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Eine gefährliche Reise, eine alte Feindschaft und eine große Liebe, die alle Gefahren überwindetMeghan Chase, die unerschrockene Feenprinzessin, und Ash, ihr geliebter Winterprinz, dachten eigentlich, dass sie als erprobte Grenzgänger zwischen Nimmernie und der Menschenwelt nichts mehr aus der Fassung bringen könnte. Doch dann muss Meghan schmerzvoll erfahren, dass es nieEine gefährliche Reise, eine alte Feindschaft und eine große Liebe, die alle Gefahren überwindetMeghan Chase, die unerschrockene Feenprinzessin, und Ash, ihr geliebter Winterprinz, dachten eigentlich, dass sie als erprobte Grenzgänger zwischen Nimmernie und der Menschenwelt nichts mehr aus der Fassung bringen könnte. Doch dann muss Meghan schmerzvoll erfahren, dass es nie ratsam ist, einer Fee ein Versprechen zu geben – denn sie wird es nicht vergessen und unter den unmöglichsten Umständen auf seiner Einhaltung beharren. Aber auch auf den stolzen Ash wartet erneut eine Prüfung, die ihm alles abverlangt: In der Stunde der höchsten Not muss er über seinen Schatten springen und sich mit seinem Rivalen Puck verbünden. Wird es Meghan und Ash am Ende gelingen, einer Herausforderung zu trotzen, die alles infrage stellt, was ihnen jemals etwas bedeutete?...

Title : Das Geheimnis von Nimmernie
Author :
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ISBN : 9783453268494
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 352 Pages
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Das Geheimnis von Nimmernie Reviews

  • Melissa ♥ Dog Lover ♥ Martin
    2019-03-11 06:27

    This was a book of three novella's about the Iron Fey. I enjoyed them and learned some little things in between or after the other books that I didn't know. I love the little pictures the author added of Ash, Puck and Grim. They are so cute! ❤Also, at the end of this book you get A Guide To The Iron Fey. This includes:1. The Original Survival Guide To The NeverNever ~ It tells some really cool information! 2. Character Biographies And Useful Information ~ This tells about the main characters and the extended cast of characters which rocked! 3. Glossary ~ Self-explanatory 4. Realms Of The Nevernever (And Beyond) ~ Another awesome section 5. The Iron Quotes ~ Self-explanatory The end of the book with all of the extras was my favorite part because there were just so many cool things =) Of course now I'm worried something bad is going to happen in the next set of books with Meghan's brother as the main character! We shall see!MY BLOG: Melissa Martin's Reading List

  • shady
    2019-03-08 04:27

    I absolutely adore this cover. But, I have to say one thing.There's no fiery red hair, there's no sly smirk. There's absolutely no Puck-ness about the model portraying Puck. D: It sucks.Ooh, that rhymed.Anyways, I've already read Winter's Passage & Summer's Crossing, so I kind of re-read those but to be honest I skimmed through them due to my overwhelming excitement to read Iron's Prophecy. But it felt so good to hang out with the main trio again after the lack of them in The Lost Prince.Speaking of which, in Iron's Prophecy, HOLY MOTHER OF ASH. There was so much of him in it and I shit you not, every single word out of his mouth made me completely weak. ._. And that shirtless scene, and the make-out scene after that? Holy shitpickles. I hate you for being so damn lucky, Meghan. -_-

  • Haleema
    2019-03-13 07:24

    Dear God. The Puck on the cover is atrocious. That is not how I pictured him. First of all, WHERE IS HIS RED HAIR? And his expression. It screams, "What the hell is going on." Not, "I'm-so-sexy-I-make-Haleema-uncomfortable." You know who I think is an excellent Puck? That's Xavier Samuel Puck.He has Puck written all over his face. All he needs is pointy ears, red hair, and green eyes.You know? Like this:Thank you, Anna!

  • Elena
    2019-02-20 23:04

    Is it just me, or does this look vaguely familiar?Anyway.Julie.You've got to be kidding me.THAT IS NOT, IN ANY WAY, PUCK. NO.THAT'S JUST A CASUAL PASSENGER WHO HAPPENED TO WALK BY WHILE YOU WERE TAKING A PICTURE OF ASH AND MEGHAN. THAT'S IT, ISN'T IT? I MUST BE RIGHT. This casual passenger's expression screams "what the fuck is happening", while my Puck's would be like, "hey there, what's up? I know I'm hot, stop drooling."SO I THINK I KNOW WHAT HAPPENED. PUCK WAS ON HIS WAY BUT SINCE HE'S, WELL, PUCK, HE WAS LATE AND YOU COULDN'T INCLUDE HIM IN THE PICTURE.YEAH.THAT MUST BE IT.

