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Sex with a mysterious stranger aboard a train leads Rita Holly to an initiation into the exclusive and secretive Mount club. Sophisticated and deviant rituals await Rita, as do the endless intrigues and power struggles deep within the heart of the organization.Rita learns that membership of the Mount Club is not for the sexually repressed. During her initiation, sex with hSex with a mysterious stranger aboard a train leads Rita Holly to an initiation into the exclusive and secretive Mount club. Sophisticated and deviant rituals await Rita, as do the endless intrigues and power struggles deep within the heart of the organization.Rita learns that membership of the Mount Club is not for the sexually repressed. During her initiation, sex with her new lover from the train, Edward, is forbidden but Alex the dance instructor is happy to take his place and Leo the zoo keeper is happy to encourage Rita's animal instincts. With more and more titillating punishments in store and the club's sexy head Vivienne intent on her failing, will Holly succeed in her lengthy and lurid initiation?...

Title : The Initiation of Ms. Holly
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ISBN : 9781402289651
Format Type : Paperback
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The Initiation of Ms. Holly Reviews

  • Robert
    2018-08-21 09:35

    I think it’s a damn shame more men don’t get accosted on trains. Ladies, you’re missing out on one hell of an opportunity. And fellas…what the hell? We need to rectify this situation immediately. If you’re a woman, you should strut like it’s your birthday…every single day. Having confidence is the key, and that confidence just might lead to more men being shoved into bathrooms and waylaid in sleeper cars. There’s a reason God created man first: If God had started with Eve, he would have clapped his hands together and said, “I think we’re done here.” Fellas, we wouldn’t even be a blip on the intergalactic radar. And it’s all because women have bodies that just don’t quit. Even God knows this.If I didn’t know any better, I’d say THE INITIATION OF MS. HOLLY was written by a teenage boy. A teenage boy who wrote frantically, pounding away at the keys like some untamed beast, and grasping for every orgy and orifice he could think of. This was basically one long porn fantasy with dominance and subservience included for good measure. All the women were perfect with tits the size of watermelons, or smaller, perkier breasts with perfect precision and icicle nipples and tanned skin and luscious lips. Not that I can rightfully complain, mind you, but I felt like with every page I was about to get arrested, tossed in a government prison, and held hostage by some woman in a leather cat suit.I like sex. But I was equal parts turned on and disgusted with this read. It was the equivalent of walking onto a porn set, and watching everyone from the actors to the producers to the lighting and sound guys humping away like there was no tomorrow. I mean, it might have been nice to have the sex actually come to a screeching halt and maybe even see a bit of character development. This doesn’t need to be literary fiction, but even an entire high school football team shoved into a brothel would take a few deep breaths or maybe stop to eat on occasion.Instead of resembling actual people, the characters felt like pawns on a chessboard shoved into position for the next sex scene. In short, the characters reminded me more of animals humping in the wild than actual human beings.If that’s your shtick, then by all means have at it, but I had hoped for just a wee bit more. I received this book for free through NetGalley.Cross-posted at Robert's Reads

  • Patti TheLoveJunkee
    2018-09-03 06:51

    Rita Holly is on a train when the power goes out. She's feeling claustrophobic, but lucky for her, Edward, the gentleman who bumps into her in the dark aisle, wants to help her out...a hot kiss to take her mind off things soon leads to mind-blowing sex, on the train, and when they part, she realizes she never even saw his face.Once she's home, she wants to find him again. Her roommate playfully texts him, pretending to be Rita, and he texts her back that he'd like to see her again. They arrange to meet at The Mount, an exclusive club that is rumored to be a sex club. Rita is excited to be invited, and once there she's overwhelmed by the opulence and sexuality of the place. She soon learns that there are rules, and if she wants to be with Edward, she must follow them. If she is well-behaved, she'll be invited to become a member, at which time she will be able to see Edward's face. In the meantime, she must go through an initiation period with each of the members.My thoughts:I'm going to be up front, I did not finish this book. I like reading erotica, but for me there was just too much sex. I like sex in my books - lots of it. But The Initiations of Ms. Holly wore me down. I read 74% of the book before I set it down for good. I think I would have enjoyed this book much more if it had been a collection of short stores instead of one long one.There was also no real character development - what is the basis of the attraction between the main characters? I know she eventually decides she's doing it as an expose for her magazine, but it doesn't feel true - this reader knows she's doing it for Edward. Why does Vivian, the Mistress of the Mount, hate Rita so much? Why does Edward want Rita so much that he'll endure whatever Vivian dishes out? Halfway through, Rita's mother becomes an issue - she's stalking Rita? It was a bit too much to throw into the plot. I also found the word the author used for her sexy bits - a "pout" - to be distracting. I've never heard that expression; I asked on twitter and checked urban dictionary but couldn't find anything. (I am still curious about where it came from if anyone knows)The sex in The Initiations of Ms. Holly was very steamy - if you're looking for a very sexy read this might be a good choice; it was just not a good book for me.

