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Constable Evan Evans is new in Welsh village of Llanfair. Betsy, lusty busty barmaid, vies for his favors with sweet teacher Bronwen. Teen Dilys begs him for a dance, then vanishes. Child molester, flasher, and prisoners released early, are on the loose. Who pushed two men off Snowdon mountains? And who vandalized Mrs Powell-Jones' prized tomatoes?...

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Evans Above Reviews

  • Kirsten
    2019-02-09 02:20

    A very enjoyable mystery. Very reminiscent of Hamish Macbeth (except the people aren't nearly as silly). I guess maybe people are just a little edgier in North Wales. I really enjoyed this. It has a good meaty mystery as well as delightful characters and setting. Should think of no less from the lady who brought us Lady Georgiana.

  • Kimberly
    2019-02-16 00:27

    2.5 Stars Ahh, who doesn't like visiting new places in a cozy mystery book? I love to, especially when they take me to cute little villages and hamlets like Llanfair. This was my first time reading a book by this author and though I've seen some other books written by her I wasn't too familiar with her work. Lucky me this one was chosen as one of the 4 monthly group reads in one of my GoodReads groups. Now while I'm glad that I gave a new author a try (I've been trying to read a lot of new to me authors for the past year or so). I found that this book was lacking in a lot. First off there were at least a DOZEN spelling errors in the book. A DOZEN! In one case one of the supporting character's names was spelled wrong. I for one hate poor editing in books. I know they happen but honestly 12 is 10 times to many for such a short book. Second the story was slow. I didn't like how the story jumped around so much and I wish that Evan Evans had had more of a back story but perhaps the author saved that for later books. In any case I felt that there wasn't enough of a build up and I was left wishing to know more about Evan Evans who seemed like a likable enough chap. I felt that there could have been more effort to add substance to the characters who while amusing were lacking.What I did like about the book though was the setting. I really got a nice feel for the setting and felt like I had been transported to Llanfair. I also thought the quirky characters like Evans-the-meat, Evans-the-milk and others lightened the mood. I also liked the murder aspect of the story, of which I didn't see ending the way it did. I also liked the little feud between the two pastor's wives. I just thought that this book would be more exciting than it was. Yes I understand that it is a COZY mystery but it can have some excitement as well. Even though I had some major issues with this book I will be giving the next book in the series a try just to see if it gets any better but if it doesn't I think I will have to abandon this series and perhaps the author in general. I hope it does because I'd really like to have found a cozy mystery series I can read in its entirety.I would recommend this one to fans of this author and genre.

  • Judy
    2019-02-02 05:44

    When two men are found dead on Snowdon, young village policeman Evan Evans suspects foul play, but his superiors blame mountaineering accidents. Evan sets out to investigate. The mystery itself is interesting and not too cosy, but the many lovingly-observed details of life in a village in north Wales do give a warm feel, and there is a lot of humour along the way.For instance, the hunky Evan is always trying to avoid endless meals cooked by his motherly landlady. He also has romantic troubles, treated very lightheartedly, as he is pursuing village schoolteacher Bronwyn, but barmaid Betsy is pursuing him - and the landlady keeps dropping hints about her daughter, Sharon. This does get a bit much at times and I would have liked to see Evan facing some romantic competition!I really enjoyed this book, the first in a series of gentle Welsh mysteries which has just been made available on audible. I just gave this 5 stars on the audible site, as the narrator of the audio book, Roger Clark, is wonderful, with a Welsh accent which really adds to the listening experience - this is the first audio book where I've had no trouble concentrating. But the story itself gets 4 stars from me. I will look forward to listening to others in the series.

  • Jonathan
    2019-01-21 08:27

    Let me start off by saying that Rhys Bowen is hands down the best historical mystery author I've ever read. She manages to combine true events and her characters so well that you wonder if her characters couldn't have really been at these events. However, I've finished her Royal Spyness series (though I have the ARC for the next one sitting on my Nook!) and her Molly Murphy series, so that left me with only one more series to read; the Constable Evan Evans mystery series. I can say that, though not quite as good as her historical mysteries, this book was excellent!Evan was an extremely likable character. He was smart, funny, and yet he wasn't perfect, he had his faults, and those faults made him seem like a more relatable character. The rest of the characters were also wonderful, and endearing. I cannot wait to read more about them!The setting was absolutely idyllic. Thanks to this book Wales was just added to my bucket list of places I want to visit before I die. The mystery was solid, however, the killer was projected quite forcefully about 10-15 pages before the reveal, which made the reveal slightly disappointing.Overall a very good book! I will be reading the next one. Highly recommend.

