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Nicholas Ford, a successful club owner in his mid-thirties, decided a while back to deny his Daddy nature in order to follow his family’s advice and settle down. The day before he is to attend his girlfriend’s sister’s wedding, he makes an appearance at his BDSM club and runs into Kayla, a bubbly Little Girl who captures his undivided attention. Look but don’t touch, NichoNicholas Ford, a successful club owner in his mid-thirties, decided a while back to deny his Daddy nature in order to follow his family’s advice and settle down. The day before he is to attend his girlfriend’s sister’s wedding, he makes an appearance at his BDSM club and runs into Kayla, a bubbly Little Girl who captures his undivided attention. Look but don’t touch, Nicholas tells himself. What he doesn’t know is that Kayla’s in town to go to her cousin’s wedding…Word count: about 15 000...

Title : Daddy's Touch
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Daddy's Touch Reviews

  • warhawke
    2019-02-27 15:03

    Genre: EroticaType: Standalone Book 1 from Touch novella seriesPOV: First Person - MaleRating: Nicholas Ford was being pressured by his family and girlfriend to settle down. He wanted that but not in a way everyone had in mind. After leaving behind his true nature a few months earlier, his other side was desperate to come back especially after meeting a perfect Little Girl.Kayla Brandon was the black sheep of her family. Being different from others made her wary about being what naturally came to her. She wanted to be taken care off and be free of decision making. Luckily, someone was already waiting to take the role.I haven't read a lot of DD/lg kink, but this one is definitely my favorite. It was fun and sexy, without being too... weird. What turns me on the most is a girl's submission and her vulnerability. I have a need to be in total control: to protect, to possess, to care for. Affection is very important to me, both giving and taking.Nicholas seemed like a good Daddy. He was caring and stern enough without being too much. I could work with someone like him lol! "Oh, Daddy." She looks away, embarrassed, and that giggle comes out as a squeak. "Why are you touching my girly parts?"Kayla was adorable. The big part of me liking her instead of being annoyed is because she wasn't some naive innocent girl. She had it in her and expressed it through role playing. "Um…" I'd say she's noticed my erection now. "What's that?" A shiver runs through me. "Unzip and find out. It's best if you get down on your knees."The story was simple and for a short novella it was enough. I just wish for a little bit more of the characters' background.I find it slightly disturbing that I'm liking the DD/lg dynamics more and more each day. But rest assured, I'm not hanging up my red riding crop anytime soon. Besides, I can always be the Mummy hahaha!Note: This book made me giggled like a Little Girl lol! :pBooks in the series:For more reviews/reveals/giveaways visit:

  • Val ⚓️ ShamelessBitchySKANKY ⚓️ Steamy Reads
    2019-03-18 11:03

    So I should probably be embarrassed that I liked a book where the H wants to be called Daddy and have his partner pretend to be a schoolgirl with a "kitty." But I'm not. In fact, I learned from this book that there is a whole genre dedicated to this age-play thing and I have already found my next completely inappropriate smut-fest research project. Toodles!

  • Mirjana **DTR - Down to Read**
    2019-03-23 12:43

    Um, whoa! Note to self: read blurbs more carefully and don't jump on a freebie like an ebook slut. This was not what I was expecting. Totally my fault and not the book.

