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Kendall Morgan puts her sixth sense back to work in the second book of the Relic Seekers series, divining the history and location of ancient relics. Her boss, the gorgeous billionaire Nathan Larraby, sends her to Italy to safeguard a priceless treasure belonging to the Protettori, an ancient order of monks who guard four powerful relics that Nathan believes may be the curKendall Morgan puts her sixth sense back to work in the second book of the Relic Seekers series, divining the history and location of ancient relics. Her boss, the gorgeous billionaire Nathan Larraby, sends her to Italy to safeguard a priceless treasure belonging to the Protettori, an ancient order of monks who guard four powerful relics that Nathan believes may be the cure for his dark curse. He also sends brooding mercenary Jake Stone to watch Kendall’s back—although her back isn’t all Jake has his eye on.Nathan joins them, and all three tumble into a labyrinth of defenses created by the monks to protect their treasures, including the Fountain of Youth. They find themselves in England on the trail of the legendary King Arthur, who along with the Reaper, seems mysteriously connected to the Protettori. Sparks fly and bonds are tested as Kendall and Nathan’s pasts are revealed and Jake’s becomes more of a mystery. The trio must stay one step ahead of the Reaper if they want to survive.Fountain of Secrets twists and turns through the shadows of myth and reality as Kendall races to uncover the Protettori’s secrets and fight her growing attraction to her boss and her bodyguard....

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Fountain Of Secrets Reviews

  • Mel
    2018-12-21 02:26

    I am addicted to this series!!!! I cannot wait for book three. Anita can you write any faster? Pretty Please!!!! I really wanna know if either Jake or Nathan are Kendall's long lost best friend. Also, could all of them really be reincarnated?

  • Rebecca
    2019-01-08 21:08

    This book was a great addition to a series which I am beginning to love by a new favourite author; it’s always great when you find a series like this, completely different from anything you’ve read before with characters which draw you back to it time and time again and a storyline which is unlike anything you’ve read before. In short this is a series I’m quickly falling in love with and I’m only glad I’ve had the time to read them in quick succession. The main character much like the last book is Kendall, in this book she is recovering from the last trip yet still not completely happy with the half-hearted explanations she received from her boss. With Jake in toe the two head off in search of more answers especially with Nathan suffering problems of his own. Kendall in this book is much more accepting of the chemistry between her and Jake and recognises that Nathan has too many problems of his own to deal with. She also finds out a lot more about her own personal history including stuff that happened with her parents. In this book Kendall really comes into her own dominating the male characters and turns into a truly loveable character herself.The most noteworthy secondary characters to me remain to be Jake and Nathan. Jake in this book is a lot more possessive over Kendall almost staking his claim to her, but the two do feel more for each other than they would readily admit. Nathan is suffering with unexplainable issues of his own; he seems more standoffish in this book and doesn’t really put up any fight for his relationship with Kendall.The storyline was again wonderfully original and gripping and the paving superb dragging readers in. I also enjoyed that there was much more of a romantic storyline throughout this book as well as the whole ‘Indianna Jones’ angle the author seems to pull off very well.4.5 stars a very enjoyable read and I can’t wait to read more.

  • Lynn Hill
    2019-01-06 21:30

    Excitement and adventure around every corner and I mean every corner!! I absolutely love this book and the characters. They seem to come to life and jump off the pages. Great writing Anita! Thanks. Now on to the Lost Chalice to find out how it all ends!!!!

