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RELEASE DATE: FEB 14, 2013Sequel to the New York Times & USA Today Bestseller SCANDALOUSAbby never thought she’d find her soul mate, but she has and it's changed her life forever. Jack is everything she needs and more. There’s a connection between the two of them that transcends logic and rational thought. It’s like they were made for each other. Nothing can keep themRELEASE DATE: FEB 14, 2013Sequel to the New York Times & USA Today Bestseller SCANDALOUSAbby never thought she’d find her soul mate, but she has and it's changed her life forever. Jack is everything she needs and more. There’s a connection between the two of them that transcends logic and rational thought. It’s like they were made for each other. Nothing can keep them apart. After the honeymoon ends, Jack has the most important show of his career. The centerpiece is the scandal painting of Abby. It’s Jack’s defining piece, the start of a new era. But when Jack and Abby return home, something isn’t right. Jack becomes distant as his deepest fears manifest before his eyes. Jack has been verbally attacked for his art in the past. It’s no secret; but what Abby doesn't realize is that a hate group has also targeted him. They hold Jack personally responsible for the moral decay in society. Not only is this corruption seen in Jack’s art, but also in his life and love. Seducing Abby made Jack a prime target. It isn’t enough to ruin Jack’s career—these activists want to end his life. Everything hinges on Abby and she’ll do anything to protect the man she loves.~Please read the first novel SCANDALOUS before reading this book.~...

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Scandalous 2 Reviews

  • Lise *friends don't flag*
    2018-11-27 19:48

    I adored Scandalous; it was one of my favorite books from 2012. This is what I wrote as my review/comment after I read it:“Gorgeous erotic artist, Jack Gray and preacher-girl, Abby reunite after ten years and WOW… paint sparks start flying everywhere and on everything. Very creative and captivating story. Really enjoyed the emotional artistic detail in the steamy love scenes.”So… when I found out Ms. Ward was writing a sequel I was so excited to read more about Jack and Abby. The story begins while they are on their honeymoon and it does not take much time before the “sparks” start flying again. However, there are still some unknown forces against this happy union and they are after Jack for the corruption of Abby. The author was able to weave a nice murder mystery who-done-it theme into the storyline and I liked how Abby held strong and fought for her man and his talent, at all cost. I also enjoyed the secondary character story that Gus and Kate played and I hope we will see a book about them as well.So… as Abby is trying to protect and support Jack, he is withdrawing a bit and is overly worried that he should not have put Abby in this position. Although he certainly doesn’t mind putting Abby in any ‘public position’ as in sexually…. restaurant and beach *cough cough*The sex scenes are sizzling once again and I have to say there was very luscious oral activity!So… will Jack continue his much controversial paintings? Will Jack and Abby survive the threats upon their lives and relationship? Will Abby ever become comfortable with public displays of intimacy?OH… readers… pick this one up and see what the rest of the story is!“Because every painting is a memory of you. They can say what they want about the quality of my work, but when I look at it, all I see are reflections of you.”For all you Jack and Abby fans, it's LIVE...!!!GOT IT!!!This is how excited I will be if I get an ARC!!!

  • Melinda
    2018-11-25 21:54

    I'm actually really surprised considering that the first one was -decent- (the glaring plot hole notwithstanding) this one didn't have a plot hole, HOWEVER... the constant switch between first person, third person omniscient and third person limited omniscient made it an exhausting and not really all that enjoyable read. Too much telling not enough showing... and the whole "you're my fallen angel" bit got really old really quick. I realize that a lot of the E-Book authors try to push out their novels quickly to keep their fans happy (of which I appreciate), however, take the time to run it past an editor.

