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Sun-Sun Johnson enjoys life. He has enjoyed starting at the bottom and working hard to become the biggest landowner in the village. He enjoys being married to an elegant, out-of-the-ordinary woman, and he loves his three children. But he doesn't enjoy keeping up a position; he can't be bothered to be dignified or to keep a look out for scroungers - he aims to be generous,Sun-Sun Johnson enjoys life. He has enjoyed starting at the bottom and working hard to become the biggest landowner in the village. He enjoys being married to an elegant, out-of-the-ordinary woman, and he loves his three children. But he doesn't enjoy keeping up a position; he can't be bothered to be dignified or to keep a look out for scroungers - he aims to be generous, whatever the cost. The cost proves to be the loss of his fortune, his home, and his wife to his greatest rival. Only his eldest son, Rami, remains faithful, and together they start again, from the bottom....

Title : My Father, Sun-Sun Johnson
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My Father, Sun-Sun Johnson Reviews

  • Aj
    2018-11-01 18:08

    My Father Sun-Sun Johnson is a great book. I had to do it for English Literature. It teaches many morals and has many themes. It is very interesting even though it has 11 chapters. I want to read other books by C. Everard Palmer

  • Kasheba
    2018-11-12 19:31

    Sun-Sun Johnson enjoyed life. He enjoyed starting at the bottom and working hard until he was the biggest landowner in the village. He enjoyed being married to an elegant, out-of-the ordinary woman, and he loved his three children. but he didn't enjoy keeping up a position; he couldn't be bothered to be dignified or to keep a look out for scroungers-he had to be generous, whatever the cost.The cost proved to be the loss of his fortune, his home and his wife to his greatest rival. Only his eldest son, Rami, remained faithful, and together they started again.

  • Dawn Gibson
    2018-10-19 00:31

    this is a great book

  • Kimo
    2018-10-19 23:28

    i learn how to be responsible

  • Clean Kim
    2018-10-19 23:07

    I love this book so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  • Marsha Brown
    2018-10-19 20:16

