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Barbara's vivid and dramatic stories, told with a wicked sense of humor, will make you laugh out loud. She definitely gets what living with rescued dogs (nine of them!) is all about. This book will inspire you with the couple's unstinting love, devotion, and respect for dogs as family members. You'll be glad to include it in your treasured collection of great dog books.WheBarbara's vivid and dramatic stories, told with a wicked sense of humor, will make you laugh out loud. She definitely gets what living with rescued dogs (nine of them!) is all about. This book will inspire you with the couple's unstinting love, devotion, and respect for dogs as family members. You'll be glad to include it in your treasured collection of great dog books.When Barbara meets her future husband, Ray, it is love-and dog-at first sight. Over the course of thirty-two years, seventeen relocations and nine dogs, their mutual love of dogs guides them on their unconventional path. The love that Barbara and Ray get in return is literally lifesaving, with one dog attacking a lethal intruder and another discovering Barbara’s cancer. Her own survival story underscores the story of how her dogs become survivors themselves. Each new dog adds its own dynamic to the family, sometimes upending it. From Turbo (whose Spock-like ears may have provided super powers), Barbara learns about the will to live; Lexington demonstrates incredible patience and an inexplicable love of golf; Madison teaches that laughter is truly the best medicine and that the whole “nine lives thing” is not reserved just for cats; Morgan should be sainted for tolerating Izzy, who is as cute as she is bad. Barbara is certain that somewhere in doggie heaven there is a poster that says “If you are sick, injured or in need of really expensive medical care, FIND THESE HUMANS!”...

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Dog-Ma, the Zen of Slobber Reviews

  • Sharon Martin
    2019-04-04 11:32

    Anyone who loves dogs and animals will thoroughly enjoy this book, you will find the authors love, compassion and kindness to her dogs unconditional and the sacrifices both her and her husband make are unbelievable.Reading the book will make you laugh out loud at the antics of the dogs, I especially liked the one about the two dogs escaping on a daily basis to visit an old couple who would feed them and them bring them back home, which had been going on for months unbeknownst to the author and her husband.As a dog lover you will just fall in love with all the dogs, as each character trait is described humorously and is taken as part of the package to not only the couple but to all dogs owners out there. You will also cry and feel the sadness as the author explains the illness and the ultimate demise of her dogs. This is a truly honest and emotive account of how much one couple love their dogs and how they mean the world to them. This is one book that anyone who has owned a dog will relate to and you will find yourself recognizing some of the traits and exploits in your own dogs. An excellent read.

  • Ruth Hill
    2019-04-20 05:14

    I am an animal lover at heart, so if I read a book about animals that is full of wonderful stories, you can almost bet it will get five stars from me. And this book is no different except that it is currently my favorite animal book! I loved the stories, the dogs, and the single cat that was featured in it! I found myself sharing the stories with my family and laughing out loud several times. It made me realize that dogs have quirks just like people, cats, and goats do. And there is nothing better than reading a series of stories like this and realizing that as bad as our animals are, these are even worse! Okay, let me rephrase that. There is not a perfect animal out there. Everyone struggles with their animals, and we just choose to put up with the animals we love. What one person may tolerate, another never could. And I am glad that the author had these dogs--no way they would have stood a chance with me!The funniest thing about the book is that I was reminded that truth is stranger than fiction. That's right. No way could the author make these stories up. In a million years, no one could be that creative--probably. Story after story will warm your heart, make you cry, make you laugh and make you go "Oh, how sweet" in that sugary sweet voice that all animal lovers make when they see or read about something cute! This book is for any animal lover. While I am not the dog person I once was,and I don't particularly care for most of the breeds detailed in this book, no doubt that I love this book. It is irresistible. I was sent a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. I was not financially compensated, and all opinions are 100 percent mine.

  • Cathy Kaschak
    2019-04-07 12:32

    Some books just pull you in so quickly that you find it tough to put down...this is one of those books! This fun bunch of dogs and their antics and the passion of their caretakers to give them the best lives possible makes this such a fun read! If you love dogs (and the joy and sadness of caring for them)...then this book will make you laugh, cry (yes, tissues may be needed) and believe in what dog lovers already know...the dogs we are lucky enough to care for make us better people in so many ways!