  • Kitten Mercer
    2019-03-19 13:45

    3.5 Stars!This short novella was by far the naughtiest Age Play/Daddy book I've read. Really enjoyed this. If you're looking for a quick, steamy, angst-free book to read in your spare time, look no further! Daddy/little girl kink, smexin' oral, hot bathtub-sex action, bunch of dirty talks, etc.—this novella has it all!The intimate scenes were very descriptive and Filthy with a Capital F, definitely worth masturbating for.Warning, explicit scenes ahead!At one point, this happened—"You want Daddy's cock in your greedy kitty.""But it's so big," she whimpers. "I don't—I'm not sure..."I tsk her and drag my erection along her soaking slit. "Now you want to change your mind?" I chuckle darkly, pushing the head of my cock inside of her. I stifle a groan at the sensational feeling. "I'm afraid that's not how it works, sweetheart." Another inch. She grits out a moan. "You've teased Daddy, and now he wants this."I slam my cock inside of her, causing water to splash around us.Kayla cries out.I moan and let my head roll back.—without using protection whatsoever. And then throw in a little bit of cum play scene, too.Thrusting shallowly and impatiently into her tight pussy, my climax takes over, shooting through my entire being at a lightning speed. A strained groan slips out. My fingers dig into her flesh; I go rigid. Pulsing streams of come stroke her inner walls which creates a sloppy sound as I fuck my way through one of the most spectacular orgasms of my life.Yep, they did it totally bare, and it was only their second encounter seeing each other!My only complain is that I wish this was turned into a full-length novel. Nicholas and Kayla have a chemistry so strong you could feel it while indulging in this book. I only wish we get to read more of them together. I want to see them grow as a Daddy/little girl couple. The readers would have probably enjoyed this a whole lot more if that was the case.That said, I'm not ashamed to say that I liked this book. A lot.If you're worried about cheating or any sex with OW, there's absolutely none in this book. However, the hero did have a "vanilla relationship" with a woman his age in the beginning of this novella, one he didn't love at all. He didn't officially end things with her though throughout the book, but there was zero feelings he had toward her.There were also mentions of his intimate pasts (D/s relationships) with other women he also treated as his "little girl" but it was just that, there were no emotional attachments/feelings involved whatsoever. At the age of thirty six, he never thought about settling down with anyone. Until he meets Kayla, and all tables have been turned.

  • Mercedes
    2019-03-11 15:41

    This was a quick smutty read about a DD/lg couple. It was well done but it was shorter than I would have liked. There was definitely an interesting plot, it was just way condensed in this short novella. I think the condensed plot would have supported a longer story had the author wished to write one. The encounters between Nicholas and Kayla were hot, some of the terminology used in a DD/lg relationship is a bit weird for me but regardless, it was an enjoyable quick read. I would definitely check out more stuff from this author, I would be particularly interested if this story was expanded.**I read this as part of my Kindle Unlimited Subscription**

  • Steelwhisper
    2019-03-01 08:40

    Whether erotic romance or erotica, I have to root for the main characters. I don't mind secondary characters being arseholes, cheaters or worse, but if I need to "slip into" a character to enjoy the story, then this character had better behave in a manner I find acceptable.I do not find cheating acceptable. Especially not in a romance, because cheaters never change. Neither a HFN nor a HEA are plausible, because the cheater will just go on cheating on the new partner, immediately or eventually. Nicholas cheats like a prime arsehole. He still is very much in a relationship while he has sex (this can't even be called "just scening") with a stranger at a BDSM club he owns. A stranger whom he falls for in instant lust. This is worsened by the fact how his girlfriend is painted a "bitch" by him and the author, while Nicholas actually is the fecking arsehole who engages in a vanilla relationship - knowingly! - and then gets disgruntled with Amanda for being simply what she is. A vanilla girl with vanilla dreams of a marriage, children and a loving husband. At this point I call this out as massive kinkster-shaming and BDSM-shaming of the author. Few kinksters I know will enter a relationship when they know 100% that they are and will stay unsatisfied with their vanilla partners. Consent, sanity and safety extend to the vanilla partners as much as to playpartners. The done thing is to inform the vanilla partner and back off if they are not agreeing to play-relationships on the side. Amanda didn't have a figment of a chance to consent: she doesn't even know Nicholas is kinky himself. She doesn't know he cheats while at the club, whether just mentally or actually. He didn't even tell her that he owns the club for a reason other than making money. And at the end he shut her out of his flat without even finding the backbone to tell her about it. What a fecking louse! And I am supposed to root for that arsehole?The writing of this story is quite askew. Nicholas voice was curious. Not just that the book was written in present tense first POV, which screams "bad fanfiction" loud and clear, he also sounds very much like a woman having quite female-centric thought processes.Which is, well, curious in a guy. There also was quite the typical, lazy "erotica-speak" (my inner beast, ghosting hands, ...) which current betas and editors appear to be tone-deaf about, and so sorry, but a vulva can't be soaking in juices while submerged in a jacuzzi. No way, no how.The story moved far too fast, from meeting to casual sex to wanting to marry, and missed out on basic sex-ed and precaution/prevention right along with it. I don't know many SSC BDSMers who don't use dental dams and condoms, or who would engage in sex without even asking about the STD status. Which made the protagonists utterly stupid buggers.Lastly, I found it rather funny that the author relegates fire and blood play to the edgeplay activities without acknowledging that in many BDSM communities Daddy/Little play is regarded as exactly that and not even rarely frowned upon. There are enough kink-friendly psychiatrists and therapists even who closely scrutinise DD/LG-play as potentially overstepping the linear reach of what can be and is being considered a harmful fetish. Not all kinks can or should be exploited as handy plot devices for mass market erotica, at least not without awareness of the inherent problems.So, not positively taken with this story and not recommended.

