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Mandy (Angel) is a good girl, sick of living the perfect life. She is tired of fancy parties, forced dates and over controlling parents. Her world changes when she meets Caden.Caden (Chief) is part of a Motorcycle club, he is a bad boy and delves in dangerous things, but he captures her heart and soul. How will she ever go back to living a normal life, once she has experieMandy (Angel) is a good girl, sick of living the perfect life. She is tired of fancy parties, forced dates and over controlling parents. Her world changes when she meets Caden.Caden (Chief) is part of a Motorcycle club, he is a bad boy and delves in dangerous things, but he captures her heart and soul. How will she ever go back to living a normal life, once she has experienced the happiness Chief can give her?...

Title : Chief's Angel
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Chief's Angel Reviews

  • Joanna R
    2019-02-21 09:02

    Second review with new ending. The ending was what was missing from the first edition and I'm glad the break up was written about. Still mentions the Notebook (7 years in the future when it was written) and the use of mobile phones but the dates were corrected so I'm upping it to 3 stars. Still a great storyFirst review- Really disappointed. Firstly I want to say that I loved the first two in the series and gave them 5* and couldn't wait to read this. So what made it so terrible. Mandy is 17 when she meets Caden.... 2 years later she's 21? (I'm better with words then numbers but seriously????)She's at the Bus Stop and she PULLS HER PHONE OUT???? Mid 1980's? She didn't work on Wall Street.Secondly Caden asks for a DNA test when Dani says she's pregnant. It's based in the mid 1980's so DNA testing only started in 1987 and wasn't a common thing until the mid 1990's.Then what ruined the whole story THE NOTEBOOK??? The book wasn't written until 1996. This completely ruined it for me and I was fighting a losing battle. I also thought that Bec should have written about the break up and their time apart and reunion. I read the book on the understanding that I would eventually get to that part but instead it finished when she gave birth then the epilogue was about how beautiful Violet aka Mischief looked on her wedding day and Jaxon puts back to say hello.Please editor make the changes. There was some seriously hot films in the 1980's (mostly staring Tom cruise) which I'm sure could be a favour of Jaxon and Mandy's. Bec please add in the breakup. Did she walk in on them or was it a set up by Dani? The basis of the story is great but poor editing and rushed has left no alternative than to score it a 2 (sob)

  • Sarah
    2019-02-28 14:22

    Where do I begin? I just....I don't......what the fuck did I just read? I am so ANGRY! First off, I have not read the first two books. This is the first I have picked up. I got over the atrocious editing and the mediocre writing but what I could not get over was Chief, that fucking fuckwad, CHEATED on Mandy. I don't give a FUCK how drunk he was or how much he hated Demon! After everything he put that girl through with Dani, murder, and just the overall bullshit that comes with the "club," Mandy deserved much better.Okay, since I just got that particularly nasty piece of my review out of the way I will get down to business.The story? Good. Despite the fact that I am still trying to clear the angry red haze from my vision. I did not like the ending at all. I cannot stand that kind of thing in books that I read (I am referring to cheating). If I wanted to experience that I just wouldn't read and would look around me at everyday life (bitter much?). The writing itself? Not so good. When I find myself rolling my eyes while reading its an automatic no no. I felt like Mandy took him back each and every time much too quickly. Chief was amazingly hot but that did not take away from the fact that every word out of his mouth ringed false to me. If I had been in Mandy's shoes I truly believe I would have "hit it and quit it" because I mean, come on, he's hot so I couldn't say no entirely! ;) But there is no way that I could have settled down with him. My sense of emotional self preservation is just too strong for that. Also, the usage of the word "whilst" really irked me. The overall writing of the book was not advanced enough to warrant the use of that particular word at all. It made it sound like some kind of British fairy tale. Really the story may have resembled a soap opera than a fairy tale because of all....the....drama! Gag me! Too much....just too much.The editing? Awful. There were entire words missing from sentences. Come on! Really?Do I regret reading this book? Nope. It evoked actual feelings in me which speaks enough for itself. The book was not excellent in my opinion nor will I read it again, but I won't tell anyone not to read it. Will I read the other two books? Uh......well......maybe. I am a that point right now where I want to but I don't want to lol. I am just so angry with this book right now. Cheating is the ugliest think that I think could happen in a relationship. If it happens the relationship is broken beyond repair and that's how I feel Chief and Angel's relationship is now. No matter the reason given in the other books, I truly believe I will find fault in Angel for taking him back at all. That being said, I may go back and find out the story of Violet and Travis. It just won't be today. I've had enough for right now...

