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Avery and her mother have always been on the run. After her mother is murdered by something supernatural, she is left to fend for herself, alone and filled with questions. She receives a note by a stranger, giving her the opportunity to get some answers, and Avery warily accepts. She would rather face the truth than continue to be on the run.What she discovers is nothing lAvery and her mother have always been on the run. After her mother is murdered by something supernatural, she is left to fend for herself, alone and filled with questions. She receives a note by a stranger, giving her the opportunity to get some answers, and Avery warily accepts. She would rather face the truth than continue to be on the run.What she discovers is nothing like she could’ve imagined. The stranger’s name is Felix, and he’s part of a race of creatures called Lovac. He tells Avery that she is a Lovac, too, and that they’re the distant descendants of the ancient vampire Nosferatu, along with two other races—the Nesmyr and Zhulik.However, the Lovac are doomed to insanity, and nearly all of them lose their minds in their early twenties. The only way to be saved from the curse is for a Lovac to find their Dimidium, the one creature that can calm the darkness.Nightmarish visions, kidnappings, and a lifestyle she never knew existed consume Avery’s life as she begins the search for her Dimidium and to get revenge for her mother’s death....

Title : Avenging Amethyst
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Avenging Amethyst Reviews

  • Chloe (Girl In The Woods Reviews)
    2018-12-11 00:02

    Detailed Review: [ Review copy received from the author herself ]Kaitlyn Price has written such an interesting book about a race of vampires that have been split into two different 'clans' (Nesmyr and Zhulik) that are inflicted with half-breeds called the Lovac. In the story, the main character is a girl called Avery. The story opens up when her mother ends up in a hospital due to a fatal accident, bringing bad luck along - Avery happens to be there at the wrong time. A ghostly-like woman appears before her mother and breaks her neck easily. This is where a turn of events have started from the moment, this mysterious woman dissipates into a vent and Avery running away from her old life. I thought the book was really good bringing out a character with a lot of potential to fight for herself/himself. As Avery meets Felix, her old life was just a cloud of smoke as she moved further into the world of the supernatural; vampires and the Dimidium. Dimidium? Like above Dimidium is a creature who can calm the darkness - a being that is able to tame the beast. I think the author has depicted each character really well, this definitely shows how each of their status and lifestyles of these species of vampires. One thing is in each vampire 'clan', they also have a characteristic that the same vampire clan have. For example, half-breeds Lovac have purple eyes while vampires from Nesmyr have red eyes. BTW red eyed vampires are extremely dangerous so keep NOTE. I was intrigued by the world that Avery lives in and the 'now' that has her coiled up on the inside, ready to spring as well her feelings for the new world being built before her eyes. And the worst part is... Lovac's can't be together, the only way to be together is by being with another species/race meaning their Dimidium (soul mate) in order to be together. Yup, with a Dimidium - this is the only way a Lovac can be together so it doesn't cast even more darkness in the world. Too bad, Avery and Felix are Lovac's' yet who knows what'll happen in the end, right? You never know... there might be a secret ending that will 'secretly' tell you this. Hmmm... Just joking! The author's writing explains it to such detail that it's easy to read and not confusing to it's readers. This will definitely be a book for everyone; supernatural-lovers, mystery-lovers and paranormal-romancers? This is a book that will surprise (hopefully) with its full-blown detail of the underworld city of the vampires! When the second book comes out... I'll be definitely reading this! Of course without a second thought - life would definitely be boring with the gist of a good story. I definitely recommend this book!Brief Review: Avenging Amethyst by Kaitlyn Price has got me hooked on her series, Immortal Eyes with a captivating, refreshing read on a new species that's ready to rock your world! My Rating: 4/5 "Really Liked it!"Check out more on my blog!

