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Unconditional love is eagerly promised at weddings, but rarely practiced in real life. As a result, romantic hopes are often replaced with disappointment in the home. But it doesn’t have to stay that way.The Love Dare, the New York Times No. 1 best seller that has sold five million copies and was major plot device in the popular movie Fireproof, is a 40-day challenge for hUnconditional love is eagerly promised at weddings, but rarely practiced in real life. As a result, romantic hopes are often replaced with disappointment in the home. But it doesn’t have to stay that way.The Love Dare, the New York Times No. 1 best seller that has sold five million copies and was major plot device in the popular movie Fireproof, is a 40-day challenge for husbands and wives to understand and practice unconditional love. Whether your marriage is hanging by a thread or healthy and strong, The Love Dare is a journey you need to take. It’s time to learn the keys to finding true intimacy and developing a dynamic marriage.This second edition also features a special link to a free online marriage evaluation, a new preface by Stephen and Alex Kendrick, minor text updates, and select testimonials from The Love Dare readers. Take the dare!...

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The Love Dare Reviews

  • Kristen
    2019-05-30 09:55

    The movie that this book was birthed out of, Fireproof, starring Kirk Cameron, was amazing!! My husband and I both enjoyed it more than any movie we have seen in a long time. It was so nice to see a clear moral and Christian message for a change, rather than the filth that fills our eyes and ears on a daily basis. We ordered the book before we even saw the movie and were so glad that we did! We are not through the entire thing, but I highly recommend both the movie and the book for any one who is getting married, or is married and wants to stay married!

  • Cherlynn Gates
    2019-06-05 10:03

    it honestly takes 2 people to make a marriage work. doing all the items in this book did not save my ten year marriage because the substance from both sides wasnt there to save. since my marriage ended after catching my ex and sister in bed and her burning down my house, I'd say my marriage wasnt "fireproof", but heres the kicker because I put into practice these lessons, I had no regrets in leaving my ex cause I did all I could to save the marriage in the 6 months before the fire and I learned how to have a successful relationship with someone who loved me in return. it has become an incredible foundation for my soul mate and I to build our marriage upon. god works in mysterious ways.

  • Yoby
    2019-06-26 01:50

    From the cheesiest, most powerful movie I ever loved, the 40 day love dare. I am on Day 27, and I am flunking my way through this book. This one is a good spiritual practic of a king not much in vogue - ministering to your spouse, because just like firemen don't abandon their partners in a firestorm, you don't abandon your spouse in a firestorm. I have a friend in a recovery group who says "some days you stay married one day at a time just like you stay sober one day at a time." This is a book to help you do that. What I liked about the movie is on Day 20, his wife said, "Don't you get it that I don't love you anymore." (Said that, heard that - through many winters in our marriage.) So he calls his father who gave him this handwritten journal of dares, and his father tells him that is as it is supposed to be, and that he hasn't truly started even loving yet." The movie and books Christian overtones might put a lot of people off, but I don't care. I read bhuddist texts and other spiritual works from other spiritual practices, and have decided that I am still a veyr strong christian but have a lot in common with other beliefs, and am not here to persuade anyone, but this bookhas a lot of good practices in it for men or women, and as a friend of mine says "sefishness and self-centeredness, that is the root of our problem."I also think in my spiritual practice that this is a lot about how God loves us and maybe practicing loving God back. It is an easy to understand book and often easy to agree with, but hard, hard, hard to practice. I love my pet selfishnesses and resentments and find it hard to give them up or drop them first or go first to there is my big honost truth.

  • John
    2019-06-05 02:20

    I worked through the 40 Dares in this book over the last month and a half, and it completely changed the way that I look at my spouse.I have always loved her, but now I have found a better way to love her.A very powerful dare asked me to visualize two rooms in my heart (one APPRECIATION and one DEPRECIATION) for my spouse. It asked me how often I go in the APPRECIATION room and how often I visit the DEPRECIATION room.I made a three page list of things that I love about my wife, Nancy, and I gave it to her. I had to make a list of things that I don't like about her, and it dared me to burn the list. It is hard to visit the DEPRECIATION ROOM when it has BURNED DOWN!Guess what!? You can create your OWN APPRECIATION and DEPRECIATION rooms. I wrote lists for MYSELF, and NOW My DEPRECIATION room is currently BURNED DOWN. It is really hard to visit there.It makes your life a lot better when you aren't putting yourself down, but you are looking at positive ways that you can change the world.

