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Holt, Mira, and Max have fled Midnight City with Zoey after watching her repel an entire Assembly army. Zoey's powers are unlocked, but who and what she is remains a mystery. All she knows is that she must reach the Severed Tower, an infamous location in the middle of the world's most dangerous landscape: The Strange Lands, a place where the laws of physics have completelyHolt, Mira, and Max have fled Midnight City with Zoey after watching her repel an entire Assembly army. Zoey's powers are unlocked, but who and what she is remains a mystery. All she knows is that she must reach the Severed Tower, an infamous location in the middle of the world's most dangerous landscape: The Strange Lands, a place where the laws of physics have completely broken down. But the closer they get to the Tower, the more precarious things become. The Assembly has pursued Zoey into the Strange Lands. Among them is a new group, their walkers and machines strangely bereft of any color, stripped to bare metal, and whose agenda seems to differ from the rest. To make matters worse, the group hunting Holt are here, too, led by a dangerous and beautiful pirate named Ravan. So is Mira's first love, Benjamin Aubertine, whose singular ambition to reach the Tower threatens to get them all killed.Then there's the Strange Lands themselves. They have inexplicably begun to grow, spreading outwards, becoming more powerful. Somehow, it all seems tied to Zoey herself, and the closer she gets to the Tower, the weaker she becomes....

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The Severed Tower Reviews

  • Andrew (BritBookBoy)
    2018-12-05 12:29

    "Why do we make our decisions after it's too late?" Holt asked quietly. "Even when they seem obvious. Why don't we make them right there and then, instead?"The second addition to the Conquered Earth series sees the return of Mira, Holt, Zoey and 'The Max' as they leave behind Midnight City, and all the trouble they caused there, in a quest to reach the heart of the Strange Lands in search of answers. Full of fast paced action, fun and interesting new characters and more explosions than a Die Hard movie, this sequel kicked some serious ass.Midnight City was a book that on first inspection I wasn't blown away by, dare I say I was even a little disappointed by it despite loving the concept of the novel and the world it was set in (I'm such a sucker for anything with aliens, so probe me!) After having re-read it before diving into it's sequel, however, I found myself falling more and more in love with this Conquered Earth and The Severed Tower has completely reinforced that feeling.This book begins almost immediately after the events of Midnight City, with an absolutely explosive opening chapter no less, that throws the reader straight back into the high adrenaline action familiar in it's predecessor. This is something J. Barton Mitchell truly excels at, creating beautifully vivid scenes of an already distorted Earth and then blowing the absolute shit out of them with a plasma canon or two...or five hundred.The first book was fairly light on character development, something I could overlook with a fair amount of ease given it's fast, action heavy plot. Mitchell more than makes up for this here, however, with the introduction of some characters that shed some (not so flattering) light on both Mira and Holt's past and how the Assembly's invasion had impacted them and their decisions in the name of survival. Their relationship with one another grew more complex and though the romance was very much in the background throughout (something I was relieved about) I couldn't help but root for them.ZOEY! Undoubtedly the single most adorable character you could ever find in a book, seriously she's so cute she makes a panda cub look repulsive. She was so much more than that though, her strength and willingness to sacrifice anything in the name of protecting and helping her friends was such a pleasure to read about and those powers man!! Her interactions with 'The Max' were also so sweet.The inclusion of the new characters and their POVs gave a greater insight into how the world worked post-Assembly and what the children left had to do in order to survive was utterly awesome, especially the White Helix and those magic effing crystals. I WANT! The Menagerie and their badass mofo of a leader, Ravan was also a brilliant addition to the ensemble, a true bitch in every sense of the word, but I couldn't help but adore her.This was a great read, a brilliantly exciting story with some awesome characters and enough action to put Tom Cruise's career to shame. Cannot wait for the conclusion!I read this as an ebook, but I find the covers for this series stunning, so I had to go ahead and order them as hardbacks. I plan on just sitting and staring at them when the arrive, and eventually re-reading!

  • Kazhy (My Library in the Making)
    2018-11-24 14:14

    Actual rating: 4.5(View this review on My Library in the Making.)Quotable: Compassion comes in all kinds of flavors. But they don't all taste like pumpkin pie.Holy cheesecakes—The Severed Tower was amazing! The book picks up a few days after the events of Midnight City, and I was so easily sucked back in to the author's crazy, perilous world. A bulk of the story takes place in the Strange Lands, and I imagine navigating the deadly, constantly-changing landscape was a nightmare for the characters, but for the reader who's safely tucked in a corner, it's a whole lot of fun.The Severed Tower doesn't waste time with history lessons of what happened in book one, instead thrusting us straight back to action. This may confuse those who read Midnight City a while back, so I suggest a re-read before diving into this one—which is exactly what I did, so it certainly feels like I've been living in this fictional world for days now. I feel sad to be leaving it until the next book is out.Part One in the first book was quite a struggle for me to get through, but The Severed Tower's was such a breeze. New characters are introduced, people from Holt's and Mira's pasts who give us a deeper knowing of just who they had been. Yep, I'm talking about love interests. I won't discuss them in great detail to avoid tiny spoilers, but know that the distorted love square frustrated me. But then the Assembly started firing their plasma bolts and blowing things up, so what little stagnancy that brought was quickly ended.A number of mysteries had to be solved in this book: Zoey's real purpose, why the Strange Lands was getting even more insane, and the Assembly. As if the heart-pumping action wasn't enough to keep me reading, these ticking time bombs had me at the edge of my seat. I looked at each lengthy chapter and told myself, "Just one more", but it was simply too hard to stop. And aside from the Menagerie and other Freebooters, another group of characters added color and kickass to this book: spear-wielding, post-apocalyptic ninjas who could see without their eyes. Their reckoning brought totally-unexpected tears to my eyes.Everything about The Severed Tower is eerily close to perfection. Action-packed and unpredictable, this is one of the most fast-paced books I've read this year, maybe even ever. This sequel gave answers as much as the first book held them back, and the ending was nothing if not a shocker. Just give me the next book already!MY FAVORITE PART was Zoey getting her answers.

