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Sex + money shouldn't = love, but since when does the heart follow any laws but its own?Recent college graduate and mathematical genius Skye McCord is determined that this summer he's going to do something he's always wanted to try--living. And, as a scientist, he's not leaving anything to chance. He's got a new job in Las Vegas, a signing bonus burning a hole in his pockeSex + money shouldn't = love, but since when does the heart follow any laws but its own?Recent college graduate and mathematical genius Skye McCord is determined that this summer he's going to do something he's always wanted to try--living. And, as a scientist, he's not leaving anything to chance. He's got a new job in Las Vegas, a signing bonus burning a hole in his pocket, and what else does a brainy geek spend his money on but an education? But this time, it's one of a carnal variety.Liam Maddox isn't your ordinary gay male escort--he's actually gay, and he really loves his job. Especially when he meets his newest client. Skye's cute and awkward and sort of odd, and when he informs Liam that he wants to hire him to teach him everything about being gay, well...Liam's too intrigued to say "no."Except what starts as lighthearted lessons in sex and seduction quickly becomes more as Liam taps into a submissive side of Skye the young man never knew he had. Also, Liam's never been this drawn to anyone before, and he's beginning to wonder if he can walk away when their time is up. Or does happily-ever-after exist for someone like Liam with someone like Skye?Genres: Gay / Contemporary / BDSM (Light) / Exhibitionism / Public Places...

Title : Equation For Love
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Equation For Love Reviews

  • Cole Riann
    2018-12-08 13:34

    Review posted at The Armchair Reader.3.75 stars (rounded up)Holy freaking' .. whatever! This was seriously hot stuff!!Seriously, if this were a real gay sex instructional, I'd be going out to find my own Liam right now. I kinda want to actually! Okay, but seriously, I just finished this and I'm writing this immediately so I had to get that out of the way.If there is one thing that I love more than anything, in real life and my romance, it is geeky guys. I swear, give me glasses and a stutter, give me a man obsessed with mathematical equations, I don't care. It's like wanting to sleep with your professor but he's young and hot! Then you dress him up like a hipster? Come on, Skye was perfect -- well.. but we'll get to that later.Skye McCord is fresh from the hallowed halls and about to take his position with an engineering firm. He's just come out but he doesn't know how to be a gay man. He was always way ahead in school so he was too young to go out with friends, even if he wanted to be away from his mathematical research. He socially awkward at best and figures the best way to understand what having a life in the real world is like is to set out to learn it, just as he has learned and conquered everything else in front of him. So, he hires Liam, an escort in Las Vegas. He's expecting perfectly tanned and toned porn stars but what he gets is naturally sexy throwback in a leather jacket full of alpha fire. The only problem is that there may be too much fire to quench in the month that Liam has agreed to give Skye "lessons." When Skye learns he has a certain aptitude for submission, they have something even more in common.Well, if you're looking for something hot and steamy, this will definitely fit the bill. If you're more into romance, then this might not be for you. I'm not saying that there's no romance here. It's full of it, but it is also all done through sex, probably 75% of the book. Almost every scene is sexual in some way, usually full on. For me, this works because I liked to read books like these as long as the story is told through the sex, and I thought that Sutherland did this beautifully. Still, it can be a bit much because it is mostly scene after scene. Still, this is a solid novella at 48k words, and I read it in a few hours, so the shorter length might make it okay for some readers who might not prefer so much sex.The first half of the book had me hooked. Skye is immediately knocked off his feet when he assumes that he's going to be able to "study" what is happening to him in order to recreate it with other men. He doesn't understand passion and the need to let go when he's so solidly in control of his own mind -- precisely why he inexplicably needs and at the same time doesn't understand submission. This first part worked really well for me because Skye is such a great and open character. He isn't too submissive, he has some fire, or bratty qualities that Liam loves. I felt like this changed as the story went forward however. When they really start to have feelings for one another, it's just okay, but then when love comes into the equation and Liam feels the need to step back from the relationship because of his job, I wanted a little more of that fire from Skye earlier in the story. That's when I felt like it really started getting good, when Skye starts sticking up for himself, and I was sad that that happened very near the end. The 60% to 85% range of the story could have been significantly shorter for me. Or, Skye could have stuck up for himself and the story could have taken a bit of a different turn. I just felt like that part got just a bit stagnate in that they weren't progressing forward emotionally, and I would have preferred more back and forth.It makes sense for Skye to act the way he does, it just wasn't very enjoyable for me to read. I think it might have been a bit more palatable if we got to see the characters away from each other a little bit, doing what they do in their daily lives instead of jumping from "date" to "date." After all, Skye might not feel much control and feel a lot of confusion during the dates, but scientifically he's the top of his game and incredibly confident. Seeing some of that (besides one brief point with Liam at a construction site) might have helped separate the two a little, as well as give some readers who might be daunted with so much back to back sex a little breather. Liam, in turn, was less accessible to me as a reader. We get his POV, maybe slightly less often than Skye's, but he's so focused on what is best for Skye, that we really don't know a whole lot about him. There's a mention later in the book that he might have some family, but apart from a brief story about why he became an escort, there's not much about him. I would have preferred a bit more.Personally, this story could have been better for me with some different choices, but I won't hold them against the author because she didn't write this for me. And I did like the story. As long as you enjoy lots of sex (though VERY steamy and a great connection between the characters), I think this would be for you. If you're unsure about so much sex, then maybe take this a few chapters at a time with breaks in-between. I do, however, know that a lot of readers don't prefer so much, so to those of you I'd say you should probably stay away from this one. This one gets a Pretty Good :) And a HELL YES for burning up the sheets!