  • Annette
    2019-06-11 03:08

    I am on Day 29 Love's MotivationWhen God is your reason for loving, your abitlity to love is guaranteed.The love that's demanded from you in marriage is not dependent on your mate's sweetness or suitability. The love between a husband and wife should have one chief objective: honoring the Lord with devotion and sincerity. The fact that it blesses our beloved in the process is simply a wonderful additional benefit.

  • Kim
    2019-05-28 08:08

    So far--EXCELLENT. This movie was EXCELLENT. Thank you Stephen Kendrick for creating this book. I am fortunate to be able to say that my husband and I have an excellent marriage, but in the 20 years we have been together there have been tough times, for sure. Now, with people we know doing destructive things in their marriages (speaking negatively about their spouses and to their spouses, rampant pornography, not prioritizing time with each other, etc.) marriages are not being nurtured and are falling apart--people are giving in to temptations. This book gives fun and real ways to re-connect and show love and respect to one another. Even an excellent marriage can use some creativity and new ways to rekindle the love that needs to last "til death do us part". Every married couple should do this book!

  • Adrienna
    2019-06-23 09:55

    If you are married, and want your relationship to work out, this is the book to read. It speaks about Love, how God views love, and oneness--togetherness--and unity. It is a forty-day journey to see your spouse for who they are, who they have become, and who you love the most underneath God's leadership. God is the third thread in a marriage, there is a difference between a marriage contract and covenant with God. I take the covenant with God more so than marriage contract. I want to be married until death do us part.

  • Emily
    2019-05-26 02:15

    I have mixed feelings about this one. On the positive side, reading this book with my husband gave us a set time in the day to focus on our marriage through the lens of faith. On the negative side (for me), the authors are pretty conservative, and some maddeningly old fashioned ideas of gender roles and the nature of men and women shine through in the writing. If you can shake that off, or if you simply agree with their views, there are good ideas to be found about how to treat your loved one and how to improve your relationship. Although I doubt I will check out more books by these particular authors, reading this book with my husband inspired me to keep pursuing this collaborative approach to growing in our relationship. That alone made it worth it.

  • Kristine Hansen
    2019-06-18 03:05

    Ouch.It's taken me forever to get through this book, mostly because I wasn't ready for it.Yeah, I'm being honest in my review. Go figure.The first half was good. I did the challenges daily, and saw results. I saw more results than I ever thought possible. My husband was responding, hey even I was responding. The second half though...well it got harder. The Christian things, praying and making a commitment to God, that went ok. But the deeper commitments I wasn't ready for.Finally I just gave up on doing the challenges. Instead I read about them each day and thought about them. But this book will have to go back on the shelf until I'm in a place to try again. OK, that's too personal.The book itself? It seems common sense. Pay attention to your spouse, and SHOW them you care over and over and over even when you've been rejected. Simple but something that's sometimes hard to do. I liked the challenges as it gave a focus for that. Something specific you could do that day, which is just the kind of thing I need. But 40 days isn't enough time to prepare a heart, to HEAL a heart to the point where I'm personally ready to renew my wedding vows (the final challenge). Maybe it's better spaced out more?Someday I'll try this again. But not right away. I think I have some more work to do on myself first.

  • Jorge Criado
    2019-06-14 09:07

    Un buen libro con recomendaciones prácticas para la vida matrimonial y para entender el amor de una forma real y no como una especie de sentimentalismo absurdo al estilo de lo que hoy se pretende que sea. El amor es elección.La pega es que, al ser baptista el autor, se pierde muy buenas cosas. Como los sacramentos, sin ir más lejos. O leer la Biblia según la Tradición, ya que uno de los desafíos estaba relacionado, si mal no recuerdo, con la lectura de la Biblia. Al leerlo me daba esa sensación, de que faltaban cosas, de incompletitud.Sin embargo, eso no hace que deje de ser un gran libro que ha hecho y seguirá haciendo sin duda mucho bien.