  • Kristalia
    2019-03-13 04:02

    Final rating: 3.5/5 starsFIRST OF ALL: I would really suggest that you read these specials in their right order. And to read them too, without skipping because these short stories impact the main plot and it will make you understand some things later on.There were some interesting information about the world building and customs and characters and it was fun to read about. I love Julie Kagawa and her talent for writing :D____________________________________________● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ●____________________________________________MY IRON FEY + CALL OF THE FORGOTTEN REVIEWS: ◉ The Iron King (The Iron Fey, #1)◉ Winter's Passage (The Iron Fey #1.5)◉ The Iron Daughter (The Iron Fey, #2)◉ The Iron Queen (The Iron Fey, #3)◉ Summer's Crossing (Iron Fey, #3.5)◉ The Iron Knight (Iron Fey, #4)◉ Iron's Prophecy (The Iron Fey, #4.5)◉The Iron Legends (The Iron Fey, #1.5, 3.5, 4.5)◉The Lost Prince (The Iron Fey: Call of the Forgotten, #1) ◉The Iron Traitor (The Iron Fey: Call of the Forgotten, #2)This review can be found on my blog: also known as...

  • Mitch
    2019-02-21 23:06

    If this is the way Julie Kagawa's gonna scoop money out of my pockets, I'm all for it. Besides recycling the two previous Iron Fey short stories, The Iron Legends is packed with awesome brand new material, short story Iron's Prophecy (an excellent tie in with the upcoming Iron Fey spinoff book The Lost Prince), a hilarious guide to the Nevernever, an interview with Julie herself, and a never before seen excerpt from The Lost Prince. Oh, and also an excerpt from The Immortal Rules ... eh.First off, I'm sure everyone's read Winter's Passage and Summer's Crossing so I'll skip over those reviews ... let's just say I was less than impressed ... but *don't* skip straight to Iron's Prophecy. Check out the original drawings at the end of each story first - “I Dare You” (Ash) and “You May Have Heard of Me” (Puck). Wouldn't they make an awesome wallpaper along with “I Am a Cat” (Grimalkin) at the end of Iron's Prophecy? Hehe. Even though the idea for this book might've started with rereleasing two old short stories, it's new touches like that that I really think makes this book a worthwhile read even on it's own. Now then, Iron's Prophecy. I've read both The Iron Knight and The Lost Prince and I have to say this short story is like the perfect bridge between the original Iron Fey books and Call of the Forgotten. First two chapters is Meghan summing up exactly how's she grown over the course of the original trilogy - I know there are complaints about the way Meghan acts in the books, especially how angsty she gets with Ash, but you know she acknowledges her faults and looks at herself, how much she's changed as a character over all that time, so it's one of those feel good moments. Great ending to that chapter of her life if I say so myself. And it's even nice to see her settling into her role of the Iron Queen which has been rare to glimpse with everything after The Iron Queen being from other character's points of view or really short.The rest introduces the prophecy, of course, and ... must resist Iron's Prophecy or The Lost Prince spoilers ... let's just say the prophecy is like the perfect segue into the spinoff series. All the dire warnings about Meghan's son? Yeah, they'll make perfect sense by the end of The Lost Prince. This story isn't a must read for the book, but knowing what has gone on definitely puts a lot of events of The Lost Prince in a new light and makes it far more interesting. Plus, there’s Grimalkin and Puck, good action, and interesting new reveals about the Nevernever too, in only six chapters and an epilogue. Yeah.And of course, the guide and interview. I don't think anyone's gonna read this before any of the Iron Fey books, but the guide spoils the plot through The Iron Knight, you've been and will be warned multiple times. The survival guide is absolutely hilarious, I'm sure everyone who picks up this book is probably in it only for Iron's Prophecy but *do not* miss the guide. And if you can remember a lot of the details from the book, even better, and I don't mean just for the who said what quote quiz. Beyond that, there are biographies of the characters (Grimalkin's is especially good) including many minor ones, a glossary for those who've always wondered what some of the name checked Fae types are, and a guide to the many places around the Nevernever complete with passages lifted from the various books and even more minor characters who live there.Basically, The Iron Legends is way more than just a collection of three Iron Fey short stories. More than half the book's new material, and in addition to a short story that's by far the best of the Iron Fey novellas, there are lots more behind the scenes stuff too. A must own for any Iron Fey fan. 4/5 (only because Winter’s Passage and Summer’s Crossing haven’t gotten updates, unfortunately)

  • Emily (Book Jems)
    2019-03-04 00:25

    Uhm... Julie Kagawa hugged me and gave me a copy of this, which she personalized for me.asldnf;algknsd;fgsn;dfgn;sdfg;skn