  • Lynn Worton
    2018-12-17 21:26

    This is the second book in The Relic Seekers series. I loved it!Kendall Morgan is a wonderful character. However, I sometimes wanted to shake some sense into her. She works for a billionaire as a relic finder. She has a special gift that allows her to track down, as well as know things about, the artifacts she procures for her boss. When her boss, Nathan Larraby, hires her to locate four powerful relics, little does she realise the danger she will face. Not just from Nathan's reclusive nemesis known only by the name of Reaper (as in Grim), who is also after the artifacts, but from her attraction to her co-worker, Jake Stone.This is an urban fantasy romance with a twist. I started reading the story and was instantly hooked. The story is told through the view points of Kendall and Jake for the most part, but as it progressed, other characters, namely Nathan, also has his say.I found myself on a roller coaster of emotion as the story unfolded. I enjoyed getting to know the characters better and we are introduced to quite a few new ones. This story sees the trio thrown into danger as they uncover more secrets from the secretive Protettori, and unravel the secrets hidden in their own pasts. It continues from the end of book one. Jake and Kendall grow closer together and consummate their attraction, and Nathan finds out that the changes he is experiencing is linked to an event in his past. They also uncover a mysterious connection between the Protettori, King Arthur, and the fountain of youth. This sees them travelling from Italy to England in an attempt to find the lost fountain of youth, fabled to give anyone who drinks from it not an immortal life but a longer one. The mystery and suspense kept me reading until I'd finished the book. However, I was a little disappointed that the relationship between the three didn't develop as much as I thought it could have. There is definite chemistry between the three; Jake and Nathan not so much, but they both have feelings for Kendall. I could see the potential for a threesome, but the author seems to have shied away from this aspect. Perhaps they will get together in the third book? I guess I'll just have to read it and see. The book ends in a cliffhanger and I am now looking forward to reading The Lost Chalice as soon as possible.Anita Clenney has written an intriguing paranormal romance full of action and adventure. I love her fast paced writing style and the flow is wonderful. I would definitely consider reading more books by this author in the future, and there is a high probability that I would add her to my favourite authors list too.Due to the above mentioned scenes of a sexual nature (which are not explicit), as well as some violence, I do not recommend this book to young readers. However, I highly recommend this book if you love paranormal/supernatural romances/romantic suspense/urban fantasy/action/adventure or myths and/or legends genres. - Lynn Worton

  • Sue
    2019-01-12 22:34

    Set in modern times...relic hunters. If u like knights of the round table, secret societies, riddles and a luv triangle this could be your book. this one was better than the first though I'd read both. The first gives u the needed background. Audio was quite good. overall 4.5 stars.

  • Mari
    2018-12-30 00:37


  • Jennifer Watkin
    2019-01-10 18:08

    I really enjoyed this story. Kendall, Jake, and Nathan embark on another fast paced adventure. I couldn't put it down. Another winner by Anita Clenney. Can't wait for #3!!!!!!

  • Alexis Blayne
    2019-01-14 02:33

    This book / series had so much potential. The plot was quite good and the characters too. Unfortunately there was no sort of worldbuilding (why does Kendall have powers? Why does no one else? What genre even is this?). I finished the first book but the second one lost me at the set up way of how the three of them spend sleeping a night (next to) each other. Unfortunately it went downhill from there romance wise and the plot couldn't pull it back out.

  • Vikki Vaught
    2018-12-26 02:36

    My MusingsWow! These books are an adult Harry Potter adventure series. I am thoroughly enjoying them. I can't wait to read the next one in this series. Happy ☺reading 📚!

  • Judy
    2019-01-13 00:23

    Great book!!!

  • Gillian
    2018-12-27 20:20

    This book just like the first in the relic seeker series is good and a fun read. There are parts that I find disjointed and other parts where there is a ton of action, but no real resolution. I am interested to see where these books go, but I just wish each book at a bit more of a real ending then just a to be continued

