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In the second book in the Slammed series by New York Times bestselling author Colleen Hoover, Layken and Will's relationship has endured through hardships, heartache, and a cruel twist of fate, further solidifying the fact that they belong together. But the two lovers could not have expected that the things that brought them together may ultimately be the things that tearIn the second book in the Slammed series by New York Times bestselling author Colleen Hoover, Layken and Will's relationship has endured through hardships, heartache, and a cruel twist of fate, further solidifying the fact that they belong together. But the two lovers could not have expected that the things that brought them together may ultimately be the things that tear them apart. Their connection is on the brink of being destroyed forever and it will take an extraordinary amount of willpower to keep their love afloat.Layken is left questioning the very foundation on which her relationship with Will was built. Will is left questioning how he can prove his love for a girl who can't seem to stop "carving pumpkins." Upon finding the answers that may bring peace back into their relationship, the couple comes across an even greater challenge—one that could change not only their lives but the lives of everyone who depend on them....

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Point of Retreat Reviews

  • Heather K (dentist in my spare time)
    2019-05-27 09:06

    Ohhhh boy I'm steamed, I'm really steamed here... I'm all worked up about how much I hated this book. Somebody talk me down from this rant I'm about to deliver... RANT ENSUING. I am going to start by saying that I know Colleen Hoover is capable of writing very wonderful books. I loved Hopeless and Slammed so I had no reason to suspect that this book would be taking the fast train to suck-ville. However, I'm in suck-ville and I am hating it here. Also, everyone else seems to LOVE this book. I mean over 45,000 ratings and a 4.40 average GR rating?? I must be losing my mind? Maybe that is it? But let me break it down for you all why this book is on my craptastic book list:1) The immaturity of the MCs. Holy hell Will and Lake act like children in this book! It is like they regressed mentally in the past year since "Slammed" and now function only as pissy children. Lake throws tantrums constantly (Will's words, not just mine), and Will somehow thinks it is acceptable to use his 10 year old brother and neighbor to do his dirty work for him. There is no communication between them. Just childish misunderstandings and petty fighting. They are freaking 19 and 23 years old!!! They whine and complain and oh GOD it was annoying.2) The stupid stuff that Will does. Does anyone remember the Will from "Slammed"? Anyone? The Will that was a responsible teacher? The one that was level-headed and took responsibility for his actions? The one that weighed the pros and cons of every decision? Well, apparently he is gone now and this new Will has taken his place. This new Will thinks it is acceptable to disable someone's car battery in order to get them to ride in a car with you (WTF!!!!), hold a present from one's deceased mom hostage (yea, he did that), and threaten a 12 year old kid with ass kicking and call him a pathetic human being. Who is this guy? This Will is so stupid I could barely read about him. 3) Bad parenting 101. Let me remind you all that Will was a teacher and wants to go to grad school to keep teaching. So when his brother writes a note in school threatening to KILL someone, you would think that Will would realize how serious that is. Wouldn't he? Instead, Will thought that it was FUNNY that his younger brother death threatened another student and didn't want to punish him AT ALL. I'm not saying he has to be a perfect parent, I know I'm not, but those types of things are no joking matter, regardless of the reason. If his brother had gotten into a fight over a girl's honor, I would get that. However, it is never okay to threaten another student with DEATH, regardless of the reason. I would have thought that Will, as a former teacher, would have a greater understanding of that. 4) The catch phrases.Am I smoking crack here? Why was no one else IRRITATED by the constant catch phrases? In the first book, they were kind of cute and meaningful but here, they were just irritating as all hell. If I hear "butterflying", "carving pumpkins", or "point of retreat" one more time I am going to blow a gasket. 5) The totally unrealistic POV of Will. I hated the POV change from Lake to Will in this book. Will did not act like a 23 year old man. In fact, he acted just like a 12 year old girl. The way he acted about sex was totally unrealistic. It was just so far removed from what an early 20s guy would do. I can understand waiting the year to have sex as per Lake's mom (which that alone was so silly, but I'll let that go) but it is like he freaked out whenever they got close to hooking up. Like removing her shirt gave him the willies. What guy would act like that?!?! None, I tell you. Is the author religious and I didn't know it? Is this book geared for a tween audience? Freaking "Twilight" was more sexual than this. I can see them being tasteful in the writing but how it played out just didn't ring true. 6) The silly drama.I honestly think that this book had no point other than to create and deal with silly drama. There was no new story to tell. The book was just a series of events that would probably not happen in real life piled together. Now folks, I know my point of view will most likely differ from yours. I know that this review was pretty ranty but I just can't BELIEVE how different this was from the first book. I don't think I'm going to move on to the next book in the series because I don't want to be a party pooper anymore. Sorry everyone. **Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review**

  • Aestas Book Blog
    2019-06-03 11:16

    WOW this was the perfect sequel to Slammed! 6 stars!! I LOVED IT!! An absolute MUST read! A butterflying amazing book!!! This series is definitely going on my favorites pile. I finished reading it with my cheeks wet with happy tears. But boy is this bookintense !! It had me laughing and crying, it made my heart race and I swear it stopped beating all together for several chapters. Just like with the first book, I love how absolutely none of the characters make stupid decisions or did stupid things. I love the love that Will and Lake share both for each other and for their brothers. I love how each and every one of the side characters and main characters were characters I'd want to read whole books about. I have come to love slam poetry (well, at least the ones from this book, I don't really have any other experience with it). I loved that this book was from Will's perspective. I love how the author integrated lyrics, and poetry throughout the story bringing deeper meaning to an already intensely emotional read. And I loved the HEA :)This story is about realizing and holding on to love and about how love (both romantic love, friendship love, and family love) can be found in the most unlikely of places. It's also centers on a lot of themes of responsibility and maturity. I love the unusual family unit that is built in this story. I'd love to read more about all the characters in this book... Honestly, I think I'll read anything Colleen Hoover writes next. I love her writing style. Its simple, beautiful, powerful and keeps you riveted to the page.“My heart pounds against my chest. Not because I'm nervous. Not even because I want her worse that I've ever wanted her before. It's pounding against my chest because I realize I've never been so sure about the rest of my life than I am in this moment. This girl is the rest of my life.” Definitely be sure to read book 1 Slammed first. I'd recommend these books to pretty much anyone and everyone who loves to read. Truly wonderful books <3How I see Will:For more of my reviews, visit Aestas Book BlogAnd come join the Aestas Book BlogFacebook Page

  • S.C. Stephens
    2019-06-06 06:11

    Will Cooper. I’m pretty sure I’m head over heels in love with this man. Sigh, if only everyone could be loved as much as Will loves Layken. He truly is something else, and I love that this story was told through his eyes. I found Lake incredibly frustrating in this one, as did Will on occasion, and wanted to shake some sense into her more than once, but how it all wrapped up and tied together in the end was beautiful and breathtaking. This is such an excellent story, with so many wonderful characters sprinkled throughout it. I seriously want to move into their neighborhood and be a part of their lives. Each and every one of them is amazing. I’m so sad to part with them for now, and eagerly look forward to many more stories from Colleen Hoover!

  • Kristen
    2019-06-13 09:26

    4 1/2 to 5 Stars! Loved it! Why on earth did it take me so long to read this series. I love all three books, but this one is my favorite.

  • Bakshree Mishra
    2019-06-10 13:27

    I loved it I loved itI butterflying loved itNot just because I hoped toNot just because I wanted toBUT because it was lifeAnd in the end it is all there is.I loved it because it had willI loved it because it had WillAnd LakeAnd Gavin and EddieBecause sometimes friends make up familyBecause friends make up lifeAnd in the end it is all there is.I loved it because it had willI loved it because it had WillAnd his POVI got to know him even moreI got to love him ever more.You know when you meet someone like himYou know it's foreverNot twenty five and parents of twoTell me if you won't break downTell me if YOUR life wouldn't intrudeTheir's did, yet didn'tThey faced lifeThey accepted itThey got accepted.You ask what was the point of this book.Well I loved it more than SlammedAnd I don't give a flying Butterfly if you think I'm madSometimes a Butterflying kiss in the end isn't enoughAsk Sherry about itAsk Julia about it.Go ask them and see if they give youA flying butterfly.I loved it I loved itI butterflying loved itLook, Colleen HooverYou had me slammingYeah this is me slammingFor the very first timeFor the first butterflying timeI haven't cursed so much in my whole lifeBut now I know when life goes wrongI'll be able to look it straight in it's eyeAnd say BUTTERFLY youThank you, Colleen Hoover For giving us SlammedAndPoint of RetreatFor giving us LakeAnd WillAnd EddieAnd GavinAnd KelAnd CaulderAnd JuliaAnd SherryAnd KierstenFor giving us a wonderful story to root forA few more beautiful hours in my lifeBecause in the end it is all there is.