  • Robin (Bridge Four)
    2019-03-18 05:59

    Winters Passage:Set right after The Iron King. Ash has come to take Meghan back to Mag and the Winter court to fulfill the terms of their deal. Meghan is determined to keep the promise she made she only asks to go and see Puck before setting out to be held captive by Queen Mab for who know how long. But Oberon wants his daughter back in the Summer court and has sent something to bring her home.This is a good look into the struggle that Ash faces as he knows the rules of Faery and while he cares for Meghan he also made a promise to bring her to Mab and so he is bound by his word. He knows what the winter court will do to her and that their growing attraction and feelings for one another won’t be tolerated. But first he must protect them from the Legendary Beast that is one their trail.It is a fun intruding story with the addition of some new creepy characters and a scary monster in the land of Faery. I enjoyed the journey to the winter court and I’m pretty happy any time that Ash and Meghan are on the page together. There is even a nice steamy kiss or two. Fun little read of an adventure that is mentioned in the Iron Daughter.Summer’s Crossing:What can I say, Puck is one of my favorite characters. He is so much fun and I’m never quite sure what the trickster is going to pull next. That was especially true in this novella set right after The Iron Queen. Puck loves Meghan, Ash loves Meghan but she only has eyes for Ash. However if he wasn’t in the picture could she grow to love Puck. When given an opportunity to betray Ash and maybe win Meghan’s heart what will the Trickster do? Honestly I wasn’t sure myself until the end.I really liked this novella and wish I would have read it before The Iron Knight, because then I would have understood Puck’s motivations to help Ash so much a little better and how he came to terms with Ash and Meghan being together that he would travel to the End of the World to help.This is a funny story with tricks played on 2 Queens as Puck and Ash sneak into the Summer court to retrieve something that Titania has stolen. Definitely worth a read if you enjoy the Nevernever.The Iron Prophecy:Yay! I love seeing Meghan and Ash together as a couple. I greatly missed Meghan in The Iron Knight and it is nice to see a part of the life that she and Ash have after being married. They are getting ready for the first Elysium that Meghan has gone to as the Iron Queen but she is feeling a little weird nausea and almost fainting….hmmm wonder what that could be. The oracle that once asked for Ash and Meghan’s first born has bad news about their progeny and they must journey to her for the answers to their future. Again with Grimalkin and Puck we are off for another little adventure. How are you doing this?” I continued, frowning at him. “And if you say ‘I am a cat,’ I swear I will throw you off this balcony.”I loved seeing the new Ash. Sure he will always be Ice-Boy but he is a little more human now he has a soul. Plus without having to always watch his back the way he did at the winter court he had become the best version of himself and there were a lot of tender moments between him and Meghan (I eat that sappy girl stuff up) I’m really happy that I took the time to read this.This is great set up for the new series and the troubles that Ethan and Meghan’s son could cause to the world and to Faery. I look forward to reading tales of their adventures and now I can see why some of the things I read in the Forgotten Prince happened the way they did. I probably should have read this one first and I would have better understood a few looks and ideas that weren’t clear in the first book of the new series. But I’m all in now. This is a great read with equal parts humor/tenderness/adventure but it should probably be read before starting the new series beginning with The Forgotten Prince.

  • Marie
    2019-02-24 00:13

    *UPDATE*09/01/2012*gapes at the book cover*UNBELIEVABLE.HOW COULD YOU DO THIS, MS. JULIE??THIS IS A FREAKIN' CLIFFHANGER!How could you end a novella like THAT? Especially of ASH's and MEGHAN's...ummm..story??Un-freaking-believable.I think I just died there a little, Julie.And this isn't funny.I'm going crazy. With capital K.*sighs*I need to wait for Ethan's book!How much longer????******************************************OHMYGOD! I just opened my Twitter account and saw Ms. Kagawa's latest tweet and blog post AND I JUST DIED! MY HEART LITERALLY STOPPED! And I even spilled coffee on my keyboard! HOLYCOW! And I check it here on Goodreads and then BAM! It's there! The cover!LOOK AT THE COVER!I haven't gathered all my wits together after the cover reveal for The Lost Prince (Oh yes, I'm still suffering from the aftereffects of Ethan Chase's goddamn-hot body!) and here is Ms. Kagawa giving us another book cover reveal for her latest book Anthology called The Iron Legends.Man, I didn't even know she plans to compile all her e-novellas in one book. AND THERE'S A BONUS! NOT ONE BUT TWO BONUSES! First, well, there's another upcoming novella called Iron's Prophecy. Second, OHMYGOD! (This is where my heart skipped a beat.) This has an expanded guide to the Nevernever and a chapter of The Lost Prince.A. FREAKING. CHAPTER!HOLY SHIT!!!*bangs head on the wall*Mark your calendars people! It's coming out this August! AHHHH!*does a happy dance*

