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Princess Taoshira of the Blue Crescent Islands is appalled when she is ordered to marry Prince Ramil of Gerfal. And he's not too pleased, either. She is used to a life of discipline, ritual, and splendor. He is used to hunting and carousing. They hate each other on sight. But both of their countries are under threat from a fearsome warlord, and the only chance of peace isPrincess Taoshira of the Blue Crescent Islands is appalled when she is ordered to marry Prince Ramil of Gerfal. And he's not too pleased, either. She is used to a life of discipline, ritual, and splendor. He is used to hunting and carousing. They hate each other on sight. But both of their countries are under threat from a fearsome warlord, and the only chance of peace is to form an alliance. When Tashi and Ram are kidnapped, they fear there's no escape--from their kidnappers or from each other. Can they put aside their differences long enough to survive ambush, unarmed combat, brainwashing, and imprisonment? And will the people they meet on their adventure--including a circus strongman, a daring rebel leader, a sinister master of spies, and the best female fighter they have ever seen--help them or betray them to the enemy?...

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dragonfly Reviews

  • Liana
    2019-04-09 21:28

    Wow. I just. WOW.My friend Cindy recommended this book to me, and she was like, "Liana, you should read it! It's so good!" And when she says something is good, it's always true. Well, 90% of the time.Anyways, Cindy insisted that it was a lot like Kristin Cashore's FIRE. But I still think it's more like the first book in that series, GRACELING. (And I tell you I love Kristin Cashore.) It's like Graceling and The Princess Bride combined- I love both of those books, and, therefore, I loved Dragonfly!So, at first, judging by her name, I thought Taoshira was Japanese. But then it turns out she was blonde and I was like, nevermind. She's.. Blue Crescent. I guess that's a race. And just to give everyone an image of Prince Ramil, he looks like Rick Riordan's Carter Kane from The Kane Chronicles. And, needless to say, they are SO CUTE together. Like, omg. So cute I can't believe it.One thing I noticed about this book that's quite different from others I read, is that, well. The protagonist changes a LOT, and I actually NOTICE. I know all protagonists in books change from the beginning to the end, but then I just never notice. However, when Ramil's grandfather just tells her that she's changed, I was like, OH YEAH HUH. She DID change. And, I tell you, from a stiff formal girl to a stubborn, more realistic version of Taoshira.And yeah. On the back it says "Ages 12 and up". There's nothing inappropriate about it, so, um. 6th graders, go ahead and read it. The romance is not porny( Thank the lord) and it's not too awkward and slow either. It's just right. Not love at first sight either. It's hate at first sight and then realizing they love each other.. Okay, Cindy. I think the romance is at least somewhat like Fire.A note about Ramil: Usually when the main guy character is introduced to the story, I just immediately start getting excited, well, because, THE ROMANCE BEGINS! Unless, of course, the protagonist is male. But when he was first introduced, he gave me the impression of a spoiled prince who didn't know anything.So, let me prove my point. (view spoiler)[ In the beginning, Taoshira folded him an origami dragonfly. It symbolized her fragility- it was her symbol. And then he just takes it and refolds it into a crumbled paper dart, and makes her cry. And then he takes her horseback riding, riding too fast purposely to bully her. (hide spoiler)] But I'm glad to say he got better. A lot better! (:So, Taoshira is very strong. Not strong physically, of course, but strong in her mental mind, always showing her doggedness. They're always captured and abducted and at the edge of death but they never stop being strong.Anyways, it's a really cute story of adventure. Really adventurous. Yeah, the more I think about it, it really is likeThe Princess Bride. And, that's it! This is definitely a recommendation.

  • Maria Elmvang
    2019-04-08 19:32

    A gorgeous fantasy novel with lots of humour, romance and action. I was especially intrigued by how Tashi and Ramil not only had to learn how to get along, but had to learn to accept the traditions and culture of each other's countries.And I was totally taken in by Tashi's self-appointed protector Gordoc, who in his simple-mindedness often ended up more insightful than all of his so-called 'knowledgeable' friends.

