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SHE'S FINALLY MANAGED TO SUMMON HER FIRST DEMON...Dora Carridine is trying to summon a demon, but she's not very good at Latin and nothing ever works out the way she plans.Her life is fraught with weekly exorcisms and having to watch her father’s fire and brimstone TV show every Sunday. So, when Dora finally succeeds in summoning an incompetent demon lord, she’s absolutelySHE'S FINALLY MANAGED TO SUMMON HER FIRST DEMON...Dora Carridine is trying to summon a demon, but she's not very good at Latin and nothing ever works out the way she plans.Her life is fraught with weekly exorcisms and having to watch her father’s fire and brimstone TV show every Sunday. So, when Dora finally succeeds in summoning an incompetent demon lord, she’s absolutely delighted when all hell breaks loose.She thought summoning a sexy demon lord would be the answer to all of her problems, but her problems are only just beginning when her zealot parents try to burn her at the stake, and Dora is left with only one option—to escape and follow her demon straight into Hell....

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Demonic Dora Reviews

  • Anne
    2018-12-29 09:34

    Also reviewed for Addicted2Heroines.Hmmm, I don't want to smack an indie book around, because it's just not a very nice thing to do. Besides, there is evidently a special ring in Hell for people who give bad book reviews...more on that later, though. However, this is definitely a two star book. Now, according to Goodreads that means the book was ok. Not great, not awful, but tolerably readable. There were several things I liked, and several things that just didn't do it for me, but they were all fairly interconnected with each other. In other words, some of the things that I enjoyed, were also the things that kept the book from totally working.Here's a very simple run-down of the story:Dora is the daughter of a crazy televangelist. To rebel she practices black magic, and (for some unspecified amount of time) has been attempting to summon a demon. Evidently, she would like this demon to get rid of all of the pink that her parents insist on having in her room.Shortly after the story opens, she manages to summon a teenage demon named Kieron, who's basically a sweet (but horny) teenage boy. Her parents and the rest of the town try to burn her at the stake, Kieron saves her, and they escape to Hell where they compete in a Hunger Gamesish competition to become full-fledged demons. Or something.The silly tongue-in-cheek writing style wasn't bad. Unfortunately, I think the plot had too many holes in it to attract the age group that the author is aiming at. If the book were written for the pre-teen group, the silly stuff would go over well. For example, people get pooped on a lot. It's a running theme in the book. It got old kinda quick for me, 'cause I'm a grown-up and poo is icky. My kids never get tired of poo jokes...go figure.Also, an older set of readers will probably wonder how an entire town goes crazy enough to try to burn a teenager at the stake. Really?! As an adult, I found that questionable. While a younger group of readers might just assume that the Big People are weird like that, ya know? The writing is good enough that the author could get away with some of this stuff...if it were a middle grade reader. The content is definitely too mature for kids, though.The f-bomb gets dropped even more than the poo, and even though Dora and Kieron never do it, there's quite a bit of sexual content. Including, but not limited to, a bad guy getting ass-raped by a Minotaur. Erk!And then there's the (above mentioned) ring of Hell dedicated to reviewers. When Dora is finally introduced to the Worst Sinners, it turns out...dum, dum, dum...they're people who gave Bad Book Reviews. Which, was so totally hysterical I actually laughed out loud! I mean, how can you not love that, especially coming from an author?! And then, like the poop jokes, it went on too long. What could have potentially been one of the best one-liners that I've ever read, devolved into a personal rant from the author.Frigid librarians, reviewers with tiny man-parts, wannabe writers, and baby killers! They are worst of all humanity rolled into a nerd with a keyboard.*Gulp*It quickly shifted from really funny into really awkward.One of the things I did like was the male character, Kieron. For once you get to see a teenage boy act like a teenage boy. He's continually trying to get into her pants, but he's not portrayed like some skeevy rapist. He's just a goofy kid who wants to touch boobies.Which, let's face it, is a pretty accurate description of the majority of teenage boys out there. I remember being in high school (they had just discovered fire), and none of the boys I knew wanted to 'wait for marriage'. Yet YA books are littered with young men who seem to be actively trying to avoid sex. Makes sense to me!So, in conclusion, here's what I think:This author has talent and a sense of humor, it just hasn't all come together quite yet. If Chilton polishes her quirky humor, she could be an extremely funny adult writer. Or she could get rid of the adult content and write for the Percy Jackson crowd. There's definitely a lot of potential in this lady, and if she can find the right age group for her books, she could really do well.Thanks to NetGalley for a copy of this book

  • Sophia Brown
    2018-12-18 04:33

    I really enjoyed this book. It’s not for people who are looking for serious fiction. It’s horror comedy. The writing style was exciting and addictive. I finished the story in just a day because it kept me up all night! It’s one of the first books that made me laugh out loud, and it offered great escape into a dark and witty world. The book is certainly aimed at a teen to adult reader with no holds barred on swearing and a combination of adult and teen humour.Dora is a goth teen who is stuck in a religious bubble that is controlled by her zealot parents. When she rebels and summons a demon, she doesn’t think it works. But fail demon lord Kieron appears to cause havoc in her world. When her parents try to burn her at the stake for being a witch, Kieron rescues her by taking her to Hell with him.The book flips reality on its head and takes the reader on a journey into a fantasy version of Hell. Many of the side characters are caricatures, and Chilton uses extremes to create the crazy world Dora lives in. I think any readers who look for reality in this book will be disappointed. It’s fantasy escapism at its best. The point of it is the laugh and let go of reality, which is something I enjoy about fiction.There isn’t much romance in the book. There is a side plot between Kieron and Dora, but it’s on the back burner. This was also something that was a breath of fresh air. If you’re looking for paranormal romance, this is not your book. However, if you’re looking for dark comedy, you’ll love this.If you enjoyed TV shows like ‘Misfits’, you’ll love this book. It’s got bad-ass no-holds-barred characters in it that go on a journey into Hell. It’s funny, dark and exciting. I loved it!*Source: I read this book as a beta reader on Wattpad.