  • Will
    2019-06-21 09:00

    I wanted to like this book and I know no book has all the answers when it comes to all relationships because each relationship is unique. This book is also split in 40 days of advice... it starts out as little things you can change or do to make your partner's life better and hopefully improve the bond between the two of you.However about halfway through until the end it turns into "how to be a doormat". This becomes one big guilt trip and becomes very centered on men must always give in to their wives... it is always the woman's way... and you are committing a sin against God to do anything different.In many cases it is clearly said that a husband must abandon all his wants, desires, hopes, and dreams in order to please his wife... the opposite isn't mentioned and the message gets stronger towards the end of the book and the religious guilt trips get stronger too. Look, I would do anything (within reason) for my wife. In one of the final chapters this book lays out how that isn't enough... that if my wife wants something I need to do it regardless of costs, consequences, or impact it may have on me. Would I like to take my wife on a trip around the world, make it so that she never had to lift a finger again, or have everything she ever desired at the drop of a hat.... of course... but this is reality and the unfortunate truth is that I can't do that for her. The final chapters confirmed my dislike for this book... a famous verse says Love Never Fails. This book twists that phrase in a way that really irritated me. Two chapters go to the point of saying regardless of whether you're wife absolutely hates you, it is your mission to do whatever she says, whenever she says it... because if you try hard enough love never fails... even if she says it's a complete failure and she wants out. I'm not in favor of divorce... however if you're being totally taken advantage of... if you are being abused... if you are being unloved.... your love didn't fail... but the marriage did... and while you did everything you could it didn't work... and this book's demands that you be a slave and a torture victim because you made a vow regrets to remember that the other person also made vows as well. It showed me how one sided, blind, and potentially dangerous this book could be for some people who would read it and decide to stay in an abusive marriage because of it.So in wrapping up this book says that's not only am I a failure... I am a horrible person and sinner as a result. That's what the book says... in the end only two opinions matter... one is upstairs and the other is my wife.I highly recommend looking elsewhere if you are looking for ways to improve your marriage.

  • Joseph Wetterling
    2019-06-02 02:18

    The accompanying movie, Fireproof, really hit home for my wife and I. We watched it together, and we saw ourselves in some of the scenes. After that, we worked through the 40 day Love Dare.We found that working through it together, on the same day, made things more difficult. We both knew what "dare" the other person was on, and there was a sense of expectation that neither of us intended. "She's on day three today. I wonder where my present is?" That's the entirely wrong idea! (Sin does, indeed, make you stupid.)The book is clearly evangelical protestant, but there was really nothing that troubled me as a Catholic. There is much good to add but nothing I would take away from the book. Work through the book day by day and really follow the dares.I especially liked the brief coverage of covenant in the last day of the forty. It meshes very well with the idea of covenant presented in good Old Testament studies, such as Dr. Hahn's "A Father Who Keeps His Promises" and

  • Jayne
    2019-06-23 08:09

    This is a really great book. Although a lot of people I know had this book on their shelves, none of them had actually worked their way through it or even read the first page. The reason? It's seen as a resource for when your relationship is in crisis.I felt like I didn't really need to do this book but it turned out I was wrong.It was very useful to have a challenge to complete. Some dares took longer to complete than others depending on my pride levels. I also really liked how simple and clear it was written and yet woulxd cut straight to the heart. Since the focus is love, the lessons learnt here can also be applied in every relationship.Try it. I dare you.

  • Sherrie Conkel
    2019-06-04 02:51

    The movie "Fireproof" starring Kirk Cameron is excellent and will help you relationship immensely. It is very anointed and has moved even the toughest guys I know to tears at the end. Very touching and inspirational. The book that the movie is based on is called "The Love Dare" and it takes a lot of dedication and discipline to do, but, well worth every bit of the effort. I DARE You to try to make it through without blowing it! I dare you! Sherrie Conkelhttp://www.SchoolTimeCafe.com