  • bibliophile (Romance Addict)
    2019-04-06 19:12

    “Ramil met Tashi's eyes with a mischievous look. "Now Wife we have a long voyage ahead of us with no interruptions, no affairs of state to sidetrack us." He brushed his fingers againist the lacings of her neck. "Isn't it time you returned that shirt to its owner?”This book surprised me on so many levels. I expected a fantasy novel that has to do with magic, or fantasy creatures. However, I wasn't disappointed to learn that this has nothing to do with my expectations. It was so much more. This book made a unique world that had its own problems. A realistic one where each land has its own culture, religion, and so on. When princess Tashi is forced into an arranged marriage with price Ram, she expects nothing from the rude easterner. On the other hand, Ram does not like the girl who paints her face white, doesn't show emotion, and is very quite. Both can't handle each other, until they're kidnapped and need to work together to save their countries from falling. Now, did I enjoy reading this? Yesss!!! I so loved how each character got over the other's differences. The character development was great. The characters were well written and not flushed out. I just wished the pace was slower so I could get into the book, more. Other than that, I loved how this viewed different cultures and religions. It didn't matter to the author who was right and wrong, and viewed every culture with it's positives and negatives, which made the world balanced.Well deserved five stars!

  • Shannon (Giraffe Days)
    2019-04-21 14:28

    This wonderful tale of adventure, self-discovery and love is marketed to the 9-12 year-old age group (like Anne of Green Gables - always a surprise, since when I finally got around to reading it at 14 I really struggled with it), but is highly enjoyable for any age group.Sixteen year old Taoshira, Fourth Crown Princess of the Crescent Islands, was elected at 12, plucked from her goat herd on Kai Island and has been immersed in formality, ritual and rigmarole ever since. The other three Crown Princesses are all much older and only one, the Second Crown Princess, Safilen, shows any kind of emotion. With their fair hair, elaborate robes, veils and white face paint, the four princesses perform constant rituals to the Mother Goddess. Their land is prosperous and protected by a formidable navy; they alone hold the secret to cannon shot and rifle. Taoshira, or "Tashi" as she used to be known, submits to the formalities and rituals but a part of her is never entirely comfortable with them.On the mainland, the Spearthrower is expanding his empire from Holt and Kandar to Brigard and now has his eyes on Gerfal to the north. In order to cement an alliance between the Crescent Islands and Gerfal, a marriage is arranged between the Fourth Crown Princess and King Lagan of Gerfal's son, Ramil. The Gerfalans are ignorant of Blue Crescent practice and procedure and on arriving at their capital, Tashi is insulted constantly by their ill-mannered rudeness - and eighteen-year-old Ramil himself, who doesn't want to marry Tashi and makes no effort to hide his derision.A last-ditch attempt to mend the rift between the two royals results in them being kidnapped by circus performers working for the Spearthrower, who has great plans for both Ramil and Tashi. And so the real adventure begins.One of the things I loved about this story was the Blue Crescent culture - with governance that reminded me somewhat of Queen Amidala of Star Wars fame (the elected royal, the formal stiffness of posture, the white face paint and elaborate clothing), the people are also matriarchal and sophisticated. While they have their fair share of prejudice and the formalities make things excruciating, they have that hint of Asian perfection and exotic allure that always make a fantasy story exciting. It's nice to have this culture juxtaposed against the more cliched "medieval" culture of the Holtish Empire and Gerfal: patriarchal, superstitious, warmongering, poorly educated. Niether type of culture is held up as a model; all have their faults as well as their benefits.Tashi is an interesting heroine: while protected by her role, she is regal and composed and older than her years. Stripped of it by her kidnappers, she's again just a girl with no real skills and few resources. She's strong of will but passive by upbringing: an interesting mix - and she does have her wits, which are a resource that serves her well. Despite what the cover implies, she does not learn any fighting skills except for some self-defence that she never gets a chance to use. She does learn to ride a horse, however.Ramil likewise is a well-developed and well-drawn character. Even at his most insolent, in the beginning, he's still endearing and likeable, probably because his predicament is understandable and sympathetic. And he really grows and matures and becomes more open to other cultures. I'd say the story is inspired by The Princess Bride - you have a princess kidnapped by a dwarf and a giant, rescued by a prince, and the giant becomes her good friend and protector. There are sword fights and a bad man bent on marrying the princess. It's a rollicking good tale from start to finish, very well-written, and my one complaint is the outcome for the Empire - though, given the setting and characters, they probably couldn't even conceive of a different way of governing. Shame though.

  • Victoria
    2019-04-10 22:17

    Fantastic!!! Brilliant!!! I'm speechless!!!Princess Taoshira of the Blue Crescent Islands is ordered to marry Prince Ramil of Gerfal. Ramil isn't happy about that too. They are too different. She is the Fourth Princess who is used to a life of discipline, ritual and splendor. Ramil is a "boor" who is used to hunting and horse riding. They hate each other on sight. But both of their countries are under threat from a fearsome warlord, and the only chance of peace is to form an alliance. There are few books that completely sweep me away into their worlds, and leave me thinking about them days after I've read them.Not only is the setting beautiful and vivid, but the characters are lively. It is action packed from start to finish with both adventure and romance. There is never a dull moment. You can write a trilogy using material of this book.The conflicts between nations were complex enough to be realistic, but not so complicated that you can't follow them. The international intrigues were one of the best parts of the book.I loved Tashi and Ramil. I loved that Tashi was smart, had a deep sense of integrity and morality, and a strength of character. They both learn to trust and rely on each other, and the end result is a breath taking love story that left me with a happy sigh at the end of their story.