    2019-02-21 16:32

    originally reviewed at rating: 4.5 out 5 stars"I will do the best I can with you Angel, and I can only give you what I know..."~Caden Williams, aka, Chief**Please note, there may be some cursing below. lol**First things first, why oh why couldn't this have been book 1?! Not that this isn't common, a back story provided later on in the series, but still, WHYYYYY?! My advice to all, if you're considering reading this series, read Chief's Angel FIRST. If you've already read the first two, prepare yourself.Now that I've gotten that off my chest, OMG...fucking rip my heart out why don't you?! I have a soft spot for Chief, have since book 1, so maybe that's why had the impact that it did. Chief's Angel begins in the Summer of '85 when a then seventeen year old Mandy is fed up being expected to do each and every thing her parents expect her to. Her parents dictate everything from where she'll work to whom she'll date and Mandy is finding it hard to breathe. Teen rebellion in such cases isn't new so it was no surprise when young Mandy decides getting some ink done will give her some of that control back. What was a surprise, was the man holding the needle and his unexpected effect on her.Chief...They couldn't be more opposite, yet the chemistry is as strong as it is immediate. This timid girl sees something in him that she hasn't seen any man previously, certainly not the boy her parents are trying to marry her off to. She's affected even by the slightest of touches as her marks her (get your minds out of the gutter my pervy peeps, I'm talking ink here! *wink*). Even the time was short, they each got a glimpse of the person who stood before them, expecting just that...only a glimpse. Now flash forward four years, Spring of '89, to a chance meeting at a beach party. Young Mandy is all grown up and Caden (now 25yrs old), as she insists on calling him even if he suggests 'Chief' multiple times lol, has filled out nicely, and then some. Even though Mandy can feel it in her bones that this can end so badly, she can only resist him for so long and soon, the two are dating.A normal, new relationship can be tested even under the most normal of circumstances. These two? Please...they're a disaster waiting to happen and happened it did. Given Caden's lifestyle, Mandy not only had to adjust to the differences in him, but to his entire club, his dad, those he rides alongside...his family. Mandy was forced, more than once, to 'prove herself' and she did. I can't say she did so unscathed but she held her own. Mandy is sheltered and a bit of a 'Princess' but she couldn't be more perfect for Caden and despite everything, I still feel he's perfect for her as well. I've come to expect an excess of drama and chaos from this author and Chief's Angel rang true. As a reader you're gushing one second, gasping another and then gritting 'What the fuck was that shit?' through your teeth, refusing to blink in case your kindle magically flashes a reasonable answer. Chief is a complex man and this book gives you the back story as to how he became the man we first met in Phoenix Rockstar.Chief is charming, yet intimidating and while he can be playful and silly, that can change at the flip of a dime making him lethal and capable of, well...pretty much anything. Chief found his 'angel' as he was still finding himself and that can be a dangerous mix for all involved parties. This was an emotional roller coaster that ripped my heart out. Even when I wanted to kick his ass myself, my heart hurt for him and Mandy as well. Chief's Angel makes a very STRONG case that while 'Mischief' may have gotten her dads eyes, her mothers strength is what kept her going. I loved the glimpses of the side characters that would come to mean more as the series progresses. When I came across a young, curious Travis...just, awe!!Even though there were some minor editing issues and I'm still pissed and bitter that this wasn't the first book, I found myself so invested, even to the point where I read it in one sitting. Chief is broken, as is his Mandy. As the reader, you have to decide for yourself , did he get what's coming to him? Is he just a product of his environment and upbringing? Or maybe, just maybe, this was a road only Chief could walk and somehow remain standing, though broken, in search of an angel.

