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Cain Elliott is a desperate man – on the brink of losing La Terraza, the 1920’s Spanish style courtyard apartment complex his grandmother left him in her will, he’s faced with the option of selling to a real estate developer or losing the building outright, due to the costs of upkeep that have now left him teetering on the brink of bankruptcy. One setback after another hasCain Elliott is a desperate man – on the brink of losing La Terraza, the 1920’s Spanish style courtyard apartment complex his grandmother left him in her will, he’s faced with the option of selling to a real estate developer or losing the building outright, due to the costs of upkeep that have now left him teetering on the brink of bankruptcy. One setback after another has slowly whittled away any hope he’d been harboring to turn the tides. Having time for little else in life, Cain’s guilt over his failure to protect the home of those who reside within the walls of La Terraza has crippled his spirit.On the partnership fast-track at the flashy architectural firm of Hamilton-Bach, Henry Abrams is new in town, a little lonely and looking for inspiration. Tired of games and longing for something real, Henry discovers the road to happiness could lie in the arms of the sad, uncomplicated Cain Elliott. Discovering that Hamilton-Bach represents the mysterious entrepreneur attempting to purchase La Terraza, combined with the self-doubt and mistrust over a love that develops too fast, leave both men struggling to decide whether or not they can truly find…Love in La Terraza....

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Love in La Terraza Reviews

  • Vio
    2019-06-01 07:06

    I wanted to like it so much more than I did, especially since this is my first Ethan Day novel. I had high hopes for it, a nice romantic title and the blurb was good enough to catch my interest. So once I started I thought hmm what have I let myself in for, there was something initially that kept me reading but in the end I got sick of Cain's stubbornness, the sex talk was a no and the humor is a complete miss for me. I understand it has a certain appeal and a lot of readers will love it, especially Cain's quirky and crazy tenants who are a treat. Too bad it didn't hit the right spots for me, I have concluded that I must be suffering from a bad sense of humor........