  • Kay Jaybee
    2018-09-08 07:36

    I have just finished this book for the second time- it is totally amazing. Every chapter delivers a new erotic hit- top drawer sexy escapism, with a touch of romance tucked in, in the most unexpected way.If you haven't read KD's top novel, you're missing something a bit special

  • Britt
    2018-09-12 12:38

    I will probably end up dropping this rating down after I have read more of this genre and realise that this is not erotica at its best, but for now this novel gets 5 stars because it astounded me. When perusing goodreads and book depository for erotic romance after being introduced to it largely by Sylvia Day and of course Fifty Shades I often found myself wondering 'How can an erotic novel by dubbed a 'romance' when there is menage/group sex/sharing? I couldn't undertstand how love can be told between two people when the male or female is so willing, able and even eager to share their partner with other lovers (and even watch!). Call it one last shred of conservatism that I have been hanging onto in this genre. The intiation of Ms Holly destroyed this shred and finally made me realise that an author and a story can have all of that and still be a beautiful love story. Don't get me wrong, this novel is still largely about sex. Vanilla, Kinky, Dirty, Fetishy (is that a word?) sex. However it's also all about a woman (Rita Holly) finally finding herself. It's almost a coming of age novel, but for a 20-30 something (I don't think I quite caught her age). Except in this book Rita embraces her sexuality. It makes you question as a woman how much you might enjoy the situations that Rita is envitably put in. It even made me wish I was in her position at times, and that the Mount actually existed so that I could complete my own intiation. I loved Rita as a character, although at first I couldn't quite fathom how she could quickly jump at a sex on a train, and then sex with Alex and go full blown into this world. There was some questioning but I think there could have been more, or perhaps Grace needed to create a history of Rita enjoying sex and having less scruples than say your average female journalist working in London. However that said (Sorry guys this is going to sound contradictory) I did like (for once) to see a character that was so willing and eager to access her sexuality, without any of those odd feelings about social norms and dicorum. It is refreshing for a woman just to be able to enjoy all kinds of sex that would otherwise be deemed 'slutty' or inappropriate by average society. I enjoyed this book, the characters all delighted me (well except for Vivienne) I loved Alex and his carefree nature, Edward and his obvious care, concern and love for Rita and all the other members of the Mount that helped Rita with her intiation. I know from looking at the ratings that this is not a widely read book (at least among my goodreads friends that are no strangers to erotica) however guys please give this a go! It's awesome.

  • Vikki ~ *squee* lite ~
    2018-09-08 11:54

    It took me out if my comfort zone (just a little too much sharing for me) - but that isn't what gets it 2 stars. The story felt really disjointed to me. It felt like some things were never explained, and others should have been explained much earlier. In the end I have no idea why Rita would go though all of this for a guy she barely knew. I mean, it wasn't just sex with lots if people (which to my knowledge was something way out of character for Rita, but the kinds of sex, humiliation and borderline abuse she was willing to subject herself to, seemed really out if place considering how well she (didn't ) know Edward.I totally didn't care if Rita and Edward got together. The relationship was completely flat for me.(view spoiler)[ then there was the while mom showing up as the head if the Rome coven(hide spoiler)]Not my 'cuppa.

  • Aղցela W.
    2018-08-30 09:39

    This was a really hot as hell book. The book starts off with two people having sex on a train it was the most erotic encounter Rita Holly has ever had. Rita went from having sex with a stranger to wanting to be part of an elite sex group. This book was hot this was my first time reading this author and I have had this box set on my kindle for awhile. This book has threesomes, foursomes, woman on woman, and even man on man in just one part. For me it was a little light on the story, but as I said the sex in this book was hot. This was my first time reading this author this book was well written with no errors in spelling or grammar this was my first time reading this author and not my last. I am looking forward to reading the rest of this series.

  • Marte - Thunderella
    2018-09-19 09:01

    Definitely erotica this one, NOT fluffy romance. Well, there is a romance between the MCs Rita and Edward, but you kinda need to (strongly) hold on to that thought and just go with the flow with the rest. It's not for the faint of heart either, it's erotica.The reviews for this book were all over the place. I thinking the reason why is those who rated it "high" knew what kind of book it was before reading it, and those who rated it "low/bad" didn't quite know what they were getting them self into? I hope you get what I mean. I'm very curious person and facinated by human nature, how different we are, how different we think and act, how men thinks vs women, what turns us on, how we like different kinds of sex and so forth. I'm very open and accepting and not judgemental. I'm open to read about different things and I accept what I read. I may not understand all of it, but I accept it. I do have a comfort level, but other than that I just enjoy reading about different things to experience it and learn something new.*wipes forehead* That got pretty deep, huh?(I blame the lateness of the hour. I get very philosophical at night. Sue me.)Anyway, that's the book for you. I think you need to accept there's erotica in this book and not judge the characters for what they are doing. If you do that, this book is pretty hot. It did push my comfort level sometimes, but overall I did actually enjoy reading it.I borrowed some quotes I found described my feelings of the book from other reviews so you kind of get the compiled short version. I have added links to the reviews so I'm not taking credit or anything.Chelsea's review (4.5 stars) pretty much sums up the story:4.5 stars for this very kinky novel about a woman trying to pass the initiation rites of the Mount, an exclusive BDSM club. She's got two purposes: reuniting with the sexy man she met in the dark, and writing an expose to jumpstart her journalism career. (...) There's no sense of shame about any of the very kinky boundaries being pushed, and I liked that as well. It was easier to enjoy the novel when everyone in it was enjoying themselves too.BodiceRippingConnoisseur's review, 5 starsThis book has threesomes, foursomes, woman on woman, and even man on man. (...)I really liked this book and if you are looking looking for an erotic book with a story line then this is it.Paris (kerbytejas) review, 3starsThe Initiation of Ms Holly by K.D. Grace was a book that surprised me. This book is 95% sex and 5% connective storyline. (...)I came to see the book as a long series of sexual vignettes, tales, and scenarios, skillfully tied together by the author. (...)The connective storyline, had drama, intrigue, manipulation of people’s lives, power struggles within the organization, and many a double crossing situation.Britt's review, 4 starsI did like (for once) to see a character that was so willing and eager to access her sexuality, without any of those odd feelings about social norms and dicorum. It is refreshing for a woman just to be able to enjoy all kinds of sex that would otherwise be deemed 'slutty' or inappropriate by average society.Rochelle's review, 3 starsThis is one of those books that walks the line between completly terrible and brilliant.Georgana's review, 4 starsI would definitely recommend anyone who has an open mind to a very erotic read with a bit of mystery surrounding it!Natalie's review, 3 starsI found I had to read this one in private due to the embarrassing thought of someone actually looking over my shoulder and reading any of the number of dirty things that's written on just about every page! Despite that fact, I still enjoyed reading about all the naughty occurrences.I hope I haven't bored you to death ;)Ps. I have also read The Pet Shop, which I liked a lot more due to a lot less characters and a more romance fluffy feel, but still with kinky sex (pet play) I'll review it later.

