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Lise Cabot has it all. A successful realtor in Aspen, Lise is married to her high school sweetheart and is the mother of two great kids, Michael and Candace. To her two closest friends, Kitty and Cheryl, Lise's life appears ideal, until her husband Scott is passed over for the partnership in the architectural firm where he works. At the party to welcome her husband's new bLise Cabot has it all. A successful realtor in Aspen, Lise is married to her high school sweetheart and is the mother of two great kids, Michael and Candace. To her two closest friends, Kitty and Cheryl, Lise's life appears ideal, until her husband Scott is passed over for the partnership in the architectural firm where he works. At the party to welcome her husband's new boss, a woman she's determined to despise, Lise meets Juliana Rhodes. The attraction is immediate and unsettling for Lise, sending her perfectly balanced life into a tailspin....

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An Infatuation Reviews

  • Diane
    2018-08-24 23:00

    A beautiful heartwarming love story.... the consequence of falling in love with another (the triangle effect) well written

  • Jem
    2018-09-14 21:24

    Best vanilla romance I've read this year. I was gonna say 'straight romance' but since this is f/ just doesn't sound right :) Anyway, this isn't my usual type of reading because of the "done-to-death" storylines. I much prefer romances with added flavors of mystery/thriller/action/historical/scifi where the traditional romance recipe is heavily spiced up with other ingredients to create what appears to be all new dishes. But 65 reviews on Amazon...and mostly 4 & 5 stars is a bit persuasive. The author made me believe in the characters, their all-consuming lust for each other, and all their actions--destructive or otherwise. I barely noticed the first person POV. Normally, I dont care for this style because it really limits our perception of the other (sometimes more interesting) protagonist. But I understood the other girl, and all the other supporting characters completely. Even though it is over 340 pages long, nothing came across as filler. There's quite a good number of social events--get togethers, parties, breakfasts, lunches, dinners,..hmm...the entire book is bookended by social events. It is after all, a book about society women--and its pretty much all they do, aside from shopping and pedicures. :) But don't let that discourage you. The author managed to fill all of the never-ending meets with lots of tension--sexual and otherwise--and juicy gossip. And the it. A book can never have too much angst. I love the complexity of the plot--so many twists and turns--but nothing too absurd or contrived. Up till near the end, I was never really sure who would end up with whom. Some little issues I have with the book: typos like characters falling 'head over heals' in love (at least 3 times!), A rather unusual way of formatting the dialogue which can be confusing as to who was talking. It slowed my reading somewhat but I didn't mind because it allowed me to savor all the words and resulting emotions. Nice cover too.

  • Alena
    2018-09-16 23:59

    Another one of the books where I wonder what everyone else was reading, because apparently I was reading something entirely different.I didn't read the entire thing and skipped through the second half, I was annoyed and at the same time wanted to see how it continued.I liked the premise, I'm always interested in how people deal with situations like these. I'm not too fond of the execution. While the book was proof-read (yay for low standards ;)), it could have used solid editing. There were a lot of little things that added up.The story itself left something to be desired, although I mostly attribute that to the first-person POV. It's a good example of why that's a tricky POV. One of the limits is the portrayal of the 2nd main character. She comes off as 'odd' to put it mildly, and a lot of the things that bugged me are resolved late in the book by a conversation that lets the reader into her head. I would have preferred a more evened out POV.I just didn't get the motivation for a lot of the things the people in this book did and they didn't contribute to getting a grasp on the characters. Too bad, the story had potential. That the book ends with an epilog that is cliched as it gets didn't help matters.