  • Ln Winchester
    2019-01-07 00:28

    Little action or character development plus cliffhangerI've been trying to pinpoint exactly what bothers me about this second installment of the Relic Seekers. The first one had its flaws but nothing really outstanding or bothersome, which is why I decided to move onto the this one.Of course with these kinds of novels, suspension of disbelief is a necessity. However in Fountain of Secrets, that suspension was stretched so far it snapped. **SPOILER remarks ahead**If you ever saw the film National Treasure with Nicolas Cage, you may remember the curious lack of tension in it. That's because you're expected to believe one person can miraculously stumble upon secrets no one else could ever have figured out. The treasure map is on the back of the Constitution, of course it is! Let's go get it, okay that's done what's next? Secret code? Give me ten minutes and I'll have it figured out.That's exactly what Fountain of Secrets does. Our heroes magically stumble onto secrets thousands of years old on the first try. "Look for the stone with a circle on it." "Oh here it is, a hidden chamber/stairway/crypt/whatever." Seriously, people have been searching for the Holy Grail and the Fountain of Youth for centuries, and two Americans just magically accidentally find both -- all within the space of a week and with only a vague idea where it might be, using only information contained in brochures or gleaned from a gift shop employee. "Farfetched" was left in the dust a while back.The next disappointing thing is the relationship(?) between the two main characters. Remember, the h herself muses, "I've only known him a week." The H continues to be a tedious bore, always trying to get the h into bed, although less so than the previous book. Despite the many, many confusing, dangerous and presumably exhausting adventures they've had over the past few days, including kidnappings, attempted murder, and supernatural events galore, they've somehow managed to fall in LUV. So now he's insanely jealous and possessive. Because that's always fun.Here's where it gets really icky. The main character's personal histories were interesting enough, although the reader can certainly figure out what's going on well before those involved do. (To be fair, they're figuring out millenia-old mysterious of the tops of their heads at the same time.) But then the story takes a fatal turn.Seriously, don't read any more if you don't want *** SPOILERS***:Surprise! The hero and heroine are the reincarnation of Guinevere and Lancelot, while their friend/employer is the reincarnation of King Arthur. This was where my suspension of disbelief snapped like a rubber band and I actually said, "Really. Because of course they are!" Yes, beyond magical, lucky, and in love after one week, our heroes are also the literal embodiments of mythical lore. Sigh. Now you've gone too far.Of course, like every other magical discovery, this preposterous theory is accepted with barely any resistance, just comments like, "I was always interested in King Arthur and his knights as a kid." Well yeah, that's proof enough for me, now let's go find the Holy Grail after lunch!The author didn't have to make all the action in two books take place over a week. There could have been months of planning and research, some false starts, some wrong turns, some recovery from injuries. Then the discovery of magical relics, as well as the love between characters, might have been easier to swallow. There's no tension or drama when the characters discover everything on the very first try without any previous knowledge of these places except what they pick up in casual conversations. It felt a little insulting to me as a reader, to think I was dumb enough to believe that could actually happen.Here's the actual point I was completely done with this story. Jealous Lancelot-incarnation Jake says to Guinevere/Kendall, "He might be King Arthur but he can't make you come (like I can)." Seriously?! EWW! First of all, what a stupid statement. Second of all, what a stupid statement. Third of all, gross. Not sexy. They're not even in bed at the time. She doesn't even punch him in the throat for talking to her that way, especially in public.Add in an almost literal cliffhanger and boom! it's done and I was done, as well. The author thanks all the people who helped her develop and edit this story, and apparently none of them saw anything wrong with it, so maybe it's just me. Regardless, I won't be reading the third book in this series, where they presumably find Atlantis, fgure out who really killed JFK and what happened to the Lindbergh baby while preventing an evil bad guy from destroying the world.Even though I could for free.Two stars because I finished it. I had to remove half a star for the incredibly annoying and totally unbelievable side character of the redheaded kid, Art.

