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Lia Weaver is a fugitive. Her family's farm has been confiscated by Farther soldiers, her sister has been reassigned to a new family in the village, and her official status is "missing." Now, she and a band of fugitive followers must make their home in the harsh wilderness of the Frost. Food is scarce, and hope is scarcer still as Lia tries to find information about the whLia Weaver is a fugitive. Her family's farm has been confiscated by Farther soldiers, her sister has been reassigned to a new family in the village, and her official status is "missing." Now, she and a band of fugitive followers must make their home in the harsh wilderness of the Frost. Food is scarce, and hope is scarcer still as Lia tries to find information about the whereabouts of her missing friends. She is determined to rescue them, but when a surprising ally steps forth with an offer that will both return her friends and expel the Farthers from the Frost in exchange for something very precious, Lia must make a choice....

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Bluewing Reviews

  • Susana
    2018-09-17 22:27

    Let me start by admitting, that this story would mostly deserve a 2.5 from a purely analytically pov.It has a lot of plot wholes, the world building is not as strong as it should be, _considering that this is the fourth volume in the Frost series_ and lets face it, it really isn't the most interesting of series out there.Although i loved the first two books, the third one _ which i've also reviewed on PbW _ was pretty frustrating, and this one, _although better than the previous one_ still has a lot of vague ideas and concepts. This situation can be "ignored" in a first book. In a fourth, it becomes tiresome.The thing that makes me keep reading is the main characters: Lia Weaver and Adam.I like them. I like the way they were fleshed. Which makes it even more frustrating, the fact that the author isn't able to let go of the damned love triangle!!One could read the "signs" in the previous book, and especially on this one: Lia and Adam are completely perfect to one another. Who cares about Gabe? Why keep the damn thing, like a frustrating tick???I'll say this once again as a reader: Love triangles if not well done, are only a way to try to hide the lack of a viable and interesting plot.Oh, and killing characters in a purely arbitrary way, doesn't gain any bonus points with readers.SPOILER!!!!!Killing E. was just pathetic. Lia was there, with her. The monsters don't attack Lia...therefore wouldn't it be more believable if E. wasn't attacked?People that are used to a certain pattern, (like wearing the blue flowers o_O for their survival) don't tend to act all forgetful all of a sudden..Things that didn't work out for me:The "beast /machines" plot is still hard to believe.The flowers that are used as protection..idem, idem.The sudden discovery of a house in the middle of nowhere, when people have been living in the Frost for all their lifes, eye rolling...Then there was the way in how Adam became immune to the beasts...The discovery of serum for *all the population* to use...really?As positives:Adam was back!! It's amazing what an interesting character can do to a series...Korr, something must be wrong when the supposedly bad guy turns out to be more interesting than the good guys!Ann, is it shallow of me to want to read Ann and Korr's story?Probably..but i'm betting that it would be much more interesting than the normal full length Frost book.In the end the main point is that , despite the series many and obvious problems, i still want to read the last book in the series. There my three star rating.Go figure...

  • Lauren
    2018-08-28 23:28

    3.5 starsLia Weaver never expected to become the head of the rebellion but her ties to the Weaver family past have unexpectedly cast her in this role. With her town under siege by the Farthers, Lia along with her little band of fugitives has to figure out a way to get her town safe again even if that means teaming up with an unexpected ally. This book was not as awe inspiring to me as the previous three. I became almost disenchanted with a lot of the characters I had previously liked and I felt that this book could have gone a lot faster and probably have been encompassed into the previous one. There was not enough of a captivating story line to really make this book stand a long on its own. I understand what the author was trying to accomplish by this one but overall it was stretched too thin. Lia forever inspires me as a main character. She was the one and only saving grace in this particular book. I like her spirit and her willingness to do what is right even if she doesn’t always agree with the direction things are going.I am interested to see what is going to transpire in the next book, this one kind of left of at a tiny cliff-hanger revelation.