  • B at Spare Time Book Blog
    2018-11-14 20:46

    See more reviews on my blog! was lucky enough to get an ARC of this one!Scandalous 2 picks up where the first book left off. We catch up with them on their honeymoon in the Caribbean. Their in love and life is perfect in that moment. As their honeymoon comes closer to an end real life starts to rear it's ugly head yet again. Abby still struggles with the fact that she broke her vows. This seems completely natural to me. Those vows were a huge part of her life and no it has all changed. It's like she says in the story it's like a part of her has died. Things back home are not going great either. When they get back, there is a problem with Jack's tour. There has been protesters before but, this time is different. These people are dangerous. They have been known to hurt people. Jack and Abby are both worried about each others safety. Scandalous 2 is a whirlwind of intense love and romance with some life threatening danger thrown in. It is quite obvious that these two are soul mates. Will their epic love survive their pasts and current dangers? I loved Jack in the fist book. I have to say that I love him even more now. He knows exactly what to say to make Abby feel better. It's like they are two halves working together to make a whole. So in tune to how each other is feeling. Their love really blossoms in front of us. The new painting that Jack does just proves it. It's like I could see it come to life while reading. It also helps Abby open up about some painful events in her childhood. Even through all the crap going on around them they still show their each other how in love they are. Yes, there are some pretty hot romance scenes but, there are also really cute ones too!Gus and Kate are just as awesome as they were in the first book. Sticking by their friends through it all. I love how Kate calls Abby out on her crap. They are perfect best friends. I think Gus does the same for Jack. They are there for Jack and Abby even when their lives are on the line. I loved Scandalous 2. I read it in less then a day. This story was so full of passion and love that it was hard to put down. I had to know how their story would end. I so desperately wanted a happily ever after or them. You will have to read to find out what happens! Sorry!

  • Julie
    2018-11-12 22:43

    I could not wait for the release of Scandalous 2! Like most, I fell in love with Jack and Abby in the first book of the series. Wondering if the second book would be as great as the first….I could not wait to see what was in store for this delicious duo. HM Ward did NOT disappoint!! Can you say BOOKGASM?!We begin right where the first installment left off…..Jack and Abby are on their honeymoon. It’s their last day of paradise and Jack has made special plans for them. Unbeknownst to Abby, there is ‘trouble’ brewing back home. Jack wants their last night to be a memorable one. After a dinner in a very special restaurant, the two share in several delicious fantasies. Once they return home, the couple is thrust into the turmoil surrounding Jack’s artwork and business. One of the ‘hate groups’ has set its sites on destroying Jack’s reputation. The protestors are coming our in full force at Jack’s exhibits - as well as the gallery. Not only are they determined to crush Jack’s career, they now blame him for Abby’s ‘fall from grace’. They blame him for Abby leaving the church,, breaking her vows, and marrying Jack. The protestors are at ‘the boiling point’. Jack takes the statements to heart. Once again, he stops communicating with Abby. In the meantime, Abby is trying to fill the void that leaving the ministry has left her with. She knows Jack is keeping things from her. Both find themselves hiding their feelings from one another. Each trying to soften the blows of their recent turmoil with the hate group.Abby’s desire to protect Jack leads her to take matters into her own hands. In an attempt to deflect the recent negative press - she decides to make announcement to the public. Despite objections, Abby holds a press conference to make an announcement she hopes will deflect the actions of the protestors. The firestorm this announcement creates, throws the couple into the middle of a Scandal that drags everyone into the line of fire. HM Ward has amazed me again. I love this book even MORE than the first. Is that even possible? The ending of the story does not disappoint! This is one book you will not be able to put down!!** I was privileged to have received an ARC for my review!! Thank you, Thank you!!**

  • Heather
    2018-11-12 22:55

    This is going to be a short and quick review, I just read and reviewed book one yesterday. This book continues immediately where book 1 left off. This one takes a massively different writing style. We see both Abby and Jacks point of view. I'm not an English pro but I think it's first person and third person limited omniscient. Whatever it was, it was annoying and confusing. The story continued to be somewhat unbelievable, i.e. Abby's drastic shift in world views. I loved Jack but his worries about Abby got a bit annoying. Maybe it wasn't him, maybe it was the way his voice came out, I had to put the Kindle down a few times. I found several grammatical errors too. For a self pub., no biggie, but this one wasn't. Bad form. Anywho...if I HADN'T read book one and this one was a stand alone it wouldn't have gotten three stars. The strength of book one alone gave this one three for me. I like HM Ward and will read more of her stuff.