  • Ami
    2018-12-02 19:20

    Skye is a socially inept scientist, with love over mathematic, who hires Liam (a professional escort) to teach him about gay sex. So, the plot sets out the path for multiple sex scenes -- and not much room for anything else. Therefore, in order to like this book, it depends on your mood or preference. Either you like a) multiple sex scenes (few of it pretty hot) and adorable character that can help you dismiss the no-real-issue plot OR b) you prefer to have actual story that happens outside the bedroom or something more character-built. If you're set on the latter part, you might not enjoy this one.On the plus side is Skye as a character. He's just plain ADORABLE. The way he tries to scientifically analyze the act of sex, including the preparation and the orgasm, is just fun to read. He's so cute, I want to keep him as my own *lol*. I think his characterization helps carry the story -- because truthfully, without Skye, this story will bore me to death. Especially since I never enjoy sex scenes that take over a story.On the negative side though ... there are quite a few:1) I don't understand the need for the BDSM scene. Those who love their BDSM might think of this as too light. Those who don't enjoy BDSM might think this is unnecessary. Sure, it might teaches Skye to give control to Liam. But it never fully materialized. I think Liam can teaches Skye about sex without the BDSM -- especially since Liam is not a Dom material.2) Liam's term of endearment for Skye is "my own". Once or twice, it's okay. Unfortunately, the word then being repeated so many times. In fact, I count the word "my own" in .pdf and there are 44 uses!! When I read that word for the 10th time, I want to slap Liam and tell him to STOP USING THAT WORD!!! So frickin' annoying and distracting!3) The ending is a bit rushed. Not enough groveling for Liam and Skye forgives him too easily :(So, the book is pretty uneven for me. However, I love Skye's personality enough to stretch this into 3-stars rating. Anyone who thinks forever is a mathematical concept definitely deserves that rating *lol*"“You know, forever is an actual mathematical certainty… if you look at Pi, it’s been calculated to the quadrillionth percent and—”But please noted that the rating is A STRETCH. Without Skye, this is more on the the 2-2.5 stars rating.

  • Amy
    2018-11-21 20:12

    I enjoyed this one quite a lot! Nerdy scientist guy has spent all his life focused on school. So he hires an escort to be his tutor on relationships, dating and sex. What he doesn't expect is to fall in love with his tutor. Cute story, lots of sex and an HEA!