  • xrysa
    2019-05-19 08:06

    Will“Love is the most beautiful thing in the world. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the hardest things in the world to hold on to, and one of the easiest things to throw away.”Lake“Sometimes things happen in life that you didn't plan for. All you can do is suck it up and start mapping out a new plan.”After her (view spoiler)[mum's death (hide spoiler)] Lake and Will are trying to arrange their lives and live like normal people.We can see that Will is still nervous on his dates and that makes him so cute.They are trying to build a strong foundation in order to keep their relationship but they both fail in some domains.When Will walks in his class he faces an unexpected surprise from the past.His delima is whether or not he should tell Lake.His decision has a point but the consequences are devastating.He never thought that Lake would act like this and the whole "craving pumpkins"-thing lasted more than we all thought.In this part Lake frustrated me so much.I tried to put myself in her shoes and I thought that her behaviour was justified but then she started (view spoiler)[questioning his love (hide spoiler)] and I wanted to slap her.However I cant hide that these moments were also entertaining.With the help of his 11 year old neighbor , Kiersten , Will comes up with a perfect plan.What brought them together?A slam.How will he express his emotions?With a slam.Will,Kiersten,Eddie,Gavin and the little boys devised an evil plan in order to get stubborn Lake in the club.The truth is that I'm not a slam-fan but Will's slams are the best.With this slam he got me misty eyes . I was bewildered with the way he expressed all his emotions in a few lines and I must concede that I felt jealous of Lake.Not many boyfriends would have done what he did.Most of them would have given up but Will is determined to be with her and he does whatever it is possible.After the slam , how not to believe that this man is more in love with you than you thought?However , as it seems they are both being stalked by bad luck.Will is brooding again.Devasted.Hopeless.Scared.I felt scared as well.I had no idea how will the story end and I was praying for a HEA.The agony that he relived was exceptionally awful.He made gallant attepmts to be strong in front of Kel but this ghastly situation didnt gave him hope.I want to play the my suck - my sweet game.I was disappointed with Lake's bahaviour and I think that if the author wouldnt have spent so many pages on their fighting and instead spending more pages on the ending (I needed more details there) I would have given this book 5 stars.1)Will / he is beyond perfect . How not to fall in love with him.2)Kiersten / butterflying awesome.3)Gavin , Eddie / such a funny couple.4)Kel , Caulder / their crushes were super cute.5)Grandpaul / I laughed so much with him . He can twitt tweet.All in all I wasnt disappointed by this book and I really enjoyed it.“If I were a carpenter, I would build you a window to my soul. But I would leave that window shut and locked, so that every time you tried to look through it all you would see is your own reflection. You would see that my soul is a reflection of you.”["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Arlene
    2019-05-25 14:27

    Rating Clarification: More than 10 stars... BUTTERFLYINGLY BEMAZING!And all around my memories, you dance.Colleen Hoover has done it again. She’s managed to steal my concentration captive and render me worthless until I read her story of Layken and Will in Point of Retreat from eCover to eCover. This book was the perfect sequel to Slammed that left me in that contemplative zone just thinking about the story and the characters and finding myself unwilling to let go. Doesn’t happen often, but it surely happened here. Loved this book!These next chapters in Will and Layken’s life are told from the perspective of Will, and I just have to say, what a treat! It was like book candy that sent me on a sugar high. I’ve experienced this a select few times in stories like Where She Went and The Piper's Son, where the guy takes the stage and gives us his POV about the girl he loves. I really enjoyed getting into his mind and journeying with Will as he struggles to prove that their love goes beyond the common bond of tragedy that brought them together.Point of Retreat continues to carry the concept of Slamming and never have I ever thought I would love poetry as much as I did - actually probably even more than I did in the first book. In fact, I have a few of them highlighted in my eReader for future reference because it’s truly a thing of beauty. Just like lyrics to music those phrases that represent your soul are sometimes best expressed in few words. Powerful!There was a perfect character addition in this book that really stole the show, and I enjoyed every single one of her appearances. Kirsten was such a breath of fresh air to this cast with her surprisingly insightful wit and intuition. I loved her! Even more so, I came to adore how Caulder and Kel protect this little spit fire from some of the hurt she experienced as the new kid in school. Hoover carefully appended the concept of bullying with such a subtle sleight of hand to create an additional layer of depth to this story. About Kiersten’s slam at the end… well done sweetheart!As with the first book, Will is just too good to be true. I like coming across male characters similar to him every now and again because of their ability to express their emotions so honestly and deeply. How far he was willing to go to prove to Layken that their relationship was deeper than the hardships they’ve had to overcome at such a young age tossed my emotional compass all over the map. Kisses on the forehead will never be the same… thank you very much.Overall, this book is filled to the brim with humor and heart. A sure fire combination to win me over. I can’t wait to see what Hoover shares with us next. I’m a fan… that I am…Points are not the point; the point is poetry.Twist in My Story Secondhand Serenade

  • Kristin (KC)
    2019-05-17 12:30

    Happy to finally be in the Butterflying club!Point of Retreat, aptly named such for various reasons, is a good follow-up to Slammed. Where the first book moved me with its remarkable inspiration, Point of Retreat touched me with its tender love story. The characters are again faced with difficult trials and obstacles to overcome...and I will say that the slams continue, in every sense of the word.This sequel makes a smooth transition into Will's perspective, and I truly enjoyed getting the chance to experience the story through his eyes. His gentle voice and thoughtful character made me fall even further in love with him. Will and Lake have chosen to take on parental roles; accepting responsibilities which force them to grow up sooner than they should...proving that sometimes life really doesn't happen in chronological order. I admired their strength and their ability to maintain such selflessness when faced with dire circumstances. Layken's Mom, Julia, continues to be a major part of this story. Her wisdom and unconditional love follow Lake and Will on their bumpy, but loving journey. I found Julia's strong spirit to be the most inspirational element of all. Once again, I am floored by this author's unique ability to make me feel, not only a fan, but an actual part of this story. Although the last page has been swiped, these distinctive characters live on...If I were a carpenter, I would build you a window to my soul. But I would leave that window shut and locked, so that every time you tried to look through it...all you would see is your own reflection. You would see that my soul is a reflection of you...(P.S. Kiersten, can I be your parallel neighbor, too??)Book Stats:▪ Genre/Category: Romance/NA▪ Steam Caliber: Moderate steam▪ Romance: Inspiring and sweet. Mild angst. ▪ Characters: Brilliant, witty, and lovable. ▪ Plot: Beautifully continues on from Slammed. ▪ Writing: Eloquent, poetic, inspiring. ▪ POV: 1st Person: Will▪ Cliffhanger: None▪ HEA? (view spoiler)[ Yes (hide spoiler)]["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Regan
    2019-05-20 11:17


  • Pearl Angeli
    2019-05-23 09:20

    3 StarsCHEESE... CHEESE... BUTTERFLYING CHEESE!Maybe my experience with this book and this series would have been a lot better if I've read them as soon as they came out. I found CoHo's writing non-satisfying compared to her other books which came out later, like Ugly Love and Confess. While Point of Retreat offered life lessons and so much more, I found the story lacking substance. The plotline was less intense and there wasn't even a big, remarkable twist. Don't blame me. All CoHo's books have that trademark twists so it was kind of hard for me to believe there wasn't any here.The over-the-top cheesy lines and dialogues were the main thing that ruined the book for me. And man, don't even get me started on Lake and Will's PDA scenes. Sheeesh! The good things:I loved Will's character development. How he became more responsible and tough despite the hardships that came to him and Lake.I also loved how the secondary characters became a huge part of Will and Lake's lives. The concept of friendship was definitely apparent here.The bad:Lake was annoying here. Most of the time. What happened in Part 2 was too much and totally unnecessary. I was looking for something that would make this book different and unforgettable but :( Nevertheless, I'm still glad I've read and tried my luck with this book/series because I really don't want to miss a single book written by CoHo. Too bad this came late on my list. Lol.“Love is the most beautiful thing in the world. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the hardest things in the world to hold on to, and one of the easiest things to throw away.”

