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Impulsive and irresistible: Can a Corretti tame a sheikh? Rosa Corretti cannot forget the one unguarded night she spent with Kulal, when she buried her disgrace beneath the seductive sighs of passion. Now this hard, demanding sheikh wants to control her! Rosa has been too good for too long and will not jump from one gilded cage to another-no matter how brightly it glittersImpulsive and irresistible: Can a Corretti tame a sheikh? Rosa Corretti cannot forget the one unguarded night she spent with Kulal, when she buried her disgrace beneath the seductive sighs of passion. Now this hard, demanding sheikh wants to control her! Rosa has been too good for too long and will not jump from one gilded cage to another-no matter how brightly it glitters! But Kulal has centuries of the desert in his blood and the more Rosa resists, the hotter it fires in his veins. As their passion burns through the tethers around his heart, will this arrogant sheikh accept this Corretti?...

Title : A Whisper of Disgrace
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ISBN : 9780373131761
Format Type : Mass Market Paperback
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A Whisper of Disgrace Reviews

  • Jenny
    2019-01-05 19:00

    Rosa was the most annoying heroine ever. Not only was she whiny and bitchy, but also exasperatingly stubborn. As far as I'm concerned there's a thin line between being spunky and sassy and being a downright bitch. I loved Kulal though. In fact, I wouldn't have given this two stars if he hadn't been so deliciously hot.

  • Caro
    2018-12-22 18:55

    Este libro empieza con la virginal Rosa Corretti subiendo a una tarima, frotándose en el caño y haciendo pool dance just for the fun frente al protagonista, un jeque árabe de cualquier país rico e ignoto.Después es como que la historia remonta y nos olvidamos de ese mal momento. No entiendo qué problema tiene Sharon con este tipo de tramas, ¿tal vez sigue una línea editorial y cumple con cierto requisito para luego seguir con la historia dentro de los cánones de un HP? No lo sé, pero da qué pensar.Me gustó el final. Ella suele hacer finales así, donde la prota se va y trata de olvidar la historia de amor con el héroe que le fue mal y ahí recobra un poco la dignidad que perdió durante todo el libro.

  • Susan (susayq ~)
    2019-01-07 23:00

    This was a pretty good way to spend the day - another addition to the Corretti family saga and there was a SHEIKH in it!!!!! Oh, how I love my sheikh romances :)Kulal was very arrogant and domineering. He fought falling in love with Rosa. Rosa was great. She had led a very sheltered life and after learning a horrible family secret, decided to leave Sicily and try to be someone other than the person she'd always been. I truly hope that when this series comes to an end we'll have some kind of wrap up as to how everyone is fairing. This one ended several months later in the future with all the Corretti's getting together at Rosa's new desert home. I want to know how they're getting along after all the shake-ups we're reading about in these books. Can they forgive? Are they holding grudges? Have they moved on? I WANT TO KNOW!!!!

  • Saly
    2018-12-31 18:11

    2 starsThe worst book in the series, the hero was an offensive pig and the heroine a doormat. Book read like an extended sex diary. I felt like slapping the heroine, booho she found out the truth about her paternity, she then acted stupid, ran away, did a sexy dance which caught the hero's eye. I didn't understand why she accepted the hero's proposal, she could have called her loving brothers instead she married a man who thought women were good for one thing, tried controlling her, was like a child, who wanted his wife to have sex on tap for him and wait for him at home. She was stupid and deserved him. The hero never redeemed himseld.

  • Ipshita Ranjana
    2018-12-19 21:09

    This was definitely not my kind of novel and i somehow just finished it for the sake of the series.The heroine was too pushy and bitchy and i did not get the hero at all.An ok read according to me with nothing to say much about