  • Navessa
    2018-12-25 02:32

    ARC provided from NetGalley in exchange for an honest reviewI was convinced within the first paragraph that I would like this book. Why? Because of the heroine, Dora. No, not this dora:[image error]She’s more like this:[image error]The first chapter opens with her propping her Doc Marten boots up on the pew in front of her while she picks at her fingernails. With a combat knife. IN CHURCH. You see, her father is a minister with a televised service and her mother produces his show. Dora is your typical bored, ignored and angsty teenager and with parents as religious as hers, her form of rebellion is dabbling in witchcraft. Her latest attempt is to summon a demon lord so she can redecorate her room because her ‘rents’ keep it eternally pink. She thinks she fails. What she did succeed in doing was opening a portal to hell. Minions pour forth from it and into her parent’s church where the parishioners proceed to both snot and shit themselves and while this scene was hilarious, I couldn’t help but wonder how exactly demons had entered holy ground. I decided to overlook this lapse with the hopes that it would be explained. It wasn’t.The “diabolical” creature Dora summons is actually a man-boy demon that accidentally got sucked through the portal she created to land on his ass in her closet, staring up one of her dresses like some sort of Tom. He assumes she’s a proper witch and attempts to discover how evil she is by looking through the “mysterious witch items” in her closet and this was another example of just how funny this book can be:“Kieron tilted his head, trying to read the labels before reaching up to pull down the top box on the pile. It was red and white, the colors of blood and life.It must be one of her darkest secrets.It was labeled with one thick black word. Kieron tried to pronounce the word in his mind.Mono-Poly.”The man-boy proceeds to mistake Dora for a Disney princess in need of rescuing when her parents accuse HER of being the demon. Then he thinks he’s been summoned to seduce her and gets kneed in the balls. He’s totally lost in her world and the constant miscommunications between the two of them in the beginning are pretty entertaining. Because her parents are psychotically religious they decide to exorcise the demon they’re convinced is possessing their daughter and when that doesn’t work they resort to the next logical step. Burning her at the stake…What? Really? Yes, really. And just in case you’re wondering, no, this isn’t Salem in the 1600s, this is the modern day. Yet somehow her father, the mayor, the police chief and half the town have the mentality required to form a lynching mob and drag her out to watch her burn. I was pretty confused by this and then… “LMFAO I don’t care, she’s saved by BIRD SHIT.” This happened a lot in the beginning of the book. Every time I found myself getting irritated or questioning the logic of certain scenes, something hilarious would happen and I’d forget about it for a little while. But the annoyances began to pile up and this book started going downhill for me about halfway through. I will say this. I really liked Chilton’s world building when Kieron and Dora got to hell. It’s a place where people hitchhike with demonic big rigs, toddler demons have keggers and pieces of souls are used as currency. Oh, and I’m pretty sure that the fluffy little demon that Dora adopts as a pet vaguely resembles this little guy:That said, as much as I really like parts of this novel, as a whole it just wasn’t up to par. I read other reviews and people mostly complained about the amount of swearing and the poop related scenes. Neither bothered me. I’m pretty foul mouthed. I’m also immature enough to LMFAO when someone transforms themself into a monkey to throw feces at the main character and she casts a spell to instead make them facepalm it. Unfortunately, humorous scenes like that can only do so much to distract me away from the fact that there wasn’t much of a plot line. It mostly just felt like I was following Dora and Kieron around with minimal rhyme or reason. Another thing that irked me were the numerous inconsistencies. Kieron’s not knowing what Monopoly is, yet somehow knowing about the Percy Jackson novels is one of many. There are also some editing issues that need to be worked out, such as the overabundance of punctuation and the constant use of names when a simple he or she would do. Kieron did this, Kieron thought that, Kieron, Kieron, Kieron. It got distracting. Lastly the ending was both predictable and pretty cheesetastic. I wanted this book to be good. I really did. I loved the beginning. I think it could be better with some more work.

  • Kelly
    2019-01-16 02:41

    This review can also be found here on my blog, PaperFantasiesI want to begin by saying I do not like talking badly about any books, but this is especially true with indie novels. Nothing about this review is a reflection of the author, just my feelings on the book. Part of me wants to sugar-coat it, but I have a reputation as an honest reviewer that I have to maintain. It is not my intention to be offensive with this review.First, I'd like to thank NetGalley and Ragz Books for an e-copy of Demonic Dora in exchange for an honest review.I remember telling people how funny this book was. I even quoted it once or twice. That was in the first 50 or so pages, and it’s astounding how quickly I went from entertained to infuriated with this book.It’s evident from the beginning that the writing isn’t great. It’s passable, but barely. There are too many commas and the simplistic prose contrasts glaringly with the multitude of swear words, most especially the ‘F’ bomb. But for those first pages, I was willing to look past the questionable prose as long as the book kept providing me with laugh-out-loud moments.It didn’t. In fact, the novel quickly deteriorated into what was essentially one long poop joke. Bird poop, dragon poop, demon poop…it’s actually a fitting metaphor for the majority of the book.This is going to be a pretty quick review since I really don’t want to spend paragraphs digging into an indie book, but the gist of Demonic Dora is this; Dora is the daughter of an over-zealous priest. She has magic, and uses it to try to summon a demon lord. After an unspecified number of failed attempts, she finally succeeds, and Kieron comes into the picture. Kieron is basically one gigantic hormone. I think he was supposed to be sexy, but he just kept coming off as pathetic and horny.After Dora’s father and a mob of religious nutjobs try to burn Dora at a stake, she flees to Hell with Kieron. This is where the book’s true awfulness shines, because in Demonic Dora, hell is nothing more than a freak show mixed with a couple episodes of Jerry Springer. There are so many holes in the plot it’s ridiculous - like how Dora manages to still be “alive” while she’s living in hell. The ending is predictable and cheesy as all hell (get it? Hell? Hehe), though since the end of Demonic Dora was also the end of my pain reading it, it’s probably the best thing this book has going for it.With the word “fuck” in every other paragraph, poop in every other chapter, and a horny demon as a romantic interest, this whole book reads like a really bad joke told by a twelve year old boy. Think Little Nicky with even less substance.

  • Sarah Marie
    2018-12-25 06:53

    What I think of when I hear Demonic Dora.