  • Kathy Davie
    2019-02-12 03:20

    The first in the mystery series, Constable Evans, Evans Above feels like a cross between the village life of Agatha Christie with the camaraderie between Inspector Jury and Divisional Commander Brian Macalvie in Martha Grimes' Richard Jury series. Evans has left big-city crime behind for the peace and tranquility of village life in Wales and has no desire to become entangled with any woman. Ahh, to dream for so little...and not get it. Evans soon becomes entangled. With a series of unexplained murders, a village full of matchmakers, and the need to play country politics.Bowen provides a nice sense of the atmosphere and give-and-take of village life with a vague sense of whatever time period in which Llanfair exists. It has a feel of the 1950s but there's a reference to a train robbery of the Royal Mail so I'm guessing that the year is round about 1969 which would make sense for the atmosphere depicted for a small village in the country.A soft, easy read with engaging characters and realistic dialog. I'm looking forward to reading Evan Help Us.

  • Natasha M.
    2019-01-21 07:24

    While the Her Royal Spyness have a sort of sweeping tongue-in-cheek and yes, ridiculous but still cutely charming in its own right story lines (who can say no to Darcy O'Mara?) I'd say the Constable Evans series (though this is the first one I've read) is a little bit more grounded rather than theatrical. Taking place in modern day Wales (oh Welsh words, I don't even know where to start with you lot) we get a look at the idyllic village life. There's mt. Snowdon, there's a town that knows everything about everyone and perhaps a (Welsh?) custom of addressing the duplicate names in the society by their trade (Evans-the-Meat made me snicker). What could go wrong? Well, being a mystery series, something has to. Deaths on the mountain! Murdering pedophile on the loose! All of this, of course, woven into the small-town life (with one of the minister's wives adamant that the rival minister wife is sabotaging her show tomatoes/apple pie/etc). I think my only complaint is with Evan Evans (yes, that's his name and he hates it too) being a bit wishy-washy in the face of the female race. Stand up for yourself, man! Tell them to shove off! Make sure its known no means no. But then again, he's a nice guy so I guess he'll never do that (and of course we'd lose the romantic intrigue side of it all) All in all a fun and easy read. Even made me want to go hiking in Wales.

  • Dagny
    2019-02-13 07:35

    This is the first in Bowen's series featuring Evan Evans, constable of Llanfair, Wales. In this novel we meet the residents of Llanfair, many of whom are named Evans and distinguished by such names as Evans-the-Meat, Evans-the-Milk, Evans-the-Post, and Evans-the-Law. We are introduced to two of the local women who are interested in Evans-the-Law and his mothering landlady who would like to set him up with her granddaughter. The mystery, the deaths of two hikers on the mountain, is intriguing and involved.

  • Debbie
    2019-01-22 01:25

    I normally do not read off shore based books, but I picked this up at a booksale and I really did enjoy it. I like that Ms. Bowen writes in the local dialect. I will be moving on in this series.