  • Paris(kerbytejas)
    2018-08-21 07:48

    The Initiation of Ms Holly by K.D. Grace was a book that surprised me. This book is 95% sex and 5% connective storyline. I’m not even sure what the actual plot of the book is…maybe it was:• About a couple who met on a train ride• About finding out the truth about a prestigious, hip and trendy club and exposing it• About advancing one journalistic career• About having a man you know nothing about and have never seen• About doing, seeing and experiencing things you would have never imagined you would or could do• About all of the above an moreOur primary couple is Edward and Rita, they met on a train ride, and Edward extends an invitation to Rita to come and have dinner with him in a club named The Mount. We know very little about Edward, and really don’t get detail until the last 10% of the book; Edward has a very important and prominent role in all facets of the book. Rita is a young writer, doesn't come with a lot of back story, but we learn she’s on the “outs” with her Mother, has a best friend named Kate, and once her mind is fixed on a goal she will get what she wants no matter what!Prominent supporting characters include Vivienne, Aurora, Leo, Morgan, Alex, Lorelei, all involved with the club, Owen, Rita’s boss and Rita’s Mother. As I started reading I kept thinking “what’s the plot”; “what is Edward’s motivation”; “why Rita?”; “what is the connection between Edward and Vivienne?” and then I realized that there was so much I needed to find out.I came to see the book as a long series of sexual vignettes, tales, and scenarios, skillfully tied together by the author. The sexual content was always there, it was written to help the reader experience what Rita was going through, to help the reader understand how much Rita wanted to be with Edward, even though she has never actually seen him; to entertain and titillate the reader. The connective storyline, had drama, intrigue, manipulation of people’s lives, power struggles within the organization, and many a double crossing situation. A strong well developed plot with fully fleshed out characters was not part of this book, although the author did a nice job painting Rita as a strong willed, yet vulnerable woman, Edward as a pawn of Vivienne, Owen as an easily bought back stabber, and Vivienne as a jealous and evil manipulator. The sexual vignettes were creative, well written, and all different, at no point did the author fall into a comfortable repetitive pattern that would bore the reader; there was always some new situation for Rita and the reader to experience. I will say that “sex overload” is a real possibility, so readers may have to pace themselves. The writing was smooth, fluid, descriptive, and for the most part free of typos and grammatical errors, some of the terms used are regional.At this point I have to say I’ve never liked books where sex is the main focal point of the story, and there’s little or no plot at all – and that’s why I’m surprised I finished the book, and also why I’m rating the book at 3 stars.I would like to thank the author, NetGalley and the publisher Sourcebooks Casablanca, for providing this copy for an honest review. Tentative publication date Feb 4 .2014

  • Dana
    2018-09-13 06:34

    So....The story was really disjointed. Rita meets Edward on a train and they have an, at least to me, pretty meh sexual encounter. The encounter happens in the dark and Rita does not know what Edward looks like. This becomes an annoyingly repetitive detail throughout the story and does not match the supposed deep seated lust/love that Rita has for Edward. Rita's experiences with the members of the high council was very hot and heavy (the scene with the Harley and the cat suit? Yowza...) and included multiple scenarios, partners and fetishes. However, Rita goes through all of these initiations so she can be with Edward again because she looooooves him sooooo much. Even though she has no idea what Edward looks like, has only been with him once during a meh incident and whom continues to put her through these initiations so they can be together.What? If this would have been a short story, I would have been shouting my praises from the rooftops. Instead, the plot didn't make sense and felt like it was trying to hard. The ending sucked. If you thought the first encounter between Edward and Rita was meh, you'll be shockingly disappointed when they finally get to be together after all the initiations that Rita went through. The introduction of Rita's mom as a stalker/heiress/leader of the highest council in Rome made no sense.The supposed unshaking love between Edward and Rita, even though she doesn't know what he looks like and they screwed once on a train in the dark made no sense.V's hatred of Rita, her thuper thecret hold on Edward and rise to leader of the high council made no sense.I give it 2 stars as some of the encounters had me squirming in my seat, but overall the story was pretty crappy. Either focus on a short, hot read or put some effort into plot and character development.

