl, they fall in love, they have some hardships but live happily ever after. Isn’t that the timeless formula for romance that we all love? But Lisa turned all my expectations around and showed me a story with so much more depth than I expected. There was heartache, tears, laughter. It’s been a while since I read a book where I was really immersed in the characters and I can honestly say this book really drew me in. I cried with Mallory. I laughed with her. I felt her pain and her joy. Lisa took me on a journey and introduced me to a whole new life.Music is a large part of the story and I loved the soundtrack that went along with the book. The best part was I knew most of the songs, and I knew exactly the message being sent through them. It brought a reality to the story that I loved, and also brought back my own memories that are associated with the songs mentioned.In conclusion: Lisa J Hobman writes a truly beautiful contemporary romance that is raw and real. If I could give this book 6 stars I would. It’s probably my favorite book I’ve read this year. 5 out of 5 stars.

  • Smitten's Book Blog
    2018-09-02 21:29

    ★ SALE ALERT ★Bridge Over the Atlantic, by Lisa J. HobmanI've had this one on my TBR list for a while and I've heard some great reviews about it. And it's now been shortlisted in Romantic Novel of the Year through the Romantic Novelists Association. In celebration of this, it's currently on sale for 77p/99cCongratulations Lisa J. Hobman, and good luck for the results, on Monday!UK AMAZON: AMAZON:

  • Lesli
    2018-09-10 17:18

    If you love romance and tragedy and believe in fate then this is the book got you. I fell in love with Mallory and Greg's love story. I laughed and cried with them, you could feel the pain that they were going though and just hoped that they would be ok. The author makes you want to go to Scotland and see all of the Loch's and scenery that the characters visit. I love how the author included Sam's family in to Mallory's life and made them her family also. This story proves that “Love Conquers All “ and that Guardian Angels exist. I would recommend this book to my friend.

  • Lisa
    2018-09-11 22:20

    Absolutely loved this story about heartache, grief and finding new love. I think the fact they had both each lost someone they loved made the connection even more acute and becoming aware that they were developing feelings while helping each other through the grieving process made the story more emotional for me. They had their ups, downs and misunderstandings but got there eventually. Written with great words and emotion. Can not wait to read from Greg's POV.

  • Terry Trahan
    2018-08-21 21:18

    Loved it! I will admit I was rather upset at first, but Lisa was able to make me a fan of her writing abilities in relating a story that totally kept me on my toes! I love the way it went back and emotions did the same! Thanks Lisa for an amazing read!!!

  • Karen Frances
    2018-09-04 00:21

    Amazing storylineLoved loved this story. It had everything I could want in a great book and more. Happiness, sadness and more happiness.

  • Karen Frances
    2018-09-20 01:01

    I really thought I had already reviewed this. Great book with great characters and a perfect storyline. I loved everything about it xx

  • Jill
    2018-09-03 22:13

    4.5* Sweet surprise. Laughed and cried.

  • Grass monster
    2018-09-02 00:12

    The Blurb :Mallory Westerman is the successful proprietor of Le Petit Cadeau, a gift shop extraordinaire in thriving Leeds.Concentrating solely on her business, she has almost given up on finding someone to love. That is until she literally falls into the arms of a handsome, intriguing stranger who becomes her Knight in shining armour.The whirlwind romance that ensues changes her life-path irrevocably. However, the road to true love is never smooth and things don't always turn out how you expect...My Thoughts :We meet Mallory Westerman, she owns Le Petit Cadeau, a gift shop in Leeds.Mallory is very likeable and I instantly fell in love with her. She has some issues with herself and her self confidence as she is curvy and not your typical stick thin model. When Mallory meets Sam, who is from Canada life changes and they fall deeply in love. As they plan their future, they decide to move to Scotland to start their life there. Without giving away too much and any spoilers, this is a story that has many twists and turns and is about love, loss, and moving on. It will have you smiling and in tears as you go on one emotional rollercoaster with the charactors.Lisa Hobman captured it beautifully and her style of writing leaves you turning the page wanting more.There was a bit of jumping around into the past which I didnt think was at times necessary, but overall this is a book you will want to pick up and get lost in.

  • Nessa
    2018-09-14 20:16

    This was lovely read with a whole mixture of emotions from sad, joyous, heart breaking and happiness. It really was an all round emotional read. I was shocked by what happened to Sam, very sad and emotional, it did make my eyes go a little teary. I sure wasn't expecting that to happen. It really is quite scary to think how quickly your life can change with just one event. I loved getting to know all of the different characters, seeing how they all interacted with each other and seeing how Mallory coped with all that fate had thrown at her.  The story was very well written, I was drawn in right from the very beginning. I loved how the story was set in Leeds/Yorkshire and Scotland, all the places were very well described that I felt as if I was really there. I was pleasantly surprised as there was a point within the book, that I thought aah I can see where this is going, it's going to become cliched and lead to a predictable ending. Well I'm very glad to report that I was wrong on that front. This story was definitely not predictable.

