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From New York Times bestselling author Brenda Jackson, comes a new trilogy starring three Westmorelands who are impossible to resist: Zane, Canyon and Stern. Stern Westmoreland never makes mistakes—until he helps his best friend Jovonnie "JoJo" Jones with a makeover…for another man. Now Stern wants JoJo for himself. Their attraction is undeniable and there's only one way tFrom New York Times bestselling author Brenda Jackson, comes a new trilogy starring three Westmorelands who are impossible to resist: Zane, Canyon and Stern. Stern Westmoreland never makes mistakes—until he helps his best friend Jovonnie "JoJo" Jones with a makeover…for another man. Now Stern wants JoJo for himself. Their attraction is undeniable and there's only one way to test it: one long, steamy night together as much more than friends!Look for the other stories in Brenda Jackson's Westmoreland trilogy: ZANE and CANYON. Available now! And don't miss Brenda's 100th book, A MADARIS BRIDE FOR CHRISTMAS, available November 2013!...

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Stern Reviews

  • Cheesecake
    2019-01-14 19:37

    Stern the oblivious and Jojo the tomboy. Both MCs are likeable and interesting, but the whole plot was just so contrived and unbelievable, that it felt almost ridiculous. still I liked this one better than the other book it was paired with on audio (Bachelor Untamed). But mostly because Jojo kicks ass (view spoiler)[ in the end and saves herself.(hide spoiler)]. Stern and Jojo have been friends since they were kids. They even vacation together and the reader is to believe that in all those years (Jojo is about to turn into a 30 year old virgin -wince- yes you read that correctly! many many years wasted!!!), they have never been attracted to each other. Even when they were horny teens??? And what's with this author and her 30 year old virgins!? Just thinking of a woman wasting some of the best 'breast years' of her life makes me so sad! I mean, what is wrong with her? Maybe she needs therapy, that she is 30 and has never been tempted to have sex?Jojo is the first to realize that she is attracted to her friend, but is sure he will never reciprocate so she decides to try to fall in love with someone else. She asks Stern, her BF to help her be more sexy, and of course this leads to Stern realizing that, yes, she is smoking hot. There's a song and dance and both are sure the other will never love them in a romantic way. There's also the creepy OM. I should have enjoyed the story more, but I never could get over the fact that she was 30 and had never enjoyed a man, but had watched Stern with his one night stands for well over a decade without it bothering her... really?? shrug. The audio reader is just meh. He does lousy female voices.

  • Susan
    2019-01-02 19:30

    Very good friends to lovers story. Stern and JoJo have been friends since they were kids. They hang out together a lot, including going up to his hunting lodge. They can talk to each other about almost anything. Lately JoJo has realized that she's tired of being friends with all the guys and wants some romance. Being a tomboy who is great at karate, hunting and as a mechanic, she lost when it comes to feminine pursuits. So she goes to her best friend Stern, a definite ladies man, for advice on what to do.I loved both JoJo and Stern. JoJo is an independent woman who knows what she likes and is capable of. She and Stern have been friends for a long time, but recently she has noticed that her feelings for him are changing. She doesn't want to lose his friendship by putting the moves on him so she decides to try to fall for another man instead. But she has no idea how to go about it, so she asks his advice. She talks him into giving her kissing lessons which sets off even more fireworks. I loved her absolute trust in Stern and his actions. She had no idea what she was doing to him. Having been friends with Stern for so long she's also friends with the rest of the family, so has a great time when the ladies help her with her makeover. I thought she was a little naive going to that bar chasing after the guy with "possibilities". I loved the way that Stern was there but didn't interfere when she asked him not to. That's when she finally admitted to herself that there was no way another man would be able to replace what she felt for Stern, and decided that she would go after what she had wanted in the first place. I really liked the deepening of the relationship even though she still avoided telling Stern her true feelings. I completely loved the scene at the garage at the end, though I did see it coming. Stern was great. He's a bit of a ladies man since he has no plans to settle down until he's thirty-five. But he's seeing more of his family members falling to the love bug and wonders if he should be looking too. I love his friendship with JoJo and the way he doesn't get mad when she beats him out at one of their activities. He is taken by surprise when she asks him what she should do to attract a man. He's her friend so he answers and offers to help, but finds that he's not really happy with the idea of another man being with her. When she asks him to kiss her and teach her how it's done he is stunned by the strength of the desire he suddenly feels for her. It really freaks him out because he's never thought of her as anything other than a friend. Now he can't get her out of his mind or his dreams. He resists as hard as he can. I loved the way that he keeps going to other guys in the family for advice and they all look at him like he's nuts and tell him that he's in love with her. It takes awhile for him to admit to himself that they are right, and then he has to decide what to do about it. I loved the scene at the bar when he made sure he was there as backup but let her deal with things herself. He accepted her request for "friends with benefits" but knew he wanted more. He just didn't know how to tell her. I loved the ending.

