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Title : Faraday Comes Home
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ISBN : 9781477143902
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 268 Pages
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Faraday Comes Home Reviews

  • Genni Gunn
    2019-04-27 02:02

    Faraday Comes Home is a beautifully crafted story of Faraday, an x-bomber-pilot during WWII, who has never faced the traumatic events of the war, nor acknowledged the effects they've had on his personal life. Now, as he nears his 80th birthday, all the personages from his past converge in his head, to form a chronology of loss. "We're orphans of bereavement," one of the characters says.The book is rife with memorable characters who each unlock a small portion of Faraday's past and emotional states. There’s Dora, the “God’s gift” implied by her name, a spirit guide into his unconscious, who cajoles and prods Faraday into remembering, until he acknowledges that ". . . there's two ways not to remember; one's because you can't and the other is refusal." There is a trail of women who Faraday has abandoned or who have abandoned him, dead and alive, who come to haunt his memories, despite the fact that he is trying to establish limits to keep himself safe from his own past. Just like the town he lives in “needs limits, boundaries not just to define it, but also maybe to keep it safe from the wilderness that wants to reclaim lost territory,” so Faraday tries to establish emotional boundaries to keep himself safe from his own wilderness. There’s Cleo, the blind musician, who perceives Faraday more clearly than he perceives himself, her physical blindness echoing his emotional one.Thematically, the book touches on various topics: AGING, and its devastating effects: “"But in company the older you get, the closer people pay attention, not to listen, but to judge whether what you're saying is their idea of sane”; FAITH, with its metaphor of Gerry Walker, a young man who spends years building an aircraft from scratch, an aircraft that many don’t really believe will fly; DEATH, which Faraday describes as "Bloody-minded entropy. . . Everyone's on a long dive and heading toward inert uniformity. Death, an inert uniformity. Whoever, and also whatever (animals, trees, birds, things) like people always become corpses of their former selves”; and THE RETRIEVAL OF MEMORY as a dangerous act. But the central metaphor of this book is the act of flying as the act living: “ “...all life is flown at twenty-five thousand feet, upside down and nothing on the speedo but the maker’s name. So, what’s the answer? You die. Now, I’d like to be still strapped into my seat, and fighting the controls till my kite falls, dives, disintegrates, whatever....”Harlow very much puts Faraday at the controls, and lets us watch his fascinating acrobatics though layers of self-deception to uncover his true self.This is an evocative work, beautifully rendered.