  • Kristen
    2019-01-14 22:32

    GENRE: RomanceTHEME: Paranormal, MysteryRECEIVED: AuthorBLOG: Continuing right where the first in The Relic Seekers series left off, Clenney once again hooks me into a world full of secrets, mysteries, romance and humor. I loved the first book, but the second one kicked it up a notch with the romance and mysterious connections to the tale of King Arthur.Fountain of Secrets follows the trio Kendall, Jake and their boss Nathan, who are on the hunt to find the fountain of youth. They end up in England after discovering a secret pathway from their last hunt. This time they are hoping the fountain will not only be discovered but will help Nathan with a demon he can’t control. But they aren’t the only ones looking, the Reaper isn’t far behind and Kendall’s visions seem to be getting more frequent as the get closer. But getting closer means getting closer to danger.Kendall is still her tough as nails self, this time around she decides not to hold back when it comes to finding out the truth and opening up her heart. Kendall’s gift takes her into the past, where she discovers not only what really happened to her parents but also how they are connected to the relics and possibly the Reaper. Her visions don’t stop there, it seems the tale of King Arthur and Gwenivere is connected to not only her but to Jake and Nathan as well, but those are just more questions added to the list that’s already growing. I really liked exploring more with Kendall, her character has lots of ups and downs, she’s always questioning things and I felt her open up a bit more not only to Jake but even Nathan. Also we finally get more answers to the mysterious friend Adam that Kendall lost when she was young.The boys, Nathan and Jake get a little more depth to them this time around, especially when Kendall is in danger. Jake since the beginning has had a soft spot for Kendall, but his humor and sometimes bluntness makes her shy away from the connection they share. But they do get a lot of exploring, in many ways if you know what I mean. These two finally open up and actually discover a connection that I can’t wait to learn more about in the next book. Then there is Nathan, I don’t know what it is about him but he’s my favorite. I adore this guy, always protecting Kendall, trying to find a cure to the other persona he carries, while also continuing his quest to find relics. The readers will be super excited to get some answers to his super strength side, also some connection to Kendall that I kind of figured out from the first book, but was so excited to be right. He’s definitely like the big teddy bear of the group, always protecting, always seeking answers, and always wishing he had the girl. I’m going to root for him until the end!Overall I felt this book was a set up, the Indiana Jones plot is seriously fantastic, I never know what secrets, twists and dangers the three are going to walk into next. The humor and romance are not overpowering to what is key, and that’s finding the relics and seeking answers to so many unanswered questions. I love the addition of King Arthur’s story and have not idea what to expect with it, but can’t wait to continue this action packed adventure story.RECOMMENDATION:Fans of Devon Monk’s Allie Beckstrom series and Keri Arthur’s Dark Angel series will love The Relic Seekers series by Anita Clenney.

  • Jennifer(BTH Reviews)
    2018-12-26 20:33

    Review Courtesy of: Books That HookI received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.Kendall Morgan puts her sixth sense back to work in the second audiobook of the Relic Seekers series, divining the history and location of ancient relics. Her boss, gorgeous billionaire Nathan Larraby, sends her to Italy to safeguard a priceless treasure belonging to the Protettori, an ancient order of monks who guard four powerful relics. Nathan believes these may be the cure for his dark curse. He also sends brooding mercenary Jake Stone to watch Kendall's back — although her back isn't all Jake has his eye on.Nathan joins them, and all three tumble into a labyrinth of defenses created by the monks to protect their treasures, including the Fountain of Youth. They find themselves in England on the trail of the legendary King Arthur, who along with the Reaper, seems connected to the Protettori. Sparks fly and bonds are tested as Kendall and Nathan's pasts are revealed and Jake's becomes even more mysterious. The trio must stay one step ahead of the Reaper if they want to survive.Also in this series: Guardians of Stone, The Lost Chalice Also by this author: Guardians of Stone, The Lost Chalice Fountain of Secrets is the second book in the Relic Seekers series by Anita Clenney. It picks up very close to where the first book left off, yet readers can jump in even if they haven’t read the first book in the series. The author gives the reader lots of details about what happened in Guardians of Stone, but does so without slowing down the pace of the story.I liked that I learned more about Jake and Nathan in this book. Some readers might not like the love triangle, though. Personally, I wasn’t bothered by it. I could understand Kendall’s attraction to both men. I appreciated that she waited until the middle of the second book before sleeping with either of them. (and when it happens, it’s hot without being crude or vulgar, which I thought was great)I also enjoyed how there was a clear story goal that stayed on track throughout the book. There were surprises, but they didn’t throw the characters off course from the main goal of the story.The only negative I could find was that the passage of time seemed ‘off’ to me. Jake says he has only known Kendall for a few days; Kendall says she has only known Jake for a week. It’s not only that, but if I try to add up the days that passed in book one and up to this point in book two, it’s more than a few days. To me, few means three or four. Kendall might be closer to the truth. I haven’t actually gone through each book to add up each day. However, I got the feeling at least two weeks (maybe more) had passed from the time she met Jake in book one to the time she said this in book two.That’s not a big deal, though. I really enjoyed reading Fountain of Secrets. It’s got a lot of history, folklore, and action mixed in with the romance. All the characters are likable, and it kept me interested all the way through. I will definitely read the next book, The Lost Chalice, which I have from Netgalley. I plan to have a review posted for that one by February 21st.