  • Cole Riann
    2019-05-16 05:54

    Review posted at The Armchair Reader.Cain is the owner of La Terraza, a 1920's apartment complex left to him by his grandmother who cared for it and its tenants lovingly her whole life. He has taken over that cause, dedicating his life to the upkeep of the building and it's colorful inhabitants. But he's barely holding on. Nothing seems to be going right. It is falling apart around him and someone is trying to buy him out -- bully him out is more accurate. He can't find a bank to give him a loan to keep him afloat and he's barely holding on by his grandmother's memory and his own feeling that La Terraza has been his only real home his whole life.Things look up for Cain when he meets Henry. They have an immediate connection that both want to see grow. Cain is worried, at first, when he finds out that Henry was headhunted by Hamilton-Bach and now holds an architect position there. They are the representation for the unnamed buyer who Cain fears wants to tear down the apartments. Trying to keep the two parts of his life separate seem to be a full time job, but as time goes on and he and Henry get closer, he can't decide which he'll choose if he's forced to make a decision -- the home that he has always loved and the people that depend on him, or the one man who has made him happier than any man has before?There is so much here that fans of Ethan Day will be excited about -- his usual collection of funny characters and wacky RomCom scenarios, couples that remind me of guys I know in the real world, and a flair for character voice and storytelling that almost sounds as if the author is right there reading to you. But what I love about the books that Ethan has published in 2012 is that he's really progressing as an author. Of course, A Token of Time was a real progression in his craft, where he played with a lot of new themes and genres. Here, Ethan has taken what was once his usual faire, and more subtly crafted it. The evolution of the romantic comedy in his hands is exciting to me. I was so excited to see him branching out, succeeding in writing things other than what we know he does really well. I never really thought to expect a story like Love in La Terraza, which is solid Ethan Day RomCom, but has benefitted from his other new experience to be more finely crafted and honed than his previous books.I purposefully decided to wait to write my review for a few days after reading this book, because all I wanted to do when I finished it was gush about it. It deserves more than that though, because there is real progression and craft here instead of just a book that I really loved. Sometimes I can LOOVE a book like nothing else and it still be kinda crappy (I know you've all been there). You overlook it's faults because you loved it so much it didn't seem to matter. I didn't want anyone to take my gushing of this book that way because it deserves my sober thoughts ;)The success of this story is twofold, in my opinion. First, the structure and pace of the story work well together. It is a solid novella with just the right amount of plot for length, which makes the pace natural and easy throughout. It doesn't try to do too much, but focus on the relationship between Cain and Henry (who I adored together) and allow Cain's troubles in keeping La Terraza together unfold. Perhaps it seems so natural because these two plotlines are so well integrated. Much of the story is overtaken by the relationship, but slowly weaved into that as the two get to really know each other is the one obstacle in their path, their opinion on the buyer situation. They both follow their character in their choices which brings them at natural odds. Cain's reluctance to deal with the situation pragmatically (because either way will bring the way of life he knows to an end in some way) is expected and something I understood. Henry's selflessness (be it natural, or his own choice of relationship over career) shows the reason they seem to fit so well together. Their actions and choices form a natural division leading to realistic internal conflict.Second, the style of the story is reminiscent of an old movie. I'm going to show my lack of knowledge here, but bear with me please. The style and cast of characters is something we all love and can relate to because it has been so successful in the past. There is Cain, the perennial bachelor in the center of couples. He's the lonely captain of a sinking ship surrounded by an eclectic cast of characters. They're drawn together by a love of the setting, and while anything would do in theory, the arrangement of them all in an apartment block or courtyard makes this even more powerful. Cain, as the captain, is the only single welcomed into the fold, but in a way all other singles in the story are suspect (at least where the "family" and the courtyard of La Terraza is concerned). Henry is given a trial period, and everyone else is suspect of the other single in the apartment complex who keeps to himself. This backdrop to the story pulled me in immediately because it is something that we can relate to in common experience through film and literature. Plus, it gives the atmosphere something special, a way for us to feel special and connected with the story, and it allows Ethan to write some truly zany characters (I'll let you discover them on your own!) but still keep some of the humor for Cain and Henry, though albeit, maybe a little toned from characters past.In the end, I adored Cain and Henry together. What I love so much about them is that they're funny, yes. But mostly, they have fun together and so much of what we see is them building a the relationship that people have in real life. It isn't just what we see in most fiction, or the bullet points that are important in the evolution of a relationship. We also get to see the behind-the-doors camaraderie they're creating together that make them part of a pair, the shared jokes and experiences. We don't often really get to see that in fiction, or at least where it serves a more prominent role than what is typical. That made Cain and Henry really leap off the page for me.Fans of this author will undoubtedly want to read Love in La Terraza, but I think this is a good entry place for readers not familiar with Ethan Day. It is indicative of his earlier romantic comedies, but a bit shorter and better crafted. Definitely Recommended!

