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Andy Whiffler is your average eleven-year-old boy. . . except that his nose is so big he can use it to fly and his sense of smell is a hundred thousand times stronger than any human. In the first book of this hilarious new series, Andy moves to a new school and is instantly picked on because of the size of his nose. But when his classmates discover how powerful his nose isAndy Whiffler is your average eleven-year-old boy. . . except that his nose is so big he can use it to fly and his sense of smell is a hundred thousand times stronger than any human. In the first book of this hilarious new series, Andy moves to a new school and is instantly picked on because of the size of his nose. But when his classmates discover how powerful his nose is, they decide he is more of a comic book hero than a nerd. One day Andy's school is shut down due to toxic gasses. Andy discovers that it's all a secret plot for an evil corporation called the ECU (Environmental Clean Up) to take over the world. Andy and his friends decide that this is a job for Super Schnoz, Andy's alter-ego. The rag-tag group of kids team up to take on the ECU and ensure school gets back in session (otherwise summer vacation will be ruined!)....

Title : Super Schnoz and the Gates of Smell
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ISBN : 9780807575550
Format Type : Hardcover
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Super Schnoz and the Gates of Smell Reviews

  • Medeia Sharif
    2019-01-14 17:43

    Andy Whiffler admits that he has a “humongous honker.” He’s eleven, so you can imagine the bullying he goes through. His classmates give him numerous cruel nicknames, but with his big nose comes amazing talents. He has a fantastic sense of smell and can recollect hundreds of scents. That’s always been the case, but Andy discovers something else. He can fly by inhaling and exhaling hard, propelling himself off the ground with the power of his nose.He and his friends decide to become crime fighters centered on Andy’s powers. They’ll become “Super Schnoz, the Not-Right Brothers, and Vivian.” When their school closes due to mysterious reasons, Andy and his friends investigate. Something bad is brewing with an evil company that wants to pollute the environment. Super Schnoz, the Not-Right Brothers, and Vivian are going to save the day…as well as the school and the nation.This isn’t normally my type of reading material since it’s a short chapter book, but I was entertained. I believe kids in late elementary and early middle school would enjoy this book. I can see boys and struggling readers selecting Super Schnoz, not to exclude other groups since many children will find this appealing. I received the galley from NetGalley, courtesy of the publisher.

  • Johanna Panko
    2018-12-31 19:10

    I got this from netgalley for free in exchange for a review. When I started the book I really thought I wasn't going to like it. The kids in the beginning were especially cruel and really mean to Andy because of his large nose. I didn't think it was funny at all and I'm not sure any kid would. But as the book progresses Andy starts making friends when he isn't turning their stomachs with wired class presentations. He joins a comic club and his group starts to put together a comic called super schnoz. The book turns likable after that point and I'm sure any teachers with bullying problems should keep this book in the classroom. He helps save the day and all because of that big nose!

  • Julie Williams
    2019-01-08 01:12

    This was a really cute book. Andy has been cursed with an extremely large nose. This causes him to be teased at school until some of the kids find out that his sense of smell can actually be helpful. When a truly disgusting smell threatens to close their school for an extended time and perhaps doom them to losing their summer vacation, Andy becomes Super Schnoze and his friends Jimmy, Mumps, TJ, and Vivian help save the school and the town. I think my students will find this book very funny.

  • Marge Keller
    2018-12-30 20:47

    It was a cute book. I think kids will like it. Has super hero themes, environmental themes and gross bodily fluids references. Pure entertainment.

  • Diana Pettis
    2019-01-04 00:05

    I can see children reading this book and really enjoying it. The character of Schnoz is one that children can connect with especially if they have been picked on.

  • Dana Havlicek
    2019-01-01 20:52

    It was a cute book and both my kids enjoyed reading it. My son laughed a lot at the different descriptions of what Andy could smell and the description of his nose.

  • Eastonreads
    2019-01-09 02:05

    Really Great book. The suspense keeps the story going. Never boring.

  • Paula
    2018-12-18 22:04

    Andy Whiffle has the largest nose in the world and olfactory senses that put dogs to shame. Needless to say, he has been teased since kindergarten. When he arrives at a new school, it’s pretty much the same until some of his classmates realize his sense of super smell can come in handy; Andy is able to warn of impending trouble, like an approaching principal, just by smelling. When Andy overhears a plot that will shut down classes and cause the students to have to attend summer school, he and his new-found friends vow to thwart the bad guys. Andy becomes Super Schnoz, as he and his friends investigate the source of the malodorous smell that has closed the school and the crooked company that says it will solve the problem. Andy turns into a bona-fide super hero with the power to fly and emit sneezes that can take out groups of bad guys in one swoop. Of course, Super Schnoz and the gang save the day and summer vacation. This lighthearted read definitely has lots enticements: short chapters, breezy text with lots of gross-out humor and wordplay, a superhero storyline and accompanying cartoon illustrations that hit the mark. The plot of good vs. evil and the fast-paced action will keep this title circulating, especially among the boys.

  • Ms. Yingling
    2018-12-23 00:00

    Andy Whiffler was born with an enormous nose because his mother's doctor mixed up her prenatal vitamins with a nasal steroid. When he moves to a new school, he is picked on mercilessly by his classmates, who call him Schnoz and make fun of him. Things change when their school is closed by a huge stink, and they are in danger of having to spend all summer in school. Schnoz finds out that his large nose has hidden powers-- he can use it to fly (using the same principle as the Flying Nun's wimple), and if he sniffs cayenne pepper, he can let out explosive sneezes. It turns out that Environmental Clean Up company is not in his school to remedy the situation, but is instead trying to harness the horrible black goop under the school to make other places smell bad so that they can get paid to clean it up. Strengths: Lots of weird, gross humor, with Andy reveling in smelling dirty diapers and rotten food. Some action, fending off the ECU. Plentiful illustrations.Weaknesses: The illustrations and story line made me think that it was a lot like a Cartoon network show. Again, I am not the demographic for this.

