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Fiona and Gieo are back in the third book in the Raven Ladies series! The war of retribution against the city of Juarez has gone well through the autumn and winter months. Fiona, at the head of a fresh army of Ravens provided by the new White Queen Alondra, has captured or killed the fleeing remnants of the Juarez invaders responsible for the massacre at Tombstone. SupportFiona and Gieo are back in the third book in the Raven Ladies series! The war of retribution against the city of Juarez has gone well through the autumn and winter months. Fiona, at the head of a fresh army of Ravens provided by the new White Queen Alondra, has captured or killed the fleeing remnants of the Juarez invaders responsible for the massacre at Tombstone. Supported by Gieo and her fledgling air force of modified World War II planes, Fiona is set to end the war of retribution with a final blow to the last bastion of the Juarez drug cartel. Before the final blow can be struck, the Slark make their return to the conflict, restored to their former glory and strength.After a disastrous battle, Fiona’s army is on the verge of breaking and Gieo has fallen into the hands of the marauder warlord General McKenzie. Fiona must leave the Ravens to find her captured beloved, riding out alone into the desert to seek help from the revived Apache Nation, the spirit world, and Gieo’s robot companion, Ramen, who is discovered to be of sinister origins.Riding through the post-apocalyptic world of Dead Texas, Fiona infiltrates McKenzie’s marauders only to find the Ravens have once again lied to her. Fiona’s rescue might end in wedding bells or betrayal and seems destined for bloodshed either way....

Title : The Gunfighter's Gambit
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The Gunfighter's Gambit Reviews

  • Erin
    2019-03-19 01:57

    An unexpected and fun adventure! I had a wonderful time with this third installment of The Raven Ladies series. I have to come out right now and say that I skipped over the second book in the series and jumped right into this one. I did it for two reasons though, the main one being I loved Geio and Fiona so much that I just had to continue their story right away and the second being that I read reviews of Steam Powered Sniper and I'm not really interested in reading about a bisexual protagonist. I don't read lesbian romance/thriller/adventure books to have heterosexual relationships take up my time. Anyway, I love Duffy's writing and I almost certainly will go back and read it at some point.On to the book at hand though, I was really impressed with Duffy's growth as a writer and world builder. This was a rich experience for me. It read beautifully and I actually got sucked into the small town life that Geio found herself in the middle of. Both Geio and Fiona had strong growth as characters and their time apart only strengthened their bond. In addition, Duffy created excellent supporting characters that I don't want to spoil. That's the mark of a great writer though, characters have layers and your initial impression gives way to deeper understanding and affection.In terms of the expected parts, action, sexiness and so forth, Duffy continues to be very strong. The violence is well written and visceral and had me fearing for characters I loved on more than one occasion. The sex takes a backseat to the adventure to a greater degree than in the first book and as usual for me I would have liked a little more time spent with our heroes before the book ended. But as to the main part of the story, the lack of it was not a detriment. I appreciate her not forcing it where it didn't belong and I always prefer books where the writer shows restraint. I find that makes the steamy parts all the hotter.So I highly recommend this book and the first one to all fans of lesbian adventure and scifi. I can't talk about the second obviously, you'll have to make your own decision.

  • Mike Reid
    2019-03-16 06:36

    Fiona and Gieo are back! With a whole new cast of characters supporting the two heroine's, this book delivers with action, great dialog and of course, lesbian lovemaking! I had become a huge fan of Cassandra Duffy since Gunfighter and The Gear-Head and have read all of her books. Truly a gifted and talented writer and she gets better and better with each book she publishes.

  • Simon Wood
    2019-02-19 22:34

    I'll be damned if this book wasn't actually excellent.The first two in the series I thought were fun, clever, often exciting books - but ultimately a little messy. With the first one I feel like the author was probably having a little too much fun with the girl on girl action (This is kind of a petty complaint because it ain't like I dipped my toe into this series for too many other reasons) - which looked to be a carry over from the types of short story erotica she writes. The plot as a whole was also a little muddled, with too many separate 'adventures' happening one after the other making it feel a little like a series of short stories, rather than one cohesive whole.Still - sexy, violent stuff set in a kick-ass Post-Apocalyptic Sci-Fi Western world, people by some really cool characters.With the second one I feel like the author realized the story was actually more important than the erotica so it pretty much disappeared from the series, and the story as a whole was far better structured. The change in tempo though, with the more dour War Story, and the whole new set of characters - none of whom were anywhere near as exciting or fun as the ones from the last story - didn't help things much. It also featured some pretty clunky coincidences early on which annoyed me. With this third installment the characters from the first book are back, and with them, the far more enjoyable Sci-Fi Western setting. And man, has Duffy got her shit down tight in this one. This chick has always been able to write action well - really visceral, dynamic, fast moving stuff - but in this one she really out does herself. From intimate moments that suddenly explode into horrific violence, to large scale battle scenes with big shoot outs.All told though, it's the two central characters that make this book shine. Gieo is incredibly lovable, and in separating her from Fiona, she is able to fully come into her own - and in a very specific way, which I thought was really well handled in this book. However it's in Fiona that Duffy has created something truly special. Psychos make fun bad guys, but they also make really fun heroes, and in this book, now that the author knows her characters and her world inside and out, Fiona is elevated to legendary status.A cold blooded killer with just enough soft spots to make us comfortable with the fact that we can't help but adore her.Aside from all of the above, this is simply a rich, expertly told tale. Two separate heroes journeys bringing them and their worlds full circle.And it's all still sexy as hell.

  • J. David Clarke
    2019-03-08 04:47

    Book 3 of the series brings back Fiona and Gieo, the main characters of book 1, and it is a welcome return as their differences and their bond make them really interesting and entertaining characters. When pilot Gieo's plane is shot down in battle, she ends up being taken prisoner in a strange technology-free Texas town. Meanwhile Fiona is out to find her lover and bring her back, and woe be to anyone who gets in the way! The book is filled with action, intrigue, lots of humor and is a blast to read, as well as featuring Duffy's usual pitch perfect ear for dialogue, fascinating people (and aliens and robots and coyotes) and really amazing world building. Highly recommended.

  • Sandy
    2019-02-21 04:35

    I really enjoyed this latest installment of the Raven Ladies series. In this one, Geio and Fiona are separated for most of the book and their stories alternate chapters. Both stories were interesting tangents and I really liked how the characters developed. It's definitely still violent but it fit the characters and story. Well done.