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Icarus Fell's life sucked. Then he died and things got really bad.After muggers killed him, Icarus became a harvester, his job to help souls on their way to Heaven, and it turned out he possessed as little talent for this as he did for every other job he lost. People are dead. The deposed Angel of Death nearly took his teenage son. The Archangel Michael is angry with him aIcarus Fell's life sucked. Then he died and things got really bad.After muggers killed him, Icarus became a harvester, his job to help souls on their way to Heaven, and it turned out he possessed as little talent for this as he did for every other job he lost. People are dead. The deposed Angel of Death nearly took his teenage son. The Archangel Michael is angry with him and the police think he is a serial killer.The only one left on his side is his guardian angel, but when he asks her to help him get to Hell to rescue the souls wrongly condemned because of him, she refuses to go against Michael's wishes.Then another guardian shows up. Piper is beautiful, mysterious, and willing to help. Having her around turns Icarus' afterlife upside down. But knowing how to get to Hell is only half of the problem.Getting back with your soul is the real challenge....

Title : All Who Wander Are Lost
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All Who Wander Are Lost Reviews

  • Tracy Jones
    2018-11-29 15:16

    A Thrilling-Chilling Sequel!Icarus Fell, or Ric, as he prefers, is the man. Despite his troubled past and sharp-witty responses, he has a lot of heart and you can’t help but to care for him as he tries his best to do what he believes is right. This time, in his efforts to do what is right, leads him a little astray and he ends up in the worst place any soul would ever want to be. And he does it on purpose. He goes to Hell. From that moment on, everything Icarus thought he knew is put to a test to the point that he doesn’t know what to believe. In the face of so many obstacles in order to do what he feels he must do, it all comes down to the choices he makes. This book is a top-notch sequel to the trials in the life - or afterlife - of Icarus Fell. Without question, this is a triumphant return to the story of a man reformed as he struggles to survive in the space between spaces. Bruce Blake is fantastic with his ability to weave so many elements, twist and turns, into his work and there is no way any dark fantasy reader would not enjoy this second book.

  • William
    2018-12-08 16:53

    There are enough book report-ish reviews here to describe the plot, characters and setting for me not to go into all of that. What I will go into is why I gave this novel three stars. For me, three stars means the book was ok. If I could go back in time, I wouldn't stop myself from reading it. If someone asks if they should read this book I'll say "Yes, but only if you've read the first novel. Just don't expect it to live up to 'On Unfaithful Wings.'"This being the second book, I was looking forward to seeing Ric (Icarus) begin to come into his own at his new "job." No, that is not at all what we get here. But, hey, I'm not the author, and given how well Bruce Blake managed the first novel in the series, I was game to see what happpens when Ric tries to go back and undo his mistakes.The short answer is - He screws up again. And again. And again. I don't think I'm giving away the plot here because if you have read the first novel, then you know Ric was not a winner in life. After dying and being brought back as a harvester of souls, he continued to screw up by acting like a child.To his credit, Blake stuck with a fundamental truth of humanity: We are what we are. Ric was a whiny guy in life. He's still a whiny guy after death. Forget the heavenly mission, surrounding angels and demons and carrion (people with the same job as himself, just working for the other team), Ric can't do anything without at least one wise-crack (which he's pretty good at) and several pages of whining (which is tiresome). He's the "why me" guy everyone knows.I'd hoped for a little character progression, though. I don't know if this entire novel was a setup for progression or just the next logical step for Ric in Blake's eyes. Either way, the amount of time spent in Hell becomes tiresome. It's an assembly line job of a plot: Go to Hell, be lost, stumble into right place, leave Hell ... Go to Hell, be lost, stumble ... etc., etc.I still like Ric. I like Blake's writing style. I like the supporting cast, who are all fully developed (as is Ric), and I like the consistent flow of the narrative. What I don't like is Ric's character and the way the story is developing.I enjoy the series enough that I'll buy the third book, no doubt, and hope for the best. But if the story continues in the same vein, I'll likely give up and walk away.