  • Shauni
    2019-01-02 21:43

    In Book Three of Brenda Jackson's Westmoreland trilogy we meet Stern.. Another of the fabulous Westmoreland cousins! These three cousins have had one thing in common.. they were bachelors and planned to stay that way. Zane never planned to marry.. but timber down he went.. Canyon, well he wasn't against marriage but when the woman he loved left him he was pretty much through for a while.. yeah that worked out really well.. Now it's Sterns turn. Only Stern has had the love of his life right by his side the entire time.Stern Westmoreland has his life on track.. He is an attorney for his family's business, owns his own home and vacation place, has a great family and has a best friend who can outshoot, out martial art and knows more about cars than anyone else around.. It's when that friend asks him for dating advice and how to make men notice her that gets Stern's attention.When Jovonnie "JoJo" Jones started noticing her best friend in an overly friendly manner.. When he started starring in some of her more erotic dreams, JoJo knew she needed to do something. The last thing she wanted to do was ruin a life long friendship with her new feelings. So she focused on another man who didn't even realize she was alive, well except as a mechanic. Not sure what to do she asks her best friend.. isn't that what girls do? It's just he isn't handling things well.There is just something special when books are about friends finding love. While it helps support the theory that men and woman can never be just friends (and that is irksome) it is also a nice dream. To know that someday the person you trust the most, the person who has always stood by your side is the person you were meant to spend your life with. Stern and JoJo are a great couple, they see more than the outer shell they see the person beneath the surface. While Stern has always been one gorgeous man, JoJo has hidden herself behind coveralls and baseball caps.. No men even realize how beautiful she is.. Once her makeover is complete she realizes that really none of that matters. Sure she enjoys dressing up and looking nice but those who can't see beyond the surface really aren't worth worrying about.Of course JoJo's choice in substituions leaves much to be desired.. a poor copy of Stern to say the least.. JoJo is forced to deal with the ramifications of her choices.. and let's just say she learns an interesting lesson.. While I enjoyed the premise of this book JoJo's total and complete naiveté surprised me. It turned me off just a tad. No one who lives in a major city in the US can reach the age of 30 and be that naive. Sexually inexperienced, sure.. but some of the things she believed.. yeah totally bothered me.. At least this was with Stern and he was there to help her grow.. but that was a minor disappointment.. All in all Stern is wonderful way to wrap up this particular Westmoreland Trilogy.ShauniThis review is based on the ARC of Stern, provided by netgalley and is errsed on September 3, 2013

  • Beate
    2019-01-15 17:40

    Love of books really is colorblind. I never realized the color of the characters' skin until I checked out the rest of the series on Goodreads. I just fell in love with the characters, and felt as if I was missing out on something with the supporting characters. I was sure this was part of a series, I just had no idea it was book 27 (!) in a series. I see people on Goodreads place books on shelves like "interracial" or "African-American" - and I don't get it! Isn't romance simply romance anymore?I went into this book with no expectations. None. Brown eyes and brown hair translates to just that, brown eyes and brown hair. I like a good visual, just like anyone else reading a romance book; meaning well developed characters I can picture in my head. Ms Jackson more than delivers on that.I don't want to end up sounding like a racist pug, I'm just trying to say that I fell in love with the characters and I fell in love with their romance. I was colorblind until I read a little more about the series. This book is that good! I don't always understand the shelvings on Goodreads, but this is a sweet story about how love steals a cowboy's heart.All right. Rant over. JoJo and Stern. Where do I begin? I fell in love with Stern. I want a Stern. Ms Jackson really knows how to write a dreamboat of a man. He's protective of JoJo, yet he doesn't smother her. He adores her, and he fights his feelings for her until he can't anymore. I just love a good friends-come-lovers story. It makes me giddy.JoJo is a kick ass heroine. Strong, independent, and not afraid to lean on her friend when she needs to. Admitting you need help and a shoulder to cry on, so to speak, takes real strength. It made me love JoJo that much more. I understand her dilemma. Completely. How do you tell your bestie you've fallen in love with him? I mean, really!Not having read the previous 26 books in the series, I had no idea about their backgrounds. And it made me a little sad that they had such tragic backgrounds. I look at my own background and I can't even imagine.Those who have followed this series are sure to love this book. But if you're like me, and have no idea what you're getting yourself into, trust in Ms Jackson. Even if you haven't read the other books, you get enough of a background on supporting characters so that you don't feel too left out and confused half the time. Reading the rest of the series isn't necessary to fall in love with this book.Review can also be found at From the Bottom of a Frappe.I received this book as an e-galley from Harlequin via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are mine.

