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Quando James Bowen encontra um gato alaranjado no prédio onde vive, não faz ideia do quanto a sua vida irá mudar. Lutando por sobreviver como músico de rua na cidade de Londres, a última coisa de que precisa é um animal de estimação. No entanto, incapaz de resistir ao animal doente, acolhe-o em sua casa. Quando Bob recupera a saúde, James deixa-o à porta do prédio, imaginaQuando James Bowen encontra um gato alaranjado no prédio onde vive, não faz ideia do quanto a sua vida irá mudar. Lutando por sobreviver como músico de rua na cidade de Londres, a última coisa de que precisa é um animal de estimação. No entanto, incapaz de resistir ao animal doente, acolhe-o em sua casa. Quando Bob recupera a saúde, James deixa-o à porta do prédio, imaginando que nunca mais o voltará a ver. Todavia, Bob tinha outros planos. Dentro de pouco tempo, os dois tornam-se inseparáveis e as muitas aventuras que irão viver transformarão para sempre as suas vidas, curando lentamente as cicatrizes do passado atribulado de ambos. Esta é a história de uma amizade improvável e de como um gato vadio irá ajudar um homem a recuperar a sua autoestima e dar-lhe uma nova esperança quando o resto do mundo lhe parecia ter fechado as portas....

Title : A minha história com BOB
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ISBN : 9789720045829
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A minha história com BOB Reviews

  • Sarah
    2019-05-09 12:59

    Please don't think me churlish, but I will kick off by saying that this book is not terribly well crafted - it's repetitive and poorly copy edited. So, if you're snobby about writing, I suggest you give it a miss. That said, it'll be your loss, as it is a heartwarming book with an important message, for reasons other than its prose.Bowen describes how he was `invisible' when he was homeless, and the difference it made when he found Bob and took him busking with him. Suddenly people - the public - saw James, interacted with him, respected him. Having Bob humanised the man who was with him, and helped James turn his life around.It echoes why this book matters: were it entitled `A Man Named James' I strongly suspect it would be invisible too. I doubt it would be published, let alone topping the bestseller charts, with James on TV sharing his experience. As a cat lover, it was Bob that made me gravitate to the story, and I'm sure I'm not alone (he is a particularly fine feline for all sorts of reasons) but there's so much more to this than fluff: through telling us about Bob, James is also able to share what it's like living on the streets, to busk, to sell the Big Issue and to come off drugs - all things most of us would otherwise shy away from reading about.James Bowen isn't a writer, and he acknowledges at the end that he had some help in putting his story together anyway. But whilst A Streetcat Named Bob might not be great literature, it increases our understanding of people who often don't have a voice, and for that deserves its plaudits.

  • Tracy
    2019-05-10 09:30

    Looking through the reviews for this book there is a lot of hype against the writing so I won't bother writing anything about it, you'll see for yourself!I loved this book for so many reasons! Living in Britain (Probably anywhere, in fact) There is a lot of irritation and even anger towards homeless people, it's very close-minded and I think ANYONE could benefit from reading this book. You see it from a whole new perspective and I do believe Bob makes that easier. Humans seem to find it easier to feel compassion towards animals and not our own which is why this book will catch ANY animal lovers heart. You can feel James has a connection with Bob, he makes it so evident.It's a wonderfully tale of a mans journey through, most likely, the hardest experience anyone could ever endure. Addiction isn't easy.I've been enlightened and my heart has softened considerably to 'Big issue' sellers and to those I once thought slightly lowly of before. A street cat named Bob has the ability, if you let it, to start seeing the stereotypes differently.To sum this crappy review upCat lovers and happy-ending lovers READ THIS! Anyone who is a close-minded, 'The sun' reader you MUST read this.Bob is a baaaaabe!