  • Chris Gamble
    2019-06-09 09:15

    I just finished this book today, and thought I'd talk a little about it.The book The Love Dare was shown on the movie Fireproof. The movie is about a fireman who is struggiling through a failing marriage headed for divorce, when his father hands him a book. The Love Dare. The husband reads the book and takes the journey, finding love, happiness, and unity with his wife. It is a very inspiring and But the book is even more so.I found this book while at the library. You see, I haven't been reading much of late this summer. Like 10 pages a day...but then I'd get bored. Been reading mostly biographies, which tend to be my favourite genre. But I went to the library to return a few books that I've been constantly renewing with the hope that I'd read them eventually. I knew I wouldn't, so I returned them and figured I'd just take a break of reading. But then I saw The Love Dare, and thought I'd give it a shot. And it turns out all I needed was a change of genre to renew my own love of reading.The Love Dare is a 40 day journey meant to be read by someone with a failing marriage. Everyday it talks about a certain aspect of Love ("Love is unity," "Love is forgiving," etcetc) and then at the end it gives you a dare to perform for the day. Surprisingly, I am not in a failing marriage, but I am always looking to learn more about Love, and Life, so I was glad to read it. The only fault I found in this book was the heavy influence on Christianty and God. Such captions as "You cannot know true love without the love of God." simply upset me. I believe the only thing you need to have to know true love is true love. And entire chapters were used just to talk about the correlation of Love and God.But, besides that, this was a very moving book. It gives you a different outlook on Love and makes you realise just how little you appreciate it, and how to truly appreciate. How to move out of the Deappreciation room in your heart, and instead settle into the Appreciation room. How to act as the "wise farmer" and simply try to make your love grow, instead of trying to constantly change your spouse.Truly, a great book for anyone in love with Love.

  • Patricia
    2019-06-01 04:14

    I finished reading "The Love Dare," but this does not mean I followed instructions. This book is meant to be a 40 day plan for a husband and wife to take on a dare, a covenant to read, respond, journal, and put into practice with the goal of rekindling love and marriage. Since I embarked on reading this solo, on a Kindle, I did not fill out the journal entries or take the suggested actions. I wanted to read the book myself and form a conclusion as to whether it was well-written or likely to succeed. I would say that it has great potential if used as directed. I don't know of any friends or relatives that have successfully employed "The Love Dare." I would like to hear from anyone who has. It seems that by putting these 40 days worth of dares into actions, hearts would certainly be touched and/or opened, especially if both partners were willing to commit daily to such a plan.

  • KrisTina
    2019-06-08 07:11

    Let this be a testament to my newly formed book club that I read this book even though I hated it. But I did start watching the movie "Fireproof" starring Kirk Cameron that has somehow turned this "marriage devotional" book into a movie. The movie is so bad that it's good. I want to watch more of it - that's how bad/good it is. And maybe this book isn't bad if you are looking for a marriage devotional book - but I wasn't looking for a marriage devotional book and so . . . . but I can converse about it with book club. Anyway - I would recommend a real-life marriage therapist over this daily devotional book any day.

  • Harley
    2019-06-19 02:58

    This book changed my life! A wonderful lesson in love. I read it in the hope of becoming the best wife to my husband and I got way more out of it than that. The descriptions of love as a choice and a commitment were beautifully portrayed with examples from the Bible. The biggest surprise was that somehow I was left feeling like before reading I mustn't have known the fullness of God's love for me. I have known God loves me for 25 years but something shifted as I read this and the reality hit me of just how great and real God's love is. Read it, it will blow your mind... In a good way.

  • Jenny Peeples
    2019-06-12 04:08

    I never saw the movie but I did read the book. It talks about how to work on your marriage in a way that would glorify God, however, I thought many of the views in the book weren't necessarily applicable to modern, daily life. I really was turned off by the 5 straight chapters in which the author tried to "save me". Don't get me wrong; there were many parts of the book that I used in my own marriage but I think, as with any self-help book, one should apply only what can benefit them. Every one has different circumstances and advice is best when taken with a grain of salt

  • Tina Smith
    2019-06-07 04:09

    So far this book is great, it gives examples and dares that you have to try each day for 40 days, ti increase love and undestanding in your relationship, and I am happy to say my hubby is doing it with me, I read it aloud to him the night before and we do the dare the next day. Then it gives you a little area to write if during the day you felt like breaking the dare. It's really interesting so far.

  • Chris
    2019-06-02 02:13

    Wow, this really makes you take a good look at all the little things and what really matters to make an amazing marriage. It opens your eyes to the fact that it doesn't just happen. I enjoyed the spiritual center of the process the author drives you towards.

  • Karen Bell
    2019-06-12 05:50

    This is an awesome book. Read a little, live a little each day will learn more and more how to challenge yourself to love. Something to really take your time reading and living. Enjoy!!!

  • Celeste
    2019-06-02 02:57

    I read and follow this book at least once annually. I find myself wanting to buy it and share it with all my married friends!!!

  • Dina Alexander
    2019-06-08 02:17

    I saw the movie first and I cried during the entire movie. It was very realistic and beautiful.

