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Julie Barenson’s young husband left her two unexpected gifts before he died – a puppy named Singer and the promise that he would always be watching over her. Now, four years later, twenty-nine year-old Julie is far too young to have given up on love. She may be ready to risk caring for someone again. But who? Should it be Richard Franklin, the sophisticated, handsome enginJulie Barenson’s young husband left her two unexpected gifts before he died – a puppy named Singer and the promise that he would always be watching over her. Now, four years later, twenty-nine year-old Julie is far too young to have given up on love. She may be ready to risk caring for someone again. But who? Should it be Richard Franklin, the sophisticated, handsome engineer who treats her like a queen? Or Mike Harris, the down-to-earth nice guy who was her husband’s best friend? Choosing one of them should bring her more happiness than she’s had in years. Instead, Julie is soon fighting for her life in a nightmare spawned by a chilling deception and jealousy so poisonous that it has become a murderous desire . . . The Guardian contains all the qualities readers expect from Nicholas Sparks. But here, he adds a new electrifying intensity – and page after page of riveting suspense....

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The Guardian Reviews

  • Blythe
    2018-12-01 15:09

    Wasn't a huge fan of this one, but I am looking forward to Sparks' next novel:

  • Mo
    2018-12-01 15:00

    Author's note at end of the book ... brace yourselves, you might fall of the chair, laughing. I know I nearly did."From first to final draft, the novel went through eight major revisions until my editor and I were finally satisfied that the novel accomplished what it set out to do, that is, be a love story first and foremost, and secondly - in a way that sneaks up on the reader - a compelling thriller.""A COMPELLING THRILLER"!! This author needs to either sack the editor or read some "compelling thrillers" himself. Such a half-baked plot. It was SO OBVIOUS what was going to happen. Ended up skimming but, even so, I got the gist of it. And Mike - seriously, he came across as a bit of a simpleton. I thought maybe this was one of this author's early books or even his first book but, no, he wrote a few prior to this one.

  • Marwa
    2018-11-30 13:09

    I've never written a review before, but I thought that this book really qualifies for one. Sometimes you just want something that you can indulge yourself into without the analysis and critical thinking, and this one was perfect for it.I love the whole story between Mike and Julie and the slow realization of Julie as she comes to love Mike.and of course I love Singer, The Guardian.This book is full of twists that I didnt expect at all.I was surprised by the ending, But I loved it.This is the first time I read to Sparks and I'm really glad that I did.The book is just beautiful. Brought tears to my eyes. ♥

  • Amanda
    2018-11-29 17:18

    One of my favorite Nicholas Sparks' books. The main character falls in love with her long time friend after losing her husband at a very young age. I love the romance concept of the book and the slow realization of Julie as she comes to love Mike. It is also a nice concept of her lost husband watching over her and letting go when he sees she is finally at peace without him. Romance stories are more fascinating to me when the main characters are already friends who fall in love.

  • Books Ring Mah Bell
    2018-12-11 13:08

    yeah, there's a spoiler in here. so stop reading if you don't wanna know.yep. sparks does it again, sucks, that is.he kills off a dog this time, if memory serves me right. I think that's all he's got... try to make a love story so sweet you need insulin. and then WHAM! Death! yeah, get out your kleenex you sorry bastards!that's right Sparks, kill 'em all! must be a metallica fan.