  • Michelle
    2019-02-26 09:44

    Wow!! Now that's a quickie before bed!!!

  • ♆ BookAddict✒ La Crimson Femme
    2019-03-19 15:49

    Short, sweet and adorable, just as age play little girls can be. This is a nicely written ageplay with a little girl looking for a good Daddy. It's romantic and embodies the parts about littles and Daddies I enjoy. There is no humiliation in here. Instead it's good relationship developing that I could read more about. It's way too short. Where's the rest of it? I do like that there is no drama with the break up which the reader had to sit through. It does however leave the story feel a bit unfinished.

  • J. Kahele
    2019-03-24 12:36

    Well!That was most definitely the hottest short I have every read. Forty eight pages of raw, unadulterated, heavy doses of smut!

  • Meret Punk
    2019-02-28 15:36

    3 stars (:When I started this book, I didnt know what I was getting myself into xD..I just really liked this book's name, and when I realised it was short, decided to read it right away xD..I really enjoyed the begining of the book, when Nick talked about himself and when he met Kayla.. But then I dont know what happened, I wasnt enjoying it much as the pages went by.. And I dont think I will be reading the rest of this series soon :( ..

  • Amy Spector
    2019-03-22 08:39

    Have you ever gone to Disney World and come home with a Mickey T-shirt that a few weeks later had you wondering what the hell you were thinking?Yes? No?Have you ever read a kink book that for at least a little while had you thinkingThat's for me! ? I guess I was kind of hoping for that.I'm actually torn about rating this one at all. I knew going in that it would take a great deal of character development for me to embrace the Little thing and this is a short read. A very short read. And in a world where most readers what sex, this instant, now, we all know the shortcuts that sometimes need to be taken. Add to those things the fact that this book looks to be Cara Dee's first? Well, good lucky honey.(view spoiler)[Story wise, there seemed to just be formula without any real development. We had the hero (?), the innocent and the villain. I didn't like that Amanda was shown so one-dimensionally. The shrew of a vanilla girlfriend that wanted a commitment too fast and apparently for all the wrong reasons. (Or at least if we take Nicholas' internal justifications as truth.) It makes sense because we are supposed to feel Nicholas' behavior is understandable. But the fact was, part of Nicholas resented her becsuse she wasn't into something he had never told her he was into.My view on Nicholas got better as the story went on. Written from his POV we got to know him more than the others and at least he knew he was being unfair and kind of an ass. I don't have to like a character to "like" a character. There were too many adverbs used to describe Kayla's actions and reactions. And I never felt like I got to know her at all, other than her being attractive and "giggling" a lot. Without knowing her I wasn't able to see her appeal to Nicholas unless it was that he wanted a committed relationship and to be someone's daddy, and she wanted a commited relationship and to be a Little.There was a few rather hot sex scenes. And it set itself up perfectly for further stories. Hopefully longer stories that develop the players a good deal.In the end, my overall apathy for the story has less to do with the kind of story, as it did the stories execution. (hide spoiler)]All said and done, I'm not throwing the idea of another Little read completely out. I think maybe this stories just needs to be read with its sequels and judged as a whole. And since I'm not opposed to maybe doing that in the future, that probably says something.["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Jabberwocky
    2019-03-09 14:02

    Title: Look But Don't TouchSeries: (Touch, #1)Author: Cara DeeGenre: Adult, EroticaRating: 4-StarsCliffhanger: (view spoiler)[More like HFN (hide spoiler)]HEA: (view spoiler)[More like HFN (hide spoiler)]Okay, so. Here's the deal: while I realllllly liked this story, there wasn't much of it. And that was hella disappointing. Because it's hard to find a DD/lg romance where I like both the storyline and the characters—which I did thoroughly enjoy everything about Look But Don't Touch...but it only took me, like, thirty minutes to read and I wanted morrrrrre!!!! Overall, I wish the story would've been built upon; a novel instead of a short story. I wish Cara Dee would've told Nicolas and Kayla's entire story—from start to finish. But as it is, Look But Don't Touch only had the potential to be a favorite read, and stopped short of being so. *sad face* ["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • jenTed
    2019-03-12 08:02

    Loved it!That is all :)And loved it just as much the second time too!