  • Tanya Mayes
    2019-01-06 18:42

    I really enjoyed this book. I have the two in one but I'm reviewing them separately. It had me laughing to tears it was so funny to me at times. This is about Stern Westmoreland and Jovannie "JoJo" who have been best friends since middle school. Stern and JoJo do everything together, she's not the typical girly girl. she likes to hunt, do karate, archery. While at the Stern's hunting lodge JoJo realizes that she was starting to see Stern differently, her feelings were changing but she was afraid she didn't want to mess up their friendship by telling him. So she comes up with this plan for Stern to help her meet a man. When she does Stern finds out that he is not happy about her meeting or trying to date another man. He didn't want anything to come between their friendship and she felt the same. Because they were friends Stern he try's to help her but now his feelings are beginning to surf and everybody can see but them. It really starts to get crazy and funny after they kiss for the first time and now he's giving her Kissing Lessons too funny. Finally they both want more but is too afraid to move to the next step. Then everything changes when Stern decided he wanted more and he invites her back to the lodge and she decides she wants more too. On the way there JoJo tells him she wants to be Friends with Benefits. That's all Stern needed. Stern and JoJo move beyond just friends to lovers and soul mates. Love my Westmoreland Men. It seems the younger ones find their true love earlier in life. Can't wait for Bane's story. There is only four family members left to write about but I think there will be more to come.

  • Wanda
    2019-01-18 01:57

    JoJo owns her own repair auto shop and she never really thought about her looks or how men see her. But that changes when she decided it times to find a man, after realizing she is falling for her best friend Stern Westmoreland. Jojo is not the girly type she hunts, and does martial arts, and works in her repair shop. Stern is her best friends since high school, they spend a lot of time together as friends, but soon that friendship turns into something more and both of them are afraid to admit it. JoJo decides she needs to find another man to take her attention off Stern, but ask Stern for help because she has no experience with men. I love this story! It held my attention the entire time; I loved each and every detail of the story. I really enjoyed watching Stern gradually come to terms with his feelings for JoJo and JoJo trying to find a way to run from her feelings. This book will have you smiling, laughing, frustrated and hot under the collar…a MUST Read!!! ARC Provided by NetGallery

  • Janet
    2019-01-06 01:45

    A Beautifully written addition to the Westmoreland Saga. As always, it could stand alone, but why? Don't deny yourself the treat that is Brenda Jackson's writing. Stern is a friends becoming lovers story, yes, but it is so much more. It is peopled with characters you will connect to emotionally. You will be eagerly awaiting the happily ever after moment, as I did, and you will not be disappointed. The pacing is even, the story well plotted, the characters strong, the setting, stunning, and the emotional impact for me was excellent. The love scenes, though few, were passionate and appropriate to the storyline. The secondary characters all seem like people I would like to have as friends and family. *I was lucky enough to request and receive my copy from in exchange for an honest review.

  • Kim
    2018-12-22 21:46

    I love a good friends turned lovers story, and Brenda Jackson has done it well here.

  • Carol Hornsby-mccoy
    2019-01-12 22:59

    I really love these Westmoreland books but each on has, the same twist of faith. Guy meet girl, girl is a virgin he becomes her first. They've either know each other all their life or at some point or a westmoreland family member. So they fall madly in love and get engaged or married. Good read but getting very predictable. Other than for the mystery being different all the stories are pretty much the same.

  • Kirah Hinson
    2018-12-25 22:41

    The relationship between Stern and JoJo was interesting. JoJo is this jeans and sweats, sneakers-over-heels, alpha woman who can do things better than any man. For that reason, she was single. Then her best friend, Stern Westmoreland, is the opposite. He's a lady's man, and proud of it. JoJo asks him to help her get the man she wants. It was so interesting to see how it played out! You gotta read this.

  • ancaraisa
    2018-12-26 23:59

    Written For Confessions From Romaholics Stern is a light and fun read, especially on a hot summer afternoon. You don’t need to stress yourself with deciphering complicated intrigue or finding a killer in the book’s pages; you only have to follow the storyline of a beautiful and romantic love story that grows between two people, from best friends to twin souls.One by one, the Westmoreland’s men succumb to love; finally it becomes Stern’s turn to struggle to keep it at bay and as far away from his heart as possible. Doesn’t anybody ever tell him how impossible of a task this is?Like all the men in his family, Stern doesn’t make any exception. He’s good-looking, charismatic, sexy as hell, loyal, smart … and did I mention rich? But no matter how smart he is, he doesn’t seem to recognize love or maybe he just doesn’t want to let love into his heart. All his relationships were kept casual, easy with nothing for a long-term; the only long-term relationship he has is with his best friend JoJo and it is not sexual. He sure needs something to shock him big time in order to make him see the perfect woman for him, because when a Westmoreland man finally finds love he will do his best to treasure it for all eternity.Jovonnie (JoJo) Jones is smart, loyal to the core, beautiful and she is unlike any other woman Stern knows. Hiding inside men’s clothes and owning an auto shop (not to mention having hobbies like shooting and karate) doesn’t make her less feminine. It’s just that not every man gets past the initial visual to see the beauty she hides inside. But Stern knows exactly how she is; it’s just that he has taken their friendship for granted. The moment Jojo asks him to teach her how to hold a man’s attention, his perspective about their friendship changes dramatically. At first he puts his feelings on account of the fact that he doesn’t want her to end up with a broken heart, but when the teaching goes to another, more intimate level that involves makeovers and kissing lessons, he must face the fact that he has strong feelings for her, and maybe he always has.The irony is that each one develops strong feelings for the other and for fear of not having them reciprocated, make their share of mistakes. Jojo tries to find herself another man to replace Stern in her heart (as if this is even possible!) and Stern is afraid that she doesn’t share his feelings and he will lose her friendship. Pushed by family and friends, they will try to give it a chance to find out whatever is going on between them. Jojo proposes they be friends with benefits, but Stern wants forever. Now he must use his entire hot arsenal to make her believe in his love and accept him as a lover and a friend. Not a hard job, really!If you want to take a break from your usual genre (I’m a paranormal romance kind of girl, but I need a break once in a while) or if you simply enjoy a good romance book, then I truly recommend this book.This review can also be found here: Confessions From Romaholics

