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Death sucks. It’s boring, and there’s no chance of getting laid. Stuck in the waiting room of Heaven, Maise fantasizes about all the pleasures of the flesh she didn’t get to experience. When Maise discovers a business card for the dating service, 1Night Stand, she wonders if there’s still a chance.Reece normally wouldn’t consider being set up, but after his brother buys hiDeath sucks. It’s boring, and there’s no chance of getting laid. Stuck in the waiting room of Heaven, Maise fantasizes about all the pleasures of the flesh she didn’t get to experience. When Maise discovers a business card for the dating service, 1Night Stand, she wonders if there’s still a chance.Reece normally wouldn’t consider being set up, but after his brother buys him a certificate, he feels obligated. A romantic night on the Southern California coast, with the full-of-life Maise leaves him wanting more. Will a 1Night Stand be enough to overcome death?...

Title : A Date with Death
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A Date with Death Reviews

  • Tracy Riva
    2018-11-17 11:59

    A Date with DeathBy Louisa BacioISBN 978-1-61333-363-1, ASIN B00916WA8E $2.99, NOOK Book 2940014811088 $2.99I’m not sure what I was expecting when I saw the title of this book, but it wasn’t the warm, loving, but erotic tale that I got.Maise finds herself in heaven’s waiting room, awaiting her final judgment. At 24, Maise is filled regrets, but key among them is dying a virgin. It wasn’t that she was saving herself for marriage or anything – she just never had the opportunity. But as Maise is mourning this fact she finds a business card for the mysterious Madame Evangeline. She vaguely recalls taking the business card off the windshield of her car and placing it on her seat the night she died. Somehow, it ended up in her purse here in this waiting room. From the waiting room she contacts Madame Eve who, after finding out Maise hasn’t faced her judgment yet, assures her she can meet her needs and set her up for one night of purely sensual pleasure.Maise thinks of her perfect man, presses *69 on her phone and suddenly finds herself transported to a Castillo resort. Maise is in for a night beyond her wildest dreams, but what will happen when the morning comes?Reece is in mourning for his brother who recently died. He had applied to Madame Eve’s 1 Night Stand dating service only because it was a gift for his twenty-ninth birthday from his brother. There had been no response, but this morning he receives a message that his “perfect match” has been found. Reece isn’t sure he believes in perfect matches anymore, but out of respect for his brother Reece decides to follow through, after all, it’s only a commitment to a one night stand.Maise’s beauty leaves Reece breathless and from the moment Maise lays eyes on Reece something wonderful and new stirs within her. Their night is amazing as Reece makes love to her over and over again making her feel like the most important woman in the world. How can they overcome the huge obstacle standing in the way of their happiness?Bacio sets the perfect tone for the story it is bittersweet, filled with both discovery and regret. It is erotic, but romantic and so touching you can’t help but sympathize with Maise and eventually Reece over the untenable position they find themselves in. Madame Eve is known for bringing about a “happily ever after” for the couples she works with, but can she pull it off this time?Bacio makes the story rich, erotic, sweet and believable. She adds touches that make Maise’s first, and only, experience with making love full of desire and memorable moments that will last her forever – they have to, this is the only chance she’ll ever have to make love before she walks through those doors and into her judgment.I definitely recommend A Date with Death. It is erotic, romantic and everything a love story should be while presenting some unique obstacles our couple will have to overcome if they are ever going to be able to have their happily ever after.

  • Marlene
    2018-11-14 14:49

    Originally published at Reading RealityThe trick, and sometimes it is a trick, with the 1Night Stand titles is to get the couple from meeting to happily-ever-after in the course (and definitely intercourse!) of one single night.This doesn't mean the couple can't have met before, and it doesn't mean that the HEA can't be a work in progress at the end (the best 1Night Stand stories often use one or the other) but the story takes place in one night. And the author doesn't have a lot of pages to work with.Louisa Bacio uses one amazingly unconventional start for a 1Night Stand.First, throw any preconception out the window. This is a paranormal, just barely. But there are no vampires, werewolves or any other creatures of the night involved, in spite of the suggestions sparked by that title.The story opens with the heroine, Maise, finding one of Madame Eve's brochures for her 1Night Stand service. What's unusual is that Maise finds it while she is waiting for her number to be called in Limbo. Literally, Limbo, as in the waiting room for death. The last thing Maise remembers is the oncoming car, the one that killed her.Cell phone service apparently reaches to this other-worldly waiting room, but only if Maise punches Madame Eve's number before her own number gets called. Ironic, isn't it?Maise figures that she might as well take one last shot at living, especially since she's already dead. What she can't figure out is how Madame Eve manages to rescue her from Limbo, even temporarily, or what the absolutely gorgeous and definitely very much among the living man, Reese, could possibly need a 1Night Stand for. It's all too obvious to Maise that Reese shouldn't need a computer dating service.But Reese's life has gone into a grief-stricken tailspin for reasons that he isn't willing to reveal to Maise, and a night of passion with a beautiful woman is exactly what he needs. He wants to feel and not to think. Not to think about the brother he just lost, the one who gave him this night as a present, just before he died.But Maise and Reese have a connection, and not just the instant-lust that they feel for each other the moment they meet. It's that real-world connection that will be the saving of them both...if they are willing to believe in what they experience in just one night.Escape Rating B+: The author did an amazing job with this short erotic romance. She did a deft job of mixing the bittersweet sadness that begins the story for both Reese and Maise with the hot encounter of their one night that leads to the sweet ending.I find Madame Eve's powers occasionally beyond belief, but the story works beautifully. My only regret is that it wasn't longer. I'd love to know how things worked out for Maise and Reece.