  • An Odd1
    2019-01-22 00:29

    Wales is a vacation, however eerie, misty. First book has serious elements. Evan is nice; I look forward to hanging around with him. He's naive like Chesney aka Beaton's Hamish but stays out of other beds. Unknown peeping creeps and flashbacks annoy. Llanfair pub has likable and fun folk. Stew, Jimmy, "one of Danny's close friends in their little gang from hut 29 .. must have sent the postcard" p 2, "Tommy" asks his way politely "in his cheerful cockney .. looking for the Everest Inn" p 3. Manager Major Anderson reports guest "Thomas Hatcher" p 36 missed dinner to Constable Evan Evans, new to Llanfair village in Wales, famed for choirs. "That man gets my goat, barking orders as if he's still in the army" p 14. "He wasn't even in the army" p 183. (view spoiler)[ He was in "the marines" p 210, helps Evan catch villain on narrow mountain path, offers to buy a drink, turns out to be a friendly fellow.(hide spoiler)]Sunday churchgoers, volunteer climbers, are unwilling to answer another false call. We're extra sorry when Room 42 ID is for "Metropolitan Police" p 37 London cop. Evan is sure "there had to be a connection" p 31 between the two bodies pushed off the nearby mountain. "The other bloke was a burglar alarm salesman from Liverpool" p 38, his wife fed up with his philandering. "Stew Potts .. I bet he got teased about it at school" p 39. Does only Evans have such memories here? "He could definitely understand why Dilys had stayed away tonight" p 160. "What can have happened to her?" p 161. Teen begged chaperone Evan for a dance at school party. The buildup is overdone, still scary. Villains are on the loose. (view spoiler)[ Evan finds her on road, running away to aunt in London, orders her to call mom at once.(hide spoiler)]"Through a knot-hole in the shed, a pair of eyes watched .. pickax was slowly lowered .. People really were so stupid!" p 49. "Cold on the mountain .. He could afford to wait, like a spider" p 185. Bouncing around point of view from people and places, flashbacks to boyhood, are annoying. If a grown-up is still affected by children teasing, I'd rather see present effects - whether confidence or awkwardness. Someone with bad intentions hides - peering from a shed, listening behind rocks - the same person or different people? "They've been quietly letting prisoners out of jail early to avoid overcrowding and not telling anyone" p 30. Concerned over little girl found dead in a ditch, cops priorize watching mother's house for "convicted child molester called Lou Walters" p 30, over fallen hikers. Flasher 'Daft Dai' confesses to murder of two on cliff. "Most murders are for the basest of reasons -- fear or greed or lust. Anyone who kills another human being is down at the level of the animals, and animals don't kill for revenge" p 180. After saying killers are motivated by emotions, he forgets cold calculated premeditation. This just seems a setup for his backstory. "You can't run away .. Humans are pretty much the same wherever you find them" p 181. He left Swansea after copper da "trying to intercept a drug shipment, down on the docks. They shot wildly as they ran away .. little more than kids .. scared .. What good would it do to take another life because one was lost so stupidly?" p 181."It was before you came" p 65. Evans learns a fair deal in pub. He would prefer quiet teacher Bronwen Price to advances of lusty busty barmaid Betsy. In "army training exercises" p 65 "Local boy .. from Portmadog" p 66 "twisted his ankle .. weather turned nasty and they found him frozen next day" p 65. Nobody found his knapsack, should have been stuffed full of emergency gear."Those English .. took both my sons from me" p 74. "With venom" Danny Bartholomew's ma rants at her home. Evans assumes she means both are dead soldiers. I'd check that. (view spoiler)[On the day that Danny died, he met brother Doug at gas station. Doug, "small fry" in "train robbery" gang, stuffed Danny's sack with money. Stopped for "string of outstanding warrants .. put him away" p 190. Danny waited in vain that night for Doug. Doug, let out of jail early, sent postcards hoping Danny's army pals knew where knapsack was hidden. Weak, he needs stronger arms to move rockfall. Evan puts together clues, sneaks past police cordon around bottom of mountain. "Gun barrel dug sharply" p 200, but Evan gets away into mist "so thick he could hardly see his feet" p 203. Doug calls for help, frozen on narrow trail. Like fable where scorpion asks frog for swim across river, Evan distrusts nature of criminal. He "couldn't see where the Major fitted in, but what was he doing up here if he had nothing to do with the crime?" p 206. Evan suspects Anderson of collusion, but he is innocent, and helps grab Doug, bends one arm behind Doug's back. "Any funny business and I'll snap this like a matchstick.(hide spoiler)]Cut-Price-Harry "worked down at the cash-and-carry .. nickname to differentiate him from Harry-the-Pub" p 34, Evans-the-Milk and Evans-the-Meat. This append jobs trick seems to be for fun. We smile at Evan-the-cop, clueless in terms of romance. He doesn't move away when Betsy lays on a smackeroo or two. (view spoiler)[ Finally Bronwen has to kiss him "full and hard on the mouth" p 213 to convince him she cares.(hide spoiler)]Minor roles grow already, past monotonous predictable routine. Evan teases minister's wife, snob Mrs Powell-Jones, accuses of "Harboring a known criminal? Aiding and abetting -- allegations .. Libel, is it, or slander?" p 211. Sgt Watkins "bringing in Lou Walters .. the mother who had to be subdued" p 212, joins Evan (view spoiler)[ and Major(hide spoiler)] for a drink. "The name's Jack .. extending his hand" p 213. "High above, the mountain rested. The End" p 214. The series does convey mood of mist on towering crags. Sly humor of Chesney in Highland Scot Hamish Macbeth series differs from this eerie start and hero's motivations. Hamish, at home in slow tempo, sends salary for many siblings, has to whiskey-bribe or avoid difficult superiors. Evan aimed for "quietest, most peaceful corner of Wales, and the murders here are just as brutal" p 181 after da's senseless death, imbibes at snug pub.

