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Audrey Whitticomb saved her entire city.Well, kind of. The superhero Morning Star (who just happens to be Audrey's mom) might have played a small part, and her sidekick, Leon—Audrey's sort-of boyfriend, who is gorgeous... and frustrating—maybe helped, too.But after two peaceful months, there is a vicious new threat in Minneapolis. Her name is Susannah, and she's a HarrowerAudrey Whitticomb saved her entire city.Well, kind of. The superhero Morning Star (who just happens to be Audrey's mom) might have played a small part, and her sidekick, Leon—Audrey's sort-of boyfriend, who is gorgeous... and frustrating—maybe helped, too.But after two peaceful months, there is a vicious new threat in Minneapolis. Her name is Susannah, and she's a Harrower, a demon hell-bent on destroying people like Morning Star, Leon, and Audrey—the Kin. Like others before her, she seeks the Remnant, a Kin girl who has the power to unleash the inhabitants of the Beneath. But to what end?Audrey already has a ton on her plate: dealing with her best friend Tink's boy drama, helping her other best friend Gideon figure out his nightmares, and exploring the highs and lows of "dating" Leon. But when she develops a powerful new ability, Audrey seizes on the chance to fight, despite her mother's protests and Leon's pleas.As Audrey gets closer to figuring out Susannah's motives and tracking down the Remnant, she'll uncover more than she bargained for. The terrible truth is staring Audrey in the face. But knowing the truth and accepting it are very different things....

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Burn Bright Reviews

  • Stacia (the 2010 club)
    2018-12-11 22:19

    3.5 stars. I'm pretty sure I've already made the Hex Hall meets Sky High comparison, but I can't not bring it up again. This is the kind of comparison which should be perceived as a good one, though. Burn Bright followed a promising (yet shaky) first book and amped up the danger, adventure, and (somewhat) forbidden attraction.There's still one part superhero sci-fi..."You just told us the world is ending. I'd like to know how much time I have to prevent it."And several parts paranormal romance..."Our first date is not going to include hospitals, Harrowers, apocalyptic predictions, or my mother."But it's not a confused genre thing which has me liking what's going on. And it's certainly not the hodgepodge of different character traits and plot points that I've seen in other, popular series, because these books are not working with the freshest ideas or most unique story. This is simply all about the fact that an author came along and decided to bring the fun and adventure and romance - and it all came in a smartly written package.I have absolutely no notes in my book copy about stupid decision making or awkward social skills. Imagine that. Leon was willing to die for me. It was the sort of thing that sounded romantic in theory; the type of wild, passionate declaration you hear in movies. But this wasn't a vow. It wasn't a promise. It was a fact. Cold, hard, inescapable. And it didn't feel romantic. It felt terrifying.A female lead who gets it? Who knew?Moms with young teen daughters might enjoy the experience of reading the Dark Star books together. The emphasis on family and loyalty is a positive message set in a story which doesn't feel preachy or disingenuous. This would be a cute little movie franchise. Go, Disney, go. Book provided from publisher in exchange for an honest review. All quotes taken from the pre-published copy and may be altered or omitted from the final version.Review also posted on Booklikes

  • Meli
    2018-11-27 22:22

    RESEÑA COMPLETA EN LEE.SUEÑA.VUELA :3 PER-FEC-TOAmé este libro, tiene de todo, suspenso, acción, sorpresas, no, SORPRESAS, romance, situaciones que te aplastan el corazón entero. Es increíble lo mucho que lo disfruté. Subestimaba por completo esta saga (porque el urban fantasy no me gusta, porque no era conocida, por las portadas) y me tiene fascinada, es muy buena.No solo siento que es mejor que el primero argumentalmente, sino que también siento que la escritora mejoró mucho de un libro a otro, creció, pulió su estilo.Si no soy fan, estoy muy cerca.¡Necesito el que sigue con mi vida!

  • Christina (A Reader of Fictions)
    2018-11-21 20:58

    Actual rating: 4.5 stars.Doubting myself comes pretty naturally sometimes. Even when I really like something, when everyone else isn’t impressed, I think maybe I was wrong. That’s how I felt about Dark Star. Well, in this case, I’m TOTALLY right, because Burn Bright is every bit as fun, bantery and action-packed as I remember Dark Star being. These books are awesome, and more people need to get on the fan train with me to flail over the swoons and the laughs.Read the full review at A Reader of Fictions.

  • Nicole
    2018-12-02 20:58

    Need this in my hands SO BAD.

  • Paige (Illegal in 3 Countries)
    2018-11-27 01:53

    I NO CAN HAS WORDS. Well, I kinda have words, but not enough to throw together into a full review. Burn Bright is much easier to get into than its predecessor and it's better paced too, but it's got a bit of Second Book Syndrome going on; you can practically see all the characters being moved into place like game pieces in preparation for Fire Fall. The plot is great sometimes, a bit stale at others. There were so many things I didn't remember because I read the first book well over a year ago and there wasn't much in the way of recap. Good for some, not for others. A reread of Dark Star is recommended if you haven't read it just before picking this one up.Other than that, DUDE. HOLY HELL. Many, many twists I didn't see coming. One had me bouncing around saying "Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck" under my breath for about half an hour.

  • Nasty Lady MJ
    2018-11-20 02:06

    To see full review click on one of the following links:My BlogBooklikesThe Dark Star trilogy is one of those series I really like, but hate its marketing.First of all, I think this series does deserve more marketing than its getting. It has likable characters, a pretty good plot, and it doesn’t use tropes to that ridiculous point where you seemingly develop psychic powers when it comes to the storyline.Seriously, after I read a few YA books I almost thought about starting my own version of Ms. Cleo. Of course, since was accused of fraud, that probably wouldn’t be the best idea.The fact is, Burn Bright and the rest of this series hasn’t been outright predictable. And for the most part, it has been pretty enjoyable. The thing about this series though, is the whole superhero marketing angle-not there.And I’d really wish the publishers stopped trying to promote it as a superhero book.Yes, Audrey’s mom uses a superhero identity as her cover, but that’s pretty much it when it comes to her being a superhero. All other aspects to that sort of culture cease to exist.In other words, this book is more or less a YA paranormal about demons.Which I like, but you wouldn’t realize that if you read the jacket copy.I really hate that they did this because it totally distract my thoughts about the rest of the book which is actually pretty kick ass.I really did like this one. Besides, not being an outright walking cliche, Frenette has done a nice job developing the characters in this novel. I especially like the fact that Audrey’s mother is more than just your standard YA ESPN watching parent. She actually does stuff and not in a typical cliche and cheesy YA parent type of way.I also liked how this book didn’t center around the romance. Sure, Leon and Audrey were together, but they weren’t stupid YA in love. They still had their own lives and they didn’t go around calling each other schmoopy.While it wasn’t a superhero story, the book actually is still action packed. And I like how you could pick up the story without remembering every single detail of the previous installment. And I have to like the fact that Audrey isn’t physically strong and has to rely on others. She actually acknowledges her weakness.