  • Corrie
    2018-09-09 23:24

    Lise Cabot is a married woman with two kids and a husband, living in Aspen. She gave up her dream of becoming a psychologist to support her family and is now a realtor.Juliana Rhodes moves to Aspen when she is promoted to partner in the law firm where Lise’s husband Scott works. The two women meet at a party in Juliana’s honor and even though Lise swore to hate everything about this usurper, when they lay eyes on each other the attraction is instantly and mutual. *Shwing!!*The endearments start very early, which felt a bit weird to me. Because shortly after you stop hating the woman who got your husband’s promotion, do you call her ‘Jules’, ‘darling’ and ‘sweetie’?The Juliana-is-a-vegan aspect is almost preachy. Faux leather shoes, pants, specially ordered leatherette car seats and 'here, let me lend you some of my extensive book collection on the Vegan way of life', the whole nine yards. Of course Lise promptly quits eating meat and looks so much healthier *snort*. Lise leaves her family to accompany Juliana on a road trip to San Francisco where Juliana’s very affluent and successful parents live. On their first stop during the trip they almost act on their mutual lust for each other but Lise (suddenly growing a conscience) pulls on the breaks. She explains she can’t do that to her kids (it’s already established that she does not love her husband and Juliana – who is engaged – does not fancy her aimant much either). They decide to try and keep it platonic (yeah right). Of course that promise goes out the window on the first night at her parent’s house. What I found astonishing was the level of confidence both women displayed, knowing they had only experience sleeping with men. Instead of a bashful “does this feel right?” or “I have no clue what to do now”, they just dove in like sapphic super stars!Lise is ready to leave Scott, but Jules doesn’t want to make any demands on her lover’s marriage. She is happy with what they’ve got now but Lise stresses that they are way past that point. There will be a massive upheaval in their future. And so the drama-rama begins….f/f explicitThemes: One week in San Francisco turns into three. Do you really leave your job and family for 3 weeks? And unannounced at that? I also find it hard to believe that Juliana can just leave her new job for that long. Aren’t successful lawyers up to their elbows in work?Them having sex in the guest bedroom while clueless hubby is down the hall is damned cold.Oh Lordy… the train already pulls into heartbreak town and we’re only halfway in the book… and WTF Lise?! You are doing what now?!?! Another couple that is unable to communicate. This plot device is getting really stale by now. Writers take note!Lise’s friends and their competitiveness for her affection is beyond ridiculous. Are these grown women?100 pages on and we have descended into a deep swamp of angst that flows into the delta of the river (de)Nile. Please feed me to the sacred crocodiles because I have lost the will to live!Oh, btw, Jules’ mother – who’s whole character was built up to be this ominous presence – is never seen again in the rest of the story. What was the fucking point?2.0 stars

  • Diane Wallace
    2018-08-25 17:19

    A beautiful heartwarming love story...the consequence of falling in love with another(triangle effect)..well written

  • UnicornMurphy
    2018-09-20 18:07

    I can't believe I actually made it to the end of this one, but I think I only kept going to see if it had anything redeeming in it at all. Spoiler alert: it doesn't (at least for me). The book is chock full of lotsa lazy errors. Pretty much every single time it is supposed to say "were" it says "where" (just an example). An editor would also have been useful in trimming this book down - it includes a lot of wasted pages. The author bio states that she is in real estate & Colorado based. As a result the level of detail the real estate (main character) and scenery get are basically completely not relevant to the story and just waste space - and your time when reading it.The author tells us the make and model of pretty much every single character's vehicle. The only time this seems to actually relate to the story is once - when it's mentioned how Jules is vegan and didn't get leather seats. But so many car details on so many pages...Kinda absurd that have two women who are straight - one married and one engaged - who suddenly decide that they want to bang each other and it's like no BFD to them. Coming out lesfic is kinda lame unless you're a new gay, but there should've at least been some turmoil for them. Overall, characterization was just a thumbs down.The author's view on cheating was also interesting. Apparently, if you're married then cheating is okay as long as you stop sleeping with your spouse as soon as you start sleeping with your new fling!The love/sex scenes. Let me start by saying that you can usually tell by an author's love scenes if they've ever actually been in a passionate relationship. Those that have been seem to write better scenes while the rest of them, well - they write less than great love scenes. As far as relaying this type of passion, the author did manage to successfully accomplish that, but it was still kinda lackluster. And it seemed as if pretty much all the love scenes were just oral and then "she crawled up to lay beside her" or something equally lame like that. Basically - a good start and then a wrong turn into fizzled out nothingness. Storyline was very predictable. And lots of the things she has the characters think/feel is not age appropriate - makes me wonder if this started out as some sort of fanfic with teen main characters or something as there are far to many thoughts of "feeling tingly inside" and utterly ridiculous teenage-love style dialogue.To sum up: Poor writing quality, full of typos/errors, loads of irrelevant details, predictable "plot", love scenes were "meh", probably would've been awesome if I was about 15 years old and really liked real estate, cars, and Colorado scenery, seemed to drag on and on.This book sorta made me want to cry....because I wasted all that time reading it :(