  • Bobbie
    2019-01-02 09:37

    I wasn't quite sure what to make of Demonic Dora at first. I haven't read anything by Claire Chilton before, and I can safely say I've never read anything quite like Demonic Dora. Most YA involves a certain level of angst. It's all a bit emo usually - brooding boys, forbidden love, drama and doom. Demonic Dora kind of has those aspects, but it also has an all-important hit of comedy. I wasn't expecting it, and it took me aback at first, but when I got into it, I realised I loved it!Light-hearted, irreverent, full of swearing and down-right funny at times, Demonic Dora is a perfect candidate for the Best of British Challenge I'm taking part in this year. You just don't get this kind of humour from any other nationality. Dora is brilliantly teenagerish - full of attitude, sarcasm and misplaced confidence. Her dad is a TV minister, and in a typically teen act of rebellion, Dora is teaching herself witchcraft and trying to summon a demon. To everyone's surprise, she succeeds. Unfortunately, her father is not too impressed and reacts by trying to burn her at the stake. It's surprising how stupid an angry mob can be. There's only one way to get out of it - Dora lets her demon (the rather sexy and distinctly human-looking Kieron) escort her into hell.Full of entertaining adventures and torture devices, Demonic Dora is a charming read - a super bit of witty escapism and a welcome break from the usual YA distressed souls. Full review at

  • Alison Moore
    2019-01-03 02:38

    I read this book as a beta reader and absolutely loved it! This is a great story and a totally unique take on demons and hell, which was both interesting and entertaining. I love the characters and the humor in the story is hilarious!

  • Alyssa
    2019-01-15 05:52

    ARC provided by publishers through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review3.5 - 4 stars Starting off this book I wasn't completely sure what to expect to be honest. And after the first few chapters I realised I don't think I've read many books like this. It was silly, a little sexy and actually made me laugh out loud (which is hard to do).Dora is a mouthy and bored teenager who has crazy religious parents. She dallies in a little witchcraft and believes she's failed to summon a demon lord, but instead opens a portal in which a complete hottie demon guys falls through. Kieron (hottie demon guy) is a - if you can't tell already - a complete babe, who is sexual and believes Dora is a minx-witch. Then some almost burning at the stake occurs, which I mean really, in today's day and age? I found this happening a lot throughout the book, questioning what was happening and being like really? Why is this happening? It makes no sense. Then I just found it funny, realising that that was just the way the book was written. It has parts which are serious and plot driven and then it takes a comedic route, which I really loved. It was a perfect bit of spice that needed to be added. Once Dora is almost burned at the stake, her and Kieron escape to hell, where she basically learns to be 'demonic' and all that goes along with being a demon in hell.The ending was different, I was expecting something like that to occur but not that specifically. I like the way it set up the second book, which I would definitely read. There was a large amount that I loved about this book. It was silly, and funny and the world Chilton created was fantastic. But there were bits and pieces which I didn't like, namely the constant repetition of character names. I found it a tad distracting and made me want to skip paragraphs.

  • Gladys Turner
    2018-12-22 02:55

    Received by Netgalley for an honest reviewThis book was YA at it's best.Dora, the daughter of a priest, tired of being stuck into a catholic bubble and having zero control in her life decides to call a high demon and make him her personal slave.Instead in her room appears Kieron, a young demon not very good at being evil.That's where things for Dora become complicated since the whole town, especially her parents decide to burn her for being a demon.(that scene reminded me of public decapitations...scary and stupid).Kieron saves her(by dumping bird sh#t all over everybody) and takes her to hell.This book was very funny and Dora was great at lying her way through every problem.Kieron was hilarious with his thoughts (like when Dora started crying and he became panicked because she looked very ugly, or the way he thought he was gonna save her and then discovered that she was having fun.)And of course the scenes when Kieron started dropping "hints"(more like bombs) about him and Dora "going at it"...There was a bit of a love story going on in but it was pretty much on the background.Ps. This story ends with a cliffhanger and it can still be found on wattpad with the first chapters of the second book.

  • Isabel Siow
    2018-12-18 04:37

    This book is amazing! The main character is a sassy spunky original punk chick with attitude,who makes the most hilarious quips that sends me into hysterias. The main story line is about the adventures of a human girl who gets plucked off the face of the earth and sent flying into the realm of hell, complete with her equally original (but not quite so sarcastic) demon friend. It is action-packed and thrilling to the end :)

  • Sadie
    2018-12-18 06:58

    Amazing!!!!! This is my favorite type of genre to read and this has me hanging on every word! I got this book on Wattpad