  • Antonella
    2018-12-13 00:10

    "En algún lugar en ese espacio secreto y desconocido entre el guardián y la protegida, había un cortocircuito, una desconexión."Cuando crees por dónde va a tomar rumbo la historia, viene Bethany a lo "surprise bitch" y te da vuelta todo. Increíbles los giros de trama y no hubo un capítulo que no te dejara con la boca abierta.En el anterior libro pedí más participación de algunos personajes que me habían gustado y bueno, qué inocente fui porque en Burn Bright Frenette no solo me calló la boca, sino que me pegó una piña en la cara directamente con ese temita...El vínculo entre Audrey y León, una de las cosas más complicadas y adorables que me tocó leer. La forma en la que estaban narradas las charlas entre ellos era simplemente hermosa, y además te dejan reflexionando.Me gustaron los nuevos personajes que se nos introducen, sobretodo Drew, que me hacía querer abrazarlo desde la primera vez que apareció.Lo bueno de esta saga es que en cada libro se resuelven algunos interrogantes, y hay distintas "amenazas" por separado, cosa que te deja LA BOMBA para resolver en el próximo, así que no se imaginan las ganas que tengo de el próximo y último :'(."Incluso cuando morimos, solía decir Abuelita, seguimos siendo una parte de la gente que nos lleva consigo."2016 Reading Challenge:A book that's guaranteed that bring you joy✓ No sé si era por las ganas que tenía de leer esta continuación o por León pero este libro me hacía sonreír como una boba a cada rato.

  • That One Geek Girl
    2018-11-24 21:18

    Review from ThatOneGeekGirl.comThis book was a great follow-up to Dark Star. Audrey really grows into her abilities and into being a more confident young woman. I really enjoyed the game of cat-and-mouse that Susannah was playing with the guardians. It was so sinister and fun (and yes, I might be a bit evil). I also really enjoyed Audrey and Leon’s growing romantic relationship. They both want to protect each other so much that it ends up causing so many problems. I love Leon. He is definitely on my list of fictional crushes. Tall and nerdy, just how I like them! Finally, this book really fooled me with the surprise twist towards the end. I couldn't believe what I was reading! Well done to the author, because it’s rare that I’m fooled by a YA book. I highly recommend this book to fans of the first book in the series, and if you haven’t read Dark Star, I recommend that you read it Burn Bright when it hits shelves February 25th, 2014.

  • YA Reads Book Reviews
    2018-12-09 19:12

    I'M SO SAD IT'S OVER!Review coming soon!

  • Gillian Berry
    2018-11-26 01:16

    my link textRating: A solid sequel in a series more people should be reading.My review of Dark Star, book oneMore people should be reading this delightful superhero/urban fantasy series. It's funny, charming and full of twists and turns. The relationships are strong, and the heroine is wonderful. Like the first, this book got off to a bit of a slow start, but once it hits its stride, I couldn't put it down. We get more worldbuilding, more info, a super creepy bad girl demon who honestly will haunt your nightmares. We get more Leon and Audrey (SWOON. Those kiss scenes? ALL THE SWOON).I also love the secondary relationships in this book, namely the ones between Audrey and her mother, the superhero Morning Star, and Audrey and her best friend, Gideon (I still would like a bit more resolution in her friendship with Tink, though at least they're not a girl-hate friendship thing). Oh, and Audrey's dad, too! That was so heartbreaking. This book made me feel.There were two big twists in this book, one I completely saw coming, the other which KNOCKED MY LEGS OUT FROM UNDER ME. Bravo, Ms. Frenette. The Gideon reveal was CARAAAZY.Seriously, this series is pretty great. There are demons, people with superpowers, a psychic heroine, and an adorable love interest who BAKES. What more do you need in life, right?

  • Shweta Choudhary
    2018-11-26 18:16

    ARC reviewProvided by Netgalley Better than the first. SO much suspense and action ..Not a single moment where there is not something happening. When You start this book. You can't stop. The author wrote in such a way that you couldn't guess the remnant till the end. When you think you got it ...there is again a twist. Romance , suspense ,action and humor...awesome character will keep you addicted to you :)

