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Your name is Celine Silver. But no one has called you that in eight years.You’re a classically trained musician and an Honours graduate.You come from a nice, middle-class family.You kill people for money.And no one knows you anymore.Fate throws the man you abandoned right back into your path – the man who knew you before you got blood on your hands, before you changed yourYour name is Celine Silver. But no one has called you that in eight years.You’re a classically trained musician and an Honours graduate.You come from a nice, middle-class family.You kill people for money.And no one knows you anymore.Fate throws the man you abandoned right back into your path – the man who knew you before you got blood on your hands, before you changed your name.And he’s demanding answers. But is there a way back to the path of normal?What price do you have to pay when you realise you no longer want to be monster? And who are the real monsters and victims anyway?And what about the incinerated boy who will never quite go away...Gunshot Glitter is the debut novel of Yasmin Selena Butt. 'A gritty, compelling, darkly-gleaming diamond of a read.'' - Sunday Times Best-seller, Lisa Jewell...

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Gunshot Glitter Reviews

  • Kelly 'Perusing Princesses blog'
    2018-12-08 10:00

    BOOK REVIEW – Gunshot Glitter – Yasmin Selena ButtCornelia Friend gives all new meaning to the term ‘Killer Hills,’ in this new and deeply compelling ‘hit girl’ crime novel.Overview:Celine Silver is a shadow, her once true-self hiding behind the façade of many. Charlotte Sinden and Cornelia Friend are just two of the fake identities she goes by, but the two that play a pivotal part in this full length novel.When she receives a phone call from Sera Logan, an old friend and ex-lover asking for her services, Charlotte Sinden takes a back seat as Cornelia Friend enters the exclusive nightclub in Soho, known as Gunshot Glitter. With thousands of pounds in her pocket and her target it sight, it’s just another night on the job as she adorns her raunchy gothic attire and becomes a sexy erotic dancer for the evening.When Liam enters the club celebrating his 21st Birthday, he gets more than he bargained for when the dark, beautiful dancer offers up her services for free. Escaping through the back exit to elude the hoard of the excited party goers, he is momentarily stunned when the woman attacks him in the dark confines of the car park. With his dying breath and a last fleeting thought of ‘why?’ the deed was done, the contract fulfilled and Sera’s responsibility to close-up any loose ends.Without turning back, Cornelia played her part tremendously, and went on to even score a lover to take back to her hotel room that night, giving her the perfect alibi.With her imminent move back to Manchester the following morning, London and Liam Griffin was already becoming a distant memory. However, she wasn’t prepared for her past to catch up with her when her ex-fiancé spots her outside the new building on the way back from his Mother’s funeral.As the evening turns to passion, and Cornelia/Charlotte becomes Celine again for one night only, the old wounds of the past threaten her resolve and she knows that the only choice she has is to let Anis go, again. For he is the only man she has ever loved. He did not belong in her twisted, sordid world!As time passes and Liam’s disappearance sparks the interest of the newspapers, the BBC and his missing person facebook page goes viral, all due to the insistence and unwavering dedication to his loving family, Sera finds herself landing in more hot water than she ever imagined. As panic, fear and guilt consumes her, she knows time is running out, and if she’s going down, she isn’t going down alone…*Yasmin Selena Butt is the reason I read self-published work. If I ever hear another person slamming the works of Indie Authors again, I may feel the need to invest in a pair of Killer Heels of my own! This book is a true testament to the sheer brilliance, hard work and dedication it takes to go at it alone and WOW did she pull this one out of the bag. In fact, its execution is pitched perfect. Each scene captivates you and I truly felt like I was there, living it.The emotions this book evoked in me were astounding. I felt physically sick with grief. I got angry and felt the need to commit book murder. And… I cried like a baby! I was blubbering by 18% which highlights the full-on intensity of this story. Gunshot Glitter is unlike anything I have ever read before. It’s a dark, gritty tale of a young girl who lost her way after devastating events rocked her world to the core and stripped her of her former life.It’s a story of unrequited love, with a very forgiving and likeable man, who wants nothing more than to get his girl back. His Celine. The one he fell in love with all those years ago.And, categorically, it is one of hope, faith and true unconditional love of a family that will not rest. Will not stop. Will NEVER give up the fight to find out the truth. Liam Griffin, although didn’t capture much page space of his own, will hold a place in my book-loving beating heart, forever!I highly recommend this book if you like crime thriller / investigative novels. This is written with sheer brutal honesty. It’s clever as intricate puzzle pieces slowly start forming together, with a well thought out plot that is deeply compelling until the end.An incredible and truly worthy: 5 STARS.