  • Miz Love
    2018-09-04 07:52

    Whilst on the Eurostar, during a power failure, Rita Holly has a crazy, sexy encounter with the mysterious Edward—in complete darkness. From this very first, deliciously described scene, I knew I was going to love this book—and I did.Once home, Rita becomes obsessed with finding Edward again. It doesn’t take long—he’s keen to find her too. Once again it is a blind, sexy adventure in the mysterious Mount. (I shan’t spoil any of the plot here because that would be unforgivable.) The story moves on at a great pace, a total indulgence for fans of erotic scenes. They’re kinky, hot enough to burn off the page, and Rita laps it up (that is a pun, but you’ll have to read the book!).BEST BITS: The Zoo.The novel way of drinking champagne!“With that the woman turned on you-could-only-afford-to-fuck-me-in-your-dreams stilettoes and retreated back through the maze of rooms.”Motorbike sex! Mmm, novel and dangerous, might have to try it?!?VERDICT: This is a wild journey following not just a woman’s sexual discovery but also travelling with her as she finds her place in the world amongst family, friends and lovers. At first, as a reader you feel you know what is going on but quickly become immersed in a world of intrigue and secrecy. The sex is off the scale hot and I loved the fact that I was trying to second guess the plot. There were times when I thought of “The Story of O” and others the Voluturi in “The Twilight Saga”. A thoroughly enjoyable erotic read which ticks all the boxes and leaves the reader feeling satisfied with their choice of fiction—or is it fiction? I can’t wait to see what this talented author comes up with next.

  • Chantel
    2018-09-05 08:57

    Rita Holly, a journalist, has a chance encounter on a stalled train with Edward. And so begins her initiation into a club called The Mount. There were parts that felt sinister, parts that felt strange, and parts that made me squirm. I admit the last third of the book gripped me and had me racing to finish, much to the dismay of my eyes. It was almost too long for me to manage as an ebook and I would've preferred paperback, but that's a physical limitation that has nothing to do with the book. It had a strangeness to it, this book. As though it were just on the edge between possible and impossible, and your mind can't decide which is more likely. I'm not debating the likelihood of something like this happening in real life, it's fiction so I'm willing to suspend belief. It was a good book with good sex. If I had a compliant, it was that the punishment for the antagonist would've been more severe and detailed at the end. I didn't like her and wanted to read about her comeuppance. Vague, but I think the book is worth a read to discover its secrets.

  • Saunders
    2018-08-28 12:33

    This is KD Grace's debut novel.The Initiation of Ms Holly starts with an encounter with a stranger on a train. Rita is drawn to this mysterious man(we get to know him as Edward)but is unable to see what he looks like and relies on her other senses to "experience" him and "experience" him she does!Rita agrees to a date with Edward and meets him at the Mount an exclusive and private club that only the elite frequent. Edward insists that she is blindfolded and they share an intimate dinner but Rita finds out that Edward intentions are to share more than an intimate dinner and her initiation into the club begins in earnest.The concept of this novel is a simple one, but the plot is thick with intrigue and mystery and keeps the reader turning pages to find out what lesson Rita will learn next.Although a bit over the top the story does propel the reader from one scene to another. It is skilfully written and provides a provocative blend of kinky sex and subtle mystery. A must for the erotic reader.

  • CoffeeTimeRomance andMore
    2018-09-04 09:43

    Let me start off by stating that The Initiation of Ms. Holly is so hot I am still tingling a day after I finished reading this novel. Ms. Grace gives us a tale that is so passionately raw that you will feel as if you have been stripped to the bone. The way Rita kept going back to the initiations even though she promised herself time and again that she would not, gave us a real look into her head. I saw how she seemed to struggle with her passionate side, and how the sex was almost like an addiction that she could not get away from. On top of that, you have the villainous vixen Vivienne who is so outrageously diabolical and sexy that you cannot help but find yourself pulled into her world even as you try to hate her for the character she is. This spicy number will heat you up and keep you fully charged for days to come.DanielleReviewer for Coffee Time Romance & MoreFull Review:

  • Christine Williams
    2018-09-16 15:02

    This is the first full-length erotic novel I have read and I couldn’t have asked for a better introduction. The characters are real people, the description is beautiful and the story is satisfying. Although I fell for a secondary character, Alex rather than one of the main characters Edward, still each to their own. The story begins with a wonderfully erotic scene in the dark and then takes us on the journey that Ms Holly has to take for initiation into an old and secret sex cult. The scenes she finds herself in are truly amazing and I will never look at a motorbike in the same way again. For a fast-paced read with enough twists and turns to keep the story fresh and entertaining, you couldn’t ask for a better book.