  • Annie Brewer
    2019-06-08 09:24

    AMAZEBALLS!!!!!!!!!Seriously, I want to beat myself to a bloody pulp, poke my eyes out, jump out a window...whatever. I can't believe I waited so long to read these. What the hell???Colleen Hoover, where you been all my life??? Seriously people.....seriously. I am just speechless. I LOVED THIS BOOK SOOOOO MUCH! Now I know a lot of people loved Slammed more and honestly, I think I loved this one more. I'm in the minority and it's okay. I'm just different so it's all good. But really, being in Will's head was never better!!! I'm a huge fan of reading from a guy's POV, whether it's dual pov or just the guy's pov. I love it more than the female. In this book, we get more of Lake, Will and the awesome gang that we met in Slammed, but we get to meet a few other characters too. A couple I wanted to deck in the face for being fuck faces and then a couple I just wanted to hug the whole time because they were too awesome!In Slammed, both Will and Lake faced several obstacles in their lives that brought them together. In this book, they faced obstacles that tested their love for one another. There was once again heartbreak, laughter, humor, love, passion, swoon swoon swoon, frustration, more swooning, slamming, more swooning, some slamming some more, more love and omg's and holy hell and "bitch get the fuck out of there" and much, much more. I just fell in love with these characters all over again. I love Kel, Caulder, Kiersten, Sherry, Eddie and Gavin....they really made the story so amazing. I loved the tight knit family they all became and they were always there for each other. I really think Lake and Will are very lucky to have all these people in their lives. Especially to help keep things sane. They've gone through so much shit and luckily they stuck together. But once shit hit the fan....and an ex walked back into Will's life, things are not as they seemed. I was cursing the whole time....I hate that bitch! And Reese is a jack ass too! One thing I loved was experiencing everything through Will's eyes. I love how he describes Lake and how he is so in love with her. I loved seeing her the way he sees her. We already know how she feels about Will so changing it up and writing from his POV was absolutely necessary because we got to see his perspective from the beginning. He talks about when they first met, and how he felt seeing her in the driveway acting all casual about being in proximity to this sexy guy and she was all like "whatever there's a guy here, I'm not looking..I don't care" and it was awwwwwww to see how that hurt him because he couldn't take his eyes off of her. I got so much emotion throughout the story from him and I felt so bad and cried for him in so many moments. And of course, of course.....good gracious he had me swooning and sobbing so much. And his Slams were never less than perfect and I just fell in love with him so much more. Ahhhhh, okay...I need to take a breather. My Will are the epitome of perfect men. Good god!!!!!! Oh wait, are too! You both are quit being so jealous. Shit, there's too many to keep up with!Anyway, this was definitely a perfect sequel to the most amazing, awe-inspiring story I've had the pleasure to experience! Go read it if you've read Slammed. It's a MUST!'ve done it again! I can't wait for more with these characters! I need the next book NOW!!!!!! NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW NOW!

  • Kate ♡
    2019-05-19 09:27

    Point of Retreat by Colleen HooverActual Rating: 4.85/5 StarsWhat a crazy, crazy ride this book was!Colleen Hoover really knows how to mess with our emotions, and have us wanting to cry and laugh at the same time.This woman really is a literary genius.I loved this book! Especially when part 2 hit, oh my gosh, that was insane, and so scary!!!I couldn't have asked for a more satisfying and beautiful ending for all of these amazing characters in this particular book, because the characters are one of the main incredible aspects of this book!If I haven't made it clear enough already I butterflying LOVE these characters, every single one of themThe slam poetry was absolutely exquisite in this novel in particular, way better than in the first book, mainly because it was a lot more personal!The analogies that Hoover writes and brings to life within this story and these characters, I will never ever butterflying forget. Please pick up this series if you haven't already!

  • Jonnie
    2019-06-09 07:17

    DNF at 34% and spoilers awl over the damn show.GIF:I am pissed.I always turn to CoHo when I'm looking for a little extra cheese on my pizza; some of her books are good like that. Maybe Someday is one of my favorite NA reads, and Finding Cinderella has Six, but man, I hated this book. Slammed was tolerable. This was not.This book was beyond pissing highlighting. I was so bored, it had way too much of an angsty YA feel and holy shit I am tired of immature heroines. What attracted me to Slammed (the forbidden student/teacher romance) wasn't in here, so basically I was reading about an overly sensitive twenty-something who wanted to have sex but didn't because of some sort of stupid ass reason. I dunno, I was too busy trying to find my eyeballs, which had rolled off somewhere.Will did nothing for my lady feels. The MCs showed no signs of character development, despite the time frame between books 1 and 2. I would think that because of the circumstances, they would be a lot more mature. I think they became less mature, like for real, they went backwards or some shit. Some serious Benjamin Buttoning was taking place. There are so many unnecessary "fillers" that I skipped about 5 or 10 pages at one point and they were still eating dinner. How many pages can you write about bread sticks? There are also little "quirks" in here that I think are supposed to be cute. Like, using butterflying instead of *whispers* the f word. "I butterflying hate cheeseburgers" Will says. I can do this as well: I butterflying do not like this book. And thus ends my bitchy review.

  • Glass
    2019-06-11 13:21

    What Glass thought about it... I am going to be most wanted on the hate list of all fangirls out there because of what I'm about to write.Point of Retreat was completely unnecessary book. I believe that it would be better if Colleen Hoover left Will's and Lake's story as it was in Slammed. This was just using success she had with her first novel. Of course that everyone who read Slammed will want to see what's going to happen in Point of Retreat. (If I read once more "This was butterflying amazing!", I will burn something down.) Will's POV would be a big no - it was unrealistic. That is not male's brain. Dear authors, do not, I repeat, do not write from opposed sex point of view if you are not absolutely sure that you can get in their heads. Don't do this if you first haven't done your research - read the books, talk with people until you bore them to death, find pshychologists, social workers, teachers, parents, grandparents and the most important thing: men.Point of Retreat is, to put it simple, story about sex (not having sex, actually), car accidents and teen-wannbe-adults. As I wrote for the first book, this is see life through big pink glasses type of story with every drama you can imagine mixed with it. Their lives are falling apart but all is peachy in the peachyland. Plot has too many loose ends and somethimes I thought that author forgot how she "made" her characters in the first book. This is not Will from Slammed! Or Edddie! One moment they all are acting like immature idiots and in the other they are all serious And the ending?! Just to make something clear - they are nineteen!!! But to be honest with you, I found Point of Retreat really cute and mindless read. It's perfect when you need something to escape real life: its cruelty, grayness, unfairness, disapoointments, when you need something that'll give you that fake sense of hope. My review would be all rainbows and flowers and ohs and ahs if I had read this book just a year ago, but I guess that I crushed my big pink glasses a long time ago.What Tanja thought about it... Me and Glass have closer views of this book than we had on the first one. Slammed was something that I didn't expect. Not the story itself but my reaction on the story. Point of Retreat wasn't that much. I mean the story was still good and it still had emotions, but it was not it. I must admit one thing Colleen really knows how to write a story with feelings and that's an amazing thing, cause that's what I mostly miss in the books. The problem here is that I expected much more, because of the Slammed. I won't repeat this about Will's POV and story been focused on sex cause I totally agree! I have one more thing that I couldn't help noticing - Slammed was so easy and quick to read, something always happened, but here I was waiting almost half of the book to get there. I got the feeling like the first story was created in the author's mind for years and Point of Retreat in months. I missed slams and lyrics of The Avett Brothers at the beginning of every chapter. This will maybe sound cruel but without Kiersten and Sherry this book would be total disappointment! They bough so much joy in this book! Not only because of butterfly thing, but also they was something new and funny. I'll say that I still have my pink glasses and wear them from time to time. In this case I'll put them on, cause if I compared this book with the first one I'd give it three stars but then again if I compared it with another books on my four stars list it will for sure go there.Until the next time,Glass & Tanja*NOTE: Copy of this book ia kindly provided by publisher, Simon & Schuster, via NetGalley. We're not paid for writing this review - we do it as lovers of written word. All opinions in this book are personal.