  • Jonel Boyko
    2018-12-09 23:06

    This story has quite the introduction. It really grabs you right from the beginning. You find yourself drawn to the story, always wondering what just happened, what is coming next, or who are they. This works itself into a very well written story that follows a definite path. The author never leaves the reader wandering through a series of twists and turns that dead-end. Each element of the story, although interesting on its own, progresses towards a definite goal. It was very refreshing to read a story that doesn’t ever leave you hanging or have random little tidbits of intriguing but very irrelevant information thrown in at random. That said, at the end of the novel I was definitely intrigued, engaged, and dying for the sequel to find out what comes next. But as much as this novel concluded with a lead in to further novels, I wasn’t left in limbo.I enjoyed how unique some of the concepts that Price introduced were. The interspecies and subspecies dynamics and differences were very interesting. She integrated them into the novel in such a way that they engaged the reader rather than dulling the story. At times there was a lull in the action of the story while the reader and the main character were being filled in on concepts such as this. However, I feel that this book is an integral part of the rest of the series, especially with respect to setup and background information. This explains why certain parts were a little slower than others but packed full of information. Even though these parts were less action packed than the story as a whole, they were still extremely interesting. They also set the series up for future instalments. The characters that Price developed to bring her story to life were great. The main character is a firecracker that wings it to the extreme. It’s great to see her meld into her new life while dealing with the trials that accompany this switch. The other major characters are also very well developed to suit their roles. I appreciated that Price provides the reader with the information necessary for the characters to be approachable but holds enough back to allow for further character development in future novels. It gives a real human aspect to these amazing individuals.This novel is intense in a very subtle way that continuously draws you forward through the story. It was interesting to read a novel that combines so many ideas while introducing a large number of new ones in detail. Not only did it engage me on an intellectual level, but also emotionally. I thought my heart might break at times, while at others I was happy for the characters. As a whole, I was in awe as to how the author melded everything together in such an engaging and cohesive unit that leaves me longing for the sequel.

  • Heather B (Owlnestly Reviews)
    2018-11-19 22:02

    Owlnestly Book Reviews Ah! Another Debut Author for 2013. I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review. I am very glad that I was able to read her Debut because it was surprisingly very good! I started off not really liking the book because I felt like main character was a bit flat. The story starts off with her witnessing the death of her mother, and then she runs away and all she can think about is the locked box that she has to get in order to run away. I just didn't feel like she grieved enough. I mean, if I just witnessed my moms death, the last thing on my mind would be to run away and get my belongings and a trunk from my house. It just didn't seem to make sense to me. Avery, the main character, does end up crying a bit later on, but I still just don;t think it is realistic the way she handled the situation. I think that this is one of the challenges an author faces when they start a story off with a death of a loved one of the main character. I have never been in Avery's shoes, so I don't know how I would react to the situation but I still think it could have been written a bit better. Anyways, the rest of the story I did enjoy a lot. Vampires these days can be a bit overplayed, but the author mixes it up a bit by giving us three different kinds of vampires with three very different lifestyles. There is the Lovac, Nesmyr, and the Zhulik. They are presented in such a unique way, that I really didn't even really believe that I was reading about vampires at all. Although there are a lot of new concepts thrown at the reader, the author does explain them thoroughly so the reader will not be confused. I found myself embracing Avery's new world, just as much as she did herself. There is also another category of creatures in the story called Dimidium, and they are for the Lovac. Essentially, they are the soul mates of the Lovac so that they do not end up going crazy from the darkness. You would have to read this yourself to really understand the concept of this, but the gist is that Lovacs cannot be together, they must be with another race(their Dimidium) in order to survive. This presents a problem because Avery and Felix kind of have the hots for each other, but they are both Lovacs. I found myself feeling sorry for Felix because he really was a likable guy. Why can't he be Avery's Lovac, darn it? Overall, I found this to be a satisfying read. I loved the author's new take on vampires and I enjoyed the action in the story. Do I recommend? Uncertainly yes! Will I read the sequels? Most definitely!