  • Desere
    2019-01-12 00:14

    When one says "I hate being controlled" have you ever thought of what kind of control is it that you hate. Is it when the man in your life tells you don't do this or wear that, or how about your boss controlling your every move in the office to make sure you do not reach the top? The point is that there are various kinds of control and various kinds of people who like controlling others, for which ever reason it may be. Now it has happened to almost all of us, it is the control of your family that you cannot handle and you claw your way to the top just to get away from it, but what if you discover that the man of your dreams is the one set on controlling you? I would certainly react by saying "You want to call all the shots! Heck no, now you see me now you don't" ! In the latest read from the talented Sharon Kendrick she delves into the lives of Rosa and if you-think-the-desert-is-hot-I'll-show-up-what-is-really-hot Sheik Kulal. He has had her and he will have her again on a permanent basis by his side ready and willing whenever he deems necessary. Only after being controlled for so long Rosa is not the kind of woman to merely back down and surrender, she can accept certain things even to an extent her weakness when it comes to Kulal but she needs her freedom, however walking away from love is of course never easy.The characters of Kulal and Rosa were fantastic, I liked the battle for independence that Rosa so fiercely fights for, she is a real go getter and has a spunky fighting spirit making her a heroine of greatness. I was however shocked by the character of Kulal and totally appalled at first as when they marry and Kulal retreats into this deep, dark world of uncertainty, I was thinking "Man this guy is so dark it's scary". It of course made for very interesting reading as I loved being able to pick up on the author slowly letting the reasoning behind his actions unfold and show that there is so much more to him than at first glance.The backdrop setting was exhilarating I totally loved every single minute of every totally romantic setting from Paris to France, and the dialogue was so emotional that yes you guessed it I was ready to start crying! The author brought home the message of when a person sometimes appear ruthless, cold and unfeeling it is never the full story and when you dig deeper you will find a secret that once revealed will explain all with vivid clarity.I highly recommend this read for anyone looking for a good one night of passion -come scandal avoidance-turned to marriage of convenience story with loads of drama.5/5 star review" Whispers of passionate nights gives way to a new love found"

  • Danielle
    2019-01-01 19:15

    3.5 starsI did like this book especially the beginning. The beginning really hooked me in because it was a little different setup than I have ever read before, but once the first time scene hit then it just really petered for me and a little less interesting. It just kind of downhill. My feelings for this book was the first half vs the second half, which I have totally differing opinions. The second half was kind of disappointing and I was just let down by the ending. The beginning was so, so good, and I immediately was intrigued. Rosa, who was deeply reeling over a huge revelation of her parentage, decided to drink away the pain. It wasn't a wise choice and even a dangerous situation but after being a good girl all her life, she decided to let go and have. She even entered a pole dancing contest where all the males in club where drooling over her and wanted a piece of her. Kulal was one of those men, however he rescued her from the dangerous situation. And she was more than willing to let him because she was deeply attracted to him. The heat between them was unbelievable. It was fun and flirty and just plain entertaining to watch play out on the page. They just really bounced off of each other really well and I was sold on them as a couple because there was so much passion between them. Things don't go exactly go to plan. They didn't sleep together despite the fact that he took her home for the evening. He didn't take advantage of the situation where she was really drunk. So, once the morning came, everything change and lust dimmed a little bit, and the misunderstandings ensued. I loved all the misunderstandings between them because that added all this lovely friction to the story. They were still bouncing off of one another, but there was this added level of tension, which just really engrossing. The angst was off the charts good. I loved them butting heads. It made it fun. Lots of feelings and feels going on. Plus the sexual tension was high too, which was good. Then the second half came. They had just gotten married to save both their reputations and they were ready to exercise their lust for one another. She told him she had never been with a man, which he didn't believe. So, the first time came and after all list going on I was expecting a lot, but I found it to be a very disappointing scene. It felt so rushed, and it was just a bunch of movements and not too much to it. It didn't feel like this monumental moment that it should have been. It was almost too easy despite it being first time. There should have been some acknowledgement, but it didn't come until afterwards in the aftermath. And the aftermath wasn't satisfying either instead it felt flat and just a lot of telling going on instead showing. Though on the one hand, it did reveal more of the backstory of Kulal and the fact that he told her was significant, but he shut her down and showed no tenderness between them. I wished they felt asleep in each other's arms and show that bond. Then their relationship kind of continued on that path. It was just felt, and didn't really show falling in love. There was not a lot of tenderness or sweet moments going on. There was a lack of romance. And plus his treatment of her wasn't appetizing at all. He was a complete jerk, and really treated her like a possession of his, who he could use at his will, instead as a partner. He didn't apologize for it and kept on using her for his physical needed. He didn't even act like he cared about her all. There was no softening in him until the end. And that was even more unbelievable. I didn't believe he was in love with her. Nothing showed me did. He made no gestures that made believe otherwise. Usually there are little moments where it shows that the hero has heart and softens towards the heroine, not here. He just didn't treat her right. What was worse he didn't redeem himself like at all. He barely even groveled before she forgave him. And he needed to grovel, badly. He didn't make up for anything. He was just a possessive jerk that I didn't believe was in love with Rosa. The love scenes were all really flat and really rushed. There was not lot going on emotionally there. It didn't feel like they were bonding or having meaningful experience together. It was just about lust and moving body parts. It wasn't about their connection or love for one another. All the scenes just happen really fast and was just a blip here and there and not a full proper scenes. It was surprising that there weren't more than they were especially based on their attraction in the beginning. I just thought they would be more. What I did like though was that Rosa wasn't taken any his crap by the end and stood up to him. He needed to be put into place, and she did. I liked seeing her strength come through after being a doormat for so long. It was growth for. I wish that more of her feelings were explored with her family and just all that pent up hurt that she had. I would have like too see scene with her brothers and them assuring that nothing would change in their love for her because at one poi she believed she was no longer important to them. Just exploring more of those intense emotions would have done wonders for this book. Because it really felt unfinished story to me. Just there needed to have that extra oomph to the second half of the story because it was a little bit boring to be honest. I think more of emotional issues were explored or there were scenes showing them closer than it would have been so better. Instead it was an unhealthy relationship that wasn't fixed at all. And that was really unsatisfying. There so much potential that could have been explored and just wasn't. It needed more from every angle. I just couldn't root for them as a couple and I didn't like him. I did enjoy the beginning of the story, and I had so much hopes for the rest of story, but it felt really flat and didn't feel like a love story. It so much good potential and the pieces were there in the beginning, but it didn't carry through to the rest of the book. After that first time scene, that was it. The book just needed to do deeper. I needed to be invested in the entire story not just the first half. I needed more than I got in the end, which really flat and really rushed. There needed to be more exploration between couple. I needed to believe that they were love, but I just didn't. I was pumped in the beginning then really let down. And that was a shame. I really wanted to like this book, and I thought I would in the beginning, but instead I was left disappointed.