  • Lauraadriana
    2019-05-27 05:48

    Damn this was HOT Jeepers Ethan Day is writing some fuckhawt dirrrty sex lately...And so fucking FUNNY too, I was laughing my ass off through the whole book.I thought I was gonna die! One minute I'm laughing so hard I can't breathe, and the next I'm reading sex so fucking HOT I'm practically hyperventilating...The man is gonna kill me one of these days. Do I care? NOT IN THE SLIGHTEST, this book like all of Ethan's book gave me just the right dose of sweet, sexy, super super funny, light story with a fiesty and totally endearing MC who finds a strong man to love him for just exactly who he is with a cast of characters that were just delicious and funny and just...DEELIGHTFUL. I've said it before and I'll say it again, this man's books HAVE GOT TO BE MADE INTO MOVIES!So we have Cain, he is 27 and cute and hilarious and in a super bad spot. He is about to lose his apartment building La Terraza which was left to him by his grandmother. He loves that place, he loves his tenants. Cain didn't go to college or anything (which is source of insecurity for him) but he has made a life for himself as landlord of that building which means everything to him. He is desperate at this point, and pretty much at the end of his rope. After receiving super crappy news about another loan that was denied he meets with friends at a pub, and ends up picking up a delicious trick with the name of Herny Abrams. Henry Abrams, 31, architect, who has just moved into town. The mans turns out to not just the hottest fuck that Cain has ever had in his short, but VERY slutty life. He is KIND, and he wants to stick around like A LOT. Little problem is the firm that Henry has been hired by is the one that wants to take La Terraza from Cain...DRAAAAAMAAAAA!Actually not sooo much drama, but there's gotta be SOME! Mostly this book was sweet and like most of Ethan's book it was about the characters and their friendships, their families and finding love. He does these kind of "coming of age, finding what's right's to help you turn a new page" sort of stories that are just such a pleasure to read. Just easy and fun. What's not to love? Especially now that he's gone full on SMUTLISCIOUS with the smexin SWEET MERCIFUL PORN GODS this was HOT DIRRRTY SEX people!!! Loved Henry and Cain. They were very sweet, the tenants in the building were FAB especially the Scalia brothers Tony and Vito and as always the parents were batshit crazy and so fucking funny I thought I'd die laughing.I won't even prentend I don't have a soft spot for Ethan's books. I do! So what?! Is it my fault the man writes awesome books?! No it is not, but I'm fucking glad I get to read them.Go read the damn book! Who says no to awesome book porn, for sure laughs, with super sweet hot dudes and funny old people?!I RECOMMEND.

  • Anke
    2019-05-17 14:02

    Didn't imagine that I would give 2 stars to a book by Ethan Day. Well, there's always a first, obviously. Sorry to say, but for me this book was a let down. I don't know what both MCs saw in each others besides their good looks and their ability in the bedroom and wherever else the got together. The tenants got on my nerves, didn't find them funny at all. Em and Anna, sorry not to my liking as well. I especially didn't get the change of mindset of Anna. First telling the Bach guy about Henry's boyfriend and then helping Cain to keep his house. Why? No idea. Out of the blue there was a police investigation. Why? Again no idea. But it resulted in a new tenant. How convenient. The whole book left me rather puzzled and unsatisfied.

  • Heather C
    2019-06-12 05:53

    This was a really sweet story from Ethan. It made me laugh and it made me smile. And the sex was smokin' hot! I'm hoping there will be more romances taking place at La Terraza in the very near future!

  • Julesmarie
    2019-05-26 13:07

    2.5 starsVery disappointing. I'm such a huge fan of Ethan Day's books, they're usually exactly the comic relief I need between heavier, more serious books. I hadn't known this one was coming, so when I heard about it, I excitedly went and immediately bought it.Only to discover that this felt more like a first draft of an Ethan Day book. I couldn't help wondering all the way through if this had even been edited. There were spelling and grammar errors, yes, but also missing words and unfinished sentences. But it wasn't just that--it was like all of the elements of a good, funny Ethan Day book were there, just not finished. For example, the tenants in La Terraza had the potential to create one of the hilarious scenes (like the brunch with the mother and her friends in Second Time Lucky) but it just never quite got there.Interestingly, this book also had elements of a potential mystery, but that also didn't seem to ever materialize. The "villains" were too one-dimensionally, mustache-twirlingly obvious to make for a successful mystery.I can't help but wish that this one would be picked up by a different publisher, both copy and content edited, and republished. Very sad to see so much potential here and not have it realized as it has been in his other books.

  • Dan
    2019-05-28 12:00

    Another brilliant book by Ethan Day. I found myself smiling a lot with some of the quirky characters living at La Terraza.“Next time, tell Cain to shut his bedroom window,” Tony pointed up, and Henry followed the line of sight to the open second-story window. “Sounds have a way of magnifying in this courtyard, you know.”“Still, we congratulate you on your incredible penis,” Vito said with a shrug.“Indeed!” Tony started to chuckle. “Cain screams very highly of it.”Love in La Terraza

  • Cay
    2019-05-20 08:40

    4 starsI was a tiny bit hesitant starting Love in La Terazza, because the blurb didn't really catch my attention that much, and it sounded - don't kill me- a little boring. But I liked Second Time Lucky so I thought 'Why not?'And it wasn't. Boring. At all.The plot is nothing earth-shattering, it's a simple insta-love in a beautiful, beautiful house called La Terazza. But the characters OMG, the characters!! It's totally worth reading for them. They're utterly insane - in a hilariously good way. Ah, I had so much fun reading this book. :D Recommended!