  • Shani Struthers
    2018-11-17 09:01

    I've read some good books in the past year so I don't say this lightly - but Gunshot Glitter is amongst the best of them! Reading about the brutal murder of a young man in the first chapters by our 'heroine', I thought 'okay, you've got your work cut out, wanting me to feel sympathy for this woman' and the strangest thing is, by the end of the book, no, by the middle of the book, I do feel sympathy for her, I want the best for her, despite what she has been capable of in the past. As the story unfolds we meet a whole range of characters, including the famiy of the dead boy, who are left reeling and heartbroken at his sudden 'disappearence'. At no time are we allowed to forget how his fate has affected them which is important for me, that this is not just a story about Celine's redemption, but about the very real heartache her actions have caused on the people who love and care for the 'victim'. It is also important that Celine at no time (unlike the dreadful Serah Logon who'll you'll love to hate) displays self-pity, if she did, I think the book would have failed. Anis, the love-lorn hero of the tale is a wonderful character and the reunion sex-scene between Celine and Anis could teach E L James a thing or two!!! I won't give the tale away as I knew nothing about the book upon reading it and that was part of the excitement but this is a great book with lots to say. I'm not sure everyone will be able to 'forgive' Celine but that's what makes this book so interesting - I've recommended it to to fellow readers and can't wait to hear their thoughts and opinions on Celine - she's a modern day anti-hero, a character who will prompt some very interesting discussions indeed. For a debut, it's a stunner and I'm looking forward to other material this writer puts out.

  • Helen Minazza
    2018-12-04 04:14

    The start of this book was stumbling a little, a few words could have been dropped here and there to tighten up the story telling. When the lead character meets the love of her past we are lead by the nose a bit, told and told and told again what is going through her head. However this is within the first few chapters of the book, after this initial stumble the book picks you up and runs with you! The mysteries alluded to earlier keep you interested, the switch between the two situations are long enough to show you what you need to see but not too long that you have forgotten what is going on in the other "bit". This book is a real page turner you find yourself sympathizing with the unexpected, torn between right and wrong and the hope of a new life. All loose ends are tied up beautifully and you feel justified in the ending. If you enjoy crime thrillers I can recommend this one.

  • Louisa
    2018-11-20 09:06

    This book was recommended to me by a friend who said it was right up my street. I wasn't sure about it but gave it a go. After a few pages i was hooked. I think the story line is fresh n different and it interested me to see how i would feel towards the main character. It has some sexual content which i found to be just the right amount for the storyline. I could identify with the main character n was intrigued at my reaction towards her. This was a great read and i highly recommend it.

  • Laura
    2018-11-28 03:57

    Gunshot Glitter is one of those books I couldn't stop thinking about before I'd even read it never mind afterwards. My TBR list is out of control like most people's and I often have an idea of what I plan to read next. There was something about this book though that I couldn't shake so rather than read one of the many books I already owned I downloaded the free sample of Gunshot Glitter as suggested by the author. I was intrigued by both the vivid cover and the unusual title. It becomes apparent quite early on exactly what Gunshot Glitter is and therefore where the title comes from. I think the fact I knew very little about this book other than by the authors own admission that it's "different" made the impact it had on me all the more impressive. I started this book slowly dipping in over a few days and then suddenly I hit the ground running reading 70% in one sitting. The last 20% of which left me sobbing. I had unexpectedly become attached to these characters and was sorry to leave them behind when the book ended.The opening chapters are shocking and unflinching. What a badass the main character is. The closing chapters of the book are just as powerful and shocking in the total oppositeness of them. Gunshot Glitter is full of characters, particularly women who didn't know how strong they were capable of being until they were dealt the most devastating blow a person/family could receive. The extreme highs and lows of Celine's personality left me breathless at times. I wasn't expecting to experience such a range of emotions for both for the main character and the eclectic mix of supporting characters. A solid 5 stars for this debut novel.

  • The Jacket
    2018-11-27 06:56

    Gunshot Glitter, the debut novel from Yasmin Selena Butt is, nominally at least, a work of crime fiction. This is what the tags tell us but is as much a tale of love as murder. This blurring of romance and thriller may well alienate readers whose tastes are stuck in strict genre fiction as Butt strays from the tried and tested paths of these two types too often.She obviously does not let a little thing like tradition get in the way of telling a good story. All of the essentials; characterisation, believability, pace and detail are here. Regardless of what label is applied the end product is what (I hope) every author strives for - a book you can't put down.The age old foes, good and evil, stand at either end of the character scale and I doubt that anyone would fail to recognise them for what they are, but, between those extremes, your sympathies will ebb and flow. This is what is at the heart of Gunshot Glitter as even though you know from the get go who did it and how they did it there are still plenty of questions that need to be answered and an awful lot decisions that need to made: but you may not like the outcome.Straddling genres in any art form is a risky business and any artist not willing to produce a piece of work by numbers should be applauded. In Gunshot Glitter Yasmin Selena Butt has taken that risk - I hope reader do too.

  • Linda Parkinson-Hardman
    2018-12-10 10:20

    This was another of those books that happened across my path which initially made my heart sink; my first thought was ‘I just don’t read murder mysteries‘; that was before I started reading and got myself hooked by the characters and the intricately woven story. I ended up reading until 1.00am in the morning because I just had to know what happened next. It’s not so much a murder mystery book, it’s more a ‘look at what can happen to the human psyche when it is challenged out of it’s normal expectations about how life should be’ book. I thoroughly enjoyed it; I loved the main character Celine and it made me realise ‘there but for the grace of God go I‘. There were so many differing strands, personalities and perspectives to take on board that the reader couldn’t help but admire the way in which Yasmin has drawn them all together to tell the complete story, not just one part of it. This is another new author I shall keep on my wish list.