  • Amanda
    2018-12-01 01:17

    Avery has been living life on the run with her mother for all of her eighteen years. When her mother dies suddenly, she comes into posession of a trunk. It is full of money, a note, and a picture. Leaving her with more questions than answers, she sets out to avenge her mothers death, and find out the truth about her life. She meets Felix. Handsome, about the same age, and willing to provide the information she needs. She is a Lovac. They all have purple eyes. There is also a species called Nesmyr who have sapphire blue eyes, and then there are Zhulik, with deep crimson eyes. Everyone has a power, and Avery must find out what hers is. She must train hard. Fight to stay alive. Most Lovac never reach their thirties, because the darkness overpowers and destroys them. Only her Dimidium, a person or creature who is ment to be her other half, can bring balance to her life. The nightmares continue as she searches for answers, the person in the picture, and her Dimidium. Or has she found him already? What will Avery do? Only author Kaitlyn Price can tell us as we eagerly await the next novel that follows Avenging Amethyst.

  • Ali
    2018-12-06 20:56

    What an awsome take on vampires. Loved the story line and the new races that are introduced. The story seemed to flow easily and I couldnt help feeling for Avery. After watching her mom being killed she is throwen into a world she didnt know existed, only to find the one person she could feel safe with she cant be with. If you are one for vampires this is a new story for you, a must read, with the exception of the ending the simple words "what the hell am I going to do" left me clicking the pg turner of my kindle in annoyance. Really thats how it ends! I cant wait for the next installment, cuz seriously it can't end that way!

  • Pereza
    2018-12-02 20:57

    This is a great twist on vampires and the like by a debut author. I really enjoyed this! The characters are great and well defined, each with a unique personality. Avery struggles with the death of her mother all while avowing to avenge her. She is coming of age and learning who she really is and the powers she never knew she had. The way her and Felix go back and forth keeps you tuned in just to see what happens next. This is a great introduction to what I'm sure will be a great series.

  • John
    2018-11-22 21:54

    Wow...what a great first book!!! I can't wait to get more into this series!!! Well done Kaitlyn!!!!

  • Selina Liaw
    2018-11-25 20:06

    Thrilling, heart-stopping awesomeness. Avery is a kickass heroin. Avenging Amethyst brings a different and refreshing twist to the myths and legends of vampires. Definitely a great book to read.

  • ★ ☆ Booksaholic ★ ☆
    2018-11-27 01:48

    This is a great start to a knew series. It's a bit like Vampire Academy, i love that sort of thing so this book was right up my ally.

  • Lindsey
    2018-11-16 23:05

    This book is absolutely fantastic! I loved how it was so fast-paced. I kept reading until I finished it, and I was hanging on the edge of my seat. I can't wait for book 2!