  • Patty Pat
    2019-01-05 01:57

    Kulal is the best sheikh I had ever read.Rosa Corretti after finding the truth about her real father she ran away from Sicily from her over protecting brothers and family , in a way to escape being controlled by anyone anymore in her life.Kulal and Rosa were such a good characters by the author.I loved the way Kulal and Rosa got to know each other and I actually loved the way Kulal was trying to control Rosa's as I can clearly see that whatever he was doing was because he is in love with Rosa . Loved the climax the way Kulal convinces Rosa to come back to him.

  • Makii
    2018-12-21 00:05

    "–Te quiero como nunca pensé que podría amar a nadie y esa es la única verdad" Ayyyyy Kulal!! No se que me provocaba mas ganas, si golpearte o besarte♥Lo que mas me molesto del libro fue que tenia el argumento perfecto para que la familia interactuara, y ni siquiera hubo un dialogo!Estoy empezando a sentirme molesta!

  • Ada
    2018-12-26 18:22

    Adore la historia aunque falto la intervención de la nona Corretti, de los hermanos, quizás la escena con la madre... bueno , digo yo.... espero ansiosa el Sexto-

  • Sheryl
    2018-12-26 17:54

    Rosa came across as a TOTAL PUSHOVER and Kulal as a TOTAL A$$ *GRRRRRR*

  • Gab Ri Elle
    2019-01-08 20:08

    Neįtraukė ir nepatiko . Niekuo iš kitų neišsiskirianti istorija , nuobodoki tiek veikėjai tiek jų poelgiai / pokalbiai . Ypač nemėgstu kai į vieną veikėją bandoma suplakti ir naivią mergelę ir drąsią viliotoją , labai netikroviška . Ši autorė tikrai yra parašiusi geresnių knygų .

  • Alexandra
    2019-01-16 00:12

    Kasian Rosanya ya. Endingnya kurang menarik ya. Masalah seberat itu sepertinya gampang sekali untuk diselesaikan. Cerita tentang pendapat keluarga Corretti-nya juga sama sekali gak ada. Cuma Rosa satu-satunya yang terlihat.

  • Ashley F
    2019-01-07 00:08

    This review was posted at Tsuki’s Book Blog on September 13, 2013.I rarely follow a series in a Harlequin line for long but I picked up this one on NetGalley a few months back with the first two books. Sadly I missed the third book in the series due to my local store not carrying it and I forgot. I may pick it up on Kindle at some point but as of now, I've read four of the five released.Rosa Corretti just found out her mother had an affair with her uncle and her father is not her father. On her night out on the town she encounters Sheikh Kulal. Kulal takes her to his apartment when she falls into a drunken stupor but when their night together nearly ruins their reputations, Kulal offers a temporary marriage. Together they decide to wed for a year during the time Rosa can flex her independence. Only when her independence begins to interfere with Kulal, do their issues begin.The other three Corretti books I've read have blended together in my mind but this one I think will linger. I loved Rosa as a character and Kulal was equally fascinating. Rosa, not the typical skinny girl, wants her independence. She was refreshing for a heroine because she sought out learning about sex when she had the opportunity from her husband. She wanted a career so she went out and got one. She loved her husband. It was only when Kulal tried to take her independence, she fought back.At the same time Kulal wanted happiness. He never said the words but that was his end goal. He married a woman he didn't really have to for appearances. He made love to her because he wanted to. He spent time with her because he wanted to. He wanted the happy ending with a woman who loved him. Unfortunately he was selfish with her and wanted her all to himself.What was really refreshing about the book was the lack of 'bad communication' romance. This romance had honesty from pretty early on when Kulal and Rosa discussed their pasts and their secrets. That is so incredibly rare in Harlequin or other romances. Usually the biggest issue is communication but in this case it was selfishness. Kulal wanted his pretty wife at home waiting for him and not having a life. When they discussed it and he realized how much he loved her, things began moving forward again.4 starsPublished by Harlequin-PresentsAugust 20, 2013192 PagesProvided by--Me