  • Jen | Jen Talks Audiobooks
    2018-12-10 19:13

    Update 1-6-13: Even better as a re-read. This series is fantastic. The science/metaphysics is so cool!Wow. Action, apocalypse, physics, intelligent science, aliens, and the barest hint of a romance. The science was the best!

  • Brittany Marin
    2018-12-15 18:27

    I received the book for free through Goodreads First Reads. I am not typically one to read a series out of order. However, having received this book before I had an opportunity to get a copy of Midnight City, I decided to read the first couple chapters. My intention was to put the book down after the first chapter or two, the next thing I knew it was 4:00 am and I had read nearly half the book. I did not expect to be pulled in so quickly and completely, I simply couldn't put the book down. I was enthralled by the world J. Barton Mitchell created.Mitchell beautifully combines magic, science, and aliens in this dystopian world. I especially appreciated the thought put into the science behind the magic and how such things are possible in the first place. This world is unique and thought out, and the characters therein are complex and well-developed. I can't think of a single character I didn't like, with the exception of the alien enemy. Even so, I did enjoy briefly seeing the world through his eyes.Although I hadn't read the first book, I had no problem following the plot of this book. I am certain there are things I missed out on, which is why I intend to reread The Severed Tower once I've read Midnight City. After which, I look forward to reading what happens next.

  • Amber Myers
    2018-12-03 19:29

    http://amberleannbookreviews.blogspot...I won this book in a goodreads give a way. Yay me.I have to say I enjoyed this book a lot more then I enjoyed the first book. I love how creative J. Barton Mitchell is and how he made this whole world and how cool it was. I loved following the character Zoey, Holt and Mira they felt like a little family to me. I also really liked the new characters that were added.It sadly took me a while to read this book because I was pretty busy but it is a really good book I certainly loved it from beginning to end.Oh also another cool thing is we get to know about Mira and Holts past. Which is awesome. Just really loved that cause it was such a mystery.If you have read the first book you should certainly read the second book. Really good and im usually not into books like this!Now just one more year for the 3rd book Valley of Fires.

  • Courtney Nicole
    2018-12-01 15:13

    4.70•The world building for this book series with the aliens, the Strange Lands and it's anomalies/ artifacts are my favorite parts. Just super interesting and I always want more info about them! •Almost feel like this would be an epic read as an adult book instead of YA (obviously I'm still a fan but it's just a thought I've had.)•Also, feels like it could have been completed as a duology instead of tacking on another book BUT nevertheless I'll be picking up the third and final book to see how it all ends up.

  • Y. C.
    2018-12-13 13:22

    I seem to have dug out this book while cleaning out my closet. Oh look! There are sticky notes all over the place.Let's see... I really liked the characters. I did not read the first book, so I have no idea what they started out like, but this book was good in the sense that it mad everything clearer.The plot was a bit slow, in my opinion. I was expecting something fast- paced judging from the blurb, but there was too much sidetracking. There wasn't enough focus on the original goal I think.

  • Araseli
    2018-11-28 15:19

    Good second book. This book had some of the same elements as the first one, so I like this book too. I enjoyed the element of surprise or twist this author placed here and there; I liked being surprise just as much the character is. I liked the character development in this book. I even liked the new characters the author introduce. Like the first book it's jam packed with action, humor, and a little suspense. I'm totally going to read the third book.