  • Kelli
    2018-11-28 17:25

    I admit, Nicholas Sparks got me with The Notebook. I was 22, sitting alone in the back of my parents car coming home to Pennsylvania after visiting relatives in Illinois, and I devoured the whole thing, sobbing so much my parents almost pulled over the car. He totally got me, reeled me in. Hook. Line. Sinker. The man is smart. He knows his, audience very well, knows exactly what "bait" to dangle in front of them. People fall in love, BIG, GRAND, EPIC ROMANCE LOVE. Throw in some horrible tragedy/obstacle/terminal illness. Add a bunch of corny, cheesy platitudes. Then drop thousand pound anvil of Major Life Lesson That Must Be Learned...over and over and over...and over again. Lather, rinse, repeat. Voila! Best-selling author. I would be lying if I said I didn't fall for this kind of formulaic writing. It's needed. Sometimes you just need predictable, romantic cheese. Obviously, or Nick Sparks wouldn't be a gazillion-jazillion-aire, or whatever. I won't pretend to be a literary snob who looks down on this genre of books. I have guilty pleasures, and I indulge. You all know you do, too.HOWEVER. This book is UNNECESSARY. And EVIL. PURE EVIL.And here's the part where I also won't pretend to be a rational human being when it comes to animals, or more specifically, animals of the canine variety. My husband and I have no children. Instead, we have three dogs. All rescues. I am one of Those Crazy Dog People. So, I will forewarn you, and fully admit, that my Absolute Hate of this book is fueled by my completely irrational and 5 year-old belief that Dogs Do Not Die. EVER. AT ALL. Even happily from old age (MARLEY I AM LOOKING AT YOU).I mean, at 5 years-old, I bawled and my mom had to remove me from the movie theater during The Fox and the Hound because "We'll always be friends. FOREVER.". Except when I get older and have to hunt you down and kill you. LIES. ALL LIES. And no animals, dog or fox, were even killed in that movie.So I'm assuming, if you've read this book, you get (from my looooong disclaimer) why I hurled it across the room when Nicholas Sparks went and MURDERED THE DOG. It's not enough to POISON him. No, to just make this book even that much more DRAMATIC, let's SHOOT HIM TOO. But, it'll be okay, because he died protecting his humans from a crazy stalker and his humans get to live Happily Ever After because of how brave the dog was. And that just makes it all better, doesn't it?Um, no? Is it wrong that I've rewritten the ending in my head where all the humans (It's been so long since I've read this, I've forgotten names)--Main Character, Love Interest, Crazy Stalker--all end up dead because they are humans and adults and they all should know better than to allow THEMSELVES, let alone an innocent dog, to get mixed up in all this stupid drama. And the dog MIRACULOUSLY lives and gets HIS Happily Ever After with a nice, stable family, who are smart enough not to get mixed up with Crazy Stalkers, and who have two children for him to play with and a big, fenced-in backyard.That might be wrong of me, but I've already admitted my irrational love of dogs so my alternate ending shouldn't have been a surprise.I apologize because I can't really offer any rational critique of this book. That all went out the window the moment he MURDERED THE DOG. I am way too blinded by my hate of this to offer anything else even remotely constructive or informative. I haven't read another Nick Sparks book since The Guardian. And that was about seven or eight years ago. Have I mentioned I also hold irrational grudges against authors who murder dogs? This Grudge is so strong, I don't care what kind of cheesy bait he dangles, I will never bite again. Completely irrational, I know. But I like living in Irrational City. Dogs don't die there.

  • Jen Holman
    2018-11-19 17:03

    Saccharine! Predictable! This is the first Sparks novel I've read and I don't understand (from this first exposure anyway) WHY this man is a bestselling author. I just didn't get the appeal... Spoiler: the "Guardian" is the dog. THE DOG. I mean, anytime the dog has to save the day, is this good?