  • Sharon
    2019-05-02 08:38

    James Bowden was a homeless man living on the streets of London struggling with a drug addiction. During the day he would do busking to make a bit of money to support himself. Having spent time in hostels for the homeless, he was finally given his own flat. On returning back home one day James finds a ginger Tom cat outside his flat. It is from this day on that the pair forms a special attachment to one another. James decides to name the cat Bob, and on most days when James started out busking Bob would join him. Bob would sit in the guitar case and watch as the people threw their money in the case. The friendship that James and Bob form was heartwarming to say the least. This was an emotional, touching, uplifting, but most of all very inspiring tale. Highly recommended.

  • Andrei Bădică
    2019-04-27 09:49

    "Adevărul este că eram încă nehotărât ce să fac cu Bob. În ciuda sentimentului pe care îl aveam, că pisica asta și cu mine eram cumva sortiți să fim împreună, eram aproape convins cumva că în cele din urmă tot o să plece, croindu-și propriul drum în viață."" Bănuiesc că avusesem noroc cu Bob până în momentul acela. De când îl luasem în grija mea, fusese perfect sănătos, sută la sută în formă. Avusese purici la început, dar asta era de așteptat la o pisică stradală. De când îi făcusem tratament și îi dădusem preventiv pastile împotriva paraziților, nu mai suferise de pe urma nici unor probleme de sănătate."

  • Dem
    2019-05-07 14:00

    This is a wonderful feel good true story about a street Cat named Bob and his owner a recovering heroin addict and the streets of London. I don’t read books about animals but this sure pulled at my heart strings and made me realise everybody should experience the love of a pet at least once in their lives.This is a story of love and devotion and how sometimes we are sent little signs of help and encouragement we just have to learn how to recognise them and I am sure that James was so happy that he paid attention to the cat hanging outside his apartment as his life was never the same again.This is a wonderful feel good read, it’s an inspiring story and its very simply told and yet you must keep reminding yourself "this really happened" and it’s a story about a man and his beloved cat. This book made me realise you canpass a man in the street without giving him a second glance but try passing a cute ginger cat with a man in the street and you will have eyes only for the cat If you are a cat/pet lover you will enjoy this book and it will put a smile on your face and if it doesn’t appeal to you check out youtube for " A street Cat named Bob" and fall in love with a cute kitty.

  • Beth
    2019-05-08 15:59

    One of the good things about this book is that the cat doesn't die. All the best stories about beloved animals end w/ the inevitable, and, while I know all sweet pets die, I'd just rather they didn't do it in their own book. Another really good thing is that Bob is a real cat. I know that because I liked his Facebook page, which is totally current, and watched some videos of him on YouTube, and even saw him and James on the Today Show. Yes, I know, if some people believe the moon landing was faked, one could believe this was all photo-shopped or whatever, but I'm a moon landings AND Bob. At first, I DID think maybe this was just another A Million Little Pieces -- about a dysfunctional, depressed, drug dependent soul, who also told a good story but played pretty loose w/ the facts, and oh, by the way, had a cat...a very remarkable cat, but still. But no, it really happened and because it happened, two very sad lives got much better. Good things still seem to be happening to James and Bob, and that's another of the best things about the book. It's not soaring prose or deeply philosophical musings, it just a sweet, amazing story about a sweet man and an amazing cat, and that's the best thing.

  • Corey Dutson
    2019-05-01 14:43

    I actually met James and Bob a couple years ago around Covent Garden. Both of them are wonderfully brilliant characters in their own right. Back then, I recall him telling me and Theresa about a book that he was putting out, but I didn't really give it much thought.Fast-forward to a month ago, and what do I find in a bookstore but a stack of this book! I'm so happy he actually managed to get it out there for everyone to read.This is an warming, enjoyable book that is both heart-felt as well as educational. Those of us that haven't had to live on the streets don't really get a handle on just how hard a life that is. This book not only details one mans struggle to get off his feet and out of the rough life, but also about the ginger cat that gave him that push.It's not a difficult read, but I would highly recommend it to everyone. Brought a lot of smiles to my face during its reading.