  • Anita Powers
    2018-11-22 18:34

    I thought I loved the first one but Scandalous 2 was so much better then its predecessor. I don't know if it is because they are now together so there is no more of the back and forth stuff of should we should we not, but I love them together. I love how romantic he is, he has this romantic dinner all planned for her where he has different foods served that represents different times in their lives together. Oh my gosh the part where Abby is playing with the carrot is hilarious and then to tease him further she licks the chocolate brush and sucks all of the pudding off the tip, lets just say what happens after that is so hot, wow it was just wow. I love how Abby worries that she is not experienced enough for him and tries so hard to make him happy even though he is already over the moon happy, and how you can just feel their love for each other and at times it is painful because Jack is so fearful of losing Abby and when reading this book at times your not sure what is going to happen with their relationship. One of my favorite things is how Holly goes back and forth between the different points of view. I really liked how we got to learn alot about their friendship and how each of them were back when they were teenagers, it was so fascinating to hear how much Jack loved Abby and never told her. The drama and suspense in this book was ten times better, more worrisome, and at one point I thought Abby was in serious trouble of being physically hurt. There were quiet the surprises in this book, new relationships, hidden identities, and old, hurtful secrets are revealed. One of the most painful and beautiful scenes in this whole book is when Jack is painting Abby again and he says to her "Tell me a secret that nobody knows" and she decides to finally share the one secret she kept from him during their whole friendship as teen, I could not stop crying, I cried so hard that I could barely make out the words on my kindle, I kept wiping my tears just so I did not have to stop reading. "Abby" he breaths but she says "Keep painting, I can't talk about this with you looking at me like that." Reading how she put her fingers to her face and touched the spot and the memory still burned inside of her made me cry more and louder. Reading how she is seeing so much remorse in Jack's face and her reassuring him that he could not have known because she made sure to hide everything just like her mom taught her was heartbreaking. Then to top it off he stands up and is comforting her with his words because she is covered in paint and she doesn't want him to ruin all of the work he has done but then all of a sudden he is remembering multiple incidences of these "so called" accidents that occurred when she was a teen and he says her name and tears begin to roll down her cheek and he takes her into his arms and holds her tight and then Holly allows us a peek at what is going on in Jack's mind as she is telling him some of this stuff, I know I talked about this part alot but it was just perfect. There were many more great times throughout the rest of the book, some more hot scenes with Jack and Abby, some scary things occur, and Abby finally figures out her purpose and shows Jack what she wants to do in the future and some other things that will be part of their future, it was the best ending. I have yet to be disappointed in anything Holly writes; maybe she will visit Jack and Abby sometime down the road and see how they are doing.

  • Didi
    2018-12-04 02:01

    ** 2.5 stars **Alright, it was going to happen. Not being overly enthusiastic about one of H.M Ward's books. You can't win them all right? Ya.We pick up pretty much from where Scandalous ended. Jack and Abby are on their honeymoon and about to return home. Things between them are beautiful but there is some tension on both sides. Abby is still reeling from radically changing her life and is mourning the past. She is trying to assimilate her self from seminary to now and it ain't easy.Jack blames himself for luring Abby out of her old life and feels he doesn't deserve her, always beating himself up for tainting her and ruining her seminary career. This book went from Abby's POV to a third person focus on Jack. It let us glimpse what Jack was feeling and gave us a more complete picture of what was really happening--as in seeing they were both reading each other wrong half the time!Danger is not far however, and the stakes are higher. Jack's life is in danger and Abby will stop at nothing to spare him from his potential fate. Their love knows no bounds and it was sweet watching them grow into a couple and shedding their pre-concieved notions about each other.Despite all that I didn't think this was as good as the first--there, I said it, DAMN. I was hoping for better but it never got there. The danger story line was suspenseful but when the villian was actually revealed I was like, really? that's it? huh. Not any huge truths or shocks but there you have it. The other thing that bugged me was how experienced Abby was regarding some, ahem, sexual matters....Okay, we're adults here, fellatio. She did it well, incredibly even, doing things one wouldn't know how to do unless she did it A LOT AND WITH TEACHING. She was a virgin that barely made it to second base before getting it on with Jack, so what gives?Anyways, that's my rant. I did like the book but was no where near invested in it like her Arrangement series, which in my opinion is THE SHIT! like I said, you can't win them all.