  • Debbie Petersen
    2018-11-30 14:00

    Sometimes, belonging to a book club (or two, or in my case, three) means that you are introduced to something that you would have never read on your own, that turns out to stretch your mind and lead to interesting discoveries...and other times, you are so aghast by someone's favorite that you avoid the discussion of the book so as not to hurt the person's feelings who suggested it. Here on Goodreads, I will pull no punches. This book reads like a Hallmark card, or a serial in a woman's magazine, or worse yet--a Lifetime movie. The premise is lame and many dying husbands make pre-death arrangements for a dirty puppy to be delivered to the grieving widow on Christmas--in a cardboard box, no less? Why was the pup in such sad shape? Was the husband so ill that he ordered the pup from a substandard puppy mill? Ah, but with the wisdom that people about to die seem to have, he has chosen well, and she is thrilled to have the responsibility of training and caring for an enormous dog instead of being able to choose for herself if she wants to take this on, or perhaps choose a nice low maintenance goldfish instead. The rest of the story is so much like others of this genre that you may feel like you've already read it. The charming, handsome man who turns out to be psychotic, the man she thinks of as a "friend" who is really in love with her (and, of course, ends up being her savior at the end and she loves him too...yawn.) In stories like this, good people rarely die, even after being beaten to a pulp and left for dead in a ditch for two days (slutty hairdresser who isn't very bright); a cop found shot in the head, lying face-down with his head in a pool of blood near the end of the story is out of the hospital in a few days instead of being six feet under; a dog who has been poisoned with enough rat poison to kill six dogs, who moments before was gasping his last breath on the ground and unable to stand, suddenly flies through the air and attacks psycho dude, saving his owner, only to finally die of gunshot wounds inflicted by psycho dude. Weepy dog death scene follows, but psycho dude is dead and doggie has fulfilled being her guardian as in the book title, and everyone else goes off happily into the sunset. This is basically the song "My Life Will Go On" by Celine Dion mixed with a touch of "Old Yeller."

  • Jessica
    2018-11-29 20:10

    I wish that I could give this book 3 stars. I really wish that I could. I mean there are a lot of parts of the book that I really liked. But in general the story was a little familiar...I read a book earlier this year that was almost exactly the same plot line but of course was not as well put together as a Nicholas Sparks' book! And up until the last chapter and epilogue, I was going to give it 3 stars. But that last bit ruined it for me. Not to spoil anything for any readers, but seriously, the guardian is not at all what I, being a reader, wanted it to be. I mean, the book is based around a love story with a thrilling secondary plot, and the love story in the end has nothing to do with the ending. What the heck?!? It left me incredibly underwhelmed.

  • إبراهيم عادل
    2018-12-05 14:10

    رواية جميلة وشيقة .. يبدو أني أدركت مبكرًا أن هذه الرواية ستعجبني و يبدو أيضًا أني أحب قراءة الأفلام الأجنبية .. وليس مشاهدتها فحسب . على الرغم من أن "تيمة" الرواية تبدو معتادة .. إلا أن سباركس استطاع بلغته وتفاصيل روايته أن يجذبني إلأى عالم هذه الرواية الخاص، وإن بدا لي أن عنوان "الحارس" لم يكن هو الأنسب للرواية ...هناك كوارث إنسانية قامت بها المترجمة دعد سيحاسبها عليها القانون وإن كانت الترجمة جيدة، ولكن الأخطـاء مثيرة (أقصد كثيرة) وقابلة (قاتلة) ا .....

  • Angiee
    2018-11-24 17:06

    Speachless.. Literally speachless.. Nicholas Sparks is a natural!! Every time I finish a book of his, I keep on saying it's the best, but ALL OF THEM ARE BEAUTIFULY AMAZING!!!! Mike, Richard, singer, jim.. Everything was soo beautiful.. Richard was sexy, seductive,yet somehow pshycopathic. Mike such a darling sweetheart, every girl would die to have such a boyfriend who loves you so much to the extent that at the last second of his life, when he was one step away from death, he gathered himself because he didn't want to die and leave Julia and realization struck him that if he dies, Julie will get killed by Richard (Robert). Nicholas, ur books give me great emotion.. At the end of every book I read from Nicholas, I was always left breathless and with tears rolling down my face.. I'd hug the book and stare into space.. Amazing.. Nicholas Sparks, you're the best <3

  • Rsoeffker
    2018-12-02 14:26

    I know what your thinking... How can Reed read a nicholas sparks book... very simple... I don't think you can bad mouth something until you have tried it. so I read a sparks novel. I have to admit it was entertaining. It was also very cheesy and the very end was about the biggest pile of tripe i have ever layed eyes on.