  • Tracey
    2018-08-26 22:18

    Thank you so much to the Publisher and Netgalley for the arcI am a Cover Lover, and always have been a soft touch for a gorgeous cover, it even looks as if my little 15 year old Patterdale cross, Bertie has got a staring role on the cover of this book!! its not him but it really does look like him.A Seaside Escape did not disappoint, neither did the characters, they came over as “normal” who chatted about everyday things and laughed, cried and in general made this a very enjoyable book to read.I am a music lover and loved the playlist idea! A Yorkshire Lass too so been somewhere not too far from me, kind of felt as if i was reading about home until Scotland was on the horizon, then my ears and eyes really opened. I adore that part of the world and loved the descriptions of the area as well as the other people which appeared along the way.A book is what you make it, just like life… This was my kind of read…

  • Tasha Williams (Red's Midnight Readers)
    2018-09-08 23:18

    ::..Reviewed for Red's Midnight Readers..::I was very kindly provided with a Netgalley Arc in exchange for an honest review. I have given it 5 heart warming stars.I had the pleasure of reading this book when it was called "Bridge Over The Atlantic", now it's been spruced up, had a new name and been given a pretty new cover but do you know what? It's still the same beautifully heartwarming tale of love, loss and friendship.One of the things that has endeared this story to me is that the events of this books could happen to anyone. It's so real and raw that once again this story reduced me to tears. Big, fat, ugly tears!I couldn't put it down as Lisa took us on this touching journey of two people finding each other after suffering heartbreak of the worst kind. She has such talent using her words to make the reader feel every single emotion of her characters, rendering you an emotional mess long after you have closed the book.This is a slow burn romance, there is no insta love to be found here coupled with the scenic backdrop of Scotland makes for a very magical story that you do not want to miss.

  • Danielle Urban
    2018-08-27 19:23

    A Seaside Escape by Lisa Hobman is a great read. An emotional journey of a woman losing her loved one. It was easy to relate to her loss, grief, and to understand some of her actions. A heartbreaking tale that felt realistic. I felt sympathy for Mallory. I can't imagine how hard it was for her. But at the same time, her journey seemed to drag. It was stretching the grief out as though it were a rubber band but without it ever breaking. There had to be an earlier time to let go of her past memories in order to move forward a bit faster. There was also, another main character who suffered the same loss. Their connection was entertaining to follow. Again, I wished she, Mallory, would have realized that sooner. Other than that, the book overall, was good. Heartfelt, sweet, and believable. I received this copy from Net Galley. This, is my voluntary review.

  • Caroline Easton
    2018-09-17 22:05

    Thank you to the Publisher, Netgalley and the author for providing a copy of this book in return for an honest review. I actually read this book when it was originally titled A Bridge Over the Atlantic so was eager to read the re-worked version to see how the story survived the changes. I'm so pleased to say that its still the beautiful romance it was originally. Mallory's story is one of love, loss and upheaval on her path to find herself again. The characters are very real and written so well that you're drawn in from the very first page. I loved the music choices that depict Greg and Mallory's relationship so perfectly and the descriptions of the couple's surroundings had me wanting to jump in the car and go explore Scotland for myself. This book is the perfect read for any die hard romantics out there and I can wholeheartedly recommend it.

  • Sharon
    2018-08-28 00:24

    Thank you netgalley and the publishers for the review copy. I'm sorry to say that I struggled with this one. The cover and title interested me and reading the blurb it sounded promising. Truth of it was it read like a teen romance book, or even dare I say it a Mills & Boon novel. The writing seemed 'cheesy' and it just wasn't written in a style that I like to read. It's not to say that it isn't a good book, it just wasn't the book for me.

  • Laura
    2018-08-21 23:12

    I received an advanced reader copy from NetGalley and from the description had expected a fun chick lit romance. What I got was an incredibly dull read, and as someone on here has already said in their review (and I couldn't put it better myself) it reads like incredibly poor fan fiction. The language is more suitable to a teen / young adult novel and this didn't challenge me at all. I abandoned quarter of the way in because it's just not worth spending time on. Don't bother.

  • Adele O Neill
    2018-09-17 21:18

    Things don't always turn out as you'd expect! A Seaside Escape is a funny, poignant and beautiful story of love and loss, just like life. Mallory's story is life affirming and bursting with emotion that will have you reaching for the tissues. A very well told story perfect for reading on cold autumn nights by the fire.