  • Maria
    2018-09-14 17:16

    I've had a difficult time reading this book, I hated it from the very beginning but couldn't seem to just drop it, I needed to finish it at least. First, the adultery thing just itches me, while the way they meet each other, Elise and Juliana, is enticing, Juliana being the new boss of Elise's husband, how fast they develop a sort of unbreakable bond of friendship is weird as fuck. I guess the author tried to use the 'love at first sight' trope, in the end i think it played out well enough. Secondly, the way they fall into bet together, without any sort of build up, and then Elise neglecting her children in favor of spending 3 weeks in Juliana's bed was just ridiculous. They are so destructive and toxic, the need Juliana has for Elise is almost child like. Also throughout the book they are so manipulative, specially Juliana, always trying to have a hold on the other. Regarding characterization the rest of the characters were good enough, Elise dropped everything the moment she met Juliana so I don't feel I really have a grasp on how she is as a person, and Juliana is so freaking complicated.In the end if you want to read a complicated lesbian love affair this is your book.

  • Nikki
    2018-08-25 18:26

    Although the writing is overall functionally sound (but there are typos), I have a lot of problems with this book. It starts with the main character Elise (who seems quite happily married) discussing how much she despises the woman that took her husband's promotion from him. Then she meets the woman (Juliana) and becomes almost immediately obsessed with her. From the title you think "infatuation-ok so it's probably a pretty intense attraction going on." But this is pure obsession. And I would suggest an unhealthy one at that. I had a hard time understanding what exactly they saw in each other to make such an instant connection believable. The characters did have excellent chemistry, the author is good at writing that.However, the speed at which these two go to calling each other "honey" and "baby" in front of everyone they know is quite alarming. Also, Juliana is emotionally immature at best. She has tantrums, reacts defensively a lot, and cries and stomps off when she doesn't get her way. Honestly, I contemplated borrowing my wife's DSM to determine if this character could be classified as a sociopath (I believe she is). I know that sounds kind of crazy, but let me tell you why I think so.Everything up to approximately 75% of the book made me keep looking back to make sure that this was in fact written as a romance. I honestly thought it was a thriller and that someone would be murdered at some point. The arguments they had sounded like arguments one would have with an emotionally unstable person. As an example, at one point Juliana asks Elise to go with her to San Francisco to pick up some stuff from her parents' house. They leave the next day for what they say will be a week. When they get there, there is some seriously weird conversations involving the mother, who photographed her daughter being put into deadly situations when she was a child (this is never brought up again, indescribably). Juliana then says they need to go to the vacation home and just be together for a few days, after being really creepy and irrational about a bike she bought for Elise in San Francisco WEEKS ago (wait-but didn't she JUST ask her to come to San Fran? Yes, because she's manipulative and creepy). Eventually they return home THREE WEEKS LATER without giving any word to her husband and children, who she left in Colorado.I kept with the book but by the end, I honestly did not want these characters to end up together. I didn't like how Juliana talked to Elise even when they were on good terms (don't even get me started on the 'cabbage incident'). I kept yelling at my e-reader "No! Don't do it! She's going to make furniture out of your skin!"Think I'm being overly dramatic? Yeah, I probably am. But I think I would have liked this book a lot more if it had been a thriller instead. That, I would have understood.On the plus side, since the character of Elise showed fairly good growth throughout, the author shows potential. I just think this book missed the mark in a lot of areas.