  • Amanda G. (Nellie and Co.
    2018-11-21 21:12

    I can't for the life of me understand why I left reading Burn Bright for as long as I did, not only when you consider that I really really enjoyed Dark Star, but that the series is a definite 'Amanda' series. It's character's have depth, feel real and are juicy and squishy, and it's plot is brilliant, twisting and full of reveals. It's world is.. a little lacking, but almost dismissible. It literally is a book that you could read and know, just know that I would like, and nothing makes me happier than to know I certainly did more than just like it.It's easier if I just get the tiniest, almost, insignificant issue out of the way now, and that's the same issue I had previously, the world. I feel exactly the same about the world as I did over a year ago when I read Dark Star, it's not fantastically explored, but I didn't feel as though this was a.. bad thing? Confusing as it may sound, there is a lot more going for this book and eventually, it's strength, or lack of strength in world building does fizzle out and, I, personally, did start to almost forget I had an issue with it, because the rest of the book was that good. It's urban fantasy focusing a lot on the urban and expecting you to forge your own world a lot of the time, I can't say that this is a bad thing, some people like the little and make a lot on their own, other's, expect a stage, something to set the scene all the time. Burn Bright doesn't do this, but it, surprisingly, doesn't hinder the book all that much.What makes this book stand on it's own two feet, amidst the many urban fantasy, paranormal and magical-esk young adult reads out in the genre? Its's its character's and it's plot, both of which are some of the best I've ever read. Ever. It doesn't take writing that sounds like mythical poetry, it doesn't take character's that have many many layers of subtext, secrets and hidden emotions, it doesn't magic or power systems that are detailed and have travelled through history for millions of years to win me over, I like simple. Simple, but impressive, and this series, and this installment especially, was exactly that. The characters, Audrey, Lucy, Leon, Drew, Tink, Gideon, damn, even Shane, all of these characters feel real to me, as do their relationships with one another, and it's beautiful. Some relationships stand out more than others; Audrey and Lucy's relationship is just - it reminds me so much of my relationship with my Mother, a mutual care and protective stance over one another, a feeling of being more like friends than family, a feel of just, trusting, and having that mother/daughter relationship in a book that just matters, that's involved, that plays a big part in, not only how the character's grow and develop, but in the plot too. It's definitely my favourite mother/daughter relationship, and it really highlights how more authors can and should involve parents more, (in fact, just involve family, this book is full to the brim with active familie characters and relationships; grandparents, cousins, older characters in relationships that aren't marriage, dating while middle aged, adoption and adoptive parents and, father figures) in all stories, never mind those more action-packed and fantastical ones; Audrey and Lucy just make my heart smile.What makes my heart flutter is Audrey and Leon's relationship, which really, along with that with her mother, really shapes Audrey into not just a realistic heroine, but a strong heroine, one that believes she's capable and believes in herself, and wants to be involved, wants to help people, wants to be the important character that she is in the series, and Leon is just the perfect love interest for her, and their relationship is - I hate to use beautiful again, but it is, it's so swoony, so sexy, so so damn adorable, my feels literally cannot take the cute. These two, their struggles, their personal battles, their respect and loyalty to one another, their protectiveness, their need, and want, to look after the other, their honest and realistic romance, it's just really rather perfect, and how they explore their feelings, and how things get pretty darn hot every now and then, and then switch to cheesy, happy smiles and holding hands, I just - I love them.In fact, I just love pretty much everything about Burn Bright. It's brilliant plot and dark, eerie feel was the right direction to take for the sequel, and it's new enemies, new characters and it's interesting twist on previous characters we already knew and their relationships with one another, it was everything I thought I wanted from Burn Bright and more, Frenette is just a genius, and is not appreciated more for her work. She writes such entertaining and enthralling action scenes and she has such clear, yet detailed plots woven throughout her books, she creates the perfect amount of questions and answers and throughout her work, and she makes me cringe (but in a very good way), laugh, cry, howl and breakdown. I don't mind that I knew were most of the story was going and that I'd worked out a lot of what was to come, and I really don't think I mind the world not being as strong as it could be, because this series, and Frenette, deserve more notice, and deserved a chance to feel complete. Knowing that this series didn't get the love, or the attention it deserved when it was released breaks my heart, because it's such a good series, with so many brilliant characters and relationships and unanswered questions, and I feel so angry knowing that the final installment is going to be so difficult to find, but I love this series too much to let it go unfinished, and I will do anything within my power to get my hands on Fire Fall. In between my heartbreak over this series lack of love, I could not have wished for a better sequel, and this series definitely has a place in my heart.4.5 stars.

  • Anya
    2018-11-21 20:54

    Burn Bright by Bethany Frenette is the sequel to Dark Star and continues the story of Audrey’s life with a superhero mother, demons after her, and friends that are crazy but in an awesome way. I was honestly only so-so about Dark Star, but Burn Bright has been able to not only avoid second book syndrome, but surpass Dark Star in terms of character development and plot. Burn Bright has some obvious setup for a third book towards the end, so I’m hoping that the series just keeps getting better :D.Note: I received an eARC of Burn Bright through Netgalley for an honest review. Some things may have changed in the final version.Burn Bright by Bethany Frenette (Dark Star #2)Published by Disney Hyperion on Feb. 25th, 2014Genres: Sci-fi, YA Length: 352 pagesHow I got my copy: NetGalleyAudrey Whitticomb saved her entire city.Well, kind of. The superhero Morning Star (who just happens to be Audrey's mom) might have played a small part, and her sidekick, Leon—Audrey's sort-of boyfriend, who is gorgeous... and frustrating—maybe helped, too.But after two peaceful months, there is a vicious new threat in Minneapolis. Her name is Susannah, and she's a Harrower, a demon hell-bent on destroying people like Morning Star, Leon, and Audrey—the Kin. Like others before her, she seeks the Remnant, a Kin girl who has the power to unleash the inhabitants of the Beneath. But to what end?Audrey already has a ton on her plate: dealing with her best friend Tink's boy drama, helping her other best friend Gideon figure out his nightmares, and exploring the highs and lows of "dating" Leon. But when she develops a powerful new ability, Audrey seizes on the chance to fight, despite her mother's protests and Leon's pleas.As Audrey gets closer to figuring out Susannah's motives and tracking down the Remnant, she'll uncover more than she bargained for. The terrible truth is staring Audrey in the face. But knowing the truth and accepting it are very different things. Strengths:Burn Bright does a great job as a second book by having its own solid plot that also ties into a larger series-long plot. This is what second book plots should be! (In my opinion ;-).) Speaking of Burn Bright’s plot, though, it’s also FAST. I blew through this one and blinked a bit once I was finished. This is an excellent sequel to pick up when you are looking for action-packed.The end of Dark Star really annoyed me with the romance development, but Burn Bright was able to convince me that this wasn’t the worst decision ever. Audrey’s relationship is really really complicated, which added some delicious tension, but it also actually was developed in Burn Bright so that I could tell these two people did really care for each other. (I’m avoiding spoilers if you haven’t read Dark Star by the way.)Burn Bright definitely delivers on the tension. Characters that I didn’t think were going to be in danger suddenly were and I honestly wasn’t sure if they were going to make it. When a villain pops up with abilities surpassing what everyone has faced before, you know things are going to get real!We get to continue to learn about the world of Dark Star, including meeting more characters, finding out more about the various super powers, and seeing a bit more of this version of the Twin Cities, which I always appreciate.The feels people! Burn Bright managed to really tug on my heartstrings with the appearance of a new character who I just felt for so much. Gah!Weaknesses:Everyone in Burn Bright is a special snowflake with special powers and a special purpose. I had been so hopeful that this series would be the series that would have a non-special-snowflake MC, or at least some normal secondary characters. Nope!I still really don’t get what is going on with these covers. The symbol on the sweatshirt is Audrey’s mom’s symbol, but that definitely looks like a teenage girl (and whoever heard of putting the MC’s mom on the cover??). It just doesn’t make sense!!!There are times when romantic exchanges from previously (I assume from Dark Star) are referred to in Burn Bright and they just made me go, “Huh??” I definitely don’t remember any of that relationship development happening in Dark Star and it annoys me when a relationship has to sort of fill in the past in order to seem like it progressed at a normal pace.Summary:Burn Bright is a solid sequel, surpassing Dark Star in terms of the stakes, the action, and the feels. If you have read Dark Star, definitely check out Burn Bright! If you’re still on the fence, this is a solid super-heros-with-a-twist series to check out ;-).