  • Cory
    2018-11-19 01:03

    “If I wanted to be accepted in this world I needed to learn how to fight.”1. Sentence: “I froze in the doorway to my mom’s hospital room.”Honestly, I am not much of a vampire fan.Sure, I read "Twilight" (who didn't) and quite enjoyed it (shame on me :[ ) but vampires are still just some weird, pale, blood-sucking douche-bags to me which I neither find attractive, nor admirable.Anyway, a good deal of today's paranormal Young Adult novels involve vampires, mixed with romance. So does "Avenging Amethyst". However, the vampires we are confronted with in this particular book are of a whole other kind. They're not a bunch of handsome, young heroes who happen to drink blood every now and then, no, the paranormal world Kaitlyn has created here is much more complex and involves very different vampire species.The godfather of all vampires is Nosferatu. He created the Zhulik  and Nesmyr.1. The "Nesmyr".The blue-eyed. They were born from Nosferatu mating with fairies. They don't kill people and feed off of blood donations instead. They're considered to be the "good" vampires, however there's a huge (and unfair) gap between rich and poor Nesmyr within their own hierarchy. If a Nesmyr (accidentally) kills someone while feeding they become a Zhulik.2. The "Zhulik".The red-eyed. They were born from Nosferatu mating with demons. They kill people and are just overall evil monsters. Luckily they cannot have children, but they can get human women pregnant which then results in a child which is called a "Lovac".3. The "Lovac".The purple-eyed. Lovacs are half human, half vampire. They're born from a human mother and a Zhulik. Each Lovac has a unique power, such as seeing the future or extreme strength and fighting skills. They don't necessarily need to drink blood to survive as they have human genes, but it certainly makes them stronger. Lovac can also become Zhulik if they kill someone. They're constantly threatened by something called "The Darkness", which will take over their entire being one day and turn them into a complete Zhulik. That is, if they don't find their "Dimidium" before. A Dimidium is like the soul mate of a Lovac, their significant other so to say, who keeps them sane. Every Lovac has a Dimidium somewhere in this world but it is quite a challenge to find them. Sometimes they don't make it and turn/die before. Also, a Lovac cannot be the Dimidium to another Lovac.You see, it is all very complex and most of this information was delivered through a lot of info-dumping. However, after overcoming several wall of texts, you have a clear picture about what this world is like and everything starts to make a little more sense.Avery, the female main protagonist, led a very isolated life alone with her mother. She never made any friends, was home-schooled and her and her mother were constantly chased by something or someone but her mother never told Avery what was going on exactly. Every once in a while they had to move to another town and start all over for some reason. One day Avery's mother is involved in an accident and while being in hospital, Avery watches how a strange woman leans over her mother's bed and kills her. The woman disappears and a shocked Avery runs away. Shortly after she meets a strange guy, Felix, who introduces her to a whole new world full of mythical creatures and tells her she's actually a Lovac. As Avery has nothing better to do, now that her mom is dead, she joins Felix and his vampire group. Together they want to solve the mystery surrounding her mom's death and soon find out they're all in bigger problems than originally thought.Avery as a character was a bit superficial to me. You would think that her and her mother shared an extremely strong bond as they pretty much only had each other. Especially Avery never built up a relationship to any other person, so losing her mother I thought would cause her much grieve and sadness. However, you could literally count the tears she shed over her mom's death on one hand. Overall she didn't seem very devastated to me and I was shocked how fast she got over it and moved on to more interesting things (e.g. Felix). She keeps telling herself that her behavior is totally okay because she "doesn't want to spend the rest of her life grieving" and misses the fact that she actually didn't really grieve at all yet.I could also recognize a little bit of a Mary Sue in her. After all, when she discovers her new powers, she doesn't know what the heck she is doing really, her body just takes over and does all the work for her. How convenient.Her relationship to Felix, who is a Lovac as well, suffered much from lust vs. love confuzzlement in my opinion. Every problem that appeared was first faced with a lot of kissing and dry humping and flirting etc. Sometimes it seemed like especially Avery couldn't do one step without Felix anymore. She wanted to be "hugged" and "wrapped up in his arms" all the freaking time, it was quite a surprise that she was still able to breathe without his help. They were a good team, however, and I found Felix to be a rather likeable character, even though he acted a bit like a douchenozzle in the end. Young vampirish love can be so difficult at times. *sighs*The story itself was quite intriguing and captivating, especially the parts when they would sneak into the caves or later on when they got ready for the final raid. Reminded me a bit of MMORPGs game tactics. :D The fighting scenes were portrayed very vivid and sometimes a little bit disgusting, because the author didn't spare the reader with all the nasty details of exploding bodies and the like. Yuck. :SUnfortunately, on the last pages, several wall of texts filled with info-dumping reappeared. They answered almost all of my questions, though, which is a good thing because I hate cliffhangers.Overall I enjoyed the book and found myself thinking about it still a few days after finishing it. I'm sure I will read the sequel as I now want to find out how the story continues, even though I can already smell a love-triangle coming up. Please don't go there, Kaitlyn. Love-triangles are the suck! D:So, now that this has been said, if you're looking for a nice paranormal story that involves unusual vampires, then you certainly should engage yourself into the "Immortal Eyes" series. :)I received a copy of “Avenging Amethyst” from Kaitlyn Price directly, in exchange for an honest review.

