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Of all our blood relations, an aunt offers the most potential for uncomplicated friendship. The Complete Book of Aunts is an entertaining and touching exploration of aunts in all their guises and varieties, culled from real-life, literary and historical sources. Bewitching illustrations and anecdotes illuminate various aunt types: Bargain Aunts, Mothering Aunts, Damned BadOf all our blood relations, an aunt offers the most potential for uncomplicated friendship. The Complete Book of Aunts is an entertaining and touching exploration of aunts in all their guises and varieties, culled from real-life, literary and historical sources. Bewitching illustrations and anecdotes illuminate various aunt types: Bargain Aunts, Mothering Aunts, Damned Bad Aunts, and X-Rated Aunts. With stories and poems about famous or historical aunts, Christiansen and Brophy attempt to uncover what "aunt-ness" is....

Title : The Complete Book of Aunts
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The Complete Book of Aunts Reviews

  • Maria
    2018-10-22 21:19

    This is an utterly charming tribute to aunts, picked up as a gift (I am not myself an aunt), and what fun it is. Written beautifully by a British journalist, here's the contents page: a short history of the aunt; mothering aunts; heroic aunts; x-rated aunts; brand-name aunts; exotic and eccentric aunts; damned bad aunts; literary aunts; fairy-tale aunts; honorary aunties; the good aunt guide; and the epilogue - Aunt Janet. The epilogue was unexpectedly very moving, and now I want to keep it and not give it as a gift at all, but I will. It's not at all trite or banal or dull anywhere and it's delightfully informative; if I were an aunt, I'd adore receiving this lovely little piece of elegance.

  • Hester
    2018-10-23 19:11

    I picked this book up at the library, after seeing the fantastic cover. After reading the back with its glowing reviews from British companies, I had images of a book of eccentric English aunts, many from P.G. Wodehouse. Aunts seem to have such a stronger presence in British literature, perhaps because of the dearth of men after WWI. Imagine my disappointment at discovering that it had been edited for an American audience! And the bowdlerized version is what we in Canada are expected to settle with!

  • Americanogig
    2018-11-01 19:08

    I read this book right after my awesome-tastic nephew was born. I was hoping it would have some hints and funny bon mots about aunties, but it was more of a quick survey of famous and infamous aunts, the rise and fall of auntdom in general. Yes, auntdom is the word I have chosen and thus it shall remain. Not enough history to be engaging and not funny enough to be lighthearted reading.

  • Donna
    2018-11-14 19:09

    Loved this little micro-history of Aunts...fictional or real, wonderful or villain, heroic, eccentric, or literary, from Aunt Em to Aunt Jemima...there all in here.

  • Mark Porter
    2018-10-22 00:15

    A most enjoyable celebration of aunts through the ages and their important social role. All manner of aunts are featured: good and bad, naughty and nice, plain and glamorous.

  • heidi
    2018-10-17 17:01

    An entertaining and informative read on aunts -generally from the perspective of a Brit.The writer begins by taking you to the deathbed and funeral of his beloved Aunt Janet. You witness the events through his recollections, with restraint and little fuss, but the love he feels towards his aunt is felt throughout. It makes a good basis for the book; you feel the book is a tribute to ladies who have been influential presence throughout our childhood.The later chapters examine the role and status of the aunt. He touches on other societies, cultures around the world and throughout history - really ancient ones - but overall the focus is more on the period of his childhood up to today's society.You also get various accounts of different types of aunts, be they actual aunts who lived and loved/inspired their nephews/nieces, or mythical, or fictional. This is the part that I love best. Some of the short stories are more of a miss than a hit - Kipling's Mary Postgate, for example. What stand out from the book are passages written by various nephews/nieces describing their favorite aunts, their fondest memories with their aunts, etc. As an aunt I love my nephews and niece to bits; I hope they will remember me with such fondness too one day :)

  • Jamison
    2018-11-08 20:58

    good anecdotal guide to aunts, in print, in real life, on the stage, and in films. care must be given when reading about aunts in literature. there are spoilers in the text.this is a good light read, that's great for vacation time, when you are often interrupted by real life aunts, and their real life anecdotes.a good companion to this would be "the mother book" by liz smith. same anecdotal flavour to it... same "can read it, but can also put it down for a while, and not forget anything" feeling....