  • Karla
    2018-11-21 21:08

    Oh the feels I got this from this book! I loved this sequel! I found myself yelling at my Kindle, stopping myself from throwing it across the room during the frustrating parts, and groaning in exasperation when certain things were revealed or unexpected things happened. It was that good!The book starts with an action sequence, sort of sets the pace for the rest of the reading. Burn Bright is action packed and it wasn't just that, there were moments that I found sad and shocking, scenes that kept turning the pages to figure out was going to happen next and what Susannah's next step would be (plus figure out what it was she up to exactly).More secrets are reveled in this sequel and we finally get to know who the Remnant is, something I figured out halfway through the book (view spoiler)[it's the one girl that Gideon has been pining for: Brooke. And don't get me started on who Gideon is, I would rather not spoil that for those haven't read it yet! (hide spoiler)]Audrey's father appearing in the book was something that I did not expect. Seeing as how he was connected to Verrick and his powers were sealed, I had an inkling that something bad would happen and then her father's powers would come back and all hell would break loose but it didn't happen. I was left feeling sort of let down with the interaction between Audrey and her father. I get that he's basically a shell of the man he used to be and has no emotion now but it would have been nice to see a spark in him that connects him to Audrey and her mother, Lucy/Morning Star, but nope, he's lost and probably won't remember them again. My heart went out for Audrey during this part- it was nice to know that Audrey and her mother needed to know that he was okay in order to let go.I found myself getting frustrated at Audrey for her fighting against the Guardian bond because it only caused problems for her and Leon. Then, when they couldn't get past the fact that Leon was Called to protect her and Audrey didn't want him getting hurt in order to do so and they ended up at an impasse. As much fun as it was seeing the both of them argue in the first book, it became sort of heartbreaking seeing them be mad at each other because of the broken bond. (view spoiler)[Don't worry, the bond was restored once Audrey realized that she needs him and that the only way for it to work is for her to protect Leon as he protects her (hide spoiler)].Thank god for no love triangle! Really enjoyed the romance, Leon and Audrey were more couple-y and had more scenes together than the first one, and I just liked how Leon still felt the need to protect her despite the fact that she thought the Guardian connection was gone after what had happened at Harlow Tower a few months ago. Despite all this, Leon and Audrey manage to make it work, which makes them one of my favorite couples so far. I would love to see what happens next in the last book of the trilogy and will be expecting more Leon/Audrey moments. So many things happened in this one that my mind is still trying to process everything that has happened! Can't wait for the last book in this trilogy Fire Fall, here on Goodreads it says that the expected publication date is September 30th 2014 and if that's true, I can't wait for September to get here! Although I will be sad to see this world and characters that Bethany Frenette made up end, but I'll be happy for the time being anxiously awaiting to see what the last part of Val's vision has to do with Audrey saving the world!

  • Krutula
    2018-11-14 22:17

    Audrey Whitticomb saved her entire city.Well, kind of. The superhero Morning Star (who just happens to be Audrey's mom) might have played a small part, and her sidekick, Leon—Audrey's sort-of boyfriend, who is gorgeous... and frustrating—maybe helped, too.But after two peaceful months, there is a vicious new threat in Minneapolis. Her name is Susannah, and she's a Harrower, a demon hell-bent on destroying people like Morning Star, Leon, and Audrey—the Kin. Like others before her, she seeks the Remnant, a Kin girl who has the power to unleash the inhabitants of the Beneath. But to what end?Audrey already has a ton on her plate: dealing with her best friend Tink's boy drama, helping her other best friend Gideon figure out his nightmares, and exploring the highs and lows of "dating" Leon. But when she develops a powerful new ability, Audrey seizes on the chance to fight, despite her mother's protests and Leon's pleas.As Audrey gets closer to figuring out Susannah's motives and tracking down the Remnant, she'll uncover more than she bargained for. The terrible truth is staring Audrey in the face. But knowing the truth and accepting it are very different things.Dark Star had started on such a bright note - there was a whole new spin on the superhero thing, entire different kinds of paranormal creatures, good history to support the canon - and it was made more enjoyable by Audrey's POV. Burn Bright continues in the same vein - Harrowers are attacking the Kin again, and Audrey, even though relegated to the sidelines as she hasn't been Called, finds ways to keep helping out. She has an adorable boyfriend in Leon, but things are complicated by the Guardian bond. Being a superhero's daughter, she has done her fair share of worrying and doesn't want to see anyone hurt. When a new ability starts developing, she looks about as to how to best help out the Kin. Even dwarfed by the power of her mother, the Morning Star, she manages to shine on her own. The major arc of the story is the mystery of the Remnant and how the Harrowers are trying to find that person. Audrey, equipped with her knowing, tries to find out before they can but sometimes Knowing itself is a curse, as evidenced by that amazing twist in the end. What I really liked was how the author had set up the twist from the first book itself - events that had been hinted at but not really pursued. The writing was smooth and well-detailed, with such depth and dimension given to each character, and voice through Audrey, a really perceptive individual. Even besides her Knowing, she herself is able to read people effortlessly, and how she empathizes with everyone is clearly a testament of her good heart. Her romance with Leon is delved into so beautifully - they are bonded but there is no co-dependence. It may seem like she has needed him to rescue her, but she is certainly not helpless. The dynamic of their relationship is quite interesting and I could go on and on about the other character relationships too. :) My only disappointment was that the Calling of a Guardian and the inner working of the Kin are not so well-explained. Granted, the plotline's narrative is from the point of view of a character who is brushed aside for most events, it would have been nice if the author would have manged to slip in some more details on that front. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it immensely, even the way it was and hoping for another amazing sequel soon enough.Received a copy from Disney-Hyperion via NetGalley for a honest review