  • Grammar*Kitten
    2019-03-24 12:03

    I was delighted to receive a copy of Dog-Ma: the Zen of Slobber from the author, Barbara Boswell Brunner, in exchange for my frank and honest review.Quite frankly and honestly, I can say that it was brilliant.As an animal lover and a book lover, I have always enjoyed tails (please excuse the pun) about animals, and this was no exception. I would happily award the book five stars for the story, and have only detracted one for a few niggles that I felt were in need of editing. The writing, however, was of a great standard; its personal tone made the anecdotes about the author’s furry family members all the more endearing. I had two particular favourites from all the dogs the author and her husband adopted over the years, coincidentally both Dobermans. The first was Kashi; she sounds like she was an utterly wonderful dog, and I loved the stories about her protecting her home and human-mom, her stays in hotels in times when dogs weren’t always welcome, and her attempting to fly like seagulls! She is portrayed as an utter darling, and is written with a warmth and love that only pet-owners can muster. The second was Cooper, who is described to be the most wonderful character; his almost miraculous cancer-detecting abilities, his love for stuffed toys and his naughty habits that almost burnt down their home were all totally endearing: he sounds the most wonderful companion.All I can say is that if, like me, you find the antics of animals both endearing and entertaining: read this book. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Yes, there will be moments that move you to tears (and perhaps, also like me, you will be left traumatised for an hour or two), but they are well worth the privilege of hearing their stories and bearing witness to the limitless love of the author and her husband towards these animals. Absolutely beautiful.

  • Mary Bearden
    2019-04-01 12:29

    I have a Yorkie named Charlie and he truly came into my life at a point when I needed the added love of someone or something to get me thru a dark period in my life when I was beginning to give up on life and people. So, I get this story about how this couple loved each and every one of these dogs. They are truly remarkable beings and I think they know a lot more than we give them credit for. I am so happy that Barbara & Ray opened their hearts to these dogs. I am sure that they all needed each other or they wouldn't have been there in their lives. Just goes to show that sometimes, things happen that can't be explained.I have a friend who has one such story and she loves telling it. She is an avid walker who gets up at 6 am every day and walks on our road for about 3 miles. One day while she was out walking, 2 men appeared on the right side of the road, waiting for her. Then out of nowhere, a German Shepard that she had never seen in all the time she has been walking, just appeared out of the woods and got between her and the 2 men. The German Shepard stayed with her until she got back home and then the dog just turned around and left and she never saw him again. She wonders to this day, was it really a dog or an angel? Who cares? It came when needed and that is all that counts. If you love dogs or a dog, then this story will give you a tug on your heart. If you don't own a dog, then maybe this story might inspire you to check out your neighborhood humane society or other adoption center and take in a much deserved dog who will love you until the end. That's all that we all want in the end, to be loved and to love back. No better way to do that then with a dog!

  • Rebecca Graf
    2019-04-09 11:29

    I have to admit that I love my dog, but I'm not one to pick up a dog book. So this book would have been passed over at a bookstore. And I would have so regretted it.Dog-Ma is the story of Barbara Brunner and her husband who find themselves parents to a variety of dogs that tend to need special attention but have such unique personalities. She introduces the dogs to the reader in such a way that I honestly feel like I could walk up to any dog in her home and know exactly which one it was. I would even feel like an old friend. That might not be how the dog feels though.Barbara is an amazing author. She doesn't have to create an amusing tale for you. She lets her dogs do that. I see so much of my own dog in some of hers. I have my own Houdini. I gave up trying to put her in a crate.I do have to warn you of something. I never like my readers to be surprised by anything in a book I review unless it is a twist in the plot. In Ms. Brunner's book you will find yourself laughing out loud or sobbing. You might do both at the same time. I know I did. My husband almost took the book away. He thought I was loosing my marbles.This book covers many years. It talks of the new additions and the passings of the others.Do you love dogs? Then you have to get this book. Do you not love dogs? Get this book anyway. You'll find yourself looking for a dog to adopt by the end of it. Seriously, this is one of my 2012 selections and though I love many books I review I rarely put this comment in the review.Note: This book was supplied as part of a book tour with no expectation of a positive review.