  • Briley
    2018-11-24 16:23

    September10, 2008Edit: Septmeber 22, 2008- The Gaurdian by Nicholas Sparks, is a touching love story of death and a leap a faith. Julie Barenson's husbands death left her with to unexpected gifts, a Great Dane puppy named Singer and the promise that he would be watching over her always. After, four years of mourning Julie is now finally emotionally ready to begin the journey of finding Mr. Right again. While working one day in the small hair salon of her mother-like friend Mable, Richard Franklin walks in. In his dress suit, dark hazel eyes, perfect tan, and nice smile Julie finds herrself attracted to the stranger. After dating a few times Richard falls madly in love while Julie falls for another man, Mike Harris, her late husband best friend. Unfortunately, the rejection is too much for Richard to handle and he just can't cut his losses and be friends with her. This is where the pace of the book really gains momentum. Instead of being a gentleman about the whole thing, Richard turns into a menacing creep and calling Julie over and over and hanging up the phone when she answers. Will Julie make it out or have to live with her consequences. Text to Text: The Guardian by Nicholas Sparks shows similarities to many love stories however, the book reminded me greatly of the book P.S. I love you!. The two main characters both share the tragic lose of their young husbands to horrible fights with brain cancer. Left alone the two women both struggle to perceiver in every day life. Then one day unexpected love comes knocking at both the women's door. The main event that connected the two stories together however is that both of the women’s husband leave letters and objects to help the women move on with life. The two stories both share the plot that “one that truly loves wants you to love again.”

  • Reem Alomari
    2018-11-27 13:05

    The Guardian. A novel that included not only the genre of romanticism but the theme of love and danger. What can I say? I was captivated by this book. This book was different from any of Nicholas Sparks' novels. The fact that it was a love story between two good old friends is the kind of love story that interests me. I felt that Mike and Julie's realisation for their love for each other was beautiful and I love how they acted naturally in sync. And the fact that there was a bad guy from the beginning till the end was another interesting thing about the book. The whole time i was reading the book it was as if i was watching a really good movie. It was easy for me to imagine the scenes and the music. I must say that Richard's character was developing slowly but in a good way. Page by page you can see that he slowly begins to show the real him. And I don't want to spoil it for you guys, but what I can say is this: If you're looking for a romantic story that is not predictable nor cheesy and that it involves an element of danger and suspense then you've got the right book. The book was well written .. the story was different .. The story had elements of familiarity with the different characters that I could easily see in our normal everyday life. i also enjoyed reading about the basic interactions with Julie and her dog, Singer. How is it possible that I fell in love with a dog that doesn't exist? In conclusion, Nicholas Sparks has captivated my emotions and he has done a job well-done at that I may add. If i were to rate this book from a million, I'd give it two million stars! If that sounded stupid I apologise.

  • Shelby
    2018-11-16 17:26

    4 StarsThis book a really good and it was a great love story. I am happy the Richard and Julie never ended up together at the end because I feel like Richard was not really a good match for Julie. He is way different then Mike. Mike and Julie and great together. Mike is a down to earth kind of guy that cares for Julie and Richard is a person that has money and treats her like royalty, but in a way he seems like he cares for Julie. Through out this book I thought that Mike and Julie are perfect for each other. My thoughts about them never changed. Towards the end I would change is that Julie's dog Singer passes away because of old age. If I had written this book I would have Singer live, even Singer had a great home and parents and also a great life. It was well written that I felt like that I was in Julie's place and I could feel the way she did and their connection between each other. I really cried during that part on a good way.

  • Anna
    2018-11-10 15:10

    The guardian is another great book by Nicholas Sparks. Though I must say he has done better work I still enjoyed reading this one. Like the majority of his books the sadness of death is expressed through his writing. I must say though, at the beginning of the book the story was pretty slow and didn't completely have my attention unlike say The Last Song or Dear John. But by the middle of the book it had me completely captivated! I just couldn't put it down. The whole mysterious Richard story and true self becoming unveiled. It is also not just about love between people, but the bond between a girl and her dog. It tells about the true loyalty and friendship between Julie and her dog Singer. And how he fought tp save her to the very end. This book though slow in the beginning was pretty good and I recommend it to others whom enjoy thrillers, with romance etc.