  • Emz Chang
    2018-11-14 22:08

    I thought AVENGING AMETHYST told an interesting story. It was about a girl named Avery, who is faced with learning about a whole new whole when her mom dies of mysterious circumstances. How is the circumstance mysterious? Well, it’s a supernatural circumstance, her mother was murdered by something supernatural. Avery doesn't stay and mourn. She immediately packs up her necessities and hurries her but out of town. A few days later, Avery gets a note from a total stranger telling her that he knows what’s going on and can explain some things to her and give her some of the answers that she is looking for. Avery decides to meet this stranger, Felix, who introduces her to a whole new world, and helps her in her journey of avenging her mother.In AVENGING AMETHYST, there are three main types of mythical creatures. The Nesmyr are basically like angel vampires. If they kill someone while feeding, they will become a Zhulik. Zhuliks are the blood thirsty vampires. They are savage creatures and tend to perform a lot of unspeakable deeds, like for instance rape. If a Zhulik rapes a physic woman, and if she becomes pregnant and is strong enough, she will help bring a Lovac into the world. Lovacs are destined to a life of insanity if they don’t find their Dimidium, their soulmates, before it’s too late. A Lovac usually lives as long as their Dimidium does. However, Dimidiums have become quite rare, leaving most Lovacs doomed.The plot of AVENGING AMETHYST was intriguing. It’s always interesting to see how authors put their own twist on a something I consider a “prompt”. I always wonder what kind of mythical creature they’ll creature or use and how romance will impact the story. I think Kaitlyn Price did a great job adding her own flavor to the stirring pot. She made a new dish of something that was quite old, something that she can now call her own. I enjoyed the pacing of the book. It wasn't that slow or that fast. In the beginning it was slower, but just enough so that the reader wouldn't have a hard time understanding the new supernatural creatures being introduced. After the introduction, the story moves at a somewhat faster pace. And let me tell you now, you can expect a lot of action.I also liked the way the characters in AVENGING AMETHYST were written. After reading just the first few chapters, I felt like I could understand some the characters. They were for the most part well developed. Kaitlyn Price did a really good job making certain characters so nasty I wanted to travel into the book just so I could help Avery defeat them and laugh in their faces. Others were easy to relate to. It was easy to understand their position and heartbreak.One thing I didn't quite like about AVENGING AMETHYST, is the romance. I cannot stress how much I dislike love triangles. I really loved reading the book until the author introduced the concept that maybe the characters I wanted to get a happy ever after might not get one after all. I get it, I know why authors use love triangles, but what I don’t understand is this. Why have me rooting for two characters to become a couple for most of the book, then surprise me and say, oh, she’s not going to end up him, silly. Ugh, I cannot express how much I hate it when that happens. Besides the romance, I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book. As I mentioned before, I liked the way Kaitlyn Price make this HER book, and made it unique. While I was reading it, I wasn’t comparing AVENGING AMETHYST to books with similar plot lines, I was enjoying it. I found it hard to stop. I couldn’t stop. I was flipping through the pages like there was no tomorrow.If you read AVENGING AMETHYST, I hope you enjoyed it at least as much as I did.After you read it, find me or comment below, and tell me if you liked the romance in AVENGING AMETHYST.NOTE: I received a copy of the book from the author for review. This in no way influenced my opinion about the book.Originally posted on Icy Cold Reads