  • Pamela
    2019-04-02 06:16

    As a dog lover and pet resort owner, Dog-ma was a must-read, can’t-put-it-down kind of book for me! No, this book is not about Zen living, it’s about how living with dogs makes your life complete. I was captured into the hearts of each pup, especially Kashi. The author brings you into the drama with her amazing descriptive adventures.This book is about hope, courage, love, adventure, determination and spirit. Each dog that comes into the author’s life, gives her and her husband many things that you can’t buy at a store. Kashi’s determination and love showed while helping and adapting play with her companions is wonderful. We can learn so much from dogs. They love unconditionally! Each pup has a special part of them that they give to their owners. Even when they pass on, that part remains with us forever.My favorite part of Dog-ma is the flooding of the downstairs after the hot water tank malfunctioned. Kashi truly turned lemons into lemonaid! She considered it her own personal pool and splashed a played in the water for hours. Our lives would be so much easier if we could always see the positive in every situation.As a lifetime dog lover, when we go on vacation, we need to pet any pups that we come across just to get our “fur fix.” My Mother-in-law’s house is so fur-free, I think we have entered into a alternate universe. Even if your house is Fur-free, you will love this book. It will keep you laughing, sometimes crying and you won’t want to stop turning pages to see what these crazy pups are going to do next. I highly recommend putting Dog-ma, the zen of slobber, on your Christmas wish list!

  • Michele
    2019-03-24 13:11

    If you have ever been owned by dogs or cats or a combination of both you will appreciate this book. I just finished it and have tears in my eyes. It brought back such wonderful memories of all the characters who shared my life. And they were characters!!This book is written from the heart and you will laugh and cry and sometimes cringe at the antics these dogs pulled--and as friendly as they all were--well beware the intruder! I am positive that the invisible fence was a god send to the Boswells--although I know for a fact one of my dogs would have figured a way around it! Heck he escaped by digging his way under a fence at a vets office and appeared magically at our door! I would get a call from his usual vet (he was forever having to stay over because he would eat or do something that required an overnight stay) the minute he was feeling better. While sick he was the perfect patient--as soon as he would deem himself healed--out came the teeth!!For all you animal lovers out there-you know-the one's who don't care if there is fur all around you and you don't particularly care if things get knocked over-and will remind guests who the actual occupants of your home are-and love puppy and kitten breath-and having a warm cuddly body to snuggle with-read this book!Dog-Ma, the Zen of Slobber

  • Dana
    2019-04-08 11:06

    If you are a dog lover, then you should really consider reading this book. Dog-ma was a nice departure from the fiction books I usually read.The stories that Barbara tells of her many dogs and their antics made me laugh out loud some times, tear up during others. As I was reading the book, I felt like I was sitting with Barbara and she was telling me all of these memorable stories.Each of her dogs had a distinct personality or trait, yet their dispositions were wonderful. I feel that is a true sign of great rearing by their owners. Dog-ma captures all aspects of owning a dog - the funny, the not so funny, the laugh out loud times and the super sad times. It's so hard to lose a dog as they become a part of the family. When my bichon, Petey, passed away I was a true mess. He was the first dog that was "mine" - I rescued him, cleaned him up, loved him so much! He went with me almost everywhere - like Kashi did with Barbara. When I had to put him to sleep it was one of the worst days of my life, and the hardest decision. I too, now have great stories to tell, as Barbara has in Dog-ma, to keep Petey's memory alive.Read this won't be disappointed.