  • Michelle Raven
    2018-12-01 17:25

    Stars: 5 I'll write a review when i stop crying.

  • Swissmiss
    2018-12-08 16:23

    I seriously cannot believe that the average rating on this is nearly 4 stars. That must mean that there is a sizable number of people who have given it 5 stars, which just makes me sad for the state of our country.This book sucked so bad I didn't even finish it. I would give it zero stars if I could and still have it register an entry.Seriously, the author must have gotten an advance on this sight unseen and then the publishers just decided, well, we've sunk this much money into it already, let's just publish the thing and see how many poor sods buy it. And it's standard-priced at only 7.50 right there on the cover, which has to tell you something. (And no, I didn't pay 7.50 for it; I got it for free when an expat was leaving Switzerland and needed to get rid of some books.)Okay, why did I dislike this so much? First of all, the cover says that '...Julie is soon fighting for her life in a nightmare spawned by a chilling deception and jealousy so poisonous that it has become a murderous desire...' Sounds interesting, right? Well, I lasted until page 260 (out of 494 pages) and there was neither nightmare nor deception in sight. To be absolutely fair, it could be that things picked up on page 261, but Julie and her merry band of undereducated yet homespun and well-meaning service industry workers had more than worn out their welcome with me by that point.The entire first 100 pages or so was full of drivel like this:======Mabel removed two plastic glasses from the bottom drawer and made herself more comfortable on the couch. By the time Julie joined her, Mabel had kicked off her shoes, propped her feet on the table, and already taken a drink. With her eyes closed and her head leaned back, it seemed almost as if she believed she was sitting in a chaise longue on a distant beach, basking beneath a tropical sun.'So what's Mike up to these days?' she asked, her eyes still closed. 'He hasn't come around here much lately.''Nothing too exciting. Working, feuding with Henry, the usual. Other than that, not much.'======Yeah, just like the entire book. I mean, the writing isn't necessarily embarrassingly amateur and inane (I would rather say straightforward and uninspired), it's just that.... nothing happens. Ever. Which wouldn't be so terrible if the book had been billed as the daily life of a boring hairdresser in Podunk, USA. I simply wouldn't have picked it up in that case. But I did pick it up on the strength of the author's name (Nicholas Sparks, 'the author of some of the most memorable love stories of our time') and the blurb on the back, part of which I quoted above. Aside from the complete and total lack of plot, the characters were flat and uninteresting; I didn't care who Julie ended up with, which seemed to be the actual point of the book (up to where I read anyway). There was no suspense, nothing driving me to turn the next page. There was no sense of atmosphere. It was stated that this was in some small town, but I never really got a feeling for the town at all. The supporting characters were likewise completely lacking in sympathy, spark, or individuality. I suppose the one thing I can say is, the book was believable. Most people's lives are exactly this boring. Don't waste your time.

  • Deirdre
    2018-11-10 14:04

    Nicholas Sparks takes a turn from his usual, sometimes sappy romance stories in The Guardian: still a romance, this book has a definitive thriller edge to it. I enjoyed The Guardian and think Sparks accomplished his objectives of mixing a romance with a thriller without losing sight of the relationship that was building throughout the novel.When Julie's husband dies in his early 20s, he leaves Julie with a note and a Great Dane puppy, who she names Singer, to look after her. Four years after becoming a young widow, Julie is ready to start making good on her late husband's wish that she find someone who makes her happy. She dates a few losers, gets romanced by some seemingly charming guys, and eventually falls in love with Mike, the man who was her husband's best friend. As their romance grows, they soon realize they are fighting for their lives against a violent stalker who is dead-set on having Julie for himself. True throughout to his guardian duties, Singer is the shining star of this novel. More human than dog, he is the only one who seems to know what's going on the whole time. I haven't read many Sparks novels, but I hear this one breaks form quite a bit. For that, I say kudos to Sparks! Job well done.