  • Lauren K
    2019-01-13 23:20

    Fountain of Secrets is the second book in the Relic Seekers series by Anita Clenney. While I don’t love this series as much as her Highland Warrior books, I do enjoy Clenney’s writing style and the way she incorporates humour, sexual chemistry and a touch of chaos to each story she creates. Kendall Morgan and Jake Stone have only been back from Italy for days when they are summoned by their employer and billionaire Nathan Larraby to return to Italy to safeguard the relics they’ve collected from the Protettori. Kendall has a sixth sense for relics and with Jake as her bodyguard they take their work seriously and are determined to complete the tasks designated to them.There’s so much happening in this story that at times I was a little confused from dreams of King Arthur to the mysterious Protettori to the menacing Reaper it was sometimes hard to keep up! Not only the plot was full of action and surprises but so were the characters within the story and the relationships they develop with each other. Kendall has discovered something about her father that freaks her out, she suspects that either Jake or Nathan could be her long-lost childhood best friend Adam, only they don’t know it yet. She’s battling an emotional bond with her boss Nathan in contrast to her strong attraction to Jake and poor Kendall has no idea what to do! I enjoyed learning more about Nathan and Jake’s history and while I do have a soft spot for Nathan, I was happy to see Kendall and Jake’s relationship deepen. Jake is a likeable character even though he is a macho, sometimes chauvinistic and overprotective lout, he’s a reliable and strong support for Kendall. He’s the typical Clenney hero and I can’t help but find him endearing (even though I’d probably never go for a guy like that in real life!).I’m looking forward to reading the next book in the series and finding out how Clenney intends to wrap up the plot and character storylines. For those who enjoy romance, action, a splash of history, some exotic locations and steamy sexual chemistry, then the Relic Seekers series may just be for you!

  • Melindeeloo
    2019-01-06 02:31

    With the Spear safely tucked away, Kendall's hunt for the next of the four holy relics has her uncovering secrets of the past - those of the secret society which protects the relics and those of Kendall's own past as well - as she searches for the Fountain of Youth.Fountain of Secrets is better than the first book in a lot of ways - first of which is that Kendall doesn't get kidnapped even once this time around (though she's still falling into holes.) One thing that I especially liked about the book is that there is a strong tie-in to Arthurian legend here (and probably next book too since the next relic is the Holy Grail.)Another thing that is better about the book is that leads and their back stories are explored a bit more. There was also a big improvement in Jake as a character - last time he used his lecherous comments to keep Kendall at a distance, this time he's still on the make, but he ends up being much more likable and the pair actually feel more like a team. Things that worked less well for me were: the info dump diary entry to recap the last book (in italics - large expanses of italics irk me), I still have issues with the dialog (which makes it harder to engage with the characters), and there still wasn't enough interaction with Nathan - it's hard to be team Nathan if he's constantly sending Jake and Kendall off together, but I really 'want' to be team Nathan. (For awhile it seemed like the love triangle was going to resolve - but I suspect that it hasn't.) So, trying to distill all these random thoughts into a bottom line. There were a lot of little vignettes of action in the search for more holy artifacts, some revelations about the artifacts' secret protectors, a bit more of a feel for the leads and a little bit of steamy stuff, and the end result is that the story ends up on the pretty good side with a reserved 'I liked it' from me.ARC via the Amazon Vine release date September 10th - I received no compensation for this review and all opinions are my own.

  • Megan B
    2018-12-20 23:12

    I am boggled this is so highly rated on both Goodreads and Amazon. I don’t even know where to begin with this book.The one thing I will give Fountain of Secrets is an improved writing style. Guardians of Stone was terribly written, or terribly edited, or both. I found the action and general plot was curious enough to keep reading. I was not pulled out of the story due to the writing in Fountain of Secrets. The changes are so different I cannot help but wonder if it’s the same author. Truly a night and day difference between the two books.The story itself is also a complete contrast between the first and second novel. Reading book 1, I expected some fun action with a treasure hunter feel. This has turned into a modern myth to King Arthur, the action is greatly dialed back, and the romance is kicked up a notch- it’s a style I found a lot less captivating than the first, which is a shame because with the improved writing I wanted to like it more. Is this really the same author? I will give the author 1 thing: I didn’t see such a vast different direction coming, so there is at least the element of surprise.I could not wait for this story to end; it has been such a painful journey, and was both sad and annoyed that even the cliffhanger ending didn’t leave me wanting more. It took me four days of serious contemplating to convince myself that $4.00 isn’t a lot to pay and I should see this trilogy through because of its high ratings. ‘I’ve come this far’ kind of thing. But I’ve had #3 sitting on my kindle for over a week now & haven’t read more than the 1st paragraph. That speaks volumes as to how #2 is. Just stunned that so many people like this. How?! Why?! Blech.