  • Monique V
    2019-04-01 15:24

    4.25 Awww so cute. This book has a great world and I want to read more books that take place here!

  • Sherwood Smith
    2019-04-08 14:09

    If I were still teaching, I would have bought a copy instantly for my classroom shelves. I know I would have loved this book at age twelve or thirteen, and would have read and reread it passionately.Now I'm old, and I still found it perfect read for soggy hot weather after two days of insomnia. Tashi, the sixteen year old Fourth Princess of the Blue Crescent, is sent to marry eighteen year old Ramil of Gerfal. The Blue Crescent people are peaceful goddess worshippers . . . but they have invented gunpowder (and rifling!), which they keep secret, to protect their islands. Gerfalians are military, with only men in charge, but they use crossbows and spears. They need an alliance against the evil, conquering Fergox of Holt--who is forcing worship of his bloodthirsty god over conquered territories--and his equally nasty sister Junis.Unfortunately, Tashi and Ramil get off to a very bad start, as neither wants to marry the other. They don't understand or respect either the person or the other's culture. They endure two days of mutual dislike before they get captured, and hauled back to Fergox as part of the latter's expansion plans . . .The pacing keeps moving along at a fast clip, and there is plenty of action and fun dialogue. Tasha and Ramil begin to change their attitudes toward each other--and to grow up fast, as they are constantly threatened with death.They also have other challenges. Tasha, regarded everywhere as a witch (though the Crescent people don't do magic--there doesn't seem to be any magic in this world), is treated badly and then thrown into a dungeon until she agrees to give up the goddess and worship the bloody god. Her faith takes a hard hit, which leaves her bewildered and in despair. Ramil, in trying to help, thinks about the big questions for the first time, but he also has lessons to learn. As a prince, his life has been easy, and now he finally has to work at the lessons he ignored.They escape and get into a lot more action, meeting a variety of colorful characters along the way. I found Fergox and the horrible Junis amusing villains--way better than the usual Evil All The Time rug chewers--but the side characters are pretty stock. Golding keeps things moving fast enough that I never minded stock characters doing predictably stock things. A young teen without years of reading experience is not going to see familiar patterns, and be on the edge of her seat.I liked the story, the evolutions of Ramil and Tashi's romance, and the lessons they learn, and though the world building was painted in pretty broad strokes, as were the characters, it suited the story. This was such fun. I've a grand niece I think is just ready for it. I can easily see it becoming her favorite book.

  • Stacia (the 2010 club)
    2019-03-30 18:30

    This book could have been a 4 for me if a few of the overly descriptive parts had been left out. Yes, I's fantasy, and it's to be expected. While Golding has an excellent writing style and nice flow, I found myself skimming a few random parts that were only cosmetic to the story, and was still able to keep up with no problem.That said, this book was a pleasant read and I enjoyed it. It's always nice to read about growth in the main characters, and both the hero and heroine had to overcome pre-programmed prejudices against each other's cultures. It was a cute fantasy story - good enough to pass the time.

  • Krystle
    2019-04-07 19:06

    Dragonfly has everything I could want in a fantasy book – action, romance, a beautiful cover, and well defined characters – but I just could not get into it.It’s not because of the writing though, Julia Golding’s prose is beautiful with eloquent and evocative descriptions, and swift turns of phrase. But the major downfall of this book is the plot. It’s extremely cliché and very, very predictable. I’m sure that after you’ve read five chapters you’ll be able to figure out exactly what’s going to happen, what’s going to happen to who, and who ends up with whom.I’m not saying being cliché is a bad thing because a lot of books work a lot of familiar elements in their stories, and it’s up to the writer’s talent to make it an enjoyable experience of not. Well, Julia Golding is not lacking in that area, the plot was just not something I could get over. It wasn’t engaging or fun for me to read through over four hundred pages when I could pinpoint exactly what was going to occur. It became a drag and I quickly could not became engaged or care about the characters at all.There were a bunch of things that made me smile though. I liked how that the two main characters are from different cultures and societies, and how they both have their own preconceived and biased viewpoints of them. I thought she did a decent attempt at having them work through their own prejudices of each other and each other’s people.The romance worked a lot better when they disliked each other. I felt that they had loads of chemistry, but that all fizzled out when they finally admitted their feelings and got together. They became flat and dull, but I enjoyed how they fought their own separate battles in order to be together, instead of having the woman cling on to the man like a leech.I’m sure this book will be enjoyed by many, but if it only deviated just a tad from the overly linear plot, then I probably would have loved it too.