  • CasPerfitz~SLiTsReaD
    2019-03-13 15:34

    I just finished reading this.... It's really a short read and I gotta say I find the terms/lines they use kinda funny... like :"And now your kitty's all needy and achy?""Tell me, where do you want Daddy's ****?" "In my kitty," here kitty kitty, lol...But it's hot if you're into Daddy/Little girl rule play AND it's a short read!

  • Angela
    2019-03-04 10:34

    I really liked it, I did. Nickolas was Uber Alpha, to me and soooo hot. Yes, I found him HOT!!!I usually get so pissy with these type of stories because the girl is always overly bratty and I can not stand reading page after page of overly bratty girl. Having said that, this story is so NOT that! Well except for Amanda, Nickolas' current girlfriend who ends up being a nasty person but, she gets what she needs in the end....promise!Then there is Kayla, she is a sweet girl who deserves to find a man like Nickolas. You know there is a HEA but, I wish there was just one more chapter to take me just a little bit further.

  • Mirjam
    2019-03-14 15:59

    "Did you like it when Daddy touched you down there?" She swallows. "Um…I-I don’t know," she whispers. "No one's ever done that to me before."I guess if you are into the Daddy-role-play this is kinda hot. It's a really short read and I thought it kind of funny. Nothing spectacular. A quick read that will have you either roll your eyes or make you giggle.....

  • Awilk -never sleeps-
    2019-03-20 15:55

    3.5StarsA quick hot little read involving Daddy/baby girl kink. Not something that I would always enjoy, but Nicolas was a character who I liked and made this an entertaining read.Off to the next one.

  • Heather K (dentist in my spare time)
    2019-03-15 14:55

    Kindle freebie 3/28/15!

  • Maria »viajante estática« Sales
    2019-02-21 10:56

    Hm, okay, so this was fine, just fine. I don't get all the hype, cause it wasn't that good. I love DD/LG, but I was running out of new books on the subject, and Look But Don't Touch is the first book on a Daddy Kink list, so why not give it a chance? Well I had no idea that every book had different stories, I thought it would be a cliffhanger or something.Anyway, the hero is kind of still in a relationship when something happens between him and the heroine, so I was a little wowed and not in a good way. It was too short for me to connect with any of the characters and even the insta love, which is something I usually like, felt weird.It was fine.Just fine.

  • Karen111
    2019-03-10 10:54

    I'm not 100% on board with the Daddy/Little Girl theme, but I'm open to reading about it if it's done well, and in this case I feel it was. It made me feel a bit squiffy at times, and I had to remind myself that they were both consenting adults, but still.....To be honest it's more the dialogue than anything else. But, whatever floats your boat. The reason I gave it 3 stars was because the H turned into a bit of a sap with his insta-everything. He was in such a rush to tie the h to him, that he almost forgot he had a girlfriend. Tut tut. As the series moves on, there are different BDSM themes, which I'm happy about. I like to dip my toe in the water with different themes to see what others are up to!

  • Natalie
    2019-03-16 08:55

    Oh Holy Hotness!!! I freaking loved this!!! Cara has brought the word daddy kink to a whole new leval. I feel like I have to go to church or something. It was so hot. Panty changing hot, no joke! Loved the writing, it was really great. this author sure has potential. Let us hope she writes a full length novel someday soon. it would be on top of my to-buy list if she did. Serously, I have loved everything by this author so far, well...almost. but that was not just my kind of story (ff)The only reason I give it three stars is because it is so short, but it is more like 3,99 stars..Can't wait to get the second installment.

  • Didi
    2019-03-23 12:37

    This was short, which is a shame. And to maintain solidarity, I'll keep my review short as well.This was dirty, sexy, raunchy and did I mention dirty? ;-)))Daddy kink takes center stage and I was either laughing or had my mouth hanging wide open. Holy bejuses! The scenes were hot and provocative, damn! And you don't have to be into daddy kink to enjoy it because I certainly am not. But if you want sexy and different, here you go!There are 2 other novellas in this series ( Touch ) and I am definitely planning on gobbling those up!