  • Debi Hursh
    2018-08-21 11:38

    “I received this book as a review copy in return for an honest review”Two strangers having sex is a great way to start off a book.Little did Rita know that this was only the beginning.Oh to be put thru so many trials that would involve sex of some sort with god knows who. What is the price you would pay to be initiated in an exclusive club?Well Rita was put to the test and I don’t want to give it away but let’s just say she had a wild ride. KD Grace wrote a deliciously sex filled book and I enjoyed every second of it! I wonder where I can get the cat suit. I have never ridden a motorcycle but now I am really thinking twice about ridding one. If you have read The Pet Shop and enjoyed it then you will enjoy this one too.

  • Rochelle
    2018-09-19 09:02

    This is one of those books that walks the line between completly terrible and brilliant. The Initiation of Ms. Holly had amazing sex, ok to good characters, and a silly plot. The writing is good, which keeps the many of the annoying plot devices from becoming unbearable. Tired tropes: claustrophobia, the ridiculously evil bitchy woman, the parental deus ex machina. The romance wasn't especially engaging. But the main character never becomes too stupid to live, and she's never stupidly innocent. She lacks experience with the group she is being initiated into, but she is not improbably virginal. There's some great pet play and a super smexy motorcycle scene.

  • Natalie
    2018-09-17 08:37

    In my journey of finding books with a "fifty" type feel to them I came across this book, this has so much more of the strange, kinky BDSM type things going on. I found I had to read this one in private due to the embarrassing thought of someone actually looking over my shoulder and reading any of the number of dirty things that's written on just about every page! Despite that fact, I still enjoyed reading about all the naughty occurrences, it's not a life altering type of book or anything, but not a bad read if you're looking for a very sexually orientated and kinky book!

  • Nina ~ Social Butterfly PR
    2018-09-09 07:00

    The Initiation of Ms. Holly was a super erotic read that I enjoyed tremendously. It is the story of Rita Holly and her initiation into a secret sex society....The Mount. It is exclusive and she wants in and will do anything to get in....and I mean anything! Because getting in means something very important to her....finally getting Edward....her lover.I would definitely recommend anyone who has an open mind to a very erotic read with a bit of mystery surrounding it!

  • Sommer Marsden
    2018-08-22 14:00

    Whew. I ended my summer with a bang! Hot sexy escapism at its finest. If you take this to the beach for you last hurrah of the season you might have to stick your feet in some blazing hot sand just to cool off. Better yet, just read it in the water.I read my copy whilst on the exercise bike so I just grabbed a cold shower after (or best case scenario, the man when he got home from work).K.D. Grace has a lovely voice. I look forward to reading more of her in the future.

  • Lucy Felthouse
    2018-08-23 11:39

    This book is absolutely packed full of wild and steamy encounters. The multitude of characters can be hard to keep track of at times, but it’s definitely worth keeping your head as you follow the book through to its climactic ending and unearth the deepest, darkest secrets of The Mount and its members.

  • Carol
    2018-09-02 14:33

    This book is one of the hottest sexy books ever written! From start to finish, each initiation task is so erotic it amazes me. This is one of the first erotic books I read and nothing I have read since has matched it. I give it 6 stars out of 5!

  • Michelle, the Bookshelf StalkerQueen of the Undead
    2018-09-12 07:00

    book needs serious character development, story was ridiculous but fun, sex scenes....hmmmmm... review coming soon.

  • Gale Stanley
    2018-09-17 12:32

    Sexy, sizzling and surprising! Great erotic read!