  • Nicole Storey
    2018-11-12 13:11

    This is the second novel in Blake’s Icarus Fell series. I read the first one and fell in love with “Ric” Fell and his new job as a soul harvester for angels. I couldn’t help but adore the characters. Each one has something to offer to the story. I thought I knew them so well!In this second book, I found out I may not know all the characters as well as I thought I did. It is possible that some of them may be “one part angel and one part danger” – as Chris Daughtry so eloquently sings it. I must admit I didn’t enjoy this book as well as the first. I LIKED it and don’t regret reading it, but I found all the time spent in Hell to be a bit too much. I wished there was more to the story than Ric and the others constantly getting lost and some parts were confusing. If the latter part of the book had spent somewhere else, or if more information were revealed, I think it would have been better.I do look forward to the third book, but it’s so hard to wait! I am a die-hard Blake fan and, even though I didn’t like this book as much as the first, I’m certainly glad I read it and learned more about my favorite characters and series. Keep writing and write faster, Mr. Blake!

  • Marina Fontaine
    2018-12-09 14:14

    Well, Bruce Blake sure knows how to do sequels because this is definitely not more of the same, although there's definitely "more" crammed into this book. New characters, new locations, new concepts, and a couple of HUGE reveals. Loved seeing different POVs, even though it's probably not the recommended writing style. I don't care; this adds so much depth to the book while still mostly keeping with the first person narrative I enjoy. I didn't realize how much I missed Icarus and Poe until I got reading about them again. If it didn't end on such an unfinished note, this would be 5 stars. But...3 more books? Dang it, I want to know how it ends, right away! Get writing those sequels, Mr. Blake, and quick!

  • Julie Powell
    2018-11-17 15:14

    An excellent book two in the series, which finds Ric on a journey through Hell.This is a story about discovery, secrets, choices and consequences. We learn more about Ric's past and the mystery surrounding Poe...other surprises, too.Great descriptions paint vivid images of this dark and disturbing realm, which echo the thoughts, feelings and actions of the complex cast of characters.Very well written, with fabulous humour and yet sad and terrifying at the same time .I don't know how this series will unfold, but I do know that it will provoke many questions about life and death.Highly recommended.

  • Kevin Orth
    2018-12-06 15:16

    Hew! The main character did some horrible things in the first book and only barely redeemed himself by the end. By the very first bit of the book he already does more to make amends than he did by the end of the first in the series.Once again, I'm hooked right at the beginning as I was with the first book. I have to admit, although I love the writing, the author's imagination, and following the characters established with the first book - these books are so very dark I feel the need to take a break before continuing on with the next book in the series. This is more a reflection of my own sensativities than anything negative about the book, series, or author.Highly recommend!

  • Georgeanna
    2018-12-11 16:13

    This is author Bruce Blake's second novel featuring our dead hero, Icarus Fell, and I still like Ric! Maybe even more now, than in the first book. I love his unfailing efforts to try and 'do the right thing' no matter how bleak things get. I love his sarcasm and his devotion to his son and the way he keeps getting back up every time he's knocked down. And he does spend a lot of time getting knocked down. Being a 'harvester' is not an easy job. I hope Mr. Blake has another book planned with more of Ric's adventures. I'd love to find out more about Poe's future, too.

  • Scott Bury
    2018-11-12 17:12

    Couldn't put it down.

  • Mary Myers-Huff Barger
    2018-12-08 16:58

    I enjoyed this book, I would recommend reading book one first just so there is no confusion while reading this book.Book two follows Icarus, or Ric, once again. Dying and being brought back to life again hasn't really changed much for Ric. Showing the reader that just because an unnatural resurrection occurs, it doesn't erase everything you have always done.Ric has lost souls and wants to get them back, to do that he has to go to Hell, literally. Once there he will need help getting out. Poe is really the only one that would be willing to go and retrieve Ric.I won't give any spoilers because I don't like to read them in a review! Best advise? Grab book one, read it, grab this book and read it!The pacing is good, the world building is carried over from book one, and the characters are pretty much on point with what people really act like.The ending sets up for a third book, and I will be waiting to get my hands on it!