  • Marcela M.
    2018-11-13 14:25

    Perfecto, perfecto, y simplemente perfecto. De las historias de Sparks que he leído, esta ha sido, de lejos, la mejor. Un lugar donde refugiarse me encanto, pero El guardián no tiene comparación. Que el 90% del libro sea suspenso, pero que Nicholas no haya dejado de lado el romanticismo del que estamos acostumbrados en su libros, es simplemente maravilloso.He tratado de buscar algo malo del libro, y la verdad no lo encuentro. Solo tengo cosas buenas que decir. Y es que no pueden imaginar todo lo que he fangirleado con esta obra. Contiene suspenso, el cual es uno de mis géneros favoritos, está escrita por uno de mis autores favoritos y tiene un final, que aunque desgarrador, es perfecto. ¿Qué más se puede pedir?

  • Stephanie Joy
    2018-12-04 17:59

    Nicholas Sparks did an awesome job of moving the story along in this book, which is hard to do when tackling a thriller AND romance in the same novel. There was a delicate balance between the action/drama side of the story and the typical love story and I'm impressed with the attention to detail. I'd love to see this adapted into a movie!

  • Kirsten
    2018-12-11 14:17


  • Mayu
    2018-12-10 17:26

    Muchos años atras lei esta novela y me encantó. Adoré a Singer y a Mike y esta novela me pareció la mejor de cuantas habia leido de Sparks. Y ahora queria volver a releerla. Al principio fue tal y como la recordaba, empezo MUY bien y Mike y Singer seguian siendo tan adorables como los recordaba. Pero pronto Julie empezó a caerme mal y todo su encaprichamiento con Richard (el malo) me parecia absurdo, por no decir que estaba siendo t-o-n-t-a y c-r-u-e-l con su mejor amigo, Mike. Julie SABIA que Mike estaba perdidamente enamorado de ella pero para ella era como "¿Mike? ¿Estas sufriendo? Lo siento, es que antes de decir sentar cabeza contigo tengo que explorar todas las opciones". No la soporté. Y Richard es lo peor, y da mucho miedo, y era taaaaaan obvio que todo en él era falso que era como "¿Julie, como eres tan ciega?". Despues Julie decide romper con Richard, gracias a cierta cita espontanea con Mike. Amé el capitulo 14 y el 15, se respiraba ternura. Por fin Julie no era tonta e iba a hacer muy feliz a Mike. ¿Os he dicho que Mike es un buenazo? Me encanta ♥. Pero la paz duró poco, la felicidad de este nuevo amor Mike-Julie se veia empañada por el acoso de Richard y a partir de cierto momento, era imposible respirar con esta novela. Me he pasado casi 382 paginas con un fuerte nudo en el pecho y ¡es una relectura, por lo que ya se que Julie y Mike no mueren aunque Singer el guardiàn si :/! No esperaba que esta novela me gustara tanto como la primera vez pero tampoco esperaba odiarla :('. ¡Amantes de la novela negra, esta es vuestra novela! Pero la mia no. Aspectos salvables de esta novela: excelente escritura, adorable Mike, encantador perro Singer, y esas bromas Mike - Henry. Fin.

  • Butterfly2507
    2018-11-23 19:04


  • Lori Hoetzel
    2018-11-24 16:59

    I really enjoyed this book but who wouldn’t like Nichole Sparks book?I have read all of this books and loved them all.