  • Shelley
    2018-11-14 22:08

    *Genre* Young Adult Science Fiction*Rating* 3.5*My Thoughts*Who has more on her plate than sixteen year old Audrey Whitticomb? It's hard to say! Audrey has had a quiet two months ever since finding the fire inside of her to help defeat Iris from unleashing the Harrowing on the world. Now, she is faced with even more difficult challenges while continuing to go to school, having a relationship with her mother and guardian, and trying to be a good friend to Tink and Gideon and not leaving them under the bus and ignorant of what's happening to her.As the daughter of the superhero Morning Star (Lucy Whitticomb), Audrey knows that her life will be anything but normal. She knows that one day she will also be called upon to fill her place within the Kin's guardian ranks like her boyfriend Leon Farkas, her best friend Tink, as well as her own father Adrian St. Croix. Until then, she will have to rely on Leon to save her life, and keep her out of trouble, especially since we are talking about Audrey who loves jumping in feet first and hates for anyone to get hurt because of her.So, naturally it's the perfect time for a mega-villain to show up and throw everything into chaos. Susannah is a Harrower, a demon hell-bent on ridding the planet of the Kin and she is far from the typical villain who is boisterous, loud, and sits around waiting for the good guys to come defeat her. She's maniacal, intelligent, and extremely dangerous. Her desire to unleash the Harrowing on the world is one step away from completion. All she needs is the mysterious girl known as the Remnant who is said to have the ability to blow open the gates between worlds and unleash the Harrowing. But, the Remnants secret identity is buried so deep, that nobody within the Kin really knows who she is.I will say that Burn Bright brings some interesting dynamics to the table including some interesting secrets. First there is Drew Reingold a guardian who lost his wife to Susannah and has come to the Twin Cities looking for payback. I truly felt for Drew and didn't feel the need to dislike him because of any of his actions. Grief and the need for revenges is a devastating thing to live with.There is Audrey's relationship with Leon which takes some interesting turns because of Audrey's determination to not allow anyone, including Leon, to get hurt because of her. I still love the fact that Audrey, Tink and Gideon are best friends, and not love interests. It's genuine in its scope and depth and not just for the sake of the storyline.There ARE a few surprises in Burn Bright which I won't touch with a TEN FOOT POLE! I do love how Audrey is portrayed in this series. She's got a solid foundation to stand on, and finds herself with new challenges, abilities, and questions that she doesn't break down, or run away from. She's got plenty of support from her own mother, Leon, her St. Croix family who has become an important part of Audrey's life and her desire to learn her abilities. The final installment called Fire Fall (Dark Star #3) will be released September 30th 2014 by Disney-Hyperion and hopefully it will be even better than Dark Star, and Burn Bright.**I received this book for free via NetGalley/Disney-Hyperion in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.***Recvd 10/11/2013 via NetGalley - Expected publication: February 25th 2014 by Disney-Hyperion

  • Sophia
    2018-11-26 23:11

    Uh oh! There’s a new Harrower in town, and her name is Susannah! She’s hunting the Kin, namely Guardians. What ever will they do? Meanwhile, Audrey wants to help, she and Leon are having problems and Gideon also is having identity issues. Audrey is developing a new power, but sadly, it’s not what I expected. By obtaining the power, I thought she would jump right in on the action, but sadly, she can’t. The power wasn’t explained very well, and I had a rough time trying to remember what happened in Dark Star, but Burn Bright was good. It was an easy, quick, fun read about superheros. It felt like they turned [insert superhero movie name here] into a novel. Everything that happened in the book followed a similar movie structure.Audrey is a good character, but I want her to be more powerful. It’s great that she wants to fight, but I wish she had a better ability. I was excited when I thought that she would get a cool power, but she really didn’t. The power she gets could have sparked internal conflict, but it doesn’t do that either. I guess I admire Audrey for being so confidant about herself. Audrey can be such an awesome, headstrong character, but I want more conflict! Audrey has one major conflict through the book, which is letting Leon protect her at the cost of his life. That’s a good conflict for her to have, but it’s not enough. It doesn’t help her grow.Leon isn’t in the book a lot. He’s mentioned a lot, but the relationship between him and Audrey doesn’t develop. There’s a gap between when they kissed and when they got together. When they get together now, it eventually ends in an argument. Normally I like when a relationship is on the sidelines, especially in an action-packed book like this, but I feel that Leon could make Audrey become a deeper character. The relationship doesn’t give me anything, and it doesn’t improve the characters.The world building of the book is so-so. A lot of it was explained in Dark Star, and it was either unmemorable or boring. I was very confused for the first few chapters, though I got the main gist of the Kin. I also forgot what happened in Dark Star, and the book didn’t do a great job of catching me up. However, I do like how the book feels like a superhero movie. In that way, it’s unique–the style of writing is very direct. It’s easy to understand, nicely paced with some action peppered throughout but the “final battle” is saved for last. The author wrote the action scenes well; I never felt as if they got boring or overdramatic. People actually came out hurt, and there was a body count. This wasn’t like anything I’ve ever read before, which is why I like and enjoy these books. Overall, Burn Bright could have been better, but the story is good and I do want to finish the series. I hope the characters and emotions are strengthened in the final book, though, because these books lacked depth and a clear message.