  • Lisa
    2018-11-16 18:41

    H.M. Ward does it again! I loved Scandalous 2 even more than Scandalous 1! I read this book in one day because I couldn't put down and I loved each and every minute of it! This book picks up when Jack & Abby are on their honeymoon. When they get home they find a lot of turmoil awaiting them because a group of protesters is targeting them because of Jack's art. They are also going through a lot of emotional issues. The story is absolutely gorgeous. The way H.M. Ward writes - you feel like you can literally see the paintings. You feel all of the emotions the characters feel. I loved the alternating POV chapters. I loved Jack & Abby in the first book - I adored them even more in this book!I also loved another love story that developed in this book. Maybe we can get a Scandalous 3 about their story?! (hoping!!).Scandalous 2 is full of love, passion and yes hot and steamy sex! A MUST READ!

  • Liz Lawson
    2018-11-24 01:47

    Jack, Jack please paint me, I will gladly be your muse.Story of Jack who is such a hunky, romantic alpha male artist and Abby who was his high school friend and became nun.One of my favourite quotes from the book - Abby's friend Kate walks through the room after Abby's ex-boyfriend Jackson has turned up at the door and met Jack. Kate remarks "Abby you're an idiot. Jack, don't kill her. I'm pretty sure that was her only boyfriend and I think the most they did was hold hands" "They wore gloves and had a chaperone. Abby always wears protection"

  • Chris- Bookaddict
    2018-12-08 18:43

    This is a Review Based on Both Scandalous and Scandalous 2 . I will post the same thing in Scandalous also . This was a Good series , Although I thought it was kinda fast paced , I did enjoy it . I think that certain areas could of been a little more detailed. There was alot of jumping from one ordeal to the next right away I LOVED Jack and Abby. The connection that those two had was undeniable even after 10 yrs of being away from each other . They acted like they had never been away from each other .The Sex in this book was steamy and HOT .... Like HOT HOT HOT ....

  • Sarah
    2018-12-09 20:00

    Jack & Abby are now married & you would think that life should be perfect. Well for most people it would be, but when you're a famous artist of a controversial genre, there's going to be bumps in the road.Bumps is right, Jack & Abby are now the target of a group of protestors that want to black list his works to save the morals of America. Jack usualy has to deal with this sort of stuff, it goes hand in hand with the industry he's in.But both Jack & his friend Gus know, this time it seems different, more than usual. It starts to cause doubts to creap into both Jack & Abby's minds. They start to think things too much, put too much pressure on their relationship. They start fearing for their & their friends lives.Both Jack & Abby blame themselves for the trouble & both try to save each other from heartache. But it's ok, their love is so strong that they pull through & come out the other end, stronger & if it's possible more in love & closer.There is heaps of action, drama, betrayal, murder, death threats & even a new love affair blossoms for friends. There is so much love & passion it actually consumes you sometimes as you are reading. There are plenty of hot love scenes to make you feel that you need a cold shower after reading them.There is also one of the hottest love scenes I have ever read & i've read a lot. It's near the end of the book & they are in Bermuda. I wont spoil why they are there, but it's set out in the open, on the beach, where it's possible that anyone could see & it's so scorching hot I nearly orgasm'd while reading it, very turned on, brilliant.This book has it all in spades & more. It is an awesome read & fantastic page turner. You fall in love with this couple in the 1st book & the author manages to keep you hooked all the way through the 2nd. To think that there are people that have to love through this kind of situation, wow. The imagination of the author is stimulating, what a fantastic concept & style to the art that Jack creates, makes this more than just an erotic love story. You are stimulated all the way til the end, of which it has come full circle to deliver the cherry on the top of a HEA. Fabulous, well worth the read.

  • Cherry Wink
    2018-11-14 00:55

    This story picks up shortly after the ending of the first novel and I was sooo excited for it since I throughly enjoyed the first one. Scandalous 2 was a further exploration of the relationship between Jack and Abby. Although they have found happiness with each other they are also each struggling with their current situation. Jack has to accept that his actions have contributed to Abby breaking her vows while Abby has to find new life meaning now that her job as a minister has been compromised. There are also outside obstacles that bring more challenges to the relationship.You also get Jack's perspective in third person and Abby's in first person. I am a big fan of first person but I was actually surprised that I really did enjoy the alternating narrative modes. Getting a glimpse of Jack's thoughts also brought a new angle to the book. His own emotional battles were more prominent and easier to understand. There was more suspense in this novel with the protestors and picketers and it made for a good story but I did feel that it was a little far fetched. It was still a good read and I enjoyed Abby's sexual exploration as she adjusted to a non celibate life.I would definitely recommend this novel, personally I did not think it was as good as the first book, but it was a great continuation. I would really like to see a companion novel for Gus and Kate, I love that firecracker best friend!