  • Claire Martin
    2019-04-29 12:38

    Firstly, as many people have mentioned, this book is not exactly well written, but it is a true and honest account of James & Bobs life - it isn't romanticised, or dramatised, it is what it is. I hear they are making a movie, and I hope they keep this natural account without making it too Hollywood.I have however given it a 4* just for the happy story that it is. A story about true companionship, and not only that, but how unique Bob is himself. I have had cats all my life, and I am pretty sure none of them would sit with me on the bus, in the street or anywhere other than when they are in a safe haven of home. This truly is a unique connection and friendship.It is a story about how love and friendship in whatever form can turn a person (or cats) life around. Bob gave James purpose, and helped him to kick a 10 year habit that he had merely teetered on giving up for good. The most heart warming part being James's 48hrs "cold turkey" from methadone, with Bob comforting him at the worst point - licking his face and letting him know he is there*The story is obviously about James as much as Bob, his story and how Bob changed the ending to his story. And for once a happy story!By the end you will be on YouTube looking for videos of Bob! * I thought I would point out for anyone concerned, James is never using while Bob is in his care, he is already on a recovery programme, he is just stuck in the system, never completing the programme but instead continuing his reliance on methadone. At no point are there any concerns for Bobs welfare, he is very happy where he is!

  • Jenny Lyon
    2019-05-02 08:41

    I must admit I was torn before I read this book. I mean, I'm moggy obsessed, but also word mad, and had read a few reviews commenting on how poorly written this book is. Now I've finished it, I can quite safely say: some people are stupid. This isn't meant to be a challenging read or a work of great literature. its a true, from-the-heart story about one man and his mog. I actually thought the simple narrative made it really easy to see what James thought of Bob - his excitable use of language when it came to Bob was heartwarming. Reading this book really restores your faith in humanity - that people are good, thoughtful and kind. It also struck a chord with me as I have had a 'challenging' time before I found my own 'Bob'. Well, he found me... of course.

  • Hil
    2019-04-25 10:49

    I thought this book would be a heartwarming story of an interesting cat living through some tough times on the street, that would probably make me cry and probably end in the cat's death. In fact, the cat does not die by the end (which is a good thing!) and the cat is kind of incidental to the story, not the star. What we have here is a self-pitying tale of woe by a semi-homeless junkie who happens upon Bob the Cat outside his flat and they start hanging out together as he goes about his day to day life of busking, methadone and feeling like the world is against him and he never had a break. It seems to me like he threw away so many breaks and got himself into his mess that I had very little sympathy for him, and his judgements about 'chuggers' and 'Staffordshire Terrier owners' were pretty irritating too. Not enough cat and too much twat.

  • Paul
    2019-04-25 11:39

    Sweet tale, not too exciting but a nice read. And a true story which makes things more interesting. And I love cats so...... Ha!

  • Yousra Serry
    2019-05-14 13:49

    "I've come to believe in the power of animals. I believe they can heal, teach, and push us to be better people" - Neil Abramson from his book unsaidThis quote sums up this book pretty well. James Bowen writes with great honesty and describes the life on the streets really well. I learned a lot of things from this book. things about animals, people, london. a lot really. he touched me and i felt really connected to him that at the end of the book i actually felt so proud of him for everything he had done and for not giving up.About bob.. I had to fight the crazy urge to squeeze the book whenever my eyes fell on the ohmygodidsqueezehimtodeath cover. as being the crazy animal lady I am, I fell in love with every detail about Bob. he actually reminded me of my cat a lot. which made him even more adorable.The only thing that kinda got me a little depressed in the book was when James said before he had Bob he felt invisible yet as soon as he got him people noticed them everywhere and became much more friendlier. I don't even know why I'm saying this, even the author didn't mean it that way he actually mentioned it as a good thing. but i just couldn't help feeling bad that some people would be kind only to animals, and not to other people as well. (Tho it's so realistic, tbh!)Anyway, the book was really good and I was totally drawn to it. I loved it much and I'd def recommend it to everyone.

