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Despite his misgivings, Christopher Albion is unable to turn down his employer and dear friend David’s request to care for yet another stray kitten. So Chris takes the tiny feline to the vet for a checkup, not expecting the visit to change his life. Waiting for him is veterinarian Dr. Anthony Vicario, who is just what Chris needs to find fulfillment in life. But when DavidDespite his misgivings, Christopher Albion is unable to turn down his employer and dear friend David’s request to care for yet another stray kitten. So Chris takes the tiny feline to the vet for a checkup, not expecting the visit to change his life. Waiting for him is veterinarian Dr. Anthony Vicario, who is just what Chris needs to find fulfillment in life. But when David finds out, he panics—worried he’ll lose his best friend. Chris now has his lover and his best friend, but Anthony and David will have to come to terms with both of them being important in Chris’s life....

Title : Blame It on the Cats
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ISBN : 9781623801748
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Blame It on the Cats Reviews

  • Vio
    2019-04-10 11:20

    3.25 starsI am a sucker for purring fuzzballs, unfortunately for Chris he gets landed with the bosses strays, there is a menagerie of pets to care for and this would be great if the kitties didn't have a thing for him (lethal.) I know I shouldn't have felt gleefully amused at his predicament, but it was funny, especially his joyful encounter at the Veterinary clinic, think of poor Chris as the walking wounded. There is a furball, cute and persistent who Chris takes to Anthony the Vet, both eventually win his heart. So Chris and Anthony are nice enough but no lightning spark or fireworks happening for me or them. David, Chris's boss is fragile and a terribly needy guy, difficult and not enough time was given to fully understand him. The relationship is the weakest part of the book, the pets are the winners here.

  • Mandy*reads obsessively*
    2019-03-22 10:19

    After much ummm* encouragement* from my favorite *angel* I am giving in and starting this one....I hope she appreciates this! LOLOk, this is a cute story with a touch of serious, but my main problem is it feels as if it was a longer story and was shortened to fit a word count.It's as if I have missed some serious steps in this relationship.(view spoiler)[ Anthony thinks Chris might be having an affair or love relationship with David, and even thinks that he will not be a " home wrecker' but even though we are continually told how straight forward he is, he never talks to Chris about it, the same goes for Chris, he thinks that he will have to talk about how important David is to him..but doesn't till after the ILY is said! and even then it's not clear. also, Anthony is surprised that Chris came and made him dinner on his birthday, because their relationship hadn't progressed ' to that level ' yet, but he had at some point given Chris a key to his house??!! they hadn't even had sex or a hand-job, yet we are told he was given a key..we didn't see it...or any of the times David disturbed their dates...just sort of thrown in at the end! Idk, it seemed it went from taking it here's the key,I love you, sex , telling David where his place is...the end!(hide spoiler)]I liked the animals, and actually feel as if I know their personalities better than the humans in this story, things are alluded to and hinted at or mentioned...but that's all, like I said, I liked it, but feel like a chunk was missing! ETA and unless I missed even more...where were the condoms?? Use protection people!

  • Deeze
    2019-03-22 13:18

    At the start I thought this was going to be a solid 4 star read, but sadly a few niggles popped up, and then everything felt rushed and I found myself with questions that were never answered.An enjoyable read, but could of worked much better with just a bit more length to flesh it out.

  • Tailtiu
    2019-03-29 08:35

    2,5* upgrade for the cover...To much information (sometimes I thought I was reading a commercial) and to little real relationship.

  • DL
    2019-03-26 11:40

    This book didn't work for me. Anthony starts his first day as a new vet by all but molesting a guy who was just viciously attacked by cats. And the support staff cheers rather than wonder about the ethics of the new Vet whom they had Just met. Chris drove an ocean-blue Hyundai Santa Fe to the Vet's and a burgundy Hyundai Accent home. The make of the car wasn't important. Clearly. So why bother mentioning it? It threw me right out of the story. Which I admit wasn't hard to do. Chris has a key to Anthony's house, but isn't sure of their relationship. They aren't lovers and he doesn't know him well enough to use the term boyfriend. Isn't boyfriend what you are Before you become lovers? I wasn't sure how Chris and David met; it was pointed out that Chris found him in a ditch and took him home to nurse him back to health. Why would Chris do that as opposed to taking the apparently wounded man to a hospital? I feel like there was a huge chunk of story missing. Bits and pieces were there but they just ended up leaving more questions than they answered.On a positive note, Longfellows is a beautiful place. Very romantic. I've always wanted to eat there. :)

