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Letting go of the past is the hardest thing these two men have to learn to do.Wes Ward made a mistake—a few of them, to be exact. He felt abandoned, forgotten by his older brother, Sully, once Sully found his mate. Wes let anger and loneliness influence him, and he tried some things he shouldn’t have. Getting busted by his mom was probably the one thing that saved him. GetLetting go of the past is the hardest thing these two men have to learn to do.Wes Ward made a mistake—a few of them, to be exact. He felt abandoned, forgotten by his older brother, Sully, once Sully found his mate. Wes let anger and loneliness influence him, and he tried some things he shouldn’t have. Getting busted by his mom was probably the one thing that saved him. Getting sent to stay with the brother he thinks forgot about him might be an unmitigated disaster.Or it might be Wes’ salvation. In San Antonio, he is forced to confront the things he has done, and his childish reasoning for it. It isn’t easy, but after a spectacular blow-out with Sully and his mate Bobby, Wes finally begins to try to get past his issues. When he meets a skittish, sexy man at the homeless youth shelter where they both volunteer, Wes thinks he’s found more than he ever thought he’d have.Armando has been hurt too many times to count, but the last time almost cost him his life. He’s carried unwarranted anger around for over two years, refusing to make peace with Sully or Bobby, so to find himself attracted to Sully’s little brother Wes is a shock.Reader Advisory: This book contains references to sexual assault in the past....

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Wesley Reviews

  • Christy
    2018-12-02 21:33

    'Wesley' is book eight in the 'Leopard's Spots' series by Bailey Bradford and it continues the excitement of the series' story lines and its wonderful romances. This story focuses on two young men who will need to learn the age-old lesson that you have to take responsibility for your own actions no matter how much you want to hide and try to remain a child. That's not to say that neither man has the right to feel what they do, just that they'll need to overcome their anger, hurt, and feelings if betrayal before they can move on.Wesley is Sully's younger brother and two years have passed since Sully moved to San Antonio and mated with Bobby. Wesley was angry and hurt because Sully did a very bad job of keeping in touch with Wesley, no matter how many times Wesley e-mailed, called or texted. In his loneliness and anger, Wesley was stupid and started abusing prescription drugs. When his parents caught him, they sent him to live with Sully and Bobby. Well-meaning action by his parents, but probably not the smartest. Luckily for Wesley, before too much more damage can be done, Remus, the pack shaman, steps in and offers his home for a few days to help Wesley find some peace within himself.Armando, Mando from Sully's story, is now two years older, and knows about shifters from living among them. He works at a GLBTQ center for homeless teens and loves his job. Armando is still dealing with repercussions from his rape two years ago, and basically he's hiding from a lot of memories, not just the rape but from childhood, too. He's done everything possible to insure no one looks at him with desire, giving up his half-starved waif look, in favor of a little more protection on his body. He hasn't spoken to Sully or Bobby in the past two years, holding on to his (unreasonable, his words) grudge and not willing to let it go. When Sully's little brother, Wes, turns up as a volunteer at the center, it might just be time for Armando to deal with a few things.What follows is a really sweet and very tender beginning of a relationship. Wes knows Armando is his mate, and he just wants him happy, but he also knows something is going on with Armando, something that causes him to pull away from Wes. Armando only knows his libido has been woken up by Wes, regardless of the fact that Armando considers himself worthless and trash because of his history, and therefore not good enough for Wes. I liked this eighth installment of the series and the story of these wounded young men, one, in particular. Due to issues revolving around both Wes and Armando, there was drama, but it was handled well and I didn't feel like it dragged me down. This story was different in that Armando is human, and because of his abuse, he and Wes were a little more patient about some things than the other couples. A good addition to the series!NOTE: This book was provided by Pride Publishing for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews

  • ~SexyBookWorm~
    2018-11-20 00:30

    I was really looking forward to Mando's story and I have to admit I'm quite disappointed. Wesley is actually sully'S Brother who we met briefly in the previous book. And I liked that we were able to get to know him better and see his mate. However I'm not sure that Mando and Wesley are a good mate pair. They both are recovering or healing from problems in their past but I think they would be better suited to someone who could ground them instead of them being mated to someone in the exact same position they are. I think with Wesley and his addictions and Mando and his post rape PTSD is too much for one book. Had yet been given separate books with separate mates we could gave focused on them better. Unfortunately the story itself dragged quite a bit. The was a bkgd story involving a conversion therapy camp that I also feel was unnecessary. Like why can't we just focus on the couple? And if any bkgd stuff is included it is complimentary to the mated couple and their plot. Overall this book and this mated couple was a miss for the series.