  • Sheila
    2019-01-17 20:14

    The characters and mysteries of the first Relic Seekers novel rush back onto the page in Anita Clenney’s Fountain of Secrets. Nathan’s struggling to hold his “change” at bay, while old Marco seems equally determined to keep his friends in the dark. Kendall’s still searching for her past and treasured memories of Adam. Meanwhile Jake’s still the fabulously handsome rake who threatens to steal her heart, unless she gives it to Nathan first. There’s a Spear of Destiny, retrieved in Guardians of Stone, a castle with hidden treasure, and now a Fountain of Youth that just might rescue Nathan. Oh, and Raphael’s on the loose. But it all holds together with just enough explanation to set the scene as the action level rises, even if you missed reading Guardians.Rapid-fire dialog keeps the story moving forward. Jake and Nathan search hidden tunnels and dance around their seeming affections for Kendall. Meanwhile Kendall’s exploring past and present—well, and possibly exploring Jake as well. Haunted by memories of Adam, she runs away from, or sometimes toward, her shadows. And she ends up in England, which is eminently satisfying for me, if a little surprising.Globe-trotting with a difference, relic-seeking with added paranormal threat and surprise, lots of humor, plenty of action, and enticing romance, Fountain of Secrets is like a feminine version of Indian Jones, and it’s fun.Dislcosure: The author kindly gave me a free ecopy.

  • Sportochick
    2019-01-11 21:12

    The second book to Anita Clenney’s Relic Seekers series starts off with a bang. This Indian Jones type book series continues to have me on the edge of my seat with its constant action, complex romance and exceptionally well-written suspense. I continually find myself reading her intriguing books in one sitting trying to solve the quest before the ending of the book.Kendall is still on the go this time looking for the second relic with her able and hot bodyguard Jake and the sexy billionaire Nathan. In this story the two handsome men start to stake a claim on her and this causes some tension between the two men. Kendall adds to the confusion because she can’t seem to decide between them either. I love how this story takes you into other times while it takes you through finding The Fountain of Secrets. Through all the twists and turns of this story never at any time are you lost or confused. In fact it is so well written that I was able to read quickly to the exciting end.Last time I talked about which of the two guys may be her childhood friend. When you read this book you will start to form a more solid decision on which one is Adam but it is a cliffhanger for the next book. That’s okay with me I am excited to read the next book, The Lost Chalice, Book 3 of The Relic Seekers.A COPY WAS GIFTED IN EXCHANGE FOR AN HONEST REVIEW.To see the full review visit my blog:

  • Kathy Martin
    2018-12-24 02:30

    This urban fantasy novel is the second book in a series and really requires that you read the first book to know what is happening. Kendall, Jake and Nathan are on the hunt for relics. Kendall has a special gift for the past that lets her touch objects and learn things. Nathan is a billionaire with a secret; he's afraid that he is turning into some kind of monster and hopes that the relics will provide a cure. Jake is a mercenary hired by Nathan to guard Kendall.This one has time travel, traveling through portals to get to other locations on Earth, a variety of mysterious characters, and an even more mysterious enemy. Kendall and companions are looking for the Fountain of Youth and the Holy Grail as they travel from Italy to England.There are complex relationships between the three main characters. Kendall believes that either Jake or Nathan is her long-lost friend Adam. Since both men are orphans who don't remember their childhoods, either or neither could be Adam. Jake and Kendall begin a romantic relationship in this story. Jake and Nathan have a contentious relationship with each other as they both vie for Kendall's affections.A lot happens in this book but somehow the pace still felt slow to me. I kept feeling a need to backtrack to keep track of the many characters. Fans looking for another urban fantasy will enjoy these two books though.