  • Laura
    2018-11-29 13:36

    ***Guilty Pleasure Alert***Look what I found! An adorable, delectable, virgin ass to bite into! Nothing sets off my guilty pleasure fun faster than a geeky, inexperienced cutie pie all done up in black rimmed Buddy Holly glasses, sweaters, and suspenders ready and willing to study the art of sex, seduction, and some oh-so wicked ways as a bonus. Suspenders, people! :D Skye McCord, a brilliant socially awkward mathematician, devises a plan of action to learn all about dating, flirting, and sex by hiring an escort for a few weeks. But what he discovers, learns, and feels instead may just rock his world. Skye’s well thought out plan blows all to smithereens when Liam Maddox comes walking into his life causing his heart to want, flip, and beat for more than just sex. Can love be added into Skye’s equation?To be honest, if you crunch the numbers and add all this up, I probably should have found this story eye-rollingly silly. But hell, I had way too much fun with Skye and Liam to stop and eye-roll. Two strong, wonderfully drawn characters filled this story with chemistry and charm. I loved how these guys fit and clicked together in the bedroom and out. Liam’s command and understanding paired with Skye’s need to question and learn caused some fun, passionate, hot conversations and sex! As the line between business and personal blurs, both Liam and Skye must decide whether to risk their hearts and fall.Okay this story did have a few bumps. The over use of an endearment in the second half of the story and a rather anti-climatic ending stole some of the pleasure and magic for me, but Liam and Skye rule the pages and overcome any hiccups in the flow of the fun. Just remember the suspenders! Haha…I confess though:(view spoiler)[I could have done without the dom/sub titles with these two. Doesn’t any one just get tied up and held down without slapping a label on it anymore? It works for some stories, but Skye went from virgin to sub in one night? The sex was hot—don’t get me wrong, but why can’t we leave the labels at home and just have fun for a bit? Haha…Oops…that turned into a bit of a rant and probably too much information. :) Anywho…. (hide spoiler)]Back to the guilty pleasure gushing….Fae Sutherland’s sexy world filled with curl-your-toes steamy fun, kissing, touching, nipping, growling, arching, biting, grinding, and more had me captivated, giggling, and damn HOT til the end. I devoured this tale in one sitting! Hope you have fun with the geek and his escort! I sure did. :)

  • Simsala
    2018-12-09 15:23

    DNF 65%Ami`s review hereBoring.The amount of talking and inner musings (even for a professor with an analytic mind) during the sex scenes - and there were a lot of them - was utterly ridiculous.Men are primates when it comes to sex (elsewhere too but I`m trying to be nice..). They don`t talk, they don`t think....they grunt.Adding the lack of emotion,a thin storyline and the "Sir"/BDSM part(?) I lost interest halfway through...

  • Emma Sea
    2018-12-01 18:13

    The book is fine, it's just not my kind of book. The plot is so small it certainly isn't allowed on any rollercoasters. It's pretty much one long sex scene, with a few interludes of smouldering desire. I like a bit more real life in my stories. I adored the little I saw of Skye's personality, and wish more had been done with him and Liam.The D/s and mild restraint was hot, but again, it wasn't developed and never went anywhere. If you're looking for mainly sex, with sugarkink, then I think you'll really enjoy the book.

  • Enny
    2018-11-27 16:19

    Considering the fact that this is a book about a hooker and a virgin nerd who wants to learn about gay sex, it's not surprising that it's filled with one sex scene after another with very little plot in between. While I definitely got why the guys fell in lust, I completely failed to see where the love came from.

  • Purplegirl
    2018-12-10 14:09

    I really enjoyed this book. First, because the cover and title matches the book and secondly, because there is a character named Liam:)Skye has just received his Master's degree and has decided that now is the time to learn about being gay. Liam enters, as a paid escort, to show Skye how to do this. Skye is a so called geek, it is mentioned that he still dresses as if he is in college with jeans, faded tshirts, suspenders and glasses. He calculates and tries to find reason in everything. On the first day, Liam gives Skye his first kiss and first BJ. This is when Liam discovers that Skye has sub tendenciesThe rest of the book is a delightful tale of Liam teaching Skye about 'being gay', Dom/sub relationships and dating.  Liam understands Skye and tailors his 'lessons' so he can  be ready for his first 'real' relationship. I don't mid insta-love books because I am impatient and don't want to read half the book before the characters get together. Even though this was quick love, I couldn't help think this was just quick lust for with Skye  falling for the first person be had sex with and Liam with someone he is not supposed to have. I just loved the characters and story. Skye and Liam had some good sex scenes. There are some glimpses of the two getting to know each other outside of the bedroom but not a lot of attention is paid to that. It is just written in a way that you can tell they have learned some things about each other.  The BDSM element was not intense, just some bondage and 'sirs'.  No spanking or anything of that nature. This book gets a 4.5 from me for the type of book it was, I think Fae Sutherland wrote a engaging, fun and pretty hot book. 