  • Martin Belcher
    2019-04-29 10:30

    James Bowen was a homeless man living on the streets of London, addicted to drugs and in a bad way, eventually after spending time in homeless hostels he was given his own flat in sheltered accommodation block in North London. One day in 2007 a chance meeting with a ginger Tom cat that James decided to call "Bob" would change and turnaround his life. This is a charming, lovely, heart-warming true story of young man busking in central London along with his new companion the street cat Bob. They share a past filled with problems but together they rebuild each others lives through adventures and some scrapes.I can't recommend this book more highly, it made me smile and brought a tear to my eye and has forever changed my view of homeless people. Wonderful, please give it a try!

  • Morana Mazor
    2019-05-11 12:54

    Jednostavna, životna, a tako prekrasna i topla priča... Znam da samo subjektivno mogu doživjeti ovu knjigu, budući da i sama dijelim svoj život sa dvije mace, ali zaista mislim da "Fantastični mačak Bob" malo koga može ostaviti ravnodušnim.. Oni koje ne vole mačke, neće je niti uzeti u ruke..a svi ostali, sigurno će , kao i ja, od prve do posljednje stranice s cijelom paletom osjećaja proživljavati uspone i padove Jamesa I Boba..Posebno vlasnici kućnih ljubimaca koji će jako dobro prepoznati mnoge osjećaje i detalj iz svoje svakodnevice.. Mogla bih sada toliko toga napisati o ovoj knjizi, jednostavno sam preplavljena emocijama, ali ne volim duge osvrte pa se neću u to upuštati, samo poruka onima koji to još nisu, neka svakako pročitaju ovu "malu" priču sa velikom porukom..

  • Holliekins
    2019-04-24 11:33

    As a huge cat lover, it will come as no surprise that the most inspirational and affecting book I have read so far this year is A Street Cat Named Bob by James Bowen. I first heard of James and Bob via their Twitter feed and couldn't wait to read their story, although I did have to wait as my local Waterstones had sold out within a few days of it being released!James was living hand to mouth on the streets of London when he first met the injured ginger cat. He nursed him back to health and when he was fully fit again, he tried to encourage him to go back on the streets believing him to be a stray. Bob refused and was soon following James onto the bus and across London to James' job busking in Covent Garden. Since then the pair have been insperable and the best of friends and have appeared in newspapers and magazines and on news programmes across the globe.I have read many stories about cats, but this is by far by favourite. Not only is Bob lovable, clever and a bit fiesty, James comes across as an incredibly warm and clever man, with a real knowledge about cats and the perfect owner for Bob. Their story is funny, emotional and uplifting and reminds you that all you need is a best friend to help you get through life. There are some great pieces of information about cats and I was also surprised to learn exactly how the Big Issue works, something that I didn't quite understand before.Although there are some horrible tales of some unkind and ignorant Londoners, the lengths of other people's kindness towards James and Bob really restores your faith in human nature and the work of the RSPCA and the Blue Cross is fantastic. I have a feeling I shall be buying this as a present for my cat fan friends a lot this year and I find myself recommending it to anyone who will listen. Please do read this book, you will not be disappionted!

  • Wilma
    2019-05-14 14:30

    De liefde tussen mens en dier, the struggle for life...prachtig beschreven!Zonder sentiment beschrijft James Bowen zijn verslaafde/zwervers bestaan met daaruit voortvloeiend zijn liefde en zorg voor Bob...prachtig! Door zijn liefde, zorg en verantwoordelijkheid voor Bob weet hij de juiste keuzes te maken en uiteindelijk zijn verslaving te overwinnen.

  • Elizabeth
    2019-05-04 12:57

    The book touched me deeply. I laughed, cried and again laughed. They do not believe in fate, if she appears before you in the guise of a mind-blowing red cat? When you have ceased to believe in a bright future, hand themselves down suddenly in the darkness, like a beam of light, you see a pair of cunning eyes. Few people indifferent story about the life of Bob the cat and his master. Thanks to him I became more attentive to everything around him, especially to the "invisible" on the streets of their city. The book teaches us to believe in spite of everything in the victory over your weaknesses, friendship and human kindness.