  • Frances
    2018-12-22 04:36

    Review originally posted at: (scroll down to the bottom for my thoughts.“‘Did you know Larry could fart fire? It’s fuckin’ epic!’ she gestured to the skinny soul sitting across from her who demonstrated by shooting a blast of fire out of his backside.”Dora, Demonic Dora: The Demon Diaries, Claire ChiltonI first heard of Demonic Dora when Lynne starting reading the book on the train. She kept laughing out loud so I asked her what she was reading. She told me a little about the book and read out a few clips here and there. I knew then that I would like this book because of the author’s wit and strong female lead. I received a copy of the book from Netgalley (an advance reader website that’s free to join if you are a blogger) and I started reading it right away. I have to say that I found the book to be both entertaining and original.Demonic Dora beings with Dora sitting through another one of her father’s church services, which are filmed by her mother and broadcast, live, on television. Dora decides to sneak away to her room and summon a demon on the back of a twister mat instead. Dora waits for the demon to appear but she is impatient and leaves. Unbeknownst to her, the summoning spell does work and a demon appears in her bedroom closet. When Dora returns to her bedroom she catches the end of her parent’s TV show and sees that they have been tormented by demons. She is elated because her spell worked, but knows that she will be in big trouble with her parents. On cue, her father bursts into the room and begins an exorcism ritual, believing Dora to be possessed by a demon. This is obviously a regular occurrence for Dora because she isn’t surprised and she goes along with it. Once her parents leave, the demon falls out of her closet bringing half of it with him. The demon introduces himself as Kieron and believes he is now Dora’s “bitch” as she is a seductress witch. Things go from bad to worse when Dora’s parents catch her with her witchcraft tools. Her parents react as though this is worse than being possessed by a demon and Dora only just escapes to Hell with Kieron. Dora decides that as she doesn’t fit in on Earth maybe she will in Hell. The only problem is that Dora can’t stay in Hell with a soul because souls equal money and there are plenty of demons who want to steal it from her. Dora’s only option is to enter the academy that Kieron goes to and darken up her soul to prove she is demon enough to stay. She hopes Kieron will be able to help her, although he is only one wrong move away from being expelled from Hell.I enjoyed the characterizations in this book. Dora was funny and had a “screw it” kind of attitude. I liked that she didn’t rely on others to solve her problems for her and she didn’t cling to Keiron once they met, i.e., she didn’t fall into the role of a helpless woman in need of a male demon to save her. Dora often saved herself. I liked that the way Dora was written matched the character’s age. Often, characters that are teenagers, like Dora, seem much older than their age. I liked that Dora was naïve and innocent in places and the things that did go her way were often down to luck. I also found her reactions to events that happen in the book to be believable and I empathized with her situation.Kieron was very well written. Often male characters either are a complete male stereotype (i.e., solely focused on appearance and sex) or way too feminine so that the only way to tell that the character is male is the use of “he”. Kieron was believable as a male character and he had a distinct voice from Dora. I liked the enigma surrounding Kieron because he is rather sympathetic for a demon and his demon form isn’t that spectacular (Dora tries not to laugh when she sees it). The best part about Kieron, though, was his sense of humor. He constantly teases Dora and some of the nicknames he comes up with are funny (e.g., Dora-Minx or Minx-Witch). I think one of the best aspects of this book was the connection between Dora and Kieron. Again, this was believable because they didn’t decide they were immediately meant for each other. Instead, they were initially attracted to each other and over time came to like each other more and more. I liked how Chilton slowly developed the relationship throughout the book and I didn’t once roll my eyes (which is impressive!). I enjoyed the banter that passed between them too. They were both quick witted and it made the conversations amusing to read.I liked how Chilton’s sense of humor seeped through the book. It rang clear through the characters’ voices, but also in the details of the book. For example, Dora’s parents often try to exorcise a (fictional) demon from inside Dora. It was humorous to see how calmly Dora reacted to this (a common occurrence, I guess) and how Dora played along so they would hurry up and leave. Plus, I loved how the words of the exorcism made the clothes in the closet attack Kieron. Then, later there is the highway to hell. I couldn’t help singing Highway to Hell during those scenes. Later still, when Dora casts magic, the words for the spells are hilarious. Rather than being some complicated verse in another language, Dora states exactly what she wants. For example, when Kazaik (a teacher) cast a spell on Dora, Dora cried out “Doodlysquat!” and “roughly fifty tons of manure dropped through the ceiling and landed on Kazaik, dousing the flames and burying him under a mound of horseshit”. The humor is constant throughout, which meant I had a smile on my face throughout and I laughed aloud, often (a rarity for most books). Even the chapter titles are humorous!The plot was a tad predictable in terms of the big reveals. I saw the twist at the ending coming. However, there were lots of things in the book that caught me off guard; mostly random funny things that Dora ended up doing. While I usually don’t like predictable plots, I can easily forgive that I figured out the big twist at the end of this book because the rest wasn’t always predictable. I never knew what Dora was going to do next.I do think that there was a little error in the timeline towards the end of the book. It wasn’t clear how long had passed before Judgment Day. From Kieron’s perspective it was only a day and that fits with the rest of the book. Judgement Day was meant to be very soon. Yet, from Dora’s perspective, she talks about being there for a year before Judgement Day. I’m not sure whether that was meant to be how she felt, but she changed an awful lot in a matter of hours if it was only a day!Final Verdict: Original, humorous and refreshing to read! Bring on book two in the Demonic Dora series!Frances

  • Lynne
    2019-01-05 10:47

    “An attractive, blond haired boy with bright, blue eyes fell through the door. He wore a swashbuckler’s shirt and tight, leather pants. ‘Don’t worry, Minx-witch. I shall save you!’ he cried.Dora gasped and swung her fist out at the strange boy. This fist made a solid connection with his jaw and sent him flipping over face first onto the floor. She looked down at his unconscious body and sighed. ‘Okay, if you must.’”Demonic Dora by Claire ChiltonFor a while I have been hearing about ARCs (advanced reader copies) and I really wanted to get my hands on a couple. In a stroke of luck I found a way to get a couple (e-galleys for an e-readers only, no hard copy ARCs), so I requested a handful. Of those that I received, one grabbed my attention and I knew I would read it first: Demonic Dora. I started reading this on the way to London with Frances. I was laughing aloud on the train and telling her about the best bits. I finished the book before I went to sleep that night!The story starts with Dora sitting bored in her father’s church service, while her mother films the service for her TV show. Dora escapes from her religious (and actually rather abusive) parents while everyone is praying (she slides out of the pew, and crawls up the aisle!), and goes to her room to summon a high level demon. When nothing happens immediately, she gets angry and walks away. Unknown to her, a demon slips through and terrorizes her parent’s congregation. She only catches the aftermath on her mom’s TV show. Her parents threaten her, since they know it had to be her. They try to cleanse her room with salt, and generally give her a hard time, but right after they leave a strange boy falls out her closet. She finds out he is a demon from Hell. Later, when her parents catch her with her witch’s tools Dora realizes she needs to get away, and goes to Hell with the demon (Kieron). However, she cannot be in Hell with a soul, and must earn her place there. Will Dora be able to survive Hell, and how should she handle the completely besotted Keiron?I loved this book! As I mentioned before I was reading or telling parts of this story to Frances as I read. It was just so different from everything I have been reading lately. It was funny, and unique. It is also not for younger YA readers (probably 15+ for this one). Honestly, I could not put this book down, and I cannot wait for the next one.Dora is amazing. She both a hell-raiser yet strangely innocent, and in the end has a good heart. She can take care of herself and finally does what all the other heroines should do when they find a man randomly in their rooms: she knocks him out with a punch. Later, when he gets handsy with her, she knees him in the crotch! She wants to summon a demon, but her first thought is to get him to paint her room anything but the awful pink that it is, and then to show him off to those who didn’t think she could do it. In Hell, she excels in some things to the surprise of everyone else, but other things she has a hard time accepting. She is a character that I really enjoyed rooting for.Then there is Keiron, who is not necessarily the brightest bulb (he reminds me a little of my brother’s mentally damaged cat, in a good way!). When he stumbles out or Dora’s closet, he doesn’t really understand the world, but he adapts quickly. I love that he mostly calls Dora, Minx-Witch or Dora-Minx. He does not hide his feelings about Dora (even the sexual ones). He is not the best demon though, and is one failure away from being expelled from Hell and he never really gets a hang of being evil. Keiron was brought up in Hell, so certain things that seem bizarre to the reader are normal for him (his family is super crazy). He was a great match for Dora, and the two of them together are great.The world that Chilton has created is great. Hell is a completely different from anything else I have read with an underworld (e.g. pupils have their heads cut off in class, there is a high way leading nowhere, you can win small creatures at fun fairs, etc.). It works and provides the perfect backdrop for the conflict and character development. The only trouble is the real world. While Dora’s house and her parent’s church are well developed, I could not tell where in the world it was actually meant to be. I thought it might be the UK when Keiron stumbles upon a UK version of Monopoly, but the rest of the words and phrases fit an American based story. This is probably not something everyone will pick up on, but since those are the two countries I live in, I was a bit confused.The main conflict of Dora trying to find her place in Hell was interesting, but not without some flaws. The ending was neat, but I had already started to guess at the twist (even if I had no idea how it was going to happen). My biggest gripe with the story is that towards the end there is one point where the story skips, and it is not clear how much time has passed. It just feels like there was a bit missing. Honestly, the writing, story, and content were really different from most things that I have read, and I loved it. I will be buying this when it is published, and I will be counting down to the next books in the series. Final Verdict: Run and get this as soon as it is published. A bit of crass humor, but fitting for a great story and great characters!Review orignially posted at:

  • Aliraluna
    2019-01-15 05:59

    Review: Demonic Dora (The Demon Diaries book #`1) by: Claire ChiltonNot even in hell she is welcome. Meet Dora Carridine, the daughter of Theodore Carridine- a reverend, and her mother, Josie Carridine an ex-pole dancing. Dora has tried every sin she is capable of just to annoy her parents, but for some time she has been practicing dark magic- to summon a demon lord. Her first command if she ever gets a demon lord? Make her room red from the pink-princess room her parents choosed for her. She decides to try again to summon a demon, but not just a demon- a high-level one. Dora places several black candles (making a circle with them), an ornate pottery bowl with a mixture of herbs, five drops of her blood and a Karabashi bloodstone. Just when she thought this was another failure, she's being called a witch, with a hot blond demon and everyone wants her to burn. Profile:1. Dora-> Also known as: "Demonic Dora", "Minx-witch", "Dora-minx". She is human and witch. She's brave, stubborn, fighter, lazy, intelligent (in her own ways). She's 5'8, wiht long legs, black hair; and has a really shiny soul, meaning she's more good than evil. She then (in evil form) had powerful wings. 2. Kieron-> Kieron Derek Lascher is a demon lord, high-level. His ability is magic. He has high cheekbones, strong jawline, tanned skin, broad shoulders, great butt, abs, blond hair and blue eyes. He's very brave, intelligent, overreacting, silly, cute, even strong. There's something at the end of the book which can change what he is ( he then, has white and black wings.3. Lord Lascher-> Lionel; Kieron's father. Demon form: Color: black, body with veiny muscles, long fingers, sharp talons, scaly wings and deep voice. Normal form: middle-aed man with slicked black hair and dark blue eyes. He's very powerful, bussiness man, traitor, he likes to tempt, and very silly when it comes to be with his wife.4. Lady Lascher-> Anika; Kieron's mother. Normal form: She's a petit brunette with wazy hair and wears a sixties style dress. Very powerful (perhaps more than Lionel?), a pain the butt and very, very annoying. 5. Pooey-> He is a small, brown colored demon with straggly fur, a squashed face and it was limply. Very grumpy and intelligent; has ninja skills and self-esteem issues. He can transform in a six-foot tall teddy with wicked claws and abs. Complete name: Personious Caelius.Notes:Lord Lascher, Kieron and Dora had the chance to ride the big, red dragon of the famous The Sky Huntress. There are different flyers but are under her command. Sky Huntress wore flying goggles, had long, blond hair and had a shapely figure. Kieron's grandmother comes from under Hell, beneath the lava lakes. Is the level of Hell that is full of sexual deviants. She's about ten-foot, blond amazon with curves and she looked like she had twenty five; wears a red leather underwear. Very nice and funny. His grandfather is 5'5 and slightly bald; wears black leather pants and a dog collar; his name is Hickory Lascher and his the Headmaster of Daemon Academia.Lascher's house: Is a vast castle on a hill at the side of the highway, with black pointy spires, with carvings of demons in every ledge, and in the entrance was the open mouth of a demonic creature with sharp teeth.Professor Kazaik-> He is tall and pale, with long black hair. He was the highest warlock in the level. He was a first class professor of power; which meant he was the most powerful demon in the school.They attein power by hating. Soul chips-> Are to pay; if they are with a lot of light- pure- they have more meaning.Thanks to NetGalley for this awesome book.!Ebook Edition: 978-1-938988-17-2 (US)

  • Lex
    2019-01-06 06:31

    ARC given by the publisher thru NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.Eeek. It was okay. Hmm... I'm being generous with 2 star. More like 1.5 stars and I just rounded it up. I don't know why the reviews I saw and the ratings are all 4 to 5 stars. :O I am disappointed to say the least. I was expecting something more. And what's up with the use of poo, crap, shit, manure and whatnot as a means of saving or retaliating with other people or I should say demons. WTF. It's just so wrong. Every time there's something going on, you bet your arse there'll be shit in there. *rolls eyes* Why choose SHIT?! WHY?!?! Can't you use, some other things? Uh, like those birds pecking them instead of shitting on them. Because that is just so fucking GROSS.And since I mention the word 'FUCKING'... I do believe this is YA, right? I mean there's no age mentioned... BUT I liked to think it is Young Adult. Okay. So I know Young Adults nowadays, curse all the time. But that does not mean it's okay to use FUCKING in a book. NO. It's not a good promotion for kids/teens. Does that mean it's okay for kids today to say Fucking for every word they say?! Sorry, but it's not appropriate language. They should have Warning on the summary. WARNING: Explicit language content or something.And from the start I was hoping to know why she do the things she do, I mean you're a daughter of a priest (this is a bit weird for me since to my knowledge, priests doesn't marry and have a kid. :O maybe like a preacher of sorts?), so okay, they push you to do stuffs you don't want to do... But why summon a demon? Why THAT kind of mindset? Cause you're dark emo? I just don't get as to WHY she was inclined to do those. She could do drugs or something but why SUMMON A DEMON? WHY is that? Well, whatever, it's the author's privilege to do whatever she wants with the story. I just wished it was fully explained. Kieron... Is something I wished to be a badass. But nooooo... he's a bit wimpy of sorts. I mean, grow a backbone! You cannot let Dora or anyone else dictate what you need to do. Even Dora got that right. And they don't have chemistry. Dora and Kieron that is. Well, okay maybe a bit. But not that much as I would have like.I think the only character I like or rather likable is... Pooey. LMAO. :P He got ninja skills. LOL. I round it up to two stars cause there are some parts that I laugh or smirk. That's it.