  • Audrey
    2018-11-18 17:39

    3+/3.5 stars. Very sweet main character geeky virgin scientist who hires a male escort to help "explore" his sexuality. I really liked Skye's very analytical approach to kissing and sexytimes. Very amusing.This was an enjoyable and sweet read, even with the light BDSM elements. I usually don't read BDSM, and the Dom/sub parts were kind of unexpected. Even so, they were done with a light hand and helped reveal Skye's sexuality to himself and me, the reader.Considering the set up, there's a LOT of sex and sexytimes to establish the relationship, as might be expected. That was done kind of to the detriment of a believable HEA, even though within the sexytimes there were some nice connections made between the sex and emotions that they were feeling. There just wasn't enough non-sex substance behind the HEA in the end for me to be really on board with it. Love interest Liam the escort was also much too pigheaded in recognizing his feelings for Skye.Overall a satisfying read, and I really adored the sweet and geeky main narrator, Skye.

  • JustJen
    2018-11-11 13:22

    I really liked the idea of this story. Nerdy guy is so busy with school and more school, hires a pro to help get him up to speed sexually. Skye is very cute as he learns new things about himself and sex. Liam is super sexy. He determines that Skye is submissive and decides he is the man to show Skye that side of things. The lessons were my favorite part of the story.The things that drove me a little nuts. First was the POV changes. It was hard to keep track of who was doing the talking. I often had to backtrack or read ahead to figure it out. Next, Liam decided to call Skye "my own" as an endearment. At first, I just thought it was a little odd, but then it was used so often that it quickly turned cheesy. Third was the insta love which happens after week 1 of the month long agreement. Just too fast, and it was continually brought up.That said, it was a cute story. I wouldn't mind reading about these guys after they've been together a bit, maybe see how their relationship and kinks have progressed.

  • Susan65
    2018-12-09 18:32

    I loved the gay lessons that the hot escort, Liam, gave to the nerdy, rocket scientist, virgin, Skye. Skye is a 29 year old genius who never fit in with his peers, because being 4 years ahead of everyone else, he didn't have any. Liam is a caring, funny and all around good guy who becomes an escort when the economy caused him to lose his construction business.The lessons and introduction to the BDSM lifestyle were really intriguing to me. I found them to be a combo of hot and sweet. But, of course, this being a Pretty Woman-ish kind of story...they had to fall in love, and Liam had to do the right thing and tell Skye it wouldn't work, BUT in the end, it was Liam who was ruined for other men, gave up being an escort, and they sailed off into sunset together.My only issues were these and they were only minimally distracting, 1) the POV was a little confusing at first, but once I understood the writing style it wasn't an issue, 2)and the "my own" was a little over used for my taste. But otherwise, an enjoyable read.

  • Adriana
    2018-11-19 15:29

    3.5 starsA good story about a soon to be/recently graduated rocket scientist who just realized that he is gay and a virgin, so he hires a escort to teach him all there is to know about being gay and gay sex.It's the typical story where they both fall in love but the other one doesn't know it (or does he?), a little surprise along the way was the (view spoiler)[ BDSM thingy (hide spoiler)], it's a good enjoyable book.

  • Christine
    2018-11-19 13:09

    3.5 ★While this was a good book it just seem to kinda drag for me. There was no real drama, everything just seem to trickle along. Boy pays for escort. Boy falls for escort, gets hurt. Escort realizes boy is the one for him.