  • Kiri Fiona
    2019-03-10 13:45

    Raunchy, smutty, sexy age-play. I loved this.- It's a short story, so it's quick, easy reading - no drama, no backstory to speak of. Just smut. Glorious, age-play smut.- This was the first age-play story I've read, and I loved it. CDs use of words was perfection, her descriptions were hot, the way her characters talked was sexy.- This might fall under the 'short story' point, but I really enjoyed how to the point and straightforward Nicholas and Kayla were together. I guess if it had been a full length novel we would have seen obstacles and plot devices, but this one didn't really have any. It was just sexy times and a little bit of words in between to take us to the next sexy times. That worked for me.- Imma go ahead and call this what it is: cheating. I get that Nicholas technically doesn't touch Kayla before he has his quasi-breakup conversation with his girlfriend, but gummon. If my man was sitting between some other girls legs watching her play with herself?I thought this might be creepy, but I ended up totally into it. I've read a few more age-play stories since this one, and it's definitely the writing that makes this one hot. I found the creepiness in other books of this genre, but CD did a fantastic job here. Loved it!

  • Tana
    2019-03-17 08:41

    Look But Don't Touch by Cara DeeThis is a story about a man who hides what he truly desires in a relationship, mainly because his parents tell him its time he settles down. Problem with that is he is unhappy with a plain vanilla relationship.Look But Don't Touch is when what he desires is standing right in front him and he knows he shouldn't touch.Not sure if I like this type fetish and pretty sure I wouldn't read something like this again, not because of the writing, just not my type of book. But I still read the whole thing, and the writing was good. Gave it a 3 star rating.

  • MsKingsPens
    2019-02-28 12:39

    This was better than expected (I wasn't really aware of Dd/lg as a sub genre because apparently I live on Mars). I was pleasantly surprised by how much Cara Dee packed into 48 pages. It's clear there will be more of this couple later but the ending felt satisfying.Unfortunately, I couldn't get over Kayla's connection to Nicholas's girlfriend. Books 5 and 6 sound intriguing so I think I'll skip around in this series.

  • Elaine
    2019-03-06 14:58

    3.5 Stars....Phew that was a hot short read!!

  • Kat Desi
    2019-03-10 12:54

    Whoa, I read this during a long bus ride and I swear I was blushing the entire time. I have read my share of BDSM stories but very few Daddy/bg age play stories, so this theme is still a bit taboo to me. Now, if most age play stories are written like this then I wouldn't mind reading more of them :p

  • EroticaAfterDark (Lilith)
    2019-03-24 11:34

    What I expected: the discovery of a temptation and the torture of trying to withstand it.What I got: "Oh, I shouldn't. Nah, I'm doing it anyway."I don't know what I did expect from 48 pages.I always thought I'm not made for shorter novellas, but I have been proven wrong by some of them. This is why I cannot be mild here.Things happen so fast, that the temptation, seduction and erotica almost leaves me indifferent, which is a shame. This story had potential, but the author seemingly didn't have the patience to explore it.I probably would have been less dissapointed if I hadn't learned that the sequel is NOT about this pairing. And my rating would have been higher, too.

  • Mina
    2019-02-24 07:34

    The story is captivating, it keeps you on the edge of the seat while you read how Nicholas suppresses his desires, and mentally you are already begging for him to let go, but it isn't until he meets Kayla you discover that one time won't be enough, neither for Nicholas and Kayla, or for you, the reader. These two characters are passionate and clearly know what they want, one craves control and the other needs her Daddy's touch. I was incapable of putting this story down, and I must confess that I keep looking on what page I was in, fearing that it was ending too soon. I admit I am now a greedy little girl wanting more of these amazing characters Cara has created. I give this novella 5 pacifie- I mean, 5 stars for this great tale, and I look forward to the next installment of this series.

  • Janell
    2019-03-24 09:52

    I had never heard of Cara Dee, but a few days ago, in my newsfeed I saw where someone I didn't know was now friends with "K.I. Lynn" and "Shay Savage." I clicked on the reader's name and saw she had also just become friends w/ "Cara Dee." If this person was adding these 3 authors at the same time, I knew I needed to check out this third author - considering I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the first two!I discovered that yes, she is right up there with the other two - just needs to come out with a full length novel now (which, I just saw on her facebook page, she is working on!)It's a very SHORT read - less than 50 pages. But OH MY!