  • Serena Yates
    2019-06-05 06:52

    Delightfully funny, yet with enough conflict and angst to keep me interested, this story about Cain, an embattled apartment building owner, and Henry, the noble architect, this story is a mystery and RomCom all mixed into one. The secondary characters are as funny and quirky as the main characters, the setting is beautiful with enough descriptive details to make me feel I was there, and the unfolding drama of the bad guys about to take over had me wishing I could jump into the book and kick… some sense into them.Cain may be desperate to save the building he has inherited from his grandmother, but he still manages to have fun. He is also an inspiration to his tenants, and never whines for a moment. I admired his tenacious willingness to try everything, his refusal to give up despite the odds being totally against him, and was happy for him when meets Henry. The man is clearly good for him, succeeding to make him laugh yet helping him to gain clarity about what he needs to do to save "La Terraza".Henry is a great guy, even though it takes him a while to figure out what is going on. He is good for Cain, devoted and loyal, not to mention exactly what Cain needs between the sheets. His career as an architect is important to him, but it never seemed to overpower him. As soon as he figures out what is going on he does the right thing, and the fact that he prioritizes his relationship with Cain over everything else made me smile. He is exactly the guy Cain needs and deserves.These two are hilarious together, yet they are also very clearly in love with each other, almost from the start. Cain just happening to be cleaning some drawers when Henry might need space for his "spare" clothes that seem to have taken up residence in Cain's apartment made me laugh. The pain each of them feels when it looks as if the bad guys will win and everything threatens to fall apart under the pressure Cain is under had me yelling at them not to be stupid.If you like stories that make you laugh, if you enjoy reading about very lifelike characters who are not always as clever or well-spoken as you might expect, and if some underhanded manipulations from the bad guys are a s likely to make you laugh (once they have been vanquished, of course), you will probably like this book as much as I did.NOTE: This book was provided by Resplendence Publishing for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews.

  • Teresa
    2019-05-20 10:43

    ****Reviewed for Prism Book Alliance®****4.25 -Set in the beautiful if, aging, apartment complex left to Cain Elliott by his grandmother, Love in La Terraza was a sweet and entertaining read. There was such a nice community feel and I liked the extended cast of characters.As was Henry, I was smitten with my first look at La Terraza. The way the scene was described was magical. I wish I could live there. Adding in the colourful occupants brought the story to life. Though central were Cain and Henry. I really liked their relationship, even if I felt “I love you” was uttered a little soon. However, who am I to judge.There is some tension that keeps it from being boring but it ends bright and shiny. There were lots to keep me smiling.

  • Heller
    2019-05-30 12:49

    This was an incredibly sweet book to read. Two men meet in a bar start a hot affair and fall for each other. There's some drama revolving around the retro apartment complex that one character owns/operators. I found parts of this book pretty amusing. Especially how the other characters react to Cain and Henry's budding relationship. Cute, fluffy read with charming characters and storyline.

  • Sadonna
    2019-05-21 09:03

    Another fabulous and fun book from Ethan Day. Is it wrong that I hear Ethan's voice in my head now when I read his books?? Sorry - but I hear Ethan's voice coming out of Cain's mouth. This is just a wonderful and romantic story. The blurb does a good job of giving a synopsis, so I won't repeat that here. I just really loved Henry and Cain. Cain's family was also a total crackup. Let's face it. We all have craziness in our families and some of it is pretty damn funny. Whether it's parents, siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles or just crazy friends, they can be pretty entertaining. I loved Henry's mother on the phone with Cain. But mostly I love how Henry was torn about Cain and wanting his love and trust and getting Cain to take his help. As usual, Ethan left me laughing and wanting more. I would love another story in this setting. I actually finished this on the morning of the book signing at GRL and got to tell Ethan just how much I enjoyed it. I had had a pretty crappy week before GRL - with my 50th birthday being yet another hugely shitty disappointment (see, I told you I have a birthday curse a la Luke in Second Time Lucky and this was by FAR one of the absolute worst) cancelled flights being stuck in Oklahoma City(sorry Cole - but it kinda sucked) and just a generally bad time. So I REALLY needed something funny and sweet and this fit the bill perfectly. I LOVE Ethan's RomComs and truly I can never get enough of them. Thanks again Ethan for giving me some laughs and making me forget the bad stuff for another day :D