  • Kazza
    2018-11-23 19:27

    Not a bad book. Just not my favourite Fae Sutherland read.Nerdy graduate hires escort to learn about sex, trying to apply equations and logical formula to sex and feelings. Wants the experience for when he meets Mr Right.Sexy escort with lots of experience, introduces nerdy guy to sex in a gentle, yet sexy manner. Of course, it's no hardship to do the nerdy guy, 'cause he's cute.Skye is a naieve yet intelligent guy trying to get a bit of experience he's missed out on previously. He has a break between university's end and new job's beginning, so now is the time.Liam is a lot of people's dream first time, not some sleazy pay-me-now-fuck me type. He's secure in who he is and likes his job.I just found the constant trying to analyse the shit out of everything during sex too much to handle. I couldn't really get emotionally attached to either guy. I just couldn't buy the fact that they fell in love with nothing other than Skye's cute blushes, and sweet, nerdy innocence. I wanted to but coudn't. I also couldn't buy that, whilst Liam liked his job, had to do it because of the economy tanking, he suddenly could/would give it all up for someone he truly didn't know all that well. Also, the book just kind of seems to miss the mark. It wasn't a BDSM book, it wasn't a vanilla book. I'm not sure where it fits. I like both BDSM and vanilla, and it felt awkward to me, like it didn't know what it should be. In the book's favour, the MC's were nice enough, it was devoid of angst, which made it easy going, there was some BDSM, but it was mostly holding on to headboards, and a bit of very, very light bondage, just enough to give it a kink, if you like a bit of kink. If you are looking for a sweeter M/M, with lots of pretty well written sex, Equation For Love could interest you.

  • Tammy
    2018-11-15 17:16

    This is a cute story about a naive, virginal geek who hires a male escort to teach him how to be gay. The MCs Skye (the geek) and Liam (the prostitute) are very likable and they have great chemistry. Skye is one of my favorite character types - geeky but hot. Liam is probably a lot of people's favorite character types - hot and forceful but also kind. I really liked that the author didn't use common stereotypes to portray Liam. He was not a tortured soul. He actually enjoys his job. As other reviewers have said there is a lot of sex. The beginning of the book pretty much goes from sex scene to sex scene. IMO this does not mean there was no plot. I think it was approprite because the original relationship between Skye and Liam was a business arrangement for sex. They didn't have an outside relationship at that point. You get both MC's points of view so you know what each is feeling not only physically but emotionally during these scenes. You see their relationship developing in their thoughts as much as in their actions. As the book progressed their relationship did move out of the hotel room although not completely away from the business aspect until the end. The story centers completely on Skye and Liam's relationship. There is no outside angst. Equation for Love is a very enjoyable and quick read. Its great for those times you're not in the mood for anything heavy and angsty but just want a fun, sexy read.

  • Nile Princess
    2018-11-16 12:36

    The first book this year that I've truly LOVED. Will write a full review later. I seem to have a thing for socially awkward MCs finding their footing and I got it in spades here. Awkward, geeky scientist (virgin) meets rent boy; the BDSM angle was just icing. As usual Fae brings her A game with the storytelling. I absolutely loved these characters and every situation they were placed in. What brought the book down to four stars was Liam's insistence on calling the sub 'my own' every five sentences. Who thought this was a good idea?? "Hello, my own". "What do you need, my own?" Take off your clothes, my own." It was annoying and lame. My brain literally short circuited every time I read it and I seriously wanted to punch Liam in the face. Would have been a flawless book otherwise. Fae is just awesome like that.

  • Devildog
    2018-12-10 15:27

    I really like this book. Would give it a 4.5.The concept was interesting. Skye, a shy genius, had just gotten a dream job. Before starting his new job, he decided he needed to come out and to make up for the life he didn't have growing up. He goes to Las Vegas and hires Liam, a gay escort to teach him about being gay. The meeting not only wakes up the submisssiveness in Skye but it changes the life and goals of Liam.

  • Bitchie
    2018-11-29 14:21

    This had potential, but I didn't love it. I liked the characters and the general idea, but felt there was way too much sex, even if it was hot sex. I also hated the endearment, "my own" I just didn't feel like it fit the character. One more thing that bugged me were the POV changes, sometimes they were a bit abrupt.

