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In a world of war and mayhem, a woman awakens on a train without memory or identity and her world becomes a twisted nightmare when she's attacked by fleshless, undead cannibals. After taking the name of the notorious outlaw, Neasa Bannan, she uncovers a horrifying conspiracy engineered by Doctor Saul, the psychopathic mastermind behind the Confederacy's deadly flesh-hungryIn a world of war and mayhem, a woman awakens on a train without memory or identity and her world becomes a twisted nightmare when she's attacked by fleshless, undead cannibals. After taking the name of the notorious outlaw, Neasa Bannan, she uncovers a horrifying conspiracy engineered by Doctor Saul, the psychopathic mastermind behind the Confederacy's deadly flesh-hungry weapons. A homicidal gunslinger, a jilted lover, and a brotherhood of killers emerge out of Neasa's tragic, blood-soaked past while the living dead ravage the land. With the fate of her identity and self-image in the balance, Neasa must decide: save the Union from the undead menace, or surrender to Saul's vision of ultra-violence....

Title : Nightmare of the Dead
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Nightmare of the Dead Reviews

  • Janie C.
    2018-11-25 17:41

    Cruelty and ill will abound in this tale of malevolence and manipulation. The background is the American Civil War, and the players are both family and rivals intent on world domination. The story moves quickly through miles of gore and the search for personal gain. I feel that the explosive ending was justified.3.5 bullets through the head.

  • Kimberly
    2018-11-28 18:55

    While this was certainly a different sort of zombie novel, with some great "action" scenes, I'd have enjoyed it more if the writing style had been a bit more... fluent. There were some inconsistencies and editing issues that threw me out of the story for a while. Honestly, I feel that those--more so than any part of the story itself--is why I'm only giving this one a three star rating.

  • Char
    2018-12-10 21:01

    Nightmare of the Deadwas a different kind of zombie/cannibal novel and I'm torn over it.On the one hand, I enjoyed the creativity and imagination that went into this story. We have the Union and the Confederacy battling it out, with one side using medical experimentation to create the perfect type of soldier. And somehow this was done with a horror/western type feel to it-kudos to the author for that.On the other hand, the writing felt disjointed. At times there seemed to be parts that were rewritten and inserted without regard for the paragraphs before and after. There were also a lot of missing words. These issues did bother me and took me out of the flow of the story more than once. The author's descriptive skills were excellent and believe you me, there is a lot of blood, gore, torture, and rape here to describe. In that vein, Mr. Bilof's writing put me in mind of Tim Curran, whose imagination is beyond compare. This was a quick reading, short novel and I did enjoy it, it's just that the writing could have been better. I would read more of this author's work in the future, in the hopes that he's honing his craft. If that's the case, then we certainly have not seen the last of Vincenzo Bilof.

  • Ms. Nikki
    2018-11-30 20:38

    Nightmare of the Dead starts out with a woman on a train with no memory of who she is. There's a man sitting across from her who's been asked to look after her. He fills her in on what's been going on, who he thinks she is, and hands her some guns, her guns. It isn't long before they become aware of a green mist filling the cabin. Some passengers fall ill and begin to transform while others remain unaffected; the lady and her companion included.Drawing her weapons, the woman of mystery embarks on a journey to find out just what the green mist is and why she's immune, who stole her memory, and why certain folks want her dead.I don't want to give away too much of the story as it would be easy to ruin it and I want folks who plan on reading this to have the pleasure of an un-tainted read.I loved the fact that the main character was a wild-woman of the 1860's. Yes, this was a western/horror and I was totally caught up in it. Vincenzo knew what he wanted to convey to his readers and he did it without a doubt. Some may find issue with the descriptive words that were used, but his prose flowed and I sailed through this read and wished there was more.A distinctly original story that I'd easily recommend. It's got blood and guts, but for those of you who shy away from the "dark" stuff, it's definitely a lot tamer than what I usually read.Great job, V~

  • Rodney
    2018-12-07 17:42

    Not​ ​your​ ​typical​ ​zombie​ ​story,​ ​in​ ​fact​ ​it​ ​came​ ​off​ ​as​ ​original​ ​in​ ​both​ ​the​ ​setting​ ​and​ ​the​ ​physical makeup​ ​of​ ​the​ ​creatures.​ ​The​ ​descriptions​ ​were​ ​quite​ ​effective​ ​in​ ​relaying​ ​the​ ​scenes​ ​and​ ​there was​ ​enough​ ​action​ ​and​ ​gore​ ​to​ ​satisfy.​ ​There​ ​were​ ​moments​ ​however​ ​where​ ​the​ ​flow​ ​was​ ​not as​ ​smooth​ ​as​ ​it​ ​could​ ​have​ ​been.​ ​The​ ​editing​ ​could​ ​have​ ​been​ ​more​ ​thorough​ ​as​ ​well.​ ​This​ ​is​ ​not my​ ​first​ ​experience​ ​with​ ​Bilof,​ ​certainly​ ​not​ ​my​ ​last,​ ​but​ ​honestly​ ​I​ ​enjoyed​ ​the​ ​others​ ​books a​ ​bit​ ​more than​ ​I​ ​did​ ​this​ one.​ ​3.5​ ​stars.

  • Pamellia
    2018-12-03 15:33

    While I thought the story was pretty good, it just wasn't the type of zombie read I enjoy. In fact, I would say this is a one of a kind zombie story. Nothing apocalyptic about it.My favorite character was Ambala. It was a good feeling to think of an escaped (was she escaped?) slave righting the wrongs of the slave culture, even if it was exaggerated to the point if doing more harm than good.The book is what I would term a study of the psychotic tendency with brutal undertones of man. Unfortunately I think any of this book's characters would have gladly carried out the design and use of the Green Vapor weapon to wipe out their own enemies.I would liked to have known more about the antagonist' s strong handsome savior towards the end of the book. That was an interesting turn if events. Maybe another book about the two of them? Yea, probably not.I gave this book three stars simply because there was too much violence, blood and guts to make it a worth the while read. I would not recommend it.