  • Sassenak
    2019-03-22 16:15

    I haven't read the first 2 books, but I have to say that this one feels not very well thought out.The first thing that bothered me was the trivial fact that a 17-year-old girl somehow skips a few years and suddenly, only 2years later(!) she's 21?! Time travel? A miracle? I think I could have overlooked this if the author hadn't constantly made the characters talk about how only 2 years earlier this underage girl came into his tattoo shop and now she's finally "legal"...The next big thing for me was the pace of the story:Everything happened really (!) fast. On one page she never wanted to see him again, like EVER, and only 1 short page later she was whimpering in his arms again. This girl was SUCH a pushover, she didn't seem to have any kind of personality. Right after he made a big scene about her having to emancipate herself from her parents (as she is already 21, by the way!) he wants her to move in with him. She doesn't, but that doesn't change the fact that she seems to completely get herself lost in this new relationship; but, as she has a new, much more shitty job now, she is finally an "independent" person and worthy of him, it seems.Really? She's better off now? I, at first, rooted for her and thought she might try to do something for herself... ... but as she was lacking personality, she also seemed to have no interests, plans or wishes, besides being with a man who was good looking but liked to beat people up, murdered a woman in front of her children and otherwise seemed to do nothing but growl a lot.I couldn't roll my eyes as much as I wanted to, but only, because I was close to pulling a muscle...The next thing I noticed can only be explained when you remember that the "heroine" is obviously able to defy the laws of time and space, because even though the headline states, that it all takes place in 1987, CELLPHONES SEEM TO BE NORMAL! I mean, come on, I remember the Eighties, you had a landline to yourself and you were the shit! Nobody was able to text back then and the other person had to be next to a landline, too, to make a successful Pick-me-up-Call *sigh* It's not rocket science, it's just plain wrong!!!For the rest of the story: When they weren't breaking up or making up, she talked to his super-cuddly biker-friends who sometimes kill and torture, but hey, they are still nice guys. Especially the leader of the club is a lovely teddybear who tells her she needs to accept him the way he is because she knew he was a biker before the first date, which obviously also means that he will sometimes rough people up, be in fights, do other illegal stuff and maybe, from time to time, kill someone (by the way: real realistic that the president of a club tells an old lady (if she even was one at the time?!) everything they have been up to so far and especially about the planned murder her boyfriend and some other club members arranged!). Then there are his violent nightmares (how cute, he suffers from the fact that he ruined the lives of 2 kids by shooting their mother in their own home in front of their eyes *fake swoon*) during which he may,or may not, attack her. Good thing about them seems to be that they immediately stop after he injures her, so she has to get stitches.But hey, he has cute hair, obviouly lots of muscles (When one more chick in one more book sits on the guys bike, puts her arms around him and says something about his massive and rock hard phyique I'm gonna hurl!), knows how to repair cars and.... well, actually that's it with HIS great personality. But did I mention he's a bad-ass biker? Exactly the kind of stable individual every well-adjusted woman can only hope for...They have to overcome his jealousy when she interacts with other male human beings in a social setting, her parents disapproval, his jealous ex-girlfriend telling lies and having a cat-fight with our heroine, her finding out about him being an asshole ...ahem... accidental, unwilling and remorseful killer, him fleeing to his ex-girlfriends house for days (!) because he is a whiny little boy and in the end she's pregnant because he was sure he could "pull it out". What can I say? Surprise, surprise, he behaves like a prick and leaves her not even 2 seconds after hearing about the pregnancy because it's her fault and he had nothing to do with it and all of this as a very public scene *fake swoon again* What a wonderful, broken hero, too bad he has NO REDEEMING QUALITIES (well, except for his eyes, muscles and his bike) but, not to worry, our wonderful and independent heroine takes him back after he puts next to no effort into winning her back.*SIGH*This book really frustrated and exhausted me. I mean I'm all for a little mileage on a man (by the way: I prefer the women to have had a life before, too. What is so fascinating about a virgin? Most heroes are quite the little sluts themselves, do they seek redemption by the purity of their partner? And why are there only ever virgins and sluts and never just women with a "normal" level of experience?) but him running back to his ex everytime he's not happy with our heroine is just weak. Even more so because everytime he gets back together with our heroine he immediately begins to curse at his ex and calls her a slut. This guy is all kinds of things but he surely is no good to be around.My dream ending would have been her and her gay best friend raising the child together, while the hero is either dead (maybe he could have saved her from a rival gang so she had anything nice to tell her child about him) or serves a really long time in prison.

  • Karen
    2019-03-24 15:11

    Heinous cover but best in the series. Yes, there were some inconsistencies with the late 80's and technology, but I loved the story. I had read book 1 & 2 in the series and was desperate for Chief & Mandy's (Angel) story. Their life long love story was compelling and didn't disappoint. This book could be read either before or after reading Phoenix Rockstar and Broken Strings but not in-between. I read it aftewards but wished I would have read it first.