  • Hc Lynn
    2018-11-15 21:37

    Wes screwed up and almost lost his leopard due to messing with drugs. He is now on a path to put himself back to rights and by accident runs across his mate. None other then Armando who he's had the hots for at the youth center! Armando is still dealing with this rape from one of Bobby's pack, thou 2 years have passed. He also has to come to grips with the return of his libido and unreasoning hatred of Sully and Bobby.I felt this was really put together well. This series is known for the rougher side of animal like sex with a bit of pain and blood. For these two it's not a big play between them.. due to one of them being human most likely. While Wes has urges, even before confirmation he chooses to follow his instincts and not push Armando into something he's not ready for just yet. While Wes needed to really grow up and Armando needed to get back in touch with himself, these two man up and make it work for them.

  • Ter
    2018-12-01 18:33

    Better than the last one to me anyhow.. BUT I did have to take a star off, cause it really bothers me when authors don't even remember their own books. Big oops in this one, thru out the book it is mentioned (at least 3 times) (view spoiler)[ "That Bobby(from bk#7) killed the bad guy that was in #7." I think this author needs to re-read her own work, it wasn't Bobby that killed him, he was shot more than once thru a door and was out, it was Sully, he shifted and killed the guy....(get your own facts straight) (hide spoiler)]If there is a big amount of time between books, maybe the author should re-read their previous works, I know I re-read the previous ones in a series if it's been awhile.

  • Shannon
    2018-12-10 01:23

    While I liked this, I found myself skimming though most of the "Dyan rescue" scene

  • Gabbi
    2018-11-30 00:31 Kisses!I admit this is the first book I’ve read in this series, but I’ve read Bailey Bradford’s books before and enjoyed them, so I decided to take a chance with this one. I’m really glad I did, because I was immediately swept up into the lives of these characters and ended up really enjoying their story.Wes is coming off of an addiction to prescription drugs and has enlisted his older brother Sully and Sully’s mate, Bobby, for help. Even though their relationship has been estranged for some time, Bobby immediately reaches out and helps Wes in hopes that their relationship is beyond any repair.Wes has to deal with a lot of self-recriminating issues and bitterness, but he’s determined to get over them and on with his life. He’s lonely and wants to have what his brother has…which is a mate of his own. Working at a LGBT youth shelter helps him a lot. It begins to give his life some direction and meaning, but what Wes is not prepared for is his intense attraction and need for one of the other volunteers, Armando.For the past two years, Armando has done an excellent job at keeping people at arm’s length. Because of some of the things he had to do in his past and because of being raped, he’s scared of letting other people into his life. But once he meets Wes, Armando begins to question his defense mechanisms and begins to allow the sexy, shifter peel away all of the hurt and fear he’s allowed to rule over him for so long. Will Wes and Armando be able to fully work through their issues so they can have a happy life together?I really enjoyed watching both heroes work through their own issues so they could open themselves up for the happiness they can receive in each others’ arms. Both men are stronger than they realize and I liked how the author did not brush their weaknesses aside easily. Each man works hard to overcome self-inflicted obstacles to be able to forgive, heal and be stronger and better men in the end.Armando and Wes are definitely interesting, likeable heroes. I also enjoyed the heated chemistry they had between them and thought the sex scenes were heated enough to steam up my computer screen. I also appreciated how they learned to work as a team, both personally and professionally, as the story continued to evolve. This is definitely a character driven romance, and since I’m all about the heroes and how their relationship between them develops throughout the story, Ms. Bradford did a great job at making me lose myself for the couple of hours I read their story, because I easily became wrapped up into these characters’ lives.As I mentioned before, I started this series late, so there were a few things I obviously missed, but I didn’t feel lost and was able to follow along pretty easily, so I do believe this book can be read as a stand-alone. But if you are like me, once you get involved with the characters and their story, it always makes me want to backtrack and read the series books in order to see what I’ve missed. In general, I have a feeling there are some things about the shifter politics as well as some other key players that I’ve missed out on, so as you can tell I’ll be reading the rest of the books soon.Wesley is a thought-provoking romance filled with characters that will touch your heartstrings and make you wish for more. I loved every moment I spent with Wes and Armando and I can’t wait to read more about the world Ms. Bradford created in this series. Recommended!The Leopard’s Spots books in series order are:LeviOscarTimothyIsaiahGilbertEsauSullivanWesley