  • Tanja Voosen
    2018-11-18 14:40

    BuchgestaltungPasst wirklich wahnsinnig gut zum ganzen Inhalt des Buches! :DMeinungEin Mix aus Post-Apocalyptic, Dystopian-Sci-Fi with und sogar Steampunk. Eine Blinkwinkel, aus der Sicht mehrere Charaktere, der einen von den Socken reißt und so viel Spannung, dass man nicht fassen kann, es alles in einem Buch zu finden. Genauso ist mir der erste Teil der Reihe Midnight City in Erinnerung geblieben und exakt dieselben Worte kann ich nachdem Beenden von Teil zwei auch über diesen aussprechen. Der Autor hat es mal wieder geschafft mich so sehr zu begeistern, dass ich Wochen nachdem ich das Buch beiseite gelegt habe, mit den Gedanken immer noch ab und zu bei Holt, Mira und Zoey verweile, weil ich sie einfach liebe.Der erste Teil war bereits so Nerven aufreibend spannend, dass ich dachte, besser könnte es gar nicht werden, aber in diesem Nachfolger waren unzählige Szenen, die mich echt um den Verstand gebracht haben. Ich hatte nie das Gefühl, der Autor würde bestimmte Dinge tun, um den Leser zu quälen oder weil es erwartet wurde, nein, hier passieren die Dinge, weil sie unausweichlich sind. Solche Abenteuer mag ich besonders gerne, da man einfach nie weiß, was als nächstes passiert.Von der Handlung her setzt das Buch vielleicht ein paar Wochen nach den Ereignissen aus Band eins an. Überraschenderweise steht hier Mira mehr im Fokus als Holt, was ich wirklich gut fand. In Midnight City gab es bereits viele Kapitel aus ihrer Sicht, aber hier ist sie wirklich der tragende Charakter aller Erlebnisse und dadurch lernt man sie einfach noch einen Ticken besser kennen. Mira war schon immer eine Figur, die ich mochte, weil sie einfach Kick-Ass ist. Zuvor hat man schon mitbekommen, was alles in ihrer Vergangenheit liegt, aber hier wurde das alles nochmal besser ausgegriffen, nicht zuletzt, weil ihr Ex-Freund Ben auftaucht und sich Miras Reise in den Weg stellt. Ich fand es so unheimlich gut beschrieben, welche Gefühle sie alles durchlebt, dass ich keine Sekunde an ihr oder ihren Motiven gezweifelt habe. Das Wunderbare an der Geschichte ist auch einfach, dass man selbst die Fehler verstehen kann. Sie werden gemacht, weil das Überleben notwendig ist. Holt spielt auch hier noch eine große Rolle und bringt die Handlung ordentlich voran, aber nicht ganz so gut wie Mira es vermag. Und Zoey? Tja, das kleine Mädchen hat sein eigenes Päckchen zu tragen, denn die Geheimnisse um ihre Existenz und auch ihre verlorenen Erinnerungen werden hier mit jeder Seite mehr enthüllt.Neben den Charakteren, die ich einfach innig liebe, weil sie so geil sind, ist auch der Plot wieder grandios! Die meiste Zeit verbringen wir in den „Strange Lands“ - ein Ort, von dem man in Band 1 nur gehört hat und STRANGE ist wirklich alles an den vielen Zwischenstopps, die unsere Protagonisten hier einlegen. Ich kann kaum in Worte fassen, wie unheimlich, mystisch und phantasiereich die Hindernisse sind, die wie Steine den Weg der Figuren erschweren. Die Gruppe wird direkt zu Anfang auseinander gerissen, weil der Autor Randgruppen ins Spiel bringt, die alle eigene Ziele verfolgen. Da wären z.B. Miras ehemalige Freunde, die hinter Artefakten her sind und den Tower erreichen wollen, weil sie sich dort Antworten erhoffen, dann gibt es immer noch die Alien-Regierung, die hinter Zoey her ist und eine neue Gruppe, die ebenfalls an dem Mädchen interessiert ist. Dabei mischen sich Partein wie Piraten, Schatzräuber oder Einzelkämpfer in die bunte Runde und das Chaos nimmt seinen Lauf.Was ich erstaunlich fand, waren die ganzen Verknüpfungen der Geschichten. Mira lernt nämlich einige Menschen kennen, die etwas mit Holts Vergangenheit zu tun haben und so wurden neue Dinge über sein Leben ausgepackt, von denen man bis dahin nichts geahnt hat. Auch die Beziehung der drei Protagonisten untereinander war wirklich wunderbar beschrieben! Holt und Mira stehen noch immer ihre Gefühle füreinander im Weg und die Probleme mit Zoey und den Einzelheiten ihrer eigenen Geschichten mischen die Dreiecks-Beziehung der Freundschaft ziemlich auf.Es gab auch mal wieder so einen Punkt in der Mitte, ab dem ich gar nicht mehr aufhören konnte zu lesen! Die Reise zum Tower und alle damit verbundene Gefahren und Aufgaben waren neu, innovativ und einfach fesselnd. Selten habe ich ein so gut strukturiertes Buch gelesen, dass gleichzeitig so dermaßen unvorhersehbar war.Der Mix der verschienen Genre-Elemente zeigt sich hier auch wieder in ziemlich allen Ecken der Geschichte. Neue Waffen, neue Feinde, neue Bedrohungen...ich habe allmählich das Gefühl, dass in Mitchells Roman so ziemlich alles möglich ist.Und dann wäre da noch das Ende – Ein KILLER. Gott, ich dachte schon, ich würde die Wartezeit bis zum dritten Teil überleben, aber dann kam der Prolog und BAM ich hätte am liebsten vor Frust geweint. Das Warten auf die Fortsetzung wird grausam.Einziger Kritikpunkt am Ganzen: Zeitweilig wurde es etwas schwer den komplizierten Erklärungen zu folgen und die winzige Schrift im Roman hat die Story echt gezogen. Letztes ist aber wohl kaum die Schuld des Autors, sondern des Verlags xDFazitNach Midnight City ist The Severed Tower eine genialer Folgeband aus der Feder eines talentierten Autors von dem ich am liebsten SOFORT mehr lesen würde. Das Buch ist spannend bis zum Umfallen, hat den Suchtfaktor und man liebt die Figuren einfach! Fans von Dystopien und Sci-Fi MÜSSEN das lesen ;-)

