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After barely surviving the first brutal days of a zombie apocalypse, doomsday lovers Joey and Walt find themselves at the mercy of two blood deprived vampires; Santos, a charming sociopath once idolized by millions and his out of control progeny, Jeanette, hell bent on a quest for the unattainable. Also caught in the crossfire is lone vigilante Taco, fearlessly searching fAfter barely surviving the first brutal days of a zombie apocalypse, doomsday lovers Joey and Walt find themselves at the mercy of two blood deprived vampires; Santos, a charming sociopath once idolized by millions and his out of control progeny, Jeanette, hell bent on a quest for the unattainable. Also caught in the crossfire is lone vigilante Taco, fearlessly searching for her beloved's killer.In a world now dominated by flesh craving zombies, humans and vampires must forge a new existence, learn to trust and live amongst one another, or face certain annihilation at the hands, and the jaws, of the undead......

Title : Vampalicious
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ISBN : 9781608207213
Format Type : Paperback
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Vampalicious Reviews

  • BubblesHunty Honest & Direct Opinions
    2018-11-23 11:09

    Overall, I liked this better than the first book I'm not sure what to say about this one. Although its written in the same style as the first book it's really different. This one starts off a lot faster than the first book. It starts right were the first ends with Joey and Walt on the run and the pace is fast and never really slows down. I like that each chapter is one of their POV's and always clearly labeled and I never get confused whose pov I'm getting. I don't know of this is good or bad but it wasn't as gross as the first book. Yeah it had its gross scenes but they didn't seem as gross as book one. Or maybe I'm just used to the grossness? There was also less sex. It was still weird sex but never boring. I didn't like the santos sex scene or what Walt did to Joey after. It did ruin part of the book for me. Some of the flash backs were also boring and not clear that it was a flash back. A few of those confused. And some of the point of views seemed drawn out. Like the first one with Jeanette could have started half way into and been better IMO. There also weren't as many surprises or twists but it was a lot quicker more suspenseful. add in that it was just as funny as the first and you have a great story. I think the first one had a better cast of characters but this one had the better storyline. Even with out the soap opera twists. So both books are awesome in their own way. I was glad it was different and didn't try to copy the same format as first book. These books aren't for everyone. They are gory and at times disgusting. They are violent and push boundaries some people just wouldn't be comfortable with. But they're also original, fun, laugh out loud funny, have great characters, and are well written. This might be how I picture Walt: Poor Walt though spends almost whole book in only one of these[image error]

  • Sally
    2018-12-06 16:26

    I feel awful for having sat on this review for as long as I have (sorry, Tim!), but I knew that if I were going to save one review to feature on Halloween, then Vampalicious would be it. Like its predecessor, this is extraordinary blend of horror and romance, but with the characters already established and the preliminaries out of the way, Timothy McGivney gives himself free reign to explore the darkest edges of his tale.It works beautifully.Once again, this is a blood-and-guts horror story that refuses to shy away from the gore. Adding vampires was a risk, one that could have gone horribly wrong, but McGivney not only establishes his vampires as central characters to the tale, he also allows for a little zombie cross-infection that brings a whole new element of horror to the tale. Adrian is a wonderful character, the epitome of the seductive vampire, and one who is as adept at penetrating the boys with his fangs as he is with his manhood! As for Jeanette, she is dangerously fascinating, a mentally unbalanced vampire bride with a cruel fetish for S&M. Sex with this unholy couple certainly pushes beyond the limits of erotica established in Zombielicious, but the scenes are handled extremely well, and are necessary to the plot.Romantically, this is an even stronger book than the first, thanks primarily to the relationship between Walt and Joey. Having moved from infatuation to passionate love, they are one of the cutest couples I have ever come across in a horror novel. They really do seem to exist beyond the page, and they endear themselves so well to the reader, you can't help but be drawn into their struggle. This time around they both get to play the hero, taking turns in coming to one another's rescue. There's a second relationship here, though, one that haunts the story, reminding you the world has become a dangerous place. We really only get to know Taco's romantic side through flashbacks and memories, but it drives her to avenge her lover's death . . . while making amends for her own romantic inhibitions.The story moves along at a breakneck pace, never allowing the characters (or the reader) to rest for long. While McGivney smartly uses the tender, romantic moments to alleviate some of the tension, he never allows the horror to completely recede. This is a book where lives are at stake, and where survival is measured more in terms of days, or even hours, than years. It's hard to talk highlights without getting into spoiler territory, but I will say Walt's sexual submission to power of Adrian left me breathless; the deadly ménage à trois between Adrian, Jeanette, and Christoph (their vampire Master) absolutely blew me away; and the final, desperate dash to Ruby Island nearly broke my heart. There's not quite as much humour this time around, but there were a few running gags - such as poor Walt running around and kicking Zombie ass in nothing but a jockstrap - that left me with a smile.If you have yet to enjoy Zombielicious, then treat yourself to a Halloween double-feature and pick it up alongside Vampalicious - because, once you take these boys in hand, you won't want to let go.As published on Bending the Bookshelf

  • Ms. Nikki
    2018-11-18 11:19

    Action-packed fun! Maybe a little too fast for me as I would have liked to have spent more alone and zombie time with just Joey and Walt and fleshed out the part concerning the vampire's creator who came to town. Jeanette, one of the vampires, was a little too over-the-top-ghetto-bitch even though she was constantly getting grabbed by the throat and getting punked out. She was one helluva horny vamp in a sadistic sorta way. I think I liked all the characters more in the first book. Joey really was a weak link and I felt bad that Walt had to constantly protect him. The vamps in this read needed humans to survive and kinda sorta made a pact that the humans would be protected if the vampires could replenish their blood supply in return. A fast, fun, horror-filled read with m/m, f/m, well hell; sexual content of all kinds. Love the cover!

  • Erica Pike
    2018-12-08 12:26

    You know those cult movies like The Army of Darkness? They're fast paced, packed with humor and events that makes you wonder how the screenplay writer managed to come up with? Well, this book (and the first) is somewhat like that. You can't take it too seriously; you just go with the flow.What I love the most about McGivney's books is how he manages to write unique characters. Every single one has a mind-blowing backstory and most are funny. They all feel like real characters through their struggles and you can just see how their past affects their present. I think the only character I didn't like in this book was Christoph, but probably only because we didn't get his PoV. I was enthralled with the five PoV characters (excluding the coach here, since his was so short). I liked Taco especially, what a kick-ass character!The thing I didn't like is how two of the rapes (the most important ones!) were dismissed emotionally, as if they didn't matter. The one character who got semi-raped got her revenge, but it wasn't mainly because of the BDSM act. However, I enjoyed this story so much that I can't give it less than 4.5 stars.

  • Damian Serbu
    2018-11-21 14:18

    McGivney's second novel is just as good as the first! He is such a unique writer, with a style all his own. I love his characters, and how he plays around with zombies, vampires, and humans. Plus, the books has so many lol moments, it made my partner nuts because I kept laughing in bed as we read for the night. The love story is touching, and all of the characters have their own personalities and characteristics. Read it!!!

  • Daniel Kelly
    2018-11-30 18:24

    Having read Timothy McGivney's Zombielicious, I was excited to read his second "licious" novel! His books are like grindhouse madness or midnight movies translated to the written page. Come on--zombies AND vampires in one book, plus the return of the sexy hungry characters from Zombielicious. My only complaint is it left me wanting, I don't know....Werewolflicious?

  • Gary Jones
    2018-12-01 11:01

    omg omfg even I loved this book was it better than the first mmmmmmmm hell yeah the pace was faster more blood and a massive dildo what else do you need.I did see the ending was ..... so book no 3?