  • Stephanie
    2019-03-19 23:07

    I'm so sad that this series is over :( I'm gonna miss it so much. It's so amazing and it's one of my favorite series now. I gave Winter's Passage 5/5 Lily Pads because it was amazing and Meghan and Ash are my OTP.I also gave Summer's Crossing 5/5 Lily Pads because it was awesome and I loved reading in Puck's POV. The only thing I hated was how short it was. After I read the last sentence I was like "That's It?"And then finally of course I gave Iron's Prophecy 5/5 Lily Pads because it was an amazing conclusion and I'm so sad to see this series end. If you haven't read the series yet, you need to because it's so amazing and I don't see anyone talk about it anymore. Now it's time for me to move on and read the "Call of the Forgotten" series :)

  • Indah
    2019-03-07 00:24

    Winter's Passage : 3,5 starsSummer's crossing : 4,5 starsIron's Prophecy: 4,5 starsSo glad to have read this: great novellas and it's so good to read Julie Kagawa's work again. Adore her books!

  • eileen
    2019-03-21 03:15

    Okay, so I have a story to go with The Iron Legends. So after I bought it, I did some happy dancing, a little drooling, and a LOT of fangirling.In case you didn't know, I absolutely VIOLATED my copy of The Iron Legends. See:By the end of the day there were a lot more Post-It flags. A LOT. But anyways, when I was in the process of violating my copy of The Iron Legends (color coded with kissing scenes, pictures, pretty scenes, and new characters) my couch ate my Post-It flags! One minute it was on the seat of my couch and the next they just were gone! I had a freak-out, checked everywhere within a foot radius of my couch, and then gave up. Afterwards, my mom had a look and there they were: right under my couch. For the record, I totally checked there! I checked there three times. But then my mom found them and looked at me like I'd finally hit rock bottom. But I then got to finish violating my book. >:) I shall read those parts over and over and over again. Nice day right? At least I got my fill of Ash :D I really want an Ash to myself. But then that would get really stalker-ish.But it was amazing! SO good. And there were four kissing scenes in The Iron Prophecy >:)So...should I do an official review on my blog? Yes? No? Maybe?

  • Steffi
    2019-03-21 06:23

    Know that I'm with you always, even if you can't see me.The Iron Legacy contains of the three short-stories 1.5: Winter's Passage, 3 starsThis one showed us how the journey of Meghan and Ash arriving at the Winter Court. Well, as Meghan had been again the naiv, slightly foolish little girl, I did not like this one so much. However, I was surprised by the appearance of someone ....3.5: Summer's Crossing, 4 starsThis one was written in Puck's pov and my only thought was "YES". Finally we got see into his head and honestly ... it made me sad to read his thoughts about Meghan. Nevertheless, of course he made me laugh a lot during these pages.4.5: Iron's Phrophecy, 4 starsWell this one took place some time after the ending of the Iron Knight, showing some glimpses of Meghan's life. This one was my favourite, because it was really exciting! I even could not believe that future/phrophecy that could come ... at the same time, this short-story is like the pre-beginning of the Lost Prince. Thanks to this I will definitely read the Lost Prince!On top to the short-stories, the German edition has an ultimate travel guide for the Iron Court and a list of all people and places.4 stars

  • Chester Carstairs
    2019-03-18 03:59

    Brilliant.Seriously, you'd think it's a waste to buy a book that only contains extra short stories but this one's really, really worth it. Kagawa can write 5million more adventures of the trio, and Grimalkin, of course, and I'll buy and read it all.There'll be The Iron Fey Series spoilers so beware!Puck *sighs dreamily* Puck is still the greatest prankster of all time. I was a bit scared thinking about how he'll react when he saw Meghan again. That, and the news she carried. I should've known he'll take it in stride (though I'd pay to know what actually was on his mind at the time).I've made peace with the fact that Ash and Meghan would end up together. All doubts got erased after The Iron Knight anyway. And now that Ash's got a soul, I fell in love with him even more. He's such an amazing person now you'd swoon. And Meghan has come far. If she'll read The Iron King, she'll probably laugh at that version of herself. And now that another huge problem is looming over them, I'm happy that at least the conflicted ice-boy now knows where he truly stands.I missed Nevernever. I didn't realize it until now. It's been a year since I came out of that world so I'll probably visit it again soon!