  • Jim Gallen
    2019-04-10 06:19

    My wife liked this book so much she wrote her review so I decided to post it.“Dog-ma the Zen of Slobber” by Barbara Boswell Brunner is a funny book about Barbara’s nine dogs. She is very clever when she retells the antics of her beloved dogs. The book is very similar to the book “Marley and Me”. Each of her dogs has their own unique personality and the way she describes the dogs antics will have the reader rolling with laughter. Barbara also does a great job of retelling tender moments with her dogs, such as when the dogs need to be put to sleep because the dog is dying. It is an easy and light book to read. I recommend reading this book. I did receive a free copy of this book for review.

  • Glynis
    2019-04-18 08:15

    I really enjoyed this heartwarming adventure of two very loving and giving dog owners and the many pets they rescued and brought into their family. It's warm, funny, at times bittersweet, and is told with a wonderful witty sense of humor that makes it hard to put down. A must for anyone who has ever loved their dog!

  • Elizabeth Neas
    2019-04-22 08:28

    Barbara and Ray Brunner - can I come live with you?OMGosh - this book is the best. I couldn't put it down. Fell in love with the Brunners and their pack. I laughed, I cried, I hugged my furbabies. This is a must read for those who love dogs...especially rescues.

  • Melanie
    2019-04-11 05:08

    As a dog owner and lover myself, I was thrilled when I was invited to be part of this tour. As much as I tell many a canine tale myself, I've never read a book about someone else's experiences. Dog-Ma documents the lives of Barbara, her Husband Ray and the many furry friends that have come to live with them over the years.Barbara and Ray's story starts shortly after they get married, when they bring home Kashi, a Doberman pup. The book is made up of short stories of Kashi and the 8 dogs that either joined or followed her into Barbara and Ray's lives. That first instant of introducing a dog to the household took me back to when we first brought home our old dog and the similarities between our animal friendly homes and lives didn't stop there.There's the introductions of new dogs, or "buddies" as Barbara calls them. The experience of moving home with a dog, the heartbreak of a pet being ill, the tragedy of your beloved pet passing away, the love dogs can show each other as well as the fights they will no doubt have. Wonderful stories of the endless energy of puppies, along with the chaos they create, the wreckage they leave in their wake but also the love they show their owners. Hilarious anecdotes of swimming, escaping, chasing horses and stealing food, plus stories of courage, protection and a sixth sense.This book touched me on a personal level, with every page came a "Oh yeah, I know what that's like!" moment.Dog-ma is laugh out loud funny in places but it is also the most heartbreaking book I've read in a very long time, I cried buckets on more than one occasion. Be warned: Do not read without tissues. But DO read. This is a must read for any animal lover, whether you own a dog or not.My Rating 5/5 - My first experience of the AutobiDOGraphy and I loved it! Funny, heartwarming, tear-jerking, wonderful doggy goodness can be found on every page. Photos of each of their beloved "kids" are scattered throughout the stories and before you've even seen each dog, they've been described perfectly by Barbara, who also has such a great way of setting a scene and telling each tale that you'll feel as if you experienced it yourself. If you don't already have a dog, you'll probably be a proud owner before you've finished reading, if you can put this book down.

  • Jennifer Defoy
    2019-04-21 12:09

    Like I always have to say before I review a book about animals. I am an animal lover, so I might be a bit biased in reviewing these kinds of books. Well, maybe not a book about hamsters – those are the nastiest little animals ever created – but when the book is about any other animal it’s going to tug on my heart-strings right from the word go. This book was no different. The story opens with a current scene in the Brunner household of a fight ensuing between two of the dogs. But Brunner soon skips back to the beginning of her marriage to her husband and gives a little insight into who they are before she starts telling us about their dogs. I liked having the insight into who these people were, I think as the stories about the dogs progress knowing what kind of people they were helped me to understand what they were going through. Although, being a dog mommy myself, most of the emotions tied to these stories aren’t hard to imagine.The technical aspect of the writing in this one wasn’t excellent – there were a few errors I noticed. But I can tell this book was a labor of love. I can only imagine how hard it must have been to recall some of these incidents. I know when I think back on some of the animals I’ve had in my life it becomes an emotional trial for me. So I have to give her kudos for being able to share something so intimate with the world. But even outside of the intimacy of telling these stories Brunner writes in such a way that I couldn’t help but be drawn into the story. Her ability to tell a story is great. She was able to combine the emotional stories with the humorous stories in a way that kept me intrigued through the whole book. I was able to connect with this book on so many levels. I don’t know that non-animal lovers will get as much from the book as I did because I think my emotional attachment comes from the fact that I do have such a love for animals.Again, being an animal lover I may be a bit biased when it comes to books about dogs, but this one had me right from the beginning. The reading of this book was an emotional roller coaster for me. There were many moments of crying interspersed with fits of laughter and just general feel-goodness from understanding the love Brunner has for each of the animals that she let into her heart. I loved this one, I will probably read it a few more times.