  • Megzz
    2018-09-09 17:00

    So very disappointing. I was almost embarrassed reading this book, I stopped halfway through. First, I thought the friendship between both women was so horribly unrealistic, it is almost ridiculous. On the day they meet, they already have nicknames for the other. Days later, they call each other "honey" and "baby". After like 2 weeks, they're the best of friends. I'm a true believer of love at first sight and soul mates, but the writer here even fails to depict any kind of real, deep emotion. The only thing I believe is the physical attraction, and even this is poorly demonstrated. The friendship is not convincing, the romance is not convincing, overall the connection between both women was lost on me.Also, I am not against adultery in romance novels but this one was just awfully handled. The character of Lise is very flat. She hardly tries to fight her attraction to Juliana. There is almost no struggle in her mind, no questions, no doubts. Juliana is no better. So they are not in love with their husbands/soon-to-be husbands. Okay. Still, Lise has two kids, and her husband is a sweetheart, isn't she going to struggle emotionally, even just a little bit? Both women fall for another woman, and it's no big deal to them. This lack of...well, angst, and tension, makes the story really boring and so hard to get into.Lastly, the first person POV just ruins the whole thing too. It's hard to know what is going on in Juliana's mind, and I couldn't get a clear and consistent idea of who the character was. (For instance, from the blatant way she was checking out Lise at that first party, I was pretty sure she was gay, out and proud. I didn't expect her to be shy and awkward. It just didn't make sense to me).That was a 4 hours I'll never get back!The ONE good thing about this book, is its cover.

  • Kennedy
    2018-09-10 22:08

    Wow, what a read. The happenings started from the first few pages and exploded from there. Love/Lust at first sight can be fascinating because you want to know if and what they will do about it. I really enjoyed how the story unfolded starting as friends doing various activities together. Juliana Rhodes is laid back but knows what she wants. Lise Cabot thinks she is happy but realizes that she is not as happy as she thought she was. The friends added so much to the read because they were so supportive making you wish you had friends like that.

  • Val
    2018-08-26 23:04

    Apparently people loved or hated this book. I became a little infatuated with reading it. I wasn't certain how things would end up and I always was waiting for Juliana to be like the rabbit killing chick from Fatal Attraction. It also brought up some of my own personal history and that wasn't a road I particularly wanted to travel again. Obviously I had a fair amount of angst while reading this book with conflicting emotions but I think that is what makes a story resonate with us and change our lives in some small way. Great job by the author of making the reader think.

  • Anja
    2018-09-16 20:28

    I found the book to be amazingly written! It had all the key elements one can ask for in a well written story. I was kept on my toes and walked around with a goofy smile on my face the entire reading. Very realistic characters that made my own heart race, anticipating what would happen next with the two beauties! I could go on and on because I loved Infatuation that much, so I'll finish off by STRONGLY recommending this book. To Ms Lyndon,I am anxiously awaiting your next! Thank you so very much for making this fabulous piece my latest infatuation.

  • KB Wayne
    2018-08-24 01:14

    I'm tired of reading about adultery. It's not sexy. It's not fun. Listen, I adore a sexy lesbian story but I just can no longer brook these affairs: if one of the characters is married to a man but is attracted to a woman that does NOT make it okay. In all fairness, I also found the main character of Jules (Juliana) to be a bit, um, of a sociopath with her her ping-ponging and frighteningly puerile emotional status.

  • Emily DeCicco
    2018-08-29 21:17

    Wow, unexpected and amazing.What I loved most about Jennifer Lyndon's writing: While a character was talking, instead of beats that led to what they were doing with THEIR hands or THEIR expressions, she included the opposite person's reactions. It was so new and interesting to be reading that way. It helped me get a better picture of everything that was going on. I also got an amazing insight to who the main character, Elise was. Lyndon gave her a great depth of personality and she's definitely one of those characters I'll never forget. I truly hope Lyndon creates more lesbian romance! This was the first book I ever read by her and I would buy a second in a heartbeat.