  • Miss Kim
    2019-03-12 08:09

    Well. I couldn't get past a few chapters. I grew up in the 80's. I can tell you right now, that we did not wear form fitting clothes, use words like 'tool', and bikers were not sexy. The bikers of the 80's looked like Captain Lou Albano, and had one tat that said 'mom' or something. They certainly did not have sleeve tats.Absolute fail on the fact checking.

  • ♥Trish♥
    2019-02-28 13:23

    A must read if you've read the first two! Angel & Chief are awesome.

  • Annmarie
    2019-03-20 15:31

    Cheating asshole.

  • Shannon
    2019-03-11 09:13

    Nothing in this series could ever disappoint!I fell head over heels in book love with Phoenix Rockstar. Travis, Mischief, everything about the first 2 books in that series was amazing. I always felt a little confused on what happened with Many Mischief's mom and her dad Chief.Now we get to see all of it, from the moment they met until the moment Mischief was born, and it was awesome!!I would recommend reading the first two books before you read this, but I don't think you have to. It was just awesome, sexy and worth it!!

  • Jeanie V.
    2019-03-23 14:12

    LOVED IT!!! Loved getting to know Caden before he became Chief and President of Phoenix Motorcycle Club. I love me my tough, hard, rough ridin' motorcyle men and Caden was my book hero. Loved the love story between Caden & Amanda and how he was her Angel. The story was gut wrenching with the betrayal and I kept asking myself (even though I already knew the answer), Why? Why? Gahhh... but the story was sooo good and everything about the book was perfect to complete the series. This book is sooo good. I absolutely loved this series!!!

  • Vieira
    2019-02-24 12:05

    This was really enjoyable!! If I didn't love this author or the peeps in this book some things would have turned me off. Like the cell phones and texting, it was like 1989. I'm pretty sure that wasn't happening maybe a beeper but what ever. I love these two so much. Wish it had more of Violet and Chief when she was little I would have loved to see their interaction. I love this series and I hope for more!!!

  • Ilene
    2019-02-23 14:32

    I guess this was the 3rd in the series but I read it first. It was decent but had some flaws (wrong words, Ausie slang in California?).Maddy meets a bad boy, tattoo artist/biker named Caden. She is rebelling and getting a tattoo. They are drawn to each other but it ends there...until 4 years later.The book seems tame by MC standards. Not much debauchery happens. But then the bottom drops out.

  • yolandeen
    2019-03-16 16:23

    My suggestion is to read this book first and then the other two, so that you end with an HEA.

  • Tami
    2019-02-23 09:09

    OMG! That ending..UGhhhhh!! LOVED Chief right up until the end.

  • Carries Bookescape
    2019-03-06 14:27

    Another wonderful story.I have enjoyed all three stories Chief's,Angels,Travis,Violet

  • Brit
    2019-03-20 13:03

    I loved it. but I loved phoenix rockstar better

  • Faye
    2019-03-17 09:28

    I absolutely loved this book ! The beginning of a heartbreaking love story ! Keep going Bec you soooo rock ! You must come up with a holiday book for this family ! Xmas wood be great to read !

  • Lita Thomas
    2019-03-05 13:29

    really good book. explained a lot. makes me want to reread the first 2 books

  • Fre06 Begum
    2019-03-01 09:26

    The writing style was awful and the male lead turned my stomache I just found his reason for cheating disgusting!

  • Lynea
    2019-03-18 08:13

    I love this story.... Although I think this book should have been the first book of the series. If your going to read this series, I would suggest you read this one first, then book one and two.

  • Michelle ♥ The Romance Vault ♥
    2019-02-22 13:32

    .NOTE THIS SAYS BOOK THREE BUT READ IT FIRST BEFORE PHOENIX ROCKSTAR TO GET THE FULL EFFECT.I have to say Bec Botefuhr is a class act at genius endings in her books. She is one of the best authors I've come across at completely blow you away, out of nowhere finales. I should have realised when starting this book that she'd have something up her sleeve for the ending and boy did she ever! Totally didn't see that coming again and of course I HAVE to read book 2 now to find out about them and what happens next.Completely enthralling read again, Bec's characters are full of life and feel so real I absolutely love reading her books, I honestly don't think I can rave about her enough.Chief is up there with any of the great biker boyfriends out there, he's one of those your drawn too even though you know it's probably wrong, he has that element of danger and completely smacks of drama and sexiness just roles of off him in heady waves, you love him and you hate him and you can't get enough of him.Angel is rich but she's not spoilt, she's caught in Chief's pull and wrong or right she's been caught in his magnetism. She's pulled into a world that is so out of her comfort zone it's unreal and often uncomfortable.Quite emotional too, simply put Bec's book have it all, drama, angst, love and hate, sex and lies; riveting reading in other words.