  • Georgia Cruz
    2019-05-18 14:24

    "Sometimes two people need to fall apart to realize how much they need to fall back together."I EVEN MUCH MORE LOVED IT BECAUSE IT'S WILL'S POINT OF VIEW.10++++ inifinite starsA butterflying bemazing story ever! I cant believe I cried, laughed, giggled, squirmed, and swooned so many times in every possible way! It's definitely an emotional rollercoaster ride. This is my sweet. I love you Colleen Hoover and I butterflying swear to please have a third book cause I'm dying for more Will and Layken romance! I love every poems they slammed and every advise Julia gives from the stars. Damn you woman! I'm begging you to please write the third book! ;) Did I say it already? I butterflying love you Colleen Hoover! Haha****This story also influenced me to listen to all the songs from Avett Brothers and I have come to realized that every piece of their music is somehow related to this book. And until now I can't imagine how this book will replace all the romance books combine in the whole world ever. This will never get old. No kidding. I loved every word and page of this book. Thank you for writing such a life changing book. It really inspired us readers. FRIDAY, MARCH 2It's worth all the aches,All the tears,the mistakes . . .The heart of a man and a woman in love?It's worth all the pain in the world.

  • Melissa
    2019-06-03 06:20

    LifeLife.Life is the one thing is this world that you can never fully prepare for. Never truly know what can happen from today until tomorrow.One day everything seems to be as it should be, the next? Everything is falling apart.How are we supposed to cope with the shit that is thrown our way? How are we supposed to smile and act when the worst seems to have happened?The loss of a family member, the relationship lost between friends, the loss of your income? Daily struggles that we face, daily struggles that we are not sure will turn around?You want to scream and shout what and why are these things happening to me? Did I deserve to be the one betrayed? Did I deserve to be the one who was left out? Did I deserve to lose that special someone? Life.Life is the one thing in this world that you can never fully prepare for. Never truly know what can happen from today until tomorrow.And even with all of the bad shit thrown at you? What do you say? Do you let it defeat you? No. You don’t.You hold your head up high and know that what you are facing today? The loss of a family member? The lost relationship between a friend? The betrayal you endure from someone you love? The shock of your world being turned upside down? Is only a temporary situation, a temporary setback.That today, life may have won the battle, but that you? You will win the war. ~MLD...And what a war they had to face yet again! This was an amazing sequel to Will and Lake's story and I "butterflying" loved it; just as much as Slammed I believe. And, well, the fact that it was in Will's POV? Just made it that much more exciting for me...Will and Lake have fallen into a very comfortable routine that flows well with their school schedules and with the boys' (Kel and Caulder) school schedules also. They are adjusting to Julia being gone and are taking it one day at a time to be the best parents they know how to be to their younger siblings. We get to enjoy Eddie and Gavin again with some fun surprises in their relationship; we get introduced to past people in Will's lives, and also to new characters, Kiersten and Sherry, who are Will and Lake's neighbors... Kiersten is the eleven year old with a very impressive vocabulary, quick wit and loveable characteristics. Her mother Sherry, is a great addition in all her quirky ways as well. I really enjoyed that they all sort of formed this bond of family, and that Sherry was the untitled "mother hen" for them. Even in the most unexpected ways, they all had someone to look up to for advice......One of my favorite parts of the book was a session they had at dinner nightly called "suck and sweet time". Basically, it was just naming your highs as well as lows for the day, and I thought that was a great addition to the story and to the special bond they all shared...Throughout the book, Will and Lake have to come to a head with more issues that arise. Questioning things they thought they knew about each other, their relationship, and the connection they thought was undeniable; unbreakable...Love is the most beautiful thing in the world. Unfortunately, it's also one of the hardest things in the world to hold on to, and one of the easiest things to throw away.More challenges to face, more gripping and heart wrenching situations to bound through, a few more amazing slams to add to the mix, and more tears to be shed from this read. I loved every single second of it, and like the first in the series, it touched me. In a way I can't remember ever feeling. The story of Will and Layken is so beautiful, so enriching, so inspiring, so loving. Based on the raw emotion of just knowing that someone who was meant for you, has finally come into your life. They compliment each other in the best way. They understand the needs of each other... Again, if I could, I would give this book more than 5 stars! If you are looking for a read to help put things into perspective, then read this series. It was not just a "read" for me, but a definite emotional and inspirational experience...Stories like these only come along every so often..."It's like you came along and woke up my soul." That's exactly what Lake did to me. She woke up my soul....And that's exactly how I felt this series spoke to me, it woke up my soul.

  • Kara
    2019-05-22 09:30

    So much hatred for this book.Perhaps I will write a more comprehensive explanation of my rage at a later date, but for now I will say this:When Will and Lake's relationship is tested (in a totally contrived way I might add), Lake - after giving him the silent treatment for a few days - tells him that she just needs time to think about their relationship.Now i get that if you're on the receiving end of that statement, that can sound pretty scary. But Will goes so over the line to stalkerific that I just couldn't deal. He gets their 11 year old neighbor to knock on her door so that he can FORCE HIS WAY INTO HER HOUSE, Y'ALL!, he keeps something very personal at his house to force her to continue to come back to his house, and at the point at which I jumped ship with this book, he motherfucking cut her car battery so that she had to ride to Detroit with him!No. No!!!! Christian/Travis/Edward let this girl fucking breathe! I get it. You're worried that if she thinks about this for 5minutes she will realize that she needs to run away from you like Usain Bolt. But in this case, what Will did wasn't actually all that bad, it was more of a "why didnt you tell me" thing. But that's beside the point. I understand the impulse to make your case and make your s.o. talk to you when they're mad. But if you love someone - anyone, bf, friend, whatever - you have to respect their feelings, even if what they are feeling is hate for your dumb ass. There is a way to make your presence known, to remind someone of why they love you, without turning into Kathy Bates from misery and removing all their freedom from you.The last line I read, perhaps the last line I will ever read by this author said this:"you would think that after a year I would have found a way to get through to her or to manipulate her in some way."Goddamn it how many times do I have to say this shit: MANIPULATION IS NOT LOVE! It just fucking isn't. Am I talking to myself here? Because I keep having to say this shit. To women. Over and over again. Am I not being clear? Because I really truly don't know how to say it better than that.Dear YA authors: have you ever been manipulated or tricked into doing something you didn't want to do? Dd it leave you feeling grateful that somebody forced you to do something so you didn't have to worry your pretty little head with figuring out what YOU wanted?Yeah, that's what I thought. So maybe it gets better. Maybe Will mans up, maybe Lake calms down, maybe some shit starts happening other than Will's incessant whining. But I don't have enough faith in this story to take that chance.