  • Jessica
    2019-04-21 19:24

    I really enjoyed this book! It had everything I love in a book, comedy, action, and a love story (with nothing too cheesy) all mixed together. There were times where I was freaking out about what was going to happen, if the characters I had grown to love were going to live or die. There were other times where I was laughing out loud right where I was sitting. And then there were times where I wanted the characters to pull it together and realize there feelings for each other.I've noticed that I kinda like a love story, when the characters start off hating each other. It makes it more interesting. Instead of instantly falling in love. I don't mind the instant falling in love, it's just some authors don't pull it off very well, so the love story doesn't seem believable, and it takes away from the story. But with this book I felt the love story was totally believable. They slowly got over the hatred for one another, then a friendship started up, and then the blossoming of there love grew at the right time, to make it very believable. Even the secondary relationships were believable.I would definitely recommend this book. It was so good! If your looking for an action pack love story, this is the book for you.The only thing I didn't like about it, was that it's not part of a series. I was kinda sad when it was over, knowing there isn't going to be another book. And those are always the kind of books I love. When I don't ever want it to end. But as all stories go it did end and if I may say so, it was a very happy ending, which I love!

  • Valerie
    2019-04-20 18:34

    A teriffic plot and a memorable story. The blurb explains what the book is about pretty well so I'll leave out an overview. I will say however, that their world was rich with different cultures and people.Tashi and Ramil are quite a dynamic pair. I knew there was supposed to be romance in this book but I expected it to be different. They seemed so young but did things that were responsible-most of the time. They reacted off of each other most of the time. The secondary characters grew on me. How come I don't have a big guy to watch over me, shove off anyone who's giving me a look?This book had an underlying messages of religious tolerance and cultural differences. This was done well, meaning I didn't feel like I was being bashed over the head with the message. It also had other messages like the price of war and peace.The only qualm I have with the book was Tashi. Now she is a good character all around but there were parts where I was just begging her to do something and she did something else. It probably turned out best that she didn't do what I wanted her to but it frustrated me nonetheless. I guess I was expecting something like Tamora Peirce's headstrong kick-some-butt kind of things from Tashi though it was clear she just isn't the type to do that. An extremely enjoyable read and I hope to find more like it.

  • Maria (Netherreads)
    2019-04-21 16:19

    Read this as a kid- loved it!

  • Lučka
    2019-04-01 18:22

    ~~~3-4 stars~~~

  • Small Review
    2019-04-13 16:10

    3.5 starsOriginally posted at Small Review Dragonfly held so much promise: A hate-turned-love romance, fantasy, questing, culture clash, battles. Oh gosh, the blurb sounded like a recipe for success, but unfortunately the actual story fell flat for me.I’m a character girlI need to love my characters, especially in a book like this. The hate-turned-love romantic device relies completely on the strength of the characters. They need to be interesting as individuals and there needs to be a spark between them. For me, neither of those factors was met with Tashi and Ramil.Tashi was nice, but part of her personality was that she was very closed off and removed. This makes sense for her culture, and it was fascinating, but it also served to close her off to me. I felt like I was never able to get around her walls and know her on a deeper level. The glimpses I did see were likable. She began the book as a very timid girl, but she grew considerably through the book becoming a woman I would have loved if only she would let me.Ramil pretty much killed the book for me. He irritated me so much with his bravado, impulsiveness, and stubborn inability to see beyond his own perspective. He’s supposed to be at least somewhat off-putting in the beginning, but I don’t think I was supposed to dislike him as much as I did. His growth was less apparent than Tashi’s, making him seem even more childish in comparison. Since I disliked Ramil so much, I had a hard time getting on board with their romance and I didn’t really feel that happy spark when they got together.For fantasy loversThe world Julia Golding described was both familiar and creative. The competing cultures were detailed and extremely interesting to learn about. Ramil’s culture is a lot more standard, but Tashi’s was unique. I loved learning all about the various customs and aspects of her culture. It was also interesting to see the clash of cultures. Julia Golding superbly highlighted the truly alien feelings that occur when two distinctly different cultures meet.The plot itself was pretty standard fare for the high fantasy genre. The whole thing was very predictable and offered nothing new to the fantasy genre. I wouldn’t say this is necessarily a complaint though. I don’t mind predictable plots like this because it’s a storyline I enjoy reading. If the characters had captured my heart, I probably would have made this a five star book regardless of the predictable plot.One thing I didn’t like about the plot was that I found it a plodding in places. Again, if I had loved the characters I probably wouldn’t have minded, but as it was I frequently found myself bored. The action parts were good, but even they needed that little boost that is usually filled in by the charisma of the characters.Should you read it?That’s really up to you. If the plot sounds interesting to you, then I think you should give it a try for sure. If you click with the characters then you’ll probably love Dragonfly. I’m glad I read this book and if I find it for cheap then I would buy a copy. I’m just disappointed I didn’t love the book as much as I was expecting.