  • Lariza
    2018-11-23 00:41

    This was a great read for me. I couldn't wait for Abby and Jack's story to continue after the last book. Jack and Abby seem to have it all now after so much sorrow and time apart- they are begining a life of wedded bliss. However, things are amiss as Jack is set to begin an art tour and new dangers lurk as he is the target of an extremist group. His art conitnues to cause controversy and Abby's past with the church has made both of them targets. Jacks desperately tries to shield and protect his wife from harm he believes is his fault. He feels guilty and soley responsible for Abby's decision to leave the church. Abby tries to get Jack to realize that her decisions and choices were her own and that they brought Jack and her together as they were ment to be! Situations are tense and dangerous as we see things escalate- there's violence, protesters and warnings, I loved Jack and Abby's intense love and sincerity. I love Jack's art and how it continued to bring them together. Gus and Kate were great! This was a story I really enjoyed!

  • Denise
    2018-11-16 19:41

    Meh..... The switching from third person to first person narrative was annoying. There was no purpose for it. The climax of the death threats toward the end was a little ridiculous. The first book was better. The story had great potential but just laid flat almost the whole time.

  • KA
    2018-12-08 19:58

    I really enjoyed this series!

  • Heather
    2018-12-10 23:37

    Awww! Another cute, feel-good romance. I love how the author ties all her books together. Keep ' em coming.

  • Cath
    2018-11-25 00:42

    A fab part 2 that I couldn't put down. Loved it.

  • CAROLYN Wyman
    2018-11-19 22:03

    Book 2 is the continuation of Jack and Abby's story. Jack is an artist - Abby is a preacher who is forced to by her church to survive for one year with no money as penance for her actions- They were friends - and reconnect. This book takes place after their wedding ( so make sure you read 1 first) Book 2 is very good - but 1 one was much hotter. A good story line.

  • Tudiboo
    2018-12-06 23:46

    Couldn't finish. Very vacant characters.