  • Layla
    2018-12-07 20:19

    I am enjoying the stories, but sometimes that get slow

  • Haley
    2018-12-01 12:34

    As a sequel, this book wasn’t as exciting as I hoped. I wanted to like it, but it was just okay, and sometimes not that engaging. The book is full of interesting things, but the writing style itself is not that easy to read. The typography is so small that it’s hard not to skim the book. I really wish I could read them as an e-book instead, but then I read the e-novella Winterbay and I still didn’t enjoy it that much. 3rd person POV with to many perspectives is not my thing. I do like the world building. It’s unique. It’s not the Alien stuff I expected, but it’s cool. I read the first book last year and felt the same way. It’s a lot more paranormal than sci-fi, but there are some scientific theories behind why the Strange Land exist. The aliens them selves are kind of like War of the Worlds tripod, and Transformers. I think the aliens are a race of energy beings that can take over machines and they have robot bodies. It’s an odd idea. The idea of artifacts that have properties like they’re magic or something is pretty odd in a sci-fi series too.The characters aren’t that bad. I still wish it was in first person POV. Mira’s pretty unique and she’s a freebooter and knows how to use artifacts and make combinations. It’s kind of like being a witch, but she doesn’t have any powers. Holt seems tough, but also loyal and cares for others. Zoey is sweet and too smart for her age and she has powers. Max is a dog, and Zoey calls him The Max. Ben is like a psychopath with no guilt or strong feelings, but he a math genius and sees the world analytically and mathematically. Ravan was always acting tough and still liked Holt. We also got to meet the White Helixes, who are kind of like ninjas/samaris that live in the Strange Lands. There’s definitely a lot of adventure. It’s kind of like a video game, travel through the Strange Lands. There’re different rings, which are like level. There’s different Anomalies in each ring, but now apparently these anomalies are not where they’re supposed to be. All kinds of weird weather that effects people on a molecular level and dark matter and all kind of things that can disintegrate you with contact. It reminded me of Under The Never Sky with the aether storms.The Strange Lands are in South Dakota, North Dakota and Montana, supposedly 200 sq miles. One place mentioned in the book is an Air Force base in South Dakota. I’ve been to SD twice, and on my 2008 trip I visited Ellison Air Force Base and it’s museum. We even got to see inside the decommissioned missile silo that is mentioned in the book. Apparently there was dark matter there because there used to be radiation there before the Strange Lands were created. It was a cool museum, and it’s great that the book mentioned it.The ending of this book was probably more interesting than most of the book. I liked the parts of the story told from Zoey perspective. She’s only 9, but she’s pretty smart. She has abilities and apparently came from the Strange Lands, and the Tower affected her. We get to learn more about what she is. The third book, Valley of Fires, could be really interesting. I’m hoping this series could end in epic proportions and make up for the fact that the first two books I mostly skimmed. When interesting stuff happened, I had no trouble reading it. I’ll see this series through till the end.I recommend this series if you liked; Under The Never Sky by Veronica Rossi, Icons by Margaret Stohl, These Broken Stars, The 5th Wave, and Defiance by C.J. Redwine. Cover Art Review: I like the landscape and silhouettes and the type and helix symbol. It’s a very dystopian-esq cover. ~Haley GMy blog:http://breathlessbookreviews.blogspot...