  • Les Romantiques
    2019-01-05 22:33

    Posted on Les Romantiques - Le forum du siteReviewed by FabiolaReview Copy from the PublisherBrenda Jackson is an author I’ve loved since I discovered Stone Cold Surrender French edition a few years ago. The book was part of the Westmoreland series; it’s logical that for my first review of one of her book in the original version, I talk about a member of this famous family. Stern is the 27th volume in this series.Bottom line, the series is made up by two big chapters: the Denver’s Westmoreland and the Texas’ Westmoreland. In each part, there are several sub-chapters. You can find a family tree in some books of the series.Stern is the third volume in this new sub-chapter and there are two family members left to marry off. However, the series will not end with them since the reader has recently discovered the love life of a dissolute Westmoreland ancestor ... and so other children.But waiting to discover the next adventures of the family, I'll give you the review of the one the author’s fans will discover on September 3th in the USA.I really liked this novel. It tells Stern and Jovannie (nicknamed Jojo) story; they have been very best friends since childhood. Stern has known lots of women; Jojo is waiting for Mr Right. The novel begins when the heroine asks the hero for advises on how to attract the attention of a man she likes. I must be clear, the young woman, even though feminine, doesn’t show off to advantage, loves activities dominated by men, and she is a mechanic (she has her own garage). It’s when he agrees to help her that Stern will realize he’s sexually attracted to Jojo and he doesn’t want to see her in another man’s arms.I loved the characters. They are really likeable, respectful and honest one with the other; they are on the same wave-length even if they don’t realize it sometimes. Their relationship is made of complicity, tenderness, and there is no major conflict.There are not many sex scenes because the author put emphasis mostly on the hero’s discovery of his feelings of love (the heroine is already aware of hers), his acceptance and the way these two characters will be able to go beyond the friendship stage.Usually, I don’t really like best friends’ love stories, especially when one had more affairs than the other. But Brenda Jackson managed to get me interested in their story. She mastered perfectly the change in their relationship and I believed for good in their happy ending. I also really liked the interventions of the secondary characters, most being part of the Westmoreland family, and some being Jojo’s employees. Every one of them brought humor to the story, especially the family who was trying to make the hero understand he was in love with Jojo, and so in a very little subtle way. LOLWith this 99th romance, Brenda Jackson shows she hasn’t lost her touch and manages to bring the reader in her world. It’s a book I recommend to all who’d want to have a really good time with likeable and interesting characters.

  • Book Reading Gals
    2019-01-09 00:51

    Title: SternSeries: New Westmoreland Series, Book#3Author: Brenda JacksonGenre: RomanceBlurb: From New York Times bestselling author Brenda Jackson, comes a new trilogy starring three Westmorelands who are impossible to resist: Zane, Canyon and Stern. Stern Westmoreland never makes mistakes—until he helps his best friend Jovonnie "JoJo" Jones with a makeover…for another man. Now Stern wants JoJo for himself. Their attraction is undeniable and there's only one way to test it: one long, steamy night together as much more than friends!Thoughts: I have to say that after reading the first two books in this series, I was excited to pick up Stern. I was intrigued by both him and JoJo after reading about them and their relationship in the prior books. A budding romance between two longtime friends has always been a soft spot of mine, and I was eager to see how JoJo would make Stern see her as a woman he could fall in love with and not just as "one of the boys". However, I have to say the book didn't go quite as I assumed.I assumed that it would be either that JoJo would get a makeover to try to make Stern fall for her, or that she would have him make her over for someone else. The book was an odd blend between the two - she does get a makeover, and she does ask Stern to help her so she can win over someone else, but there is a huge difference to the story here. JoJo does realize that she is in love with Stern - but she gets the bright idea to make herself fall out of love with him and into love with someone else. She has no obvious intent to try to capture his attention and make him see her differently. JoJo is not playing a game, or trying to trick Stern in any way - she is completely without guile, which is quite refreshing. She knows he only sees her as a friend, so she is trying to move on with her life. Regardless, it doesn't take long for Stern to sit up and take notice!I also enjoyed how Stern was confused in the way his feelings for JoJo were changing. But I did have one big complaint here. The transition between him viewing her as a friend and being attracted to her was fine - but from there he all of a sudden jumps to 'forever' and thoughts of 'making her his wife'. I wanted more about the development of those feelings, especially as he was such a womanizer previously. That transition should have really hit his character hard, but instead it seemed almost like an afterthought. Maybe if the book had been just a bit longer we could have seen some more into his thought processes.Regardless, it is a really good book. I think in this series, it falls in at number two for me - I liked Zane a little better. But they are all great reads - especially if you are already a fan of the Westmoreland family.Rate: BReview by: Sarah