  • Natalie
    2019-05-27 07:14

    “So I'm not about to apologize for loving all these things about you, no matter the reasons or the circumstances behind them.And no, I don't need days , or weeks , or months to think about why I love you.It's an easy answer for me.I love you because of you.Because of every single thing about you"Point of Retreat was so butterflying beautiful and amazing. It made me so butterflying happy!! It´s not like me to give a high rating to these kinds of books, since i love angst. I mean I really, really love it. But this book was just the cutest so what the hell,right!? And you know what? When I started this the first time (yes, the first time) I read one chapter, thought "this isn´t for me, and then put it on hold. Thank God, I decided to try it again (peer pressure) I absolutely fell in love with it right away. This book was exactly what I needed right now. I think that one of the reasons I loved it so much as I did was because I was in the right kind of mood after a few dark and heavy reads. This book was just so butterflying cute. I think I was grinning like a fool though most of the book. It had some angst, and I found myself with teary eyes a few times. But mostly it was darn cute. And I loved it uniqueness, it blew me away! I didn´t realize just how much I could appreciate poetry this much in a book.I liked this better then the first book Slammed, don´t get me wrong, it was darn cute too, and had the same uniqueness. It wasjust some minor factors in it that bothered me. Mainly the fact that it was told in Laykens POV, and I found her annoying. But this was told from Will´s POV, and I loved being in his head. It was a thousand times better then Layken´s. Will is just the perfect guy _sigh_ The little things he did for Layken melted my heart. Like when he wrote her the slam above, or when he saw her for the first time after the accident but couldn´t walk away from her without turning back to kiss her, or when he bathed her and kissed everyone of her bruises, or when he couldn´t stop kissing her long enough for the priest to marry them... They wera all so Will...Colleen Hoover, you have made me see the light!...and now I cannot wait for This Girl! and that is in Will´s POV too _fist pump in the air_

  • Clarifina ~Books Are My Drugs~
    2019-06-13 07:27

    Ok, where do I start? Hmm, I NEED ANOTHER COLLEEN HOOVER BOOK NOW! There, that seems like an appropriate way to describe my feelings. After finishing Point of Retreat, I immediately came online to to check if there were any other books written by Colleen Hoover which I could read. Turns out, her next book is only coming out in 2013. What. The. Hell? I can't wait that long! I didn't want to believe it.Me after realising I could not read any other Colleen Hoover books very soon. Anyway, what I am really surprised about is just how much I'm in love with just her FiRST two books. Her writing style is amazing and I can't get enough of it. This is probably the first romance novel written from a male's POV which I actually love. I loved seeing things from Will's POV this time. I felt it was more appropriate being in his head this time because the things that occur in the book can probably only be fully understood if you know how he feels and what he thinks. In this book, we get to learn a little more about Will and how he feels about Lake. I think that what Collen Hoover did was great as readers will actually be able to love Will more when we get to actually "feel" his emotions. I know I fell in love with him a little more in Point of Retreat. I loved almost all new characters introduced in this book. Note: I said ALMOST. Those of you who have already read it will know where I'm coming from. One of them in particular I really liked-Kiersten. She was very witty and somehow, she didn't talk like an eleven-year-old. I liked that Colleen Hoover did not just focus on the romance and just the two of them like most romance novels. I enjoyed reading about the others' lives and what they were going through. She made the novel seem so realistic because all the characters seemed just like normal human beings. Well, as normal as two people can be under their circumstances anyway. Now, unlike Slammed, there were no quotes at the beginning of each chapter. There was still great advice which is pretty helpful though. Anyway, in place for these quotes are entries from Will's journal. I have to say, I enjoyed the entries just as much as the quotes. Like the quotes in Slammed, these entries also give us readers a hint as to what the new chapter has in store for us. Will's journal entries are usually very beautifully phrased and I loved reading them.Those of you who have not read this series probably should get it like, right now. It's emotional and it is romantic and it is definitely funny at times. Point of Retreat is definitely a good book for people who love romance novels which are not too sad but are so touching that it will bring you to tears. Of course, however, i am not saying that there are no sad moments in this novel which will make you cry, I'm just saying that those of us readers who have are very sensitive can still read this book without being emotionally scarred. But, of course, you will fall in love with almost all of the characters because they are just so...loveable. They all have their own unique personalities and the way they act and talk are so different that they seem very real. I don't say that they are absolutely flawless, but I think that it is those imperfections which make me love them more cuz it makes them human. Alright then, it is now time for all of you who have not read this book to stop reading because spoilers are coming up. If you don't mind them, feel free to continue reading what I have to say. The only thought I can leave you with right now is that this book is written beautifully and that all the characters are very easy to relate to and I'm sure that almost all of you will love it just as I do. (view spoiler)[ Ok, I have to say I hate Vaughn. And I kind of hate Reece too. Not as much as Vaughn though. I wish that Will was more harsh with her. I mean, SHE left him. Moreover, she did so in his time of need. I get that she didn't think she could handle helping Will with his brother and everything but she owed it to him to have at least tried. But, she left him without even attempting to help. And, when she spots him in class, she has the audacity to smile and sit beside him! Then, she asks him to give her another chance?! How could Vaughn say that Will owes it to Lake to give HER another chance?! Like, WTF?!To Vaughn I wish Will had just bitch-slapped her right there and then. That was probably my only "hate" in the book.Moving on, I loved the stars. Loved them. I loved the advice in them and the humour in some of the others. Reading them made me actually miss Julia. Made me wish she was still alive. What I couldn't get my head around was how the stars they picked were coincidentally so helpful to what they were going through. Nonetheless, I still took joy in them.Kiersten. Kiersten, Kiersten Kiersten.. We would all be so lucky to have a friend like her. I loved her wit and how she used that to help Will and Lake get back together. I liked that the children were not left out of the story and that they actually played a part in it. How they actually helped the two-Will and Lake- and at the same time had their own story going on in the book. Kiersten is one of my favourite characters in this book. She is quite fun and clever for her age. I live the way she talked and how she is just so frank with people and give them what they deserve and how at the same time she was vulnerable to the bullies. I would actually like to read a book about her and Kel when they are older and their romance story.I think I used "loved" and "liked" so many damn times in this review. I just can't help it. This book is really good. Those of you who have already read it and disliked it, please don't leave hate comments if you didn't love it as much as I did. I am just giving my views on the book. After all, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. So, don't judge! (hide spoiler)]["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Simone
    2019-05-22 11:26

    Butterflying Fantastic!Loved reading the story through Will's eyesI've not cried in a long time but I could't help it ...And I could not help laughing from the gut, which is very embarrassing when out in publicSo creative and stupidly smartGirls of Goodreads, don't leave this on the 'to be read' pile for long ... you'll slap yourself if you do.Rove use to ask the qn: who would you turn gay for?Thats easy: You, Colleen. You!