  • ChristinaTorretta
    2018-11-26 12:38

    There is so much about this story that I love. It’s hard to believe how many plot lines are running through this and never does it feel mired, instead the plot is always amazing!I always hear people say that a book is action-packed but I don’t think that most can hold up to this type of book. Every page has something tearing out of it ready to be devoured by the imagination. I also find it amazing how many characters J. Barton Mitchell has managed to get into this book but it never feels overwhelming. And what is finally learned about the tower, and about ourselves while reading, is simply genius. Again, never does this information feel cumbersome, nor does it bog the story down. Instead everything lifts the story up and I found that I wanted to read faster to know what was going to happen and yet I wanted to read slower so I didn’t miss a thing!My favorite characters are back and ready for action from the first in the series. The Max! My favorite puppy of all time. I love the way he is always ready for action and will do anything to save the one he loves.Zoey is just amazing in this, of course. She is still very young but I could tell she’s learned from her powers. She is the pentacle of everything and watching what this young girl has to go through just makes me love her all the more.And then there is Holt and Mira, and their love square. It’s interesting because I normally do not enjoy reading about love triangles but this particular case, involving not only three but four people, is amazingly well crafted and beautifully done. Each step towards or away from one another is understandable and it doesn’t take up a lot of the story, it just all makes total sense! It’s also a nice break from all of the chaos that the assembly has created. Although this particular love square has its own chaos.And my two favorite new characters, Ravan (love the spelling) and Gideon. Gideon is simply amazing. He’s the type of person that everyone should have around. He always knows what to say to make someone feel good about themselves and it’s no wonder The White Helix follows him. Ravan on the other hand is totally sarcastic, strong, intelligent and kind of crazy. Her edginess brings something completely different to the other characters and it seems like she is her own Gideon, making the people around her stronger because of her edge.Simply said… I could not put this book down. I am so amazed at the craftiness that J. Barton Mitchell has achieved. This story is fabulous and begs to be read over and over again. I know each time I read this I will find something that I didn’t see before. “Compassion comes in all kinds of flavors,” Ravan said tightly. There was pain in her voice. “But they don’t all taste like pumpkin pie.” She looked up and saw Holt. He was awake, staring at her with that look he had when he’d decided to do something dangerous and altogether not smart. “Is… that your girl?” Ravan asked. “Yeah,” Holt said, smiling. “that’s my girl.”Even if you do not enjoy sci fi this is a story that I think everyone could read. The feelings it summons are reminiscent of the movie Independence Day. I found myself upset, happy, mad, sad, and joyous all from one plot and fabulous characters! Already the hubby and I have bought both books on Audible and plan to listen to them together. I know he’s going to love this just as much as I do!

  • Nicole Wang
    2018-12-10 15:40

    It's been a while since I read Midnight City, but I remember being so absolutely in love with the story and the characters! And guys, after reading the sequel, I can not recommend this series enough to sci-fi and dystopian/apocalyptic fans.Yeah yeah, moan all you want about how alien invasion books are becoming typical and the norm for YA. This series, the worldbuilding, the plot, its all so original! I can't get over it at all.So something that wasn't quite in the last book is that this series is seriously sci-fi. You don't see as much as you usually would in the first half of the book, but towards the end, the sci-fi makes a definite appearance. I'm still unsure exactly what happened, but I'm pretty sure Mitchell managed to weave together parallel universes, dark matter, and a whole bunch of other things I can't think about. (ALSO. There was totally a Doctor Who moment in this.)I'm so in love with our wide range of characters too. They were all quirky, flawed, and absolutely badass, in their own ways. We're introduced to so many new characters, Ravan, Avril, Ben, Gideon, and the White Helex and Menagerie crews. Surprisingly, it wasn't that hard to remember all of them and their roles, and I couldn't help but love all these new characters as much as I loved Holt, Mira, and Zoey. Because they were unbelievably unpredictable and unbelievably scarred in some way. They were all brave, in different ways, and it's just impossible not to be touched by some of their sacrifices.Also the White Helix? I love them. Is creepy, but is cool.Surprisingly, even with a ton of POV's and in third person, I didn't mind it. Which, guys, that's an Anomaly (Pun intended.)The plot was as unexpected as the characters. Because holy crap. I didn't expect any of that at all. Explosions are more than a few and with all the Anomalies and Artifacts, things are sure to be...mind blowing (My punny side has revealed itself.) The ending especially! I just couldn't believe it and I can honestly say that it's one of the better endings I've ever read.Ah the romance. Honestly, there's not too much to write because the romance honestly didn't show itself, despite there being to exes brought back into the picture. Like I'd hoped, romance was kept to a bare minimum, though you could clearly see Holt and Mira's, Mira and Ben's, and Holt and Raven's dynamics. All three pairings made brilliant teams and, to be frank, I think I was more in love with Ben than Holt. For me, I feel like Ben sacrificed the most for Mira, despite his misgivings.A sequel to die for (Oh hey, hello pun), The Severed Tower surpasses the first, which already blew my socks off! I'll definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a good sci-fi and a story where our narrator's not the only player in a game we don't understand. Yet.

  • 123theone
    2018-12-04 19:29

    The bad: The writing hasn't improved since the last book, which I hoped it would. The author brings in two love triangles in this book, and since I hate love triangles, I didn't like that. The love triangles also further breakdown the romance between the two main characters. In the first book, the romance seems forced and unnatural. In this book, we see past relationships the two main characters had, and these relationships seem like they were so much more real than the one the mc's are in. It just makes it more obvious how badly made the relationship of the main characters is when you compare them. You know you've done poorly when the reader is rooting for your main relationship to split up and go back to their ex's! The characterization is still poor too. The past lives of the characters seem more real than the lives they live during the story, as if with out the authors bad dialogue and cliche body language (how many times do they need to smirk?) the characters become more real.The good: The plot was exciting. It dragged me along from the very beginning, and kept me there. I think this is partially because the characters had a clear goal in mind from the very beginning and stuck to it. (In the first book, their intentions changed a bit before settling on a goal.) The world was also amazing, better than the first even, probably because it was in the land that is the source of magical power. While the explanation behind the "Strange Lands" turned me off (he tried to make a scientific argument, but it wasn't scientific at all. He would have been better off using magic, because a scientific explanation implies this could maybe be possible, while magic admits its not), everything before that is vivid and excititing. Its very much a repeat of my opinion of the first book, but stronger. From my first review: "The author creates one hell of a world though, something very interesting and unique. The author leaves out a lot of information, but I think its fine. He only tells the reader information that is relevant at that time, at any particular scene. Questions are answered only when their answers are relevant, which is a great way to build a sort of mystery around the world. I think he did a great job at presenting the world, bits at a time, and making readers want more."All in all, its a good book, not a waste of your time and if you can get it fairly cheap, not a waste of money either.