  • میعاد
    2019-05-17 08:49

    اين همون كتابى بود كه ١٢٠ صفحه ترجمه كردم ولى بعد ديدم تو سايت كتابخانه ملى ثبت شده و رهاش كردم. كتاب چیز خاصى نداشت، داستان روونى داشت و به علت عشقم به گربه ها و گربه‌ی خودم، خيلى دوست داشتم ترجمه‌ش کنم که به هر حال نشد😁 اشكال نداره! اميدوارم اون فردى كه ترجمه‌ش کرده خوب ترجمه کرده باشه چون اصطلاح‌هاى گربه‌ای زیاد داشت ((:

  • Kelly Furniss
    2019-05-14 13:38

    As a cat lover and owner of exactly the same breed of cat as Bob when my friend in my Book club told me about this book I had to read it!.This story is about James Bowen a recovering drug addict living in sheltered accommodation in London and making small amounts of money to survive the best way he can eg.busking and selling the Big Issue.James one day returns home to find a ginger tom cat curled up in the hallway of his sheltered accommodation. James could not resist helping the cat he named Bob. He nursed him and tried to send him on his way but Bob was having none of it and had other ideas!.Very soon Bob and James are an inseparable duo on the streets as James works and Bob sits at his feet attracting much attention from the public. James can only just survive on the meagre amount of money he already makes so a decision to be a full time pet owner is not one he takes lightly.Both James and Bob have troubled pasts but together they form a firm companionship and bond. Life is not easy though for them both though, they face many obstacles and struggles but they have the love of each other and manage to overcome everything thrown at them.This whole story was amazing I could not put the book down. People do not give cats credit for how clever they are and I know from growing up with cats and having one now they are very clever!.I could relate to the many things that Bob did that amazed James, just how your cat communicates with you in ways you know as the owner. I also learnt a lot in this book about the harsh streets, drugs, veterinary care and how nice people can be as well as horrible really.These two where kindred spirits destined to meet each other and for doing so both of their lives have dramatically changed for the better (without giving too much away!).A few times reading this book I was choked with emotion and tearful and many more times I smiled whilst reading and kept reading out passages out to my husband (who would roll his eyes at my enthusiasm!).I am really sad to leave James and Bobs life now but 'Oh wait! Bob has his own twitter account now'!Lol!If you are a animal lover and/or cat owner and you are to read one book this year- YOU HAVE TO READ THIS!. And now from their new found stardom life can only improve financially for the duo and they wholeheartedly deserve it all enjoy James and Bob.!!!

  • Sarah
    2019-04-27 11:52

    I have to admit I am totally late to the Bob party. The first I knew about him and James was whilst doing my weekly shop when I came across this book which just jumped out at me and straight away I knew I had to read it, especially after reading the description.The friendship between James and Bob is just the most heart warming relationship I think I’ve ever come across. Even though it’s James that finds Bob and takes him in, I think it’s more the other way round. It’s like Bob is James’ guardian angel.James is brutally honest about his past and his drug addiction. Meeting Bob gives him something to focus on. It’s like Bob is his child and he knows he needs to sort himself out so that he can keep a roof over their heads and put food on the table.James talks us through trying to come off drugs as well as his busking and working for the Big Issue. I have to admit I don’t think I will look at another busker or Big Issue seller through the same eyes after reading this book. It certainly opened my eyes to why some people are doing what they are doing and I certainly didn’t realise that there was so much more to selling the Big Issue and how it gives people some valuable life and work skills. Also life on the streets is extremely volatile. They are up against some really awful people that just don’t understand why they are doing what they are doing and are sometimes targeted as well as jealous individuals that are in the same position and try to screw things up. Yet on the other hand we get to see just how many amazing people there are out there that are compassionate.You don’t have to be a cat lover to appreciate the devotion that James and Bob have for each other. It’s almost like they are soul mates. Some people will go through this life and never have the relationship that these two have. I’m pretty certain that everyone would love a Bob in their life.One of the most inspirational books about life, addiction, relationships and that amazing bond between a man and an animal. Fabulous read and one I will be shouting about for a long time to come.