  • Courtney
    2018-11-17 18:18

    First I would like to say that the complexity of the concept of this book is phenomenal, which is why it has merited a single star from me. However, every other aspect of this book needs improvement. The dialogue of the book is terrible and the writing itself is incredibly emotionally detached. I have to wonder what purpose Price sought to serve in publishing this book. Is she simply a hobby writer? If so, though the story is sub-par, it is acceptable as a hobby writer's book. If she is looking to be a career writer, she has a long road of growth to embark on. The character development is almost non-existent and I have to point out that none of the characters in this book seem to have their own voice. There is virtually no foundation for the main character, Avery and as the protagonist for the story, I was very disappointed in the lack of detail of Avery's life. Avery's character comes across as stuck up, ignorant and most of all, boring. Her relationship with Felix is flat and disappointing, and I was frustrated that there was no clear development of their "love" for each other, though it had been declared towards the end of the book. Does the author not understand the difference between love and lust? The sentence structure, word choice, and fluency of the book leave much to be desired. It is also riddled with errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar, which I find horribly displeasing. The story was much too rushed by the author to be considered anything beyond sub-par, which is such a shame because as I stated before, the complexity of the concept is incredible. Price could have done SO MUCH MORE with this book if she had taken her time, nurtured this book and put her heart and soul into the writing. The climax itself was far too rushed and lacking great detail. I had a hard time creating any sort of mental picture in my mind while reading most of this book, but was deeply saddened when I reached the climax and still did not have a clear picture in my mind's eye as to what was going on. The end of the climax was also the end of the book, which is a dangerous thing to do for a debut author. Price was not able to clean up the mess of the climax and ended the book rather abruptly. Because of this, I have no interest in reading the second book or whatever else she may publish for this series. This book serves as proof that ANYTHING can be published, so long as the author has the means to do so. A good author illuminates truth, nurtures their writing as though it is a child, and allows it to manifest and grow from within their soul. Price failed to do this on all fronts, and I can only hope that the future of her writing will flow with much more integrity.

  • Sharrice Aleshire
    2018-12-03 20:05

    See my original review on Reese's ReviewsI received a copy of Avenging Amethyst for an honest review.When Avery’s mother is murdered right in front of her eyes by a woman that disappears Avery knows it’s time to run again, but this time she’s on her own. Looking for answers Avery goes into her mothers’ chest and finds there are people in the world that have been looking for her and some of them may be just like her. Searching for answers she finds a man/ boy named Felix who tells her that she is Lovac or rather a descendent of ancient vampires. Avery decides to join him to a place where her kind live. She learns how to fight, and all about the world of ancient vampires. Falling in love was never part of Avery’s plans especially with someone she can never be with as she is fated to someone else but that’s what happens and as the truth about some of the dark mysteries surrounding the Lovac and Avery’s father Avery knows she has to take him down no matter the cost.Hm..well for starters I have a huge thing for vampires. I freaking love vampire books and any chance I get I will read one. That being said I love the huge twist Kaitlyn Price put on the vampires in her book. The whole vampires have unique powers and go insane and can use fairies magic and kidnap and kill people and there are demons and it’s freaking amazing and so original.Avery is kind of a “eh whatever” character to me. I liked her but at times and I didn’t in others so right now it’s a love hate relationship. She definitely has strength and I think she will turn into an amazingly strong independent character but there was just something about her I couldn’t get into.The overall story was pretty good. I definitely want to read the second book in the series and see where it goes. I did feel the romance was a bit too much considering Avery and Felix had just met and then seconds later they were “in love” and then other times he was untrusting of her and so on so that was a major point in the book I wish would have been building up as they got to know each other instead of WHAM I’M IN LOVE WITH YOU even though it had only been a couple days.All in all I enjoyed this story and I will definitely be on the lookout for the second book. While the romance and the pacing of this novel seemed a bit rushed and Avery is a bit iffy to me Avenging Amethyst is definitely a book vampire lovers will enjoy. Loads of action and packed with romance, mystery and strong female characters.Thank you so much to Kaitlyn Price for sending me a copy of your amazing book!