  • Rgreader
    2019-01-15 23:13

    A Whisper of Disgrace began with me not liking the heroine who decided to do a pole dance at a club.I did like this book began with the heroine's opinion which I loved.Ok on with what I liked.The hero. He was over the top fabulously wealthy Arab sheikh. He had no shame boasting of his sexual prowess. He was a bit of a chauvinist.The heroine- at first I thought she would be another annoying defiant heroine but no she was dealing with a heartbreaking revelation about her parentage. I warmed to this heroine as the book unfolded. I liked that the heroine was a virgin. The story- it had good angst.What I didn't like-The resolution between the heroine and her family wasn't described! After all the angst the heroine's mom caused and one doesn't see it was annoying!Again another non-traditional romance was treated like a traditional romance towards the books end. The heroine married the hero knowing he didn't love her yet she behaves as tho he did after they consummate the marriage so instead of them both apologizing it's the hero who has to work to win the heroine back. In marriage of convenience romances heroines should acknowledge the part they played in misunderstandings and realize the romance didn't have a traditional start.Also, I notice neither hero or heroine had an I love you reality check sooner in the story. It's not until the last chapter this happens! Really? With both characters point of view written at least show that realization earlier.Ultimately I liked A Whisper of Disgrace. A quick read which held my attention.

  • TashNz
    2019-01-03 20:14

    I have read this in 2013 but have decieded to reread in 2016. I note I didnt leave a review so I'll share my thoughts of today :)Book 5 is about Rosa. Little HALF sister to Alessandro and Santo. One of the shocks that was revealed the same time Alessandro was left at the alter. We meet Rosa after she's run off to try see the world and to get over the fact that her own world is not as she tought it was to be. Her mother revealed it to her in the most awful way. Getting drunk for the first time and having a go at pole dancing could land a young girl in the worst kind of trouble but for Rosa it was the start of the most incredible life changing experience.Meeting Sheikh Kulal, second prince of his principality, Rosa is suddenly transported into a life far far removed from her own but it's not before lone she's in exactly the same cage, it's just more gilded. A good book, I would like it more as a standalone rather than part of the Corretti family dynasty because the brothers didn’t feature, I felt they should have at least come to look for Rosa? Kulal is a good sheikh and meets his match in Rosa. A tension read, lots of tension, lots of sparks, and good story.

  • Eka Situmorang-Sir
    2018-12-18 22:57

    I love the hero and the heroine! One is such an arrogant and domineering man with hidden secret, stubbornly pig, easy to get mad, doesn't want to give up on something and so confident. And the other is a woman who question everything especially herself. Sharon Kendrick plaited the words so lovely. So lively! I love the topics which became the dispute between them. Really portraying current life.Anw, it was all started when Rosa Coretti ran away from her perfect life. An obedient woman who always told to behave and mind her manner, who always force to put her wants behind men. Um, sound like some of Indonesian culture though. One day, all what she has believed torn apart of what her mother said. And she decided to do dirty dancing as a catharsis of what she has gone through.She met Kulal who liked put he as another sex object but as the consequences of playing around with one of the Coretti then he managed to get to marry her. Ha! All the dramas are here.I love the sex scene. Sometimes wild sometimes gentle. Mostly wild though :PA bit dissapointed to the ending though, I expect more drama, more resistency though. Anw prepare your self that all the excitement started after half of the book. But still, I love it!