  • Musa
    2018-09-12 17:16

    This book is totally out of my expectation in a good way. I've just randomly selected this one off the shell and didn't expected to be captivated. It's so true that we don't choose who we fall in love with, and when Elise was falling so hard for Jules, every bit in this book just felt so real. The marriage, friends, kids, work, life etc... I'm not going to write anymore spoilers here. Go pick up a copy for yourself, I'm sure you'll love this book as I do.

  • Rachel
    2018-09-16 18:00

    I started reading it and I couldn't put it down. I love how the author adds interesting details about the characters and their personalities, but continues to move the story foreword. Everything from the moment the two main characters meet to the dialogue between them is important and I savoured it. I've re-read this book multiple times. It's a great piece.

  • Mary
    2018-08-27 23:15

    One of the more "real" lesbian fiction books I've read. These were normal women - what a relief. And the story was realistic. I know right? Sounds goofy - like setting the bar really low. But it was a nice read. I'll read more Jennifer Lyndon.

  • Clare Ward-living
    2018-09-20 22:27

    Loved this book. I never wanted it to end

  • Mickey
    2018-09-14 23:19

    The Deep End Review I’m impressed and surprised. I didn’t realize until after reading the book that this is Jennifer Lyndon’s first and only novel. The story she has written is enthralling yet simplistic. There are dynamic characters. The plot is believable and relatable. There were no points where I felt the urge to skip ahead. Nothing is convenient or contrived. Lyndon does her due diligence in fleshing out the premise she has established with good dialogue, an interesting supporting cast, and a lovable, imperfect protagonist, Lise Cabot.The story is told from Lise’s point of view, but Lyndon manages to keep her perspective from seeming limited. She uses flashbacks and conversations to make the reader feel like they understand the other characters as well. Juliana makes some rash decisions and behaves erratically, but at no time did I feel like I didn’t understand why. Lyndon outlines how Jules was raised and gives insight into her mindset through her parents and “family staff”. She pulls it off without it feeling forced. There are other characters that could have been explored more like Lise’s husband or her son Michael. But at the same time it was unnecessary for the development of the plot. This book almost feels like a glimpse into the lives of the characters. I like that the author didn’t try to tie up every loose end in an overly nice and neat way because that is not life. Lyndon has made the reader want to know more about every character. I think that is the hallmark of a well-constructed drama.The attraction between Lise and Juliana is intense and leaps off of the page. You feel for them and their predicament; they are both with other people, but have fallen for one another. The story doesn’t glorify infidelity. Lyndon addresses effect on the family unit. The characters even talk about the poor decisions they’ve made along the way. They do crazy things, take unnecessary risks, and act in their own self-interest at times. They could have done a lot of things differently and with more care, but like real people, the screw up a bit. From a “Lesbian Romance” standpoint, this premise is hardly original. After having read it though, I don’t think I’ve ever read quite so intimate a portrait of a woman discovering who she is and dealing with the outcome of how her life inevitably has to change due to that discovery.There are editing flaws, typos mostly. They are not a real barrier though. I alleviated my O.C.D. by making corrections in my Kindle app. Lyndon could easily pull another story out of this exposition because it is just that good, but I like where she left it. She uses an epilogue set nearly two years after the last page, and though it’s little more than a peek at how things sort of turned out, I think it was a good way to wean me off without that familiar lost feeling after a binge read. All in all, it could have been better, but it was great and worth the time.-The Deep End Review