  • Sarah
    2019-06-07 07:22

    1.5 stars.{This review was originally published on Clear Eyes, Full Shelves.}Despite that Colleen Hoover's Slammed was a frustrating read, there was a part of me that found it strangely readable and enjoyable. Unfortunately, I cannot say the same for its wholly unnecessary sequel, Point of Retreat.Point of Retreat picks up where Slammed left off. Frankly, I was surprised to learn that there was a sequel, since the original novel ties up most of the loose ends and put the characters on a path toward happiness, despite the challenges they faced in the first novel. Despite my reservations about Slammed, I was intrigued about where Hoover would take these characters as they tackled their new independence, responsibilities and burgeoning relationship. In Point of Retreat, Will and Layken find themselves embroiled in even more drama, but the core of the story is two-fold:1. Will they ever actually have sex? *eye roll*2. Will Will's evil ex-girlfriend destroy their happiness? *eye roll*[Note: Please do not continue to read this review, should you plan on reading Slammed and want to remain unspoiled.][Seriously, if you don't want to be spoiled for Slammed, don't keep reading, okay?]The first--no sex for a year--is absolutely absurd.You see, before Layken's mother died, they made her a promise. Before Julia passed away, we made the mistake of taking things too far, too soon—a crucial mistake on my part. It was just two weeks after we started officially dating, and Caulder was spending the night at Kel's house. Lake and I came back to my place after a movie. We started making out on the couch, and one thing led to another, neither of us willing to stop it. We weren't having sex, but we would have eventually if Julia hadn't walked in when she did. She completely flipped out. We were mortified. She grounded Lake and wouldn't let me see her for two weeks. I apologized probably a million times in those two weeks. Julia sat us down together and made us swear we would wait at least a year. She made Lake get on the pill and made me look her in the eyes and give her my word. She wasn't upset about the fact that her eighteen-year-old daughter almost had sex. Julia was fairly reasonable and knew it would happen at some point. What hurt her was that I was so willing to take that from Lake after only two weeks of dating. It made me feel incredibly guilty, so I agreed to the promise. She also wanted us to set a good example for Kel and Caulder; she asked us not to spend the night at each other's houses during that year, either.Now, we know that the whole female virginity preservation plotline is one I'm just weary of, especially when it's as random and unnecessary as it is in Point of Retreat.Essentially, Layken's mother is orchestrating the course of their relationship from the dead. And they just accept it. This really didn't stick with me. I mean, besides the ick factor, it doesn't mesh with their new reality, nor the character development of the now-deceased mother in the first novel.Layken and Will are both in the same situation: they're raising their respective siblings while trying to make the transition to adulthood. It's a tough road, and puts them in an adult role before either are really emotionally ready. And yet, Layken's mother, prior to her death was inexplicably hell-bent on ensuring that her daughter and the boy she's dating (who Julia, the mother, very much liked and was close with) keep their relationship outside the realm of adulthood. One of my big nitpicks in novels is when characters' actions only serve the plot and the creation of tension, not their character development. Julia's decree that the couple not become physically involved for a predetermined period of time makes no sense in terms of her character's actions in Slammed. Julia trusts her 18-year old daughter to raise her brother, and yet doesn't trust her to make wise decisions about her own relationships as she grows into a responsible adult? It just doesn't mesh.Furthermore, there's an undertone to this entire scenario that niggled at me during the entire book,She doesn‟t have to do much convincing. “Fine. I'll be back in an hour. But all we're doing is sleeping, okay? No tempting me.”“No tempting, I promise,” she says with a grin.I cup her chin in my hand and lower my voice. “Lake, I'm serious. I want this to be perfect for you, and I get really carried away when I'm with you. We only have a week left. I want to stay the night with you, but I need you to promise me you won't put me in that position again for at least a hundred and sixty-two more hours.”“One hundred sixty-one and a half,” she says.Statements such as this pepper the initial chapters of Point of Retreat, and the subtext really concerned me--of course the girl can't put the boy in that position again. Because we're revisiting 1952, perhaps? I desperately wanted Layken to grasp some autonomy, some self-determination, and make a decision for herself beyond simply allowing her boyfriend and dead mother to pull all of the strings. The second key plot point--the evil ex--is simply tired and uncreative.Will and Layken are faced with Serious Troubles in their relationship, particularly in the form of the return of Will's ex-girlfriend, Vaughn. Naturally, instead of handling this like grownups (which, like it or not, they are), this creates massive problems , which can only be resolved by a Major Scene and Subsequent Crisis. The entire scenario--conflict, drama, resolution--reads as too simplistic for the situation the couple is facing, and seems like a tremendous distraction from the main story. Honestly, if Point of Retreat were grounded in any realism whatsoever there are many natural conflicts Will and Layken could face without the introduction of this stereotypical evil ex character.I realize I'm being a bit sarcastic here, but this plot device is just so overdone, and completely uninteresting. Frankly, if I ever read another evil ex-girlfriend plot again, it'll be too soon.Furthermore, Point of Retreat is told from Will's point-of-view, which really did not work for me as an authentic male voice.I read a lot of male-narrated young adult fiction, and there are some wonderful examples of authentic, believable male narrators in contemporary YA. I think, perhaps, because I have read so many of these novels that really worked, that the poor execution of Will's perspective bothered me more than it would have otherwise. Much of the time I found Will's narration as eye-roll inducing as I did Noah's in Pushing the Limits.It's been so long since we've been alone together without the possibility of being interrupted. I hate being in this predicament, but I love being in this predicament. Her skin is so soft; her lips are perfect. It gets harder and harder to retreat.This is supposed to be a 22-year old male grad student. I probably have thirty passages like this highlighted in my e-reader, that just stick out as awkwardly unrealistic. I get it, he's supposed to be this poetry slam guy who's into words, but it just didn't work for me and kept pulling me out of the story. The behavior that was drawn as romantic and endearing in Slammed that set off alarm bells for me (when Will punched another guy out of jealousy), reared its head again in Point of Retreat, when he sabatoges Layken's car (!) so he has to give her a ride in his, trapping her with him when she's trying to avoid him. “You've passed like three stores that sell batteries,” she says. “We need to get one now, in case it‟s too late on the way back.”“You don't need a battery. Your battery is fine,” I say. I avoid looking at her, but out of the corner of my eye, I can see her watching me, waiting for explanation. I don‟t immediately respond. I flick the blinker on and turn onto my grandparents‟ street. When I pull into their driveway, I turn off the car and tell her the truth. What harm could it do at this point? “I unhooked your battery cable before you tried to leave today.” I don't wait for her reaction as I get out of the car and slam the door, I'm not sure why. I'm not mad at her, I'm just frustrated. Frustrated that she doubts me after all this time.“You what?” she yells. When she gets out of the car, she slams her door, too. I keep walking, shielding the wind and snow with my jacket until I reach the front door. She rushes after me. I almost walk inside without knocking but remember how it feels, so I knock.“I said I unhooked your battery cable. How else was I going to convince you to ride with me?”“That‟s real mature, Will.” She huddles closer to the front door...Like in the first novel, this unacceptable behavior is depicted as somehow romantic and acceptable. It absolutely is not. Now, if this pattern of behavior were addressed somehow as part of Will's character growth, I'd be more forgiving, but it's not. Like in Slammed, it just is. (And, again, it doesn't make sense, as Will is largely depicted as a nice, sensitive, caring guy.)It's interesting that these old school behaviors are so popular in fiction--both YA and adult--these days, and it makes me extremely uncomfortable as it reinforces unhealthy relationship patterns and the tolerance of unacceptable behavior in the name of "romance" when in fact it's controlling and disrespectful. (Thanks, Twilight.)Eddie, my favorite character in Slammed, is redrawn in Point of Retreat and faces a very difficult path.Again, the continuity between the two books is inconsistent. In Slammed, Eddie is strong and resilient, pushing Layken in a way that only a good friend can. In Point of Retreat, she is withdrawn and makes some questionable decisions. Now, there's an extenuating circumstance, but it does not justify this complete about-face. And, said circumstance is resolved far too tidily for my taste. Sure, she has some challenges ahead of her, but resources magically drop in Eddie's lap, just like they do for Layken and Will. A new character I quite liked--a neighbor girl with a quirky family--added some charm and humor to Point of Retreat where it was desperately needed. However, one of my big dealbreakers reared its ugly head near the end of the novel, in this case, the dreaded vegetarian randomly starts eating meat plot device.“Nope. I got it.” She brings her plate into the living room and sits down on the floor. We all stare at her when she takes a huge bite of a chicken strip. “Oh my God, it‟s so gooood,” she says. She shoves the rest of it in her mouth.“Kiersten, that's meat. You're eating meat,” I say.She nods. “I know. It's the weirdest thing. I've been dying to come over here since you guys got home so I could try some.” She takes another bite. “It's heaven, ” she says around her mouthful. She hops up and walks to the kitchen. “Is it good in ketchup?” She brings the bottle back and squirts some on her plate.“Why the sudden change of heart?” Lake asks her. Kiersten swallows. “Right when we were about to be hit by that truck . . . all I could think was how I was about to die and I'd never tasted meat. That was my only regret in life.” We all laugh. She grabs the chicken off of my plate and throws it on her own. Strangely, despite all of the over-the-top dramatics, this small moment was what really ruined Point of Retreat for me, keeping me from my usual, "Hey, it's not for me, but here's who may like this book," approach to negative reviews. If you, like me, enjoyed Slammed (perhaps, also like me, despite yourself), I'd recommend simply letting Layken and Will's story end for you at that book. What you'll find in the pages of Point of Retreat is nothing but caricatures instead of character development and tired gimmicks instead of plot.FNL Character Rating:Joe McCoy Edit - What was I thinking? The obvious rating is the season two plot of which we do not speak.Initial reaction:The only thing that's keeping this from being a straight one-star book for me is that I use my first one-star read, Wither, as the baseline for single star ratings and this didn't reach that level of absurdity. However, the readable, engaging (though also flawed) quality of Slammed was completely missing in the sequel. Part of it is the under-developed POV, but much of it is from the fact that the drama and conflict is very artificial and the main characters read as fer immature, which was not the case in the first book. Slammed is an interesting read, but I cannot recommend the sequel.