  • Melody
    2018-12-25 23:38

    If you like King Arthur, Camelot, Holy Grail stories you may enjoy this book. If you think the King Arthur, Gweneviere, Sir Lancelot triangle is a good love story than you might love this book. This author deals with the love triangle set up in the first book by keeping one man away so he doesn't have a chance to compete. But when the other two come together it is more tawdry than romantic. It was so emotionally unsatisfying I couldn't enjoy it. I had to skip over it. The heroine continues to be moronically blind as to which man is Adam the boy she loved and lost as a child. They don't even have the same eye color you would think that would be a dead giveaway even without the hundred obvious clues such as Marco asking "where is Adam" when one man is with her and the other isn't. Duh big red clue!The series does continue to be interesting despite the above issues but this book was not as good as the first. Despite the emotional conflict with the love triangle there was still some humor and the triangle is still unresolved. I find myself really liking both men although I am still rooting for one. The heroine though a bit short-sited in some areas is interesting, funny and likeable. I anticipate the next book (assuming there is one) will be better. I personally found the Arthurian themes in this one tedious but that at least is just my personal taste.

  • Riley
    2019-01-17 18:10

    I am a big fan of the Relic Seekers series by Anita Clenney. Book 2, Fountain of Secrets is a ride on a rollercoaster! I have described the Relic Seekers as Indiana Jones only smarter. And the hero is a heroine. Kendall Morgan is smart and brave and happens to have some special abilities that enable her to find hidden things. Her boss, Nathan Larraby, sends her to hunt for relics. Because the hunt has its perils, Nathan assigns Jake Stone as her bodyguard. What follows is a wild adventure through secret passages and hidden portals. Sacred wells, holy vessels, ghost hunting tourists, murder, madness and mayhem are also all included in this story. And let's not forget there is quite a bit of sexual tension between Kendall and _______. You fill in the blank! The plot is complicated, but Ms. Clenney has a knack for rounding up the facts every now and then to keep the reader on track. I appreciated this even more listening to the audiobook. The audiobook is read by Renee Raudman and is well done. Since Ms. Raudman also read book 1, I hope she stays with the series, since now I associate her voice with Kendall Morgan.

  • Sandra
    2019-01-14 22:34

    I enjoyed the relic hunt and I enjoy seeing Kendall and Jake working together as a team ( and more). But I found myself irritated by Kendall - the way she wanders off into danger repeatedly without telling anyone where she is going or what she is doing. I am not saying she should blindly do what Nathan & Jake tell her, just that she should consult with them and involve them in her searches. I also found Nathan annoying with his mysteries and his refusal to share important information with both Kendall & Jake. Another thing which doesn't work for me is the stupid love triangle. We see Jake & Kendall interacting, working together and can see their attraction. With Nathan & Kendall while we are constantly told they have this deep and mystical connection we never see any evidence of it. The relationship between K & J is believable, the relationship between K & N seems forced and manufactured (view spoiler)[ especially as it is based on a CHILD's friendship - Adam was 12 and Kendal was 10 they were friends'to act like he is the love of her life is ridiculous. It would make more sense if K & N's relationship was more sibling like. (view spoiler)[ (hide spoiler)] (hide spoiler)]

  • Marsha
    2019-01-06 22:18

    I felt so lucky to stumble upon the writings of Anita Clenney. Sometimes when you read the first book in a series and it is truly good, the second book is a disappointment. This is not the case with "Fountain of Secrets." It is just as good as the first book.This time the trio of Jake, Kendall, and Nathan are after the fountain of youth before the evil Reaper locates it before them. Their quest takes them to England and the rumored site of King Arthur's and Gwenivere's burial. Bodies begin stacking up when the trio is attack at every given opportunity. Additionally, Nathan is convinced that he is becoming dangerous and Jake thinks he just might be right.Jake and Kendall finally can no longer avoid the attraction they feel for one another but where does that leave Nathan? There are a lot of twists and turns throughout this little gem including the 're-emergence of a character we thought was dead.I enjoyed this read but now have to wait awhile for the next book. I think I have found another great series.