  • rachel
    2019-03-05 01:18

    OH MEIN GOTT! Ich fangirle hier gerade ziemlich peinlich herum :D Das cover finde ich mega und der Name!! ... ja, jaaa :D

  • Soumi
    2019-03-01 06:21

    Screw Puck on the cover...*faints*

  • Monica Haak
    2019-03-22 07:27

    Recensie op :)

  • Tanja Voosen
    2019-03-10 23:10

    BuchgestaltungDass das deutsche Cover so wunderbar zu ganzen Reihe passt, finde ich echt super und auch, dass es trotz der etwas „gestreckten“ Länge als HC erschienen ist, denn so sieht die Reihe komplett im Regal einfach toll aus! Mir persönlich gefällt dieses Cover hier von allen auch am Besten, weil ich das Motiv sehr gelungen finde. Die englische Ausgabe finde ich auch nicht schlecht, obwohl die Charaktere darauf, nicht meiner Vorstellung entsprechen, so ist die Idee mal alle die abzubilden echt nett.Was ich allerdings etwas blöd gemacht finde ist, dass einem dieses Buch, als der 5 Band der Plötzlich Fee Reihe verkauft wird, wobei es das eben nicht ist, da die Kurzgeschichten, zwischen den Büchern spielen und oft auch Geschichten von Charakteren erzählen, die in den eigentlichen Büchern kaum vorkamen.MeinungIch hab ehrlich gesagt mehr schlechtes, als Gutes über die Kurzgeschichten der Reihe gehört. Viele Leser waren enttäuscht, hatten sich mehr erwartet, aber ich denke, dass diese Leute ganz falsch an das Buch heran gegangen sind. Man sollte es als das sehen, was es ist: eine Kurzgeschichtensammlung als Ergänzung zu den Büchern!Wie alle Fans der Reihe, habe ich mich sehr darauf gefreut noch einmal einen, wenn auch kurzen, Abstecher in die wundersame Welt des Nimmernie zu unternehmen. Genau, wie in den Büchern sind die Orte, an denen die kleinen Abenteuer stattfinden einzigartig beschrieben und aufregend kennen zu lernen (wobei man die meisten schon kennt, das aber wirklich egal ist) Die erste Geschichte wird aus der Sicht von Meghan beschrieben und bezieht sich auf den Teil der Buchreihe, in der es um den geschlossenen Handel mit Ash geht, indem Meghan ihn zurück zum Winterhof begleiten soll. Was ich hier besonders mochte, war noch einmal zu der Zeit zurück zu reisen, in der die beiden sich nicht geliebt haben und den lustigen, aber auch ernsten Dialogen zu folgen, die Band eins damals so interessant gemacht haben. Hier gab es auch eine kleine spannende Wende und alles in allem, fand ich die Geschichte echt gut und sie hat perfekt als „Füllmaterial“ für nach Teil eins gepasst.Eine weitere Geschichte wird von Puck erzählt, in der es hauptsächlich um ihn und Ash geht und ein Versprechen, das der junge Prinz einzuhalten versucht, wenn man dass denn so nennen kann…diese Geschichte war sehr abenteuerlich geschrieben und hier kommt Pucks Charme und Humor mal wieder sehr gut durch. Die letzte Geschichte setzt nachdem vierten Band an und hat bei mir so einen kleinen Nachgeschmack hinterlassen, was die Zukunft der Charaktere hinterlässt. Einerseits hat sie meine Neugier geweckt, mich aber anderseits auch enttäuscht, weil sie viel zu schnell zu Ende war. Aber eines ist gewiss: die Zukunft wird kommen! :PIch fand den Roman insgesamt betrachtet wirklich schön zu lesen. All das, was man an Julie Kagawas Bücher bisher so mochte, kommt hier noch einmal durch, auch, wenn die Kürze der Geschichten irgendwie ernüchternd wird, aber dass sind Kurzgeschichten eben: KURZ! Man sieht wieder Meghans altes, naives und tollpatschiges Ich, man lacht über Pucks sorgenloses Alter-Ego und wird bei Ash daran erinnert, dass man eine Zeit lang nicht wusste, ob er es verdient hat gemocht zu werden. Geschrieben ist das Ganze genauso gut, wie eh und je. Die kleinen Episoden enthalten Witz, Spannung und jede Menge Magie und schaffen es sicher, das Herz eines jeden Fans zu verzaubern. Ich glaube, ich werde ebenfalls die komplette Reihe in chronologischer Reihenfolge noch einmal lesen :PWas mir auch gut gefallen hat (wenn man es auch schon kennt) war, dass in diesem Buch das „Handbuch“ zur Buchreihe abgedruckt wurde, welches wirklich richtig schöne und ausführliche Beschreibungen, zu allem und jeden enthältFazitEine kleine Praline :P für alle Fans, die traurig nach dem Ende der Reihe waren und noch etwas mehr von Meghan und ihren Freunden haben möchten. Zwischenzeitlich kommt man jedoch um die ein oder andere Enttäuschung nicht herum. Sei es nun wegen der Kürze der Geschichten oder der Tatsache, dass wir uns nun (fast) endgültig von all dem verabschieden müssen…