  • Trudi
    2019-04-20 22:26

    I read Dragonfly thinking it would be a fun read and thought the plot looked interesting and cute...but, I was disappointed. Not necessarily that the book was terrible, just disappointing because the plot would of been so cute, and could of been cute if it would of been more focused on Ramil and Tashi and not just Tashi and her whole "finding myself and what I believe in".Also, I found myself confused most of the time, it was so fast pace and jumped around so much that I barely could figure out what was going on...and maybe that was more my fault than the books since I could barely get myself to concentrate on the pages, but it failed to pull me in and I cared little about what happened to the characters.Like when Tashi is locked up and being forced to denounce her faith in her "goddess". Sorry, but I could care less if she was converted to some other "god" that is just as bad as her "goddess". Julia Golding's main plot I should say was basically getting up on a soap box to preach on how everyone should be able to worship freely their own religion, whether it is a female or male god. BLAH! Looking this in a Christian point of view, this book is off in so many ways. If Tashi was being made to denounce her faith in Jesus Christ for this blood thirsty god or whatever, whose worshipers cut themselves and made human sacrifices, than I would of been more feeling toward Tashi, but instead Golding makes the goddess that Tashi worships be full of peace and light, throwing this other god in just to make Tashi's goddess shown in a better light. The whole religious goddess that Tashi worshiped was the ENTIRE or almost all the plot and how Tashi finds herself and learns that the "goddess" loves her no matter what she does. UGH!AND... Ramil and Tashi's romance didn't even have a chance to really mature. They were apart most of the time and all of a sudden, BAM! Ramil is all "Tashi...yous so beautiful and I luvs you…” and then BAM! Tashi's is all "Oh Ram, I LOVE YOU!" It just happened to fast.Anyways, it was "alright" I suppose, but overall it was lame and I wanted to gag at the ending *coughs*

  • Marta
    2019-04-15 22:19

    AHHH!!!! SOOOO GOOD!!! Okay, first things first, favorite character: Gordoc. He was such a softy under all the muscle and I loved that he was like an uncle to Tashi!! So protective, I love that. Prince Ramil: Y.U.M. Ram was....a character you don't want to like in the early beginning but you just can't. And as you get farther along in the book you fall more in love with him. I loved that for once it was the guy getting jealous of the girl. And never once did he stray from his feelings for Tashi. And he redeemed himself on their journey amazingly. And he stood up for her when it would cost him. What else can you ask for in a guy? Besides a special skill like cooking, which he can, or some manly skill like swordfighting, WHICH HE CAN!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!! Ram was PERFECT! Tashi: Innocent. Realistic. NOT a witch. Quite charming. But sometimes, a bit...weak. Other than that I really liked Princess Taoshira, and what cool name!!! She wasn't a perfect princess which I liked. She wavered in her faith under her circumstances and doubted who she was. She got angry, unlike some characters where there just so proper they don't even show the common emotions!!!! I could understand her frustration and felt her heplessness at times. It so Perfect. No, realistic, ideal. Like HUMAN realistic. And when Merl came along she wasn't so naive. And in the end she was a wonderful character! Melletin and Yelena: Loved them. Witty and smart, and finally got some girl power going on!!!! Everyone else was special and defined and I thought the bad guy was "terror"ific (Wow that was bad). He was super creepy and evil. I just LOVE this book!!!!!!! I just die a little every time I reread the end of this book, I just can't believe it's over and I don't want it to end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Josie
    2019-03-22 22:12