  • A
    2019-05-22 09:57

    I love Ethan Day. He's one one of my favorite m/m authors, if not my favorite. Definitely tied for first with a handful of others. This story, however, was not my favorite. Normally, his books are hilarious. They're full of life. They're a little outrageous, but so much fun. And this just fell flat of all of those things. It had some seriously funny dialogue, and quirky secondary characters, and main characters you wanted to root for, but it never became something along the lines of Second Time Lucky or Sno Ho or As You Are. I don't want to discourage anyone from reading this, however. Day still stands a head above most m/m authors out there. I'm just a superfan and have super high expectations. **Also, Resplendence Publishing kind of blows. Since this wasn't available on Amazon, I had to purchase it on their website, which couldn't have been more user-unfriendly. (I have a bit of a low tolerance for poorly-designed websites.) And there were some typos that shouldn't have slipped by a decent editor. But I love you, Ethan! And I'll buy anything you write.

  • Blue Bayou .
    2019-05-30 10:46

    “Next time, tell Cain to shut his bedroom window,” Tony pointed up, and Henry followed the line of sight to the open second-story window. “Sounds have a way of magnifying in this courtyard, you know.”“Still, we congratulate you on your incredible penis,” Vito said with a shrug.“Indeed!” Tony started to chuckle. “Cain screams very highly of it.”LOL The fact was made more evident as everyone in Cain’s family was short. Both Cain and Charlie towered over their parents at five foot, six inches. It would've been amusing to anyone on the outside looking in, like a pack of hobbits were hosting a dinner for the Jolly Green Giant.hahaFunny and a good read.

  • Jess
    2019-05-18 07:49

    The sex was pretty damn hot. There was a few funny moments/scenarios but I was in a bit of a sadsack mood so they didnt really make me laugh. The characters (ALL OF THEM) were really interesting and quirky. The overall romance and plot story was quite sweet and I really liked that.I it was kind of lacking something, I dont know what but for me it just didnt have the emotion to make me give it 5 stars. I think if I truly got to know them both then their romance would have been far more impactful on my

  • Tiya Rosa
    2019-06-16 06:01

    I don't think I'm capable of writing a coherent review right now except saying this was so awesome like ZOMG!!1!!!, so I'm just gonna re-read this and go through As You Are and the Summit City series again 'cause Ethan Day - much like bacon - is the bomb.Cole has written a great review, though, so you should check it out.

  • Enny
    2019-06-04 11:03

    When an ESL speaker like myself gets so frustrated by all the spelling errors and sentences that miss words that she seriously considers not finishing the book, you know that Ethan Day should've published this somewhere else or gotten himself some beta readers who know the difference between "your" and "you're". The plot was rather silly with a bad case of insta-love.

  • Shannon
    2019-05-26 13:43

    God, I'm such an Ethan Day whore, it's ridiculous. I loved this book and it was exactly what I was looking for. Hot sex, great MCs, very little angst and a great love story. I just always wish the really good books were longer.