  • Jan (lost pages)
    2019-03-19 22:59

    MeinungMein Name ist Meghan Chase, ich bin sechzehn Jahre alt, und seit gestern bin ich....HALT! Wie, was, wo?Nochmal von vorne.Mein Name ist Jan, ich bin 25 Jahre alt, und seit diesem Jahr liebe ich "Plötzlich Fee"...Als absoluter Fan der Reihe (Sommer, Winter, Herbst und Frühling) konnte ich mir natürlich "Plötzlich Fee - Das Geheimnis von Nimmernie" nicht entgehen lassen.Aber warum dieses Buch? Die Jahreszeiten wurden ja abgearbeitet und die Geschichte hat doch ein Ende gefunden. Außerdem hat sie die Reihe von Buch zu Buch gesteigert und kann dann so ein "Zusatzbuch" überhaupt noch Punkten?Hach! Ich war auf jeden Fall froh wieder im Nimmernie zu sein.Meghan, Puck, Ash und natürlich Grimalkin sind mir richtig ans Herz gewachsen und ich finde es schon "krass" wie doll man Charaktere vermissen kann.Was der Text auf der Rückseite vielleicht noch nicht so deutlich zeigt, ist die Tatsache, dass in diesem Buch nicht nur eine, sondern gleich drei Geschichten stecken.Man muss also mit einer gewissen Einstellung an das Buch herangehen und kann natürlich nicht erwarten eine voll ausgereifte Geschichte vorzufinden.Jede der 3 Handlungen baut nach/auf einem anderen Buch auf. Auch wenn die Geschichten nicht die Länge aufweisen, die man in den anderen Büchern gewohnt ist, so steckt doch auch in diesen der gewohnte Witz, der einen Großteil des Charmes für mich ausmacht. Meghans Tollpatschigkeit, ihre gewisse Naivität sind einfach herrlich. Pucks eigenwillige Art, die mich einfach nur zum Lachen bringt fehlt auch hier nicht. Ebenfalls Ash fällt hier wieder positiv, wie auch negativ auf. Mochte ich ihn in den ersten Büchern überhaupt nicht, so spiegelt sich dies dann auch in der Kurzgeschichte, die auf den ersten Teilen aufbaut. In der Letzten mochte ich ihn wiederum sehr. Grim wird sich für mich nie ändern. Er bleibt mein Favorit!Auch der ein oder andere spannende Moment hat seinen Platz gefunden und rundet das Gesamtbild ab.Mich persönlich konnte die letzte Geschichte am meisten mitreißen. Einfach weil hier Band 4 weitergeführt wird. Sozusagen eine Verlängerung, die neugierig auf die Zukunft macht, denn die Autorin scheint sich noch so einiges einfallen zu lassen. Ich freue mich sehr!Aber ich komme auch nicht umher, ein klitzekleines bisschen enttäuscht zu sein, weil es mir dann doch ZU wenig war. Ich hätte so gern noch weitergelesen und dann war alle so schnell vorbei. Außerdem musste man sich bei jeder neuen Story erst ein paar Seiten "einlesen", um das Umfeld wiederzuerkennen, in welcher Zeit man gerade steckt.Für ganz große Fans bietet dieses Buch noch ein bisschen Zusatzmaterial. Es gibt da zum einen den "Führer durch die Welt der Eisernen Feen". Hier erfährt man Wissenswertes, wenn man mal vorhat in das Reich der Feen zu reisen. Wie man sich richtig verhält. Es werden die "sehenswerten" Orte erläutert usw.Zudem gibt es Biographien aller Charaktere/'Personen/Kreaturen und man erfährt das ein oder andere, was in Vergessenheit geraten ist.Fazit"Plötzlich Fee - Das Geheimnis von Nimmernie" ist keine Fortsetzung in dem Sinne, dass man sie unbedingt gelesen haben muss, um nichts von der "allgemeinen" Handlung zu verpassen. Aber es war mal wieder schön in die Welt von Meghan und Co abtauchen zu können.Für absolute Fans kann ich dieses Buch empfehlen, andere könnten ein wenig enttäuscht sein. Mir haben die Kurzgeschichten gut gefallen und vergebe daher 4/5 möglichen Punkten.