  • Sharrice Aleshire
    2018-11-20 17:52

    Originally posted: On Reese's Reviews!Received a copy for review (ARC)When I first saw that there was going to be sequel to Scandalous I was so excited. Scandalous is one of my all time favorite book and the fact that H.M. Ward was going to be writing a second one sent me into fan-girl spastic mode.I wasn't sure what to expect, but I knew H.M. Ward wouldn't disappoint.I read Scandalous in the same amount of time I read this one, in one sitting. Book two takes place almost right where book one takes place. Abby and Jack are on their honeymoon and it's the last day. Jack makes everything special by taking her to a fancy restaurant and then...well I mean it's the honeymoon so you know. Anyway Abby and Jack are both stressing over a lot while trying to hide what they're feeling from each other. Abby is feeling a tremendous loss of herself. She doesn't know where she belongs anywhere or what she's supposed to do with her life now that she has Jack but is no longer a minister. To make matters worse she can tell Jack is hiding things from her.Making it back home to New York Jack and Abby are as to just how bad things are. A hate group is targeting on Jack. The usual protestors are bad enough but now they're focusing on Jack as a person, telling him he corrupted Abby into marrying him and moving away from the church. The blows keep on coming and now Jack is taking it to heart and the ever present thought of what he always feared was true, that he would make Abby fall.Seeing no way to escape the public scrutiny Abby takes them head on by telling the press them she came onto Jack and had sex with him before she was married. From that point things seem to get worse and worse. Now the hatred is focused on Abby and while she tries to shrug it off but some of the blows sting. When things keep blowing up, Abby and Jack's lives are thrown into complete chaos that nobody is sure they'll survive this upcoming scandal.Ah...what can I say about the second book in the Scandalous series? Well for starters HOLY FREAKING CRAP I AM SO SO SO IN LOVE WITH THIS BOOK!!!! MADE ME FALL IN LOVE WITH THE SERIES ALL OVER AGAIN BECAUSE IT'S SO AWESOME *GUSHES* THIS BOOK IS COMPLETELY STUPENDOUS, WONDERFUL, AND SO AWESOME!!!!I can honestly say I love this book just as much as the first book. Abby and Jack even with the emotional separation at times are even closer in this book than in the first one. There's a lot more teasing in this one and I loved how I got a closer look into Jack's inner thoughts since some of the chapters were in his point of view (POV). I also loved the insight into Jack and Abby's past. Abby's life has never been easy and a lot of confessions come out about her life with Jack and just how strongly both of them felt towards each other even before they realized how they truly felt.I also loved that Gus and Kate are in this book even more now (hint hint). I loved how they butted heads at times and Kate is still one of the funniest characters ever.Oh and the sex!!! Ah can't forget the sex!!! So freaking hot and sexy and bam! Loved every minute of reading about how they both couldn't resist each other and how even after and during the crisis they still have deep moments of hot steamy passion. Jack still works on his art and even though I can imagine what the artwork might look like in my head...I so wish these pieces could be posted somewhere.H.M.Ward created another amazing story and I loved every page. I always love how there's the perfect amount of description and personality in each page that makes every part of the story seemed realistic! Now about the ending, let me just tell you it is a phenomenal ending! I reread it like twenty times squeeling with excitement!! One of the best endings I've ever read and I know fans will love it just as much as I did!! Plus as always there's action packed towards the ending as well as an epiphany! Not telling who has it but it's such a perfect ending for the characters that anything less wouldn't have been the same.All in all I feel like I have no rating for this book. My rating for Scandalous was like 100/100. I feel like that is the same rating I should give this book. I honestly can't love this book anymore than I do now and it's just made me love H.M. Ward's books all the more as well as the first book all over again!Favorite Quote: Only one of them...My entire mouth is blue. Jack looks like he was attacked by a blueberry. By the time we straightened up, Kate is standing in the doorway with hr hands on her hips. Gus is behind her, smirking."You know you're doing it wrong? I assumed that at least one of you knew how to have sex." Kate tells Gus over her shoulder, "You might want to get him a book or something."

  • TriciaSantos
    2018-12-06 21:46

    I was very lucky to receive a copy of Scandalous 2 from the author to review. I absolutely loved the first Scandalous. It was different and I found it to be very unputdownable. I was content with Jack and Abby’s happily ever after so I’ll admit that I was a bit wary of what H.M. Ward would put my heart through next with Scandalous 2. It ended up only being a cult following trying to kill Jack and Abby. No big deal. NOT. I am still on the fence for romance suspense, but this book did it for me. Maybe it was all the hotttt scenes. Or maybe the suspense is what makes it so intense and captivating. Either way, I was Team Abby and Jack from the beginning of the series, and it stayed that way all through the second book despite the world’s attempts to tear them apart a second time.The story starts right where the first one ended. Jack and Abby are on their honeymoon. It’s their last day in paradise. Jack has a sweet dinner planned where they take a trip down memory lane as they eat foods that were significant in their past. Oh, and then they have sex in the private dining room, Again, no big deal. Then, they are thrust back into reality. Only their reality is more like a nightmare. Jack is opening a huge new show that has a lot of Abby art in it, but someone is turning the society against Jack. And if it involves Jack, it involves his other half, Abby. The cult is not only against Jack’s work, but they seem to have a personal vendetta against Jack and they want to see him dead. Well, that’s not going to fly, obviously. Throughout the book, we see Abby putting everything on the line to protect Jack and vice versa. Each of them feels like they have broken the other. They are very dependent on each other and selfless when it comes to the other. Frankly, it gets a little too exasperating at times. I just wanted to shake them and say, “When are you gonna realize that you’re at your best when you are together? And you can face anything together?” At least they didn’t try to run from their problems. And no one ever left the other. Sure there were secrets in order to protect the other, however, there wasn’t any pushing away. Probably because they’re married now. And, I think Jack already nailed that part in the first Scandalous. Surprisingly, I never hated Abby. Usually, with all that stress, the heroine usually becomes whiny and pisses me off. Yet, Abby was strong, compassionate, and determined. Especially for Jack. Jack was kinda pathetic when it came to Abby, but I suppose that’s all the romantic part. It was nauseatingly cute. Oh god, I haven’t even talked about all their sex scenes! Can I just say, HOT? Like gah, I needed to stop and fan myself at times. There are plenty and they are panty-melting. I loved it. Okay, so all in all, I loved it. It was just what I needed when I was visiting the City of Love without a significant other. The ending was a bit too perfect, which is saying something because I am a huge sucker for a happy ending. But, I mean, after everything the pair had been through I guess why the hell not? The only thing that bothered the crap out of me and took a lot of time getting used to was the style of writing. Scandalous 2 was dual POVs unlike the first one. HOWEVER, Abby’s POV was written in first person, while Jack’s POV was in third person. Like wtf? It confused me for at least the first fourth of the book, but then I got over it because of those hot and heavy scenes. H.M. Ward is definitely going to be one of my go to’s for those sexy scenes. I enjoyed reading Scandalous 2, and I know you will too. It’s definitely different. The plot of both books are unique and you won’t be disappointed if you’re looking for a quick read. “You are sexy in a completely understated way, which is the best way. You’re beautiful, you’re confident, you know who you are. Add in that sense of humor and your bedroom brain and, oh my God, I couldn’t have dreamed up a sexier woman.”