  • Sophie
    2019-05-09 08:54

    A lovely book. It's an emotional and touching personal story of a recovering drug addict getting his life back together, but there are also moments of humour, and I learned a lot too from the interesting insights into life on the streets and how the Big Issue works. This is a well told story with some beautifully painted moments that made me feel like I was there - the description was so vivid that my heart pounded in the dramatic passages and I cried in the emotional bits. Some other reviewers have been a bit snooty about the writing style - don't let them persuade you that this is not a well written book. It is. It's not 'challenging' to read, by any means, but there is a place in the world for accessible story-telling as well as Joyce and Proust, and writing like this is a skill as much as any other. The only thing I would change about this book is that I didn't want it to end.

  • Minh Nhân Nguyễn
    2019-05-17 11:49

    4 sao.Một câu chuyện đáng đọc.Hơn cả một câu chuyện về thú nuôi, cuốn sách này còn là một sự truyền cảm hứng lớn. Ban đầu truyện tập trung viết về chú mèo Bob, nhân vật người chủ chỉ là phụ thôi, nhưng dần dần về sau, tác giả đã khéo léo mượn những lúc kể chuyện hằng ngày về Bob mà lồng vào câu chuyện của chính mình. Việc dẫn dắt từng chút như vậy khiến cho người đọc - chủ yếu đến vì Bob - cũng đồng thời làm quen luôn "người bạn đường" của cậu. Và giá trị cuốn sách này nằm ở chính câu chuyện cuộc đời James. Là sự cố gắng để hoàn thiện bản thân mình, rời bỏ lối sống cũ để hướng tới cái tốt đẹp hơn. Dù như anh nói là nhờ có Bob nhưng sự thay đổi đó phải nhờ vào nỗ lực của bản thân anh mới có thể đạt được. Đến về cuối thì thành ra mèo Bob ta chỉ còn là nhân vật phụ thôi, chính những diễn biến mới trong cuộc đời James mới là cái thu hút người đọc dõi theo.Tác giả vốn không phải là một người của văn chương chữ nghĩa, nhưng chính điều đó đã mang lại cho cuốn sách một đặc điểm riêng: sự chân thật và chân thành. Từng câu chữ hiện lên đơn giản, dễ đọc, dễ hiểu, tạo cho mình cảm giác đang được nghe tác giả thuật lại câu chuyện của mình vậy. Chỉ là những chuyện hằng ngày, những va chạm, khó khăn thường tình trong công việc, có thể đọc qua thì chẳng có gì lớn lao nhưng nếu thực sự đặt mình vào hoàn cảnh đó ta sẽ thấu hiểu được những suy nghĩ, hành động mà James cảm nhận. Mặt khác, chính vì được nhìn từ một góc độ rất mới lạ thông qua James - là người hát rong và sau đó bán báo rong mà ta có cái nhìn thiết thực và sống động hơn về đời sống đường phố ở Luân Đôn. Những quy tắc, các mối quan hệ, những khó khăn của những con người sinh sống nơi đây hiện lên một cách chân thật mà