  • Ferdy
    2019-02-23 03:05

    SpoilersWinter's PassageThis was really boring. Meghan has to travel to the Winter Court with Ash for some reason or other, naturally they have to fight bad guys on their journey and angst about their oh so fragile feelings for each other. Meghan was so blah — all she did was think about how much she wuved Ash even when he was treating her like shit. Of course, he claims to only treat her like dirt to protect her… puhleaze… He was a bastard because he loved being a dick to a sixteen year old girl. I wish YA heroines would have enough dignity and self respect to not let the plonker heroes piss all over them, even the ones that do stick up for themselves and demand better end up forgiving and forgetting as soon as the hero kisses them and then they just get shat on all over again. I hate Ash, and Meghan just fucks me off because of how much she obsesses over that wanker, Ash.Summer's CrossingPuck's story was quite enjoyable. He was clever, funny and interesting. I don't know why he puts up with Ash, the bastard's done nothing to deserve his loyalty. Anyway, Puck helps Ash steal something from the Summer Court because he owes a favour to some bitch. Ash as usual was a brooding, dumb piece of shit — for someone so old he doesn't know much apart from fighting. Puck had to do all the planning and hard work and make sure they succeeded in their mission — he really needs his own series, I don't know why Meghan's little brother of all people got his own book.Even though I knew how things would end, I was still rooting for Puck to kill Ash and I wanted Puck to end up with Meghan. It makes no sense that Meghan would choose Ash over Puck, when unlike Ash, Puck actually respected and loved Meghan. I'm counting on Puck getting his own happy ending at some point in the spin off series (hopefully with Meghan).Iron's ProphecyThis was disappointing. Meghan finds out she's pregnant and then some old oracle bitch prophesizes that her son will be evul or something. I hate that Meghan's pregnant, she's still a bloody teenager!! Seriously WTF?! I don't care if she's married and a queen and has been through more than most teenagers — those things don't magically make her an adult. At least Ash is centuries old, it's just fucked up that Meghan will be much much closer in age with her son than her husband..ugh.Ash was as utterly charmless as ever — he was secretive, selfish and cold. He hadn't even confided in Meghan about his quest to become human, their married yet he still didn't communicate and trust her. Most of the times it didn't seem like he cared about Meghan let alone love her. I'm pissed that he still hadn't told her about Ariella and that he cheated on her or that he had serious doubts about being with her or that the only reason he decided to stay with Meghan because he had a vision of their son. It just showed how little he thought of Meghan. As blah as Meghan is, she deserves better than a cheating, unemotional fucker like Ash who has the soul of his dead love in him..ugh.

  • Michele (Reading Lark/CanadianTwiMom)
    2019-02-28 23:26

    The Iron Legends, I think, is an anthology that many TIF fans have long been waiting for and it was so worth the wait! Not only do we finally get printed copies of Julie Kagawa's two fabulous novellas previously released in ebook format, Winter's Passage and Summer's Crossing, but new stuff too!! A new novella, Iron's Prophecy, which serves as a bridge from the original Iron Fey books to Julie's new trilogy The Iron Fey: Call of the Forgotten, featuring Ethan (Meghan's younger brother all grown up), as well as some bonus material including A Guide to the Nevernever, a 'name-who-said-that' guessing game and a Q&A with Julie. All serve to give us additional insight into the behind-the-scenes workings of all things Iron Fey!Since I've already reviewed the three novellas separately (links below), I'll move right on ahead to the bonus content that features The Guide to the Nevernever. I LOVED this! Reviewing it all was like a great refresher course in everything we've read thus far, and it so makes me want to reread all the Iron Fey book over again. It's a tongue-in-cheek look at everything from being prepared should you find yourself IN the Nevernever, to great character bios, to value-added background information on all types of faeries and their respective courts--including cheeky interjections by the one and only Grimalkin!I also really enjoyed Julie's illustrations found in the pages between the novellas...chibies of Ash, Puck and Grim! Loved them!Guess-who-said-that was fun and I was happy that I correctly answered MOST of them! I also enjoyed the Q&A section with Julie and how she came to create the Iron Fey and the things in her life that served as her inspirations!Finally, the teaser excerpt from The Lost Prince will leave you salivating for this new book that comes out in the fall! Lucky to have already read it, I know fans won't be disappointed!Thanks to Harlequin Teen and Julie for listening to us when we asked for the novellas to be printed...never did I expect to get way more than we bargained for! My review for Winter's Passage: review for Summer's Crossing: review for Iron's Prophecy: review for The Lost Prince:

  • Maria
    2019-02-22 05:13

    Ash. *beams* it's always been you...! Ahem.*****Well, I've read Winter's Passage and Summer's Crossing on separate occasions. Winter's was intriguing while Summer's was hilarious. As for the Iron Prophecy, it was a perfect short story to follow The Iron Knight. If you read Ash's story, then you know how much you still want to know about Ash and Meghan after Ash's incredible journey to the End of the World.The Iron Legends answered some of the lingering questions I had. Add to that the newly improved Ash with Meghan... and it was pretty satisfying. :)

  • Sylvia
    2019-03-22 05:00

    I need this actual book comprised of three novella's, the guide to Nevernever and an excerpt of The Lost Prince. So full of amazing stories and goodies for us to treasure always. I really enjoyed reading all the character bio's, the descriptions of each Kingdom and about the Nevernever as a whole. Such a great book that I recommend to all those who have read The Iron Fey series. Next for this series is a BLOODY MOVIE DEAL!! That would be EPIC!! Can you imagine Ash on the big screen with his icy-blue eyes and black hair, wielding his icy-blue sword and pledging his oath to be Meghan's Knight ... GAH this would be freaking amazing to see up on the big screen ... SIGH!!