  • papalbina
    2018-11-30 22:06

    I pre-ordered my copy of Burn Bright the moment it was available on the bookdepository. I requested an arc at netgalley anyway, becaaauuusseee... because i couldn't wait until February. I’m very bad at waiting.I didn't know what to expect of this book. Dark Star's ending was pretty tied up with a couple of open questions ready for a second book, but no clue about the direction this second book would take. The thing after reading Burn Bright is that the direction is fantastic. We have a new villain who wants to find the remnant to open the Beneath and end this world. We have a bit of development in Audrey and Leon’s relationship, especially since we met a guardian that was once in the same situation as this two. Some shocking news about Audrey’s friends. Some supporting character development like for Mr. Alvarez. I think there's very little in this book that I didn't like. If I had to name something that didn't sit well for me that would be the revelations about Audrey’s friends. I think it's too much at once, but I’m pretty sure there's a reason for that and we will be surprise in book 3. The rest was excellent in my opinion. There was intrigue, there was mystery, but it was not too predictable; there was action; there was love, but not too much, not too cheesy, just the right bit to be satisfied. and there were more open questions left unanswered at the end... but NO cliffhanger, which I appreciate SOOOO much. I like Leon as male character in this book; I understand his motivations, his needs. I like very much that we get to know Audrey’s mum better and that she too has her own story in the story. But above all, I love Audrey. She is a teenager, she shows that several times, but at the same time is mature and reasonable, but not in excess, just the right amount to make her believable. She’s young, a bit restless, sensible, and clever; she wants to be helpful but knows her limits, because she has limits, she's not the best at every thing she does. She's no Mary Sue. She's the type of person I would like to have as friend. That’s why she's one of my favourite female characters in books. I like this series very much, it's not pretentious, it doesn't try to explain the inexplicable and get stuck mid-sentence, it's highly entertaining with good characters. Like its MC it is reasonable, knows its limits and acts clever around it to get the best out of the story. That's something to acknowledge nowadays in YA. I’m very happy to know that Bethany Frenette is already working in the third book which is in revision... I hope it doesn't take too long to get published, I'm waiting!!! *______*thank you to NetGalley and Disney-Hyperion for providing me with a copy of this book

  • Alicia (A Kernel of Nonsense)
    2018-11-19 02:00

    In Bethany Frenette’s first novel Dark Star, Audrey Whitticomb learned of the Beneath and the demons, known as Harrowers, that inhabit the desolate realm. Her mother, Morning Star, is tasked with fighting the strongest of these fiends who are capable of crossing over into our world. Discovering a hidden power inside her, Audrey was able to thwart the plans of the Harrower Patrick Tigue.In Burn Bright, a new enemy has emerged, a powerful Harrower who’s disguised herself as the young Susannah. She seeks the Remnant, the Kin girl with the power to open portals, allowing the inhabitants of Beneath free access to our world. Now neutral Harrowers, those living peacefully with humans, are disappearing and Guardians across the city are being attacked. To make matters worse, a mysterious Guardian has arrived with a vengeful purpose and the link between Audrey and her Guardian Leon has gone awry. As the Guardians struggle to stop Susannah from finding the Remnant, Audrey finds herself getting closer to the truth, which is exactly what Susannah is counting on.“I landed hard. The impact reverberated through me, even as Susannah jerked me back to my feet, turning me around to face her. Her grip was so tight on my wrist I feared she’d crush the bones. Her other hand went to my neck, squeezing–and then she lifted me, held me above her as I choked and struggled.”One of my favorite adult characters in young adult fiction is Audrey’s mother Lucy. In a genre where adults are increasingly absent or clueless, it’s refreshing to read a book where adults are actually involved. Lucy is passionate, fierce, and sometimes very vulnerable. She is an intricate part of Audrey’s life and you can see why she inspires her daughter.I was glad to hear more about Tink, Audrey’s boy-crazy friend, who I was pleased to discover is much more than the shallow girl she pretends to me. Frenette contrasts these two girls without belittling one or the other because of their differing personalities.I mentioned Lucy’s fierceness earlier and it would be unfair of me if I didn’t mention the same fierceness in her daughter Audrey. This girl is extremely driven and throws caution to the wind in most situations, which can get her into a lot of trouble but I think I’d like her less if she wasn’t so audacious. More important is her refusal to let other people dictate her life, her personality is too strong and the need to find her own answers makes it impossible for her to simply accept what others tell her.

  • Dani Shuping
    2018-11-28 00:08

    ARC provided by NetGalleyAudrey's mom is the superhero Morning Star, who has saved the city more times than anyone can count. But Audrey discovered the truth, that she and her mom are a part of a group that fight demons and protect the world. And two months ago Audrey, not her mom, saved the world. Since then Audrey's been training and getting to know her powers better...and oh yeah, dating her mom's partner Leon. But a new threat has arrived and she is a Harrower named Susannah, a demon hell-bent on destroying the kin. Can Audrey figure out why Susannah is around and save the day again? Or will she discover things that were best left in the darkness? I have to admit I was excited to see that Dark Star was just the first book in a series. Yes this book is probably most likely geared towards teenage girls, but come on! We've got a girl superhero. Do you know how often that happens? And one that isn't about being the "perfect" girl or trying to be Superman or one of the other male characters. Instead she's herself. A young, teenage girl attempting to figure out who she is, what powers she has, and just surviving normal everyday life. It's a great type of book and character to have around. In this book we get to see that Audrey has grown into understanding a bit more about herself and the world around her. We also get to see that she is beginning to learn, that evil isn't always evil...and good isn't always good. That the line blurs often and sometimes sacrifices are made for the greater good of the world. And that's what makes this book so different from other paranormal teen girl series. It isn't the focus on makeup and trying to be older, its the focus on figuring out who they are and who they don't want to be that makes this such a great series.In the previous book one of the things I had the biggest problem with, was the romance angle between Aubrey and Leon. Not because it was a bad thing, but because in many ways it's one thing that makes it harder to sell readers on. I'm glad to say that in this book, while the romance is still there, it's matured. There's not the constant need for contact or the giddiness of being in a relationship. It feels...natural. And for me as a male librarian, it makes it easier to see people on reading the book.This is engaging and fast paced book, with just the right combination of paranormal and hero all thrown together. I can't wait to see what happens next. I’d recommend this to teen readers + and give it 4 out of 5 stars.