  • Deja Dei
    2019-04-10 13:24

    I found this a cute, low conflict, predictable comfort read. Both characters are likeable and the animals have a lot of personality. Nothing earth shattering here, little in the way of plot beyond the romance, but still enjoyable. This is one to read when you're not looking for conflict or angst and just want a gentle, sweet and fluffy love story for animal lovers.

  • Enny
    2019-04-08 11:36

    They fall madly in love at first sight, become boyfriends on their first date and then wait SIX MONTHS till they finally have sex. WTF?????? This should've been published by Mills & Boon, not Dreamspinner.

  • Cole Riann
    2019-04-17 05:14

    Review posted at The Armchair Reader.I am a cat lover, no doubt about it. For some reason I thought this was about housecat-shifters, but… I was wrong! Still, I can get behind some good contemporary where cats are front and center. And there are several here that are front and center, ranging all different types and personalities, just like cats really are. Sadly, if this had been only about cats rather than the relationship between their masters, then I might have liked the story more.Chris is a personal assistant for David, a scatterbrained and emotionally challenged billionaire who needs his whole life structured for him and tends to break down at the slightest provocation. And he's an animal lover. David, not Chris. Well, sure Chris loves animals, dogs especially. But cats have a serious problem with him. For some reason they always attack him. They hate him. So when David brings home another kitty that he just couldn't leave at the pet store, Chris is peeved to be sure, but David is his friend and most importantly boss, so he immediately takes the new kitty ("Cloud") to the vet.The new veterinarian at the clinic is Anthony, and the two have an instant connection. Chris is gun-shy, however and tends not to open up to men who show an interest in him. He's almost… over professional at all times. But when an old lady at the clinic loses control of her two cats and they immediately attack Chris, leaving some pretty fierce wounds (and that's no exaggeration, those claws can shred!), the tension is gone and the ice is broken between the two men. Which leads to some very unprofessional tonsil-hockey in the exam room on the good doctor's first day at his new job. But… they just can't stay away from each other.I found this story to have quite a few problems, and in the end they just became too many for the story to turn itself around. There are continuity issues that weren't caught, lots of random detail that isn't needed, and most unfortunately, huge gaping plot holes:1) Who is David? All we really know about his is what we're told by Chris, which is that he's eccentric and needs Chris to hold him together or he'll completely fall apart. Also that Chris "rescued" him after his whole family was killed (in some sort of vehicle accident?) and that Chris took him home, patched him up and ever since they've been best friends… and employer/employee.There's so much that is important here. First of all, this relationship is the gold mine of the story. There is so much potential to delve into with such an unusual relationship. Plus, it's the most important and central relationship in each David and Chris' life (even more than Chris cares for Anthony, I'd say, at least until the very end). Yet, we know almost nothing about David, or their relationship except for the few facts we're told. And not only is it a shame because it is a missed opportunity, but fleshing out that relationship and showing it on page would have brought this whole story together.2) Unfortunately, there's a six month (or maybe five month) gap around the 70% mark. I hate when this happens. Those months are the meat of the story. Strangely, it seems as if the author wanted to minimize this problem somewhat by making almost nothing happen during this time, so it's not like we missed anything right? Nope. For me, it made the quantum leap in time much more obvious. Just after the jump Chris tells us that he's finally ready to have sex with Anthony (and they do) and everything…. screech! Ground to a halt in my head. Wait, they haven't had sex yet? You mean to tell me not only is Anthony so perfect that he's willing to wait that long for Chris to "come around" or get used to trusting him, but he doesn't even think it's strange. Or that it might be important to talk about? Or that… I don't know, we should maybe know the reason that Chris has such intimacy and commitment issues? And even if the issues is, as I assume, his relationship with David… that seems like something rather important to overlook and not work into the story.I think that this author shows promise in that I enjoyed the style of writing, they just need to spend more time on the story, working it out and working on it more before it's ready for public consumption. As for now, I'll be interested to see what other reader's think of this author's future work, but I'll probably be a little more hesitant to pick another one up for review.