  • Kristen
    2019-01-04 19:19

    This book is all about a woman, Kendall, who can see things, but doesn't call herself a Psychic. She has an crazy adventure with two men who want to protect her, even though she doesn't want it. One is her boss, one is her bodyguard. Danger, mystery, questions, intrigue, attraction, headbutting. Who is the Reaper? Does he want to kill them? Where are the relics they need to find and protect? What is wrong with her boss, Nathan? Why does she feel connected to Nathan? Who is he really? Does Jake really want her or her body? What secrets is Jake holding back from her? That's the questions that she struggles with.In this book, Kendall is starting to wonder about her romantic feelings. No I'm not telling you towards who. Nathan is starting to figure out that whatever he has, he can learn how to control it. Jake is slowly realizing what he really wants.What I loved about this story is that it included a bit of the King Arthur and the Round Table folklore which made it really interesting! I hope that the third book is more action packed.

  • Piseog
    2019-01-10 00:21

    2.5 starsI think my main problem with this book was more me than the book. I think if someone else read it they might think it's great. I just found it incredibly boring. It had potential, as I said with the first book, but had no excitement or spark. The plot with King Arthur was written in an uninteresting way, and it didn't really link in with book 1. The writing was only okay. It could have flowed better and the dialogue could have sounded more natural in places. I do think there is some good mystery, regarding the characters' pasts, and when Nathan and Jake play the protective card together over Kendall it can be cute. The love triangle is a bit frustrating though, mainly because Kendall doesn't want to commit to a thought or feeling, let alone a guy. The whole "who is Adam?" thing was so predictable and expected. Were we really supposed to be shocked? Anyway, it's a pity I didn't "feel" this book. I would like to read the 3rd one, but it will have to just be a skim. I don't think I could read it fully.

  • Star
    2018-12-17 18:21

    ‘Fountain of Secrets’ is the second book in The Relic Seekers series. Kendall, Nathan, and Jake are all back and ‘Fountain of Secrets’ picks up right where ‘Guardians of Stone’ left off with the Spear of Destiny found, but there are 3 other major relics which need to be found. Kendall and Jake must discover more about the ancient order, the Protettori, and the relics over which they’ve stood guard for ages. In addition, they’ve got to keep ahead of the Reaper who wants nothing more than to amass the relics to use their power for his own. I enjoyed learning more about the secrets hidden in the pasts of Nathan, Kendall, and Jake, as well as the different mystical relics. I felt ‘Fountain of Secrets’ was cohesive and flowed very well. Action, intrigue, romance, and the supernatural are well combined and I think this series has its feet under it! After the cliffhanger ending, I can’t wait to find out what happens next after ‘Fountain of Secrets'.

  • Natalia Rox
    2019-01-04 02:19

    Second installment and I must admit it went a little weird. Not in a totally bad way, but the first book introduced a secret society and then in this book you have portals and potential past lives (where each of them is a legendary historical figure). This book was heavier on the romance than the first, but it still didn't overshadow the overall story. I think Anita Clenney may have some time management issues. She likes to cram as much as she can into a book, which keeps it interesting, but I feel like some parts of the dialogue felt too forced and out of character for those involved. Still intrigued by this series and I can't wait for the next book.

  • Douglas Cook
    2019-01-10 22:09

    PrologueWAKE UP!” THE young girl shook her friend’s shoulder. He woke with a gasp, his forehead covered with sweat. “You’re dreaming.” “Do you have some water? I’m thirsty.” She brought her cup. “It’s almost gone. There’s just a little left.” He drained the water, his heart still pounding with visions of swords and battles… and the other part that made no sense. The grave. “Was it the same one again?” the girl asked. He nodded. “I wish I knew what it meant.” “It means you’re special,” she said. Special. How could he be special if no one wanted him?Clenney, Anita (2013-09-10). Fountain of Secrets (The Relic Seekers) (Kindle Locations 40-47). Montlake Romance. Kindle Edition.

  • Jeanny
    2019-01-14 21:36

    2.5 stars. The narrator is atrocious. I'm incredibly happy to have received all 3 ebooks & the accompanying audible versions in this series for free. No I wouldn't recommend the series.