  • Patrick D'Orazio
    2018-11-16 17:58

    Nightmare of the Dead introduces us to a young woman who wakes up on a train during the civil war, her memory lost, but her sense of what she is capable of with a gun still intact. As a strange green mist appears in another one of the train cars and seeps into hers, she discovers that some sort of horrific transformation is taking place among the men that surround her. Not all are affected by the gas. At least one other boy-a soldier for the confederacy-does not transform into a creature that dead yet still living like the others, and neither does she. These creatures are violent, deadly monsters that lust for flesh and must be killed with a bullet through the head. For all intents and purposes, they are zombies, and their introduction comes as quite a shock to her. While seeking to discover her identity as faint traces of her past seep into her mind, the woman is pursued by a group of outlaws who know about her past and have plans for her. At the same time, we are introduced to a mad scientist who is the creator of the toxic gas she was exposed to on the train. He has been employed by Jefferson Davis, President of the Confederacy, in an effort to turn the tide of the war with his new invention, but the scientist’s main goal is to gain membership into a dark, underworld organization that is intrigued by what he has wrought. The story slowly reveals his relationship with the amnesiac woman and how she is valuable to both him and the “Nightmare Collective.”Nightmare of the Dead is a zombie tale, though the zombies here are more mutations than anything-it does not appear that they infect you through their bites, but by the exposure to the gas, or other variations of the ingredients the scientist has mixed to cause the zombification.The story has a different take on the zombie genre in some ways, and the undead play a very secondary role to the main characters and their quests to both understand more themselves and gain revenge upon one another for a very complicated past. I’ve read historical zombie tales-those of the old west included-but this one foregoes many of the traditional elements found in most and carves out its own path. Fans of the genre will get their fair share of zombie gore and action, and both the main character and villain are well developed, especially when the story dives deeper and deeper into their shared history, but don’t go in expecting a traditional tale of the apocalypse. Both the main characters are vile in different ways, but the author is able to give us at least a reason or two to feel sympathy not only for the obvious one of the two, but the other as well. I think it only fair to share concerns that come to mind with any book I review, and with Nightmare of the Dead it came down to some overly descriptive verse and stiff dialog. This wasn’t something that was pervasive throughout, but came up enough to serve as a distraction. By no means did it wreck the story for me, but it did make some characters feel a bit more forced and awkward than others. The flow isn’t always natural with how they speak. Again, this served as more of a distraction than a major issue, but it was noticeable and I feel compelled to point it out. Outside of this issue, the story is solid, enjoyable, and I liked discovering and learning about these characters. It is clear that a sequel must be forthcoming, and I look forward to checking that out as well.

  • Kathy Geiser
    2018-12-07 15:34

    Neasa awakens on a train, with her memory gone. She and a fellow traveler are attacked by savage flesh eating monsters after a green mist engulfs the inside of the train. Neasa discovers that she is a feared outlaw that has been responsible for the dead and destruction of many men. As her memory starts to slowly return she learns that she is part of a secret order, and has been trained from birth to be dangerous and ruthless killers. This organization wants her back so they can use her as their most lethal weapon.All around her the Civil War is raging, while Neasa is changed by the woman she loves. This romance is the ultimate taboo of this era, because not only is her love a woman, she is also black. They ride side by side in search of Neasa's brother. The brother is the responsible for Neasa's loss of memory and he is also the one who created the flesh eating monsters. He is a mad scientist and is planning to use his zombies to guarantee that his side wins the war. Neasa and her lover want to kill him. The kicker is Neasa’s brother is also looking for her. Neasa is not just a ruthless outlaw, but she is also immune to the gas he uses to turn people into zombies. This book is a great read. It is very entertaining with an air of suspense that keeps you reading. I really enjoyed it. I love zombies and the Civil War backdrop gives it a different .perspective. Plus Neasa is one tough bitch and really kicks ass. There is so much more to this book, but I don’t want to give to much away Vincenzo Bilof is a major talent. He writes of horror and gore, he does it elegantly with the words of a poet. I have said this about him before, but he is the Shakespeare of gore. I love reading his books. He paints a picture with his stories that is unreachable by most writers. He has moved up on my list of favorites with each of his books that I read. I am really anxious the read more of his stuff. Great job Vincenzo! I just bought GRAVITY COMICS MASSACRE and can’t wait to start reading it.

  • Thomas Strömquist
    2018-11-11 17:01

    What do you get if you take one part The Outlaw Josey Wales, one Dead and Buried, add a generous helping of Return of the Living Dead, some surprisingly good writing but mixed with quite poor editing and let stew for 27 years? You guessed it, a book that's perfectly readable in parts, but would have gained a lot with more care taken to some character development and another read-through/polishing. She wasn't going to wait for anything to happen; she was a woman of action.Neasa picked up a surgical saw and held the knife in the other hand. She backed up toward the wall and waited[...]I pushed through this one as it was a group read in my brilliant motley group and therefore I was thankful for it being short. But really, I felt it far too short - and not fleshed out enough to hold any real interest.

  • Mark Tompkins
    2018-11-26 16:57

    Unique and interesting story line. Great imagery and rich and colorful characters. This is now one of my favorite zombie stories. This is a well written tale that captured my interest from the beginning and refused to let go. I will be reading more of Vincenzo's work.

  • Michael
    2018-12-02 14:50

    review coming soon