  • Melody
    2018-12-18 10:34

    Demonic Dora is like enjoying cotton candy at a heavy metal concert. Claire Chilton paints a picture of a gothic Candy Land in hell, with her fun, fresh, witty take on how demons view human behavior. (view spoiler)[Dora doesn't fit in on Earth. Raised in a church by televangelist parents, rebellion by attempting to summon demons sounds like a great idea. Too bad it caused all of her friends and family to turn against her, not to mention trying to burn her at the stake. Luckily Kieron is there to save the day... by taking Dora to hell, literally. Optimist that she is, Dora decides why not try to assimilate to life in Hell since she clearly wasn't wanted on Earth. But assimilating to life in Hell is harder than she thought, what with actually having to go to school and work, and of course there is the impending "Judgement Day" to consider. No sweat, right?Too bad that on top of all of that, Dora has to deal with Kieron's ongoing lustful advances when she isn't quite sure how she feels about him, his odd family dynamics of bi-polar demonic mom and too-slick and shady demonic dad, oh, and trying not to have her soul stolen from her.(hide spoiler)]I was pleasantly surprised by this book, which doesn't happen nearly often enough. The responsible adult in me appreciated the downward spiral of a toxic situation while the rebellious teenager in me appreciated the angst and frustration of being a misfit rather than conforming to social pressures.

  • Ian
    2018-12-23 05:36

    3.5 StarsDora's father is a Bible thumping preacher, her mother a former pole dancer, now religious zealot. When Dora manages to summon a demon her not so loving parents decide to burn her at the stake. She manages to escape with the help of Kieron the aforementioned demon and they run away to his home, yep...hell. Kieron isn't all that evil for a demon and with judgement day fast approaching he needs to learn how to harness his inner dark heart. Dora needs to pass herself off as a demon, something she is quite good at, but Kieron's father has his eyes set firmly on her soul and she'll need Kieron's help if she wants to hang on to it. Demonic Dora isn't perfect. There are some great moments but it occasionally lost it's way and wandered off onto tangents. It makes light of some religious beliefs and I can imagine some might be offended by that, but overall I think it was good fun and had quite a few laugh out loud funny moments. Many thanks to Ragz Books and Netgalley for providing me with this ARC

  • Silanna
    2019-01-04 10:39

    I read this book in chapters as it was written and I can honestly say I was left wanting more each time. This story is incredibly funny. The plot is about a preachers daughter Dora whose parents are convinced she is possessed. To escape her parents she accidently summoned a demon boy called Kieron. She runs away back to hell to live with Kieron and his unusual parents. She finds out she can do powerful magic. With hilarious consequences. Including casting a spell to cover her teacher in poo.I think this is a really good book for teenagers up to adults to enjoy. Can Dora keep her soul and survive A living hell. You will have to read and find out. You won't regret reading this story. Though parents be warned it is not suitable for pre-teens as it does contain some minor bad language.

  • Yellow Eyed
    2018-12-26 08:00

    Bizarre. I have never ever met a character like Dora. She is all types of crazy. Attitude problems, punk-ass-crazy, sassy. I loved her. I didn't always understand where she was coming from but she always entertained. The mouth on her...The plot itself was pretty much the same. One thing I found really hard to comprehend was her lack of fear when summoning a Demon or even travelling to Hell. Absolutely fearless. You definitely can't take this book too seriously. And I adored Pooey. He's just a hilarious little ninja. I really think he made the book for me. As for the rest of the characters... I liked them. But I can't honestly say I always understood where they were coming from half the time. This was a great fun read. I'd recommend it to all young readers.4/5 for Demonic Dora. I'll definitely look out for Book 2

  • Natasya
    2019-01-15 10:40

    i am a beta reader, this book is really great. i love it very much. i feel like i want to share it to all of my friends. i can't wait to see what happen next to Dora. I think i would even buy it when it get published in my country.

  • Kagama-the Literaturevixen
    2019-01-18 04:48

    You know the Adam Sandler Movie "Little Nicky"? If you at any point allowed yourself a little giggle then this book might be for you.

  • The Unofficial Addiction Book Fan Club
    2019-01-10 04:34

    We are The Unofficial Addiction Book Fan Club, to know more about this book, go to the post in our website:Demonic Dora by Claire ChiltonIf you are interested, you can visit our website:The Unofficial Addiction Book Fan ClubThe Unofficial Addiction Book Fan Club's Review:About the bookDora Carridine is the daughter of a Reverend, and not one who only prays and gives sermons… Her father has a television show, and what really upsets her is not just the fact that his father has this annoying religious show (ok that too) but that she’s not able to watch any other channel but his father’s TV program. Dora has been trying to summon a demon for a thousand times now and has not succeeded, yet. But she has not given up. When she finally succeeds in her purpose, she thought that “her” demon would have been a High-Level-evil-powerful demon, but things are not always what we want… The demon she has summoned is a typical hot-blond-horny teenager. Kieron is a high-level demon, but he is not always good at being evil. Every time Kieron tries to make something bad, it turns out being good. When Kieron is summoned by Dora the witch, he appears in her closet and witness an act of cruelty from Dora’s father. When people found out that Dora was a witch, they decided to burn her, but not only the people in her home town, but his father too. However, Dora asks Kieron to take her with him to hell. But hell is not the safe place she thought it was, far from that. Dora is in danger, even more than when she was in earth. Now she has to fight to keep, not only her, but Kieron and her puppy safe, whose name is Pooey and it's a demon too.ReviewWe have heard a lot of bad comments about this book, and a few good things, so at first we were doubtful about reading Demonic Dora. But we have to say that we liked this book. We enjoyed reading it.Ohh, just to make it clear, we are saying this, not because bloggers that make bad reviews go straight to hell, as the book says, but because this book was really funny. Talking about going to hell, we thought it was hilarious that the author has included the reviewers. Ok, it may not be as people would like, but we think that it was not intended to offend us, au contraire, it was to make us laugh, kind of twisted, but really it was awesome! As for the characters, we do not really fell in love with the main character Dora, it was kind of repellent. The way she acted was not the way a teenagers do, but she has her moments, like when she felt pity of a little depressed demon. It is not that we hate her, but her behavior is not rational! What would you do if a crowd wants to burn you alive? YES of course, wait for them to come to you! OH, COME ON!Another thing that did not fit at all, was the fact that her father was not concerned about people in town wanting to burn her daughter alive, because she is a witch or so is told, but he was in favor. Ok, we know that really bad things are happening now, but we are not in the inquisition time, this is the XXI century, we do not burn people just because they are “witches”.Now you should be asking why we liked the book, it was because of Kieron and Pooey, every time Kieron said or did something, it was just amusing. He is the typical teenager, horny, and that only wants to get into Dora’s pants. Moreover, that was what makes the book enjoyable, because we are a little bit sick of perfect boys who just want to wait until marriage and that everything is rainbows and butterflies. And don’t make us talk about that little-impertinent-lovely demon Pooey. He was just awesome. How he complains about almost everything, how he is afraid to be eaten by Kieron’s mother and that he turns out to be not a helpless demon. We won’t get much more into this book than we have already done, because we may not be able to stop writing, and then we would make you a really big spoiler. So if you have read bad comments about Demonic Dora as we did, give it a chance, we are so sure that it will be a really fun and entertaining reading. Saying this, we look forward to a second book!That is why we are giving this book four dolls, it is and "Enjoyed it low", it could have been more, but there were some things that did not fit at all.