  • ChristinaTorretta
    2019-04-06 11:29

    If you read my reviews on a normal basis, you already know I’m a sucker for dogs. Anything dog related!! Books that have dogs in them are a huge plus. This one especially got to my heart having rescue pups of my own and having lost two of those pups. These babies just can not be replaced and although I could never put it into words, Barbara does a great job of getting the fun of having dogs and yes, even the stress, onto paper in a beautifully poignant manner.From page one you are left feeling so grateful that she is able to put such LIFE into this book. Again, I’m a dog lover but although this is about having pups and the fun they bring to your life, it’s aobut LIFE at it’s best, and yes even sometimes worst. Most of the time I was laughing so hard I was crying, knowing full well what she meant when she said, Chaos, calm, crisis, centering. Somehow, the contrast felt right to me.Now in this particular moment she’s not talking puppies, but it fits perfectly! And that’s what this entire book is about, the chaos of loving puppies and the calm they can bring to your life. Night one of crate training- Madison turned into a screeching banshee. We did everything the books said. We ignored her and tried to get some sleep. Eventually the crate got moved to the opposite side of the house. Ray could still not ignore her. Her cries were piercing and I was sure the neighbors thought we were doing her great bodily harm. At one point Ray mentioned something about flushing her down the toilet if she didn’t shut up. Midnight…screeching… 1:00 AM…screeching… 2:00 AM…screeching… At 3:00 AM, Madison was taken out of the crate and tucked in nicely at the foot of the bed, peacefully sleeping, and that is where she slept for the remainder of her life. Crate training… major fail.The entire book had me cracking up but the above small excerpt really had me going!! I have also completely failed at crate training every pup we’ve ever had! I thought we sucked at parenting, apparently not, the puppies are just letting us know in a very vociferous way that they are NOT happy.There are so many excerpts that I can share but instead I will just tell you, if you need a pick me up, this is a MUST READ. It’s hilarious, beautiful, funny and loving all wrapped up into one book of fabulousness!

  • Create With Joy
    2019-04-14 13:19

    If you love dogs and are looking for a book filled with home-spun tales about both the trials and tribulations and the joys and rewards that come with sharing your lives with nine (that’s right – I said nine!) rescue dogs over the course of 32 years and 17 relocations – and you have time to spare, time to laugh, and time to cry – then pick up a copy of Dog-Ma – The Zen Of Slobber by Barbara Boswell Brunner.Barbara is a woman who is passionate about dogs and it shows in the stories that she tells!In many ways, Dog-Ma – The Zen Of Slobber is an autobiographical book about Barbara, a woman whose life revolves around her dogs. Barbara meets her husband Ray in the late 1970s and they bond over their love of dogs. They share a passion in their retail careers for helping others create beautiful, peaceful, zen-like environments in their homes – but the dogs they rescue bring chaos into their personal abodes.When you rescue a dog, you never know who you are bringing into your home, or who you will meet in the process. Some of the stories Barbara shares will make the hairs on your head stand on end! While I enjoyed reading all of the dog stories, I’d have to say it was the stories about the Dobermans I loved the most. I enjoyed Barbara’s stories immensely and appreciate her desire to give her dogs the best life possible.If you enjoy reading about the antics of dogs and their owners, you will enjoy Dog-Ma – The Zen Of Slobber!To read my review in its entirety, please visit Create With Joy.Disclosure: I received a copy of this book for review purposes. However, the opinions expressed in this review are entirely my own.