  • Vivi Dumas
    2018-11-22 16:47

    I love this story. It was smart, witty and sexy. It is a reminder to live life before it's too late. So many times we wait. Wait for something better, wait for the right time, wait for life to give us a sign. This story teaches us to live life to the fullest and sometimes we do get a chance to make things right.

  • April
    2018-11-10 12:48

    A 1NightStand with a twistThis book has a different spin than many in the collection. The heroine in the book is dead. All she wants is to not go through the Pearly Gates a virgin. Oh, hey, she has Madame Eve's card and cell service in limbo.The steam is quite delicious, varied and detailed. This is certainly the way to spend your last time on Earth! I love these books because they are compact and well written. I have yet to be disappointed in this collection. The only bummer is that they are so short, I always want more story!!The end was a touch expected but still very enjoyable. It would be awesome to find this is just a prequel to the whole story!

  • Sophia
    2018-11-24 11:59

    This was another fun, hot and quick addition to the 1NS series. I loved the twist to it and really enjoyed the creative setting for this one. They're all so unique. It was short, but I was still able to connect with the characters and loved seeing them together. Ending left me with a big smile.

  • Kenzie
    2018-12-06 15:50

    Loved it! It made my flight a real pleasure. Very unexpected and sweet. I am a short story fan now!

  • Beckey
    2018-11-15 15:11

    Currently an ARe FREE book ...different and good quick read. Full review an be seen on my blog

  • Lexie
    2018-12-03 17:48

    The 1Night Stand series has a lot of interesting concepts, but they're by in large so short and quickly paced I never buy into the conceit. However this ping'ed as free on Kindle the other day and I decided to try it out (can't beat free right?)I'm glad I did since I've been waiting to read this one for a while, but on the one hand it was underwhelming. There's a lot that doesn't quite flow as well and needed some sort of fleshing out. My problem I think lay in the fact that these two meet, hook up and then fall so far in love that reasonable consideration is tossed aside.Reece, who's been grieving since his brother died some time ago, agrees to go on a "date" (ie: hook up) with a match from the 1Night Stand Dating Agency 'cause his brother apparently got him a membership some time ago and he feels he owes it to him. Okay sure. Never mind he's basically lived a lifeless existence since his brother's death - to the point where he's lost quite a bit of weight (or so he claims). He sees Maise's picture and figures what the hell?Maise meanwhile is hanging out in the Afterlife waiting room, regretting she never got laid. Not once. Ever. Some chances, but nothing terribly appealing all said and done. She's regretting this so forcibly (and feeling a tad guilty about that since she's out of, you know, the Pearly Gates and all) that the 1Night Stand agency card in her purse is glowing. And oh yeah Heaven's waiting lounge has GREAT reception. I just...The two meet and within in seconds are liplocked, then eating tapas then sexing it up. And I gotta say the "heat" wasn't really that heated for me. I don't know it felt more perfunctory then sexy. These two barely talked and suddenly they're going at it like rabbits?For an erotica, not so unlikely, but for a story that then posits these two were "fated" and that Madame Eve at the agency pulled some sort of BIG thing to enable them to hook up...just...something else please. I demand slightly more interaction and attraction from such things...And of course it comes out that Reece's brother is the one who hit her. And she's not dead, only in a coma. Oh and he doesn't really believe her until he sees her in the hospital bed.My only question is this: if her "spirit" or whatever had the sex and lost the virginity...does that mean her meatbag body is still virginal? Cause that would SUCK...So really this didn't work for me.

  • Donna
    2018-11-30 17:56

    These books are bite sized sexy escapes for me. Leave it to Louisa Bacio to make it so much more than that. I figure we are all going to die wishing I had/hadn’t done that. Such is the case with young Maise a 24 year old virgin. Yep she doesn’t want to die a virgin. This is where the incomparable Madame Eve is called in to help a girl out. What follows is a story of life, forgiveness, sweet sweaty sex, love and second chances. This book reminds us we have but a short time on this ball we need to do right and make the most of our time.

  • Suz Jay
    2018-12-01 11:56

    When the mysterious Madame Evangeline transports Maise to a resort for a rendezvous with Reece, they make a connection that transcends death.I've heard great things about the 1NS series and A Date with Death exceeded my expectations. I just loved the characters and the story. If you like paranormal romance, you're in for a treat.

  • Heather Bee
    2018-12-09 12:08

    I enjoyed this story of an unlikely heroine and the man she finds a scorching connection with. Bacio is a strong storyteller with the skill to tell a tale with a twist within the boundaries of a successful trope. You will end your evening with a smile and a sigh after reading A Date With Death. I'm off to purchase A Dance With Death next!

  • Linda
    2018-11-21 18:53

    Maise is at the Pearly Gates, waiting for her judgement, when she finds the card from 1Night Stand, and decides to make a final try, before it´s too late. The date turns out to be more than she could hope for, but is there any hope for them? Quick read, smutty fluff and PNR

  • Aki
    2018-12-06 16:05

    Don't waste your time. It's boring.

  • Paganalexandria
    2018-11-23 19:09

    $2.99 for 36 pages?

  • Kathryn
    2018-12-01 18:05

    Sweet little story. Live your life to the fullest.