    This... did not read like a sixth novel. I can forgive a little awkwardness in an author's writing if the characters are interesting and the story engaging, but... guess what... :|The whole ~forced marriage turning into true love~ can be such a guilty pleasure to read if done well, but I wasn't feeling it. I think it didn't work for me because I had two major issues with this book. Firstly, I disliked how Tashi completely assimilated into Ramil's culture. When the West versus East comparison was set up, the Westerners were clearly too reserved and emotionless. But to me, the Easterners were also flawed: they were too informal and overly touchy-feely. King Lagan was always hugging people he barely knew, or patting them on the shoulder, which seemed way too personal, especially for a king. I figured that by the end of the novel, Tashi would have learnt to open up a bit more, and Ramil would have learnt to hold back in certain situations. But no, Tashi essentially abandons all her principles because she's realised that her culture is doing it all wrong and you have to be free with your emotions! Um, sorry, but no. There's nothing wrong with being more circumspect and guarded.I also disliked how the only reason Ramil started to fall in love with Tashi was because she was beautiful. Once her face paint and veil were off, he noticed that she was actually quite pretty and had long fair hair, etc etc. He repeatedly mentioned how beautiful she was, like it was all that mattered, while I waited in vain for him to notice her personality. But no, once he realised she was ~hawt~ he decided to look past her upbringing. How generous of him, right? Ugh.

  • Elissa
    2019-03-27 19:14

    If you are a reader who enjoys mystery, thriller, or any other types of books besides fantasy and adventure, this book is not for you. This book is full of fun, daring adventure. At the same time, it will test the limit to your imagination.Princess Taoshira is the fourth crowned princess of the Blue Crescent Islands. She is also the youngest at 16 years old, and the oldest is 84, which is the first crowned princess. In this island, women are more dominant to men. They have more important jobs and the men work on boats and in the navy fleet. Even if this island is run by women, it has the most powerful navy of the four other main islands surrounding it. Taoshira is from a small town in the south side of the Blue Crescent Islands. She was a poor peasant girl never really caring about becoming a princess. However, one day, the fourth princess was mysteriously murdered. She is chosen to become the fourth princess. Later in the book, it has said that the government was paid to chose her because they thought she was going to be weak and fragile. After becoming the princess, her sixteen rituals include getting out of the bed on the right hand side, turning to the east to bow to the sun, submitting to have her hair groomed with forty strokes, and there's more (Golding 1). On the other island called Gerfal, there is a prince. Ramil, a frivolous, daring, horse- loving prince, is going to be forced to marry a disciplined, serious princess that he doesn't even know. They are complete opposites. At first sight, they hate each other. Because they are not exposed to each other's rituals and cultures, they start off on the wrong foot by offending each other. For example, Princess Taoshira gives him a paper dragonfly she made which represents friendship and loyalty (45). Unfortunately, he takes it and puts it in his pocket without much care. Obviously, the princess is greatly offended. Even thought the beginning part of the book starts slow, the middle gets more interesting because they both get kidnapped. They risk their lives to get back to their kingdoms- alive. They can't do it alone because teamwork is greatly needed the most now. They go on many unforgettable adventures together as well as going though near death experiences. At the end, it is obvious they fall for each other. Opposites do attract in this case. They end up getting married and saving both their kingdoms from it's power- hungry neighbor who kidnapped them from the beginning. This book is hard to read at first because of its slow pace. However, if you endure the first several chapters, it is worth it.

  • Olivia--Porcrastinator Extraordinaire
    2019-04-12 20:29

    This was a truly precious book. So simple and easy to read, yet thoroughly entertaining. I can't believe it passed me by when it first came out. It didn't ask too much of the reader, but it really allowed the reader to understand the stages two characters go through in order to reach not only an understanding, but a true fondness that eventually evolves into love. Taoshira is a young girl who is forced into a life she never expected of herself. She went from goat-girl to a princess with highly strict formal rules to follow. When the story starts, she is well entrenched into her role as a princess, and it was so delightful throughout the book to see glimpses of the goat-girl beneath. Golding did a phenomenal job of representing a fairy-tale like character who must strive to fit into not only her new society as a princess, but in the rest of the story the society of the easterners who are much more crass and straightforward. The character arc was lovely, and by the end of the story I truly felt for Tashi's frustration with everything she was put up against in combination with her developing love for Ramil. Ramil was also a very like-able character. In the beginning of the story he is kind of a tool, but he quickly realizes how horrible he's been to Tashi and shifts into a much more like-able, much more enjoyable hero, but I do appreciate his early negativity. What eighteen year old young man wouldn't be an ass when told he had to marry some girl, who from his perspective, is painfully formal and cold? The side characters were also very well developed and flushed out, as well as generally like-able or detestable depending upon what you would expect them to be. The only really negative thing I can say about the book is that I wanted it to be a touch darker. Tashi and Ramil find themselves in some pretty awful situations that came out a little flat to me, because they just weren't struggling quite enough for my tastes. That is not to say that there is anything overtly easy or wrong in the type of struggle they did find. It just didn't hit me quite hard enough. I'd definitely recommend this for anybody who is looking for a light fairy-tale-esque, somewhat politically intriguing, romantic story.

