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Former imperial commander Villam Elding and former rebel monk Luke tyv Sicinik arrive at Stavalai Colony at the beginning of the year's biggest imperial festival. Excited by the prospect of the festival, Villam even makes the traditional leather goddess pendants by hand. But being in imperial territory digs up old wounds, and tempers flare when Luke refuses to help VillamFormer imperial commander Villam Elding and former rebel monk Luke tyv Sicinik arrive at Stavalai Colony at the beginning of the year's biggest imperial festival. Excited by the prospect of the festival, Villam even makes the traditional leather goddess pendants by hand. But being in imperial territory digs up old wounds, and tempers flare when Luke refuses to help Villam with an intimate act of goddess worship. Can they somehow reconcile Villam's love of the empire and Luke's hatred of all things imperial before the celebration ends?Sequel to Storms and Stars...

Title : Skin and Hide
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ISBN : 16005938
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Skin and Hide Reviews

  • Serena Yates
    2019-02-28 11:14

    Without having read the first book (Storms and Stars), I really enjoyed this sequel showing Villam and Luke struggling with their different cultural backgrounds, trying to find common ground. The differences were well described and clear, and the animosity Luke feels was more than clear. Neither of them can really talk about the problem without upsetting the other enough to end in a screaming match with profound disagreement and anger at the end f it.Luke was raised to believe anything imperial (read: galactic empire) was evil, yet, he has fallen for an imperial ex-commander. What he was taught is very clear, yet his love for Villam is strong. Luke desperately tries to reconcile his past an his beliefs with what he feels, His conscience tells him one thing, yet his feelings are clear, and the guidance from his goddess leaves room for him to compromise. That doesn’t make it easy, but one gesture from Villam says it all…Villam is frustrated that Luke cannot seem to get over their different backgrounds, and loves Luke with everything he has. Since they can’t seem to talk about it without flying into rages, he figures something out that might just get through to his stubborn lover.When the two finally do get together the underlying issues are not solved, but they are able to take the first steps to a "live and let live" situation that is more productive than ignoring each other's culture. While this story may be set far in the future an on an alien planet, the underlying truth about dealing with differences of opinion for a couple still hold true. If you like stories with a message, if you enjoy the rich background of an alien festival, and if you like reading about men who struggle to come to terms with each other's background, you will probably like this short book as much as I did. NOTE: This book was provided by Torquere Press for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews.

  • Judy & Marianne from Long and Short Reviews
    2019-03-02 04:27

    Originally posted at: and Luke had a whole week off their ship while it’s being serviced. After buying some leather in a Stavalai market, Villam is cutting into it when Luke returns from a swim. Upon learning they’re at the start of a five day imperial religious festival Luke is outraged. Following a different religion – one that he was taught hated the imperial following – he struggled to understand why his partner and lover has dragged him into this mess.This is a wonderful tale of another world and a different set of rules, society and religions. Villam and Luke, however, are easy to identify with and their conflict is so very human it made it easy to get really into their story. Passionate and both strong willed, I enjoyed watching them learn a lesson in tolerance and being open minded. The sex between them was also scorching hot, their love undeniable and exceedingly well written. I’d enjoy reading more books set in this world, the briefness of the story felt like a tantalizing tease into a glorious alternate reality – one I’d happily explore and learn more of.An awesome book, full of love and tenderness with a deliciously spicy ending.

  • Daesy
    2019-03-06 07:11

    The short book starts with Luke and Villam on a colony where there will be an imperial festival for the goddess of passion.Villam wants both of them to go to the festival,they fight and the thing that made me laugh was when Luke asked how long the festival would go on and after Villam said 5 days,he answered dont touch me for 5 days XD.The next day Luke leaves the hotel room and goes to the pool while Villam goes to the festival and the younger man cant stop thinking on what the other is doing and hurts himself in the pool omg XDDVillam is alone at the festival and thinks{..."I gave up my old life for him,and I'd do it again.I just wish he'd understand that I still prize my own culture"}With Luke there they could make an awesome offer for the goddess,since there is nothing he is more passionate about other then him.Luke in the end goes to the party with the pendant he found and that Villam had made for him with Luke's goddess not his.When Luke finds him pratically jumps on the man.{.."I'm not doing this for any goddesses",.........."This is for me and for you.You keep your own reasons and I'll keep mine."..}They make love,their offer to the goddess.And after Luke says that also the next year he will war Villam pendant,the new one he'll make again for the next festival.{..."Really? My leatherworking skills leave much to be desidered."........."So get better."......"Maybe by ten festivals from now you'll be able to make a decent one."............"And you'll still be here to complain about it,won't you?"....."Of course I will."..}I love those two i'd read 100 books about them. Nice really nice ^^

  • Katharina
    2019-03-19 07:29

    Why did I take so long in reading this very short 'sequel' to Storms and Stars? I absolutely loved Storms and Stars! I loved Villam and Luke, their differences in character and beliefs, how it shaped them, and how much it took for them to overcome ideas that had been imprinted on their minds for all their lives. They found a slightly fragile compromise, though, that allowed them to live together, be together, and still not betray and forget their own cultures.How fragile this compromise really is, you can see in this short story. It is hard work to find a middle way in their situation and both, Villam and Luke (especially Luke), struggle with it. It is great to see how they overcome this problem, both giving way and for once truly finding a possibility of being who they are together. Something, that seemed almost impossible to achieve before.Finishing Storms and Stars, I've always wondered whether or not their differences might prove to be too big in the end, realistically speaking. I'm glad to have read this, because now I can truly believe that they have a chance at a HEA despite all the work they'll have to put into their relationship.

  • Vivian
    2019-02-19 10:29

    2.5 starsQuick sci-fi read. Villiam and Luke are two shipmates and lovers, but coming from different backgrounds there are rough spots for their relationship. The expectations when they have leave planet side are different and filled with strife as each feels the other is not accepting their viewpoint.Can they find a way to bridge the differences in their beliefs and come together? I thought the setting and explanation of the opposing belief structures of their respective cultures was successful. Villiam seems to come from a modified Roman Empire with Britishisms thrown in while Luke's strict monotheistic culture conflicts with the pantheon of the Empire. I found the resolution to their disagreement to be more swept under the rug than addressed and hoped for more. ~~ A copy was provided to me for a No Glitter Blown review~~Reviewed for Hearts On Fire Reviews

  • Lillian Francis
    2019-02-27 05:20

    Would probably have benefited from reading the first story, if only for the world building.Enjoyed enough to add first to my wishlist.

  • Hearts On Fire Reviews
    2019-02-21 10:39

    Reviewed by:VivianGenre: M/M Sci FiRated: 2.5 hearts Reviewed for Hearts On Fire Reviews

  • Kyra
    2019-03-17 10:10

    Yay! A new story with Willam and Luke from Storms and Stars.