  • Kate
    2018-11-26 18:02

    This book starts with a bang! Within the first paragraph Avery witnesses her mother’s murder and the excitement just keeps on going. With her mother gone and her life in a mess, Avery finds a group of magical beings who hold the secrets to the questions Avery has had since her mother’s death. With the Lovacs now at her back providing her with information, training and the ability to track down her mother’s murderer, Avery has a new family and a mission.I have to admit I was a little lost at the start of this novel. There’s so much that happens so quickly but as I got into the story – I loved every minute. The world of the Lovac’s is exciting. There are magical powers, evil villains and the Darkness that drives a person crazy after their twenty-fifth birthday unless they’ve found their Dimidium, the Lovac equal to a soul mate. Conceptually this book had so many ideas that I adored.Avery is a strong character – in body and spirit. She doesn’t give up no matter how dire things get. Avery is determined to help those if she can. She might be a little vengeful but she’s good at heart no matter how affected she is by the Darkness. The other Lovac she meets are fun and interesting in their own ways. I loved the relationship between Avery and Felix. I can’t wait to see how that developed (all other parties considered) in the next book in the Immortal Eyes series.At the start I also didn’t really believe in Avery’s emotions. Her mother – her only friend in the entire world – is murdered in front of her and she just… didn’t make me feel like it was a huge thing to her. Yes, she cried in a shower but I didn’t feel her heart breaking. Timing wise, things felt a little rushed at times. Only days pass between Avery’s mother’s passing, her meeting Felix and joining the Lovacs and so much else. That said, I thought the pacing of the story was great. Enough detail was given.As I got into the story, I loved being privy to the world of the Lovacs. It had a Vampire Academy/Trylle trilogy vibe to it and I thought this was a fantastic debut novel.

  • Echo
    2018-11-20 20:17

    I really, really liked this book. It’s a fun and interesting take on vampires which is refreshing considering how many vampire books there are now. This is definitely YA and for a debut book it was really awesome. It hooked me from the first page and I read it straight thru in about 2-2 ½ hours. It was that good.I liked Avery from the get go, I found her to be an interesting character and cared about what was happening to her. She has a lot of pretty heavy things happen to her including the death of her mom, which happens on page 1. I also loved that this was not a girl who was simpering in the corner and waiting for the guy to come save her. I loved how resilient she was and powerful she becomes. She handles everything thrown at her and continues to grow. I can’t wait to see what she becomes in the books to come. I loved Felix :) Move over Edward Cullen there is a new hot vamp boy in town and he is delish. Felix is really good with Avery. He really sticks by her and helps her through all of these changes in her life. I found myself feeling sad for him though, I really hope that the author gives him a good ending whether it’s with Avery or with someone else.When I read that they have to find their soul mates to keep from going insane by the time they are 25 I thought, OH CRAP! This is not going to end well for Avery and Felix’s budding relationship. Crap, crap, crap…. Here comes the angst, which is great because I love angst in a story.The world building was great and the mythology was really cool, I’ve never seen it quite like this before. It was fun learning about all of the different creatures and their powers. I hope to read in future books that Avery shakes things up a bit.I will say that I am really looking forward to book 2 but I am not looking forward to the potential love triangle that could ensue…. But that’s just me, never been a fan of love triangles. So if you are in the mood for a really good Vampireish YA then definitely pick this one up.I did receive this book from the author thru a Goodreads giveaway.