  • Leaundra
    2019-04-09 13:24

    I really enjoyed this book. This book was like you know when you come home from work and get in your comfy clothes that's how it felt when I was reading it. I just enjoyed it. I also love when the people in the book are straight forward and say what they mean. Christopher and Anthony were both like that it was very refreshing. I loved all the dogs and cats in here also;-) Would love a book about David ;-)

  • Lily
    2019-04-11 13:40

    A very cute story which I would have liked to be more developed in the romance department. The relationship was just too rushed and thus somewhat lacked credibility.

  • Driima
    2019-03-26 08:27

    I'm sorry - I wanted to like this, I really did... and for the first part it worked out pretty well. But unfortunately from the moment Chris enters the clinic and after leaving the clinic it went downhill... I like Chris, I like Cloud... I don't really care for Anthony (view spoiler)[I still don't know anything about him. He was just there, hot for Chris and suddenly "madly in love" and just totally irritating me all along - without any dimension. Oh,: he likes animals and is a good vet...Any try to give him a backround or depth fell flat for me. I even liked David MUCH better. Funny, he had much more facets than the supposed MC... would love to read a story about HIM... (hide spoiler)] and I just did not like the storyline. It felt just too unfinished, too implausible, too sketchy.(view spoiler)[ WARNING - BIG SPOILER - (view spoiler)[Falling into "shock" after beeing "attacked" by a cat; then suddenly falling into a "what" (?!) -"shock-induced sleep"(!? - still don't get it?!) only to sink against the doctors strong chest?? Starting to get it on 5 minutes later, overcome by unresistible attraction and lust only to stop - and not get it on for the next few MONTHs, but still dating? Nothing made sense. And then the kitten... poor thing... The little cat, aka "the exotic pet", age 4-6 weeks at the beginning (+ then 1-3 month into the storyline = so what, about 4-5 months old later on?) - But of course, it leaves Davids house, does't run away but comes straight to Chris home...time-gap... never saw it coming... Then - the birthday-visit... he takes the "cat", but not his DOG?? (Feeling confused by my rambling? - So did I!)All these are small things, but one after the other after the next - they were really annoying and sucked all the fun out of this story. And then, much later, near the end, there was this scene with David... Anthony getting in his face about him interferring and being an ass... WHEN???How??? Did I miss whole scenes? What the heck was he referring to??? Their ten-second-conversation earlier or the one phonecall at night, when his cat was nearly dying?? Or the one time, month earlier, when he let his dogs outside??? So you see -(hide spoiler)] NOT my book - AT ALL.) (hide spoiler)]I don't mind the occational hole in a storyline, a missing link or plausible explanation, if it helps the story, but... Too much is just TOO MUCH. As the idea of the story was a cute one, as well as the pets, dogs and cats alike, and I did like Chris...and David... it's still 2 stars, but... it just did not work for me.

  • Tamarrion Lash
    2019-04-20 09:16

    Ее тут в отзывах обозвали cute story. Лучше не скажешь :) Хорошенькая, никакая история, которую можно вполне приятно прочитать за два часа и забыть через день. Если автор напишет книжку про Дэвида, то почитаю ее с удовольствием.

  • Amber
    2019-04-17 05:35

    Short and funny. Well not too funny because he's constantly being attacked by cats... but funny in it's own way. I liked it.

  • Michi Rosa
    2019-03-27 09:11

    Sweet & Cute & Short.If you love cats you'll love this, if you hate cats (or the cats hate you) you must read this either way!!

  • Dallison
    2019-04-15 08:17

    Cute story.

  • Eyre
    2019-03-30 05:31

    This is a cute story. I'd love for the author to flesh it out and turn it into a full novel. There's a lot of potential here.