    SETTINGThe story is initially set in Robin Hill, then in River Bottom.CHARACTERSRami Johnson Son of Sun-Sun Johnson.Loyal because he stayed with his father when every-one deserted him.He is very mature in the way that he handled his father’s downfall and his mother’s remarriage.Merton Johnson (Sun Sun)A wonderful person who cared for people.He did not make wise business decisions because he led with his heart.He loved his ex-wife and children.He sacrificed his life for Jake’s, highlighting his bravery and selflessness.Jake Hibbertson A heartless businessman who took Sun-Sun’s house, wife and children.The richest man in the village.Reveals his heartlessness by not attending Sun-Sun's funeral, who died getting him out of the fire.Debbie (Ma) Sun-Sun’s ex-wife.Mother to Brad, Arlene and Rami.She is a teacher at the local school.She is a social climber who detested Sun-Sun’s penchant for being too charitable because it affected the family in a negative way financially.She marries Jake Hibbertson and has a child for him.Mrs. Betty Hilcher Rami and Sun-Sun’s only adult neighbor in River Bottom.She is very kind to Sun-Sun and Rami by bringing them food as a welcoming gift.Supportive of Sun-Sun’s efforts to rebuild his life.Donna-Rae HilcherThe daughter of Mrs. Betty Hilcher.Rami’s only neighbor, in his age group, and friend.Arlene JohnsonSun-Sun’s daughter.She decided to stay with her mother.Brad JohnsonSun-Sun’s youngest son.He decided to stay with his mother.CHAPTER SUMMARIESChapter 1:This chapter introduces the protagonist, Sun-Sun, and the antagonist Jake. We learn that Sun-Sun’s wife had divorced him a year and a half ago, and that two of his children, Brad and Arlene had stayed with their mother, while Rami, the narrator, decided to stay with his father. The story opens with Jake accosting Sun-Sun, at Robin Hill, for the money that was owed to him. Sun-Sun gives him Robyn Hill’s title as payment, and the chapter ends with Sun-Sun and Rami leaving for River Bottom with their mare, Marble, and their belongings on a cart. Chapter 2:Sun-Sun and Rami worked feverishly to get River Bottom organized and habitable, it took them two weeks to accomplish this task. This chapter highlights the difference in the way that the children were treated; Arlene and Brad were treated tenderly, while Rami was ridiculed by his peers, all because he decided to stay with his father. A comparison of Jake and Sun-Sun's lives was also a focus of this chapter, highlighting Jake's thriftiness and Sun-Sun's extravagance and excessive kindness. Ma constantly harped at Sun-Sun to be more prudent but was ignored. The reader also learnt that Jake acquired his initial wealth by 'conning' Sun-Sun, thereby gaining the nickname the Rake by Ma. This fact contributed to Rami's surprise at finding Jake relaxing in Sun-Sun's favourite chair at Ma's house and Rami reports this to Sun-Sun. Chapter 3:Rami and Sun Sun are visited by their neighbours, Donna-Ray Hilcher and Betty Hilcher. They take food as a sign of welcome and father talks to Mrs. Hilcher and shows her around. Donna-Rae and Rami are left alone and also have their own conversation. Rami and Sun walk the ladies home, where they share a night cap, then returned home. Rami could not sleep, so he thought of Donna-Ray and was able to do so.Chapter 4:Sun Sun's farm was very prosperous and people began visiting it in order to purchase goods. Sun Sun was stern with his bargaining, at first, but then he went back to his old ways of giving away his goods. Rami confronted him about it and told him that the same people who were begging him, were buying from Jake. Sun Sun decided to change his ways. He brought home a puppy for Rami, which he called Max. Donna-Ray and Rami became good friends who spent time together, and the farm was extremely prosperous. Sun Sun and Rami decided that they had to take the produce to a market, despite the fact that Rami did not want his father to sell in the market. They decided to sell some goat kids as well. They had a wonderful dinner at the Hilchers'house, where Betty volunteers to sell at the market for Sun Sun. Sun Sun was not pleased, but agreed to this, then they went home.Chapter 5:Rami and the Hilchers go to the busy market to sell. Rami watches a gentleman try to sell a mangy horse, unsuccessfully, and decides to try to sell his goats in the same fashion, by auctioning them. He drew a crowd and sold his goats, but comments were made about the fact that Sun Sun Johnson's son was selling goats in the market. Sun Sun is pleased that they were successful at the market and Rami volunteers to buy his father a drink with some of the money that he got from the selling of the goats. Sun Sun agrees and Donna-Rae and Rami sit by their stall talking. He expresses that he has a new type of freedom with his father, one where he is notcloistered by his mother's social standards. He explains the glaring differences in the personalities of his parents, as well as why their divorce was an accident. Then his mother, siblings, Jake and the chauffeur came along. Debbie is both appalled and livid to see her child selling in the market. The scene drew a crowd because Debbie was so upset that she threatened to take Sun Sun to court. Sun Sun arrives and Debbie and the children reject his hand of friendship.Chapter 6:Rami and Sun Sun made a lot of money from their day at the market, however, it was clouded by the encounter with Debbie. Sun Sun does not go home, but went to town to drink, while Rami considers his mother's involvement with Jake and his fathers 'seeming' involvement with Mrs. Hilcher. When Sun Sun gets back, he and Rami have a discussion about Debbie's character, as well as whether or not he should live with her. Rami refuses. About a month later, they hear that Debbie and Jake are to be married. Rami does not attend the wedding, but watches it from a big tamarind tree that was located near the church. A detailed description of the wedding occurs at this point. Rami went home, after the proceedings, to find an unexpectadley optimistic Sun Sun.Chapter 7:Rami did not attend school the week after the wedding, but stayed home to help his father clear their land. Sun Sun decided to plant yam and corn on the cleared land. Everything grew quickly. Unfortunately, the relationship between Rami and his siblings deteriorated, but the friendship with the Hilcher's flourished. They reaped a bountiful crop, but this achievement was also clouded by the fact that Debbie was having a baby with Jake. She resigned her job at the school, which was a relief for Rami because he did not have to witness the progression of her pregnancy.Chapter 8:During the summer, Rami hoed yams with his father. He gave a detailed description of the process. He also played cricket in the village and was involved in a competition with visitors. Jake and his new family were present at the competition, but Rami notes that Jake was happy, yet not happy. Debbie spoke to Rami, enquiring about his relationship with Donna-Rae, encouraging him to come home and implying that there was a previous relationship between Betty and Sun Sun. Despite this disturbing conversation, Rami had a wonderful summer. His enjoyment, however, was again disturbed by Debbie. She took Sun Sun to court and won. Rami, however, refused to live with her and even threatened to run away if she attempted to force him to obey the judge's ruling.Chapter 9:Toward the end of the summer, Rami and Sun Sun built a shop. They reaped a bountiful crop of yams that Sun Sun took to the city, he would be gone for three days. Rami was told to eat with Hilchers. Sun Sun came back with goods that he had bought in the city and they organized the shop. They made handbills that advertised the opening of the shop and delivered them to the villagers, who snickered and laughed. They had a crowd that night, some bought and some simply satisfied their curiosity. The consensus from the crowd was that Jake had jacked up his prices. People tried to buy on credit, others wanted the store to be expanded to have more room to 'hang out', but all of these requests were denied. Their clientele grew and Jake's morale was taking a beating. Sun Sun had a clearance sale, where he did not lower prices (he in fact raised some), and people came in droves and bought the goods in the store. Sun Sun revealed that he did not get a great profit because he had sold the goods almost at cost in order to get buyers.Chapter 10:Christmas was reflected in the River Bottom Shop in the form of many buyers, some of whom did it in secrecy, fearing Jake's wrath. Sun Sun had a diminished status, but he was respected. They made a lot of money on Christmas Eve, so they locked away their savings and made their way to the village. Sun Sun gave Rami money to buy a gift for Dona-Ray, and he took Mrs. Hilcher for a night cap in one of Jake's bars. Jake also went to the village and spotted in Sun Sun in his bar. It was initially a tense encounter but Sun Sun behaved like a gentle and diffused the situation. Early Rami rode Marble to his mother's house early Christmas morning in order to deliver his siblings and mother's gifts. He received a welcoming reception and was asked to have Christmas breakfast, but he rejected the offer. He went home and opened presents with his father, and, to their surprise, Debbie gave Sun Sun a gift. Rami and Sun Sun had Christmas dinner with the Hilchers. Betty gave Sun Sun permission to Sun Sun to use her land to plant yam and Arlene and Brad came to visit on New Years Day. Rev. Ledbetter also visited and Sun Sun rebuffed him. Sun Sun reacted this way because the reverend was very friendly when things were good for Sun Sun, but ignored him when he fell from grace.Chapter 11:Debbie had her baby and things were going well for Sun Sun. He had leased a piece of Mrs. Hilcher's land and was clearing it for planting and he bought Jack Gegson's land. Debbie kept Jake at bay and Brad and Arlene were now nice to their brother and father. Things were going very well, but then, one day, father received a premonition to go to Robin Hill. Robin Hill was on fire. Sun Sun saved Jake's life by pushing him out of a window, but he died in the flames. Rami was partially catatonic, until he woke up on the day of Sun Sun's funeral. All of Sun-Sun's family and the Hilcher's attended. Jake was conspicuously absent. Rev. Ledbetter performed the service and Rami was a pall bearer. Rami stopped the proceedings when he saw that Sun Sun was to be taken in a Cadillac hearst to be laid to rest on Robin Hill. He had a private discussion with his mother where he found out that Jake and Debbie had split up because Jake blamed Sun Sun for the fire. Rami requested that Sun Sun be buried in River Bottom because Robin Hill did not belong to the Johnson's anymore. Men ran ahead to dig a new grave for Sun Sun in River Bottom. Rami decided to forgo school, at seventeen, stay at River Bottom after a year, then move up to the village. He implies that he will marry Donna-Ray, because he invites his mother and siblings to live with him and Donna Rae in the village, when he builds his house there, after the store starts paying.THEMES Contributor: Leisa Samuels-Thomas