  • Lisabet Sarai
    2018-09-13 10:53

    Ever since Fanny Hill, the lusty wench has been a stock character in erotic fiction. Starting from a state of relative innocence, she dives with reckless abandon into the "warm waters of sins of the flesh", eager to experience every variant of sexual pleasure. No one can resist her erotic enthusiasm. She attracts both men and women, less because of her physical attributes than because of her inexhaustible capacity for arousal. It is her sexual curiosity, responsiveness and openness that set her apart from ordinary women and mark her for a special fate. Rita Holly, the heroine of K.D. Grace's highly entertaining novel The Initiation of Ms Holly, is a prime example of this literary tradition. Rita is a modern, independent, intelligent young woman, a transplanted American working as a journalist in London. She is attractive but not really sophisticated or elegant. An encounter with a stranger on a blacked-out Eurostar train stalled under the English Channel reveals that her true nature: exquisitely sensitive, sexually voracious, and possessing the rare ability to completely suspend her rational self when in the throes of carnal delight. Rita never has the opportunity to see Edward's face, but his touch, smell and taste set her on fire. Before long, she learns that he belongs to an ancient sexual society known as the The Mount, which hides behind the facade of an exclusive London restaurant and dance club. A mysterious vow requires him to wear a mask in her presence, but he introduces her (in the most physical sense) to other members of The Mount's High Council: golden-haired, androgynous Alex, who teaches the tango and other dances of passion; stern but succulent butch Aurora, who serves as waitress and enforcer of The Mount's rules; grizzled, solid Leo, in his bush helmet and khakis, looking like he just returned from safari; curvy, elegant Lorelei; exotic Morgan, his body tattooed with leopard spots; and the impossibly beautiful and elegant Vivienne, the head of the Council. Edward convinces Rita to apply for membership in the elite society and she is accepted as an initiate despite Vivienne's opposition. Most of the novel recounts, in loving and lascivious detail, Rita's undertaking of the various tasks and sexual rites of passage devised by the Council members. Needless to say, Rita passes every test with flying colors. A week as a pet in a human zoo, an explosive coupling bound to a motorcycle, "forced" oral service to both males and females, whippings and spankings, public exposure, a week as a slave to the vicious Vivienne, nothing can stand in the way of Rita's desperate need to know who Edward really is. Even as she questions her own sanity, she is a more than willing participant in the many flavors of debauchery to which she is subjected.The Initiation of Ms Holly is erotic fantasy at its best. The sexual scenarios are wonderfully varied and imaginative, and unfailingly arousing. I flew through the book, devouring one luscious sex scene after another, as eager as Rita herself for the next trial. The book includes a variety of D/s activities and given my usual preferences, I would have expected these scenes to be my favorites. However, the interlude that Rita spends in Leo's "zoo" turned out to be the most arousing section of the novel for me. Leo treats his beloved pets as animals, but they are not used, abused or forced to "serve" their masters, as "pets" sometimes are in BDSM tales. Indeed, pets are not allowed to have sex with humans. The thrill in the zoo is the way its denizens drop their human pretensions and give full rein to their animal nature. For a week, Rita does not speak. She uses the senses of smell, taste and touch to communicate with her fellow pets, and glories in the permission to enjoy sexual pleasure without any of the societal baggage we humans carry. Ms. Grace describes this experience in a vivid, visceral way.This novel does require considerable suspension of disbelief. Despite its fantastic plot, though, the characters are distinctive and moderately realistic, except for their prodigious sexual capabilities. Vivienne, the gorgeous bitch who emerges as Rita's adversary, is particularly well drawn. The scenes in which she imagines taking Rita's role show a significant level of psychological insight.I found the resolution of the novel slightly disappointing, relying as it does on a mater ex machina. However, I might have been influenced by the fact that all the delightful carnal games were drawing to a close. Appropriately, the novel ends with an orgy as Rita becomes a full member of The Mount and Edward removes his mask. Of course, an abundance of orgasms are enjoyed by all.Overall, The Initiation of Ms Holly is great fun, following in a time-honored literary tradition.

  • Kelly
    2018-09-04 13:33

    This review also appears on Reading with Analysis.I’ll start with the obvious: there is a lot of sex in this book. Yes — DUH, it’s erotica — but even knowing the genre, I was a little surprised at the sheer quantity of sexual encounters. What was more surprising, though, was how inventive all those encounters managed to be, and that helped avoid the “Oh, my God, they’re getting naked again…” fatigue.Before I get into the few things that bugged and confused me about this book, I want to talk about the two things I liked best.1. The word initiation connotes a certain scenario… the initiate starts out inexperienced and then grows in experience throughout the course of various trials until the end, when full membership (in whatever) is achieved. Rita Holly, though, approaches her initiation with enthusiasm and self-possession, and — even in cases when she’s a little bit out of her element — she finds a way to be present in each situation, to participate fully. She’s never passive. Rita’s active enthusiasm made the reading experience a lot less squicky for me, even when the encounters veered into the strange and slightly uncomfortable. Rita manages to own all of the challenging encounters in the book, and the result is empowering rather than degrading.2. I was a little surprised to find metaphor in an erotic novel, but it’s there. Rita Holly is a woman who cannot bear to be constrained. Her claustrophobia, rather than proceeding from some childhood trauma, is a physical manifestation of her fear of being repressed, unable to express and explore her sexuality. That’s what she’s looking for, after all: sexual freedom. So, yeah, she’s freaked out by dark, close spaces, but she’s also made uncomfortable by restrictive clothing, particularly any restriction around her lady areas. There’s also a motif about blindness (not being able to see her true love until she completes all the steps of her initiation), but I don’t think it was handled as well as the claustrophobia/sexual repression thing.There were a number of things about the book that I enjoyed but did not consider as standout as the above two things. I didn’t approach this book with the expectation that it would have a great story, so I was pleasantly surprised to encounter some elements of mystery. I found myself wondering why Rita was running from her past, what was up with Edward’s situation, and whether Rita and Edward would ever be able to make a go of it. (I also wondered why such a big deal was made about Rita not seeing Edward’s face until her initiation was complete and about Rita and Edward not being able to enjoy a tab A, slot B-type encounter during the course of Rita’s initiation. Frankly, both things seemed a bit overblown to me.)And now, on to the things that baffled me.1. Condoms. I am in favor of safe sex in erotica (and romance), because it reinforces our cultural reality and could — perhaps — help contribute to the idea that the only sexy sex is safe sex. So I noticed right away that there weren’t any condoms present during any of the crazy sexual encounters in this book. I noticed, was annoyed, and then decided that this book operates in a world in which there is no disease and also no fear of pregnancy. Everything was tracking along OK, until one scene about two-thirds into the book when a dude is about to have sex with a lady, and he puts on a condom and remarks in his inner monologue that he doesn’t know where she’s been. Hold up. No one in this book knows where anyone else has been, either, so… And that was the only condom in the book! It made all the other scenes — especially the pet sequences — seem incredibly questionable and more than a little disturbing.2. Language. I am not normally the type to clutch my pearls at the language I find in either romance or erotica, but I could totally have done without some of the phrasing in this book. There were so many references to male characters shooting their wads or loads, jizzing, and spouting jizz that I totally did… I clutched my pearls and laughed my ass off.While those two things are pretty damn ridiculous, they are outweighed by the amount of things the book did right. So, there you have it. This book is definitely not for everyone — not for the faint of heart or those who are easily annoyed by OTT erotic encounters — but it is utterly fun and interesting. I liked it.