  • K-koira
    2019-03-26 13:14

    Overall, I enjoyed the book a lot. The writing is witty, snappy, and really gives character and depth to the stories. Since the book is basically a collection of short stories about Barbara and Ray's dogs, all woven together into a complete book, it is easy to read a bit at a time without losing the thread of the story. I started reading this book at a flyball tournament before going to bed for the night between tournament days. Even though I was tired I found the book very engaging, making me want to stay up to keep reading even though my logic told me I needed sleep for the next day. Like most dog related books, there are a few things I didn't care for in this. Over the course of the story, there are references to some practices (purchasing puppies from places other than reputable breeders, cropping ears of dogs not intended for show) that I don't approve of. Probably the biggest one for me was the lack of containment of their dogs and the use of an underground fence to keep the dogs home when unsupervised. I do feel a little like inexperienced dog owners may decide to use an underground fence based on its use in this book. Even so, these points were more of slight bothersome points than something that ruined the book. It was still well worth the read, just as Marley and Me was worth the read despite some similar issues in that story. Overall, I found the book a fun read of mostly fun stories mixed in with sadness for just the right balance of lightheartedness and deeper emotions. It is a book I would be happy to pass on to more readers.

    2019-04-19 06:33

    My first reaction after reading Dog-Ma the Zen of Slobber was that I’d like to be one of Barbara and Ray’s dogs. Each of the nine dogs they adopted enjoyed a life filled with travel, adventure and love.The couple was lucky enough to live a somewhat unusual life. Their jobs had them moving around the country often, with the one constant being the dogs….and these were not “easy” dogs. Each one presented unique behavioral and health challenges. They came from varied backgrounds, some were abused, many were “throwaways”, but they each found a warm and devoted forever home with the Brunners.Through short essays the reader follows the couple over more than 30 years of their fur- and slobber-filled life. There are glorious trips to the beach, and then there are walls destroyed. There’s happy days being the official ‘store dog’ and then there’s burglars, kidnappers and my personal favorite the “Yabba Dabba Do” lady. Joy and pain, laughter and tears…they’re all here. You must read the extraordinary tale of how Cooper diagnosed Barbara’s breast cancer and saved her life. The stories are told with humor and compassion.I read this book in one sitting…once started I just couldn’t put it down. If you love dogs, if you’ve ever rescued a dog, or if you just want a book that exemplifies the extraordinary bond that develops between dogs and the humans who love them, you must read Dog-ma the Zen of Slobber.

  • Peggy
    2019-03-22 13:16

    If you are a dog lover then this is a book you'll want to take the time to read - and enjoy. When I was offered the chance to review this book for the Virtual Book Tour, I jumped at the chance. As a child I was a voracious reader, but now "Life" seems to get in the way of the simple pleasures of reading. Dog-Ma the Zen of Slobber seemed like just the title to indulge in and Barbara Boswell Brunner doesn't disappoint. From beginning to end (cover-to-cover just doesn't seem appropriate for an e-book) you'll enjoy each of the stories and appreciate the learning curve of the dog owners. From bringing their first puppy home at five weeks (FIVE WEEKS?!? I was ready to hate the book, just for that start! I'm a confirmed preacher of not separating a pup from its litter until ten - or better yet twelve - weeks, but that's for another post) to learning how to home-cook their food to help a dog avoid seizure symptoms, Barbara and Ray evolved in their dog knowledge and care. The writing style is deceptively simple: it's easy to feel like you are sitting across a cafe table from them and sharing dog stories. But the humor and yes, the heart-wrenching reality as the dogs pass on, is infused within the stories and the book becomes hard to put down. Keep a few tissues nearby, your eyes will get a bit teary in places, as only a true dog-lover can understand. You'll finish the book feeling like Barb and Ray are old friends of your own.