  • Shaikha
    2019-06-08 07:14

    "I love it when she wears her hair down. I also love it when she wears it up. In fact, I don't think she's ever worn it in a way that made me not love it."I might have done my heart permanent damage by reading this. My emotions are a mess and my little feelings have been trampled upon beyond recognition. Basically, your typical Colleen Hoover aftermath.I love that Point of Retreat was told from Will's POV. I wasn't aware of the switch in POV (from Slammed) before starting the book and it was such a happy surprise. I loved being in Will's head, getting his perspective, seeing Lake through his eyes, and d from a character that I was already in love with - Will Cooper! - was even better. One of my favorite things about Will is that he is so open and so generous with his love. Once he's committed, he doesn't hold back. His love for Lake was extraordinary and he showed it."I love you because of you.Because ofeverysinglethingabout you."Lake has taken on a lot at a young age (as has Will) and seems to have adjusted well. But I found myself frustrated with her at times. I felt she was unnecessarily hard on Will here. Will was plainly head over heels in love with her, consistently put her happiness first, and yet she doubted his feelings? Maybe it was due to her youth. Maybe it was because Will was her first serious relationship. Maybe she was still bogged down in grief and not thinking clearly. But I did find myself frustrated with her doubts and the way she pushed Will away. I wanted her to be joyful in what they had, recognize how rare it was, and cling to it with both hands!There were so many elements in Point of Retreat that struck a chord and meant so much. The jar of stars from Julia that always seemed so timely and relevant, Gavin and Eddie, the suck and sweet game, the addition of secondary characters Kiersten and Sherry, Will's slam poetry (and the slams from some surprising sources!), Will's determination not to leave Lake's side... so many things that proved yet again Colleen Hoover's amazing ability to make me FEEL.I'm going to rate this one 4.5/5, I have to say I just didn't connect as completely as I did with Slammed. For that, and for my frustration with Lake at times, I shaved a half-star. But Point of Retreat was still a phenomenal story with heart and emotion and with characters I have come to love. ❤️

  • Eleni Ouzouni
    2019-06-16 11:13

    “Sometimes things happen in life that you didn’t plan for. All you can do is suck it up and start mapping out a new plan.”To Point of Retreat είναι η συνέχεια της ιστορίας του Slammed. Αυτήν την φορά αφηγητής μας είναι ο Will κάνοντας έτσι την ιστορία βαθύτερη και τον τρόπο που βλέπουμε την Lake διαφορετικό. Η αλήθεια είναι πως ολοκληρώνοντας την ανάγνωση του πρώτου βιβλίου δεν ήξερα τι να περιμένω από το δεύτερο αφού η Collen Hoover μας είχε δώσει ένα όμορφο και ολοκληρωμένο κλείσιμο. Βρισκόμαστε ένα χρόνο μετά τα γεγονότα του Slammed. Ο Will και η Lake είναι ακόμη μαζί και σπουδάζουν και οι δύο στο πανεπιστήμιο. Δυστυχώς όμως δεν καταφέρνουν να βρουν λίγο ποιοτικό χρόνο για την σχέση τους. Η ανατροφή των Kel και Caulder, το σπίτι και οι εργασίες της σχολής δεν τους αφήνουν πολλά περιθώρια. Η Julia έχει φύγει από κοντά τους και προσπαθούν να κρατήσουν όσο καλύτερα μπορούν το έτοιμα της. Να μην ολοκληρώσουν την σχέση τους μέχρι να έχουν περάσει πολύ χρόνο μαζί και να είναι απολύτως σίγουρη. Εκεί στηρίζεται και ο τίτλος του βιβλίου "Point od retreat". Η αγάπη του Will και της Lake δεν θα μπορούσε να είναι πιο αληθινή αλλά τα προβλήματα τους δεν έχουν τελειωμό. Ειδικά όταν η Vaughn πρώην του Will φοιτά στο ίδιο πανεπιστήμιο και προσπαθεί να τον ξανά διεκδικήσει. Τότε η Lake θα αρχίσει να αμφισβητεί τα πάντα στην σχέση τους και την ζωή τους με αποτέλεσμα να υπάρξει ένας επικός τσακωμός που θα θέσει την οικογένεια τους κοντά στον χωρισμό. H αφήγηση από την πλευρά του Will ήταν απλά φανταστική γιατί καταφέρνει να μας δώσει μια εντελώς διαφορετική σκοπιά στα πράγματα, στο πως βλέπει αυτός την σχέση τους με την Lake και την ίδια με ένα διαφορετικό και συγκινητικό τρόπο. Από την άλλη βρήκα σε αυτό το βιβλίο η Lake είναι λίγο παραπάνω ιδιότροπη από όσο θα ήθελα. Αλλά η οπτική πλευρά του Will δεν σε άφηνε περιθώρια να είσαι τσατισμένη μαζί της... Επίσης λάτρεψα την εικόνα της εναλλακτικής τους οικογένειας. Το ότι αναγκάστηκαν να μεγαλώνουν τα δύο αδέρφια τους από τόσο μικρή ηλικία είναι κάτι το λυπηρό αλλά υπήρχε τόσο αγάπη, δύναμη και στοργή στην σχέση και των τεσσάρων που δεν μπορούσες να μην λατρέψεις τις αλληλεπιδράσεις τους. Ενώ και το χιούμορ σε αυτό το βιβλίο έχει κατι το ιδιαίτερο και το ξεχωριστό. Και αυτό χάρης σε μια ξεχωριστή προσθήκη που έκανε η Collen Hoover. Στον χαρακτήρα της Kiersten μιας 12χρονης συμμαθήτριας του Kel και του Caulder αλλά και γειτόνισσας τους. Η τριάδα των μικρών παιδιών ήταν ξεκαρδιστική αφού ξεχείλιζαν προσωπικότητα! Ενώ και οι υπόλοιποι δευτερεύοντες χαρακτήρες Eddie, Gavin και οι παππούδες είχαν τις δικές τους ξεχωριστές στιγμές. Η julia μητέρα της Lake και του Kel μπορεί να είχε φυγει μακρυά αλλά εξακολουθούσε να κατέχει ένα τεράστιο μέρος της ζωής του Will και της Lake. Τους άφησε πίσω της ένα μεγάλο βάζο γεμάτο αστεράκια με στιχάκια και συμβουλές για την σχέση τους. Κάτι που όχι μόνο έφερε και τους δύο πιο κοντά αλλά τους βοήθησε σε περιόδους στρες και φόβου. H σειρά Slammed μας λέει για το πως μπορεί να βρεθεί η αγάπη (ερωτική, φιλική, οικογενειακή) στα πιο απίθανα μέρη. Μας μιλάει για την ωριμότητα και την ζωή. Η ιστορία του Will και της Lake είναι πολύτιμη και όμορφη. Οι χαρακτήρες παλιοί και καινούριοι κατέχουν μια θέση στην καρδιά μου. Η Collen Hoover είναι μια ξεχωριστή συγγραφέας με όμορφη γραφή που σε συνεπαίρνει για την συνέχεια.“My heart pounds against my chest. Not because I'm nervous. Not even because I want her worse that I've ever wanted her before. It's pounding against my chest because I realize I've never been so sure about the rest of my life than I am in this moment. This girl is the rest of my life.”

  • edzkie♥§*.*§♥
    2019-06-16 08:28

    I've learned something about my heart.It can break.It can be ripped apart.It can harden and freeze.It can stop. Completely.It can shatter into million of pieces.It can explode.It can die.The only thing that made it start beating again?The moment you opened your eyes.Uploaded with ImageShack.usWOW!! After reading this last night, i can still feel the emotional attachment for Will & Lake. Half of it was sweet, and half sucks (but not a bad sucks, a little lesser)♥Sucks because the emotional drama can completely tear your heart apart. You'll hate lake for doubting Will but at the same time you knew where she's coming from. The heartache was so real. And the jinx of basagna is true. So don't eat it ever!Sweet. I ♥ kristien in this book. She's my fave and i want to be her new bff. The supporting character are bemazing. I ♥ Caulder, Kel, Eddie, Gavin & the new "mom" Shelly. The lessons you'll get from reading outweigh all the pain & the love was undeniable true love!This book was butterflying bemazing! And Collen Hoover was one of best!♥