  • Manuela Santos
    2018-11-26 13:08

    Como não poderia deixar de ser, Nicholas Sparks prendeu-me logo nas primeiras páginas do livro. Fiquei arrebatada e apaixonada por uma história que além de ser de amor, também tem a sua vertente policial.A leitura deste livro como já previa foi uma agradável surpresa, uma narrativa apaixonante, envolvente, emocionante, repleta de mágoa, tristezas, sentimentos, perdas, acção, suspense e perigo, que me fez verter algumas lágrimas.A escrita deste autor prima pela simplicidade, clareza, beleza, activa, enérgica e encantadora, um estilo de escrita própria que nos transporta para o interior das suas páginas. Li estas 448 páginas sem dar por elas, quando reparei estava no fim. Dá-me a sensação que a este escritor as palavras saem sem ele dar por isso de tão belas que são.Uma narrativa, enredo e personagens muito bem estruturados e fantásticos.Esta é a história de Julie Barenson que fica viúva na flor da idade. A partir da morte do marido Julie sentia-se morta por dentro e nada a fazia alegrar. Mas, na noite de Natal fazia quarenta dias que o marido Jim tinha morrido, quando nessa noite recebe uma caixa grande embrulhada. Dentro da caixa encontrava-se um cachorrinho, mas um cachorrinho assustado, doce e feio que olhava para ela com os seus olhos remelosos, e ao seu lado encontrava-se uma carta. Uma prenda que o marido tinha preparado em vida.O cão Singer tornou-se no melhor amigo de Julie, compreendia tudo o que ela lhe dizia assim como percebia tudo o que ela sentia. O autor apresenta na perfeição a ligação existente entre Julie e Singer.Com o decorrer dos anos Julie está pronta para refazer a sua vida afectuosa, no seu caminho encontram-se Mike Harris melhor amigo de Jim e Richard Franklim.Richard era sedutor mas Julie sentia que algo não encaixava na sua maneira de ser. Seria ele o homem ideal?Até onde iria Richard Franklim após ser rejeitado por Julie?Sobreviveria Julie à mente doentia, possessiva, perversa e diabólica daquele homem?Um livro que nos marca e mexe com os nossos sentimentos mais sinceros .Um desfecho assombroso e arrepiante que nos deixa a pensar e divididos entre a tristeza e a alegria. Tinha sido o companheiro de uma vida e o seu guardião final.Uma mensagem de amor, afecto e dedicação dos nossos amigos animais.Este livro é daqueles que por mais que escreva, tenho a sensação que fica sempre algo por dizer. Por isso: “Quando não sabemos o que exprimir, então o melhor é ficar calado, por vezes o silêncio vale mais que mil palavras”. Recomendo que leiam esta história que me cativou, encantou, maravilhou e deslumbrou. Que dizer mais de Nicholas Sparks, LEIAM LEIAM muito este Grande Senhor da Literatura. Sou uma viciada livrólica de Nicholas Sparks :)

  • Antof9
    2018-11-29 17:07

    Notes from BookCrossing: Just finished this one. I was going to clean in my office a bit and then finish it up tonight, but with the stalker in it, I decided to read it while it was light out, as my husband is out of town :)I wasn't sure what to expect, as I saw the movie "Message in a Bottle" (hated it), the previews for "The Notebook" (but haven't read the book or seen the movie yet), saw "A Walk to Remember" (liked it, but it was slow and almost too sweet), and I have "Nights in Rodanthe" in the pile of books to be read.I didn't have any pre-conceived notions about this one, so thought it might be a good light one to read while my book club is going through Catch-22. Problem is we just started that (read the first 10 chapters for yesterday's meeting), and I've already finished this. Guess I'll have to find something else. . .Anyway, I liked this, in a odd romance/mystery novel sort of way. I actually liked it better when I read the author's notes at the end where he mentions having always wanted to write a book about a dog :)The characters were pretty believable and I found myself really caring for them, even if the story was fairly predictable from almost the first chapter.The best part was the description in the prologue, of how Julie felt after losing her husband. It was so totally accurate, I know the author has either lost someone close to him, or asked someone who has how it feels:If people asked how she was doing, she simply shrrugged. But sometimes, just sometimes, she had the urge to answer. You want to know what it was like to lose my husband? she wanted to ask. Here's what it's like. Jim's dead, and now that he's gone, I feel like I'm dead, too. Is that, Julie wondered, what people wanted to hear? Or did they want platitudes? I'll be okay. It's hard, but I'll make it through this. Thank you for asking. She could do the brave soldier routine, she supposed, but she never had. It was both easier and more honest to simply shrug and say nothing.This is a good, quick read.