  • Shelly
    2019-01-02 17:42

    This is one of the longest series over the longest time span I can say - I read the first one when it initially came out in paperback. In the entire Westmoreland Series, this is the 26th since 2002. I've not read the majority of them but then again you don't have to in order to understand this story line. This is a rendition of the friends to lovers theme which Jackson has done before. And maybe my enjoyment of this story lies specifically in the fact that I've not read at least the last 15 books in this series. Stern Westmoreland and Jovonnie 'JoJo' Jones are best friends and have been since their teens. Almost 30, JoJo realizes that she has feelings for Stern but knows that Stern is a bit of a serial dater with no plans to get into a relationship much less marry. Knowing that Stern will do anything for his best friend, JoJo asks for help on how to catch the man that she's got her eyes on. She didn't lie there, she really had a backup plan all rearing and ready to go. Stern being the good friend that he is can't say no. What I did like about JoJo was that she's independent because she was taught to be not because had to be. Her parents are gone and her father gave her one of the best things a parent could, he prepared his child on how to live out in the world. He made sure she knew how to protect herself and gave her a way to earn a living that she can be proud of - she's a mechanic by the way. Her relationship with Stern and his family was enjoyable to read. I had a problem with the concept of her being a virgin at her age. Here's why. At that age, she had to be waiting for love and marriage, if not what are you waiting for? Explain it to me and I'll listen but as I didn't get that I'll make my own assumption. JoJo's character didn't lend itself to jumping into bed with just anyone and I had some difficulty with her sudden romantic relationship with Stern. Crap on Stern for not romancing JoJo. Why not make it special for her considering he's her best friend and he claimed to know what she likes and wants. This is typical of Jackson's hero though - they're rich, single and smooth with the ladies but they tend to be jerks in the way they treat their heroines. The friendship between these two worked much better than their romance but even that wasn't without its challenges. Part of my ongoing issue with Jackson's stories is the stilted dialogue and this one is no different. As best friends I wouldn't expect gutter language but I would expect more relaxed conversations. The one person you should be able to let it all hangout with is your best friend and I didn't feel that with these two. The interactions between Stern and his family was heartwarming and funny at moments which made it a better read for me. Happy Reading Folks!Rating: C+/B-*Book provided by Harlequin Desire for reviewReview posted at

  • Dafort
    2018-12-25 23:54

    Rating: 4 Divaz StarzSynopsis: Stern Westmoreland never makes mistakes—until he helps his best friend Jovonnie "JoJo" Jones with a makeover…for another man. Now Stern wants JoJo for himself. Their attraction is undeniable and there's only one way to test it: one long, steamy night together as much more than friends!Review: Stern Westmoreland was the next Westmoreland to end out the trilogy and it was a great story. In this last installment, we meet Stern’s best friend JoJo and her desire to find Mr. Right. JoJo is your typical tomboy that because of her attire men almost never give her a second glance. Now that she is tired of it she decides it is now time for a makeover in more ways than one. She seeks the advice of her best friend Stern Westmoreland. Stern and JoJo have been best friends since forever and when JoJo enlists Stern’s help, he starts to have second thoughts. When JoJo completes her makeover, Stern is knocked off his kilter and starts to experience feelings he did not realize were there. Thus he proposes they spend a long steamy night together. Will JoJo and Stern realize that friends, can turn to lovers and eventually find forever with each other. Only Stern Westmoreland and JoJo can let readers know the outcome.Again Mrs. Jackson spun another tale of friendship love evolving to true love between a man and woman. She did an outstanding job in creating Stern and JoJo’s characters where they were friends since childhood that understood each other and built a level of trust that was sweet and loving. Stern was another stubborn Westmoreland wearing blinders and needed the unusual makeover request to realize what a jewel JoJo really was and wanted her for himself. JoJo’s character was adamant in trying to hide her feeling for Stern to even stepping out of her comfort zone and make an outrageous proposal. This was a good story. Deborah A. FortnerUrban Divaz Reviews