  • Julianne
    2018-09-08 21:03

    This book was terrible. So many things didn't make sense, the main character was annoying, and it's rife with errors. I'm done with this series.

  • Lynne Stringer
    2018-09-14 00:00

    ** spoiler alert ** I considered giving this book a lower rating, but the story was sound at least, and moved forward logically and was generally well written and interesting, so I felt it deserved kudos for that, at least.However, there were a few elements in particular that really bothered me. I get the feeling the climax was supposed to be a big surprise. It wasn't to me; I figured out it was going to go that way when Ivy tried to convince Lia that they could make friends with the Watchers. So their involvement was expected.The next thing that really bothered me was the reappearance of the love triangle in a major way. Nothing irks me more than a heroine who makes protestations of love to two men almost simultaneously. Yes, they are both men with good and bad points, but please, can we have a clear tendency one way and leave it at that for good?But the main thing I had problems with was the use of shock tactics. Sure, why not have someone declare their feelings in a way that's going to bring happiness to a pitiable character and then kill that person off? Bring happiness only to shatter it almost instantaneously. Not only that, I didn't think it was done convincingly. I find it hard to believe that any long term resident of the Frost conveniently forgets to have snow blossoms on them just at the particular time they're going to meet a Watcher that kills them. Fancy that. Basing a callous death on an unlikely coincidence does not make for a convincing plot development. It reminded me of the many frustrations I experienced when reading the poorly written Allegiant, which swore me off the Divergent trilogy entirely. These developments in Bluewing may be the end of my interest in the Frost Chronicles, because I don't want to become emotionally involved in something if this is the kind of development I can expect in the future.

  • Madison
    2018-09-19 00:03

    I LOVED it!!The only thing that bothers me is the love triangle. I can't stand those, which make it hard for me to find a book because there's a love triangle in almost every book! From the start I wanted Lia to end up with Gabe, but now after reading the rest of the books I'm leaning toward Adam. I hope in the last book Lia ends up with Adam. Happy endings. I love happy endings. I want Iceliss to be theirs again, I want John to be okay, I want Ivy to stay alive, I want Lia to be happy. But, there is never a perfect ending. John could die, Ivy could get killed, Lia could be miserable. I have a whole lot of feels, I can't even. Looking forward to the final book!...Oh god, the FINAL book. I don't want this series to be over! It's SO good. I really hate it when a really good trilogy/series ends. Then you have to move on to another book, but you can't really get in to another story immediately. Because you're stuck still thinking about that last book. That's how I'm going to be when this amazing story finally ends.

  • papasteve
    2018-09-07 16:58

    I had my doubts when I first started reading this series. The writing wasn't that great. But I stuck with it. Having just finished this fourth book, I think I'll stop here. It's at a story break anyway. A major part of what I have read in the first four books has come to a climax, and reading on in the story is a part I really don't care about. In fact, there are too many of the current characters I really care about. I have put in some time and commitment reading the first four in the series, but sorry Kate, I just can't go on.

  • Carrie
    2018-08-24 23:27

    This gets 2 stars for the love triangle and how DITHERY it is and it just gets worse.HOW MANY TIMES can all these people just go "it's not the right time to deal with this" and just move on? Are they all robots? And they're all so fricking GROWN UP about it, despite the fact that they're teenagers "I just want everyone you care about to be happy", "oh me too". False.

  • Jayme Tate
    2018-08-28 00:07

    Book four... the series is starting to drag. I feel like with as fast as I can read these short books, perhaps the author could have condensed it into a trilogy or something. It did pick up from the last one, and I'm hoping the series ends with a bang.

  • Larissa :) [HIATUS]
    2018-09-05 19:20

    Yay! Adam and Lia finally (view spoiler)[ kissed (hide spoiler)] ! :PAnother lovely edition to the series.

