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Are You Living or Existing?9 Steps to Change Your LifeIsn't it time you got started on the road to your dream life? You are not alone in your journey. This book will help you not only get off the starting line but reach your destination.You want more from your life. You can visualize the life you dream about but may not know how to get there. This book was designed to be aAre You Living or Existing?9 Steps to Change Your LifeIsn't it time you got started on the road to your dream life? You are not alone in your journey. This book will help you not only get off the starting line but reach your destination.You want more from your life. You can visualize the life you dream about but may not know how to get there. This book was designed to be a road map to help you make the changes you have dreamed about and make those changes stick. Life is too short to wait for happiness. These 9 simple steps will help you take action and claim the life you truly deserve.Kimanzi Constable lays out this plan with an easy to read style that combines specific advice with anecdotes from his own experience. Kimanzi shares with you his method, his experience, and his advice in an entertaining yet practical guide. The method he describes can be applied effectively to your specific dream. Kimanzi has used this same plan to become a successful international speaker, life coach, and author.Kimanzi is a successful author, speaker, coach, and corporate consultant. Kimanzi shares his message of hope and teaches people how to use the Internet and social media to create a profitable and thriving business. Kimanzi's first two books have sold over 70,000 copies.He has been married to his wife Tanya for the last fourteen years and counting. They live in Wisconsin with their two boys and one girl. He has created a life of freedom and value to be there for his family as much as humanly possible! He has dedicated his life to help people live the full and abundant life they deserve to lead....

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Are You Living or Existing? Reviews

  • Bobbie Cole
    2019-01-16 02:15

    KimanziConstable has a simple message of positivity, delivered with kindness, in how to structure your transformation into a forger of your own future. I enjoyed the read. I felt as if Kimanzi was a friend, sitting across from me over a cup of coffee, giving me sound advice.What I liked best: the message that you have to allow time for making changes. It’s a process. And setbacks are just that – setbacks. But we should keep at it because the prize is worth the taking. And least: I would have liked more asides about Kimanzi’s own experience, which appears at the end of the book, woven into the pages of his plan. As I read, I felt like taking issue with his assertion that you could ‘ruin your life’ by not following through. My mind was saying that a life is never ‘ruined’ until it’s done, that redemption is a possibility until our last breath. Having thought about it some more, however, I don’t think his words are too strong. Redemption is one thing, happy memories another. We can’t make happy memories without putting in the effort to live life right and that is what this book is all about.

  • Kalee
    2019-01-01 21:25

    Really good book! Inspiring and motivational.

  • Jack Oughton
    2018-12-22 19:25

    Great message, but this stuff has been done to death by everybody by now and I couldn't find anything new here.

  • Harley Christensen
    2019-01-13 22:05

    I read a lot of self-help/motivational books and what I appreciate about Kimanzi's approach is that he clearly identifies the nine steps to change your life, provides realistic examples from his own life and is able to get his message across in under 100 pages. I can't begin to count the number of times I've poured over books four times the length of this one, thinking The message has got to be in here somewhere...maybe if I just read a little farther? only to be left scratching my head by the time I reach the end. Frustrating, to say the least. Not so with Are You Living or Existing?Kimanzi's clean, concise style does away with all of the fluff as he quickly gets to the meat of it. His message is real, not some "pie in the sky" rhetoric that applies to only a select few. We are able to see that he is a real person, with real-life issues, struggles, challenges, etc., just like you and me. And while his story may vary from yours or mine, it's still relevant as he uses it to walk through each of the steps...because it's realistic. I also appreciate Kimanzi's honesty. He tells you the steps are going to be hard—that you are going to want to quit over and over again—but rather than setting you up for failure by patting you on the back and telling you it's going to be ok, he asks tough questions and provides suggestions to help you power through the moments of weakness.I particularly like his discussion of creating a backup plan. I don't know about you, but I find I get so focused on Plan A that I fail to create a plan to fall back on if things don't work out. Oh sure, I have one rumbling around in my head, but I never bother adding any of the details necessary in case I actually need to use it. Kimanzi shows the importance of developing a realistic Plan B (and Plan C, D, E...).Are You Living or Existing? is well-written, to the point and a tool that can be referenced over and over as you progress through each of the steps on your journey to change. I commend Kimanzi on his own journey and look forward to cheering him on as he reaches each and every milestone...

  • Timothy Burns
    2018-12-28 23:21

    Self help advice for the rest of us.I don’t know about you, but I don’t connect with some of the self-help Experts and Gurus out there. I know they do good work, and if their income is any reflection to the quality of their advice (which is what I’m supposed to think, I think) then their advice is worth its weight in gold. Yet I have a hard time peeling away the pounds of plastic and veneer of their presentations to find something that really feels genuine.I met Kimanzi Constable at a local conference last year, and he was just finishing this book, Are you Living or Just Existing. Kimanzi, or Z as he liked to be called, had finally reached the end of accepting life as a delivery driver, and was determined to find the life of his dreams. He was focused on a better income, a better career and a better outlook on life in general. His book, Are You Living or Just Existing, is filled with this blue-collar honesty as he talks about his journey, and the principles he’s using today to change his life. Z is a normal guy, but he’s not average. He’s applying the advice in his book, not just talking about it. I’ve watched him travel from Hawaii to Israel talking to growing audiences, and I’m seeing the words on his pages come to life. I highly recommend Z’s book. It’s filled with self-help advice for the rest of us.

  • Cy Fukagawa
    2019-01-10 02:21

    Awesome read! If you're dreading your job everyday and seeking to truly change your life, this is the book for you. By putting in the work and actually doing the nine steps, you will get the results you are looking for! Everything Kimanzi was saying kept my head nodding in agreement the whole time. All the struggles that he talks about (dealing with discouragement, not feeling like working, old habits creeping back in etc.) were spot on. Kimanzi kept me engaged because he is very practical and I felt like he was my personal coach taking me through each step!

  • Mike Dileone
    2018-12-20 00:09

    This book is unequivocally a game changer. If you have spent years dreaming of your perfect life but have not taken steps to get there, check out what Kimanzi has to say. He is a regular guy who was brave enough to demand more from himself and his life. Are you willing to do the same? Keep dreaming or start moving.....this book will help get you in motion and closer to living the life you want to live.

  • {erika}
    2019-01-15 22:16

    I felt like some of this seemed too reflective of life changes like moving or losing weight. While the author made numerous references to other changes I personally think the steps outlined reflected primarily the aforementioned. However, this was a good read with such a positive and uplifting message. I did like that the author himself was working on these changes as well and that he shared his successes and failures. I'd recommend and there are some good passages that are very beneficial!

  • Adam
    2019-01-03 01:25

    It was okay, I'm going with 3.5 stars...I really wanted to love this, but it left me feeling a little flat. I mean, I liked the theme of the book, and Kimanzi seems like a great guy, but I didn't find the magic everyone's talking about. Definitely worth a read, maybe I'll try some of his other stuff.

  • Cathryn Virzi
    2019-01-03 20:21

    Feel inspired!Kimanzi makes taking the lead in life so accessible and just reading his journey, step by step, is a shot in the arm to move forward! Here you'll find down-to-earth, "let's do this" advice. Easy and enjoyable read...inspiring!

  • Cyrus
    2018-12-22 21:24

    Short read but packed with good information. Action based methods to stop existing and to start living the life you want, the one you are supposed to be living.

  • Kimanzi Constable
    2019-01-15 02:18