  • Rosa Sharon (iScream Books Blog)
    2019-02-22 10:17

    5 revised stars...It was the title of this series that captured my attention. I am a lover of all things biker and rock star and I seldom find the two in the same place. However, Chief's Angel is only the biker part, the rock star comes later. Amanda meets Caden for the first time when she was 17 yrs old, and the attraction is immediate. However, they don't get together until she is 21 yrs old and she becomes his Angel, and he is Chief in the Phoenix Motorcycle Club. This is a coming of age story that starts with Amanda being the sheltered daughter of very strict and controlling parents. Will she find the courage to tell them about Caden? Will she be willing to give up everything for love? If she does, will it be worth the sacrifice?"The way I see it, life is about risks, it isn't worth living if you don't take a few".This was my first Bec Botefuhr book, but it definitely won't be my last. She is a very talented author who had me smiling, sighing, laughing, screaming, blushing, and loving... I look forward to reading everything she writes! I enjoyed every chapter of this book, almost.... That's where my title comes in, my 5 revised stars review. Since this book is a series there are events that don't play out in the beginning, but they become clear by the end, the story evolves and fills in all the blanks. "Heck girl, you blush more than a spanked ass."

  • Lisa
    2019-03-06 11:25

    3.5 Stars"The way I see it, life is about risks, it isn't worth living if you don't take a few. If you want to stay in your safe haven, then I won't be the one to drag you out. All I'm asking is for you to take a chance Angel; take a chance with me"I was pleasantly surprised when I read Chief's Angel. I really enjoyed Phoenix Rockstar (book#1), but not a big fan of Heart Song (book#2). Since the author decided to offer this book as a freebie, I decided to take another chance on this series and I'm glad I did. Although the end seemed just a little rushed, and several years of Chief and Angel's life were omitted, I enjoyed reading about the beginning of their love story. I though the overall flow and writing of this book showed a lot of improvement over book two, and the editing, while not perfect was extremely better. I knew that Chief and Angel's story would be powerful and that it included a lot of tragedy, and Mrs. Botefuhr did not disappoint. It had a lot of sexual chemistry, as well as heartache and angst. I also enjoyed the mention of some of the characters in books one and two and it was sweet to read about the budding relationship of Travis and Mischief (Phoenix Rockstar).I would like to thank Mrs. Botefuhr for generously giving us this story. I would definitely recommend this book if you enjoyed the first two books in this series.

  • Becs
    2019-03-17 11:11

    "The way I see it, life is about risks, it isn't worth living if you don't take a few. If you want to stay in your safe haven, then I won't be the one to drag you out. All I'm asking is for you to take a chance Angel, take a chance with me...."**note: For anyone who has not read this series, I highly recommend reading Chief's Angel before Phoenix Rockstar and Heart Song.**How do I begin? This is a whirl wind romance between 2 total opposites. They cannot stay away from each other no matter the circumstances. I had read the 2 other books before this, so it was nice to get a glimpse of the before...and I knew when a certain something went down. *shudders* Have your tissues ready ladies. I would have loved to have read this book before the others, it would have just flowed better to me, and everything comes full circle in the end of Heart Song which I loved. The sex between these two? Off the charts, wowsers. They were so cute, especially Caden aka "Chief"...seeing the bad boy biker be a perfect gentleman. Don't get me wrong, he was definitely the alpha male and walked that line...but damn it. I fell and I fell hard.

  • Kat
    2019-02-23 16:12

    Oh, I hate to give bad reviews, and I think this is the first book I've read that I have given only 2 stars. I feel (as this is only my opinion) that the book was lacking. It had grammar errors, it felt immature,it felt like the skeleton of a good book, but lacked the meat. It also felt like Bec just grabbed cliches from other romance novels and just threw them together mish mash.I know we do not read fiction for reality, but all the same it needs to be a little believable.The main characters where immature, and under developed, the story jumped to much and left out what I would assume as important factors.For me it just didn't feel like it flowed and left with gaping holes and created unanswered questions.I am no writer, but as and avid reader I feel that along the way someone has let the author down, constructive criticism and proof reading and possibly noting some of the holes in the story would have lead to the book being a great deal better.I have to say I am not keen to begin reading the other 2 books of the series. I am hoping that if and when I do, that they improve.We all have to start somewhere and this is only my opinion.