  • Meganjoy
    2018-11-30 12:25

    Like other reviewers have said this book is all sex and when I say that I mean out of the 175 PDF pages it's 140 on sex scenes and inner thoughts during the sex scenes on how amazing the other person is there is no character development all we know about these two is what is mentioned in the first couple pages

  • Carolyn88
    2018-11-27 16:38

    I have had so much fun reading this book. There were moments that I laughed until I hurt myself. I also used a lot of tissue crying at times. This is the first book I have read by this author. I will look forward to finding more books.

  • Page Crusherz
    2018-12-10 17:18

    I *LOVED* this book. Great MCs and awesome tension. I really got into it and I didn't want it to end. I always love Ms. Sutherland, and this is exactly why!

  • Sarah (SB) ღ
    2018-11-10 18:37

    Short and light, my first (read-all-the-way-through) m/m.

  • Vivian ♪(┌・。・)┌
    2018-11-18 14:32

    3.75This was a really really adorable, sweet read.

  • Nico Jaye
    2018-11-24 18:12

    3+/3.5 stars. Reviewed it here.

  • Susinok
    2018-11-22 12:22

    Enjoyed it very much. I would have appreciated a bit more of an ending.

  • MyzanM
    2018-11-15 12:20

    Nice but forgettable.

  • Anke
    2018-11-10 17:17

    Read this because I needed something from the year 2012 for my challenge and the most positive I have to say is - I finished. What totally got on my nerves was the expression 'my own'. Mmmpf.

  • TJ_Arby
    2018-11-22 19:18

    Some very sexy scenes, I liked it

  • Funzee Shu
    2018-12-04 16:36

    For the first time in his life, he had found something more important than numbers. And he wasn't ever letting go...I can have sex with you without fucking you.There is no guide for being a gay actually. If you born gay and have no support from people around you....then....well, all you can do is learn it by yourself.....or from other gays person you meet in your life.Skye McCord know he's gay since long years. But as a genius nerdy young man, he focused all his life to study, grow up with numbers and theories, drowning his life to be the perfect student with marvelous grades. And he graduated at young age and get a very prestigious job over due to his skill.But then one day he decided to explore his sex life that he long forgotten and have the urge to lose his virginity before he started the busy world of work.Skye then hired a professional male escort to do "the job".FYI....our nerdy-genius-sexy-hero here is still 100% virgin from head to toe, ladies !!! And he never being kissed !!! *grinning widely*Skye want the escort not just to take his virginity away but he want him to teach him and "being a tour guide to being a gay man".So there's come Liam Maddox, a professional male escort who will do 'the job'.As a professional, Liam know better to put his clients needs and desire above everything, satisfying his clients is his only aim.So, when Skye asked him to be his teacher and give him some lessons in few sessions, Liam agreed.Besides, he find some interesting things in Skye that make him eager to help this young professor to live his gay life properly. Skye is way to naïve even though he's a genius.Patiently, Liam teach lesson by lesson to help Skye know his own needs and find his own desire. And Skye begin to know what he craved from his sex life including the surprisingly submissive side he has, and Liam found that Skye is a natural subs.All seems so professional at the beginning, but soon....everything changing when Skye start to feel that he clung to deeply over Liam and wants Liam to be more than just 'a teacher' for him, but he know, as soon as Liam know he want more than what he can offer, he'll disappear from his life. And Skye don't want that happen, so he keep his feeling and start a plan to make Lian fallen for him.At the other side, Liam, start to feel the possessiveness grow over Skye even more, and he start to questioning all his professionalism . Thinking that one day there are some faceless guys who will kiss him, holding his hand, make love to him, and dominating skye submissive side, being his dom, bring jealousy to him.And when the feeling gettin more deeper, Liam must set all things back to where they start...."I'm just the teacher, remember? I'm only getting you ready for the real thing. I'm not the real thing, though. I can't be."Liam then bring Skye to the most popular BDSM club to find 'a perfect dom' for his beloved student, even it hurt - Liam think he must do the 'right thing' to preparing Skye enter the world he'd chose.And the BDSM club, Skye finally learn his 'final lesson' about "a broken heart"...."Just because you don't say you love me doesn't make it not true." Skye let out a harsh sounding laugh, the sound void of any real amusement. "I guess this is my last lesson--a broken heart. You're very thorough, Liam."ooOooOh, believe me, reading this book is like reading a step by step guide to enter "gay sex life for beginner".It's sexy, hot, beautiful and heart-warming.I love Liam's lessons time, each season really hot and 'consuming'. How Liam help Skye know his needs, help him exploring his sexuality, help him finding many secrets side that he even didn't know....How they professional relationship slowly changing.How Liam become possessive and call Skye as "my own", so damn sexy....Overall, I like this story that much, enough to make me give my 4 stars to Liam & Skye.RECOMMENDED !!!