  • Amy
    2019-06-08 05:04

    Despite the semi cheesy movie that this book was born out of...this has to be one of the best marriage books we have gone through together. So glad it was recommended to us!

  • Lauren Hackbarth
    2019-05-30 02:07

    I know this book is for couples, but my mother recommended it so I read it months ago and am now reading it a second time. I have three intentional purposes for reading it. The first is that I will marry at some indefinate time in the future and I want to be a partner and a godly wife and I don't think that it's wise to not prepare for that eventuality. I take marriage very seriously and I plan to have a wonderful marriage, but I realize that loving someone is as much a choice as it is an emotion and when you choose to love someone there is more worth in that love than just feeling an emotion that could be fleeting. If you want a marriage that "bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things" (1 Corinthians 13:7) it starts by choosing to love because that kind of love only comes from God and this book has helped me with that. The second reason is that although this book is meant for couples, it's never a bad thing to really take a good look at what God's idea of love is and then to try to emulate it as well as possible in all relationships, romantic or otherwise. The last reason for reading it is because a friend sent me a link entitled Love, Sex and Dating and it also follows Corinthians and breaks down what love really is and what that should look like in relationships. I've watched 2 of the 4 sermons on it and so far I've been challenged by it and love it and this book goes well with it. In case you're interested go to: was reading Day 20: Love is Jesus Christ. No brainer, right? It was lovely. I've always known that God is love, but sometimes it's good to know the extent of that love and the difference that love is supposed to make in your own life. One section in this chapter I liked was this: "He Himself bore our sins in His body on the cross, so that we might die to sin and live to righteousness; for by His wounds you were healed" (1 Peter 2:24). By His death, He made invalid the very idea that you are unloved and devalued. If you ever feel that way, you're not looking at the cross. He proved His love for you there....He was willing to love you even though you didn't deserve it, even when you didn't love back. He was able to see all your flaws and imperfections and still choose to love you. His love made the greatest sacrifice to meet your greatest need. As a result, you are able (by His grace) to walk in the fullness and blessing of His love. This means you now share this same love with your spouse. You can love even when you're not loved in return. You can see all their flaws and imperfections and still choose to love. And though you can't meet their needs the way God can, you can become His instrument to meet the needs of your spouse. As result, he or she can walk in the fullness and blessing of your love. Now and till death.Isn't that wonderfully pure and true and beautiful? That's what I want to demonstrate on a daily basis to people and someday to my husband. Read this book. It's worth the time even if you're single. And hopefully, when married, we all can enjoy reading this book with our own spouses and enjoy the honor of loving them intentionally through the dares described within.

  • Josh Olds
    2019-06-18 02:06

    QUICK HIT – Originally conceived as a companion book to the movie Fireproof, The Love Dare has found a life of its own and is transforming marriages.I will freely admit that, unlike a lot of evangelical Christians, do not and have not fawned over the Kendrick brothers’ movies. Fireproof was a nice, small-budget Christian film with so-so acting, a rather preachy script, and some over-the-top sappy moments. It wasn’t a great film, but it was a film that knew its audience well and has been the most popular of the Kendricks’ canon.But while I can pick on the film for its theatrical averageness, I cannot deny the overwhelmingly positive effect it has had. In the film, the main character is challenged, or dare I say it, dared to go through this forty day marriage evaluation. Going through the book transforms his marriage and inspired a real-life book and thousands of real-life transformations.The Love Dare’s original publication coincided with the movie’s release and instantly became a bestseller, staying on the NYT list for—get this—three entire years. That’s…well, that speaks for itself. This new revised edition is more than just a new cover meant to sell more books. The authors add content, strengthen the writing, add new concepts, and provide more resources and actual reader responses as encouragement.Take this book as a forty day marriage devotional. Each day encourages you to specifically do one thing for your significant other. Here are some examples:Day 25: Love Forgives – Whatever you haven’t forgiven in your mate, forgive it today.Day 33: Love Meets Sexual Needs – If at all possible, initiate sex with your husband or wife.Day 5: Love is not Rude – Ask your spouse to tell you three things that make him or her uncomfortable or irritated with you.Above all, the purpose of The Love Dare is to renew intimacy and love in marriage by fostering communication, understanding, and empathy. It is a replacement of priority from the self to the spouse, a looking after their needs, an understanding of their perspective, a selfless love that gives rather than demands. Each devotional entry lasts about four pages and provides a space for reflection at the end of each entry.I’ll be honest…I don’t fully understand the hype—The Love Dare is solid advice but it’s nothing revolutionary. I think the combination of the movie’s popularity with the step-by-step nature of the book have contributed to its popularity. Whatever the case, if you’re a married person, you can and will benefit from this book.