  • Jeslyn
    2018-10-20 18:13

    What was the author thinking??? Humming right along with a perfectly acceptable (if rather pithy) book, it occurred to him that no Complete Book of Aunts would be complete without a chapter called "X-Rated Aunts"??? And yes, x-rated is accurate. My mother gave me this book as a Christmas present, for Pete's sake!! I don't have the heart to tell her, and I hope she never reads it herself - she would be horrified to see Chapter 4...heinous.

  • RH Walters
    2018-10-24 22:23

    The topic is irresistible, but the book is rather superficial. I was disappointed to read from another reviewer that the American edition is diluted. I did, however, enjoy reading about John Lennon's aunt, and learning of the obsolete curse "my sainted aunt!" Wish me luck in getting my niece and nephew to revive it.

  • Barbara
    2018-10-21 01:27

    A anglocentric view of the place of Aunts in both literature and life. Poorly organized and weirdly selected short takes on auntly themes. A few interesting nuggets (Virginia Woolf had 2 surprising aunts: the photographer Julia Cameron and one of Thackeray's daughters) and some interspersed ordinary, generally American, people.

  • Sarah Adamson
    2018-11-03 18:17

    This book was given to me by my sister on the birth of her first child. It's quite a fun compilation of stories about aunts including some famous ones, how aunts should act etc.A nice gift for new aunts of as a way of informing someone they will be an aunt!

  • Jennifer
    2018-11-10 00:03

    One of my favorite books ever! I had the best aunts in the world - and I want to be just like them for my nieces and nephews, so this is the perfect book for anyone who wants to join the ranks of 'best aunt'!

  • Lynn Reich-Levine
    2018-10-19 19:13

    It bored me. I put it down after 5 minutes

  • Anne
    2018-11-02 21:10

    Eh. I needed this book to be really funny, and so far, it isn't, so I'm quitting for now.

  • Korri
    2018-10-30 18:16

    A superficial little book with anecdotes about aunts, real and literary, that was a library sale find from--who else?--my aunt. It's cute & a quick read.

  • Angela Reeves
    2018-11-11 18:09

    very boring

  • Vikas Datta
    2018-11-16 18:25

    Fascinating and entertaining..

  • Sherry
    2018-10-29 21:06

    An interesting take on the influence of aunts on nieces and nephews.

  • Christy
    2018-11-07 01:05

    disappointing. i had high hopes for this one, given that being an aunt is my favorite thing in the whole world, but this book was kind of a shoddily compiled series of stories.

  • Katie
    2018-10-19 21:14

    There was a chapter I skipped over, but other than that the book is cute. My dad bought it for me for Xmas. I enjoyed the stories of various important "aunts".

  • Julie
    2018-10-22 00:06

    Well researched

  • Phyllis
    2018-10-31 01:05

    Really . . .I've been reading little bits of this for a very long while; ever since my beautiful niece gave it to me . . .

  • Amy
    2018-10-17 17:27

    Since I am now an aunt, this book was fun to read--historical, literary, funky aunts and more are portrayed in this tome.

  • Rory
    2018-10-28 21:59

    Not nearly as charming as it was borrrring. Scattered and silly and unabsorbing. Maybe if I had a beloved aunt myself? Nah, not even then.

  • Wendy Blake
    2018-11-06 17:25

    A fun read for anyone who loves aunts, family in general, and literature. A bit pretentious in its style, but quick and fun.

  • Elise Swenson
    2018-10-29 17:08

    This was a great book. Extremely well-written and researched. I learned alot about some amazing (and not so amazing) women. I especially liked the "list of being a good aunt". Thanks Kris!

  • Jbondandrews
    2018-11-14 21:24

    Rupert Christiansen's book is an alright little read but I would have preferred a history of or something of a similar nature.

  • Wendy M
    2018-11-11 20:20

    A fun and quick read.

  • Greyeyedminerva
    2018-11-04 20:21

    Cute... a good gift for an aunt.