  • Ilana
    2018-08-26 08:43

    Title: The Initiation of Ms. HollyAuthor: KD GracePublisher/Year: Sourcebooks Inc 2/4/14Length: 256 pagesOverviewShe had no idea membership would be this exclusive.Will she succeed in her lengthy and lusty initiation? Sex with a mysterious stranger aboard a train leads Rita Holly to an initiation into the exclusive and secretive Mount club. Sophisticated and erotic rituals await Rita, as do the endless intrigues and power struggles within the organization. Rita learns that club membership is not for the sexually repressed. During her initiation, sex with her lover from the train, Edward, is forbidden, but Alex and Leo are happy to step in. With more and more titillating punishments in store and the club's leader intent on her failing, will Rita pass her lengthy and lusty initiation?My ThoughtsWow - what a creative story we have here. I mean, this isn't the first story that i've read about 'initiation' so to speak into a secret sex club, but this one really took things to another level. There's was a lot of diversity in what Ms Holly's tests were and that was nice.So let's back up a second, we meet Rita Holly when she's on a train back to London that has just lost power. There she meets a man in the dark who helps her relax from her fears of claustrophobia since she can't see anything, and relax her he a sexual sense. It's something that she never would have done with a stranger before, but didn't really have any qualms against doing in the dark. Before leaving, he gives her his number and this is where their journey begins.Edward, the man in the dark is part of The Mount, this secret society of sorts, and makes it his quest to get her to join and initiate her because his feelings of pure sexual want have begun to develop into more. He hides himself behind a mask for reasons unknown throughout the book, and helps guide Rita through her different tests. What makes this more challenging as well is that Rita is a journalist and at a point in the tests begins to question motives, and decides that she can write an expose since no one has ever been inside The Mount, and then things would be looking up for her career. What's so nice about this is that what were once thought to be secondary characters in the council at the Mount each take their moments in the spotlight as leads. Alex, Leo, Lorelei, Morgan, Vivienne, and Aurora all have their chances to test Rita to see what she's willing to do and how much pleasure it will bring her. I don't know where our lovely author KD Grace comes up with some of these scenarios, but clearly they were all researched well and well written. The nice thing about this story is that there's a big twist in the end. While throughout you're hoping that Rita will second guess her need to write an article, there are folks that come into the picture that have ulterior motives and take choices out of some people's hands. There are those that are setting Rita up for failure, those that have their own wants and needs at the forefront, and even a really big surprise character that we haven't fully met until the last few chapters.All in all, there was a nice balance of reality and passion/imagination that kept this story flowing nicely. You knew were things would go, but not how you would get there, and that was the nice thing. I hope that you guys get a chance to pick this book up - it's a nice twist on a story that's not necessarily original, but had a very original spin on it. Enjoy!

  • Angel Graham
    2018-08-31 10:49

    Book Review: The Initiation of Ms. Holly by K.D.GraceI must state at the beginning of this review that I had a very difficult time in both reading this book and in reviewing it. Parts of the book completely went against things that I feel are safe sex practices. I chose to continue to read and review the book after considerable thought. I felt that I needed to continue even when the subject matter was something I was very uncomfortable with for my own reasons. This review will almost assuredly have spoilers in it as I will need to explain where I had some difficulty reading.The Initiation of Ms. Holly begins on a train in London, in the dark with a stranger. Rita is claustrophobic and in the dark with a stranger. Within the first four pages, she is already in a sexual encounter with him. His name is Edward and she does not see his face while they are having sex nor after. This becomes an integral part of the story that continues. It, in my opinion, becomes a very tedious part of the story.The next time Rita doesn’t see Edward is at an exclusive, ritzy club named “The Mount” of which rumors about around London. She has agreed to meet him there and once there, is given a blindfold to wear so she cannot see his face. Then as the night goes on, she is having sex with one of the dancers...then with a female employee... Before she has sex with the female employee however, she is slapped by her. Twice. On the face. This is something I don’t do well with. I consider the face slapping to be an abusive act and FOR ME, it has no place in a sexual encounter, no matter how mutual or consensual. The story continues and through it, I find it difficult to understand Rita’s motivation for continuing the “game.” She has not seen Edward’s face, she has had sex with him one time. If she wants to be with Edward, why is she agreeing to sex with so many different people? Why does she allow herself to be slapped and degraded? This is where I have so many questions and just no answers. That’s why reading this book was so difficult. Also, some parts were far too predictable, such as when a very important person from Rita’s life shows up. You know immediately just what role this person is going to play and it makes it difficult to concentrate and wait for it as it takes so long to get to it.Could the book have been written without the degradation and the face slaps and head cuffs that abounded? I say yes, and it still could have been an excellent book. Maybe more so, as it would not have turned off people such as myself who simply abhor that kind of behavior.I realize that “to each his own” but for me, I would find it difficult to read another of K.D. Grace’s books after this. It seemed to be all about degradation, sex games and manipulation. I’m sorry to say, that the ending just fell flat for me. Rita went through all she did for what she got in the end? I feel shortchanged.