  • Emily Rachelle
    2018-08-31 01:05

    This is a series review.(Note: there are also two novellas, Brewer and Fugitive, that take place between books four and five. I am totally buying them, but since I haven't done so yet, they're not included in this review.)I have finally found an author who measures up to the marvels of Cidney Swanson. Surprisingly - or perhaps not? - she, too, is an indie author. Other similarities between the two: their breathtaking book covers drew me in where the back cover copy left me skeptical. Both women focus more on series than standalone novels. Finally, both write in forms of the speculative genre, be that science fiction or dystopian.Of course every book has flaws. The Frost books had a few typos, and the fourth book had a couple of minor inconsistencies with the rest of the series. (Example: a book referred to as The Winter Parables in the other books was called The Snow Parables in book four. Not a huge deal.) The author kept mixing up peak/peek and, more commonly, pour/pore. The first book got a bit sensuous, but that actually faded out for the most part. (Not the romance - definitely not! - but the toeing-the-line-between-okay-and-not.) There was one random curse word in one book, which I think just missed editing. (Today's cursing didn't really fit the story world.) Other than that, though, the writing was spotless. Glorious vocabulary, a perfect blend of showing and telling, a strongly designed story world, unique and individual characters...Speaking of characters, they're basically the heart of these books, and most definitely the best part(s). Whether you like a person or not, you come to love the author's brilliant depth and voice for each unique person, no matter how small their role. Who can Lia trust? Why is he acting like that? What does she want? Everything comes down to motivation, just as it should, and the motivations here are not lacking.There is a love triangle that develops a little less than halfway into the series... but oh, how beautifully it was written. I have never seen a triangle so masterfully done - for a Hunger Games and Matched fan like me, that's saying something. This series leaves those books in the dust. Both boys are equally matched to the girl and both would be great choices, emotionally and logically. Both of them have lives outside the girl. No matter what, the triangle is neither pushed too far aside as to become pointless, nor honed in on to the point where it becomes irritating. Lia keeps her head through everything. In fact, she's probably the strongest, most sensible heroine I've met.Actually, Lia's strength of mind annoys me sometimes. It was worst in book four, if I remember correctly. In her attempt to protect those she loves and stay true to her loyalties, she doubts anyone who has ever not been on her side. At least four times she had absolutely no faith towards characters that were clearly (to me, anyway) not as evil as she made them out to be. As Gabe eventually points out, "Is there anyone you do trust, Lia?" (That might not be the exact quote.) At least the other characters were both as aware of and annoyed by this major trust issue as I was.I wish I could tell you about everyone in this book. Ann, the soft and sweet best friend. Gabe, the mysterious fugitive. Adam, the unreadable loner. Jonn, the crippled but capable twin. Ivy, the irritating younger sister who grows oh-so-much. Borde, the strange scientist. Korr and Gordon and Raine and the Mayor and Claire and Cat and Stone and Everiss...Some character-driven stories are a bit lacking in the plot department, but nobody will ever be able to accuse the Frost Chronicles of this. The twists! The turns! The development! While I sort-of agree with another Amazon reviewer - the fifth book felt like it lacked something in plot - the majority of the storyline was just stunning. I laughed, I cried, and I never knew what was coming. Seriously. As a writer, I've gotten used to finding every book I read a bit predictable. I've learned to distinguish what's coming up before the average reader. We talk about that in my writers' group a lot. But even though there was enough foreshadowing and hints laid out beforehand, I got my predictions shockingly wrong. Every. Single. Time. This person's the bad guy! That place is where they'll end up! He's going to die! She's going to turn out to be this big secret thing!I'm surprised I never got annoyed with the *BUZZZ you're wrong!* moments. I guess I was too enthralled with what actually ended up happening to care that I had no idea where it was going. Each book in the series gives enough answers for you to feel like the book ended, but leaves enough questions to pull you right along to the next book. If I had an issue with any of the books' setup, it would have to be the openings. They never picked up exactly where the last book left off, and they felt a bit abrupt. It was hard to get into the first couple of books. It got easier with each book. The last book had a prologue, which none of the others did. I liked it, but it didn't seem to quite fit the flow of the series - I'd prefer if it were just chapter one.The last book was also the only one with an epilogue, but that fit perfectly. Without that epilogue, the entire series would be left incomplete. After such a long ride with these characters, it was nice to ease out of the story world. All loose ends are tied together. The epilogue's almost entirely telling, but it works. It's like the older Grimm or Anderson fairy tale style, back before showing was a thing, or like when someone tells you a story orally. Even though it broke all the writing rules, the epilogue was probably one of the best part of the series.The Frost Chronicles, my lovely readers, are a glorious example of escape reading with morals. I may or may not be experiencing book hangover... and my expectations for modern teen literature have certainly been raised impossibly higher. Traditional publishing's got nothing on Kate Avery Ellison.I won a free copy of the first ebook of this series through LibraryThing. Upon my request, the author supplied the other four ebooks for free in exchange for a single series-wide review. All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