  • Anne
    2019-04-18 17:16

    RECENZE NA BLOGUÚnos čtvrté princezny je precizní příběh, kterému nechybí nic, co by řádný příběh mít měl. Najdete zde akci, dobrodružství a napětí, romantiku, humor i mnohé náměty k zamyšlení.Hlavní postavy - princ Ramil a princezna Tashi se vám jistojistě nesmazatelně zapíší do paměti a s nimi i jejich příběh, který zaujme jak mladší, tak starší čtenáře, kluky i holky.Reakce po dočtení:Právě jsem dočetla a jsem NADŠENÁ! Upřímně jsem nečekala, že by kniha s touto obálkou, která je podle mého tedy krapet… no, prostě se mi tak úplně nelíbí, mohla být tak dobrá! Ale opravdu je!Skvělé čtení. Dobrodružné, akční, napínavé, romantické, vtipné, chytré s náměty k zamyšlení. Autorka rozhodně ukázala, že ví, jak se píše příběh a nic v něm nechybí. Žádné bezduché rozhovory nebo plytký děj či naivní charaktery postav. Perfektní logika scén, důraz na detail, naprosto využitý potenciál všech postav i zápletek děje. Pořád se něco dělo a nebylo to ani chvíli nudné.Nemám co vytknout, snad jen bych ještě uvítala, kdyby se Tashi s Ramem škorpili trochu víc a déle, ale to asi bude věc názoru :-)Nejprve jsem chtěla dát hvězdy "jen" 4, ale díky posledním asi 50 stranám to zvedám na 5 hvězd a to naprosto zasloužených + přidávám VŘELÉ DOPORUČENÍ. Kniha, která potěší nejen mladší, ale už i vyzrálejší čtenáře. A klidně bych tuhle knihu doporučila i klukovi :-)Od Julie Golding si určitě ještě přečtu další knihy, protože tato byla zkrátka SKVĚLÁ!

  • Melanie
    2019-04-05 22:08

    Evil warlord is warlording towards a country. Country attempts to make alliance with other country but they are too different and friction ensues. Things happen and people travel around and other things happen. Lots of fortuitous friendships are happened upon. Some more things happen.So, apparently I'm in the huge minority of people that don't think this book is all that great. And I think the reason that I think this is because it's all a little too planned out. I know, I know - books that are planned out are good! It means the author knows where they want things to go, blah blah blah. But this was one of those books that even when things went wrong, they went right. There were no real disasters or anything.It's possible that the reason behind this is Julia Golding's background: she has written an awful lot of children's books. And children's books tend to have a lot less 'ah, everything's going horribly wrong!' and a whole lot more 'and they all lived happily ever after'. I probably would have enjoyed this book more if I had read it when I was 10 years younger, but alas it was not to be, and so I am left bereft of any real enjoyment.Never mind.

  • Arya
    2019-04-17 20:32

    This was an awesome book, exploring issues such as arranged marriage, religious freedom, tyrannts, political alliances and racial prejudice.Taoshira, the Fourth Crown Princess of the Blue Cresent Islands is about to get a very great shock. . . she has been promised in marriage to Prince Ramil of Gerfal - a country halfway around the known world - to secure a political alliance for her country. From the first page detailing the rituals that the Fourth Crown Princess must complete each morning, to the kidnapping and the subsequent imprisonment of "Tashi" this is an action packed, thrilling ride with lots of danger and romance to help it on its merry way.This book was amazing. The characters were loveable (and in Fergox's case "hate-worthy") and very alive.A definite gem . . . if you like fantasy and "historical(esque)" books you would love this.GO RESISTANCE!!

  • Kogiopsis
    2019-04-09 14:17

    I'm a veteran of more arranged marriage RPs than I care to admit, and the simplest way to explain this book is: this is what I was looking for in all those roleplays. This is a fantasy arranged marriage done right.

  • Hollie
    2019-04-12 21:21

    what a journey. the character depth was great. It made for a fast paced sweet read. I would have preferred an epilogue but I'm still pleased with it overall.

  • Emily
    2019-04-14 22:12

    I really loved Dragonfly. It made me laugh, cry, get the chills, & even boiled my blood in one particular scene! What more can you ask for in a reading experience? Excellent fun.

  • Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽
    2019-04-06 20:35

    $1.99 Kindle sale as of August 12, 2016. This is an award-nominated YA fantasy.

