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Captain Nova Whiteside receives new technology designed to change the dynamics of the Commonwealth wars. Enemy factions conspire and so Nova finds herself aboard a rebel ship where her value as hostage isn't nearly as great as her value as a defector.Also suspected of collaboration, her Delphian Vanguard partner Tychon sets out to track her down. He discovers a puzzling piCaptain Nova Whiteside receives new technology designed to change the dynamics of the Commonwealth wars. Enemy factions conspire and so Nova finds herself aboard a rebel ship where her value as hostage isn't nearly as great as her value as a defector.Also suspected of collaboration, her Delphian Vanguard partner Tychon sets out to track her down. He discovers a puzzling piece of Nova’s past when a motley alliance of strangers comes to his aid and their search leads him deep into rebel territory.When the full consequences of the rebels' ambitions become clear, far removed from the intervention of Air Command, Tychon and Nova are forced to consider the unthinkable.This is Book Three of the Targon Tales although it is, like the preceding volumes, a complete stand-alone story....

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Rebel Alliances Reviews

  • Mei
    2018-09-01 13:46

    Provided by Author in exchange for an honest reviewHave I said that I just love superNova's books? *wink*I loved each one of this three books! And not only because I love SF! The story is soo good and each book is interesting in its own way. It never becomes boring like some other series, but remains fresh!Nova is such a great heroine! She's intelligent, cunning, quick! She's also a nice person. She never panics. She's always allert and thinks with clear head in difficult situations. But, as we get to know thorugh her inner dialogue, she understands the possibilities for things to go wrong, but it never stops her. I hope the autor will forgive me, but she reminds me of Captain Kirk from Star Treck, while Ty reminds me of Spock! LOLTy is also great. Here he's much more "human" and less Delphian. *wink* We see how much he loves her when he acts so un-Delphian-like when he discovers that she's in danger. Here we have Ty meeting Seth. I loved how this was managed! Seth and Ty are so great together! I hope in the next books we'll see how and if this tenuous "friendship" will grow. I hope it will!I liked Jovan too! He's young, but so much fun in his Delphian-like convinctions and behavior! I laughed when he gets scandalized by Nova's sharp tongue! LOLI really, really have high expectations for the next book! I want to know more about each character and I want to know what happened to Kiran! Please, please write quickly! :D

  • Andrea Brokaw
    2018-09-18 06:41

    This is by far my favorite in the Targon series. Nova continues to grow as a confident hero in this addition, but we also get to see glimpses of her and Ty as parents to their little girl. It's excellent to see someone's mom go out and kick ass on a galactic scale! I eagerly await Book Four.

  • MsTee
    2018-09-19 08:57

    Cross posted from Amazon:The third book in the series, Rebel Alliances maintains the fire and charm that exists in the previous novels. We find Nova, no longer a 'greenie' but a proven soldier, on a new mission. She is to test a new type of gear that will greatly improve communication methods in the military. But not everyone is pleased with this change, and so, Nova finds herself, once again in the middle of a military wide fight - and against people she trusted.There is no limit of action in this book. I'll even say it has MORE action (as well as some very comedic moments - re: Tychon and Seth hehehe) than its predecessor! The fight scenes are still descriptive, and the near-misses and plots of escape are enjoyable. The main characters, Tychon and Nova showcase how a close companionship can change people. Tychon's sharp edges have softened (positively!) and he is more lenient and approachable. Nova is stronger, much more self-assured, less gullible and headstrong.A few new characters have been introduced and I was pleased to see the reappearance of previous ones, and their active participation in Nova's mission. There are instances when the line is blurred and you can't decide who is the 'good guy' and who's the 'bad guy,' and I like that. I like that Reher is constantly forcing Nova to question whether her actions and decisions are truly the right ones, and that they give the bad guy likeable qualities.Rebel Alliances is my favourite of the series. It was a hard choice since I really enjoyed 'Only Human' and 'The Catalyst,' but the characters have evolved and the story is richer. The ending has also left me with a hope that there may be a fourth in the series, so I'm just biding my time until then. I definitely recommend giving this book a read!

  • M. Nivetha
    2018-09-12 11:52

    I haven't read the other two series of this novel but it doesn't really bother me from reading this third series.It is indeed a lovely read.It's an extremely fast paced, interesting and fascinating novel to read despite not reading the first two series because of the female character Nova who also happens to be the central character in this novel.She is so brave and intelligent which is why she is kidnapped and held as a hostage by dangerous rebellions for the interface.Now it is left to Tychon, her unwed husband (a delpi-alien)and his people to rescue her from the rebellions.It is no doubt that he saves her finally and takes her back to their house along with the new Delpi, Jovan. There are also some flaws in this novel,it is because I was unable to understand some of the lines nor relate with some of the main characters due to not reading the firsr two novels.Overall, I think the author has really done a great job by penning down the third series of the astonishing novel.Recommendation:It's a great entertaining novel.I would definitely recommend this novel to anyone who would love to read a Sci-fi set in an alien-human world.It's a nice to read kind of novel even if you haven't read the first two series.

  • Tinamarie Chappelear
    2018-08-23 07:49

    All I can say is that I love Chris Reyer's style of writing. In pilot Nova Whiteside's last adventure (Thank God I've read them out of order so I still have The Catalyst to look forward to!) she is captured by not one, but two rebel factions each fighting for the experimental tech implanted in her head. This technology used for good will allow deep space real-time communication through technology assisted telepathy. Used for evil it could do untold damage to a multitude of worlds. To make things even more interesting, her own people have labeled her a traitor due to some circumstantial evidence.

  • Douglas Cook
    2018-09-13 10:33

    Nova is captured by the bad guys. Yikes!First ParagraphApproaching the clearing silently had not been especially difficult. No sentries in sight, no surveillance devices detectable by her data sleeve, no heat seekers randomly zigzagging among the towering vegetation.Reher, Chris (2013-03-23). Rebel Alliances (Targon Tales) (p. 5). . Kindle Edition.

  • Stephanie Golscher
    2018-09-16 10:34

    That's three for three for me. I hope this series continues.What I liked here is that Nova doesn't give up. Failure not an option. But she's no superhero and things aren't easy. I like her alot. And those who care about her don't giv eup either. There is always hope

  • Barbara Eichler-Cline
    2018-08-29 11:37

    4 1/2Love the series with Nova and Tychon. Their enduring love and support of each other. Johan and Novas friends added complexity and fun to this book. Still looking for the source.

  • Michael Griffiths
    2018-09-07 07:47

    Symmetry :)Again, the characters are what makes this adventure so very enjoyable. These just keep getting better. Lots of action, interesting baddies. Great fun.

  • John P Court
    2018-09-18 12:37

    Another great read from Chris ReherEach one of the stories seem to be more exciting than the previous one....I hope the next one follows suit when it appears!!

  • Colette
    2018-08-23 09:56


  • Judy Adams
    2018-09-03 07:48

    Excellent Well written,great story line. I know that the earlier books gave me more of the culture, species and background that I needed, the book was great.

  • Dennis E. Flynn
    2018-08-27 12:33

    Very good readVery good readlike it's predecessors the story keeps going at a good pace.No going back over old data but always new.

  • Meghan
    2018-08-20 08:42

    I liked it. Fun, good times. Just enough nerdy SCI fi talk and just enough fun inter alien relationship haha's. One line about her man not being jealous enough for her really steals the scene.