  • Zoe
    2018-09-20 17:20

    I love lesbian fiction but this one had me doubting if I could/would actually finish it. There were many scenarios I found very unbelievable. The main characters 'irritated' me on many counts...illogical behavior, inconsistencies, unloving and disrespectful demeanors. Juliana (Jules) and Elizabeth (Elise or Lise), two 'straight' women who are immediately and TOTALLY drawn to one another without any real indication of such proclivities. Lise does things which disrespect the man she's married to (i.e. brings another person into the house she shares with her spouse to engage in sex and romance) and little concern for her children (i.e. just met someone (love/lust interest), go out of town for three weeks with little forethought other than the sex and romance you're going to share with someone you just met). Jules isn't much better. She breaks off the engagement with her fiancee' for a love/lust interest she's just met (less than three...four months prior).The characters are very flippant with the level of 'out' they display, or choose to display and expose their family, friends, acquaintances to --- one minute it's 'I don't care' (i.e. giving out information that clearing indicates the level of their involvement) and the next instant...wanting to keep things 'hush hush' to same said family/friends. Lise's husband (Scott) seemed just a little too clueless. Your wife (Lise) all of a sudden (like at the beginning of their meeting) spends much of her free time (i.e. spending nights at her house, going away for three weeks after having known her for less than a month, biking and eating together every day, etc.) in the company of your new boss (Jules - who's taken a job you were hoping to slide into). I find it difficult that he would not be a little suspicious of this quick friendship and the amount of time Lise spends with this other person.I thought the story also dragged on a little longer than it had to and there was some information that was a case of overkill, for me -- i.e. the real estate information (Lise is a real estate agent), the architectural info. (Jules is an architect), the 'million' sexual encounters. Also, there was some redundant actions/verbiage ---- how many times, and why do I need to be informed every time said character '...bites her lip...'?There were some comical moments. I loved, Loved, LOVED Lise's friends Kitty and Cher. They added humor and irreverence that I enjoyed.Anyway, I don't believe I'll be rushing out to read anything else by this writer...if she were to create/publish another novel.

  • Amanda Greene
    2018-08-21 20:25

    I thought this was remarkable. The most common complaint seems to be how unbelievable the relationship seemed to be; especially because it moves forward without establishing an acceptable foundation. This is where I found myself projecting into Elise in a very potent way. She makes it very clear that she is taken with Julianna very early, but you're not sure why. Neither is Elise. She is just going along with her gut, for lack of a better term, so I found myself doing the same. Elise didn't need to give me a reason for her feelings for Joules because she doesn't have one herself. And about the haste with which they were employing terms of endearment and the like, that's what happens when two people have the sort of intense, mutual attraction these two obviously shared from very early on, even if neither of them can codify it by saying, "Hey, I've gone a bit crazy for you." The whole book is like this. You never get to see inside Julianna's head, and even Elise isn't an omnipotent Goddeess in her own head. Many times, especially nearer the end, Elise only realizes why she did a thing because Kitty, who knows her better than anyone, told her. Everyone tells themselves they are doing a thing for some reason to hide their true motives from themselves. Elise isn't sure of herself very often, so she doesn't tells us what's going on in her head because she doesn't know either.In short, engage with Elise, don't just see her as a narrator, but as a person telling her story as best as she can as a flawed human being. If you do that you can appreciate the fact that this entire story is about visceral reactions, not a careful courtship.

  • Lisa Marie Gabriel
    2018-09-01 19:08

    What did I think? This book is pretty close to the way some women behave is what I thought! :) An infatuation between two straight women (one a trophy wife, the other a talented and precocious design genius) leads into a short and very intense affair. There is a great deal of collateral damage here, selfish demands are made, and a break up with awful emotional consequences ensues. They avoid each other with a vengeance (yes, women do that!) and finally the friends rally round and... Well, I will leave it there as I don't want to spoil it for you! I thought that the most telling thing in this story was the characterization of Lise and Jules. Both women are emotionally fragile and seem to be totally lacking in any compassion for the other - it's all "you did" and "me, me, me", professing love without showing very much to anyone, but then the state of being "in love" tends to be a very selfish, exclusive and hormonal thing in many cases. Any criticism? Yes, personally I think this would have been best without the "epilogue" at the end which I did find a little anodyne. Until that PC point it was 5* all the way for me because I have seen people (men and women, but women especially) behave JUST like Lise and Jules.