chắc nếu không đọc cuốn này mình sẽ khó có cơ hội biết được.Tuy vậy sách còn có một số điểm mình chưa hài lòng cho lắm. Có thể mối quan hệ giữa Bob và James rất thân thiết nhưng khi đọc một số đoạn mà tác giả mô tả thái độ của Bob như lo lắng cho chủ, lưu luyến này nọ chẳng khác nào con người làm mình thấy không được thuyết phục cho lắm. Có thể do James là một người sống tình cảm nên đã "diễn dịch" những hành vi của Bob thành ra mang nhiều cảm xúc như vậy, hoặc cũng có thể đúng là Bob đã có những hành động lạ thường so với những con mèo khác thể hiện ra rõ những thái độ như thế.Mình thì tin là có những con mèo đặc biệt thông minh. Ở nơi mình sống có một chú mèo như thế. Chú ta rất nhạy và lanh lợi, luôn nhìn thẳng vào mắt người đối diện, thậm chí có thể đoán được ý định của một người thông qua những cử chỉ rất nhỏ nhặt của họ, làm cho mình ban đầu cảm thấy hết sức ngạc nhiên, khi so với đám mèo "ù lì" bên cạnh thì chú ta lại càng nổi bật. Mình tin rằng mèo Bob cũng là một con mèo như thế nên mới có thể thu hút được nhiều người qua đường như tác giả đã kể. Nhưng dù gì việc sử dụng những từ quá mang tính "người" như thế cho Bob theo mình cũng không ổn cho lắm, làm mất đi phần nào tính chân thật mà tác phẩm đã tạo dựng nơi người đọc.Một điểm không ổn nữa lại xuất phát từ sự chân thật này. James có thể là một nguồn cảm hứng, khơi dậy niềm tin vào cái tươi đẹp nơi người đọc, nhưng bên cạnh đó anh cũng vẫn còn nhiều thiếu sót khác trong tính cách. Điều này thể hiện thấp thoáng đâu đó trong lời kể của James, qua cách suy nghĩ của anh mà có lẽ do khá "nhạy cảm" nên mình đã cảm thấy. Đó chỉ là những chi tiết nhỏ nhặt thôi, chẳng hạn như việc anh lôi một người khác ra, phân tích điểm xấu của họ để thấy rằng họ tệ hơn anh trong lúc biện hộ cho khó khăn mình gặp phải thì mình không được đồng tình cho lắm. Nhưng đây không phải là một cuốn sách lý tưởng hóa, James cũng không cố để mình trở thành một hình tượng hay thứ gì cả, còn con người thì chẳng có ai toàn diện. Và đó chỉ là những điểm rất nhỏ thôi mà mình "soi mói" ra, chứ tổng thể mình vẫn thấy James là một anh chàng tốt, mà thực chất nhờ việc bộc bạch hết suy nghĩ của mình ra như thế càng làm nổi bật lên tính "thực" của cuốn sách này.Tóm lại đây là cuốn sách mà những ai yêu mến động vật, nhất là loài mèo sẽ thích thú khi đọc. Là một câu chuyện có thực, tình tiết chẳng hoành tráng, ly kỳ như những cuốn tiểu thuyết, nhưng nó lại hơn đứt tiểu thuyết ở cái chất thực của nó. Những gì James và Bob đã trải qua vẫn khiến ta cảm thấy thú vị, ấm lòng và tràn đầy cảm hứng, vì đây là một câu chuyện đẹp về tình bạn, tình yêu gia đình, về nỗ lực hướng về cái tươi sáng, tốt đẹp trong cuộc đời.