  • Preethi
    2019-01-11 02:33

    **Actual Rating**: 3.5 stars**Book Format**: ARC eBookI have to admit, when I received this book to review, I was a bit cautious. After reading it's synopsis and looking at it's cover, I wasn't so sure this would be interesting. Plus, I noticed that the title was Demonic Dora; what good can come to a book when it's main character is named Dora? Still, I had to read this to get to the other books I still have to read and review, so I forced myself to sit down and read it. Surprisingly, after that, I couldn't get enough. We first meet Dora in a Church, where her father is embarrassing her on live television by acting like a God-crazy preacher. Unfortunately for Dora, he acts like that all the time. And what do you know, he also happens to think that his daughter is a demon. Because of this, Dora does everything in her power to sin and not be daddy's little angel. This works against her, though we'll get to that later. After she sneaks out of the church and heads up to her room, she tries casting a spell to bring forth a demon, who would be her "bitch", as she would say. Basically, that means the demon would be her servant. None of the spells have actually worked so far, but she just knows that this one will. After she performs it though, nothing happens, and she goes outside again.Back at the church, there are devilish snakes and smoke scaring the congregation, and pretty much everyone has pooped their pants. The stir-crazy preacher is sure that it's all come about due to his daughter, who at the moment is interacting with an actual demon from Hell, who apparently, came out of nowhere, though he claims to have been sucked to Earth through a portal. Did Dora's spell actually work?The demon's name is Kieron, and he is a very attractive demon; in fact, he looks perfectly normal as long as he's in that form. He has blond hair and beautiful blue eyes. Not to mention he's both the nicest demon in Hell and also the funniest (in my opinion anyways). He's entranced with the minx-witch he meets on Earth (Dora), but doesn't want her to know he's fallen. A short while later, Dora's father and the whole congregation heads over to her house to try and burn her on a stake. Luckily for her, Kieron comes to her rescue by having a whole bunch of poop on the congregation, as well as Dora herself. Out of time, Dora takes the only option left to her if she wants to avoid death by fire: head to Hell. Once there, things aren't as bad as she thought they would be, but things aren't pleasant either. Still, Kieron vows that he will let nothing harm her, so she's safe, right? Wrong. She is the only human in Hell with a soul, and her's isn't black and dirty either; it's pure white, the most expensive kind. Several people want her soul for themselves, and the worst part is that she doesn't even know when it's happened. Suddenly, she has a temper and loves burning things. Kieron and her pet devil Pooey won't talk to her, and she believes no one - not her parents or Kieron - will ever love her. What's more, she has to deal with Kieron's creepy mom who's bipolar personality and alternate form scares the....well, everything out of her. Add to that that someone's taken more than half of her soul out of her, and she's got a mountain of things on her plate.It's up to Kieron and Pooey to get Dora's soul back before she's lost to them - and herself - forever. But can they succeed in going against two of the most powerful demons Kieron knows? Demonic Dora was quite a fun read, and I couldn't stop reading it even if I had wanted to. One of my favorite quote in the book is:"Dora, stop staring," Kieron whispered out of the side of his mouth."What is it?" she whispered back."Uncle Bernard."Demon's also happen to "vow by Satan's nutsack." This book is the perfect blend of romance, comedy, and mystery, and a great read if you're looking for something light to entertain you. After reading the cliffhanger at the end, I looked for a sequel on Goodreads, but alas, it wasn't there. I really hope Claire decides to write another one, and as soon as possible. I can't wait to read more of Dora and Kieron's story.*Recieved from Ragz Books*Author - Claire ChiltonTitle - Demonic DoraPublisher - Ragz BooksReleased July 30, 2013Genre - Paranormal RomanceReceived from Ragz Books via Netgalley

  • Rabbit {Paint me like one of your 19th century gothic heroines!}
    2018-12-30 08:32

    Disclaimer (1): This ARC was given to me for free in exchange for an honest review from Netgalley.Disclaimer (2): Snark and gifs. Bad language as well.This book was asinine. This book is the reason why teenagers should not dabble in demonology and black magic, because idiots like this girl do absolutely no research. It also is used in teenage rebellion. Ugh. Why can't she just skip school, break curfew, and other things like most teenagers. Yes, I became pagan at 16, but I also did (and still do) tons of research before I did or do anything involving magick.Emilie Autumn is aggravated with this shit as well.The love story was stupid.I have a feeling I wasn't the intended audience for this novel, but still stop with the pointless teenage angst. Vodka, I choose you!