  • Phaney
    2018-12-06 20:19

    I’d hesitate to call this realistic, but at the same time this story features less of that ideal perfection that saturates the other volumes and a bit more of what makes the people feel like actual people. Imperfection, if you will. And responses to events that made more sense to me than is usual in a certain type of story.How Armando dealt with his trauma, especially, stands out here. Sure, it still all ends in unmitigated bliss, but even the characters make allowances that things would not have worked so well without the supernatural element.Either way, the result is story that I enjoyed very much. Yet another touch of freshness for this rather formulaic author. And due to the nature of the story, it wasn’t as oversexed as they tend to be, either. I mean, yeah, it was, but we had fewer sex scenes, I think.There’s just one thing that really confuses me. Everyone keeps saying that Bobby killed the previous book’s villain. But it definitely was Sully, Bobby being out of commission at the time. So weird. I could understand if the author forgets the details of book one or two, but to forget the previous volume? That seems a little odd.

  • Melanie~~
    2018-12-13 21:16

    I think this was a more solid read than the previous couple of stories in this series.The desperation of Wesley wanting to claim his mate was present but not overbearing. Two years after his attack, Armando is doing more than surviving but still has understandable issues to move beyond. There was the natural quickness of mate-bonding, but it wasn't an insta-cure for Armando's mental and emotional pains. I was also happy to see the resolution between Armando and Sully and by extension Bobby. I know the next story in the series is Nischal and wonder if Cliff will be in it or when we'll get his story.

  • Becky Condit
    2018-11-17 01:25

    I have enjoyed Bailey Bradford’s Leopard Spots series from the first book and WESLEY is another in that highly entertaining set of stories. Wesley is a twenty-year-old snow leopard shifter who has gotten involved in drugs and been sent to San Antonio to live with his older brother Sully and Sully’s mate Bobby, a wolf shifter. There are bad feelings between Wesley and Sully that have to be worked through before Sully and Bobby can take on changing Wesley into a drug-free upright citizen and leopard shifter.Please see my complete review on Release Day, February 18, 2013 at

  • Finnegan
    2018-11-30 17:35

    I have read the description of this book and wasn't sure if I would like it, because it sounded like too much heartbreak and agony for a series that is quite angst-lite. But I was mistaken. I really like the story, the MC's is also likeable, and the bed action is very hot. Would recommend this to all readers who like stories about shifters, mates, insatiable hunger for each other - while all conflicts and issues are resolved as fast as possible, without any angst or stress for the reader. So yay.

  • Katie
    2018-12-06 00:15

    This is a great series by a great author. I read this and the Southwestern Shifters series' and they are some of my favorite shifter stories. I am never disappointedI was so happy we got to read about Armando and he found happiness again. That was part of SULLIVAN I was always sad about I am also happy his and Sully/Bobby's issue wasn't center stage it was about them and that was secondary.Overall definitely recommend but you have to at least read SULLIVAN for this to make sense but I recommend the entire series :)

  • Evette
    2018-11-16 21:32

    It was great.

  • Ericka Walden
    2018-11-15 18:36

    3.5 **

  • Shelley
    2018-11-21 23:37

    3.5 stars

  • Tala
    2018-11-25 19:40

    3.5 stars

  • Nikko
    2018-12-04 21:35

    i didn't like this one.. too much resistance..

  • Caroline Brand
    2018-11-24 17:27

    3.5 Stars