  • Natasha GJ Nanny Nakia
    2018-12-04 22:55

    Reseñado en mi blog Nanny BooksSi amé Dark Star con locura, Estrella en llamas es descubrir que ese amor, resultó ser tu alma gemela. Una novela adictiva y fresca, con giros y sorpresas, personajes que te hacen estremecer y una historia que se supera libro a libro.Audrey quiere ser guardiana, aunque todavía no entiende por completo los riesgos que eso implica. Cuando la atormentadora Susannah aparece para encontrar a la remanente y abrir las puertas del inframundo, nuestra protagonista se encontrará con un nuevo guardián que hará que su incipiente relación con León tiemble.Y ahí es donde está todo mi fangirleo, en León, un personaje que va evolucionando y dejándolo conocer despacio. Pero no solo nuestra pareja protagonista tendrá amor, pues otras relaciones tomarán relevancia."-Espera un segundo. ¿Me estás pidiendo a mí que no le rompa el corazón? ¿No estás siendo sobreprotectora en la dirección equivocada?"Shane, otro personaje muy especial que tiene la saga, logró cautivarme. Sus escenas son electrizantes. Drew, un nuevo personaje que ingresa para mostrarnos el lado oscuro de ser guardián resulta descorazonador.Ya desde el comienzo de este libro notaremos que la historia se está poniendo cada vez más jugada, pues bien, ¡ni se imaginan la cantidad de giros que Frenette añadió por todos lados! Son totalmente impredecibles y disfruté mucho sorprendiéndome. ¿El resultado? Leer la novela de un tirón, sin ningún tipo de pausa y echando a todo el mundo de mi habitación. Hasta el final (y tampoco ahí completamente) pude respirar tranquila. Ni que decir que el cierre te deja absolutamente desesperada por la continuación."¿Estás bien, mi ángel?-¡Te fuiste!-Y estoy vivo gracias a eso."Esta vez tenemos menos acción, pero ganamos más respuestas, mucha más historia familiar revelada y algunos miedos que se dicen en voz alta. Se nota un aprendizaje, un camino recorrido en muchos personajes, lo cual los vuelve más profundos y los encierra en situaciones más intensas.¡Estoy tan emocionada por algunas escenas! Tienen excelentes diálogos y las descripciones justas para no ralentizar la lectura. En suma, Estrella en llamas es una muy buena segunda parte, que promete muchísimo para un final de serie impresionante. Lo mejor del Urban Fantasy.

  • Nicole Wang
    2018-11-13 23:06

    So, if you follow me on Twitter, you know that I've been dying for a book where the main character isn't the prophetic savior or bringer of doom. I mean, they're fun, but so typical nowadays. But this series definitely doesn't follow that road! While Dark Star was a fun read, it didn't really make an impression, but Burn Bright? It definitely did. I adored it and just loved reading it!I was a bit fuzzy on what happened in Dark Star, but Burn Bright craftily weaves in the storyline from book one into this sequel. Soon enough I was traveling with Audrey on her wild adventures (and getting almost killed too. Well, that's not good) and getting into the Harrower-version of a catfight.Yeah. It was fun!The plot is unbelievably action-packed, filled with so many fights, new powers, new problems, and twists that just made me gape at the pages. I mean, seriously? It twisted my head around, and the twists were just And there was Audrey. Oh Audrey...Audrey, Audrey, Audrey. She was one stubborn character and I loved her all the more for it! While she did irritate me sometimes for keeping some very important things secret, she won me over with her obvious loyalty for her friends and anyone she loved. She was so headstrong and I just loved her determination and her snark! I also loved her best friend type of relationship with her mom--it was so sweet.Leon was just an adorable character who I loved! Sure, he was uptight sometimes, but Audrey loosened him up when he need to stop being so stiff, and they were just such a cute couple. I loved their steady romance and their relationship was so fun! At first I didn't like him, but he grew on me. Sort of like moss. (I'm pretty sure it was that way in Dark Star too! It just says more that Leon was able to get into my good graces--again. *wink*)This is pretty much the best sequel you could ask for! It doesn't disappoint and I just loved it! It was so amazing and I was pretty much gushing about it the days that followed after I finished! Also, you guys. Have you seen the gorgeous covers?

  • Kathy Martin
    2018-11-20 18:56

    BURN BRIGHT was an excellent sequel to DARK STAR. Audrey's mother is a superhero who fights demons. Audrey has a gift for Knowing which is a kind of intuition but she would like to be a Guardian like her sort of boyfriend Leon and fight demons too. Leon is her Guardian and he is fated to protect her for life. This causes some conflicts for Audrey because she doesn't know if Leon likes her for herself and just because he is her Guardian. Also, Audrey doesn't want Leon to risk his life to save hers. She wants to protect him too. Things are not quiet and settled in the Twin Cities. A new demon has come to town to try to find the Remnant - a girl who has the ability to open the barrier separating our world from the Beneath which would free the Harrowers to take over Earth. The Guardians and other Kin are determined to keep the barrier up. Susannah is the demon's name and Audrey manages to have quite a few encounters with her.Audrey also has to deal with issues her friends are having. Tink is having boyfriend troubles but that pales before her biggest problem. Despite her desire to have nothing to do with the Kin, she has been called to be a Guardian. She has had no training in fighting and doesn't want any. She hates the idea of being a Guardian. This causes a little momentary jealousy for Audrey since she would do anything to be chosen as a Guardian. Audrey's other friend Gideon is also having problems. He has been having nightmares since he was kidnapped by the Harrowers in the previous book. Since he was found abandoned as an infant and adopted, he wonders if he could be Kin. Audrey reads her cards for him a few times in this book and keeps getting inconclusive results. What she finally learns is extremely upsetting for her and she has to decide what to do with her new knowledge. The story was exciting and fast-paced. Audrey is a very grounded character who is fun to get to know. I can't wait to read FIRE FALL this September to see what happens next.

  • Jiayun Chen
    2018-11-13 23:59

    This book was recommended to me when I finished reading the first book in this series, Dark Star. I was desperately wanted to read the continuous version of the novel because the last book it left me hanging when the going up the plot mountain. This book started out as sort of the climax of the story, so the plot were very intense and had gotten my curiosity up very quickly. As my curiosity is slowly speed and adding up, I started to wonder will Audrey continue resisting the bond between her super hot boyfriend Leon in order for him not to protect her. Conflict between two character's bonds: Since Audrey was deeply in love with Leon her charge so didn't want him to risk his life multiple times in the last novel just to protect her. She wanted to protect herself, she didn't want him to get hurt because the circle called him to look after her, so she is starting to fight their bond. "I'm not going to allow you to die for me just because some cosmic calling says you should" (Frenette 337-338). They had a argument every time they mention this subject, Audrey love him and doesn't want him to be injured because of her, on the other hand, Leon wants to protect his love because he have to, wants to and need to. They both doesn't realize that their actions and thoughts are for the other's purpose, meaning theirs' reaction is for the others good. But as the novel goes on their different opinions is really the reason of their segregation. But as the story comes to an end their relationship is starting to recover. They both finally agree to something and worked together to defeat a Harrower. "'Together'…He nodded. We attacked" (Frenette 315). This solution for both of their goods had a huge affect on me. It taught me that team work can defeat almost every conflict.