  • Dianne
    2018-11-30 22:36

    GENRE: Second Chances; Subtle Suspense RomanceLENGTH: good length; 338 pagesMAIN CHARACTERS: Abby Gray: Former preacher who marries Jack and is now learning how to deal with the pressures of her and Jack's career choices.Jack Gray: Abby's painter husband who is dealing with a lot of troubles due to his "scandalous" paintings.Kate: Abby's best friendGus: Jack's best friend and partnerLIKES: That Jack and Abby finally get to start their lives togetherHow much Jack and Abby love each other and are willing to go to hell and back for one anotherDISLIKES:The protestorsThe way we never find out Jackson's real agenda for seeing AbbyThe POV and first person to third person switchesOVERALL THOUGHTS ABOUT BOOKS: I really liked this better than the first one. I just feel as though that some loose ends need to be tied up. I want to know why Jackson actually came to see Abby. I want to know what happened to the culprits and protestors who were attacking Jack and Abby. And foremost, I want an epilogue for Jack and Abby!!! STEAM LEVEL: Very steamy!DOES IT END IN A CLIFFHANGER?: No but loose ends need to be tied up!FAVORITE QUOTES: Nothing really comes to mindFINAL RATING: 3.75 starsWOULD I RECOMMEND?: Yes but it's not really one of those "YOU MUST READ NOW!" books.

  • D.C.
    2018-12-01 20:50

    My issues with this book were the same as the last one, there just feels like something is missing. It's missing the necessary thing that draws you in and captivates you. The book bounced back and forth between Abby and jack's side of the story, but what bugged me was Abby was in first person and jack was in third. Every time I read jack's side it felt like I was being taken out of the story for a moment. Like someone was giving a commentary on the story. It was a bit annoying.Jack and Abby are trying to adjust to married life, but with Abby losing her job and jack's upcoming tour things start to become hectic, fast. Both feel like something is wrong and neither of them know what to do to fix it. A crazy religious society know as brimstone has set its sights on jack for his sexual paintings and ruining a minister. Abby, in hopes to take a little heat off of her husband, annoyance that she wasn't a virgin when she was married forcing herself into brimstone eyesight. With brimstone after both of them everything becomes much worse especially when they realize that brimstone isn't just after ruining them but are after blood.

  • Denise
    2018-12-11 23:37

    How can you not fall more in love with Jack and the way he cares and loves his Abby. Don't we all wish we had a Jack in our life. Abby has a side to her that no one not even herself knew about and Jack in the man that she trusts and is more then willing to sexplore that side with her. Abby is a strong woman and will continue to be, along with the help from her friend Kate.Secondary charaters Kate and Gus, I was happy to find out that they became a couple. Kate is a the friend that speaks the truth and doesn't sugar coat. Her way of life, why should she, live in reality and tell it like it is. Be pround of being labeled a ballbuster. That just means she is a woman that is strong, knows what she wants and will accomplish it. Nothing wrong with that.Just wondering out loud, will there be a third and final book in the works? I sure hope so :)