  • Tina
    2018-12-19 01:30

    Who doesn't love a romance to develop from an established friendship? I for one am a sucker for them. There is something to be said about already having that strong foundation set and so much happy history to look back on as you navigate your future together. That's exactly what we get with Stern, the 27th book of the Westmorelands series, by Brenda Jackson.Jovonnie Jones is one of the guys. She works in an auto repair shop, goes hunting with the guys and is Stern Westmoreland's best friend. When JoJo tells Stern that she needs his help with a makeover, he has no idea what to think. She's never really let all of that girl stuff be a priority before and he wonders what is up with the big change. Stern is a typical Westmoreland male. He is caring and compassionate. But, when he falls he shows it in a big way.JoJo has a life that she loves. She has good friends and loves her job. But, when she begins to develop feelings for Stern that goes beyond their friendship she decides that fixing herself up is in order. This gets tricky as the couple becomes closer. She fears hurting their friendship if she lets him know her true feelings. JoJo is strong and independent. I liked that she stayed true to herself as she explored a more feminine look.The Westmorelands are a fun family to read. They are such a fun and loving with one another. I like seeing the family and catching up on the lives of the previous couples. Have no fear this book may be one of many in this series, but can totally be read as a standalone. This story has little drama and angst. JoJo and Stern are laid back and they went with the flow for the most part. The story is very predictable and tame in some ways. Which is a great combination if you are just looking for a nice, easy read.This book was provided to me by NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.

  • Love2readtoo
    2018-12-27 22:59

    It’s wonderful when you are so close to a person and you love all the great qualities of their character but being so close you don’t realize that those beautiful qualities are what you seek in a mate - hence the story of JoJo and Stern relationship. Being best friends since childhood these characters discover so much about each other along the way that keep them so close and comfortable with one another that they want the best for each other even if it means being with other people - at least that’s what they tell themselves.It was a light bulb moment when Stern finally realizes that JoJo is his soul mate. While at the same, JoJo is a head of the game with her feelings and desires. She wants Stern and is trying hard not to let him know. It was challenging dilemma for her. When friends becomes lover, there becomes a point of no return to just being friends.Jojo is my kind of girl, she knows what she wants and she goes for it. She is strong, independent and has a heart of gold. She is definitely not the girly girl with her tomboy ways but a beauty no less. Stern will do anything to help his best friend to get what she wants, even if it means getting her prepared for another man, that’s until he discovers that he wants her just as much as she wants him. But the funny thing is that neither of them was willing to disclose their new feelings for each other. Please pick up of a copy of this story to discover how being best friends can result in a wonderful love story.This was one of those feel good story. Each main character was relatable and likeable. I really enjoyed this story it was a good ending to the trilogy Mrs. Jackson created for three handsome cousins not looking for love but some how falls deeply in love.

  • Samantha
    2018-12-30 18:31

    I love a friends to lovers theme. There is something so great about finding all the qualities you want in a mate and having that solid friendship to rely on. Stern Westmoreland has been best friends with Jovonnie Jones since high school. She is one of the guys. She works in an auto repair shop, goes hunting with the guys and is a good person. When JoJo tells Stern that she needs his help with a make-over, he is taken back. JoJo doesn’t care about her looks or dating. He has a goal to not settle down until his mid-thirties. Will he be the only one fighting the urge to settle down?JoJo is pretty content with her life. She has good friends and a job she loves. She doesn’t ask for much but when she realizes that she has feelings for Stern, she decides to fix herself up to find a man. As she and Stern become closer during the process, she doesn’t know if she should reveal her true feelings. How does one say that they are in love with their best friend? I love the Westmorelands. They are such a fun and loving family. I like seeing the family and catching up on the lives of the previous couples. The characters are pretty likable. Stern is a typical Westmoreland male. He is caring and compassionate. When he falls, he shows it. JoJo is strong and independent. I liked that she stayed true to character as she went through her transformation.My only problem was the lack of action. I need a little drama and angst. JoJo and Stern are pretty laid back and they went with the flow a little too easily, making the romance kind of cheesy. The story is very predictable and tame in some ways.

  • Lucie Paris
    2018-12-19 21:31

    In beginning this book, I was not aware that it was a family saga about the Westmoreland. This has not impeded my reading. On the contrary, by meeting Zane, Adrian and Canyon, it has inspired me to get hold of the previous romance regarding this family.I'm a good client for stories that make me feel part of the family.As for Jojo and Stern love story, I was disturbed. Indeed, the two heroes are best friends. As Jovonnie 30th birthday approach, they will finally succumb to the attraction between them. Everyone seems certain that they are made for each other. They are the only ones to blind to face the truth.Their denial is partly due to their fierce desire to keep their friendship intact. If I have enjoyed and even smiled at certain passages, I unfortunately did not adhere to the development of their love story. What would have been plausible at 20, maybe a little childish but possible, was for me unthinkable 30...In fact, if a woman is a still virgin at that age, she will not decide to be deflored by the first stranger after having a makeover. She would have tons of insecurities and would not be as comfortable in her sneakers as Jojo.Moreover, I found the "I will test my ability to kiss on my best friend" very childish. Again, it does not fit with the maturity that the characters are supposed to have.So, despite good writing skills from the author, the lack of realism has really upset my reading.Lucie