  • Lavi Singh
    2018-12-20 03:51

    ...must have been one of the best books ive eva read ..lolz its kinda funny not sure if its second part is published till yet or not but ive read some of it on wattpad n its soo fun Dnt hesitate to check it out

  • Joanne
    2018-12-30 04:37

    I'm a beta reader and I must say this is a great book. I'll certainly buy a copy when it's out. The story is original and the characters well developed. Very entertaining and funny. I definately recommend this book and hope to read more by this author in the future.

  • Meg
    2018-12-25 08:30

    Book Review: 3.5 starsARC: received from NetGalley for an honest reviewAre you looking for a quick read with one liners that will make you giggle like a silly school girl? Maybe a different sort of romance with crazy demons in a whacked out version of Hell? Then this is the book to pick up. And lets not forget the awesome cover art.I did enjoy Demonic Dora, but I didn’t love it. The summary really captured my attention – the idea of a young girl summoning a demon to do her bidding isn’t necessarily original, but the fact that the first thing she would do once they arrived was to change her room to red…come on thats pretty unique. Dora was humorous and sassy but I just felt like I didn’t really get to see any other side of her, not fully anyway. Whether she just uses humour to lighten dark situations i’m not sure, but since the overall book is a rather humorous journey I think her character just provided an entertaining protagonist. One who was interesting to read, and who you didn’t have to think too deeply about.Her parents, although bat shit crazy, are my favourite characters…even though they were only in the book for several chapters. They were so entertaining to read and although there actions made you thinking ‘wwwaaaaattt!’ Dora’s reactions were just right on the mark full of silly responses that make you smile. Chilton’s descriptions when the snakes burst into the church is amazing, and really provides the reader with an excellent visual.The “romance”, if you could even call it that, between Dora & Kieron actually annoyed me. (view spoiler)[ In the beginning when they first meet, Dora is so willing to accept and be completely fine with him just chilling in her closet. I pinned my irritation with a stranger sleeping in her closet and the fact that he calls her a Minx-witch, then Dora-Minx, to the fact that this is what Dora wanted (not the Mins-witch bit). And Kieron isn’t necessarily the most frightening of demons, he’s like a ginormous child. I think the dialogue between them at the beginning was sort of off though. There was no hesitation or vulnerability expressed in Dora, even when Kieron saves her from almost being burned at the stake. As you get deeper into the book you begin to see Dora respond to other situations in a similar way, which then allowed me to be like ‘oh ok, she was just being Dora with her can-do attitude and I want to try being evil.’“Making sweet love is fun,” Kieron said. “You’ll miss out on a good time.”“And teen pregnancy,” Dora added with a fair amount of sarcasm. “I hear that’s not as much fun.”“Okay, now I don’t want to anyway. You ruined the moment,” Keiron said as he put her back on her feet.Demonic Dora | Claire ChiltonThe book, although told in third person, does switch between different characters as the focus per chapter. I actually really liked this! It created opportunities to learn more about Kieron and his relationship with his family. The scenes were Dora & Kieron & Pooey are at the Academy are seriously funny. Chilton does bring this humorous edge to her characters with such brilliance that it is rather inspiring. Although this does mean that you won’t be taking anything seriously throughout this book.Demonic Dora is an incredibly light read, in the sense that you don’t have to think too much about it – just accept the flow. Unfortunately I always have trouble with taking things at face-value, I always need to know more. (hide spoiler)]

  • AshleyiSee
    2018-12-30 05:56

    Find more of my reviews on my website: Dora is born to heavily religious parents but is unfortunately stuck with quite the personality. Cursed by her love of black and desire to summon a demon from Hell, Dora’s parents attempt to burn her at the stake outside their house.For once Dora is saved by a successfully summoned Demon Lord. As he whisks her away from her crazy parents and neighbours, Dora has only one choice to follow the demon back where he came from.But it can be difficult to survive in a world where a fresh soul like Dora’s is the national currency. There’s treachery afoot. Even her demon lord might not be able to save her. Everything comes down to one final battle in the bowels of Hell between whom else? Dora and her demon lord….The Good: All the interesting bits were about the citizens and structure of Hell. I really loved how Chilton went for the story and took me as a reader on a hilarious ride. Her writing is funny and it’s refreshing to have a book make me laugh out loud. Pooey is definitely my favorite character and I loved how Dora is a strong willed. And she still loves her parents even they try endlessly to kill her!The Not So Good: For a story that held a lot of promise I’m a bit disappointed with how…rushed everything was. The characters are fun, the personalities of Hell’s occupants are witty, but everything breezes through where I wished the author had lingered. I also wished that the characteristics of Hell had more differences than the modern world. It’s pretty 50/50, and it bugged me that Hell could be so like current day life. There were plenty of other really creative bits, and using something obvious was a bit of a letdown.I am curious to see where the series goes. It’s different, short and unusual.I was provided this book in exchange for an honest review. Many thanks to the publisher Ragz Books and the author Claire Chilton for allowing me to review the book! Best of luck with the series and I look forward to reading the second book.

  • Corona Gallagher
    2019-01-17 07:32

    A friend had recommended the book books me but after I saw the title and cover I just put it down believing it to be another sad attempt at crossing horror and humour. By some odd fated occurrence the book had ended up catching my eye on a dull day and I began reading it only to fall in love with the witty characters, humour plot that was so unique in its progression that I fell in love with the author's intriguing mind and the way she twisted even the most serious situations into showers of laughter. From Dora's odd outlook on life and her deranged parents, Kieron's eccentric way of thinking leading them into the most queer situations, the introduction of the adorable ninja demon teddy bear Pooey and so many other things. When I'd finished this book and heard their was a second part to it I immediately sought it out and read it like a hungry man eats food. I can't wait to see what the third of this fantastic series holds!

  • Henry Lazarus
    2019-01-06 10:33

    Claire Chilton has the tale of Dora Carradine, a normal teenager who gets into witchcraft as a rebellion against her preacher father. When one of her spells draws a demon her own age to the church, her father and the other townspeople think it’s a good idea to burn her at a stake (yes in modern times – the sect is quit nutty) and she accepts the invitation of Kieron Lascher to come live with him in hell. Demonic Dora ( paper from Ragz Books) tells of Dora’s adventures in a hell where soul chips are used as money, To survive she needs to pass Judgement day and she can’t do that if her soul is darkened. She and Kieron train with Kieron’s father and she gets help from a demon she won in a demonic arcade. A bit silly, but fun enough to keep me reading. Review published in the Philadelphia Weekly Press