  • Leo .
    2019-05-11 12:34

    Well I think that James and Bob are kindred spirits. I also think that they saved each others lives. I have an affinity with cats; well all life actually especially animals; I have had cats all my life. Archimedes is at home now waiting for me to come home. I watched the film about Bob and James and although it was a good film as always the book is better. What a lovely story. The stars were lined up for James when the book publisher approached him that fateful day. The rest is history. Well done James and Bob too, well done.🐯👍

  • Diana
    2019-05-17 16:58

    This is an amazing book about a man and his cat. It is also a book about hope, friendship and getting another chance. It is a very uplifting book that takes you from the rough streets to the inconditional love of an animal, the true love of a friend.Here Bob and James met and the bonds of a life long friendship forms. You also learn of James fight to become a better person and get over his [SPOILER] previous drug addiction that put him on the streets.

  • Dorcas
    2019-05-03 11:57

    Oh my. This is a book that deserves every one of its five stars.The title basically says it all. It's about a former drug user whose life is on the rebound and is adopted by a stray sickly ginger kitten. After many attempts to locate the cat's owner, James adopts "Bob" and they become inseparable; first as a feline sidekick while James 'busked' for spare change and later to his selling "the Big Issue" (a magazine published to help people get back on their feet and into the working world again while rehabilitating).The story is heartfelt, warm and pure feel good. Such a remarkable cat, full of personality and cleverness. How many cats do you know get on the bus, find their way home and use the toilet? I absolutely loved it.The one thing I would have to wish different is the profanity. I understand that it was written plain, 'just say it like it is'. And that is part of its appeal. It's almost as though the author is sitting in the living room and telling us a story. Warts and all. That's fine! But I do think it could have been cleaned up a bit so younger audiences could enjoy it too. You know, just bleep it. "And he said, *bleeeeeep* or *blankety blank*. Or how about, "He jumped up and down, cussing all the while". We get the point.And no one is offended. It's really not that difficult.All things considered though, I truly did love this story. Well done, James for getting your life back on track!! And well done, Bob for helping him :)CONTENT: SEX: NoneVIOLENCE: NonePROFANITY: ModerateDRUG USE: mentioned, explained and overcomeMY RATING: PG-13 (for language and drug mention)*UPDATE* I just learned that there's a YA version where the language has been cleaned up and photos added. It's called "Bob, No Ordinary Cat".

  • Megan Graff
    2019-05-19 10:54

    A year 6 student mentioned this book when I asked what he had read recently and enjoyed. A couple days later he brought it in for me to read. I picked it up last night expecting to read for 30 minutes or so before bed but I ended up staying up until I finished it. It isn't very well written but it is extremely heart warming to read about the relationship that develops between James (a recovering heroin junkie) and Bob the street cat who befriends him. Today when I told the student that I finished the book he asked me if I thought it was appropriate for year 6 students. He didn't think it was because it talks about heroin. I suggested that some parents might not want their children reading about drug use but that at the same time, James talks about how he ended up on drugs and perhaps that might help some kids not end up going down the same path.It's nice to be working with students who are reading books I like to read - instead of just the Rainbow Fairies, Magic Tree House and Beast Quest type of series preferred by younger students (and my students in Tanzania who were all ESL and so were reading below a native English speakers grade level).

  •  Lisa A
    2019-04-28 16:35

    Seeing me with my cat softened me in their eyes. It humanised me. Especially after I’d been so dehumanised. In some ways it was giving me back my identity. I had been a non-person; I was becoming a person again. ~James BowenThis was one of those inspirational type of books that is easy to read. The writing is a bit rough around the edges, just as James and Bob were while trying to get themselves back on their feet. Had the wording been polished and overly edited, I don't feel the story would have been as believable. The character who shines in this book is the cat, who the author feels has an uncanny ability to connect with people. However, one must feel some respect and compassion for a person who makes the initial decision to take in an ill cat, when he barely can pay his own bills each month.

  • Lina Lovegood
    2019-05-16 11:32

    Was für ein schönes Buch 😍

  • Ana
    2019-05-22 13:49

    Todo o ser humano necessita de um objectivo na sua vida e para James este objectivo aparece sob a forma de um gato cor de laranja. Neste história o difícil é perceber quem é que salva quem. James e Bob constituem uma família improvável que partilha uma amizade verdadeira.

  • Nikki
    2019-05-17 15:37

    This is really heart-warming.This book follows James Bowen as he struggles to get out of his downward spiral and how a lost lonely kitty helped him do just that.I can't even imagine how hard some days must have been for James, but I'm so glad that he felt that he had to help 'Bob'.Bob himself is amazing; it really does seem that they were meant to find each other.I have long known that the bond between human and feline can be strong and fulfilling, so too for our canine friends as well, but here Bob shows that he really is one of a kind; a kindred spirit that was suffering too.The accounts on the streets of London really put things into perspective and I'm so glad that even though it took time and effort both James and Bob are doing well. I also really like that it isn't sugar-coated, but an honest and sometimes vulnerable account of what they both endured.I couldn't put the book down and am so happy to have discovered their story.Love and friendship is important no matter what form it takes and this is a beautiful example of that!