  • Midnite
    2018-08-27 14:47

    After reading Body temperature and Rising and Surrogate I have found I love and enjoy the style KD Grace has with her books. This was no exception, I was entrapped right from the first few pages.From the very first page I wanted to know more about the main character Rita Holly, KD has a knack of making us love all the characters making them feel so real, making us feel emotionally connected to them, its written in such a way it feels it could become a reality for any one of us. That is very erotic in itself.This is a wild fast paced compulsive read; I loved Rita Holly's first steamy encounter with the sexy Edward who remains masked throughout the whole duration of the novel in some form, either darkness or by a masquerade mask; a brilliant twist from KD.Rita is then whisked off into an incredible balance of romance, fantasy and deceit just to get the chance to be with Edward who she strangely trusts and he convinces her to go through an initiation to be able to see his face and become a member of a unique club. Each initiation gets sexier and more erotic than the first and still totally believable from chastity, BDSM to superhot roleplay. We see and feel Rita's continual determination to succeed as she gradually falls for her masked man. Being a submissive myself I found this book a turn on, KD enables us to easily use our imagination to feel what Rita is feeling, from her apprehension, frustration, trepidation and fear to her elation, orgasms and growing love for Edward. The initiation council takes over her life at home and at work, her life is now not her own till its completion. All of which are governed and overseen by the sexy but bitchy Vivienne; who adds continual conflict throughout this story. You cant help but get swept along by this incredible storyline and page after page of excellently written sex scenes, where we feel real emotion between the individual characters involved. I have to say the girl on girl scenes were written with an incredible sensuality, delicacy and beauty as well as being super hot.I want to say so much more but I dont want to give it all away, but the climatic ending brings the whole book together in more ways than you would believe to a brilliant nail biting twist and finale.I loved it...can you tell...!!!

  • Rachel Webb
    2018-09-04 07:52

    I'm still not sure exactly what I thought about this book. I'm a fan of erotica and have read pretty much every scenario under the sun and I don't consider myself a prude, but when you bring in all the multiple partners and jumping from partner to partner and still want it to be a love story, I have some issues. Call it conservatism, call it whatever, but my mind just won't wrap around those types of situations. While the description of the book touts that this is a love story, the majority of this book is the sex and it is very well written and very, very hot. Like off the Richter scale hot. The whole scene on the motorcycle was probably one of the hottest I have ever read and will admit I even went back at the end and read it over again. Just to make sure of course, that it really was that good. Rita's first encounter with Edward on the train isn't as good as I thought it would be and after that one encounter, I believed that she would accept a dinner invitation, but then to just jump into the whole initiation to be a member of The Mount without every learning what Edward looks like, who he is, or what The Mount is was unbelievable to me. Perhaps if Rita's character was explained more, like her past sexual history where we learned she was up for anything even with women, because her first interaction with a woman sexually in this book has no hesitancy what so ever, then maybe I could have believed her character more. At times when she was having sex with all the different characters, it was more about the physical and her mind wasn't even engaged. I found that I was uncomfortable sometimes because it felt like she had to distance herself from the situation in order to get through it. Not that she ever felt uncomfortable, but it made me wonder because we weren't given that glimpse into her mind. Also, her immediate feelings for Edward after 2 meetings without ever learning anything about him except that they have awesome sex, was too quick. I'm all for love at first sight, but usually we get some background first or the characters get to know each other, but there was nothing like that in this book. Ad a debut, not bad, but I needed more background and a better understanding of the characters to accept the situations.

  • Lauren
    2018-08-29 08:48

    *ARC received by NetGallery and the publisher for an honest review*Rating: 2.5 Stars (Hot sex but story is lacking)"Sex is the depth of our animal nature and the highest mount of our divinity. It is our inheritance, our birthright."What I Loved About This Book: First, let me say you must be open minded if you want to enjoy this book. There are times where I had to stop and say to myself, come on really?? The plot is so outrageous at times. Some parts I found captivating however a majority of the time, I felt like this is crap and would never happen. The scenes are graphic and leaves little to the imagination. If you love hot, steamy, kinky sex, this book is definitely for you. My favorite scenes are the ones with Holly having sex with members of the High Council especially Alex & Leo. Almost every character in this story gets fucked or hooks up with someone. Cons: I struggled with my decision on this book because there were times that I enjoyed this book but overall, I was not crazy about it. The Initiation of Ms. Holly opens up with a scene involving sex on a train with a complete stranger (and a chocolate truffle) and the whole time I am thinking, I would punch this guy in the face if he tried this with me. Multiple times, I had to step back and accept that this story was fantasy and K.D. Grace was going to take me to unrealistic, far out places. There are a lot of great characters in the book but there is no character development which leads to no connection. We jump into the opening scene with Rita and Edward and then it gets jumpy and we move around meeting new characters but we never get insight into any of them. Edward comes in and out of the story and it seems like Holly does a lot for someone who is never around and remains faceless to her. Yes, throughout the story, she has never seen his face and she devotes herself to a man she has never seen which I am sure would be fun and mysterious at first but after awhile, it has to get old! Plus, it takes way too long to find out what Edward's deal is.For this review and more, visit our blog at