  • Leigh
    2018-12-13 18:00

    ORIGINAL REVIEW AT: LITTLE BOOK STARVampire books are not really my favorite types of books to read, but this one was just awesome! Avenging Amethyst is about Avery and her mother always making a run from Lucas, a Zhulik, the oldest vampire and Avery's father, until one day the mother dies. Now Avery plans on getting revenge on her father and to whoever killed her mother. At first I was kind of worried because at the beginning there was a bit info dumping. It wasn't confusing though, it was just abrupt.I really enjoyed reading this book! It was a fresh vampire read because I've never read a book that had different vampire races. In this book there are three races: a Zhulik, a Nesmyr, and Lovac. In Avery's case, she's a Lovac because she is a half Zhulik and half human. Zhuliks are kind of like the bad vampires, and the Nesmyrs are the good guys and has two different classes: an upper class and a lower class. Also, the characters were awesome especially Avery. She's not one of those annoying protagonists, and she has a kick-ass personality going on. The romance was just fantastic and I love the twist on it! Yup, romance twist, go read this book now!The only thing I did not like was how sometimes some of the character's mood quickly changes. It wasn't a smooth transition. A minute ago they're happy then after about five seconds they're raging with anger. There were also a few glitches (typos etc.) that could be fixed. Overall it was really an enjoyable and fast paced read with tons of action, a very interesting plot, and lots of blood. I recommend it to everyone and for those who are a fan of vampires.

  • Kai
    2018-11-14 23:02

    Avenging Amethyst starts off with Avery's mother being murdered in the hospital by a demon. Avery and her mother has been on the run for 18 years until her mother got into a car accident. Since Avery has no friends and no one to help her, she decided to go to the people who have amethyst eyes like her, to find out about them.Avery found out from Felix who have amethyst eyes that the amethyst-eyes people have been searching for her and protecting her at a distance and that they are descendent form Nosferatu called Lovac. Felix also told her that there are two other races called Nesmyr, who have blue eyes and Zhulik who have red eyes. All three races are considered as vampiric by human terms. Avery found herself thrust in a world from normalcy and that the Lovac are the Nesmyr's protectors against the Zhulik. She also has an agenda of her her and that is to find the demon who killed her mother. She has entered into a world that she cannot ignored and discovered a father who has been pursuing Avery and her mother.Avenging Amethyst is a different story about vampire. The Nesmyr could be turn into Zhulik just by killing a human and drinking their blood while the Lovac goes insane they reached the age of 25 unless they find their Dimidium (soul mate) to keep the darkness away. There is an attraction between Felix and Avery. Readers will want to know if there is any way that Felix and Avery could find happiness or that they are just star-crossed lovers.

  • Leigh
    2018-12-02 21:17

    Avery and her mom have been on the run all her life. When her mom is murdered, Avery is left alone, scared with many unanswered questions. She wants to find out who murdered her mom and why. She gets a note from someone claiming to have some of the answers she is seeking. Avery reluctantly meets with him. Felix is a good looking guy with the same unique eye color as Avery. He informs her that they are not human but Lovac, which are part of the vampire race along with the Nesmyr and Zhulik. Avery is plunged into a world she never knew existed much less would have ever dreamed she would be a member. Will Felix help Avery find her mom's killer and avenge her death?This was an intriguing start to a new series. While I enjoyed the story, I didn't feel connected to the characters at times. I also felt the story was a little rushed. I would have liked to have seen a little more development of each character. Despite my problems with this story, I would like to find out what happens next with Avery and Felix.

  • Nicole
    2018-11-26 22:50

    Omg, really? I love paranormal romances, and was looking thru lists of books that sounded interesting and had a good rating, so I picked this up. I'm 10% in and I can't stomach anymore, let alone figure out why the ef it has an over 4 rating. It's not well written, it doesn't flow, and the dialogue is horrible. Bummer

  • Read for your future!
    2018-11-30 20:10

    Read our review here: Or

  • Tia
    2018-11-13 22:53

    Not bad at all. I was kind of pissed off that our dear girls 'Dim' (I can't even spell it, so I won't try) was taken at the end and then Felix's comments made me sad as well. It was all a huge cluster but most certainly kept me entertained.

  • Rebekka Cavies
    2018-11-25 18:03

    Interesting concept, cannot wait until next book.

  • Sierra Ferrante
    2018-11-13 22:54

    Excellent novel! Well writing and exciting. The story was a page turned from start to finish. Great characters and an exciting plot