  • Sasha
    2018-11-09 00:29

    i think this book is great in many ways, it helps us to understand the people who we trust and ect but it also states that trust is the number one thing and blood is always thicker than water...

  • Ibepieashley Petithomme
    2018-11-10 19:07

    my father sun sun Johnson is a good book for ever kid can wait to read it with the whole class together can wait just got to clam everbody

  • Clean Kim
    2018-11-14 19:18


  • Romeo
    2018-11-11 17:15

    It was very interesting but did not end how i wanted it to end

  • Natanielchambers
    2018-11-01 23:20


  • Mandie
    2018-10-29 23:19


  • Orlando
    2018-11-02 22:02

    I had to read this for school and I have to say, it was one of my all time favorite reads. Not to mention is was the first book to ever get me in my feelings. 5/5.

  • Yolanda Robinson
    2018-11-07 01:11

    it helps me

  • Dexter's Labo
    2018-11-09 01:27

    It was a sensational book!!

  • Samuel Haynes
    2018-10-30 00:32

    i think it sucks at the ending, what jake did wasn't nice at all

  • Johniece
    2018-11-16 17:20

    fun n intersting

  • Narifa Ali
    2018-11-01 18:16

    good book

  • Tracey Reeves
    2018-11-14 00:05

    the book is very nice. it's interesting.i hope rami and his family are OK with the death of sun-sun.

  • Marco Anton
    2018-10-18 01:04


  • Johnisha
    2018-10-29 22:29

    I think it is a very good story

  • Cherry
    2018-10-18 00:27

    i loved it when i was a kid it makes me feel so good. i don't really remember about it but i have a family member who is reading this book now in English class

  • Danielle Smith
    2018-11-16 18:19

    I thought book was incredible . With all the things going on in the story . It was just magnificent

  • Sajrin Blake
    2018-10-24 22:32

    it is good

  • Hadassa Saintgermain
    2018-10-18 17:25

    I think its a nice book but I did nor finish to read it

  • Brenelle Dixon
    2018-10-18 17:18


  • Brennae
    2018-10-17 23:16

    this a good drama book