  • Rita
    2018-09-08 20:07

    Will Lia rescue Ann and Adam? Will Lia chose Gabe or Adam? Will the Thorns ally with the Blackcoats? Korr? These and many more questions are explored, and answered in this book.

  • Melissa
    2018-09-04 01:16

    **Originally posted at Melissa's Bookshelf as a mini-review, along with mini-reviews of the first three books in the series.While I enjoyed Bluewing, I thought it started off a little slower compared to the other books in the series and it took me longer to really immerse myself in the story. I can’t quite pinpoint what it was, because the writing continues to be outstanding and a lot does happen in this book to further the plot, but for some reason Bluewing just didn’t grab me early on the way the first three books did. Perhaps it's simply that most of the action was in the latter half of the book. Ivy, Lia’s younger sister, continues to play a larger role in this story, and we also see a lot more of Gabe’s brother, Korr, who first came into the picture in Weavers. The Blackcoats and Thorns join forces against the Farthers, and that alliance brings with it a few surprises. Interestingly, a rather significant portion of the storyline wraps up by the end of the book, though we are definitely left with several questions and a pretty big cliffhanger, so there is plenty of the story left for Ellison to tell in the final book. As for that cliffhanger, I have my suspicions, so I am anxious to see if they are confirmed in the final book. And this time, darn it, I have to wait, haha…Read this series…~ If you like YA Fantasy/Dystopian/Sci-Fi (this story is a great blend of all of those genres)~ If you enjoyed the Under The Never Sky series by Veronica Rossi~ If you liked the Girl of Fire and Thorns series by Rae Carson

  • Jan
    2018-09-13 01:07

    Well, I found parts of this story entirely predictable, but it's pulled me in. I want to see what happens next.

  • Michael Long
    2018-09-04 19:18

    In the fourth novel of the Frost Chronicles, Lia and the fugitives hide in the wilderness. Iceliss gets locked down by the Farthers, and ultimately the Thorns and Blackcoats must find a way to liberate the village before it is too late.This was another great read in the series. Lots of non-stop action and more unraveling of the mysteries of the Frost, the watchers, and Aeralis. I think this book was much more about action than about the drama and characters, but there is still plenty of that (several characters surprised me). The ending was amazing (don't want to spoil it) and I loved it. The love triangle solidifies and Lia gains several new allies. I really enjoyed this one.In the fourth novel of the Frost Chronicles, Lia and the fugitives hide in the wilderness. Iceliss gets locked down by the Farthers, and ultimately the Thorns and Blackcoats must find a way to liberate the village before it is too late.This was another great read in the series. Lots of non-stop action and more unraveling of the mysteries of the Frost, the watchers, and Aeralis. I think this book was much more about action than about the drama and characters, but there is still plenty of that (several characters surprised me). The ending was amazing (don't want to spoil it) and I loved it. My only real complaint is the love triangle keeps seesawing between Gabe and Adam...and honestly they both seem like the same guy. No wonder she has so much trouble choosing.NOTE: I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review.