  • Fanny Roswita Ria
    2019-01-13 19:18

    My 1st book of March...3,5 bintang buat seri Sicily's Corretti yang iniMendapati skandal yang dilakukan ibunya membuat Rosa mengambil tindakan 180 derajat, yaitu meninggalkan Sisilia; menanggalkan sifat tertutupnya; bertekad melakukan hal-hal yang selama ini tidak pernah dia lakukan karena ke-protektif-an sang keluarga thdp dirinya. Rosa, sang heroine, berakhir di sebuah klub yang mempertemukan dirinya dengan Kulal, sang hero, seorang sheikh dari negeri penghasil minyak yang rimbanya tidak pernah di dengar sekalipun oleh Sang heroine. Takdir telah mengikat mereka disaat sang hero berusaha untuk menyelamatkan sang heroine setelah aksi tari tiang yang sensasional. Sang hero tidak tahu sapa sebenarnya sang heroine, dan begitu juga dengan sang heroine.Untuk menghindari politik antar penguasa, sang raja (kakak dari sang hero) meminta sang hero untuk bertanggung jawab agar hal ini tidak meluas. oleh karena itu, Kulal kembali bertemu dengan Rosa dan menawarkan pernikahan politik selama 1 tahun. yang tidak disangka adalah Rosa tidak selamanya tunduk atas perintah Kulal dan sang hero tidak pernah sekalipun dibantah oleh orang-orang terdekatnya.#happyreading

  • Donna
    2019-01-07 19:05

    Overall I've been enjoying this series and, for the most part, I liked this book. I just didn't enjoy it as much as previous ones in the series. I think it's because I never found myself fully engaged with the main characters. Rosa and Kulal were fairly complex characters and I was interested in how they would resolve their issues, but I never really warmed to them. I've never been a big fan of heroes who are sheikhs, they're too arrogant and domineering for my taste, so Kulal started off at a disadvantage. Rosa came across as too confident and worldly to be as insecure as she supposedly felt. Plus the relationship between them felt forced. However, I liked the writing style and the plot, and the story held my interest, so I'll definitely try other books by this author.

  • Carrie
    2018-12-24 02:04

    I wanted to like this book more than I did. I know the heroes of Presents come off as controlling Alpha jerks in the beginning but most of the time they are brought to the their knees by love. I didn't see any of that transformation with Kulal. There was no groveling or grand Darcy-like gesture. It was stated at the beginning that what Kulal wanted, Kulal got and I felt it held true to the end. I think this would have been a keeper for me if I had believed in Kulal's transformation or if he had acknowledged he'd acted like a jerk. Instead we got I decided to let you do it. Excuse me?

  • Linsey
    2019-01-13 21:07

    The constant head hopping annoyed me. I had to keep flipping back a page to see who's POV I was in. Nora Roberts gets away with head hopping (and shouldn't). It's lazy writing. I'm baffled how a Harlequin editor ever allowed this to pass through the first round of edits. It should have been caught and corrected. The head hopping was so bad, I couldn't get past the first chapter.

  • Jesica
    2019-01-04 18:59

    BLOG: www.adictaxictoxico.blogspot.comme gusto kulal y rosa, sin embargo creo que le falto mucho al libro, me dejaron con muchas dudas.por ejemplo hubiera querido leer como les va a ellos viviendo en Zahrastan. y como le fue a Rosa en la reunion que tuvo con su mamá. y extrañe a los demas corretti... :( Bueno seguire con el siguiente libro... :P

  • Megzy
    2018-12-25 19:17

    2.5 starsI felt the book had 2-3 missing chapters.(view spoiler)[ It went from happily being in a marriage of convenient to a big argument to the Bride running away, to the husband saying I love you and I can't live without you within 10 pages, 2 of which were describing the landscape of Sicily, the beach house, the empty apartment. (hide spoiler)]

  • Yulia Anggraini
    2019-01-07 22:18

    aah suka suka sukaaa am kehidupan pernikahan merekaa...keliatan banget klo kulal menikmati kehidupan pernikahanx...n saat rosa ingin ikt tes camera itu,kulal g mw tp sok gpp klo rosa ikuut...n wktu rosa mulai sibuk am kerjaanx kulal jd snewen... ;p

  • Sindy
    2018-12-21 23:12

    Esta serie de libros que está ecantando, claro, unos mas que otros. Este no me llegó a encantar de un todo...pero al final me quedó gustando. Son libros que se leen en una sentada y que en estos momentos son los que necesito para cumplir el reto de leer los 12 libros en semana y media.... c':

  • Esra
    2019-01-08 18:53

    Fenalıklar bastı okurken cümleleri çözümlemeye çalışmaktan...

  • Tanya Mayes
    2018-12-24 23:12

    Review to come

  • Jennifer Mcpherson
    2019-01-03 01:06

    Worst book in the series. No interest it was so blinking painful.

  • Theresa
    2019-01-08 00:12

    Rosa and Kulal's story.

  • Jesica
    2019-01-10 20:17

    BLOG: www.adictaxictoxico.blogspot.comQue puedo decir me encantan los jeques y hace rato no leía un libro de ellos... ;)