  • Chris
    2019-01-14 18:44

    This is a cute story but I guess my son and I were expecting more. I found this on Netgalley and figured it would be a great choice for my three year old. At first it started out fine and my son and I were enjoying our time together reading before bed. There was a lot of bullying in the beginning because poor Andy Whiffler has a giant nose. I remember getting picked on like this in school as well so it brought back some painful memories, none were because I have a giant nose. Just before the halfway point my son started to loose interest. He wanted me to read other books at bedtime instead. I did convince him to keep going and once Andy became Super Schnoz he enjoyed it a little more. There are some cute play on words and references that a grown up will pick up on that helped with a giggle or two. Not a bad story overall, we did enjoy it. This is good for little boys who love boogers and snot jokes. it has some slow parts but the characters are fun and the story is entertaining. The best part of the book is the fact I got some father son snuggle time in our glider before bed.

  • Jeff Harris
    2019-01-11 22:10

    Super Schnoz and the Gates of Smell is about a most unlikely hero! Andy Whiffler, a student who has recently moved, has a super-sized sniffer which he can use to identify and locate all manners of intoxicating aromas and noxious stenches. Originally, he is ridiculed and bullied by many of his peers, but eventually finds friends in the form of a trio of his former tormentors who become his sidekicks, the Not-Right-Brothers. With their help, along with that of the plucky and creative Vivian, the kids must determine a way to save their summer vacation, their school, and the entire town of Denmark, New Hampshire (where something is, indeed, quite rotten) from a devious organization masquerading under the guise of an environmental clean-up group. Can Super Schnoz sniff his way to a spectacular success over the evil ECU before they can SPOIL everyone's summer? Pick up this laugh-out-loud book to find out for yourself!

  • Carol
    2018-12-22 23:43

    Andy Whiffler has always stood out in a crowd. He has often been teased and ridiculed by his peers. All because he was born with a gigantic nose. Andy doesn't really mind, because thanks to his gigantic nose he has a fabulous sense of smell. He collects smells of all kinds, even those disgusting ones that no one else wants to be around. When his school, appropriately named James F. Durante Elementary School, is shut-down due to some kind of toxic spill, Andy and his friends form a super-team to find out what is really going on. Andy embraces his enormous honker and discovers it has the ability to make him fly. Now known as Super Schnoz, he goes where no other kid can go to get to the bottom of the icky smell. Oh yeah, he might do a little sneezing to battle the evil group of fiends that is trying to take over the world one polluted city at a time!

  • Barbara
    2018-12-19 23:42

    Eleven-year-old Andy Whiffler must contend with bullies who make fun of his extraordinarily large nose when he moves to a new school. While the nose may be large, it also has an exceptionally strong sense of smell and other attributes that turn Andy, nicknamed Super Schnnoz, into a superhero who helps save his school and town from an unethical company. Once enemies, now allies, TJ, Jimmy, Mumps, and Andy, together with talented graphic artist Vivian, prove that our worst enemies can become our best friends. Having a boy with a snout that enables him to fly and shoot out cayenne pepper as a weapon is not a story I would have ever imagined, but it works quite well here. I chortled at several of the illustrations showing Andy's amazing nose. The book contains several nose- or smell-related puns and jokes. Fans of passages mentioning snot and boogers will find this one highly appealing.

  • Terry
    2019-01-13 02:04

    Young Reader Reaction: This looked like it was going to be a hit. Our daughter loved laughing at the boys' antics, as well as the illustrations. But at Chapter 10 (about 1/3 through), she quit. "It's too predictable and its not funny anymore."Adult Reader Reaction: The series has a great premise. I love how the author threw the bullies and the victim together and turned it into a friendship. The story itself, though, seemed pretty stale. Not only was it predictable from a plot point of view, but the jokes were well-worn, too.Pros: Lots of humor and fun illustrations make this a good choice when you need something light, with lots of action.To read our full review, go to The Reading Tub®.

  • Lori
    2019-01-08 22:12

    Andy Whiffler has a big a giant, enormous nose. When his mom was pregnant with him her doctor accidentally mixed up her prenatal vitamins with a steroid nasal spray and the result was Andy's super schnoz.He gets teased, of course, but eventually he makes friends. When an evil corporation plans to ruin their town Super Shnoz and his friends work out a plan using Andy's super smelling powers to save the town and thwart the bad guys. A cute book...I love the way that Andy can fly by using his nose as part hot air balloon and part jet thruster. And his ability to snort cayenne pepper and take out multiple bad guys AND their vehicles - too funny!

  • Gillian Dawson
    2019-01-17 20:59


  • Laura Phelps
    2019-01-10 23:56

    Totally silly and very funny to the target audience.

  • Wendy Garland
    2019-01-15 20:12

    I flew through this book, as I think most reluctant readers would. Completely ridiculous premise, but I had to see what would happen next.

  • The Brothers
    2018-12-24 21:11

    Asher (8yo) read. "It was funny. His special super power is sniffing some pepper (any kind) and then he SNEEZES really hard and blows the bad guys away."

  • Melissa
    2019-01-02 21:01

    I'm anxious to try this one out on kids. It's creative and chock-full of kid humor, so I need to pass it off to some students and see their reactions.