  • Victoria
    2019-06-08 07:10


  • Jennifer
    2019-06-07 10:49

    I thought this was a really good story. So often authors in the m/m catagory either make their characters so broken or so nudge and wink that they just aren't believable. That is not the case here. Cain is a man that is just trying to hold on to the apartment complex he inherited from his grandmother. Just like most of us, he doesn't tell his friends and family just how close he is to losing everything. It is stressing him out! Henry is new to town. He isn't looking to hook up but he just thinks Cain is irrestible. Neither one of them is thinking about forever when they first meet but it's practically love at first kiss. Yes, there are flaws with the story. Most of the background characters felt like they were created to fill the spaces in between. Like Cain's best friend Emily. She was barely in the book. She acted as the friend who never shows up to get togethers, the friend who barges into your apartment at the wrong moment, the friend who screaches/whines/begs but you love her anyway. She shows up in the story at all the moments when you need a third party to say or do something that it wouldn't make sense for the main characters to do. And, there is a moment near the end where she shows a little backbone but the whole scenario is so contrived it made me roll my eyes. Also, the big shocking twist is a bit much to swallow. I am not going to describe it here because it's the surprise in the story. So why did I give it such a high rating? The story made me feel good. I looked forward to reading it and found myself making time to read. Ethan Day has a wonderful written voice and it is a pleasure to read. This story is a very fast read and I recommend it to anyone that likes a good, straighforward won from author

  • Shirley Frances
    2019-05-27 05:56

    Cain is having a horrible day and needs to have a drink or four, so he heads up to the neighborhood bar to meet with friends. There he makes eye contact with a handsome stranger who ends up at his table and at his apartment. Henry has just moved to the town. He feels lonely and doesn't want to return to his hotel room so he sets off to find some company. After making eye contact across the bar with a sad Cain he finds himself sharing more than a drink with the handsome, funny stranger.Love in La Terraza is everything I have come to expect from Ethan Day. It was funny, touching and sexy as hell! Although I'm not usually a fan of the insta-love scenario, Ethan Day does a great job of developing the connection between Cain and Henry in a way that made it plausible that the chemistry between the two could develop into something more.Through humorous and honest dialogue and the right amount of emotions thrown into the mix, Ethan Day's writing brought to the page a sweet, romantic story that left me wanting more from these adorable characters. I loved Cain. He was sarcastic, funny and his guilt over his failure to maintain his grandmother's building made him an interesting character to get to know. And his show of emotion? Wow! that one scene packed a punch and endeared him to me much more. Of course Henry was as lovable as Cain. I especially enjoyed his playful side and the way he let loose his alpha male side when he got together with Cain. I loved to see him all flustered, but it was his sweet, caring heart that ultimately did me in.

  • Sherry
    2019-05-24 08:57

    3.5 starsAgain, Ethan Day stories are an auto-buy for me and while the Sno Ho ensemble remains my favorite, these guys are great too!Cain has been desperately trying to keep from giving up and being forced to sell his grandmother's 'legacy', the apartment complex La Terraza. Along with the building, he also inherited the quirky tenants, many of whom have lived there for numerous years and are like family. Cain is simply a good guy who doesn't want to disappoint the tenants or his grandmother's memory.During one of his 'down' nights, Cain meets Henry, who is starting a new life and job with the develpment company that has been pressuring Cain to sell. Hawt sex ensues (Ethan does such a great job with the smexing *fans self*!!)A series of misfortunes and lack of or miscommunication dogs their relationship, with bumbling "advice" from the hilarious tenants. Both the MCs are strong, independent individuals who, while supportive of each other, are more than capable of making it alone.There aren't really any surprises and I had it figured out (view spoiler)[the sabotage and why, that is (hide spoiler)] but it's a great read. There are some typos and a few missing words that were a tad distracting but doesn't affect the story.Recommended!

  • Bo
    2019-06-11 12:42

    A Building and Romance Built to LastEthan Day always gets right to the point--two men without anything in common meet and fall in lust and then try to get out of a mess one of them has created so they can go on about falling in love. He also always makes sure there are very strong, and sometimes weird, women around to get the MCs to move their respective asses.This tale is saved by La Terraza, an exceptional architectural masterpiece that holds mid twenties sweet boy Cain in its grip emotionally and financially. It also enraptures and frustrates his new squeeze, Henry, who happens to be a bit older and a whole lot bigger than Cain--and an architect to boot.How author Day mixes and matches a totally whacky bunch of characters, some practical, some sweet and loving, some down right duplicitous and evil, is primarily due to his ability to find humor in people and situations. Both Cain and Henry have issues which can become a bit annoying but Day manages to scrape them off the floor every once in a while to keep the story flowing. Not much true angst but a lot of wariness along the way, worth a day on your vacation.