  • CatarinaG
    2018-11-20 14:08

    Esta review (já sei) vai ser motivo de risota... (aviso já é que é longa só para eu esclarecer que não o li totalmente de livre vontade!!!!)Primeiro porque é um autor que eu não gosto e segundo porque as minhas amigas, sabendo que eu o li, não vão deixar de me gozar...Há muito tempo eu li o 1º livro deste senhor (Message in a Bottle) e, tendo gostado, 'caí na asneira' de comentar esse facto com uma cunhada. O que aconteceu foi que ela, a partir daí, resolveu começar a oferecer-mos TODOS e a verdade verdadinha é que quem lê dois não precisa de ler mais nenhum. E olhem eu li mais do que dois! Agora escusam é de mos pedir porque eu já os libertei via BookCrossing...Esta situação virou piada e há sempre uma "Amiga" por perto (leia-se : Ana O. ou Dona Fantasma) que adora ameaçar-me que se eu não me porto bem 'levo com um Sparks em cima'... *suspiro*Ora, sabendo que eu gosto de ler e vendo-me sempre com um livro atrás, a mãe de um colega do karaté do meu filho levou, na semana passada, 3 livros para me emprestar. Um deles era este. Neste domingo, tendo os miúdos prova de karaté eu, convencida que ia encontrar-me com a Senhora, levava já este para lho devolver com a desculpa (mentirosa)que já o tinha lido.Como a dita senhora acabou por não aparecer e eu estava a apanhar uma valente seca (que durou das 9 da manhã até às duas da tarde) digam-me lá o que é que acham que uma pessoa, que gosta de ler, e tem um livro na mão, fazia?! Li o livro pois! *suspiro*E o que eu vos disse anteriormente? Que chegava ler dois verdade?! Pronto, então é isso...Não precisei de ler mais do que 30 páginas para perceber quem é que ia ficar com quem, que o cão ia morrer e que o Richard não seria boa peça.Mas pronto, no meio de tanta *%§#+ eu até posso dizer-vos que achei piada ao cão. Agora, se me perguntarem se vale a pena ler o livro eu vou fingir que não ouvi a vossa pergunta... ok?;)

  • Karen & Gerard
    2018-11-11 17:12

    The Guardian by Nicholas Sparks is a combination of a love story and a thriller with a dog thrown in. The main character is Julie, a young widow who works at a salon and finally decides to date four years after her husband died. Her husband, Jim, left her a letter and arranged for her to get a Great Dane puppy in the event of his death which I thought was a pretty neat idea. The dog was his way of watching out for her. After the Prologue, this book poked along for me until about half way through when the psycho stalks her and she realizes she is in danger. I liked "The Guardian" because of the dog involved watching out for Julie.BEWARE: SPOILER AHEAD--STOP HERE IF YOU HAVEN'T READ THE BOOK!The ending was pretty intense but I didn't like that the dog died. I think Julie should have went for the gun when her dog grabbed the guys arm instead of letting him shoot her dog. I get that the dog was like a guardian angel and once Richard was dead, she'd have Mike and live happily ever after and the dog's "job" was done. I just think the dog could have lived too--I would have liked that ending better.

  • Christina
    2018-11-10 13:17

    Famous for A Walk to Remember and The Notebook, Sparks is clearly a love-story writer. However, The Guardian has a different spin on it. his book starts off sounding like a typical love story about making the decision between the “down to earth” friend or the handsome “travel the world” man. However all of that changes when jealousy and anger comes into play, threatening the life of Julie and all the things important to her.This book really made you care about the characters, even the villain(s). It wasn’t slow either, the story keeps moving at a very good pace, and when you near the end during all the excitement you don’t want to put the book down. I have to say that this book was one of my favorites of Sparks’. I couldn’t put it down and it had a more suspenseful twist with an unsuspecting hero than most of his others.