  • Aparajitabasu
    2018-12-18 16:33

    Original Link to the review at my blog Le' Grande Codex - herePresenting Conquered Earth #2 The Severed Tower by J. Barton Mitchell.Here is the summary of the book:Holt, Mira, and Max have fled Midnight City with Zoey after watching her repel an entire Assembly army. Zoey's powers are unlocked, but who and what she is remains a mystery. All she knows is that she must reach the Severed Tower, an infamous location in the middle of the world's most dangerous landscape: The Strange Lands, a place where the laws of physics have completely broken down. But the closer they get to the Tower, the more precarious things become. The Assembly has pursued Zoey into the Strange Lands. Among them is a new group, their walkers and machines strangely bereft of any color, stripped to bare metal, and whose agenda seems to differ from the rest. To make matters worse, the group hunting Holt are here, too, led by a dangerous and beautiful pirate named Ravan. So is Mira's first love, Benjamin Aubertine, whose singular ambition to reach the Tower threatens to get them all killed.Then there's the Strange Lands themselves. They have inexplicably begun to grow, spreading outwards, becoming more powerful. Somehow, it all seems tied to Zoey herself, and the closer she gets to the Tower, the weaker she becomes.For me this one felt so-so. Yes I actually like the first book more because of its unique setting but must say the story wasn't a memorable one. So I tumbled head first into this one. Yes, the needed element of action and adventure is there but I still got bored with it.While the concept of the strange lands is very well done, with the almost game like feel to it, like the games where you have to solve puzzles to get to the next level and such..... Holt, Zoe and Mira were in full force as was the assembly and the tone but I still got bored.... And this is definitely the shortest ever review for me..... I know what I need to do, after I finish all of my arc(s) and review copies, i need to read it again with the first book. Maybe then I can actually appreciate it more..... So at the moment it is OK."A post-apocalyptic setting that gets complex by the second"

  • Katherine Paschal
    2018-11-24 17:15

    Holt and Mira are trying to take Zoey to the Severed Tower, the very middle of the Strange Lands. They still have no answers as to why Zoey feels the need to get to the Tower, but the closer they get, the weaker Zoey is. Not only do they have to face the uncertainties of their own feelings, but the challenges from the Strange Lands, the Alien robots, the Pirates and the White Helix. The odds are not in their favor, but they can't give up. The fate of the world may be in their hands.Book 2 picks up right where book one left off. The reader is dropped into the middle of the action, and I feel someone new to the series would be in overload. I absolutely loved book one, so my expectations may have been too high. This was a good book, but it was not as engaging as I wanted. It was ok. I would pick it up to read and be entertained but put it down and not think about it again. It really took a long time to get through. The last 150 pages of the book really picked up, and I finally got swept away with the storyline. There was so much action, I could not get my head to stop spinning.The ending has a purpose, not exactly a cliff-hangar, but a absolute direction for the next book. I am looking forward to the next book to see what happens. I hope the series is a trilogy so I can get closure, but we will see.The book had a lot of character development, but I am not sure I liked how it went. Mira because a more solid character, with a clearly defined personality and a back story as to why she is who she is. Zoey also became more of a person, especially since some of the book is from her point of view. There still is too much mystery behind what she is and what her real purpose is. Holt is the one character that I do not like the change this book made to him. He is not as strong as he was in the first book, not as capable, especially when he is under the influence of the artifact. I like the first Holt better, but we will see how he is in the next book.I received this book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

  • Kasha
    2018-12-15 16:20

    So...I really wish I could say that I liked it because I loved the originality of the first book, but this one fell a little flat for me:(The main reason why I really loved the first book was because of the distinct original idea with artifacts and how to make them and just everything about them. It was so unique to see such thing! And even though Holt, Mira, & Zoe have traveled to the land of the artifacts, there's really not much going on with them. I loved how in the first book Mira was needed to create some life saving artifacts and how complex it was. It was interesting to see science fiction be a bit more of an art rather than science.I feel like the world got a little too broad for the author and they didn't really give themselves enough time to explain everything.Also, a random side note that's been bugging me since the beginning: Earth was conquered like 8-10 years ago? So how come there's a new religion going down, and just this much infrastructure? Some of it, I'll grant. Aliens conquer Earth? Might shake some beliefs. All people older than 17 kinda zombie-fied, that might make some new societies. But the amount of change was a little unbelievable for such a short time period. If it had been more like 20-50 years, I'd be down for this.All in all, I didn't finish it. I hope that I someday will to figure out what's going on and also because I bought the third book too...