  • Seumas Gallacher
    2018-11-21 06:21

    ...a cracking good excellently woven story that slaloms from murder and police detective work to the intricacies of true love and romance... dark in places where it needs to be, and deceptively provocative in others, particularly in the morality of a criminal mind... and how an ordinary family’s life can be disrupted in the wink of an eye... the intensity of some of the range of bedroom scenes touches on the erotic, but all in service of unwinding the narrative professionally... don’t even try to out-guess where the authoress takes the plot threads... major and minor characters are beautifully drawn and all ‘fit’ seamlessly into the book without being forced into it... the tidiness in the denouements (plural) is a reader’s joy... equally, don’t bite on the red herring of some of the reviews on here as to what ‘genre' this fits into... suffice to say it’s a cracking good story, well-told... enjoy...

  • Lesley Hughes
    2018-11-27 07:01

    Gunshot Glitter is a lengthy novel...and I wondered if Yasmin would be able to maintain the early pace and vigour of the story through its entirety. The answer is an unreserved 'yes'. Celine' s story is tragic and her lifestyle horrific...and yet you cannot help but be drawn to her...and wish her the happiness that Celine herself doesn't think she deserves. The plotline is utterly believable despite being a world away from what most of us will ever experience...drawing the reader unrelentingly into Celine' s sad, bad and dangerous existence which threatens to spiral completely out of control. Can there be any light at the end of this particularly dark tunnel? You'll have to read it to find out! Highly recommended...enjoyed it so much that I couldn't bear to leave the paperback at home when on holiday (too large for my handbag) so I bought the Kindle version to take with me!

  • Kate Riley
    2018-12-03 03:57

    5 stars without a doubt. I LOVED this book. As readers we make assumptions about characters, then the author intelligently strips our preconceptions away. This is gripping story, I was hooked in from the start and I could not put it down.Within the first chapter Liam Griffin is brutally murdered and we enter the dark world of Cornelia and her aliases. Liam remains a central character and the aftershock of his murder is not ignored. His family care and are determined to find out what happened to him. Cornelia is forced onto a journey of self-discovery and her past is revealed. This story epitomised Soho for me and the human psyche, how our identity shapes our behaviour and how we become the characters we create. Great book, I highly recommend it as an exciting and entertaining read.

  • Pandi
    2018-11-20 05:24

    Wow, just wow. i have to admit that i only go this book on the recommendation of a friend (who happens to be related to the author). I really was not expecting such a good read, i was enthralled all the way through. the characters were almost living breathing people i found that i cared about what happens to them, as opposed to just thinking they are just characters. The plot was an absolute roller coaster with every emotion out there and clamoring for your attention. They only down point i can put on this was the"ray winstone" type character but every gritty novel needs one of them.i wont give anything away on this one, but its a really good book and i for one will be endorsing it to everyone i know.

  • Wendy Greenberg
    2018-11-26 04:04

    There is really a golden nugget in here for an original/offbeat crime story. The writer however makes us suffer an entire novel packed with the most basic writing errors. A good editor would lose about 2/3 of this book and make it a pacey, gripping page-turner.Instead we face endless grammatical mistakes, misspelling, repetition galore and the longest e-mails and letters that fiction has ever seen! The book does not allow the reader to be clever at any turn as every irrelevant detail is described in lavish detail again and again...the reader is just distracted from the main plot with so many overwritten and unnecessary sub-plots.

  • Joanna Gawn
    2018-12-11 11:10

    Gunshot Glitter is not like any book I have read before. It's original, compassionate, dark, and utterly compelling, with elements of sweetness tucked away where you least expect them. Part tale of redemption and rebirth, part detective mystery, part love story, Gunshot Glitter is a cross-genre book that defies an easy label. Gunshot Glitter has absorbed my free time like a sponge (even stealing some of my own writing time!) but I don't regret a minute of it. It was so worth taking a chance on it.More, please!

  • Janet Gogerty
    2018-12-08 10:15

    A book that proves how wonderful the whole new world of independent self publishing is. A novel that cannot be classified. The opening pages are shocking, so are some of the characters, but the story is written with compassion. We are whirled through the action and emotion till the very end.

  • Louise Mackin
    2018-11-19 09:20

    Thoroughly enjoyed this book, full of twists & turns & some very powerful, well written emotion. Would definitely recommend this book. I look forward to reading more from this author.

  • Heather
    2018-11-18 04:04

    I've not written many book reviews, and I'm not really cut out to effuse about books. Suffice to say I couldn't put this book down. Well written and compelling til the end.

  • Amanda Morwood
    2018-11-23 07:04

    This read like Modesty Blaise on acid ......

  • Yasmin Butt
    2018-11-30 05:11