  • Nucking Futs the Fire Fairy Book-a-holic
    2018-11-22 17:57

    received from NetGalley on Nov. 06, 2013.Expected publication: February 2014Burn Bright is the 2nd book in Bethany Frenette's Dark Star Series. I haven't read the first book yet but it's not a reason not to enjoy this series.If you like YA fantasy then this book is for you. As a new YA reader myself, I pretty much enjoyed every page in this book. It has action, drama, romance, and of course, some teen angst. The storyline was good. The characters are well built and credible. I like the twists and the surprises. It kept me glued on the book for the most parts waiting for some clues on who the remnant is. And after it was revealed, it didn't disappoint. The ending was great and exciting.Audrey's character is your typical YA heroine. She's strong, she's determined, tough, albeit a bit pig-headed sometimes. She doesn't want others to get hurt because of her, especially Leon. But, since Leon is her guardian, this creates conflict and misunderstanding between them. Leon, Audrey's guardian and semi-boyfriend, is your typical knight in shining armor hero. He's dependable and very protective of Audrey. The only problem is he is serious about his duties as guardian and he considers his job as first priority.I like all the characters in the story, except for Tink. I don't know why but I'm kind of irritated with her character. I didn't connect with her well.Overall, this is 5 stars for me. Not reading the first book is not a reason not to enjoy this story. The first book's main plot has been mentioned several times for you to have a grasp on what happened previously.

  • Matilda
    2018-11-13 20:13

    I remember thinking after I finished the first one that I wasn’t sure whether I liked it or it was just ok yet I knew that I wanted second book. To this book made me realise that I don’t just like but love this series.These book centre’s around Audrey who’ mum is a crime fighting hero called morning star who gets help from Leon, Audrey’s crush/ kind of boy friend.Now I remember the first book wasn’t what I was expecting at all (you know when you expect the plot to take a different route that was taken) it was like that. But this bookMan was awesome What I loved.The building of all relationships Leon’s the mostGawddd I love that boy. Where can I sign up for one of those.The humour.This book is sassy, the writing had me laughing at itWhat actually happened. This book to me firmed up the shaky first book and this book was just so good. Now part I know are there to build up the third book but still I loved itLeon.Audrey.Her mum.Everybody.The plot twist, which was just amazing (view spoiler)[ I thought I saw it coming, but it was kind of that but not that was an amazing plot twist which was like hidden in a twist.(hide spoiler)]So overall I think this series is going down as one of my favourite ones and like the covers are beautiful and I want the third one so bad and like yeah.

  • Sarah Cass
    2018-12-07 21:02

    Going in, I didn't realize this was book 2 in a series (that's what I get for not reading the full description). As a person that HATES reading books out of order, I had to fight off my cringes.To be honest, the book managed to surprise me. I thought I had cleverly figured it all out and the end would be predictable, but I suppose not having read book 1 helped me here b/c I thought the suggested twist (is it really a girl?) WAS the twist/predictable ending...but it was something else I knew nothing about until it was recalled through a Knowing.There were a few times I wanted to throttle the heroine, but she's 17 so I suppose that's understandable (there are oftentimes I wish to throttle my teenager). Overall, she showed great progression and evolution in the story. I love when a heroine grows and learns from her mistakes. The set up for possible (probable?) further books was pretty clear, but it didn't smash you over the head. My biggest complaint is the first person POV. IT's so prevalent these days, but I feel like much of the story can be missed that way. I would have liked to have seen through the eyes of another character or two. However, if I have to read 1st person, this is the way to do it.4* because it lagged in the start to about the middle. Once I hit 50% I couldn't put it down.*received book free from netgalley. All reviews are my own.

  • JoAn
    2018-12-12 20:10

    Disclosure: I received a copy of this book from NetGalley and Disney-Hyperion for an honest review.Burn Bright by Bethany Frenette is the second book in her Dark Star series. Although I haven't read the first book, I had no problems follwing the storyline in this book. This story starts 2 months after the first book had ended. Bethany provided enough backstory during the beginning of this book that I never felt lost as I met Audrey, Leon, Tink, Gideon, Morning Star and Mr. Alvarez.Audrey grows so much in this book as she learns more about her own abilities. Yes, she's a teenager so there is some teen angst; but not enough to detract from the story. Her and Leon's developing relationship also plays a part in this story because they are both trying to protect each other.The plot is written with action and surprise twists and turns as you find out more about the world that Audrey and the Guardians live in. The villain, Susannah, was perfectly evil and did keep the pace of this story "running" as she was trying to find the Remnant.If you like YA paranormal books, this is a great one to read. It will keep you entertained all the way to the end.

  • Anthea
    2018-12-05 22:18

    I really loved this book and think it was a great sequel to Dark Star! Audrey really grew as a character and became more confident which was really great to see! We all love a confident heroine! There was so many twists and turns that I really thought would be predictable but honestly, everytime I guessed something, it just went the complete opposite way, which isn't really the case with many YA novels! Leon and Audrey's relationship was just ahh. The way they needed to protect eachother was really cute, and yes although it was a little typical, it still worked. If you've read the first book, then I definitely recommend carrying on the series, it is one of the best books I've read all year and I'm privileged to have received it before the release date! AND IF YOU HAVEN'T READ THE FIRST BOOK, GO AND READ IT BEFORE THIS ONE COMES OUT!

  • Flor Méndez
    2018-12-11 18:03

    Creo que comparado con el anterior le faltó muchísima acción; si bien la hubo, fue más narrar hechos que los hechos sucediendo. Recién al final remonta esto con algunas luchas y revelaciones (de las cuales una en particular yo ya me la esperaba).Susannah no fue tan buena villana como el del libro anterior (que no nombro para no spoilear) porque fue más una villana de menor rango que otra cosa, y por lo tanto mucho más débil. Drew me pareció un buen personaje para explotar pero se lo utilizó superficialmente, lo cual considero que fue un error. Pero igualmente me atrapó, me gustó y sigo considerando a esta trilogía como un muy buen primer acercamiento al urban fantasy. Aléjense de Cassandra Clare y adopten a Bethany Frenette.