  • Amanda
    2019-04-13 12:24

    You know those books that take you from laughing out loud to crying into your pillow? Yeah. Dog-Ma, The Zen of Slobber is one of those books. The author shares her memories of nine dogs with vastly different personalities, including:Kashi, the surfing DobermanTurbo, the jail-breakerMadison, the rebelLexington, the golf fan, andCooper, the ingenious food thiefIn the midst of multiple cross-country moves, Barbara and her husband Ray adopt nine dogs, dealing with cruel pet shop owners and clueless former pet owners. There are sweet stories, funny stories, and sad stories, but the love comes through in every one. My favorite aspect was that most of the dogs were Dobermans or Rottweilers, which are my two favorite breeds. I’ve had a few of each and they were all big babies. (Have you ever tried to tell an eighty-pound dog he can’t sit in your lap?) I highly recommend this book to all animal lovers. Oh! And there are pictures of the sweet puppies!One note of caution: There are a couple dog fights and several dog injuries and illnesses. If reading that kind of thing really bothers you, be aware. I’m squeamish, though, and it wasn’t detailed enough to bother me. It just made me sad for the animals (and their humans).

  • Kolchak Puggle
    2019-03-24 05:11

    The dog are the real stars of this book and the story shines when it focuses on them. The narrative reads in such a way that you can tell the author remembers each story fondly and it's easy to get lost in it, much like you get lost in a good conversation.I found myself falling in love with the family dogs. I knew exactly how Barbara felt as she described some of the "mistakes" they made with Kashi and my heart jumped when they knew it was time to get her a friend. Tears flowed freely when they had to say good bye to the dogs they loved and my heart soared as they welcomed each new pup into their lives.The story captures the spirit and personality of each dog, as only someone who loved them truly could. You'll see bits of your own dog's personalities in each one. I growled at my puggle when antique furniture got chewed and snuggled into my rescue poodle when a rescue dog ran from his old people. Barbara's dogs are just like everyone's dogs: furry and full of love and wisdom. Dog-ma: the Zen of Slobber is a woof worthy read that dog-lovers will thoroughly enjoy.

  • Jayedee
    2019-04-20 11:25

    My husband has often teased me, down through the years, that there is a message on the Underground Animal Railroad that says anything sick, injured or just plain hungry within 5 miles of my house, should make my backdoor a priority. This goes for 2 leggeds as well as 4, so when I read about the poster in doggie heaven, I knew that I had a kindred spirit in Barbara Boswell Brunner!As an active pet rescuer (sometimes unwitting) I was drawn immediately into the story of all the dogs that made their homes with the author and her husband over the years. I love the way Barbara draws the reader into the lives of the individuals that have shared their space over the years and paints a picture of each that makes them come alive for us all.Dog-Ma, the Zen of Slobber is a sweet, funny and poignant book that I read, cover to cover in just one sitting. It caused me to shed more than a few tears, brought many smiles to my face and even made me laugh out loud a time or two. Whether you’re head over heels for furbabies or are just looking for a great read, this is the book for you!

  • Cathy Connolly
    2019-04-05 07:05

    Oh, the happy and sad memories this book brings back!Ms. Brunners writing talent makes the reader feel like a friend, sitting at her kitchen table as she recounts comedic antics, a household in almost constant turmoil, and the deep heartfelt sadness that comes from losing a best friend and companion, to the utter JOY of "puppy breath" when a new baby comes home.MS. Brunner has the ability to make the reader feel the emotion, confusion and the comfort that all dog lovers experience.The understanding of each individuals' personality and needs, shows Barbara and Ray's remarkable sense of empathy for the feelings of their 4-legged children.One doesn't need to be an avid dog lover to read this book. If you want adventure, humor, drama, a few tears and many delights, this book is a must read for everyone.Ms. Brunner's skillful prose leaves the reader feeling as though they have been on an incredible journey.Everyone should buy this book and ENJOY that JOURNEY!