  • Lori
    2019-01-23 07:24

    Another Audible sale purchase that proved worth my time. Rhys Bowen is loved by many and while I've read her before, her subject matter can be a bit too lighthearted for me to stay invested, but not so with this one. Constable Evans is new to the Welsh village and dealing with both the up and downsides of a small, close-knit community can be a bit of a challenge. Very similar to the Hamish Macbeth series, I enjoyed this one much more than the few Hamish titles I've read.This easily falls into the category of "cozy mystery" as it takes place in a small, picturesque village, we are spared the gory murder details, and getting to know the colorful locals is a featured aspect of the series. However, so many of the "cozies" can be easily described as insipid and downright silly, stories I would consider literarily comparable to a modern "Three Stooges" episode. Some enjoy that sort of story; I generally do not, Agatha Raisin being the definite exception. Constable Evans does not fall into the silly category. There is more gravitas here, but not enough to prevent this from being a thoroughly enjoyable read. I will definitely plan to look up more titles in the series.

  • StacieHaden
    2019-02-15 08:42

    Love the Welsh village setting. Decent start to the series. I'll try another.

  • Elaine Cook
    2019-01-26 02:40

    Not a rave but it was good enough. Might look for more in the series.

  • Paula
    2019-02-08 02:43

    Picked this one up as a bookswap, as I'm always on the lookout for first books of new series so I can try stuff out...There's a comment on the cover of Evans Above that likens the series to the Hamish Macbeth novels of MC Beaton and that should have told me everything I needed to know about this one. Like the aforementioned novels, Evans Above is about a big-city police officer coming to a small village, this time in the heart of Snowdonia.The eponymous Evans becomes involved in a mystery when two bodies are found on the mountain and there seems to be a connection with the death years before of a soldier on training manoeuvres. Naturally, his superior officer doesn't really pay much attention to Evans' theorising and equally naturally, Evans is right and there is a connection.Evans Above is an enjoyable enough read, even if Bowen pretty much telegraphed who is responsible very early on (or maybe I'm just good at picking these things up?), requiring very little in the way of mental engagement. The series continues in Evan Help Us and clearly this is a series to avoid if you're allergic to bad puns in titles.

  • Hal
    2019-02-09 01:41

    This is the initial volume in the Constable Evans series. I had previously read "Evan Help Us," which I liked just enough to look into this book.After reading these two cozy mysteries, I find that Rhys Bowen seems to need a few chapters to warm up. I think she relies a little too much on an unlikely coincidence in this book, which to me is a sign of weak writing. I don't want to detail the coincidence here, to avoid spoiling the story for those who have not finished the book.More importantly, I feel that Bowen does not give us enough insight into Evans' interior life. I think it is always difficult for a woman to write as a man or a man to write as a woman. Bowen repeatedly has Evans having a hard time concentrating on his thoughts when a pretty woman walks by or bares a bit of flesh.This is seem superficial at best and condescending at worst.