  • Ethan Day
    2019-05-16 12:57

    6 Stars and a LOVED IT! from The Armchair Reader"There is so much here that fans of Ethan Day will be excited about — his usual collection of funny characters and wacky RomCom scenarios, couples that remind me of guys I know in the real world, and a flair for character voice and storytelling" Stars from Reviews by Jessewave "In Love in La Terraza, Ethan Day has given us a sweet, very sexy and quite funny romance." Stars from Joyfully Jay"Great characters, lots of humor, great emotion, and a super hot relationship. I highly recommend it."

  • Sabrina
    2019-05-17 08:00

    4.5 stars. One cant go wrong with an Ethan Day story; and this is just another confirmation. Love in La Terraza didn't have as many outlandish zingers or laugh out loud moments as some other books of ED (Sno Ho); but I found myself smiling through most of the story and of course completely besotted with Cain and Henry by the end. I felt apart of this little oasis of charming misfits that made up the tenants of La Terraza. The side characters were so intriguing at times I felt distracted by their antics than following the development of Cain and Henry's relationship. My only complaint would be that the story needed a little more meat in the middle (now pull your minds out of the gutter!!); more meat in the middle of the STORY to build up a little more to the the drama of the loss. That sidewalk scene was priceless!! ;-)

  • Ali
    2019-06-08 12:47

    This was a decent story with a lot of potential, but it didn't quite do it for me. Don't get me wrong, it was an enjoyable read. I think I just didn't quite click with the writing style. At times it seemed to be "over written" and yet at the same time it didn't quite seem like enough. There seemed to be too many adjectives involved, whereas just the predicate of the sentence would have been enough. I didn't quite feel> the connection between the two characters. The plot itself was there and when it came to a head, it was almost too quickly resolved. A mystery, I didn't know I was reading, was suddenly being solved, and I felt a bit sorry I'd missed the build up to it.

  • Christie
    2019-05-21 05:46

    a really great book!This is my first book from this author and it was really good. It was entertaining, funny and romantic! Cain it's a struggling landlord and owner of La Terraza A crumbling but beautiful apartment complex in much need of a little TLC. Henry is a recent moved to the area architect working at the firm who wish to acquire La Terraza. A chance encounter makes them realize that sometimes what we want it's not necessary what we need and with a little bit of help you can do grander things! Join them and the colorful people who live in La Terraza find a way to save it! You'll definitely laugh with this characters! Grab a copy and enjoy it! Happy reading!

  • Kukko
    2019-06-08 05:44

    Funny but predictable MM romance. Cain owns and lives in a rundown rental complex he inherited from his grandmother. He meets Henry (who is conveniently an architect), at a bar and takes him home. They have amazing sex…and the Cain finds out that Henry works for the consortium that is trying to get him to sell the rental complex. Aside from a visit to Cain's kooky family (which I found confusing), the story proceeds as expected.This is an unremarkable story, with uninspiring MCs. The true stars of the story are Cain's tenants.

  • Suze
    2019-06-11 09:43

    I really enjoyed this romp in a crumbling historic apartment building. Full of off the wall tenants, which i could actually see. Enjoyed Henry and Cain - I do like novels written by male authors, they are are generally a bit more 'earthier' (for want of a better word!)I didnt enjoy the scene with Cain's family tea as much as other parts of the book but overall a great read and good, clean writing that kept the story moving along nicely

  • Claudia
    2019-06-12 05:57

    Ethan Day has become a bit of a refuge for me when am feeling a little down or overwhelmed with every day drama. I always end up feeling light and recharged. Love in la Terraza didn't disappoint me. It is sexy, funny and the characters are perfect for each other. The secondary ones are so lovable, you can't help but want to know more about them. Yeah, Ethan has a way of transporting their readers right into the story and I just love it.