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Paris has seduced many admirers, but for visiting Australian Ellie Nielsen it's true love. So deep is her infatuation that, if she can't have it all to herself, she'll only be satisfied with buying her own little piece of Paris.The object of her desire seems so simple: the sort of apartment she's seen a thousand times in magazines and books. Something effortlessly charmingParis has seduced many admirers, but for visiting Australian Ellie Nielsen it's true love. So deep is her infatuation that, if she can't have it all to herself, she'll only be satisfied with buying her own little piece of Paris.The object of her desire seems so simple: the sort of apartment she's seen a thousand times in magazines and books. Something effortlessly charming, and old, and quirky - and expertly decorated. Something exuding character and Parisian chic. Something quintessentially French. The trouble is, she has only two short weeks in which to realise her fantasy - and she must somehow negotiate a deal in a foreign language without offending French real-estate etiquette. Is this even vaguely possible, or just a ridiculous folly?With her trusty French phrasebook in hand, and plucking up her reserves of savoir faire, Ellie embarks on the adventure of a lifetime. Beauty is everywhere even if, like all true romances, there are many obstacles to be overcome. But then, c'est toujours comme ça à Paris....

Title : Buying a Piece of Paris
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ISBN : 9781743184295
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Buying a Piece of Paris Reviews

  • Kate
    2019-01-04 10:46

    I'm honestly not sure why I finished this book. The main character was one of the most annoying characters ever, & it was just boring. I guess it was such an easy read I decided to just finish it anway, but I found the main character's constant stream of thoughts very disjointed & I just wanted her to get over herself. Maybe I persevered because I bought this book at a market on my honeymoon so there was sentimentality keeping me going. But it was definitely nothing special.

  • Arianna
    2018-12-22 09:43

    I enjoyed the taste of Paris with this book, but I wasn't ever totally sold on an entire book about real estate, even when paired with the many truly Parisian experiences that the book touched on. As humorous as Nielson was at times, she got annoying with her flippancy and the way she made drama out of absolutely everything. (Mon dieu! The railing is blue! How can that be?!?) Honestly. It was overall a cute book, though, but one I would not have spent my time on had it not been recommended. Despite it being about France, it is just really not my sort of book, in the long run. It was too...fluffy. And honestly, do I really care whether a rich Australian woman succeeded in buying an apartment, a second home, in Paris? At least she pointed out how poor she had been and how they had come into the money from an inheritance. Otherwise the book would have annoyed me even more: the travails of a rich woman trying to decide how to spend half a million euros! C'est si horrible!

  • Megan
    2019-01-02 10:46

    Could have done without it. Cover is the best part!

  • Melinda
    2018-12-28 15:44

    It was ok. I'll keep it for my library, but nothing I'd re-read. Loved the cover art...but just an ok book for me.

  • Janinne
    2019-01-17 09:59

    Boring. Bought a used copy at a thrift store. Glad I didn't buy full price new.

  • Stacey Peters
    2018-12-23 10:44

    I love Paris. It is a truly remarkable city, so I understand the author's fixation with owning a piece real estate in the City of Light. She comes face to face with the patronizing nature of French Real estate agencies who only show her apartments no fashionable French person would set foot in, let alone purchase, subjected to inpromptu french lessons from everyone she comes in contact with from waiters to florists and, finally pushy 'won't take no for an answer' realtors. Imagine that, wanting to see an apartment before making an offer?? You get a superficial look at several neighborhoods (or arrondisements) in Paris, lots of french language lessons and restaurant and shopping suggestions of where the natives go, or don't go, to pick up groceries, furniture and a good cup of coffee. Its a fun read that allows you to live vicariously through the author and still keep over $400K (euro) in your genuine Chanel, Prada or Gucci bag.

  • Catherine
    2018-12-27 09:05

    Ellie and her husband Jack are looking to buy an apartment in Paris as a vacation home. They're from Melbourne Australia.Nielsen takes us through the entire two-week process, every minute and tedious detail. The conversations in French were not translated most of the time, which I found highly annoying. Characters were thrown in without any explanation of their relationship to the writer. I kept feeling like an interloper in a stranger's dull conversation. If she'd been telling me this story I would have tuned out five minutes in.The book was poorly written and edited. I gave it two stars for the mere fact that Neilsen was able to complete the book before boring herself to death. To sum it up, sorry to say, merde. There are other books on Paris that are far better.

  • Stephanie
    2019-01-08 14:46

    This was a fast, breezy read - I think I read the whole thing in under two hours. No big surprises or even conflicts, but I enjoyed the process - anyone who has tried to negotiate the red tape of French bureaucracy will find this book very true to life.I see others have commented about not liking that the French isn't translated - I actually really liked that. (And I didn't think the French was so prevalent or essential that you couldn't just skip it if you couldn't read it.)I had a bit of a jaw-drop when I realized they were spending 500K+ on a vacation home, but I guess if you've got it, spend it!

  • Barbara
    2018-12-23 17:05

    Ellie Nielsen, an Australian, writes about her two week quest to buy the quintessential Parisian apartment. She has difficulty describing it (charming? full of character?) but is sure she'll know it as soon as she crosses the threshold. This is usually my kind of vicarious read but instead I found myself feeling ever so slightly annoyed since it sometimes seemed as if writing the book was actually the real reason for buying the apartment. Still, I found the glimpses of the Parisian real estate market and the intrigue of will they find the right place before they have to head back to Melbourne enough to keep me entertained and reading past midnight.