  • Yue
    2018-11-13 13:28

    Oh, boy... I noticed that, whenever I am obsessed with a slash, I tend to "see" them in all my MM romances. It happened with Akame, it happened with Sterek, and now it happens with Ian/Souji. I am all "oh, the author must be a X/X fan". Liam sounds like Ian. Liam is a paid escort, Ian is a playboy. Ian calls Souji "boy"; Liam, in Dom mode, calls Skye "boy". There are several oh, my expressions, which is something that Ian says all the time. There. These were my proofs... Liam was Ian ♥ Ian Liam was so yummy... tanned skin... gorgeous smile... ♥Until Skye loses his virginity and, well, things started to go downhill.I should have known. I dislike romances with a virgin nerd and a prostitute (but it has a genius virgin!... huh, genius, right **eyeroll**). It can never work (for me). The virgin boy (Skye) goes all needy, clingy, and poof! insta-love. Like, obviously. He had lost his virginity with the prostitute, of course he will fall for him. Of course he will think eventually that Liam had feelings for him, that this was not mere, paid sex.Although it was. Liam was earning $1,000 per session. Each session lasts 3 hours. Three sessions per week. And when Liam wasn't working for Skye (it was work, people... not "love-making"... Liam was earning every cent) he had other customers. Hello, it was his job. One day Skye, other day other random guy. Luckily we don't read his "work" with other guys.But if there is one thing I despise, is open relationship, cheating, or whatever you want to call it. Once my two guys meet and go steady (as steady as a paid escort can go **facelpalm**) there has to be ABSOLUTELY no other guy between them (or other guys, yikes). When Liam tells Skye that they can't be together because Liam is a prostitute and not ashamed of it, and blah blah blah, Skye says, with "tears in his pretty eyes", that he won't mind if Liam still works as a prostitute, as long as they are together.Talk about a turn off. So Skye is not only a nerdy, needy former virgin.. he likes to cry, he likes to imagine Liam loves him back (after a week), he forgives Liam everything (i.e., the times Liam stood him up), and he is willing to do everything and whatever to have "beautiful" Liam with him. Huh... talk about NO-PRIDE. He is supposed to be a "bratty sub", but uhmm, he was no bratty, believe me.But let's not forget HOT Liam (because we are constantly reminded that he is beautiful with the most beautiful smile, body, etc, etc.)Experienced Liam also falls head over heals for Skye. But No, No, he knows Skye belongs to "some other future guy", Liam is just his Sex-Tutor, Liam is just showing and teaching Skye how to date and have sex (let's highlight "have sex"). But he is so jealous of this "other future guy", because Skye is his, but No, No, not actually his. Skye deserved a better man **eye-roll**. He deserved the "best man", which wasn't Liam.Although it doesn't stop Liam to call Skye "my own" (the worst term of endearment ever. "Professor" was good, but "my own"? really?). Skye is his, but not actually his. Skye is only "his" as long as they are together. But Liam does not want to confuse him.[▲ this is my cutie Ian ♥]This story could have been easily a MF romance (Skye is so a "chick with dick"). It is a PWP. The only two characters in the story: Liam and Skye. Setting: a bedroom (Skye's, the hotel's). No conversations, no "getting to know each other" (besides the physical way), no development (I did not like Skye nor Liam... how could I? I did not even "know" them). Nice "Manual Sex" with plenty (and I mean, PLENTY) of nice smutty scenes, but for the story, MEH. Goes to my "will forget it by next week" shelf (I don't have one yet, but it would be cool to have it).