  • Zoe and the Edge
    2019-03-27 19:19

    4.5 StarsIt took me a while to get into this story. I found the world building boring. But then further along the track, I started getting invested with the story. It's actually very good. I found all the Goddess talk annoying but I liked that Tashi was so imperturbable and I grew fond of her quite quickly. The other countries think that Tashi and her people, the Blue Crescents are a cult, an eerie, supernatural people with magical powers. Tashi is really very cute. Devout and petite with golden hair for miles, she is the epitome of damsel-in-distress. Usually I would hate it, but there's something very regal and admirable in the way she chooses to put aside her own wants in favour of being a good ruler to her people. Despite her docile nature, she's very opinionated and thinks Ramil is a useless block of wood. He doesn't do much to prove himself either in the beginning. I really liked the arrogant sarcasm that came out of this little queen. There is absolutely no insta-love. And no insta-lust. The two fall into immediate dislike of the other based on prejudice and cultural bias. I enjoyed the smooth way they transitioned from tolerating each other to liking and then to falling head over heels in love. When Ramil starts making an effort to woo her, Tashi brings out her saucy side, and it's really so much fun. He leant forward and sniffed. "Not a hint of brimstone. Just mud and horses." "What!" "But I like horses." "Ram, if you were thinking of making more attempts at winning my affections, I don't think this is the recommended practice in any part of the known world."Ramil is a little spoiled and naïve but nothing too unforgiveable in the beginning. Getting kidnapped and having to become a hero makes him grow up fast. I loved seeing his transformation from boy to man. I especially liked that he doesn't beat around the bush when he realises he loves Tashi. Gordoc definitely gets a special mention. He is a loveable giant that has a big heart and he worships the ground Tashi walks on. I love the alliance that he makes with Ramil as they bond over Tashi.Gordoc stared at his friend and scratched his unshaven chin. "What is wrong with that? She looks happy. We want her to be happy, don't we?" Ramil - "Yes, but not with him."Also, Thunder is such a great horse. I just want to snuggle him! Think Max from Tangled.

  • Heather
    2019-04-22 16:30

    If you liked the adventure in the Princess Bride than you will like this book, and if you liked the relationship between Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy than you will definitely love this book. Tashi, Ramil, Gordoc, and all the other lovable characters make this book worth reading; but not the only reason, the backdrop is weaved around an action-adventure that keeps the book moving along at a fast pace. This book has love, battles,and humor, what else do you need...***mild spoilers, so if you haven't read the book than don't read below***The relationship between Ramil and Tashi resembles Jane Austin's Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy. They both start out not quite liking one another and have some preconceived notions of who the other person is. However, with each encounter Ramil and Tashi start to fall in love and change their previous prejudices. I liked that part of their story, mainly because I loved Pride and Prejudice, but also because I enjoyed the personal growth both characters under went as the story progressed. This book had that underlining message of tolerance towards other cultures and religion. I thought the message was tastefully done, not overwhelming or containing any hint of propaganda. As I said at the start, I thought this book resembled The Princess Bride, especially with Gordoc, he to me was a lot like Fezzik the giant from that book. The adventure that Tashi and Ramil went on was a lot like Buttercup's and Westley's. Not only did their relationship copy Mr. Darcy's and Elizabeth's, but you could draw parallels to Buttercup and Westley's too. This book was a lot of fun and meaningful. This book wasn't an original story, mainly because it drew from so many other stories, but also because it resembles a lot of movies out there too. Nevertheless, the writing was well done and if you like adventure and a love story than this book would be worth your time...

  • Tito
    2019-03-26 19:20

    Ok so at first I kind of hated this book, and only got through the first few chapters before DNFing it. However I decided to reread it as there was nothing else to read at the time, and as I kept going through it, I quickly got sucked in. I don't know why the book and I didn't click at first, but now I can say I thoroughly enjoyed it. I liked seeing the relationship between Ramil and Tashi progress, and although the writing seemed a bit juvenile to me at times, I was able to go through the book without mostly skimming. I found that a huge portion of the book focused on learning to accept other cultures/practices/beliefs, and that made for a nice message. However, if you're the type of person who doesn't like to read about the supernatural/made up deities too much, then you should probably avoid this one. Overall a cute enjoyable read. 3 stars.

  • Melissa
    2019-04-11 17:31

    Loved this book! This will be one I look to buy. It had all my favorite elements~ Princess, prince, love, adventure,growing and finding yourself! The characters were great. I wish I could have gotten into there heads a little more. There is a lot of action and I had a hard time putting the book down. These books are great tween-teen reads. There is some violence, but it was not too descriptive. 14 and up. There is a second story I will be looking into getting but it is not of the same characters.REREAD: Read with my daughters and we all loved it. It is a really fun fast paced story. There was a couple of sexual comments I modified as I read.