  • Judy (Geeky Reading)
    2018-12-29 23:45

    ~2/5I haven’t read any of the book in this series, or anything else by Brenda Jackson. I picked this up because it was cheap, thinking it sounded cute and hopefully steamy.It starts out pretty good, the writing subtle, the characters entertaining. Jojo is in love with Stern, her best friend, and so decides to fall in love with someone else instead. Stern is very oblivious, throughout most of the novel, as his feelings start to develop to more. Jojo is also pretty oblivious, and her inexperience is pushed to the ridiculous.I actually found the characters all right, and I liked Stern and some of the others. I liked their friends-to-lovers route. I did have a problem with their “practicing” kissing thing, though. That didn’t make sense on any level.Given that this is such a huge series, I think it's good that the rest of the Westmoreland family wasn't mentioned too much. Since I haven't read any of the other books, their huge family tree was confusing, even given how little they were mentioned at all.The more I read, though, the more the writing got on my nerves. I don’t know if it changed, or if I did. But it got a little more tell-than-show I think, and more exaggerated, like a teenage girl had written it. And then just some of the language, and the little use of contractions, got on my nerves, as it made it harder to read.By the time I got to the end, I was happy to be finished with it. I thought about picking up another of her books, but now I don’t think I will.[Read more at my blog, Geeky Reading!]

  •  Mummy Cat Claire
    2018-12-18 20:47

    I read this a few weeks back and lost my notes for this review, however I don't think there were many comments to be made about the book. So this review will be short and sweet.If you haven't read a book by Ms.Brenda Jackson, you are missing out. If you love romance novels, this is one author you are going to love. I've read only one other book by Jackson and it's a good one.I before I started this book, I was not aware that it is part of a series of hers. Stern is a Westmoreland and this is the latest installment of that series. However, the book reads as a nice stand alone. The older brothers and a cousin, of Sterns's, make appearances but I was able to follow along and understand each character. If one wanted, each brother and the cousin, have there own books. Stern was a good character, but I enjoyed JoJo more. She had a little more to her character then what normally presents. She is a tomboy, a mechanic and owns her own shop. She is successful and independent and Best friends with Stern. I enjoyed watching her come up with these clever plans to get him to do what she wanted. The book isn't very long, but Jackson adds quite a bit of romance. There is just enough tension to keep you turning the pages. Overall, I really enjoyed this book. It definitely has re-read qualities and I will have to look for more of her novels because Jackson is that great. :)Received from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

  • Musing
    2019-01-17 18:36

    If you're looking for a quick, sweet read, grab Brenda Jackson's latest. Not only will you get caught up with the latest Westmoreland romance, but you will also be captivated by Jackson's delightfully sexy prose. This was a quick, predictable hottie.The friendship covered between determined-to-be-single gorgeous Stern, and his best friend JoJo, will delight. It was credible, fun and at times will have your heart racing. Sheltered, independent and tom-boy JoJo, knew she was in love with Stern, but in trying to placate her heart, and maintain her dearly treasured friendship, she attempted to 'pretty up' to impress a Stern alternative. Little did she know, that her attention to make herself irresistible, had just the effect she wanted, but on the wrong man. The plot was predictable giving the feel of the book, a light, easy read. A little tension was thrown in to tease. Add in Jackson's well renown sizzle, and you have another delicious tale. Warning: the Westmoreland stories are addictive. Written with Jackson's experienced and talented hand, Stern was a great read, and I know I will be back for more..Thank you NetGalley for the opportunity to read this ARC for an honest review.

  • Toni
    2019-01-17 01:54

    If you've read the other two books in this trilogy (and if you haven't, you need to), Zane, and Canyon, you would have seen this relationship coming. Jovonnie Jones (JoJo) is the perfect companion for Stern Westmoreland: she hunts, does martial arts, and owns her own auto repair shop. Best friends since high school, the two often enjoy hunting trips together at Stern's cabin in the mountains. But romance has never been part of the equation. Until one day, out of the blue on one of their mini-vacations JoJo asks Stern his advice on how to make a man interested in her. Uncomfortable with the query and not really sure why, he begrudgingly agrees to help her transform herself to attract a man she's interested in, a new customer of hers. That's what best friends do, right? He is completely unaware that the man she is really targeting is him.Some of the best romance books revolve around friends becoming lovers. Seeing Stern slowly come to terms with his feelings while seeing JoJo pull out all the stops for another man was entertaining. Stern is the last in this trilogy and the 26th Westmoreland book overall with more stories coming I'm sure.