  • Lillian Reeves
    2019-01-31 07:29

    I've read all of MC Beaton's books and I was looking for a new series. I started a few series, but this was the one book among the ones I started that I finished. The story Is set in Wales and sets up similarly to the Hamish Macbeth stories. Small town, many characters, each interested in what Evan Evans, the local constable, is getting up to. The book fell short, though, in the department of character development. Evan is a shallow character and doesn't really appear to care about the people of the village. I also didn't get a good sense of the people though an interesting and robust group of characters were introduced. Maybe the characters, including Evan, become more fully visible in the books that follow, but the writing in this first book wasn't enough to make me stick with the series or feel endured to the town or the characters.

  • kari
    2019-01-19 07:40

    Fun mystery, start of a series, but I knew that going in. Evan Evans is the constable of a small Welsh village. There is lots of bits about the locals and how the larger police force thinks a village copper should leave the detecting to the bigger department, but the mystery is local and Evan is in the thick of it.I've read Rhys Bowen's Her Royal Spyness series and really enjoyed it so thought I'd see what else she has to offer and I was not disappointed.The mystery is great. The location is good and the characters are delightful. If you enjoy a good mystery with entertaining characters, you'll like this one.

  • Erin
    2019-01-20 00:37

    I've read most of these, b/c my library has them. And I like the information about Welsh culture b/c I had a friend who was Welsh. I, also, like that I wasn't always able to solve the mystery/murder. But the prejudices of the different pastors (and church goers) in the small village don't betray Christians in a good way. And it annoyed me b/c it didn't seem relevant to the story, but was thrown in to poke fun of Christian beliefs.

  • Jeannine Stewart
    2019-01-30 03:42

    Enjoyable cozy about a young constable, Evan Evans, in a small village in Wales. Interesting characters, setting and plot. Not sure that I would ever be able to understand, much less speak, the Welsh language but the book gives great insight into a country and tradition I knew very little about. Definitely will read more in this series.

  • Ruth Balf
    2019-01-29 07:40

    It was a lovely, light read. I just smiled through it a lot. Such innocent characters in a mythical welsh village. What's not to like?

  • Ryan
    2019-01-26 03:38

    Evans Above is the first in a series of police procedurals type murder mysteries. Except is not as griity as most are, this one is is set in Wales, in a small village. Evan Evans, a top notch police detective, is relocated as Constable in a small village, where he spends his days mostly preoccupiedduties of a small town. Instead of Solving murders and looking for killer, his time consists of finding out who ruined the local ministers' wive's prize-winning vegetables, among other duties. Everything changes in the sleepy little town when a couple of hikers discovered a body on the local mountain nearby, and when Constable Evan discovers that there's another body, he is drawn into investigation. Unfortunately because of a major case to the police manpower, Evans decide to investigate by himself, playing detective to solve the case.This is a police procedural mystery, great for those that enjoy this procedurals without dealing with the grit and gore found in most books. the violence, and swearing are kept to a minimum, plus there isn't any sex scenes. The characters are also well-developed, Evans voice's job is a small-town cop but still misses being an investigator, solving real cases. But he does like the atmosphere of a small town, taking long walks in the mountains, breathing in the fresh air and scenery. All the other surgeons in the small-town are spot on.

  • Tamara Murphy
    2019-01-21 02:45

    Brian and I took a couple of days to get away in October, and I needed the most cozy of reading to accompany us. Rhys Bowen's Constable Evans series was the perfect fit. I read the first three books in the series in two days! The only thing that distracted me from the pleasant Welsh community and their idyllic Welsh village (suffering a disproportionately large number of suspicious deaths!) was trying to imagine who the BBC would cast as Constable Evans in a televised version of the series.Here's the Amazon blurb for Book 1: "Little Llanfair has its share of characters—two ministers vying for the souls of their flock, one lascivious barmaid, and three other Evanses: Evans-the-Meat, Evans-the-Milk, and Evans-the-Post.But before Evan—now knows as Evans-the-Law—can enjoy Llanfair's tranquillity, he's called to the scene of a crime as brutal as any in the big city. Two hikers have been murdered on the trails of the local mountain, and now Evan must hunt down a vicious killer in a town where one of his lovable new neighbors could prove to be deadly..."