  • Eunice
    2019-05-22 09:09

    Well, this was butterflying good! I was so surprised by how much I enjoyed this more than Slammed. I didn't read this right away after I finished Slammed because when I read the blurb I thought it would be more dramatic and frustrating. But boy, was I wrong! Because it was actually a hell lot of fun! Although, yes, there were those stressing and dramatic parts, but I also did get a lot of laughs in this one. Which I wasn't really expecting at all. I was really glad I didn't put off this book for a long while. I butterflying enjoyed it!Reading this in Will's POV made us see his and Lake's relationship in a different angle. Which was also a big treat since I love guy's pov and it's freaking Will! I was happy and greatly entertained to get on his mind and see a lot of different sides of him. His journal entries were one of my favorite parts of this book, it was sweet and funny. Also, I really enjoyed seeing him slipped away a little from his control and restrains especially when it comes to Lake. And just as any other relationships, theirs came with obstacles and hindrances they must overcome. Although I did get so stressed out and frustrated by it I understand that what had happened had contributed a lot for the development of their relationship. I'm not entirely happy with Lake's reaction but once she finally explained it I realized that what they were going through was necessary for them to grew and understand their relationship even deeper and to proved that their love wasn't just brought because of their same tragic situation. And just like in Slammed, Will never failed to mesmerized me by his poetry. I wasn't just touched, I f*cking butterflying fell in love. I can't even tell you how much I loved that slam poetry he did to prove his love to Lake without gushing! I loved loved loved it to the highest level! Other things I enjoyed so much in this book was Kiersten! She could be my new freaking best friend. I adore this girl and I laughed so hard with her humor and wittiness. And that poetry she pulled off on the last part, I can line that up on my most favorite poems I read from this story! Yeah, Butterfly You! LOL! Kel and Caulder still managed to entertain me and touched me. They were just the cutest baby brothers ever! Can I have them?This book definitely captivated me! I laughed, swoon, loved and teared up a bit! Colleen Hoover did another great job and I'm so happy to be able to read this wonderful story! I had so much fun reading this and I recommend this. :)This review is also posted at Book Overdose

  • Angigames
    2019-06-06 12:22

    Mamma mia la Hoover! MAMMA MIA LA HOOVER! Con lei devo sempre tenere una scorta extra di fazzoletti, perché è SICURO che con lei in un modo o nell’altro saranno lacrime. Lacrime di gioia, di perfezione o di angoscia allo stato puro, non importa. Con lei la gola si chiude. Il cuore fa male per le parole stupende che usa, per la sua delicatezza che rende speciale un racconto che, se fosse stato gestito da altre autrici sarebbe, molto probabilmente, scivolato nel volgare, nella non emozione. E per fortuna ci sei tu, Colleen Hoover! Con la tua straordinaria capacità di farmi innamorare dei POV maschili, non sempre da me apprezzati.Ma Will è Will. Con lui ci si arrabbia, si alzano gli occhi al cielo, si ride, si ama, ci si commuove e ci si spaventa un sacco. Will è un ragazzo che si è trasformato in un magnifico Uomo, disposto a tutto per tenersi vicino le persone che ama. Se la prima parte del libro è una sfida tra i due innamorati, con le loro incomprensioni, i loro caratteri forti e il loro amore che è molto maturo, molto vissuto, la seconda parte è un viaggio nell’angoscia prima e nella poesia, nell’amore e nella vera amicizia dopo. È anche un cammino nella famiglia. Una famiglia non tradizionale ma unita, vera, palpabile. I ragazzi, i nonni, Kiersten e Sherry, tutti a modo loro speciali, tutti indispensabili, tutti necessari per rendere questo libro assolutamente perfetto!E ora che ho versato una miriade di lacrime, con la mia scorta di fazzoletti pari a 0, si proprio ora, chiedo a gran voce alla Fabbri di portare nel Bel Paese anche l’ultimo libro della serie…Non è che io ne senta il bisogno, no, no lo NECESSITO proprio! ________________________Alleluia Alleluia ALLELUIAAAA!Il 18 Giugno sarai finalmente MIO!!!XD

  • Jenn
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    It was BUTTERFLYING fantastic! I loved the new poetry slams in this book. I loved Will's swoon worthy slam to Lake called Because of You. I loved Kiersten's powerful slam that helps her to stand up to school bullies. I loved Caulder's heart warming slam to his brother Will. I love how Lake, Will, Kel and Caulder make a family unit and how they adopt in Gavin, Eddie, Sherry and Kiersten, proof that blood doesn't always make up family. And what a beautiful family they all make up together. I LOVED that this book made me laugh, made me sad, made me cry and then made me happy all over again. I LOVE that this book makes me want to start Will and Lake's story all over again from book one. I LOVED when they ended their nights together at the dinner table that they ended it with SUCK and SWEET. (READ the book to find out what this means.) Lastly, I LOVE how I will never look at the word butterfly the same way again and I know that when the next time I see that word that I'm positive it will make me giggle.Well heck, I forgot to add that I really loved the creativeness of having the mother leave behind quotes for Lake and Will in the shapes of stars when they needed her advice. It makes me want to do something like that for my own daughters when they grow up and leave the nest.One last final note: I hope that some lucky woman out there finds herself a true life WILL. When I picture Will this is who I link text

  • Liz
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    Goodreads does not have enough stars to rate this book properly. Five stars are not enough for this book. Just not enough. “I brush her hair out of her eyes and run my finger along the edge of her face. "I love you, Lake.""Say it again," she says.I kiss her forehead and repeat what I said. "I love you, Lake.""One more time.""I." I kiss her lips. "And love." I kiss them again. "And you.""I love you, too.”Nothing is easy for Lake and Will in this book. I mean it- nothing. Firstly, there is the parenting stuff, then, there are the things from Will's past that re-appear. And now it seems that the heartache that brought these two together will tear them apart... Will screws up in some points. But so does Lake. They struggle, they fight, they make up, they have to take the responsibility...But will they stay together? “A guy can tell a girl he's in love with her until he's blue in the face. Words don't mean anything to a woman when her head’s full of doubt. You have to show her.”This book made me cry. It made me laugh and freak out. It tore me apart and then it glued me back together, but in a good way. Without any doubts in a good way.I loved Will Cooper. Although he screwed up, although he sometimes used the wrong words. In he end he made it right. Everything. It started with a slam and it continued with it. Sometimes poetry was the only way out. Sometimes, poetry was the only right thing. I loved Lake. She was a bit dramatic, but still I worshipped her for her strength and decisiveness. But in this book, it were not the main characters who touched me. It were the side characters. It was Kel and it was Caulder. It was Sherry, who was always there and helped whenever it was necessary. It was Kiersten who acted far more mature than a normal young girl and who was honest from the beginning until the end and who offered advices nobody wanted to hear but everyone needed to hear. It were Eddie and Gavin. And last but not least it was Julia. Yes, Julia. I loved her and thanks to her I was crying pretty often while reading.All these characters were magical, they were touching and they were real. They were alive. “The points are not the point. The point is the poetry.”I loved this book. I loved the breathtaking write style, I loved every word and every detail. I loved the vase. This book was filled with love and with hope and faith. It was filled with inner strength. This book was filled with sunshine and it lit my heart up. It was a wonderful and encouraging teacher. Highly recommended to everyone.

  • Brianna
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  • Alexis *Reality Bites*
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    Spoiler Free Review5 STARSGenre: YA RomanceI own a SIGNED COPY!!!!"There are moments in every relationship that define when two people start to fall in love.A first glanceA first smileA first kissA first fall..." -Will in Point of RetreatThere are rare times when an author introduces you to a set of characters that you know will stick with you forever. For me this is one of those rare times.In Point Of Retreat Lake and Will are together and raising their brothers to the best of their ability. But just when we think everything is going good the past decides to show up and throw in her two cents... First off i must say i was so excited that Ms. Hoover wrote the book in Will's POV i love love loved that. In Point of Retreat we also get a few new characters Reece, Vaughn, Kiersten and Sherry two of them i instantly loved the other two not so much. One of the four i'm sure will touch a place deep within for everyone who reads this book. I thought the concept of the Vase of hearts was amazing I loved the conclusion to this beautiful series and i am happy to have had the chance to meet these chracters!:)My RatingsCharacters- Lovable, Admirable and WittyWriting Style- Solid, First Rate and WittyPlot/Storyline- Honest and IntenseOverall- A YA MUST READ