  • Michelle
    2019-01-10 14:03

    This was a charming book. It was a humorous story of how Ellie Nielsen buys an apartment in Paris and all the ups and downs of the purchase. It was exhausting and exhilerating reading about her adventure. I have always wanted to buy and apartment in Paris also, but think I will just stick to RENTING an apartment when I visit. It was fun to read about her struggling with her French in order to communicate with the real estate agents (although she was pretty well versed) and she described each apartment in so much detail you felt that you were right there with her. Fun read!

  • Leslie
    2019-01-19 15:54

    It was a walk down memory lane..2 summers ago when i took our 16 year old daughter to Paris to visit with our Australian friends....oh was great..I wonder if Danielle knows Ellie, as they are both from Melbourne. A quick read and oh so entertaining..especially with a good glass of wine..or two. I happened upon this on the recent acquisition shelf at our local library. What a surprise. Loved It...

  • Erica Leigh
    2019-01-07 11:03

    I came across this book a couple of years ago in a museum shop, but did not pick it up – the premise stayed with me, however, and I finally went searching for the book to satisfy my curiosity – and I am glad that I did. An easy and pleasant read, the story of a family’s search for the perfect apartment in Paris was in turns entertaining and charming. Though the book ended with the purchase, I certainly hope they have been happy living in their little piece of Paris.

  • Annette
    2019-01-15 09:52

    Ellie's story is so much fun! No, there are no literary prizes being awarded here (I doubt that Nielsen is operates under any false pretentions) but for sheer Francophilian pleasure, don't overlook this one. Nielson graciously wears her uncomplicated, Australian heart of her sleeve, and delivers her observations in a highly readable fashion. I had a lovely time accompanying Ellie on her hunt for the perfect piece of Paris.

  • Suzka
    2018-12-30 15:06

    Blerg. I appreciate that it's totally autobiographical, and that she ended up getting what she set out to do. SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER! (Sorry. Are you trying to tell me you couldn't tell that she'd get it, just by looking at the cover?) I appreciate the passion and drive, but it was kinda tedious. I picked this up at the library, only because it was on the counter (having just been returned) and the other book I was taking out was non-fiction and much less entertain-y.Blerg.

  • Kate
    2019-01-07 17:01

    Delightful - but I am a travel memoir junkie. This young Australian couple apparently inherited a boatload of money from the author's mother and search for a pied a terre to call their own in Paris. A fun read and I would be insanely jealous if Ellie didn't seem like a nice sort and not spoiled by her good fortune. This is a short, fast read - and as satisfying as a cafe creme with pain au chocolat.

  • Rhode
    2019-01-18 09:49

    Ok, she has tons of money and is able to buy a nice apartment which she can only visit rarely. This is the kind of person who makes Paris so expensive for people who live there. It was an annoying book. That said, having real estate shopped myself abroad, it was interesting to see how different things are from country to country.

  • Dave
    2018-12-23 16:51

    I like reading anything about Europe, so the title caught my attention. I have always thought it would be fun to like in France. However, listening to this book and also watching House Hunters International on HGTV, I am not sure my dreams of living in another country will match any reality I would find! A few hundred thousand doesn't get you much real estate in Paris.

  • Maureen Mclelland
    2019-01-03 11:54

    As someone who will be travelling to Paris in a few weeks, I appreciated reading about the city from an outsider who is desperate to become an insider. The tale of a pretty fortunate/ entitled Australian who is trying to find the perfect apartment. The book provides great glimpses of the Paris attitude and so many funny little vignettes of life in the city of love.

  • Zelda
    2019-01-18 13:05

    What a lovely way to travel on long motorways and highways. Listening to this book was charming. Although getting out of the car in Rotorua and trying to remember to speak English and not French was a small challenge.

  • Rosie Beck
    2019-01-14 12:57

    The adventures and mishaps of an Australian woman and her husband as they search for a Parisian apartment to call their own. You must know some French as it is sprinkled throughout with no translations.Charming and funny.

  • Kathleen
    2018-12-23 12:52

    What a wonderful, amazing, incredible story! It's so inspiring to hear of other people's travels & exploits abroad. I discovered a few things about France, Paris in particular, that I never knew. It was also great to practice some of my long lost French!

  • Cindy May
    2019-01-13 09:05

    I liked it, but felt at a disadvantage not knowing French since that slowed me down quite a lot stumbling over all the various phrases exchanged between the Australians and the Parisians. For this reason I will probably not keep the book as I don't see me rereading it.

  • Tracy
    2019-01-15 12:51

    An Australian woman embarks on a plan to buy an apt in Paris. I loved it. I love most books about adapting to life in France; this was no exception. I will be dropping it off for you Elisabeth but I am waiting to finish another book I am currently reading which I also expect you will love.

  • Andrea
    2018-12-23 10:07

    If real estate in Paris is an interest to you, this book might be interesting. I found the book to be a bit tedious since it over-emphasized the process of apartment hunting in Paris. Photos would have been another enhancement to the book.

  • Tamara Catlin
    2018-12-26 16:04

    I enjoyed this.... Trying to read lots about France before the trip.... Plus I always enjoy reading about houses..... Light but fun

  • Relyn
    2019-01-16 17:04

    YEESH what a boring book!! Want to buy an apartment in Paris. Blah, blah, blah, blah... Should I buy this one? Blah, blah, blah... Oh look - we bought one. Spare me!

  • Andrea
    2018-12-21 08:54

    Really enjoyed this - just like being there in Paris.

  • Casey McNeill
    2019-01-14 10:57

    So far this is soooooooooooooo good! :)

  • Christine Brennen-leigh
    2019-01-01 17:11

    Makes you want to go out and buy your own piece of Paris.

  • Lisadee
    2019-01-01 10:57

    I loved it! It was fun reading about the author's love affair with Paris, struggles with the language and culture, and fantasy of owning her own little piece of the city of light.