  • Deanna
    2019-01-27 01:41

    Instead of rating this, I’ll just say that reading this was, for me, like the 2 ships passing in the night. One ship the book, the other me the reader. I can’t remember feeling so disconnected from a book. And I really think it may be me, thus no stars. I can’t even dredge up specific pros and cons. It’s like the characters were shadow characters and the story a shadow plot. They just didn’t reach me one way or the other. That’s a reading letdown of course, but I even feel oddly disconnected from the letdown. It was almost a book that didn’t happen for me. I was going for a light mystery as a palate cleanser between more serious reads. Something undemanding and pleasantly distracting. Maybe I’m going off light mysteries in general, or I really wasn’t ready for a palate cleanser even if I thought I was. Still, I won’t continue this series.

  • Annette
    2019-01-29 06:19

    This was a fairly good murder mystery. It put me in mind of M. C. Beaton's Hamish Macbeth. Very similar characteristics. Excellent story line with fair to middling characters. Looking forward to the next book in this series to see where the author takes the character Evan Evans. The Welsh town of Llanfair is filled with Evanses, Evan-the Post, Evan-the-Butcher, Evan-the-Meat, Evan-the-Milk, ect. This is where Constable Evan Evans returns to escape the violence of the city. But his idyllic setting is soon shattered. Two hikers have been murdered on the trails of the local mountain, and Evans must hunt down the killer - who may or may not be linked to the mysterious destruction of Mrs. Powell-Jones' prize-winning tomatoes.

  • Alison
    2019-02-09 00:38

    * I listened to this book whilst on holiday in the area and found it to be a fun book.* The gender and cultural stereotypes were sometimes extreme, almost at times making me laugh for the wrong reasons but at other times just making the book feel really dated.* The type of example that did make me laugh out loud (for the wrong reasons I am pretty sure) was when Bronwen talks about the terrible things going on in the world that stop the lives of children being innocent and lumps together “drugs and gangs and shopping centres” - I am sure that I am a bit biased as I work in retail, but are shopping centres really as much of an evil influence as gangs and drugs?!* I would possibly consider another of these books when I am in the area again, but will not pursue them otherwise.

  • BeParticular
    2019-02-09 07:44

    If I had remembered that Rhys Bowen had written Farleigh Road, I never would have picked up this book. I won't forget again. The same complaints I had about Farleigh Road apply to this book published in 1997. One-dimensional characters, predictable situations and dialog, and a mystery where I figured out the killer made for a mediocre read. Plus, the killer's motivation was complete nonsense. The romance aspect seemed geared to the age and sensibilities of tweens. And that's likely selling tweens short. A "light" read does not have to be hackneyed and dull. Pass.

  • pdarnold
    2019-02-15 07:26

    It may just be me, but I found this a bit less entertaining than Rhys Bowen's Her Royal Spyness series. This is the first book of the Constable Evans series, so I'm hoping it improves with the next. Don't get me wrong, it was a fun escape. The characters have yet to really grow on me. The most fun is found in the pub with Evan's trying to escape the clutches of the lusty barmaid. The best of this book is the descriptions of the area. A cozy mystery that doesn't quite deliver satisfactorily. Not for me anyway.

  • Heather
    2019-01-30 03:25

    A fun, quick-paced read and my first foray into the worlds of Rhys Bowen. Evan Evans lives in a fun little town that is reminiscent of At Home in Mitford. A fun cast of characters as well.We get the backdrop of some beautiful Welsh mountains, which I had to Google and get a picture of. It makes me want to go there. I look forward to reading more about Constable Evans.

  • Nancy Haddock
    2019-01-31 03:44

    Since I love the Royal Spyness series and the Molly Murphy series, I had to try the Evan Evans series. This one is set in present time, and if very different, but I did enjoy it and will read more books in the series!

  • Jackie
    2019-01-19 02:19

    Slow book. I tend to dislike jumping from one persons head to another in one chapter. This book did that quite a bit. Wasn’t a big fan of the characters. I love this authors Royal Spyness, but this book didn’t do it for me. It happens oh well

  • Sara Jane
    2019-02-14 03:24

    A nice introduction to Constable Evans. I enjoyed the look into Welsh life. It may not be an accurate description, but life there sounds slower than what we experience in much of the US these days.