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Title : Indian Controversies ; Essays On Religion In Politics
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Indian Controversies ; Essays On Religion In Politics Reviews

  • Dr.J.G.
    2018-10-22 23:07

    Arun Shourie as ever steps into regions of situations in India that most people in public life steer clear of for fear of being object of mudslinging or worse, and treats the subjects he looks into with the same clear incisive light of reason that he used to for his journalistic career, giving facts about the issues from history and present, and analysis without partisan considerations. From Sikh turmoil and the pronouncements of various Sikh revered Gurus against various mainstream deities (which explains a name of an extremely popular and much visited (by both Hindu and Sikh people) deity in north, that goes against ancient tradition in a strange way) and sects, and reasoned analysis of today's - or rather yesteryear's perhaps, since the Sikh extremism fomented by exterior (to India) interests is now seemingly over - propaganda, to the history of the whole temples destruction by various invaders and reconstruction thereof issue, to the question of a common civil code and history thereof, to other various issues, this book is a good place to get to know about the various stormy controversies that India has been plagued with often quite unnecessarily and for such ignominious reasons as a dirty political game overriding the interests of the nation. None of these things, or at least very very few, are actually secrets - in a country like India there can be few of those - but while most people do know all this and might admit it the truth of it all in privacy, in public life the overwhelming considerations are pandering to the dominating interests and those that don't do so are in danger of being at the bull's eye of everyone's free range for shooting slime and being treated like criminals, merely for telling it like it is rather than pretending for sake of pleasing partisan interests of mostly powers from outside the nation. The picture that comes to mind with an uncanny similarity - not for the book but more for the situation, generally - is that of the ancient epic Mahaabhaarata where the sons of Gods lose and go on losing time after time, almost until the end when Divine finally has to step in and help the fight on the side of right, and meanwhile the ignoble, the greedy, the manipulating and the evil go on scoring and exiling the good, the reasonable, even the loved ones. Not that Raamaayana was or is different in this by much - but it had fewer villains and less complications, being earlier in history, and the villains were strangers to the good ones, to say the least.

  • Arjun Pradhan
    2018-10-25 21:53

    good read, must for all those who want to know on babri masjid, shah bano case etc..

  • Dinesh singh rawat
    2018-10-24 16:39

    I think interesting book on Indian political controversies by a man, who seen it from an editor and opposition leader perspective.

  • Chirag Majithia
    2018-11-04 22:02

    Few chapters of this book should be in syllabus of Indian Higher Secondary Education!