  • Missy
    2018-11-30 20:49

    A dramatic ending to an amazing series!After going through so much guilt and heartache Abby and Jack take the leap and get married. Abby has a lot of adjusting to do in getting married...she never thought that she would so she had given up on that dream. Getting your dream fullfilled is kind of scary and she keeps thinking something bad will happen in between being so happy she walks on air. Jack is still struggling with his guilt over corrupting her away from her church vows. He is extremely happy having his soulmate but he notices that extra sparkle in her eyes is missing (what a sensitive guy!). Abby struggles with finding her new self amid her past and new happiness. If all that emotion drama was not enough for them; some crazy religious groups start a witch hunt for Jack that lead to death.Such an intense dramatic read......and so full of sweet romance!

  • Vicci
    2018-11-26 01:59

    OUT OF THIS WORLD AMAZING!One of my favorite books is Scandalous 1. So When I heard book 2 was coming I was excited but nervous too. Cause really I love Jack and Abby in book one. They became part of my reading family. Read the book so many times, I could qoute it. I was a little worried on how Book 2 could live up to Book 1.NO NEED TO WORRY!!!Book 2 is just as great as one. I really did not think my love affair with Jack could get any better. WRONG!! I am now officially obsessed with Jack. He is so in love with Abby, but he feels so bad for making her fall. Sexy and Sweet all rolled in to one beautiful package that is Jack!Jack and Abby together are just pure magic! Throw in two devoted best friends, crazy stalkers, and hot sensual love scenes and you have one truly FUN FANTASTIC READ! LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS BOOK!

  • Maria Costantino
    2018-11-21 19:47

    First book left off where the second book came in too play Jack and Abby was on there Honeymoon. Got got love Shy girl Abby was but the things Jack made her do was even hot. The drama so much of it for sure did not see the end of who was behind it kind of thought it was one person when Abby said about Why this person wasn't there when she/he should of been.(Won't give it way must read)..... Like I always say lots of people never read whole book just give a book bad view not me.What I didn't like how they keep talking about each other as those there was someone else beside them there. Love POV from both Jack and Abby.Hate Jack keep trying up Abby past made something out of nothing Damnwas in the past she never saw until now. All Dreams had wish he could dowith Abby I think wrong push her but she loved him.

  • Michele Adams
    2018-12-11 21:36

    Part 2 left off where part 1 finished. I really love the two main characters Jack and Abby however I was a little disappointed in book 2. I was happy how they grew as a couple but felt the plot was way too similar to book 1. Not for nothing after everything that happened with Emily in the first book, I find it hard to believe that Jack, Abby, Gus and Katie would trust and not be cautious to anyone outside of their group. It's nice seeing a story with a couple fighting the world and outside disasters/issues but I am also disappointed that Abby never tells Jack that one of the main reasons she went to seminary was because of him. Book 1 is a must read however book 2 I recommend for closure to the storyline.

  • Heather andrews
    2018-12-10 17:47

    Jack, I loved him more this time around, "Easy there, Abby. I wouldn't want you to fall in. Then I'd have to rescue you, peel this dress off, and have my way with you. Again." He is honestly the sweetest man I have ever met (well okay not met, but he really loves Abby and you can tell that) "I want to give you everything you want, everything you need. Promise me you won't hold back as you figure out the things you like, the things you want to try with me." Mr Gray in this book I think is starting to have insecurities but luckily for him he has Abby to set him straight, "You're the only guy who's been in my panties, Mr Gray. And you're the only scoundrel that made me realize that I love being with you." I said it once and I'll say it again I LOVE reading Holly's work.

  • Lisa
    2018-11-12 22:44

    Scandalous is right and I think it was all supposed to happen. God had his plans, they both needed to grow find their way before they found their way back to each other. I think even the deer was a sign that he was there watching over them maybe guiding them. Abby and Jack are soul mates and though they had a few hurdles to get through, I loved Abby's loyalty and determination. When she made up her mind she doesn't back down and though it may seem she acted impulsively I think deep down she knew what she was doing. This is in my Top favorite romance stories...I laughed, I cried, I sat on the edge of my seat, and I melted right with Abby! Thanks for sharing I totally recommend this series. And all the Ferro books too!