  • Amy
    2019-03-06 06:05

    I was so excited to read this because I didn't wanted to leave Nevernever yet but this turned out quite as a disappointment :( I didn't really liked the first story, and I skipped most of Puck's story too (because I still can't really connect with him and I think his story was boring). Only the last story was okay, and it makes me curious for The Lost Prince (which I won't be reading soon since I do not have the second and last book from COTF) but that's about it. 2 stars.

  • Taschima
    2019-02-20 05:20

    I always wanted the novelas to be in print so I could add them to my collection, so hurray for this book!As always I like the title, I like the details of the cover... I just don't like the models. That is not my Ash, or Puck, or Meghan really. I don't know, it's a weird photo. I think the one that looks the best and in character is Puck. He looks very Fae. Overall not my favorite cover, my least favorite I would have to say, but again it isn't horrible.

  • Say
    2019-03-06 22:59


  • Edrillan (vampire junkie)
    2019-02-21 07:14

    Ooooohhhhh im so excited about this but only because of the IRON PROPHECY novella 'cause it takes place after the IRON KNIGHT novel and I really want to know more about what happened after that ...especially in PUCK, ASH and MEGHAN so yeah I can't for this... no seriously I'm dying here waiting.... Is tomorrow August already?????

  • Rowan
    2019-03-08 02:01

    Het was leuk om weer in NimmerNimmer te zijn, al heb ik alleen de eerste twee verhalen gelezen en de survivalgids, want ik moet de IJzerprins nog lezen.

  • Riv
    2019-02-28 23:08

    This. Book. Was. Amazing. It has snarky Grim inserted everywhere, and PWETTY PUCK PICTURES. (Try saying THAT five times fast.)

  • ayanami
    2019-03-18 05:05

    I've read the first two stories before, and didn't really enjoy the first one, "Winter's Passage", so I skipped it this time. I re-read "Summer's Crossing" though, since its always fun to spend more time with Puck. He is never not entertaining and I particularly enjoy his interactions with Ash now that they are no longer at each other's throats. But more than that, getting a story from Puck's perspective means that we get to see so much more than the irreverent prankster persona he wears... It's clear that he is not only capable of having deep feelings as shown by his love for Meghan but he also harbours genuine concern for Ash, too. It's really a shame Julie Kagawa never wrote anything else from Puck's perspective as there's a lot of possibilities to explore, whether its about his past before meeting Meghan or his future post-series, not to mention his notorious reputation. And you know any book about him would be absolutely hilarious and he would have the best adventures-- ahhh, the more I think about it, the more I want a full novel about him!!"Iron's Prophecy" was a good read as well. It was nice to see what Meghan and Ash are up to now that they've reunited and Meghan is ruling the Iron Kingdom. While there weren't a lot of opportunities to show Meghan's competence as a queen (something which I honestly have doubts about, given her behaviour in the previous novels), it's very obvious that her confidence, at least, has grown considerably since the start of her adventures in the Nevernever.Ash has mellowed a lot and is far more open about his emotions now, especially when it comes to his feelings for Meghan. Frankly, I feel like he has lost some of his edge, because practically every other line he says is "my queen" and "I will always stand beside you" and other similar things. It's meant to be romantic-- and the first couple of times it is!-- but I feel like Kagawa went a little overboard and it just sounds like Ash's whole world revolves around Meghan now (or maybe this was the author's intention?). I mean, give the poor boy some other lines to say!!In terms of the prophecy itself, well, it's not something I predicted but I'm not too surprised either. It's standard fare for YA fantasy, I guess. But it has re-kindled my interest in the next books, so nice work, Julie Kagawa! I'll also say here that one thing I appreciate about this author is that she managed to expand on the world-building even in these short novellas-- and her version of fairy land is endlessly magical, whimsical, and intriguing to me.This book also comes with some extra content-- the author's illustrations (of Ash, Puck, and Grimalkin), a survival guide to the Nevernever, character and location descriptions, a glossary, a quotes recognition quiz, a Q&A with the author, and even an excerpt from "The Lost Prince"-- some fun bonuses for a dedicated Iron Fey fan! (...most of which I skimmed over, ha. I am dedicated but not that dedicated. I didn't do too badly on the quiz though.)