  • Jen
    2018-09-11 17:23

    "An Infatuation" is a love story about two women, Elise "Lise" Cabot and Juliana "Jules" Rhodes. Both have led heterosexual lives prior to their paths crossing, what with Lise being married to Scott and having two teen-aged kids, Michael and Candace, and Jules being engaged to Paul. Everything changes when they meet and as they spend more time together, the initial attraction morphs into stronger feelings. The book is about dealing with those feelings and the aftermath of pursuing a relationship with someone outside of a committed relationship.The premise of the story could fit any "straight" or "gay" couple. The "twist" is the fact that both the lead female characters have always believed they were "straight" and then fall for each other. There were certain decisions both Lise and Jules made, as individuals, that bugged me. There were a lot of casualties as they pursued a relationship with each other and while dealing with unresolved issues they both had even after things ended between them. Also, Lise's strained relationship with her son was never resolved. What's up with that? O.oI'm giving three out of five stars for "An Infatuation" because it was acceptable but could have been much more without all the unnecessary angst.

  • Yoly
    2018-09-14 01:10

    I guess I could have rated it 5 stars because I really enjoyed the story but the typos, dialog structure and the conversations between the two main characters made me take one star away.When I started reading this book I thought I had reached a new low. Within minutes of the characters meeting each other they already have pet names for one another. A few pages later "baby" and "honey" are said in every single exchange between them. I mean, really? I came close to abandoning the book but then I thought that with so many good reviews on Goodreads and Amazon there had to be something there. I'm glad I didn't give up.I really liked this story. The book is not the typical "288 pages" novel that's actually only around 250 pages long, so the story didn't feel rushed like they usually are in these novels.Loved it and recommend it.

  • Sarah
    2018-09-08 20:23

    As a whole, I enjoyed this book. Yes, the straight woman/married woman storyline has been done time and again, but this had some twists to it that set it apart. While I was reading it, though, there were points I almost disliked it. The scenes with Juliana's parents, particularly her mother, had me pulling up reviews on Amazon thinking I'd misunderstood the premise. I half expected it to turn into some creepy thriller. There were also points I really disliked Juliana. Since this is told in the first person (Elise's), you obviously only are seeing one side of the story. Even after events unfold and you find out why Juliana was reacting a certain way, I still was having difficulty with it. In the end, the good outweighed the bad enough for me to give it 4 stars, but there are still parts I find myself thinking about and shaking my head.

  • Kate
    2018-08-30 18:59

    So another reviewer put it best, one of the main characters is a sociopath. I read this book and felt increasingly unsettled, as though I might turn the page and find the two main characters had murdered someone or each other. There's nothing remotely realistic about this kind of lesbian romance, so much so that I am eager to not call it lesbian per say and more obsessive a la Fatal Attraction, just the two main characters happen to be women.

  • Renee W. Tyler,Battery Operated Book Blog
    2018-09-18 23:59

    This is probably on of the best F/F books I have read. It was wonderfully written. The overall story was great! You could feel the emotions of the characters and really relate to some extent of the feelings and or emotions of what each one was feeling. There are parts of the relationship points in this book that we each can or have felt or dealt with at some point in our lives. I would recommend this for amyone to read. Just an overall good story.

  • Gaelle Cathy
    2018-09-03 23:10

    i don't know why it toOk me so long to finish this book. I guess some parts could have be shortened but I never once felt bored. I've really enjoyed the storyline and the characters. I would read more from that author.

  • Erica
    2018-09-12 17:02

    Like some of the other reviewers, I found Juliana's character disturbing. To walk away from someone potentially mortally wounded is beyond reproach and yet the other party continued to trust her. There is also the controlling personality which makes Juliana's character even less likable.

  • Max
    2018-09-01 19:20

    Free on amazon prime, minor typos but otherwise a good read, very compelling.