  • J.
    2018-09-03 19:01

    I'm a big fan of Ellison's, and I really think her writing gets better and better. This book was a pleasure to read, but was just slightly less enjoyable than the other Frost books so far.My main points of contention: there was a bit more violence than I am comfortable with. In particular, I'm exasperated with the frequency with which I see fantasy/sci-fi books where a person is supposed to cut themselves and do something with his/her blood. From my most recent memory: this one, Divergent, and The Scorpio Races. For different reasons, but always kind of distasteful to me.Also, I enjoyed this book significantly more (view spoiler)[once Adam was back in the picture. But then I disliked Lia's slight dithering, because I really prefer Adam so much to Gabe. I feel like she has real reasons to partner with him and be attracted to him, and I don't see that so much with Gabe, except possibly nostalgia. Kudos to Ellison for getting us to root for the love interest that was introduced later, not first. (hide spoiler)]But overall: still some lovely descriptions, interesting characters, and subtle but nice romance.

  • sh(e)reader
    2018-08-30 23:11

    I'm still enjoying this series. I was a little worried, being back in The Frost, that this might be a little more slow and depressing, like book 2. But there was still enough action to keep me engaged. Not a lot of profound thoughts ... but I did highlight this quote:Adam says ... “I stayed active in my cell. I exercised, I paced. I’m sure they thought me mad, but it kept me sane.”I'd SO be like that ... I've been on an exercise kick these last few years and now I have such a hard time stopping and staying still. I read this book predominantly while riding my stationary bike, others in the series while pacing the hallways between my boy's basketball games :)Several have commented on the love triangle. I am usually drawn to one more than the other, but here, just like Lia, I seem to like who is actually around. Gabe is there in book 1, I missed him in book 2 but grew to like Adam. Then Adam is gone in book 3 and Gabe is back. Both are in this book, so for the first time I felt like Lia (and I) had to choose ...

  • Barbara Garren
    2018-08-27 16:58

    So, I love this series. I love the characters, the originality of the plotline and the location/time it's set in. I breezed through this book in a matter of days, which is not that unusual for me. I can't decide how I feel about this, the fourth book in the series. Part of me loved it, part of me thought some of the story was too pat, and part of me felt like it wasn't finished. I know the author plans to follow this up with another book. I know she's pacing the story - but this one felt just a little to abbreviated. I didn't feel the tension or the depth I had in the other books. I didn't feel the emotional attachment either. I need to read it again - and I will - and update this review, because I want to be fair to the author. And I hope it was just me, but somehow I'm afraid it's the book itself. I hope not. It won't stop me from reading the next book in the series, but I won't be quite as excited about it. And I really hope I can change this review later.

  • (ツ) Hache
    2018-08-21 00:09

    I MISS ADAM!That was my thought through most of the book. But rest assured there is a reunion, and it made me really happy and giddy.=)I loved the authors writing style. The snow crunched beneath my boots as I slipped through the Frost alone. All around me, the silence was broken by the crackle of snow falling and the musical sound of melting ice. Daylight sparkled on dripping icicles and glittered on the edges of wet pine needles.I could see and feel everything she described, she even made me care about Lia's struggles and the fact that everyone was starving.Wish this was the last book! would have been a great ending if it weren't for that little cliffhanger.And I'm still curious as to what was in Jonn's box that Lia brought back for him. That better be explained in the next book!

  • Olivia ツ
    2018-09-05 22:21

    Once again Kate Ellison weaves a beautiful story about a group of revolutionaries fighting to get their land back. I feel like both books 2 & 3 were leading to this. BIG things happen and front and center is Lia Weaver.The Lia of book one has changed so much. At times I became frustrated with her for being so distrustful of everyone. But Lia has had so much responsibility that I can't blame her. She feels responsible for everyone and everything. I hate love triangles because someone always gets hurt and there is just no easy way to a handle them. Though I'm glad where that is heading, I still feel bad for the losing party. Then there is Jonn. My heart has always ached for him and damn it, he made me cry. I've grown very fond of this series and the characters. Will be sad to see it finish. No idea how book 5 will go!