  • Kim Justice
    2019-04-21 06:16

    First of all I will start out by saying, I was not to sure about reading this book. It didn't seem like something for me, but once I started reading it I was amazed at how fast I was falling in love with it. If you are any kind of animal lover, have health issues yourself, or just want to more about living with a service animal then this is right up your alley. Author Barbara Boswell Brunner has a unique aspect in her writing. As in the synopsis she actually loved and has at one time or another nine life saving precious dogs. Her wonderful love and attachment for each one is so precious. And add in the human and humor aspect in telling her story is just plan and simply wonderful. To see the rest of my here

  • Ashley
    2019-04-21 12:27

    Dog-Ma is a delightful story about a couple who has a love of dogs that transcends time and in their case place. This story is one you must read! I read the synopsis and just had to have it. I had to have it so much that I ASKED to get in on this book tour AFTER the tour was over!!!You begin your journey into the lives of Barbara and Ray's life with their fur-babies with them starting out. After multiple promotions and business ventures you will go through the happiness and pain right along with them. You feel their excitement when they get a new puppy and you want to cry when tragedy strikes and they lose one of their amazing fur-children.I am not one for spoilers so I won't go into too much detail but I will say this: YOU MUST GET THIS BOOK IF YOU ARE A DOG LOVER! You will laugh and cry. Go get it NOW!!!

  • Scott
    2019-04-08 07:10

    What can I say About Dog-Ma, the Zen of Slobber. First: Do you like to laugh .. You'll find lots to laugh at. Do you have a generous supply of Kleenex on hand .. you'll need them. Are you one that can't wait to see what happens next .. then you won't be able to put this book down. I received my copy of Dog-Ma on Tuesday afternoon and I was done Wednesday night..I had to see what was happening next. You don't have to be a dog lover to read this book .. just a lover of all animals. By the time you finish the book you will find it hard to have one favorite dog .. I found that the Dobermans were my favorites. Not to take anything away from the other dogs in Barb and Ray's life, they were all equally loved, even when they were bad. Barbara tells the stories so well and keeps your interest.

  • Leila
    2019-04-12 11:04

    I loved it from the beginning. I can’t explain it other than I am a dog lover. I have my dog, Jessie, who I adore. I have had a total of 5 dogs in my entire lifetime – which is saying a lot considering I have had a fear of dogs for most of my life. But Jessie and I connect differently and I think that is why I enjoyed this book so much.I could relate to the different dogs and the different stories each one came with. I could laugh at some of the parts and know exactly what was being talked about. I could feel upset when something happened to one of the dogs.I promise you that if you are a dog lover, you will enjoy this book as much as I did!

  • Belinda
    2019-03-29 11:15

    I am an animal lover and instantly felt a deep connection with Barbara Brunner and her fur family in this book. I instantly fell in love with Kashi, Turbo, Lexington, Madison, Gus, Sutton, Cooper, Morgan, and Izzy.This was a great book about not only the lengths we will go for our fur babies, but also what they would do for us, and showcases the give and take involved with all great fur families. I couldn’t help but to laugh at all the adorable antics and cry over all the heartbreaks along with Barbara Brunner.If you love animals, you will definitely want to read Dog-Ma the zen of slobber.

  • Chrissy
    2019-04-15 09:14

    I normally don't read books about dogs. I LOVE dogs, and but books about them are usually too sad and heartbreaking. I almost passed this one up, but I'm SO glad I didn't. Yes, there were sad parts, but it was so well written. You could FEEL this woman's love for these dogs just flowing from the page. I felt like I got to know each one her pets. This book had me alternating between laughing and crying, and I just could NOT put it down. I read it in about 3 hours. Highly recommended for dog lovers!!

  • Susan
    2019-04-17 06:23

    A fast read that will keep you laughing, "Dog-Ma, The Zen of Slobber" is an insight to Barbara and her husbands journey with their dogs. Barbara pens her love of dogs in each word she writes and I just fell in love with these dogs through all the antics they pull. Full of emotion, humor and love, "Dog-Ma, the Zen of Slobber" is one book you will find extremely hard to put down. Highly recommended to all dog lovers.This review is based on a complimentary copy which was provided for an honest review.