  • Fallon
    2018-11-21 18:34

    I have to say there were so many directions this book could have gone. Severed Tower Was not as predictable as Midnight City. I love the fact the Assembly reminded me of one of my favorite anime cartoons Robotech. I got that vibe very strong from this book.In Midnight City Mira seemed such a strong character and in Severed Tower I felt like she second guessed herself more. It took me longer to complete this book then any other book because it did not feel as fast paced. I do think there was so much that happened and details that helped build this world. I love the creep factor in the first and am hoping I get that intensity in the conclusion Valley of Fires. I really liked the new character Raven introduced in this story. Also even though Mira seemed to be weaker Holt still remained very strong. The White Helix were an interesting addition.J. Barton Mitchell always keeps you guessing. There is always so much aspects to his book that you can read them more then once and each time might be a new experience. There were also great supporting plots and characters. This book did leave me with a lot of questions that I can not wait for Valley of Fires to answer. I am giving this book 4 out of 5 stars.

  • Gramy
    2018-11-19 20:15

    I prefer reading a series by authors, writing each book in a series that can stand alone, including pertinent information from the previous books, to keep the reader informed.When I started it, I was not prepared to be thrust into a story line mid-point. I did not realize that it would be necessary to read the first book in the series in order to understand what is happening in this book. Although, I would have been glad to read the first volume if I had found this book compelling. All the characters are children or machines in a deserted world with alternate states and anomalies. Mira and Holt are determined to protect Zoey, a young girl in their care. They are both immune from the Tone, a plague of sorts, that turns humans into mindless vessels for the Assembly. I do not care for the perplexity of shifting from time and place without explanation. Maybe some readers enjoy it. I won this book, so I feel an obligation to the author to provide my opinion. Readers who like 'post-apocalypses' might find it a very good fit for their tastes. It just was not my cup of tea.

  • Jessica
    2018-11-29 17:35

    This was way better than the first book.(view spoiler)[So with that ending...Did Zoey give Mira her Tone healing power too? I don't understand what they expect to happen when they get Zoey from the Citadel. It sounds like an impossible mission. I hope the third book is the last. Maybe their journey to San Francisco will somehow end in the destruction of all Assembly?! I can only hope.And I wonder about something from the first book. When Zoey went to the Oracle, she saw some truths in the future. One being Holt crying over Mira's body, the Tone had taken her. I know that in Midnight City when the Tone took Mira, Holt wasn't crying, he just mentioned a cold washing over him or something like that. But now after The Severed Tower... Well the two are definitely closer (FINALY), so maybe something happens in the third book. Maybe someone hits Mira with her Tone enhancing artifact, making her Succumb to the Tone. I don't think she was successful in destroying it at it's possible. But why would someone do that to her? A possible enemy in the future? A friend turned foe? I can't believe we have to wait till Fall 2014 to find out! (hide spoiler)]

  • Ally
    2018-11-20 18:32

    I won this book from the goodreads book giveaways.I bought the first book so I didn't feel lost reading this follow-up.Was't very impressed with the first,not until close to the end of the book.The Severed Tower was way better than Midnight City.What lacked in Midnight City was covered in Severed Tower.I enjoyed the scifi aspect of the book and that it was different from other books I've been reading lately.Some parts were a bit too silly/far-fetched for me.But I got over that with the decent amount of action and adventure.The best part is the character building and I found every character very interesting.Most books always have a character who is dull,boring,or annoying that I wonder why bother even writing them into the story.But,The Severed Tower didn't have one character like that.Most were described in admirable ways and especially the female characters were brave instead of uninteresting and typical.Overall The Severed Tower was a good read and different in many aspects.I look forward to the third book in the series even though I see it is not out until next fall and that is always disappointing waiting for the next book in a series.

  • paula
    2018-11-26 17:31

    Teenage Mira and Holt find themselves committed to protecting 8-year-old Zoey, whose mysterious powers compel her on a dangerous journey through the Strange Lands to the Severed Tower. As Mira and Holt pass through stages of trust and distrust for each other, they each must come to terms with former lovers. The reader is plunged into the middle of the action, with only glancing references to events from the first book of the series that would explain the absence of adults, presence of the Assembly, and the Tone, a progressive eye discoloration that seems to turn humans into Assembly slaves.Gamers will recognize some of the conventions of the Strange Lands: the warped landscape dotted with obstacles that must be surmounted using the right combination of strategy and talismans, and the factions that seek to impede, capture, or assist the trio - the piratical Menagerie, ninja-like White Helix, and the Assembly, machine-bodied alien conquerors of Earth. Best for readers who like their post-apocalypses weird and woolly - fans of Julianna Baggott’s Pure, Dan Wells’s Partials, and Anne Aguirre’s Enclave books.Reviewed for Booklist —Paula Willey

  • Ian Terry
    2018-12-16 14:26

    I received the Severed Tower through Goodreads First Reads giveaway. To start off, the Severed Tower is straight up fun. Though the first book, Midnight City, is probably the better of the two so far, this one definitely keeps you interested with it's twists and turns, compelling characters, and non-stop action. The Severed Tower takes the sci-fi theme it has been working with and slams together with fantasy by having the characters navigate the deadly Strange Lands, where artifacts are created. This book is a fast, fun read, though Midnight City definitely needs to be read first, and frankly, who doesn't love battles with aliens, physics defying booby traps, and a love triangle that makes you route for all three characters. I only had one real hold up with the novel, and that is when Zoey finally reaches the Severed Tower. Total WTF moment. I would say, read Midnight City than jump into the Severed Tower.