  • Adriana
    2019-03-14 08:23

    I loved that i didnt have to wait long after book two to get book three cus i wanted to read Cheif's and Mandys story. Once again Bec did not disappoint with this book Chief's Angel had me swooning from the start . I loved how they first met with Mandy getting her first Tattoo and Chief giving it too her who would of known they were meant to be . loved the first two books from the series and it was great to go back in time and see how Violets "mischiefs" parents first met and their story was amazing I also loved how the first time Travis sees Violet he feels an instant connection with her even though he was very young and she was just born. This book had me screaming every time Dani the bitch came into the picture lol and I loved Jaxson he was the gay best friend we all need ;) I loved that this is a story of true love . "Chief" Caden is the guy that Mandy "angel" will never stop loving and Vice versa. I loved Chief in both the other books but this one made me love him more. I CANNOT wait to see what Bec writes next cus I know I'll love it just as I love this series . I need all these on paperback ASAP lol

  • Karen
    2019-03-13 13:20

    I almost didn't finish this book... not that I didn't enjoy the story, and I loved the first two books, there were just to many things that didn't add up, and it was bothering me to the point of frustration. For starters the book starts in 1983 the main character is 17. Then there is a header that says two years later 1987, and its her 21st birthday.... that's not 2 years difference. So for 90% of the book we are supposed to be in the mid 80's yet the author is talking about cell phones, texting, and watching the notebook. cellphones in the 80's were huge and sometimes connected to a bag... not something you would just grab out of your pocket, and not very many people had them due to cost. Texting didn't start happening until the early 2000's, and the notebook wasn't released until 2004. with that being said I had a hard time getting into the story. If your going to write a story that was set in the past check your facts.. I loved the story I just had a hard time taking it seriously because of things that were impossible for the time the story was supposed to be written.

  • Denise
    2019-02-22 15:08

    I enjoyed this book, despite all the other reviews. Aside from the reference of a cell phone and DNA testing it's about a bad boy biker Caden/Chief that falls in love with a good girl Amanda who he nicknames Angel. Like Caden say " There is always a good girl that makes a bad boy see what he is missin' out on" Oh so true for him in more ways then one.You if haven't read the first two books, you can still read this and still understand what is going on since this is about the parents. Caden loves Angel with ever fiber of his being but the club will always come first whether he wants to admit it to himself or not. Family means a lot and for whatever reason he choose his club over the family he and Angel created. Sad to know that Chief cheated to get back at his enemy, no excuses would ever change that. He breaks Angel's heart with that and she leave but never denies him the close bond he has with his daughter.

  • Trixie
    2019-03-06 14:19

    What did I think of this book? Since I read the entire series, this review will cover it all (Book 1, 2 & 3). I liked the characters, I thought they were colorful and more realistic. Not so wishy-washy like some books are written today. I also believe that life is sometimes like it is depicted in this book, which was quite refreshing. I live in an urban city with a high crime rate, so eye rolling and Oh My God! she didn't just make that character do that, didn't really come into play for me. It touched on subjects that are considered taboo to write about (not all sexually) and I thought that those scenes were written really well. Through a lot of the series, sometimes I cringed, but mostly, I thought, I can see that happening. Because I am sometimes (a lot) OCD, I would have liked the third book to be the first book, but all in all, reading it as it was written, worked well. I give the entire series 4 stars.

  • Just - The romance reader
    2019-03-20 15:30

    This book started me on a tattooed biker rocker phase. I read this book first in the series as it's the beginning although it's listed on goodreads as number three. Since reading this book I just can't stop reading about bad boy characters. Love them and Chief was no exception! Rarely do I get so hooked on a series that I have to read the entire thing one after the other, but I did with the Biker Rockstar series.There's lots of angst and tough situations among the characters, some painful parts that if you get sucked in like I did you'll have difficulty reading because you get to parts that leave you wondering if they'll make it through together. If you like a good romance with some drama mixed in and plenty of bad boys definitely read Chief's Angel, then read the rest of the series!