  • Janina
    2018-12-23 23:43

    Ratings: 3.5 starsI enjoyed Stern as a romance and as a character. Stern was very caring when came to his best friend JoJo and always wanted to protect her in anyway possible. I loved the friendship that they had from the start. JoJo was also a pretty great character. I liked that she was strong minded and wasn't an easy push over. Soon the two realized that they had feelings for each other, but didn't want the other to know. I liked the transformation JoJo went through in this book and really liked how she stayed the same and didn't become a different person. Seeing characters from previous books in this Westmoreland series always makes me happy :) I love Thorn and hearing about him briefly was awesome since he is one of my favorite Westmoreland male character. The one thing I have to say was that the romance was a bit cheesy, for lack of a better word. The characters didn't really argue that much and they went along with certain things a little to fast with no hesitation. But overall, I definitely enjoyed this addition in the series.

  • Nancy
    2019-01-11 23:59

    Although "Stern" is the 27th book in Beverly Jackson's Westmoreland series this was my introduction to the clan. Stern and JoJo have been best friends since forever. When JoJo realizes she has feelings deeper than friendship she determines to fall in love with another man - with an unsuspecting Stern as her instructor. The man JoJo has in her sights turns out to be a brutish cad and Stern's lessons become rather steamy. Fearful of ruining their treasured friendship both Stern and JoJo hesitate to admit their romantic feelings.When I want an escapism read it doesn't have to have depth, complicated plot; or even be believable. Just give me characters that are likable. This is pure and simple romance, expect nothing more. escape and enjoy. This ARC was provided by Harlequin and net Publication is scheduled for September 3, 2013 and may be pre-ordered on online stores such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

  • KBeautiful1
    2018-12-22 00:39

    Stern Westmoreland Lord have Mercy!!!!!There is something about these Westmoreland Men that make you very happy your a woman.Stern and Jovanni aka JoJo best friends since middle school they did and shared everything together. Stern the seasoned lover and JoJo the unseasoned one. Could two people who have been friends for as long as they could remember cross a line that once crossed can never go back over? Do they take the risk or play it safe? Will it be worth it?Two friends one knows there in love but the other isn't aware yet? But like the saying goes "Act like a Westmoreland" meaning what a Westmoreland wants a Westmoreland gets.Excellent read and powerfully written. When you read a Brenda Jackson story you will never ever be disappointed. The woman knows about love and how to maintain it. When you have that combination your books will always be unbeatable and in demand.

  • Mariana Bezerra
    2018-12-22 19:57

    I loved JoJo, she’s determined and fight for what she wants, but more importantly, is the fact she fell in love with her best friend and that could change everything but I liked the way she took control and decided to make him jealous.Stern definitely deserved to suffer a little bit, especially after all those women he dated and how much he pushed JoJo to the friends only. She is a beautiful woman, but was raised by her father only and he was a mechanic, so she’s more a town boy and that made it really hard for men to actually notice her.Those other Westmoreland decided to help her and she clean up nice, but I liked the fact Stern decided to look out for her and followed with this crazy plan. These two were so right for each other. This story is common, but I loved JoJo, so I was cheering for her.

  • Ellen
    2018-12-22 18:46

    have enjoyed reading about the Westmoreland men. Their strong commitment to family and friends is a dying virtue. Each book in the trilogy has blended easily to the next one. Stern, who decided he would be a bachelor until age 35, is now seeing his other die-hard bachelor brothers and cousins succumb to the wedding bug. Is it possible that he is ready for a full commitment before turning 35? While he is considering the implications, his very best friend, JoJo, is asking him to help her catch the eye of another man. Will he act on his awakening feelings for his best friend, or step back and let her find someone else to love?My rating: B+3.75 out of 5 stars(predictable storyline)I received a complimentary ecopy of Stern from NetGalley and Harlequin Romance for my honest review.

  • Lisa
    2018-12-31 20:35

    I wont go into details about the plot as that is all over the place here.Gotta love those Westmorlands! Awesome that there are so many of them.I liked the book because it seemed like it could really have happened. The two friends since childhood grow together over the years. Steady friendship and love that all relationships strive to be. They have been in love for so long that they just seem to be together and 'flow'. While it wasnt as steemy as other books it had enough. This wasnt a book to be hot and heavy as these two have been "together" for years.I felt like a fly on the wall watching the family care and love each other. I will be waiting for the next one and go back to see if I have missed any.

  • LaToya
    2019-01-08 00:52

    Thanks to NetGalley for the ARC.Brenda Jackson has done it again! I cannot get enough of those Westmorelands and Stern's story is no exception. Jovonnie "JoJo" Jones and Stern Westmoreland have been best friends since middle school; and, they are more comfortable with each other than anyone else. But tomboy JoJo and ladies man Stern do not view each other as anything more than friends. However, what happens when you find out that the perfect person for you might have been standing beside you the entire time? Sparks might fly.Overall, this was a fun and fast read. I finished it in just a few hours. I would definitely recommend it to romance fans. If you have not read one of Brenda Jackson's books, try this one. I guarantee you'll become a fan.