  • Tom
    2019-06-26 03:02

    Whether you are married, engaged or courting, this book is a must read. If you believe that you should love your wife like Christ loved the church and laid His life down for her, this book will give you guidance and practical application to love sacraficially. If you don't believe that, then you really need this book. What does it mean to say "Love perseveres" or "Love believes the best" and how do you demonstrate that in your relationship? What does it mean to say "Love keeps no records of wrong doings" and how do you live that out??? If you adore your girl, this book will be an exciting welcome challenge and many of these challenges may seem second nature, but if you resent her or feel trapped in your marriage, you will find that God will use this book to change your heart. The 40 day journey will pose a daily challenge and a Love Dare which is the practical application of a biblical principle. Some Dares will be hard to do, some Dares will seem pointless, but do them anyway and other Dares you will be anxious to do. Take notes and answer the questions. You will want to look back at your notes as you go through the process to see how you've changed and how she has responded. I've gone through the book twice and found reviewing my notes to be helpful. It can be challenging trying to demonstrate sacrificial love if you live far apart, but that also depends on her love language. (See book "The Five Love Languages"). It's not impossible, you'll have to be creative, but personal interaction is always preferred when possible. One last thing that I will add is that if you are not yet married, but on a path with someone towards marriage, there is a lot in this book that can be applied in a pre-marriage relationship. It will shine light on dark areas of your heart and test your level of commitment. A worth while test before making a life long commitment of unconditional, sacrificial love which will not always be easy. One verse that kept coming to mind as I read was Hebrews 12:2 which says that Jesus, for the JOY set before Him, endured the cross. So if love bears all things, endures all things and hopes all things and if we are called by God to love like Christ loved the church by dying for her, then we too can travel this much easier road for the Joy set before us. If you go on this journey, God will change you and give you the foundational love (agape) to truly live this out with her and for her.

  • Kate
    2019-05-28 03:09

    What a beautiful book!! Beautifully written in every way and full of some of THE BEST advice and wisdom I've ever read in a self-help book. I was introduced to this book after watching the movie "Fireproof" (which is also FANTASTIC) last year with my husband. I consider us to have a great marriage but we are only one year in and I am always up to read anything so I got it from the library. I took my time reading it because there are forty days of marriage advice given day by day and it's a lot to take in!We all know relationships are difficult but marriage magnifies relationship difficulties times ten or more!! Luckily, I have a partner who shares my values, beliefs, and ideas when it comes to working through things. But this book dares couples facing difficulties to work through them no matter what rather than quit. It stresses the point that when you become married, you become a part of one another completely, a permanent team. I absolutely LOVED Day 11 "Love cherishes," where the scenario given is that of a man getting rid of a car giving him problems and upgrading to a new car vs. a man who crushes his hand in an accident at work and pays a high price to get it fixed. In the second instance, the man who crushed his hand will do anything to save it, whereas the first instance, that man is just ready to give up on his car. It is true that MANY people treat marriage as the first instance, giving up when it is difficult and "upgrading," instead of giving it your all. That's love and I love it! I also truly appreciated Day 23 "Love always protects," where the author lists problems that love must overcome in a marriage, such as harmful influences, unhealthy relationships, shame, and parasites (drugs, alcohol, etc). In many cases, no amount of love can overcome these obstacles. The author says if the relationship is to survive and you love your spouse, you must destroy these problems. Above all, this book has only increased my respect for my husband. It just reminds me of why I do the things I do for him; out of love. This book teaches the word of God and how to bring it into your marriage to make the bond even more unbreakable. SO glad I read this book!

  • Yvette Gavin
    2019-06-08 03:15

    Read this book with a group of sister-friends. I loved it because it has a strong focus on marriage but most of all, it focus on developing a stronger relationship with God. It's an excellent tool for spiritual development. Some of the ladies in my group found it hard to read/do, but I didn't. For sure, I 'll be using and recommending this book in my coaching sessions with couples. Love on!