  • IAmTheReadingPug
    2018-11-27 12:17

    Okay, It was an okay sequal to Midnight City. So basically, The Severed Tower continues the adventures of Zoey, Mira and Holt. They have to journey through the four rings of the strange lands to get Zoey to The Severed Tower so she can stop the madness that's happening in the world. Though some parts were a bit tedious, The Severed Tower had a lot of exiting bits and pieces to keep the novel entertaining.

  • Donna Taylor
    2018-12-19 12:16

    What an amazing second book to one of the most original series I'm read in a long time. Do be sure and read the first book in the series, Midnight City, before reading The Severed Tower. I've not been a young adult in many years but I have loved this series. It's complex, imaginative, the characters grab at your emotions. I was freaking out so many times throughout the book and not able to turn the pages fast enough for wanting to discover how the heck they were going save themselves again. Just a note, this book does end on a cliffhanger but it's not really a problem since the series is complete and the last book, Valley of Fires, is available. And I can't wait to get my hands on that last book!Highly Recommend to anyone over the age of 13, all the way to the age of 113. Don't pass this series up because you think it's for kids.

  • Kris
    2018-12-08 18:31

    I enjoyed 'The Severed Tower' by J. Barton Mitchell and I think the only reason why I rated it as 3/5 stars is because I jumped into this series mid-stream. The Severed Tower is the second book in the series and the reader really does require the benefit of the first book to fully understand what is happening. Without having read 'Midnight City' the reader does not understand who or what the Assembly is, what caused the near apocalypse of the world, what artifacts are, and a number of other critical facts. That being said, if you can get past being unsure about the reason why Holy, Mira, and Zoey are traveling to the Severed Tower you will likely enjoy the action and plot. The story is fast-paced and the three main characters are enjoyable. I will likely look to find the first book in the series and will definitely watch for the third book in the fall of 2014.

  • Lindsay
    2018-12-13 15:41

    This was one crazy, wild ride of a book.The Severed Tower is a YA SF dystopian novel about one special girl and her band of friends who do everything, including give up their lives, to get to the heart of the Strange Lands. To me, the blending of SF aspects and dystopian aspects was just about a perfect 50/50 split. It's a nice change when a writer doesn't dumb down scientific principles just because it's a YA book. The plots and subplots were all over the place, there were so many of them I had a hard time keeping up. I haven't read the 1st book in the series though, so that may have been part of the problem. We also head hop into so many people's (and machines' and other beings')perspectives that the voices get confusing. In spite of all that, the past was fast and it kept me interested throughout.Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book through First Reads.

  • Shannon
    2018-12-12 12:30

    5 Stars*I got this book through a goodreads giveaway*Since this is a sequel in a series I will not do a synopsis. It’s hard not to spoil it if I do. I always get a little worried when reading a sequel. I usually don’t like them near as much as the first. That wasn’t the case here at all. If I could give this one more than five stars I would. The action alone makes this one incredible and quick paced. Plus the characters and their conflicting personalities make the relationships fun to experience. This novel (plus the previous one) could easily feel cluttered and disorienting but the author balances all the components very well. If a reader is intimidated by science fiction this is a series that I would recommend. This has a little bit of everything to keep any reader happy. I am impatient for the next installment.

  • PopcornReads
    2018-11-29 15:14

    Book Review & Giveaway: We’re participating in the Clear Your Shelf Giveaway Hop, a book-related hop we look forward to every year because it’s always full of great novels to win. This year we’re featuring The Severed Tower, Book #2 in the Conquered Earth trilogy by J. Barton Mitchell. I previously reviewed Midnight City, Book #1 in this series, and you can link to that review at the bottom of this one. Loved it! This is a YA sci-fi dystopian novel that should appeal to people of all ages. I hesitate to even call it YA because I’m afraid that will discourage some people who would love it from reading this excellent series. If you like suspense-filled adventure novels, you’re also exactly the kind of reader who will like this series. And someone will win a copy in our giveaway at, thanks to the publisher’s generosity!

  • P.M.
    2018-12-02 17:37

    Holt, Mira, and The Max are escorting Zoey to the Severed Tower so she can find answers. Who is Zoey? Why is the Assembly after her? How can her powers be explained? Who is the alien without colors who seems to be protecting her? What is the White Helix? Why are the Menagerie entering the Strange Lands? Why are the Strange Lands expanding? Why are the Anomalies moving to different rings? What does the girl with the raven tattoo mean to Holt? All of these questions are answered in the second book of the Conquered Earth series. I really like this series. The Max is one of my favorite characters and I wish the author had included him more in this book. I also like the Ambassador and his willingness to sacrifice all for Zoey. I am eager to see what bargain Zoey has made to save her friends.