  • Mindi
    2018-09-08 01:15

    Ahhh, book 4, what glaring error did you contain? No big, just got the details of a death in the previous book wrong. And it was mentioned not once, not twice, but THREE different times. Wow. How do you confuse death by bullet with death by Watcher mauling? For that matter, how do you forget the way you killed off your own character? Makes me think I care a lot more about this world than the author does. But hey, at least she remembered Leon in this book, instead of calling him Luka again. Although I found more 101 errors this time - two instead of too, there instead of their. Come on, get it together Ellison!

  • Amber
    2018-08-27 21:00

    A good portion of the book did seem a little slow paced to me. Most of their time was spent planning and figuring out what they need to do. It just didn't jump out at me aside from bits and pieces here and there. However things quickly picked up once Korr reappeared.One objection I have is with how Lia reacted towards the Wanderers. She was willing to trust them because they were starving and desperate but wouldn't do the same for Claire despite her being in the same position. It seemed like a break in character for me.I did love the ending. It was unexpected and very exciting to watch play out.

  • Katie Boord
    2018-09-19 17:59

    I really love this series. The world is interesting and intriguing, and before I read Weavers I wasn't exactly sure it was on Earth. But then it became much more clear that this world is Earth in the far distant future. I also love Lia. She's strong and loyal, not to mention smart. The only thing that bothers me about this series is the love triangle. I don't like love triangles. They always make me not like one guy as much as I would otherwise; in this case it's Adam. I do like him, I'm just leaning toward Gabe a little more. I really like Gabe, and I'm not even sure why.

  • Jen Blackham
    2018-09-01 20:11

    I'm borrowing this series from Amazon's Kindle Lending Library ... with the one per month limitation, I'm not able to read these back-to-back, but still quite close together. I'm always glad for the new month so I can continue on.I liked this book. It continues on with the story and brings back some of the characters we missed the last book. I'll be ready to grab the next book as soon as it's August!

  • Jill Miller barahona
    2018-09-20 21:26

    So I love the plot and turn of events, but I feel like it is rushed through. it feels more like someone is telling me what happened as opposed to "living" it. however, as I said, I really love the plot and story in general, but feel I missed out on a lot of emotions. I also feel like feelings were kind of laid out in front of you instead of being very subtle hints for you to feel for yourself. I will read the fifth one !

  • Jacinda Owen
    2018-09-11 00:09

    Another great installment in the Frost Chronicles series. In this book we really see a lot of the characters grow into who they are meant to be. The story line includes so many important revelations that it is a must read. From hiding, to revolutions, to twisted love triangles...this book really delivers. I can't wait to read the final book to see how it all ends!

  • Sophie
    2018-09-03 18:21

    This was one of the best books in the series so far! I really enjoyed the way Lia's character has built up into this amazing, inspirational young woman.When the Thorns and their allies took back Iceliss, I thought the series was over. I had no idea there was a fifth book and cannot wait to read it.

  • Tammie
    2018-09-04 18:19

    I liked Bluewing better than the last book in the series. I felt it was back on par with the first two books. I don't usually like love triangles but I haven't minded this one so much. I'm also happy with what appears to be Lia's choice. There was one heart wrenching death in this book, mainly because I thought a certain someone deserved to be happy.

  • Elizabeth
    2018-08-25 23:01

    Liked the story...hated the ending. Just end the series! I've read so many "last" books that have been left open to add to a the story with a completely different story line. I loved this one don't ruin it by thinking you have to keep going!

  • Karla
    2018-08-24 18:02

    The last book felt like filler until I saw how it fit with this book. I thought this moved better too. The wanderers needed a little more detail in my opinion but I loved the action in the last several chapters.

  • Angelyn
    2018-08-29 01:19

    I really like this one and it seems to me it should have been the ending. There is one more book but after reading the reviews decided I didn't like the ending so I just stopped here. Good, clean, suspenseful, YA books.